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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 17, 2022 2:00am-2:31am AST

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in government, i'm president sockets yann's great home power. ah, i'm going to liberate this, where a new documentary follows his non violent campaign to bring down a corrupt regime, astonishing outcome with a democratic leadership. i am not alone on munious velvet revolution on al jazeera . ah, ukraine's 2nd largest city comes under attack again as russian forces follow through with threats to step up missile strikes. ah, how robin watching, i was there like my headquarters here in doha, also coming up. the u. s. is set to begin drilling on federal land to counter
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rising energy prices, but it goes against one of the president's campaign promises. also show of support for the former banker, sunny prime minister among come, who was forced out of office after a no confidence vote in parliament. it may not look like much, but underneath these salt flat lies lithium, which is at the center of a conflict over who should 0, one of the sources of the biggest wealth in this country or go to the program. russia has followed through on threats to launch more long range attacks following the sinking of its black sea flagship. the mosque vall, ukraine says that over the past 24 hours, moscow has targeted 8 regions, as have brought him. his zalinski says the continuing siege of mario paul could scuttle attempts to find a negotiated end to the war. charles strafford begins our coverage from keith the
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aftermath of yet another russian missile strike in court. give this mainly russian speaking city, ukraine's 2nd largest, a stop at some of the worst shillings since rushes invasion open. 7 weeks ago until march of c services say at least one person was killed. and many more injured in this attack caused the fire to spread into residential areas. but it wasn't enough . around 11 o'clock to day, the emergency services received a message that an enemy missile had had a 5 story administrative building, a risky team, and tanker trucks was dispatched to the scene in the town of trots he, annette in the so me region north west of con, give families gather to more some of the latest victims. the un says that more than 1900 civilians have been killed, including at least a $162.00 children. since the war started, russian forces laid a mines in the cemetery before withdrawing from the area
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a couple of weeks ago. a father cries over his dead son's grave. civilians and soldiers are buried here. you could have bullet put on kill could thrust. we held a funeral for my son when they liberated trots units. we were afraid thinking maybe some of the russian fascists are still here and they'll blow up the grave. we put a photo of them there. how he always was, always smiling, always cheerful, always positive. there was selling hundreds of kilometers away in the western city of levine, where local authorities say, all russian missiles were intercepted on saturday morning volunteers, prepared humanitarian aid. please do not stop helping us not stop or providing us with him in carrying assistance because more and more people are fleeing their homes and they need your help. please don't stop helping us after
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a 2nd attack in 2 days on a ukrainian weapons facility in the capital give the ukrainian military warned, or potentially more to come was h inoperable. when you're due to the presence of russian warships armed with c launched cruise missiles in the black sea, there is an increased threat of the occupier using missile arms against the defense industrial facilities and logistics infrastructure of our state. if the bodies lie on the streets in the besieged port city of murray or pal, where russian forces, again said they had taken full control of a steel plant. the ukrainian army denies that se marines and members of the as of battalion are still defending their positions. in the giant soviet built factory in a city almost completely destroyed and from where thousands of civilians have been unable to escape. the ukrainian president vladimir zalinski is warning russia not to in his words eliminate the last remaining ukrainian soldiers inside the besieged
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city of mariel pool. or it will be the end of peace talks. peace talks to the russian president vladimir putin recently described as having reached a dead end. cha, stratford al jazeera heave out. there is more than ibrahim is in turkey with mol, on rushes, strike, hold residential areas. the clearly medina called care was the missile shilling. the often targets the eastern neighborhoods over the city of khaki by today landed in defense of the city pacifically in this neighborhood, which houses a number president job buildings in factories, according to the security forces. and miss, i landed here this textile factory. one person was killed and at least 20 people were injured. the extent of the damage stretches to approximately 500 meters from where i am. emergency services, searching for potential victims khaki has been on the intensive bombardment security for he's on high alert knowing the areas in khaki, the potential targets. russia has increased its attacks on civilians in khaki,
