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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  April 18, 2022 2:30pm-3:01pm AST

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to face and destination for tourists from various backgrounds, national resurgence of tourism means creating new development projects and job opportunities for many here. highest and arthur for holl center rocky. these pieces, a hand crafted by young people who have no other jobs to do so we campbell, the government to help bring to a spec so that we can keep the business afloat, rocky a 3rd, a shot in yoyo, and continue to maintain the immortal memory of ancient and were super tamia, even though much of its magnificence has been lost to decades of case and neglect my mode up through algebra in babylon, city centrally rock. ah, this is our desert these year told stories. bushes carried out missile attacks and parts of western and southern ukraine for rockets hit the city of live,
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killing 7 people and wounding 11 o dot. they'll. hamid has more from live if deputy of the mayor has just said in an interview here that actually he believes that those were a guided missiles that were initially set to target even offensive or from gifts that which is south of leave. and then we're rerouted towards the 3 a military target it targets here in and around living. you going soldiers have ignored a russian deadline to lay down arms and mattie poll moscow says his forces have nearly taken over the poor city. and what would be the most significant capture in the, near to month war inter lanka, new cabinet ministers have been sworn in 2 weeks out of the entire cabinet resigned to come to com, anti government protest. prime minister, hinder roger pox. and his brother, president got to buy
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a roger pucks that remain in power. the turkish military house launched across the border offensive against a kurdish alms group in northern iraq. camps belonging to the p k. k were hit by artillery ahead of ground operation. hundreds of jewish worship as all gathering at the western ball in the isle acts and most compound to mark the past as a holiday. tension is high and holy cycle, so we can define and against policy. and a number of palestinians have been injured during dorn. res carried out by israeli forces in the west bank holding a dozen people have been arrested in villages near janine and ramallah nichol, palestinian n g, a group say they were detained on charges of resisting the occupation. okay, there's a headline. news continues here out there on the inside story. ah
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. tensions mouths on the alert. some moss compound in occupied east jerusalem. dozens of palestinians are injured in confrontations with israeli police. could the violence escalate? and how should israeli and palestinian leaders respond? this is inside story. ah hello and welcome to the program. i'm a hammer, jim jerome, the alex, a mosque compound is wholly to muslims, jews and christians with amazon pass over and easter taking place. at the same time
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this year, tensions are running particularly high and occupied east jerusalem. on sunday, israel police forcibly dispersed palestinian worshippers who set up barricades to prevent ultra right wing jewish groups from entering palestinian sea, such visits as provocations. some were arrested paramedic say they were blocked from helping the injured jews are forbidden from praying or performing rituals at the comp out but ultra nationalist groups want to change this? natasha game explains from occupied east jerusalem. well, the 545 jewish visitors who came to the alex a compound during their designated 3. our visit today have left the compound as has the israeli police. but earlier 20 people were injured. 5 of them were taken to the hospital and a total of 18 people, according to the israeli police, have been arrested 4 of them for vandalizing the buses carrying the jewish visitors
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. israeli police say that early this morning, they went inside the compound because quote palestinian rioters were amassing rocks and stones and creating or attempting to create barricades that were would have prevented the jewish visitors from accessing the compound through the designated gate. these rallies actually have a key and do restrict access to that specific gate. but the police dressed at no time during this tense period were muslims not allowed to continue or shipping. a note about the people who are inside, we saw men, women, boys and girls. these are jews who are settlers, who are members of ultra nationalists and zionist groups. they believe that they have the right to pray on the site, the temple mount a holy site for jews is also within the ox a compound. and in recent years,
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this group, once on the fringes, has been growing in numbers, has become more vocal and has even gained. the backing of several is really politicians. but for now again, they are only allowed to go inside the compound and wander around. they are not allowed to pray. so of the most volatile periods in the israeli palestinian conflict have centered around the manmade hill in occupied east through slims, old city. muslims call it the how to my should eve or the noble sanctuary. because it contains 2 of islam. holiest places. the deluxe a mosque and the dome of the rock juice call the hill the temple mount and revere the area at its base, known as the western wall. with so many important religious sites in a small space, the situation around the hill is off intense. any change to the status quo, or a threat to one of the holy sites can quickly lead to unrest. last year, violence in the compound triggered missile attacks from gaza into israel, followed by 11 days of israeli bombardment on the gaza strip. that killed hundreds
