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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 16, 2022 5:00am-5:31am AST

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ah, al jazeera with john ukraine says it's found the bodies of more than $900.00 civilians around keith as russia hits a military facility near the capital. aah! phillips, the whole romani watching all their life mad quarters here in del, also coming up. a costly military exercise, we take a closer look at the extent of russian equipment losses in ukraine. more than a $150.00 dad and hundreds of others visit the philippines tries to recover from
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storm mackey and saving twit at the social media. giant drops a plan to block a takeover bid by ellen musk. welcome to the broker. we begin with the war in ukraine where police say the bodies of more than $900.00 civilians have been found in areas surrounding the capital. the head of the key regional fall says more than 350 corpses were discovered in the town of butcher. russian force is fully withdrew last week, but the capital has once again been the target for russian forces. moscow says it shelled a military plant. charles stratford has more from keith. the russian ministry of defense says this destroyed building was a ukrainian weapons factory in the southwest outskirts of the capital q. moscow says the plant made anti aircraft an anti ship missiles. people living nearby,
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say they heard at least 3 large explosions early friday morning. was lowville i must say, annoy apologize. thanks. we parked the car and the 2 rockets had at 1 am. i did not realize that there are 2 rockets coming in, but when i went out afterwards, i waited endorsed for some time feeling mostly. we saw the 3rd one coming damage. the car toward the tires had the windows and was people suffered to the walls fell out seriously apologize. the attack came hours after russia said its black sea fleet flank ship. the moscow had sunk while being towed back to port after a fire caused an explosion on board. ukrainian military said it was responsible having targeted the vessel with ukrainian made neptune missiles. people gathered at a memorial ceremony for the ship in the port city of sebastopol in russian annexed crimea. the moscow was the largest russian naval vessel to have sunk in action since world war 2 muscular dental plan. any more, i will,
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even for those who have not been invest. moscow was assembled, evans, my notion, i give them all of our power, our hope, you know, the revival of the fleet in the 19. well, it is the symbol of engineering and scientific achievement. all comes to the force of our arms. ne, ukrainian army says it repelled russian army advances on at least 2 towns in the east of the country. russia has re directed its forces from cave, in an effort to seize more territory in the dumbass region. is it volunteers help ukrainian soldiers pack food to be distributed to some of the many thousands of people fleeing, although still living the worst affected areas? i stay here because this my home. and so we tell people delivering food chemistry in our town, just destroying her voicemail good. had to fill the
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thing. i want to move this drone footage shows destroyed residential buildings in mary opal. the besieged port city on the as off c has suffered 7 weeks, a bombardment by russian forces and pro russian separatists repeated attempts at securing humanitarian corridors. to rescue thousands of people trapped inside have failed. the mayor of the city estimates thousands of civilians may have been killed in the fighting ukraine's ministry of defense as russia has for the 1st time used long range bombers to attack the city. you know, steady russian occupants keep carrying out aerial strike. so mary, awful, they use long range bombers. the enemy's land forces are trying to capture the seaport. the strike on what the russian defense ministry describes as a weapons factory on the outskirts of kia is the 1st major strike by russian forces on a target around the capital city. since russian forces left the area more than 2 weeks
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ago, major military operations now for the time being have moved east, where there are increasing reports of an effort by the russian military to close in, around the strategically important city of slip yancey. the un says that more than 4700000 people have flayed the fighting and with no indication of any d escalation. that number is expected to rise. char stratford, al jazeera cave military 1st estimate that russia has lost almost 3000 pieces of equipment in the ukraine war. the losses are being blamed on advanced weapons that nato continues to give you, crane and rushes miscalculations vessel. so the reports from keith tank's headquarters, personnel carriers, tens of millions of dollars worth of equipment all destroyed. and these are just
