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tv   I Am Not Alone Armenias Velvet Revolution  Al Jazeera  April 16, 2022 4:00am-5:00am AST

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al jazeera, ah, ah all, ah, you're watching over there with me. so robin doha, reminder of our top stories, please in ukraine, say the bodies of more than $900.00 civilians have been found in areas surrounding the capital. the head of the regional full says more than 350 corpses were discovered in the town of butcher. russian forces fully withdrew from region surrounding the capital last week. portugal, that's pretty close. just i want to say that a number of kill civilians has surpassed 900. and i emphasize these are the civilians whose bodies we have discovered and handed over for forensic examination . because more than 900 people currently killed in the hands of the russian army, russia has attacked a military plant may ukraine's capital and its warning. it could step of
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a tax on keith. ukraine is also being warned of a heavy price to pay if russian cities are attacked. odyssey knew us politician as warn, china must pay a price for supporting russia's invasion of ukraine. beijing hasn't condemned the war. senator lindsey graham made the comments in taiwan during a meeting with president saying, when graham said neither taiwan nor the us was conflict with china, which claims the island as its territory. here is not promised to you. and the time with these people were going to start making china pay a greater price for what they're doing all over the world. with taiwan producing 90 percent of the world's high end semiconductor products. it is a country of global significance of global consequence of global impact. and therefore, it should be understood that the security of taiwan has a global impact for those who would wish it ill. try to meanwhile,
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is accusing the us of inflaming tension and says it's going down a dangerous path by sending politicians to taiwan. made hygiene, who call in the united states and taiwan are colluding with each other. and some people deliberately compare taiwan and ukraine to very different issues in an attempt to confuse the public and take advantage of the chaos. and also misbehavior of playing with fire is aimed at changing the current status quo. the cross straight relations are 300 palestinians. have been detained by is ready forces during violent confrontation that acts of most compound and occupied in jerusalem. they entered before dawn on friday and use 10 gas and stun grenades. while some palestinians threw rocks. recovery teams in south africa searching for 55 people missing up to flash floods, mudslides in the province of causality. town any 400 people have died. hundreds of interest of 40000 people are suffering from the destruction left behind me. the
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miller has more from deb people across the province of cousin natal had perhaps a day of to, to try and recover, retrieve some of their belongings, bold re, bold, holmes that were destroyed by the flooding and mud slides. but now we are really experiencing heavy and potentially damaging winds in this province in the city of durban. and it's expected that the rain will return, perhaps in the evening and into saturday. and this is what's really concerning for people who have already suffered with the floods we've seen in the last few days in that bad weather could potentially be destructive and they have barely had time to recover so far. there about a 40000 people have been affected. some of them entirely displaced. many have tried to return to their homes, to salvage whatever they can also protect their positions out, but it has been difficult. there is still water and electricity out and
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a number of areas rescue teams in the philippines continue to search for people reported missing after tropical storm mackey bay bay and central late province is one of the hardest areas. at least a 100 people were killed in lance. lance triggered by heavy rainfall. more than 250 people are still missing. and twitter says that it has unanimously adopted a so called poison pill plan. the could block, you know, mosques take over bit the social media trance as the move could, enabling investors to realize the full value of their investment and false muscle to pay shareholders a premium for the company or the fall of their stories on our website at amazon dot com, i'll be back with more news and hafner to stay with us. ah
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me going to a class donna? i stuff out of town, said johnny nodding the uploaded them. good luck. well, we know turner are injured to our media. a small post soviet republic,
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which is having trouble adjusting to democracy. con cartoon almost opposite. what was you want? you can call shoot chicago on there. sar keith in was the president of armenia for 10 years or 8. during that time, he promoted changes in the nation constitution that made the office of prime minister more powerful than the president thing. he okay, why do you think he wanted to make that move in the 1st place? i mean, was he looking at the region for one word for word for one, so it could work for me. how many spots me? hello. hello. hello ma'am. i don't want him to sound like no, no problem at this to me
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t image nodes set on this? sure. just keep this sandy here george. i'm getting them into about that car on here. i thought, yes, so ma'am, i laptop comedy on set up by our kids. they'd be yet, yvonne, they'd be out of town head out, but yes, but i see it and then there's dominic nate, but the rest. but see, how do you, how's i will talk. i've seen it good that bad. and he didn't. kyla baby appleton her. but i am and cannot say yes, alicia, go up all need them on that amid the holidays make a much tied up. it's on our chart kids, we're make a kind of shop online now as a shuttle you from not gone to school? yes, i got michelman. i get proctor. i'm away from it either a year. uh no, no, no, no, no. it's colleen. a
