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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 18, 2022 8:00am-8:31am AST

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says that we go through to come here, the always known as an ex pat studio, be unscripted on al jazeera, revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet. on al jazeera ah ukrainian troops and mario paul vow to fight to the end, ignoring a russian dead line to surrender. multiple rockets hit caught acute killing at least 5 people. the mayor of ukraine's 2nd largest city says there are no safe places for sheltering. ah, i'm sam is a dan. this is al jazeera live from dell halls are coming up better than expected.
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chinese economy, beets for cost in the 1st quarter for the risk of a slow down persists and welcome to babylon. how tourists are enjoying your bronx. cultural trashes again, i ukrainian soldiers have ignored a russian deadline to lay down their rounds in the besieged city of mario paul. moscow says its forces of almost seized the port city in what would be its biggest prize of the nearly 2 month war victorian gate and be reports. mary, a poll is a city almost completely destroyed and from where thousands of civilians have been unable to escape. the last major battle is happening here at a giant soviet built factory in an industrial district. the remaining saw the cranial army and large group of civilians are basically, ah,
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encircled by the russian forces. they continue their struggle. but it seems from the weight russian army behaves in mario vote. they decided to raise the seat to the ground. at any cost, bodies lie on the streets in the besieged post city, ukrainian forces ignored a russian ultimatum to surrender by one p. m local time on sunday, he cranes, prime minister says its forces will fight to the end. the outcome will likely affect talks to resolve the wool. the air positions are rolling, go in the opposite direction. at rush captures, marable because lensky st. very clear that of russia carries at another massacre in maryville was comparable to what was on boucher who on the remaining forces. then they'll be basically a dead stop vertigo. she agency grinning prime minister said that there's really been. ready dialogue between ukraine, russia over the past at 48 hours. russia's own slow continues elsewhere in the east
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. this is the aftermath of yet another russia missile strike in hockey is mainly russian speaking city. ukraine. second largest has suffered some of the was shelling since rushes invasion more than 7 weeks of a paramedics treat, the injured but the danger isn't over yet. ah. he crane says russia has stepped off. it's attacks in the region as its forces prepare for a new offensive in the east. the president zalinski says he remains steadfast in his determination not to concede any territory. victoria gay to be al jazeera on dos jibari is in moscow. she says there's been no comment from russia about ukraine's decision to ignore its ultimatum. we've been hearing from the defense
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ministry spokesperson, eager con shank of oh, who briefed about the latest military developments. the russians have been a gauging the number of as strikes. they carried out over the past 2 hours, but at clearly no mention of this a ceasefire that came in once and a what is the fate of the nearly $2500.00 ukrainian soldiers that are around this plant in mary opal, the russians knots indicating whether not any of them have surrendered and whether or not they're still engaged in any kind of a as fighting that it might be going on. a, we do know that the russian defense ministry said that this is the best chance that they have in order to save their lives, to surrender, to lay down their arms. they provided a 7 hour window of a cease fire, and the russian defense ministry also said that they submitted the documents about
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the cease fire to various international organizations, including the united nations, as well as the international, a red cross. and the idea is that they want to be very clear that it opportunity was provided for those military personnel to surrender. this is going to be a very crucial moments in this conflict for the russians. indeed. and they've said they've already cleared at the areas in the city. and that at this area around this plan to miracle is the last part before they can declare that they are now in full control of mariel full. they said that they have control of the ports of mario full earlier this week, as well as a number of ukrainian soldiers as surrendering of the defense. mister saying, over 1400 ukrainian soldiers surrendered to the russians earlier this week. so it will be very important to see what is the fate of the remaining 2500 ukranian soldiers in that city. alexandro val traverses editor in chief swiss
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military review, explains why mario paul is emboldened to russia's plan. my opponent is an extremely decisive place, a decisive area because i owning my funds for the russians will mean a territorial continuity. and therefore, during the negotiations and agreements that will of course, take place at the end of hostilities, it will be absolutely indispensable for russia to gain this territorial continuity in order to be able to break off the secessionist republics from your credit. and it is extremely difficult to be able to bring more supplies and more weapons to the people who are to the units that aren't defending matthew, or because of course, the russian pressure is not only exercised on the city itself,
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but also all of the axis that would allow for any reinforcements to, to, to get, to matter. so the ukranian strategy has not been to put all of its assets, all of its defenses in the town, but also keep a very, very strong, if you want to call it a 2nd line, which has been holding very strongly despite fierce russian attacks in the past. few weeks ukraine has managed to stage, at least for very impressive mechanized counter attacks in the car kitchen area. so that is north of the area that we are talking about. and they have been quite successful in these offensive operations. contrary to what some experts would have believed at the onset of the war. however, the military potentials for combined arms or fair in the ukrainian military.
