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tv   Witness Sudan Seeds Of Inspiration  Al Jazeera  April 17, 2022 2:30am-3:01am AST

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china's unfinished orbital space station, t and gone there. the astronauts got to work carrying out experiments and preparing for the construction of new staff modules and delivering fine flexion. that includes answering questions 20 keen students back on a. so what's next? the beijing? well, china has put billions of dollars into space programs. it hopes to sent humans for the moon by 2029 and build a base them for that the now the take not trio have wrapped up their mission. i will no doubt, be spending time adjusting to gravity. here on our lord that manly al jazeera, ah, your child is there with me. so robin a reminder of our top stories. russia is being accused of once again targeting residential areas and it strikes against ukraine. one person was killed and 18
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others injured. when rockets hit the city of car keith. russian forces also targeted the capital key vessel, so that has more a raid sirens sounding on their over the city frequently to night. and there are some reports that they did there, the reports of the explosions. however, we cannot confirm about any added strikes or explosions in, in, in, in to year. just early in the day in the morning today, the, with their, with russia attacked a tank premier repair in a factory. ton of lead isn't. i've got his thumb, have southern pockets on, on bassett, or after lead strikes. it's territory. local media says at least 30 people are killed in the provinces, of course, the corner of going on blamed focus on the forces. but if some about denies those claim, north korea says it's successfully to find
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a new type of tactical guided weapon leader kim jong and says he's preparing for a confrontation with the united states 3 weeks ago, appeal yang to find his biggest intercontinental ballistic missile. it's raining again in parts of south africa, still cleaning up after the worst sled again. 60 years rescues are still searching the survivors. after the full 100 people were killed, leaving tens of thousands about food or shelter. surround could stock exchange and shut down for 5 business days. as the countries economic crisis worsens. the move comes the day after the fuel started to be rash and sparking more protests. please in the us state of south carolina, say at least a dozen people have been injured in a shooting at a shopping center in the city of columbia. police don't believe the attack of the columbia ana center mount was random. those were the headlines to be back with more news here in half an hour. next, it's witness on out there are trying to in the u. s. sleep walking their way to war
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in the struggle over ukraine. here's the test for president joe biden from is really trying to do is rewrite the security architecture in your personal united states. you, sir, if you go to walk and to come at the same time, your weekly pay on us politics and society, that's the bottom line. ah 2 with. ready ready ready much can and one of them have let me get a hold and i will demon my. i said it because it, i mean. ready certainly get very hot clues about japan today about your civilization coaching
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empty day. ready asthma and mitchell from n, b e, y, and us kind of fell sloppy. big event went in a very name was get it with a need was law, has a human li only had the fun, the law that they have wants to set up. but i like that i had me with them, but i, you know, well, in the korean fioma, so the fear of that a mana, for collecting money, him what i'm going to wow, that messy for the next to get a lot of that i know from what i've had to, when i did, which i had to do for fun, i learned about the way out of i know. so it was in the mood
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with yahoo! done. welcome, danny dam. amy at them. what am i doing this with holly and my feet? i've been spending got a a with,
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with silent because but feel more so about cook, missouri. how good back, mom i with the lad of mine is a human shade. when i get off with them, i gotta sit on my leg. like what i can do. i live a salad, jimmy, if you had the helical hosta, now what they got out wife got could be a he'd then and then did you, buddy hon. walker would in the death benefit on heavy and with much more ease of famous programs. everyone watch the shows at tv when you get in, i be selecting a story for all 1100 different project slides evening. i knew what was your opinion of all of my i think that i think i got a lot of it. i'm waiting for me. i mean, obviously i yeah,
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i thought i did that off the food on here because what the, the of the family, what at the thought. but he ration not have been id when he told us that he had him was like enough love with somebody to good. good. i'm good. i'm good, very these with, with us with one in the home. they could give me the not about i wish i feel like a duncan because we help you. hello josh, let me know. and i'll here the with, with on hold for danny. but dana, with either, i don't, and i, i like we had a how to move from different class or so then if you, you're not as that, it was like me, i'm like a bit of barrier, but he is like a lassie. jesse,