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indiscriminately shedding residential neighborhood. the russian forces also talk to the ukrainian capital keith russell's mother, as the latest from the raid sirens sounding on there over the city frequently tonight. and there are some reports that the reports of the explosions. however, we cannot confirm about any strikes or explosions in, in, in, in key year. just early in the day in the morning today. with there were russia attacked a tank repairing factory in kear and one person was killed. 3 people, at least 3 people were, were injured yesterday. also russia had a strike over another plant in 2 year, which is very much close to the international airport. and that was a, another military factory which was producing and repairing the missiles,
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including the anti shit me, science as well by the, by the ministration is reversing a climate change initiative. little regime selling leases for oil and gas drilling on federal land. it's also increasing the royalties collected from energy companies by 50 percent. the change comes as the us president is under pressure to reduce energy prices, leave goes against his election campaign, pledge not to allow more drilling on government and land agenda and is head of oil market research at energy intelligence. he says, resuming oil and gas leases won't do much to bring prices down. it's a function of the growing economic pressures higher oil prices, higher gas prices, higher natural gas prices for that matter. you know, and, and the need to do something in an important mid term year. i mean, obviously, all of this has been exacerbated by the war. and that is, you know, given another leg onto this inflation that was already building before. so,
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you know, this is kind of a step to try to try to alleviate that to some degree. i don't think it's going to be all that effective, but least messaging standpoint, they're, they're putting it out. there is something that the bottom ministration is going to put itself in, right, which is stuck between the rock and hard place of one hand, you know, alleviating their short term economic pressures. the other hand, pursuing the long term. you colonization priorities. i think at the moment, you know, right now if it's a world a short on supply supply of energy and really from an oil standpoint, only the only tool available if you are leaves with your body seen, announced. and that will help to kind of cap prices. i'm a lease on the upside, but it's still going to be a very tight market for the short term. i mean, it's still going to be a lot of pressure on with high prices and pressure, and consumers with high not just gasoline prices, but, but diesel, jeff, your other price as well. and so, you know, this, the step on opening up drilling. we says this is again, maybe
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a step in the right direction. but remember, it's, you know, it's 80 percent, you know, less land that was, that was initially evaluated. 50 percent higher royalty rates plus environmental and other, you know, sort of loopholes that are attached to it. so, you know, the likelihood of it, you know, actually getting a strong uptake is low. and again, it's not going to leave you short term supply pressure. and that's, that's the challenge. now taliban authorities in the africa capital have some boxes, fans, or basketball is in protest against alleged military strikes inside of gun this done by bucket sunny forces, not local media, se the boxes on the apples killed at least 30 people in cost province, women and children are reported to be amongst the boxes on, has denied it, carried out the thrice which followed recent fighting with the boxes on the taliban . the pockets on has been playing a balancing act between similar but different taliban factions. the buckets on the taliban known as the rekey dollar bottle, the t t p has been carrying out attacks in the countries north western belt for
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decades. it predominantly targets politicians and public areas. not the t t p has wanted to over throw the bucket on the state and impose sherry a law while recently though much like the african taliban, the t t p has been trying to project a softer image. it now says it only wants to take over pockets on tribal areas and make the independent. the bugs on the government has made it clear that its fight is not with the ttp and not with the african taliban. but experts have been critical of the strategies saying the 2 groups share common allegiances, ideology and finances. and whether she, there's a journalist in the hoary buck is done. he predicts these alleged strikes will increase tensions in the region. a lot of tensions between even though they are gone, when they government own living in facts done in support of blackstone. so
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we have a very chronic situation now and focus on by taking it if it's true that they have bomb valuable positions inside of gun his son. that is going to jack up the attention along the border. and so we out to see now how this is going to be cool down. and whether it will take some conciliate steps to all the taliban government. but also to persuade them to clamp down much more harshly on the back of the valley by living in a while, staying in the region, thousands of gathered in buckets on capital to support the ousted prime minister iran con. he's on a national campaign to reaffirm his public popularity and he was forced to step down last week. he was removed from office after listening to confidence vote and