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and that will require large units and, and substantial intelligence, substantial higher power. the ability for the cranium military to mount such an operation today is much more limited than it was perhaps 2 or 4 weeks ago. now, china's economy is beat for costs in the 1st quarter of 2022. however, figures just release show, it's also at risk of a sharp slow down over the next few months. aging gross domestic products expanded 4.8 percent year on year. more than expected of the effects of new covered 19 locked downs and the ukraine war could put pressure on the economy. so just so you should, you should, i must be aware that domestic us an international environment becoming more complicated and uncertain. as we faced these challenges, we must follow the guidance of she's anything for them. so she doesn't try characteristics for
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a new era and fully implement the spirit of the center economic work conference in the arrangements made by report of what the government must coordinate the efforts of 19 to response and social development make economic stability. our top priority empathy progress, falling, showing stability, and put a task of 6 assurances and safeguards front and center. i've got more on that story . joining us by skype from shanghai is than one chief economist at hang thing. bank china good. have you with us? so over all is this good news that the numbers one is bad is fed well, the number has to be the market, in fact, asia and by a very wide margin. so people do have fear that this may not be sustainable. and when you look at the breakdown of the data, it's quite obvious. there are some structural issues on the growth or bolstered by infrastructure spending, manufacturing lesson and an export to the weak spot in. busy consumption,
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it actually turn negative growth in march, and in many people says, fact in the coming months. and the weakness in the consumer market will sustain. so in other words, will grow slow further, especially if we see the war in ukraine drank on the pandemic, shutdowns drive on while the growth in the 2nd quarter, my slow down quite significantly, are not so much from the war because the commodity price has somewhat stabilized all those do out of there are high level by the corporate control, especially the repetitive pattern of the city locked down has been the biggest challenge. when my look at a period of time in the 2nd quarter, a few dozen of chinese cities could implement their lockdown measure simultaneously, which can be a big damage to transportation and production, consumption and international shipping. and could be very big chaos. have we not
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seen the effects yet overall of the shanghai lockdown? is that what you're saying? that in fact, it didn't really show in march because the supply chain was prioritized encoded control. we're starting a pro and the impact has become very significant on the delay in the port shipping is around the 2 weeks and it's getting longer. services and consumption are being huge and disrupted, of course, in shanghai, but also starting to show in other cities when people are having worries that their, their places might be under lockdown anytime soon. so it has started to show and it's getting more. so what does this mean for chinese annual growth, right? and this is an interesting question now because we had anticipated china to grow in the 1st quarter by less than 2 percent. for now it's $4.00. so even if the 2nd
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quarter dropped to below 4 percent for the full year reaching it's 5.5 percent g d p growth is still possible because in the 2nd quarter, if china does have covered under control, for sure will see a consumption rebound in the biggest cities and that can be a major driving force on the x core to could be a downward pressure by the us economies do seem to be overheated and asian export in economies seem to be importing more and more from china for industrial inputs when their economy is speeding up recovery, so it's not entirely impossible if also the monetary expansion. pick up pace. all right, thanks so much for sharing your analysis on that thing. one. now, shanghai as reported 3 deaths due to covey. 19 on sunday authorities in the financial hub of been ramping up efforts to fight the pandemic with inflatable labs
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and testing up to 100000 samples a day. the city is announced a 14 day lockdown on friday. i had an al jazeera violence sand the rest, the along the moss compound and occupy these jerusalem after israeli police facilitate a visit by rights when jews and why some obvious dispute. the election process is adding to the risks for the press in the most dangerous country in africa to be a journalist. ah hello, that will have a look at africa in a moment, the 1st to the middle east, and it's been rather hot and dusty across northern areas coffee event. in particular, we are going to see a bit of a dramatic,