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people have been nice. this is not like me. yeah. friend, but people. he's a genius. well in he's on the way. he's my friend. when the dame of an estimate, a mom and the dow in who am i going to look at the call or maybe i could maybe ship a young little wheel baby comes into play. scene ok with show many electronic many quick men and very crowded. also, like we see in that scene or in seen and i didn't invent a gloves effectively. ah, a kind of stimuli diffusion, anthony. john, what of the reality does all mean? the shot to have a little up in
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a ballot. i'm a member of them, a leap. but with the wallet, i'm glad we did that. why would i get the has the with the data like gosh, yeah, but that about and the, and back in, in the one in the, one of the ones that a lot of people with any and i have here with out of that i might have had them i did not post assessment and now we are going to research and development for this prototype. and after that we have to do our tests. that is just in our distant area, you're going to test everything,
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debate all the drawing. so these spanish time, by the way i wind needs it. it will spread that seeds over this area. oh look, look ah any busy, busy, busy might be half the problem is a mid source like we show so this one is something wrong. we change it all and by the way, to now nicely i think with,
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to make this a day and everything flying my mind. oh gosh, what about with betty? i called my might have to get somebody from outside. i'm outside. and papa in the us. it could be if i live in one garden city, a new a visa card, mastercard. maintenance with them. but i know, i mean if it's not a net, just checking in with them and i never had it for a jada. and then i said,
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no way to get back with me with my local law. so for us alone, we can come back to the kitchen. i love lena as well for over. so like letting my ha, ha, my lead that i'm that i've asked with my should automatically i wouldn't be out with the deacons with mythics it. why would it be got the id number? what would it be? which i had my personal battle on about that and what i didn't have to go to get off. i mean, one of them, i'm with somebody with the numbers. i'm not, i'm with them a bit, but i seem to get out the hand of the dominion. we can also look at it
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a little bit which i dr. beat up on some of the moon hagen. and if you had an he of helen gave he it this we a cousin much or i know i stick it in. i need that the had the little easy again, duncan died. sure. if you had i yeah, i'm gonna go with the love me knuckle. yeah. and dining room, lisa mclaughlin center, a little joke to fi airline. a lot of ticket or late. okay. oh, the i li, besides that i like, you know, you, they get done with the is a much that i fit in organizational a lot little walker, but lot of ticket. i'm with denver of big almost. yeah, i'm not do. i'm old law is to hum available more financial. so could i get it says i have my that i mean on the leave
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i'm going to my lia so we can get more information about how we can come by the future. mm hm. she can. oh, i didn't get a hold of her. i don't get on i'm glad i live with. oh, i love to work with you and you are. i only watch out of the house, get it like
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a model number that you're gonna do alone. when is ortho in my head center? we're like a mile a. you're a while now and the now where with that i felt south salary will be living. yeah. and the other one and my another mother. so if you, there wasn't how you my last name was it was, it is a live as how she did a little bit last you don't happen, i'm sure. yeah. my and because little some of us are the hosario and nobody answers on our end. ah, a did i mean when i was you had your on your high our love are monday to come monday. let me talk on i not a list. i mean,
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is i was out of the gone, but i'm not gonna do one without bill with it. but on the end of the ah, here we found a complete group of big trees buried deeply in the ground because he only that small part of the upper part for the 3 may be if we came here after one years, we cannot find anything to do with 5 only that is that it was no life that morning the light among them when kitty completely destroyed
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what that is, no human strangle. the 3 totally covered the fact it is going to be about 5 meters under the sun and the ground up by me. the 4th and he covered, he did not look like for me to go, but everything about this, this list is old. spot increase. totally covered, dislikes me. i'm going to head out with java. should be