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replaced by opposition. politician chabarise sharif. col hider was at the screening of con speech in a slower bob. a mass cave riley, and the garden board of karachi, where the outer prime minister are on, on book 2, tens of thousands of papers from all walks of life, family, the elderly, the children, i do get behind me even head in a clam abad. like all other major screens have been job that day. the border of the outside prime minister can come and show their support for him on han paper that we've got to believe that there was an international spread it to our prime minister because prime minister on hon registered moscow. now as you can see, that counted the paper and even f 9 box, which is a bargain at lama bar and
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a message loud and clear that iran han despite it says bag had made a huge gun bag. well it li, people are coming out in large numbers across the country, shore dashboard wouldn't just a month time, there was nothing, everything was an automotive. so everyone, every sunday believes that it was the fire to see it was the interference in the internal affairs. the parts of stock didn't know about the opposition, maybe to join saying that they're not back in pockets on government. however, that clear thing. those are that the wave of popularity against them. how long does the government relock? anybody as well as de la, had him on out there even on the call, but unity or environmental disaster. we look at the democratic republic of congo plans to drill in some of its most sensitive, inconsistent wall. welcome back to the chinese asteroids. complete
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a record breaking mission, the stories after the break, the oh. hello that we've got in north america. much of the weather action is once again in southern areas of the us. we've got that threat of severe storms rolling across the deep south. we could see more tornadoes, hail flooding, rains, and of course, stronger winds not system is going to push its way further east. bringing temperatures down dramatically across the mid atlantic and that east coast, most of what a wintry mix, blowing away from the mid west wood for great lakes and snow expected here. and we will see the temperature in places like toronto come down in the days ahead. we've also got a winter system once again pulling into western areas of canada with snow and rain
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into british columbia as well as washington state and oregon. some of that where to where the trickling into northern areas of california. but temperature is not picking up once again. if we have a look at the isis, i'm shot, we're going to see some warms, come back into los angeles. but on that east coast, as i said, it is going to look a little cooler in places like raleigh, north carolina. we've got to talk to about 15 degrees with sunshine. however, by tuesday, and as we had to central america, there's lots of sunshine to be found in places like mexico. what we're going to see some heavy rain across hispaniola in the days to come to weather update. ah, gotta one of the fastest growing nations in the world news wanted, cato needed to oakland and development pool track, international shipping company to become a p middle east and trade and wanting skillfully,
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mcdonald 3 key areas of develop oh, filling up from it. so connecting the word connecting the future while the cato catalyst gateway to whoa trade, lou ah, what about your, what you deserve with me? so robin, reminder of all the top new stories ukraine's as russian forces of tog 8 regions with missiles strikes and shelling of the past day. present brother miss lensky says the continuing siege of barrier pole could scuttle attempts to find a negotiated end to the hall. taliban leaders in afghanistan of southern pakistan, z ambassador after allegedly alleged military strikes inside the country by
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pakistani forces. local media says that these 30 people in the cost on the colonel provinces, a being killed bacchus on denies. it carried out the attacks of the bags administration is reversing a climate change initiative. it'll resume the sale of leases for oil and gas drilling and federal land. he was president joe biden is under pressure to reduce energy prices. no, chris, as it successfully testified, a new type of tactical guided weapon neither came. junglin watched the law, johnson undisclosed location. 3 weeks ago, the country testified, his biggest intercontinental ballistic missile kim jargon says he's preparing for a confrontation with the united states that's running again in parts of south africa, which are still cleaning up after the was flanagan. 60 years rescues are still searching for survivors from either miller hospital from durban. not only has the