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a small portion of the losses suffered by one of the most powerful armies in the world. when russia began is offensive it hope to capture your brains capital, keep within days. but you please army rooster with the assault, evidently, the russian army and genic problems with moral, with its equipment, with its training on his doctrine. and as a result rustled once your question directly. russia has been defeated in the field to a point where it was effectively routed from the north of the country. ukrainian armed forces have taken advantage off an ambush of russian troops and columns in less than 2 months since russia invaded ukraine. it's military, he has lost powers of soldiers, according to ukrainian officials. it's more than the united states did in his 20 years of war in afghanistan, and nearly
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a decade in iraq combined. they say russia has lost at least 479 tanks, 496 infant to fighting vehicles. 28 crafts for shapes. 32 helicopters, 784 trucks, vehicles, and jeeps. in total, the russians have lost nearly $3000.00 pieces of equipment and is all considered conservative estimates. the highest profile last to date was the mosque was the flagship of russia's black sea fleet. losing the flagship is enduring, a war is well, really bad. it said that p r is bad. it's going to expect band increase of the morale of the ukrainians of the time when they are on the verge of losing her. mary, who both, when many things can be said to have gone wrong for russians. general valerie says
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the grain and on forces had a secret weapon. let what may be the you are not only brought yet my shore. the mobilization of our society and people's resistance are pilots who are older than 60 years old. come out and asked for jets. they retired from the on ports as a long time ago and asked, give us planes and we will destroy the russians. so morale is our formula for success. if any forces have employed new tactical weapons given to ukraine by nato allies, chief among them are portable anti tank guided missile systems, such as the u. s. may javelin, and his lighter cheaper cousin and low, which have been used against russian tanks with their state in effect, in the, in the turkish me to be to by dr. thrones have carried out both recognizance and strike operations portable single anti aircraft. missiles have also enabled you cleaning soldiers to take out lawful i, an aircraft as technical miscalculations,
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misjudgment of the grain of resistance and low morale. how all contributed to russia military vulnerability in this war. these weapons are leveling the playing field. russell said that al jazeera give the senior year as politician as warn china must pay a price to supporting russia's invasion of ukraine. beijing hasn't condemned the war. senator lindsey graham made the comments in taiwan, jury, a meeting with president sighing. when graham said neither taiwan nor the u. s. once conflict with china, which claims the island as its territory. here is my promise to you in the time when these people were going to start making china pay a greater price for what they're doing all over the world. with taiwan producing 90 percent of the world's high end semiconductor products. it is a country of global. ringback significance of global consequence of global impact, and therefore,
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it should be understood that the security of taiwan has a global impact for those who would wish an ill. china meanwhile, is accusing the us of inflaming tension and says it's going down the dangerous path by sending politicians to taiwan. made asian wiggle in the united states and taiwan are colluding with each other. and some people deliberately compare taiwan in ukraine to very different issues in an attempt to confuse the public and take advantage of the chaos in georgia. this behavior of playing with fire is aimed at changing the current status quo of the cross straight relations. professor p to harris is from the colorado state university and co author of the paper broken nest deterring china from invading taiwan. and he believes it would be a mistake for taiwan to rely on allies to protect it from beijing. was taiwanese officials and certainly industry leaders in taiwan have said in the past, is this silicon shield idea that tie one's friends around the world?