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a cool down. you can see the temperature in jerusalem at 33. 0, that dust brewing it blowing across, but by the time we get to choose, they will have it, it'll be dipping down. i nearly 10 degrees and it's gonna cool down as well. for number of the gulf states that wind easing as well, so the hazy sunshine will start to korea. but as we had over to north africa, that relentless sand blowing across libya, we are expecting some dramatic sandstorms for egypt. and we'll see a cool down in cairo, have a look at the temperature, they're gonna get down by the time we get into choose, they did law so cool down for parts of morocco, the temperature in rebec hovering in the high teens for the wet weather. we have to head down south to that central band of africa. we've got some fierce storms rolling across the congos. it's looking a little bit dryer for botswana. and for that eastern area of south africa, the coast there coordinates, how will see the rain edge off? it's going to gather across southern areas of mozambique. if we have
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a look at the 3 day for durban, we will see clearer skies. by the time we get to wednesday, that she weather update. ah, more and more indians are going under with normal to become told when i went to investigate the link, some people are willing to go to richmond. on al jazeera, me, the l g 0 is a whole me ah,
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welcome back. let's recap headlines now. ukrainian soldiers and not all of ignore the russian deadlines. the surrender give is valid to fight to the end. moscow says it forces of almost sees the port city and what would be the biggest prize of the war. the latest attacks in ukraine, 2nd largest city, how to kill her killed at least 5 people more than a dozen. others were injured after multiple rockets hit the center of the city. on sunday, the maya says no safe places for people to shelter. china's economy grew faster than expected in the 1st quarter, expanding 4.8 percent here on the year. however, the figures also show at the risk of a sharps flow down over the next few months, due to coven 19 restrictions and the war in ukraine. now the arab israeli iran party is suspended participation in the coalition government following violence.
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the lock, so most compound israeli forces injured, 20 palestinians in forcible dispersions on sunday is ready. please say they entered the sacred grounds off the palestinians setup barricades. palestinians were trying to prevent out for right wing jewish groups from entering the occupied site. john holland reports from occupied east jerusalem. the dilates his confrontations between israeli forces and palestinians near the laxom most compound in occupied east jerusalem. sunday was the 1st day since the beginning of the jewish passover celebrations when no muslims could visit the compound. hundreds of jews did so with his ready for his guarding them. neither were welcome bye bye now that we were forced out of the election must print. then settlers started to enter . after we saw 2 groups with them, we started to change. the police tried to detain me. just israeli police said the
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palestinians who gathered stones and put up barricades the block to the jewish groups from arriving. and they remove protest is to restore order. the palestinian rick crescent reported injuries to 10 people. the lack so most compound is lamps, 3rd holiest place. it's also revealed but use is the site of the original temple and along with tourists, national zine is visited regularly. those visits are always a source of tension, but especially this year with the muslim holy month of ramadan. i'm paul, so coinciding what to so added to the tension is a smooth, extreme, mysterious group cooling for sacrifices in the acts compound during passover, now that's a cool that they make every year. it's something that the israeli government bands every year, including this one. but this time around, it's got more attention from palestinians,
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worried that it might actually happen. is ro capture these jerusalem where they like to compound is located in the 967 will not keep patient. it's been a source of anguish for palestinian since lisa asia may. if what happened today is a crime because we can't enjoy our prayers. we can't enjoy our worship afraid of our holy sciences and we can't feel safe anymore. even in the holy sites. we've been coming to since we were young children, and that's because of the occupation in israeli forces also arrested to palestinians. the throwing rocks at buses with jewish passengers heading to the old city somewhere injured only adding to the tension here. john home and i was it a occupied east jerusalem plans by a far right group and sweden to publicly burn copies of the court on the lead to 3 days of violent protests in easton, nor shopping police find warning shots,