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flooding killed hundreds of people destroyed homes and businesses. it's also badly damaged infrastructure in and around the port city of dublin. here in amanda, there's been no electricity running water or at least 5 days. and people have to queue at what is essentially a burst water pipe to connect water in buckets. many of them walking several kilometers to get they assembly desperate local work that you ever since the flooding started, we have had no water and have to walk from far about 30 minutes to get here. and we have to go back and forth to get enough water for the laundry to cook. and we have to keep coming here. last name does, when we do do up real quick, we spend the whole day here because when you're down there, we start fetching our own water and then we have to help others because you can see it's risky. so you have to help them. some of them a small kids and if they go down,
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they may get hurt by south african president for my poor son has described the flooding, mud slides, and landslides, as catastrophic. one of the worst incidents south africans have seen in decades more than 40000 people have been affected. some of them displaced. and it's likely that the death toll will rise in the coming days as bodies are found under rubble under destroyed homes and other buildings. there is concern about the worsening weather conditions, but for now the rain seems to be limited to a drizzle in many parts of the provinces and people continue to try and mock up. but they continues to be situations like this where there's limited access to utilities, necessities and people are complaining that the government hasn't done enough to help people in situations like those, despite promises from the government that they're doing everything they can to help
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the people affected. during the philippines, the search continues for people missing after tropical storm. maggie's struck the islands, heavy rainfall triggered landslides, devastated coastal areas. more than a 160 people have been killed on at least a 100 turner still missing, drill and dog and went to one of the hardest hit harriers in late province. ah, we are following a government emergency team that's been in the village of douglas for nearly a week. hundreds of families once lived here, but a major landslide reduced a once thriving community to rubble. their work has been difficult for days. they have retrieved the bodies and the outskirts of the village and are slowly digging for more can bag. thus is just one of the many areas devastated by tropical storm maggie earlier this week. but the skill of the death of damaged has shocked many.
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and the provinces, so reeling from the effects of another typhoon. 4 months ago, president rodrigo to 30 arrived in late to late on friday. he visited hospitals, full of rescued civilians. this smell of decaying bodies is quite overwhelming. just behind me is, is a neighborhood that rescuers took several days to access. it may seem close from where we are, but they actually had to go around and secured the perimeter in order to reach that area. now the focus of responders now have gone from rescue to retrieval in the town of la marie test martinez, last 16 members of her family. it took several days before their bodies were retreat. update. i still feel as if they're here. they're still alive. it's quite a shock. my little tablet also lost his daughter and 2 grandchildren. it hurts
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my chest, hurt. yes, spoke to them the day before, the martinez family has set up this tent and just like hundreds of others here, they are in desperate need of aid. so there is no time to grieve. g melinda logan al jazeera, my lead to province central philippine sir lincoln stock exchange has suspended trading for 5 business days. as the countries economic crisis worsens. now the move comes a day after fuel starts to be rationed, sparking more protests motorists can only by 20 liters petrol stations while low to site. it's going to get full with the island on the brink of bankruptcy. protest as have been demanding the president's resignation for weeks. napoleon urging workers living abroad to send money home to boost winlynn foreign currency reserves that needed to pay for essential imports. but the central bank is wanting to run out of
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money in month. it's even increase interest rates during courage, savings. remittances from overseas work, as account for almost a quarter of the polls economy. police in the u. s. state of south carolina say at least a dozen people have been injured in the shooting at a shopping center in the city of columbia. police don't believe the attack. the columbia, the center mile was random. the extent of the victims, injuries are still unknown by plans to drill for oil in the democratic republic of congo or lobbying environmental groups. government leaders have approve the auction . 16 blocks of land for oil exploration. 9 of them are in the sensitive ecosystem of corvettes and pearl in the congo river basin. it's the world's 2nd largest forested area after the amazon group is africa is describing congress plan as a historic error that must be scrapped at least last years. pub,
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me cop 26 climate competing glasgow dough. the countries page $500000000.00 to protect cali's rain forests. alec on such it is the merging markets economist. he says the compromise needs to be found between oil and the environment and the rain forest area of the d. r. c. the concessions of the back all the europe. and i think the concrete a reasonable amount of shock business. now, spike woods are at this point in time. we all know there's a control, but the question is about the environment with the police base. it has only grown up all the question is, you know, how will the companies that, you know,