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golf, but it shows you all wanna give me a frosty, credible order. come on, speak to me on hold on for the vending machine going talk now. hi, stephanie barnett associate if that really thought it without going cancer or not gone off the microphone. none of that that main competing on and i know he does it if the howard my doing that off on the shuttle go hosted up all with miss lynn and he sounds kind who had the pin is on her back on kyla de la seen fornia m
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damage on my my gosh a john. oh so up on the channel she monassa richard he of midas. thank you so just to touch hummel's and mean hold us. both company table were busy. yes, it was tough gone on not in thought a child kids will just talk to caution bessy bots, etc. good welted up. i got stuck on the english goldman co. ha scott say it's more years anyhow. then you have to man all get you do not say if by to see fascinated by you ha, ha tucker from knowing me. when i you go home and their own boss helped normally i took that on them on, then pick it up, then you have a kiddo same gang,
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she has chin high, a mock up or to pick up. i will make that can go to cindy about getting on the, on the 5th thought example. i had heard about him as a journalist. he was publishing articles. he was wriggling corruption. he had had him not to test her. a study established on hunger to tonight. i'll go there myself, fishbock's at a bunch of you to go. so of course it's a little great to bug ritual basmati happening tonight in time and mango to snatch on that. so i got with as to how god knew you have spent most of his adult public political life as an oppositional figure in the squares of armenia are very outspoken. i see on the true
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president of armenian, but as always, the elections have been bored, declared. nicole pa sheeny on sir 6. john 1st took the presidency in 2008. it was nicole's inspired the crowd to protest with the government finally cracked down on march. first, reading 10 people dead, because the 1st person, after a year and a half in hiding nicole tashina has turned himself into authorities and had to prison for inciting public disorder. a john kitty key. it had to have made sally, how might be just
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somebody. and i surely critic job. most likely. yeah, it's not a combo. you should. jumbo had a couple of her. are searching for ms years kit hot. help with john ha, my heart got him yet for a minute. this biscuit multi bots. name is austin char, sorted in cost from christine possible. ms. vega, this is margaret kim, could them help with some he me bought it in. i saw your son. let me just one moment, kyla, i saw him. so we see our coach or john a body. so good of button should be notion. yes. but when i talked with come see us that the lights and come come home with their cottage invoking how is moment to get in
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here yet for it the car up over a love get of it. are it cut october 10th it it banner that which one a good a lu? gotten top sir. a with a change. best callback down that? oh, a guy with
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bank asked me john bought a shot. john a come a shot to sub on, coming close to the muzzle form in north nova. so both so so, so that comes with a one that says all ready hosted up some capital. got yourself. i'm going to be tied up with a quarter mekaux a. do me a bite on cub scouts. my
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with me of we've gotten like a 1000 or not. i was in the so i'll get those all the shanika your foot and that would have a laptop with enough. if so, i'll get with my thoughts you may will bit got was to me. i'll be chuck's that said of all of i in that see how got so dora, i'd competency etc. sean tom doodle. oh, a little moment just more chico. all calls it kiddos. mom
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or it will show cold in just wanted be a shot in the off holiday slip. she just montessori school in or told hospice. i thought it was a little more in the shop. ah. and the police have been fighting that each with a gun go to explicit. yes. login. it's it. are you a guy named missed on i don't to cut on age if he thought each he the project on the home. what does yes originally. ah
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huh . c very difficult. he was the hard line enforcement of the regime and it didn't matter whether the orders were just right full or not. he was the carrier of those orders, but they grew up a aunt. but yes, we hockey's join our pirate with john our party over there, or a bundle on by bundle talks about what the communists exerted. mckenna yardstick with her. i was down a shanda co code. secondly, as well as should include, a gentleman was to have the right to have office letter document mark, connecticut. others aren't gonna cost me to have done a gamble. my daughter has blue shelburn, orlando, for more than that,
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because supposedly auto with your teen. yes, it says, i guess a covenant on or not the has come before she starts, which starts with dr. we have one condo made this sub also muskogee on buffer. i'm on is hush, middle kidney shot, richie buck cannot off to who sick on a not lucky put you on both. and i said, i've got done the last part of the boston name, china issue them in job, some floss, etc, if left, etc. i probably should be like busy busy i business betsy a lot. if it gets caught up in business, thought that buffed up would be much if of bubble st. john's been drama like
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yes. had for him. my thoughts. it's each bit gone. i me? yes, i'll get angel if some bucks are covered for bazzi. forward soon after we'll see the modem. let's start with a bomb with hope with give all your total market bisnel 15. e then can lingo for with