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and over high advanced economies that depend on access the time when he semiconductors would kind of rushed to the defense of taiwan. in the ban of a chinese invasion, that's the current formulation of the silicon shield is that the rest of the world would have an incentive to intervene militarily to defend taiwan. in the event of a chinese invasion, taiwanese hope, the threat that late and threat of a global military coalition will keep them safe for me from a chinese invasion. what i argue, am i call us a john mckinney argue, is that the silicon shield could probably batter used if taiwan made it into an autonomous, independent deterrent. that is, is risky for taiwan to rely on the united states and others to rush to offense because they may not. china is gotten nuclear weapons. and leaders like joe biden and other leaders around the world may be very reluctant to intervene on taiwan is
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behalf, given the china is a new player. i'm state. what is taiwan threatened to destroy this stable it's semiconductor industry in the event of an invasion. that's a credible threat that taiwan can make by itself and autonomous threat. it wouldn't require the intervention of any outside power to carry out that threat. and in doing so, it would deprive china of access to these chips that it needs for economic growth. and very serious that the chinese leaders will take seriously. call's still had here on al jazeera. why many don't see like celebrating the new year on the streets of me and my dish. and electric vehicles take center stage at the new york international auto show. but can they overtake america's love, all petrol guzzling cars? ah,
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the journey has begun the faithful world copies on its way to catherine book your travel package today. there are still warnings out of heavy rain well to the island just off the mainland for japan. but as you can see in the forecastle saturday that tropical cyclic disappears typhoon slowly weakening rapidly weakening which leaves fine weather behind the rain. just having caught the edge of holland's shirt places, took his at 70 in sunshine. it's fairly warm throughout the korean peninsula and northern china. but wallace from shan, down towards hong kong temperatures about 10 degrees below average. don't include hong kong in that. but it's just a bit of a cold spell with rain falling out, describing out again, even that's not particularly useful or heavy for the most part. it'll blue dots here and the beijing might see some rank back as well. but at 19 degrees, at least, to start on sunday. widespread shall strap malaysia, indonesia, southeast asia as well. with thailand, be a bit of
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a focus. i think bangkok get particularly wet. and sharon heard sheman joining in and we got still very big shells. dangerous one, sometimes in bangladesh in the northeast of india, so shall happen to better plato and baton. however, the rain is edging up. this eastern side of india uh through and british no disha oss is too hot for most other places. i saw air with visual airline of the journey mainstream coverage of big stories can sometimes deliver more heat than light. in any water scenario, there's always a push to simplify. narratives. nuance is always called for, even in the case of an aggressive war, the listening pace delve into the news narrative and i thank them. there's not our great deal of subtlety. we're talking about the barbarism that is unfolding as though we're somehow unique. it's not unique covering the way the news is covered on al jazeera. ah
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ah, welcome back. you're watching al jazeera with me, so he'll run a reminder of our top stories. place in ukraine, say the bodies of more than $900.00 civilians have been found in areas surrounding the capital. russian forces fully withdrew from regions surrounding kings. last week. also, russia has attacked a military plan near ukraine's capital and its warning. it could step of the tax on keith. the grain is also be warned of a heavy price to pay if russian cities are attacked. and a senior us politician us warn china must pay a price to supposing rushes invasion of ukraine. beijing hasn't condemned the war. censor lindsey graham made the comments in taiwan during
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a meeting with president saying when the death toll in the philippines from tropical storm maggie has risen to more than 150 people. at least 200 others are still missing. the stall may blank fall on sunday, triggering land slides and flooding and eastern and southern coastal areas. drill. allan doug, repulsed out from the city of by by can, diagnose was a typical rural village of a few 100 families. it had raised fields, a church, and this school. now it's the scene of some of the biggest thing for fishing in the philippine province of liter. um, but i'm not gonna want to let him go under. that sounded like an explosion. we ran up the hill to see what was going on because it was awful. we could hear people graying, calling out for help and tropical storm. maggie brought incessant reams in the
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eastern vist science region. many areas have lost power and communication lines. but can bag nice wisdom, most devastated survivors here tell us there were 2 landslides. the 1st one was at around 5 am, which gave some time for some families to evacuate. but the 2nd one, they say they saw how waves of mud came rolling down the mountains varying hundreds of civilians. this is all what's left of it now. ah, on the other side of the hill, 4 bodies have been pulled out from the rubble. government responders are doing the best they can, but their efforts have been hampered to buy more rain. the mud is at least 5 meters deep, so they will have to wait before they can bring in heavy equipment, all visible enough, i bare knuckle. we could only get bodice industry pity because it is dangerous
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urban for our men. i think this process of birthday bug we'll pick time flowers and incense, or offer it all into prayer for those who remain buried. and an accounted for lent is meant to be a week of gratitude and grace for millions of philippine families. but for the survivors of the landslide ink and badness, this period will now remind him of their overwhelming grief. to melinda, again, i'll jazeera by bailey, to province central philippines. the opponents of mammals, military lead government are calling for a boycott of official near events, or a combination of days of celebrations, including what's normally a water festival. but this week has looked very different, as alexia bryan reports me on mars new year before the qu,
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streets full of people, several days of partying and prowling water ending in traditional celebrations. but this year, in march of the biggest city yang gone, it's quieter. many choosing to stay at home, answering the opposition call to boycott events organized by the military leadership. yeah, we have civil wars in many places of the country. we should not be happy while others are in trouble. thus why we are showing our solidarity with them. for many and me and my it's not a happy start to their new year after yet another 12 months spent under military rule. another 365 days living in the shadows. this woman is too scared to show her face unity. how would you know if we don't have the chance to enjoy the festival, like those in neighboring countries?