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the diet is moving in the other direction? what people realize that there is, there is a tremendous need for the school system like they celebrated by the situation ukraine, and they'll be some backlash. but congress to, to just out on me. i mean, if you look in the scheme of the clue a combo force already, well, be well into the future and i think people will seek some kind of accommodation. and you know, you can start economic development. but at the same time going to protect that. we saw it, but i think it does. some compromise will be found. the lithium has become one of the most sought after minerals crucial for the transition to renewable energy and used in batteries. laptops and even medication chilly is the world's 2nd largest producer and the hotspot for international mining companies looking to cash in on
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the lithium rush. but as our latin america editor, lucy, and even reports indigenous community, say mining threatens their way of life, can the lady a guy was also lives on an oasis, one of the few places in the, at the camera desert, the world's driest, where you can grow something like this individual, so deaf look at this beautiful beetroot. d gets on bindles as delicious. they super sweet can. russell is acoya, part of an indigenous community that's lived in this arid region for centuries of water to make cheese from their go to milk. and for fruits and vegetables flows from the and these mountains, the same water that nourishes the nearby mighty conger salt flats. the hills behind me are rich in silver, gold, and especially copper chiles. number one export, but it's what's underneath these salt flat lithium,
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that's become one of the world's most valuable minerals. and it's what chile is counting on for its future development. julie has one of the world's 3 largest reserves of lithium and is 2nd only to australia in terms of total production. but late last year, when the previous government granted to new mining concessions to a chinese and a local consortium, an appeals court suspended the contract on behalf of the coin community of it. but he had oil afloat, phone exit. it would impact all of the nature that we have here today, which exists in more than $6000.00 hector's. we would lose more than we would gain video of the community says more lithium minds will defeat the little water. they have a theory, your 2nd to lawanda mother. if i extract the lithium from the salt flats, everything will die. i. water will dry up because the water comes from the same place in, but that's not the only controversy till his new government wants to create a state own lithium company, rather than ward more contracts to multinationals,
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so that the profit stay at home. many argue that chile should also expand to producing lithium batteries for everything from mobile phones to electric cars, which is with the real money is that we're but former deputy mining minister and god, blanca warns it's not feasible. important. becky, the lead the lithium batteries contained 8 percent lithium and truly would have to import the remaining 92 percent of materials. it's simply not profitable. also, it takes 10 years for a lithium mine to start giving returns on investment while it sets up a state lithium company. the new government must determine how many more if any concessions will be awarded to multi nationals. in the meantime, if thomas is to the interests of local indigenous communities, 1st, a tough choice in times of economic hardship. you see in human medi whom that chile
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the 3 chinese auster also back on earth after a record breaking 6 month mission to china's newest space station. as is excluded from the international space station, china is going it alone with it's multi $1000000000.00 space program. more about among the house the details. mariano taunts down in north china's in a mongolia. ho. 3 taken off. that's chinese astronauts are on solid ground after 6 months in spain. first to be pulled out of the cap. phil mission, commander jayson gong down here. she's was you, we sank, president shing paying for his concern and care. we thank the people for the support and encouragement, though not too sure. he was followed by colleagues, one yapping and yag, wong food, the shunt jo, 13 mission recorded a few. furth, for china, one became the 1st chinese woman to complete a space, walk toward and was china's longest crude missions i t. ah,
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they shook loans from j kwan satellite launch center in the gobi desert in mid october. hours later, it talked with china's unfinished orbital space station, t and gone there. the astronauts got to work carrying out experiments and preparing for the construction of new staff modules and delivering fines lectures. that includes all 3 questions, please keen students back on her. so what's next for beijing? while china has put billions of dollars into space programs, it hopes to sent humans to the moon by 2029 and build a base them for it. but for now the take not trio have wrapped up their mission. i will no doubt, be spending time adjusting to gravity here on earth lore about manly al jazeera ah.


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