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[000:00:00;00] a with the employee in pug. let's put in a divorce ward. yes. good dave. what terminal same to wash, make or make bit coconut bar? i'm a bossy healthcare call on to make postage a schedule. it's all on the bottom, so it's all the harder. so i don't wanna i'm leah knit on. this company wants to gone,
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gone. jesse loves love this. the guy with a be docked. got i got monk in that little above them. important hockey bubble stick on it. and what did they stuck on and uncomfortable with go on a lot on booking with some of them in most accomplished once a full pushing animal takes a bulky doesn't truly job that i worked for question. none of you get
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a yes a lot. so, but we'll go harder to see if you have too much. like you said, it shows event a, [000:00:00;00]
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a, [000:00:00;00] a, a with ah, giving my body this was not a rush chance. i'm not a yes. i get to eat them much. gotcha. that they've been
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with them, but my foot got shot off in chico, right 15 ah, that will be on the if he has shown up shot is popping up on to me. made a constant that you know, you pay
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a chance up. so learn shop master 5. if anyone kim, gotta get a chance up shot. i don't go shopping. i got him. he's got a i thought i'm going a sub job. high up gonna med. i got some updates. mark, you dump a bunch on your sort of, i was down, so i got a gun was almost also example bank just tell ignite. what am i a, what shame on. oh, lord, god, paula, lead, judge, up. argon hostile god, grandparents. but the even papist asked my badge banker who had to put on a bit of whoop, it says, as of the suction. i asked on the, on up jump march up at to posho norm on through marcin hartzer,
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chaotic were children. i met with any twinkle he t in based on the gold chimney nearby above picked about inch, been gone, anti fascist, anti establishment, and pro violet. despite the recent official disbanding of its militarized wing, a basque separatist movement is found alive and well on the terraces of a bill bows stadium. a place where political revolutionaries share a platform on ideology with violent football, hooligan, read,
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old debt on al jazeera. teaching him you can watch out to see were english streaming light on light duty channels plus thousands of of programs, award winning documentaries and debt news reports subscribe. take you choose dot com. forward slash al jazeera english. the world is warming, and green lens ice sheet is melting, which is changing everything from sea levels to the way people live. and now even exposing the remnants of a cold war past greenland, the melting of the frozen north on al jazeera, this one's feared. war lord, during lay barriers, decade long, civil war says he's now fighting a drug epidemic. the work that the former warlord joshua boy he has done at west treat children, has attracted to hobbling symphony and as protected in effect from public prosecution. despite the recommendation is made by the church and reconciliation,
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permission for this former warlord. liberia has become the frontline of a drug war. it cannot afford to lose. he says it's a battle he will fight out of responsibility and killed for his past crimes. and for his country. ah, your judge is there with me, sir. hello, robin, doha. wonder of all the top news stories please new crime. say the bodies of more than $900.00 civilians have been found in areas surrounding the capital. the head of the regional fall says more than 350 corpses were discovered in the town of boucher russian forces, fully withdrew from regions around keys. last week. cordial sprague crossed your score. i want to say that a number of killed civilians has support 900 and i emphasized these all civilians whose bodies we have discovered and handed over for a forensic examination. this is more than 900 people currently killed at
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a hands of the russian army. russia has attacked a military plant, ne ukraine's capital and its warning. it could step up a tax on keith. your credit is also being warned of a heavy price to pay of russian cities are attacked. also see, the youth politician has worn china must pay a price to supporting russia. the invasion of ukraine facing hasn't condemned the wolf. senator lindsey graham made the comments in taiwan during a meeting with president sighing. when graham said me, the taiwan nor the us will conflict with china, which claims the island of territory around $300.00 palestinians have been detained by israeli forces during violent confrontations that are like the most compound and occupied east jerusalem. they entered before dawn on friday, unused tear gas and sun grenades, while some palestinians threw rocks. recovery teams in south africa around searching for 55 people missing after flash floods and mud slides. in the province
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of quasi lu natal, letty, 400 people have died. hundreds of injured and 40000 people suffering from the destruction that's been left behind. and se teams in the philippines continue to search for people reported missing after tropical storm maggie bay bay in central late province is one of the hardest to areas. at least a 100 people were killed in lance. lance triggered by heavy rainfall more than 250 people are missing. twitter says that it has unanimously adopted a so called poison pill gland could block. elan must take a bit. the social media giants as the move could enable its investors to realize the full value of their investment and false boss to pay shareholders a premium for the company. most recently increased his stake in the social media platform to 9 percent. those were the headlines back with more knees and half my hair all al jazeera. we returned to, i'm not alone. how many is velvet revolution? ah,