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but we are in the middle of a revolution, and people are joining in. we are proud of that. there are no longer daily protests in me, emma, which began when the military seized power in february last year, a subsequent brutal crack down against the demonstrators miss more often. now, resistance is shown by the absence monitoring group say, security forces have killed hundreds of people and raised entire villages. determined to suppress any form of descent, several 1000 people fled into neighboring countries. about 200000 others are displaced in myanmar years into the sole hostile yolanda. how the have been really good, like if the away is still going on by the ownership which they had down once for this web browser. so this guy now wrote trauma
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was a long way. the military did organized some celebrations, but few attended security was tight and the movie reported to be tant, local people believe this is a cleansing ritual. and the water washes away bad luck and changes behavior. those who stand against the military and hoping to see it does indeed bring change and peace. alixia brian al jazeera, the other you are says as deeply concerned over fridays clashes and jerusalem. israel has been accused of a flagrant violation after its force is confronted palestinians of the al axa most compound and occupy these jerusalem. 300 palestinians were detained by as ready soldiers, and more than a 150 were injured. as john holman reports ah, the scenes inside the alex and mosque in occupied east jerusalem early friday
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morning. fighting between stone during most men and his railey police, who fight stung grenades and t guess. around 150 people were injured. this palestinian camera, ma'am, was there something wrong that they brutally emptied the compound? they were attacking the musk stuff, normal people, elders, and young people. what of it? they were many injured people. they fired trouble, bullets inside. alexa must compound. they were beating everyone. even the paramedics, they hit the israel's foreign ministry, tweeted, dozens of moss men carrying hamis and p. a flags marched into alex and mosque. the crowd collected stones and large rocks. police were forced to enter the grounds to disperse the crowd. ah, the alexa mosque is his lamps, 3rd holiest place. it's also revered by jews as the sites of the original temple.
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as such, it's often an epicenter, the tension between israel, which controls movement to the site, palestinians, especially during the muslim holy month of ramadan. this time last year, fighting around the most and axis restrictions led to an 11 day war between israel and palestinian armed groups and gaza. so far this year, a series of attacks within israel of left 14 dead and his railey security forces killed 20 palestinians during grades of the occupied west bank. after the violent confrontation, israeli forces restricted access to alex a mosque within a few hours later they did reopen the damascus gate, where we are now, which is one of the main entrances to the old city alex a most. and it's compound a deeply important and symbolic and we've ramadan easter, i'm paul saver, all happening right now. tensions in this city and it's holy sites,
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a set to remain high. john homan, audi zeta occupied east jerusalem. and the funeral of a 17 year old palestinian has been held in the village of cooper don the in occupied west bank. he's one of 6 palestinians killed in israeli writes, it's wednesday that abraham was the he's on the last moment for the body of 17 year old child get habit in his room here. seen the how many drag they don't want him to bill for mary. her mother has been saying is only 17. she didn't have enough sho get has just opened a barbershop in the village. a few weeks ago, his brother was telling us that lately after work, he was coming home to hang pictures of palestinians who were killed by the israeli, who is now his picture is being hung up on. 6 europe like this one are becoming some sort of a regular theme here in the occupied westbank,
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physically in the northern part of it, as well as the intensifying its way. people here are telling me that about one occasion here and there, but the feel that hi, this misery is waging a war on their very plain following closely the events that are unfolding him. and they believe when have a room to live. now the souls of i remember of the group accused of killing 130 people during the paris attacks in 2015 has apologized. seller of the salaam expressed his condolences to all of the victims during his final testimony. on friday. of the slum is accused of playing a key role in the attacks on a sports stadium. the batter climb concert hall on several restaurants. he's charged with murder, attempted murder, and hostage taking of the sloane faces life in jail. if found guilty.