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in the written division in and of and i'll be in the front of the law. she was a lot of me yesterday when we are in the my shaw. she's nice and it's like, it's like the form from the bottom that up all his income come from these trees buying. so he's dying to
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this like my my stick me to the next live in our project. i feel they had a voice. the one about the buffer while they live. i am the voice we out of the voice. a good i'm from oklahoma. i had a ha to them. with
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a a optional mother, noah. my is my feel hot, but scott ah, i might be there and that social then become why hadn't been a lot, not a yeah. let me get up there. so for the much you did a very much let me know how to react with barbara and gamma. so let's see grandma mom, i got a lot to push the time nana. so then we know how about
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a a, she'd a can't come somebody. i'm seen tomorrow, 16th of awareness then ago. yeah. with the lumps coming up. rhonda la a drawn up. log that out of under i what i get is i like an donovan. i'm going to start. my loan is to feed me noisy mom. i don't want it that is just a bit fixed. if there is any call that a problem to prevent her from coming over as a horrible fixture. but it gives a huge information about the ground about the lot about the, about the teacher index level. when america did a, you knew that fine of, of took it on there. that i knew who said here, who can, you know they can achieve great monitoring with it can do on
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ah, i don't recall if i see with a a b i can measure a
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with mr roy. i think it's a great opportunity so people will hear our voice. more people will believe our, i like money, know nothing which are loony. you couldn't either will, will was throwing up some of the love in my hold up. got half of what the color from what i would be die with it. so then we could do it again. we could come now or come either to correlate with
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a soon thick of fits here. but the wife has a like a banana when i was a child. everything her be okay. today we are not on the felt free. it's the end of chapter. that's not the end of the story. sure. yeah. oh, i read that with him and crying. good to eat should maybe it's not i'm been that's no go me there. ah ah yeah. mom. 06 finance competition. i feel like the ground
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and when we got to stick to the new i i, i hope some of those high demand growth. they, we very proud of them with blue, red white, silent because feed was turbo cook mush roy, that movie i became what follow you that about how little hit i began when we saw because our are waiting for the last month. i believe with that i know either or as much mondays. mm hm. bye. that's i think i'm edward. but why does hi people by hi, sunny laguna i think the stage. oh the eddie. ah
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ah, you can see it. i just got back to you. why? i'm not sure. i bought it. i lima much about it. okay. i still. yeah. second prize. love it. but in a out of my so on 5 the day that we're laughing much ray out about. oh, i'm with
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what? even the one to 5. yes. someone into 9 and then i'd love to be on a she ah, ah. ah philip all. ah. 5 years ago we have nothing. yeah. nothing. yeah. now we have everything. we do alone. we stood against everything. fact shann just name it obama barely shops refers it and thumb over. yeah. oh brody river. saddam people bought for both of them. i brought it. i think we can roll the old ancient our project. and now our environment issue and the week i see people are parked it
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great, great. i see the light on the end of the upon it. so we have to gotcha here, and we believe we can do oh oh, i can see a family man politicized by the forces of nature filmed over 4 years. i came in pharma documents, his struggle for his community survival and built a template for global action on climate change. cassini, the climate diaries, a witness documentary on how to 0,
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non with ah, accounting, the cost, latin america's inflation nightmare returns from governments bring prices down. lebanon reaches a draft deal with the i, a map that will the nation implement reforms and west africa. worsley prices in a decade. oh fun. the much needed a counting the cost on al jazeera take your seat, be part of the action, discover cat in one package. here, the old to move well, comp experience with the world's best airline. cattle at ways.
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county you'll see now the book you complete fifo world cup package today. ah ukraine. second largest city comes under attack again. i was rushing force as follow through with threats to step up missiles. ah hello. how are you? what you all of their life, my headquarters here in doug, also coming up north. great. as far as what it calls a tactical guided weapon aimed at boosting its nuclear capabilities. also, the u. s. is set to begin drilling on federal land to come to rise.


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