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when sir sucks. john 1st took the presidency in 2008. it was nicole's inspired the crowd to protest the rid with some of them and this a job kind of with whom i can hold. she would huddle tile become a part of a magdalana hela roman jama,
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pass. and that 40 of us will need does my get been hard? i have out here on the hot up at which i had up are up. well, i do remember hearing that announcement, and i also remember the feedback of the people. because most of the people who were saying probably is not the right decision. eurostar up. if you jump up much on i'm enough mates. i'm and i'm more question about the of now. uh huh. hold that. he says a char updates on her out bought open hot rockets. he showed fun. he sure bonaparte by, ah, this was the biggest square in all of our me. it was just not possible to fill it up for vision lens opening hotels form. or there's a mental but i have what i did, you know i was donal when i was rich, then would busy hailstorm on guards with the children of motor, chin up mamma. it,
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they're both below children. and i mean yeah, but i what give me the young with logic got the expenses bonnie messed up, but i'm all the time been the spot on in the states think it was the truly both faith calling for the people not to leave him alone and not to feel themselves alone.
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ah with welcome martin came with it took their subway. tempest from the months of focused him from head those mark on social jokes with dependent edge of chest buttoned. ah,
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the i
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have with a it was incredible. when it 1st happened, i was calling friends and wanted a reaction from them going, how is this different? because that was the 1st thing in my mind. how is this movement different? and irrespective of the ingrain skepticism which we deserve, as a nation based on our disappointments of the past, everyone said, no matter what they said 1st, they would, they also would say, but this is completely different. ah, me to go to the home of his dog. so typically she'll go good me do it will till tomorrow
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. yes macbook ah let probably thing go towards the middle montague and give them something auto. if that change over god i will will was the conscious the father middle eagle jaida barbara with it for now. thank you, toss out. net osman bar hima, chunk on blue cross in chicago. anyway, just a, there was the, you know, gain component plane playfulness. there was this component of been a year for me that i had seen. call teresa barbara professor. that's harvey decker. ah no, we don't, we got to go to visit, sucks into an interesting problem with us that we get her through roach,
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incorporated muscle, under which i am very common that it's hypocritical, doesn't gone. and they say on top of it wasn't that the police were getting they were getting exhausted. i it was the of the army and spirit ah pushing oh, so long to belong to belong to bill under. but this logic was a newborn moment. it would have been, it should go on interest with surcharges and comes in to sit down and then comes nicole crashing and slowly putting his back on to the floor. taking off his jacket slowly. it seemed the source i was
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a little bit surprised because he didn't expect so many journalists to be there. he expected to have a very private conversation with him are going to be involved with the rules. he's got to him, but he appeared with a with a a put up i came in. it was to kill him with this for me. my mom is home for
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a little bit longer, but i got your loyal bill for what i mean in middleton. well, i will look into though, you know what we'll do more promotional basement. so i'm not sure each one of the books should be books from what was on the board. so if you book closer to color multi, make it bigger to bono full serve appliance one monitors, make on com. you of us all fall, which is god. 40 not susan. some others from obama gone both both with, with come toward a 1000000000 to correspond with tunic in each one into us in just a bit,
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which one is a draw. ready on your 24 post thought some bug consumer, you don't show new for say look, you use a song potential and joseph showed like the little a a or not it while he retired was, was going to have that changed everyone think towards going on. i think and i love it. that's how i feel. well, yes, each message with my thickness for some competing. yeah. but this are intuitive go mavenlink, shodmurray scholars, marketing makers,
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shop. ah, you know, people had to turn from march 1. that's a very painful part from the history of independent army. a still can't believe any, any diplomat let alone a president of a country can use an over threat of death happening in the past of the shooting of the people. that kind of kind of dissociation process with a face it out from the but it to garlic voting cur intake chills. yes. and tom and the dog n, as in their marty maker, he said so,
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but he is chain wine is the most in the stuff that i think i sort of on the phone with it or not at the moment on how i thought i for sure to reach out, he said almost me wanna change. shoot. you a intrusion, oklahoma this god i work with bonnie, i'm not talking. you have a spare time. may not come up. it's almost take on that. not a much goes on top of talk to my to south got
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a much kidney a