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no twitter says that it has unanimously adopted a so called poison pill plan that could block elan mosques, take over bed. the social media giant says the mood could enable its investors to realize the full value of their investment and force must to pay shareholders a premium for the company. was currency, tesla and space ex recently increased his stake and social media platform to 9 percent. jim anderson is a technology expert on the social media sector, lead fall glass swing ventures that he says, twitter executives have been forced to react e long mosques, comments. it's a very uncomfortable position when the world's richest man says he doesn't have confidence in the management team. that specifically, that's probably a pretty uncomfortable position for the c e o to to be and, but he's, i think done a nice job, at least in his messaging to twitter, employee. thank look there are a lot of distractions, but our day to day job hasn't changed. we have customers, we have a product, we need to keep doing what we're doing. and it's easier said than done for sure.
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but ultimately, you know, this is a little bit of a slide show. it's an enormously consequential slide show, depending on how it turns out. or it could just turn out to be nothing. and you know, one thing we have definitely seen about 11 months because he loves the spotlight and he's shown the ability to effectively hijacked the new cycle by doing these things, making the tweet, making these offers. and i think he very much enjoyed being the provocative or in that regard and twitter is not defenceless, but they're, they're certainly at the mercy of whatever you want is going to do. they're going to have to react. one of the biggest kasha is america kicked off on friday after a 2 year absence from the pandemic. this year. there are plenty of new cars on displayed by manufacturers. but you don't look too hard to see a shift from petro to electric vehicles. gabriel alexander reports from new york. much of this year's new york international auto show has been taken over by electric vehicles or e v. 's as they're known. although more americans are buying
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e v 's, they're still not as popular as in europe. sales doubled last year, but still only account for about 4 percent of all new vehicles sold. but automakers remain bullish on the future of electric, the lifestyle leaving the house every day with a faulty a full battery from your house. that's an luxury just by itself. but electric vehicle manufacturers face many problems, one is the war and ukraine has upended commodity prices and supply chains. nickle for example, has skyrocketed in price at one point last month, jumping over 90 percent. nickel is an essential component for evie batteries. those materials that russia is strongly associated with will become short supply, either now or in the future, that includes items like radium, includes things like nickel, minium, those kind of resources, and they will have the effect of pushing prices. of course,
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there is also the problem of a lack of charging stations. this is a map of new york state and all of the dots represent where the government is planning to build more electric vehicle charging stations. but according to a new report by the department of transportation, just new york city will need a 1000 new charging ports like this one by 2025. and up 210000 more of these by 2030, just to meet the potential demand. there is also the cost electric vehicles are on average $10000.00 more expensive to buy the gas power cars. the evie advocates urge buyers to focus on longer term savings. the ownership costs are massively less than buying internal combustion or, or ice a car. you don't have any oil changes, your maintenance costs are inherently going to be lower. take a closer look around the auto show and there are signs of promise, but also signs that weaning americans off their gas guzzling cars and trucks may
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have a little way to go, but i did it. gabriel's ando al jazeera york kelley just say a mysterious sarcophagus, discovered and power is not at um cathedral will soon be opened work as discovered the well preserved crate. last month during efforts to rebuild the church as ancient spire. now the discovery was buried 20 meters under ground ne, a brick pipes. the body is believed to be from the 14th century. ah, your children there with me sell robin and doe hall reminder of our top news stories. the police knew crazy the bodies of more than $900.00 civilians have been found an area surrounding the capital. the head of the regional fall says more than 350 corpses were discovered in the town of butcher. russian forces fully with.


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