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of people. the alex attentions add to rising violence between palestinians and israelis. since march 22nd palestinian attacks in israeli cities have killed at least 14 people. israeli forces responded with more raids, shootings, and arrests in the occupied west bank. at least 16 palestinians have died. ah. all right, let's bring in our guests and occupy these jerusalem, the ed abuse, a yet lawyer, an political analyst in ra, nana and israel nimrod novick, former senior policy advisor to former israeli prime minister, shimon peres. and into a ha, i'm a 1000 professor of middle east history and anthropology at shawnee state university. a warm welcome to you all and thanks so much for joining us today on inside stories he had. let me start with you today. how far might we see the violence escalate? well, as a government and is ready to go,
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the current is ready to government is taken hostage by you know right now trying to change this a, allowing the jewish for fanatics to broaden the corners of the most. and yesterday i was right. there was a violent attack inside a simply, so i am less right garment continue. these actions i'm afraid that will not stop by when it is now a lead to more or less. this is something which one of us are not sick. i should try to get to nimrod. are you concerned that this is going to get worse? yes, of course. i mean i leapt through previous moments of tension. did it basically didn't got out of control just a year ago. we all experienced 11 days of terrible violence. so yes,
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i'm afraid that the experience on both sides are feeding on each other. and that even a government that i think has been conducted conducting itself quite carefully and learned lessons from previous occasions. even that might not be enough. i'm a, i just want to take a step back. why are things so contentious when it comes to the actual mosque compound, why or why or tensions often so high there? could you just walk our viewers through that a bit? i think yes, of course and, but i think it's important to understand it's not just the temperament it's, it's the whole concept of the city itself, the city of jerusalem, and it's always been politicized. from the moment he was the founded essentially by david david chose that side simply because it happened to be convenient, politically convenient time to unite the northern tribes of the southern tribes. if
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you move up to the, the time of islam and you know, the after the conquests. obviously, i've been malik, and thought that this would be a good way for him to use the, the location lou use the site to build a demo of the rock and to build the l a. c. m. and then that very important sort of monument there as a means to counter his own troubles with elizabeth who. ready was in rebelling against him in a check them out of mecca. and then if we move to the more modern period and we consider how designing even themselves you jerusalem originally, they were very indifferent to it. they were not attached to it. they did not see it as essential to the foundation of their state. and in fact, many of its most important founders, for example, her head. so would write that he was shocked by the filth and been going, didn't visited for the 1st 3 years. and for the most part, it is often in the city,
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and obviously it's most important. it's centered around the temp amount for the for the obviously for those of the jewish faith. and for muslims, it's the dumb of the rock and the alex a mosque. it's always been politicized, and it comes in to play every time. and there is a, you know, some conflict or issue over the politics of the place. nimrod, from your perspective, how should is railey and palestinian leaders respond to all of this? look um this is probably the hottest spot on earth um the convergence of the 3 more basic religions. and you know, regardless of a factual basis in history, i wouldn't dare challenge the face of others and will not accept others challenging my faith. so we have 3 of the leading religious in the world,
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considering these as they're one of their most precious, our places on the globe. and when we have a moment, when the 3 religious also have 3 holidays converge, you really have the makings off and exposing situation. as long as there is no political solution that defines what is watched and who's, who's, who's i and we have failed in accomplishing that over the past decades. and i hope that the next generation of leadership would be wiser than all of us. but at that moment, i think that all leaders all over the place i should call for calm and should i point out lash edge and deal ah fiercely with extremists who are trying to ignite the
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situation. ah, given their own exclusive approach to what should be shared the ad from your perspective, is there a constructive way that israeli and palestinian leaders can respond? of course, of course, i must say that since the 2002, there was a policy which again, as you start to try to change the situation. and i'm sure you allow jews to come to the us or michelle, and then let me get on the, allowing them to just show us this policy is actually like to play with them. i don't agree with that, that is extreme on both sides. and i want to say it's a popular reaction,
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there are touching on a very sensitive nav, which is a ship. so the people who are acting on friday and there isn't a waste, there were a average against the trying to convert them more to rec, um, as you know, go to divide the most. i a and i have a, i think the should respect this, that the school which was agreed upon says they am 5455, a man a rule. and each religion has control over its sides when it comes to their legal. busy or by their cause, i just don't have control over the was what kind of in front of what happened.