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which they say may have hit one person in the leg was also violence and several other cities including stock, call milo, an error. both danish swedish politician ross most hulu then leads the anti immigration and anti stomach hard line movement of riots ahead of a rally where he intended to burn these stomach text. officials in afghanistan say at least 47 people died in air strikes in the east of the country on saturday. that's an increase on the previous estimate. the death of 30 ask, i'm sorry to say the attacks not on host province is carried out by pakistani military helicopters august on this deny that carried out the strikes hundreds of should ankin have started a 3 day march the council colombo to denounce the government handling of the ongoing economic crisis, it's a 57 kilometer walk from the southern city of better waller,
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and mostly supporters of the opposition national people's power policy, prices of fuel, food, and medicine. the soaring and electricity black helps the common fuel is had to be rations, and the stock exchange temporarily shop should always be a large number of people whose never taking parking protest before gathering across the country express their anger. what we have to do is to go beyond the protests form of government that will go to the countries economy and maintain the supremacy of the law. government with that corruption and fraud need the government that will come, prescribe property, both a tribe rate and corruption and punish them. one the death toll from south africa, devastating floods has risen to 443 molds. our 4th to be struggling to process the dad out of the harvest reins and 60 years heavier strains rather than 60 years. the disasters caused almost $700000000.00 of damage. about 40000 people lost their home
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. somalia is the most dangerous country in africa to be a journalist. more than 70 have been killed there in the last 30 years and rights group say the dangers are increasing malcolm whatever faults from the capital market issue. i think some of the new way lee was lucky to survive being shot in the stomach by policemen. the bullet also fractured his arm. he says he was targeted last year on his way home because of his work as a new camera man said this tv station called group duke, which is known for broadcasting, critical views of somali as government journalists working here, say they often harassed or targeted somalia, somalia, is the worst place to be a journalist? we faced too many problems. it's either the government causing issues or other people. the other people include the armed group, ouster, bob,
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which claimed responsibility for killing the director of state owned radio, mogadishu, 5 months ago. when a suicide bomber attacked his car, this is what was left of it. stella, i'm a mean leads. the somali journalist syndicate which documents killings, detentions threats and harassment of journalists. it has to be dozens of cases every year. ellington again has been a legit on serious so you might relation is including objection is killing of civilians. and this is what jordan is trying to reveal and revolt. that's why you see a lot of urine, it just out of being targeted by the national intelligence. this radio station called mustang bow reported when president mohammed up the law. he for my job term ended last year. elections were delayed and he stayed in office. somebody powerful didn't want presented to talk about it on air. police raided the station. the studio is behind this door, the star say the police didn't get very technician, says he locked himself inside and turned off the trans mrs. stuff. a police came in
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through the door. they rounded up, all of the journalists, took them outside and took away all of the computers that were on the desks. the sheer mohammed uses says while some policemen were breaking into this cupboard and taking cameras, others beat him with rifle butts and threatened him. and the national intelligence has been alleged as involved in serious human rights violations, including abductions, killings of civilians. and this is what journalists are trying to reveal. that's why you say a lot of journalists being targeted. shamarka says, after months of requests, police have finally opened the case on his shooting. the somali journalist syndicate says it's better than nothing, but that justice for journalist here is rare. malcolm web al, jazeera mogadishu, somalia. they see divers have been down to check the rank of a tanker for leak salter. it sank off the coast of to nicea. know pollution has