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john that john lost the month i will what the payoff since a a lot of us need for why daughter? i had 32 men. yes. i'm calling an old. couldn't bark, ma'am? oh, i found manage was in puzzle loose. norwood watching them. how soon that june must help physic shop samo decision is cost more to it has a job with june hodgen, goddess in didn't ali's iran on tamp home by jordan. and michelle mac was on slave enough on how it is can shop, but i'm yeah,
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ah, wanting a cable now. stop it in. i have a son. ah. a maybe a facebook on the list with me off an
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invisible army. the women of armenia and their voice was heard all across the country. mm. mm. i asked for a meeting here as a president's office to say, well about this a good story. and we're also going to get sick in kentucky and i was on the on how much? well, operating on short summer i'm a school board. he started out with how guy i brushed out the tv ciocca, shut the protection now he's picky. side coming home, not of us about stuff. so shape, there's
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a mile for him in the, in the team. all seem really to class and it's funny. one of them, if not a lot of them go silver visual with us or june it off of those genetic of child. and he's been also in the middle of his semester. i'm showing in motion making chem, us change up
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a lot . there was a mom ah, a ah yes make it says go to corporate, my goldman. but let's say now there are other sets of sen starks on in their garage and locked up with the bus on it. i need the extended class for like almost to time sheet any higher than i could snatch. what was your degree and i got my best, you know, make all passion. yon was right. i was wrong. for the 1st you thought free me? yes. good. could you train you when you log noisy? if you buy a dining machine?
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yes, a, a multiple mobile. there is a whole channel less shrug which will put on mobile. ah, the amendment that jim i was a he
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is he who shot with c wallace. netflix is 15 for the total that guy fixed the me give them a consumer is busy. just me. that's good for me. you know by sort of them are very hard to nice not to pass dani up. it jumped up. john, how to start over my question. there's most thoughts which connie didn't make up article make virtual,
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this should help him and that's on, on a you're welcome on your termism nichol puts you on a top like a come on the lot comes out of a talk for see, he's always developing and growing on that as a mask of democracy reminds me from time to time. many, many cases seen mankind history or saline or salas, are of frankl hold the laughter. they were on democratic state changes of power. what happened after i left was changed under cheap. i don't give it to me shooting out of an oral can yet bit middle
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a morning. she need to get up with the me going to be able to have the rain. you know you've got to put you on a new quote question. the question lou with
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his budget made it a good on on but do football on the bottles. if mr. i'll say good deal to get a new engine luggage was giving you
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a name ah for more and more indians, a going under the not to become told when i wanna investigate the length some people are willing to go to reach new hires on al jazeera is the warn you, craig rides on al jazeera correspondence, bring you every angle. there is a few military prices ruffling on multiple front. if not only manage a blight on the russian occupation. troy street totally destroyed, keep center place. it has become evacuations. and with rushing forth come closer, tension. i'm going up by the hour. stay with al jazeera, for the latest developments,
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with where the blizzard has ceased, yet. i said blizzard in north dakota. and you might think, wow, you know, it's only april. yeah, but that was temperature is about 70 degrees below normal. even now the snow is gone north it's. it's now really in the arctic part of canada, but that code has tucked in behind and a good part of the u. s. he won't only around the coast and it certainly got cold in the appalachians and that's heading to us east coast. the co comes against the warm in the southern states. big thunderstorms are likely now the sun follow, so the temperatures have dropped. its bit of a breeze, the sun at least is our tear and the rain and the snow that's coming in to california, oregon and washington. it's there, but it won't last much beyond saturday. the sun comes out here too, and things warm up a bit. marks. temps up to plus one degree. so we're only about 12 degrees below average by this time. but we are below average. now there's
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a lot of rain full cost of the bahamas for cuba, for hispaniola in puerto rico. this unfortunately is going to continue for a couple of days that takes a lot of the shells away from mexico, honduras in colombia. but as weather is pretty wet as it is for a good part of northern brazil and still in this eastern side of brazil. ah, the scars of former yugoslavia civil was rung deep. but for years the bull couldn't have managed to keep a fragile peace. now with ukraine, a light in europe on high alert for russian meddling. the mood is uneasy. people in power travels to boast via with threats to secede by sir belinda miller at due date have ignited fears that conflict could return bosnia. testing the piece on out just
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sierra ah, al jazeera with ukraine says it's found the bodies of more than $900.00 civilians around keith as russia hits a military facility near the capital. aah! clubs, the ho robin watching all of their life, my headquarters here,


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