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and i did 6 to 7 with them. the whole who are a neighborhood, it was demolished and it was then to explained in front of willing to work. so we can do a stage. what's happening now is that they're trying to take part of it. i think it's naive and just your bit to think that they can change the situation and they can pick back up inside the machine big kind of a income changes. the leaders must try to avoid any friction between muslims and jews. i'm sure avoid
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this conflict from national conflict between a conflict between religious ministers. we should avoid that and we should not that i'm doing now it's it is good jen. it is a national contract. it is a political problem, but there is a change in massive change with them. this is to say, i'm sure thing the last that i think the last name is and this is now the i see, i'm sorry you can go outside the government. i'm sorry to interrupt you. i do want to get back to a point you were making in just a moment, but i want to ask, i'm about the fact that, but i'm a bond pass over and easter or all converging this year. and how much more volatile does that make this situation? oh, usually extremely involved, let me a when you have 3 very,
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very important religious holiday ceremonies, events all at the same time. and you have that in a highly politicized. i'm situation in, you know, because the not only is the, are the religious that say that the location is highly politicized, but you also have extreme, it is tensions associated with that. these a religious set of ceremonies as well. and m, the convergence is almost inevitably going to produce the kind of scenes that we have been watching on t v. m. the last few days. and it's very important that i get, i repeat, i think the politicization of the religious dimension to this, to, to the location, to decide is what is making it so difficult in
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a jews and muslims and christians have managed to share and live side by side for many centuries in different periods, so when they don't, it is generally due to a reason that is associate with palletization rather than the fact that somehow as humans were incapable of sharing nimrod, that this violence that we're seeing at the alexa mos compound, as well as the recent spate of attacks in israel. how much of a challenge has that been for this very fragile coalition of prime minister been its government? how big of a challenge is it for the prime minister? nope, joe, just like on the ground. one extreme elements. seize the moment and try to ignite the situation. the same happens in politics and opposition. of course.
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on the right, he's all over the prime minister and the minister of defense and in day come and government that they're not tough enough on palestinian challenge for jewish rights . where is the government? and here i think issue with with my colleagues where the government was, it was doing everything is good and i think quite well with some exceptions that i take issue with. but overall strategy was was i think i'm going to bring a column in to restore the stuff that has been infringed on in the previous administration here in israel, over the past 34 years. this battle school which basically says that on how to actually implement muslims pray are, there is vision and there were a jewish extremist who are not willing to accept that they cannot pray, were muslims can and they're still trying to do so. and anyone who echoes their
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voices that tomorrow morning, they're going to establish a synagogue or other nonsense that tomorrow morning. they will do sacrifices of lambs on a temp amount. it will never happen. but those who echo their rates in their intense are intensifying the tension between the community. i still need to go. consequences. obviously we have a new coalition here about a year old. and that has for the 1st time ever in our party and, and he slowly wanted it that they are under tremendous pressure on notice thing the coalition because the government, again nice being the q, her being tough on muslims and not on jews, which i think is not the case, i will then we stand pressure and we will see another day when these a quite interesting and refreshing coalition will continue to function. i have no
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u. z ad. how big does the disconnect remain between palestinian leadership and palestinians and just how frustrated are palestinians right now with palestinian leadership? well, i must be frank with you. i don't think that the leadership has under control over what is happening inside a us having inside the mos a when it does and desires from here, spontaneously, action of people now. or if we want to change this situation, we can't, we can't say, let's go, we were living together. who was muslims and christians and there were no friction, no problems. but as i said earlier, they are trying to change the situation. there was a time when there was