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been spotted so far, but the fishermen are especially concerned alike sale. bryan reports hitting out into the mediterranean sea from the t as in port city of davis. the dive team's part of efforts to prevent what activists warn could be an environmental catastrophe. they were sent to inspect the hall of the sunken tanka, the z low. it went down on saturday, along with 750 tons of diesel the vessel flying the flag of equatorial guinea was sailing from egypt to malta. it. 7 man crew issued a distress call on friday evening and sought shelter from bad weather. but the vessel began taking on water. the crew were later safely brought to shore june, as he is environment ministers, helping oversee the response. she says the situations under control sit in categories on the muzzle or this is cargo of fuel, oil or diesel. it's very different from oil and our fuel oil is much less dangerous
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and tends to evaporate fairly quickly. we think the hall is still water tight and there's no leakage at the moment. not only don't she authority say barriers are being set up to limit the spread of fuel at any spillage would be marked up. but local fishermen angry, their livelihood relies on the waters where the tanker is lying. the world wildlife fund says the areas of fishing ground for $600.00 sailors with the wider gulf providing jobs for around $34000.00 others. and in the book we demanded specialists go down into the sea and unload all the materials inside. if a leakage occurs, we will not have anything, as we already only have a little part of the sea left to live on in the woods. janasia says several countries have offered to help out to prevent any pollution. alexia brian al jazeera tourism is making a comeback in iraq despite years of war invasion and the destruction of ancient
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archaeological sites, visitors are returning to see the remaining cultural trenches. one destination proving popular is once been loan as the cradle of civilization from babylon mackwood otherwise. now, in the ancient city of babylon, tourists are trickling back. that follows the iraqi government ending the need for pre arrival visa from dozens of countries. this is a replica of babylon, as it's thought to have looked like in 600, be see little is left of the original a structure. but tourists are fascinated by 4000 years of mr. pretty me as cultural heritage, a lot of people back in ireland don't even know that babylon is in iraq. they don't even know it's still a real place. you know? so it's so incredible to be able to come here. this is what remains of the hanging gardens of babylon, one of the 7 wonders of the ancient war. it. the original and renowned as tar gate
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was shipped off to berlin by european archaeologists. at the beginning of the last century, archaeologists say numerous historical treasures are waiting to be discovered across iraq. here in this area, for instance, there are ancient ruins. beneath these surrounding pol mcgrooves and villages. there threatened by oil pipelines running through them and encroachments by local residence. all was the cultural, half land of ancient mississippi, tamia. it's revered as the birth the place of prophet abra harm and gained international attention following the last he is a visit by the head of the catholic church. papa frances? yeah. i think even more from from my parents they, they were quite nervous. they were, they asked, why are you going to iraq and am, is going be safe. and, but the people been so friendly,
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very welcoming am. so for my point with the great project of it, us thousands of priceless artifacts have been looted or smuggled out of iraq ancient temples. palaces and tombs either destroyed by i sill or damage it under the watch of consecutive governments. over par alysia from phil happy political, cultural tourism was blooming before the 2003 u. s. live invasion. but we've recently received several western excavation missions that have helped a lot on discovering and protecting mini sites. they've also highlighted the importance of or as the center for inter faith and destination for tourists from various backgrounds that he searches of tourism means creating new development projects and job opportunities for many here highest and i to her for harl, santa rocky. these pieces, a hand crafted by young people who have no other jobs to do so we count on the government to help bring to respect so that we can keep the business afloat.
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dorothy a 3rd, a shot jojo, and continue to maintain the immortal memory of ancient missouri tamia. even though much of its magnificence has been lost to decades of case and neglect mahmoud abdullah had l. j 0 in babylon, city centrally rock. ah, and let's take you through some of the headlines here now. jazeera now ukrainian soldiers and mario paula ignored a russian deadline to surrender. moscow says its forces of almost taken control of the besieged city. but key of says its troops will fight to the end. or she ski sca what blues had been us russian troops preparing for an offensive operation and ethan ukraine in the near future. you want to literally finish off and destroyed a dumbass destroy every from the.


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