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a quote there, they're saying that you can go to them last, but the police will decide if they can go or not depending on the order and all the time, every time the. but you said ok if we're allowed to work with the mass, then will be just that the public order and the public security. so we're not going to go to the most on this was ok we're, we're not coming to the mosque up there with it. now we see the police escort and we see the police are trying to get back to where there was a press in order to prevent that. i used to brand that they absolutely most which are from i'm a point of view that part of the most because from our point of view, the most is not only that page area, but it's all a quality house which we call them. most of the most of these are one compound,
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one of them was if there is a government which is fine, i think and i look our problem isn't with the jewish religion. i was talking to a bye from i thought i lease it to me. i'm against going to the mosque. my village enters me that i'm not allowed to put my finger between the stores of the waiting one from the outside of them. this is i did was sitting here is there was a jewish alcohol, not allowing me to support most. now this is a nationalist, they're not religious. they claim of themselves. i think they're trying to achieve in as you know, gone from going to the most. it is not in this case and who should not allow these fanatics been to be and i don't smoke glitch on all this guy which will not allow
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them to the future relations between us and those writers. that is a situation we should try to avoid any lashes and niche bloodshed. and tonight to see who has how we can find a us distribution which make us the other side by side dominant is not to go with that can do it. unfortunately, we see that, that, i mean, is all the time having more and more. and that brings us to an area where we're going to be i'm a jews are forbidden from praying or performing rituals at the compound. but there are alter nationalist groups that want to change this why? i mean, obviously as, as you heard, this has everything to do with the effort to attempt to
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follow. you know, push a, i'll turn nationalist exclusive, this agenda by a certain members, israelis or israel groups. and they use an extreme, perhaps, or a more fundamentalist interpretation of their own sort of practices to say i can, you know, by praying here i've somehow laid claim to something and i think that's why they're doing it. now obviously they're going to be divided views amongst the jewish community as to how to address this. they were and you know, we know that for example, the whole issue that you know, of really religious devotion and to the city was not regarded as involving any duty or is not connected to regaining sovereignty over it. this was something that
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was developed later as part of a political ideology and not as part of necessity, a religious doctrine of one. and it's important to separate these 2, the doctrinal side from the political ideology side. and i think that's what's missing. and i'm, we only have about a minute left, but let me just ask you, are there certain concrete steps that could be taken immediately that could, that could calm the overall situation? i think it is certainly obviously separating the parties would be a good start by respecting those boundaries and you know that there is an appropriate place for i used to go and pray during the holy period. and i just, this is, there is a, a, you know, and space for the muslims to go and pray. there are holy air that period as well. and ensuring that this separation is maintained and then try to build some sort
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of them confidence building measures, you know, try to tell both sides that hey, look, these are the boundaries. and it's important for the, for the civil bees that we maintain the boundaries and neither side feel that somehow it's rights are, are being attacked or i are under threat. and in this case, unfortunately, the threat is coming from the jewish israeli side. and not the other way around. and, and i think these would be very constructive ways that the current israeli government could follow if it wish to sort of ensure that this, these kinds of events and are repeated whether they can given the political fragility of the coalitions that we see is another matter all right, well we have run out of time to we're going to have to leave the conversation there . thanks so much. all of our guests. yeah, that was a yard and broad novick and amazon and thank you for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our website at 0 dot com. and for further
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ah ah ah, i'm carry johnston in doha, the top stories herron al jazeera, at least 7 people had been killed in the russian missile strikes in the viv is part of a tax on the western and southern ukraine. 11 others were injured. russia has continued hitting ukrainian cities with miss salt and rocket assaults despite with joy ground forces from some parts or the abdul. hum. it has more from the viv. well we do have an update from the mayor of levine who said that actually they were for missile strikes not.


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