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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 21, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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ah ah ah rushes president says the operations take money poll is a success and cancels the storming of the as of stone steel pumped. ah, 11 o'clock, this is out 0 life. and also coming up inside married poll al jazeera is on the ground and has to bade the damage done in the city. as the russians say, that in control. ah, israeli forces storm into al axa mosque. compound injury $21.00 wash was after week
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of hiking tensions and the french presidential contenders class shape the ukraine wall. the cost of living at the future of the you with opinion polls putting incumbent president micron in the late so, russian president vladimir putin has abandon plans to storm a steel planted mario pole. web ukrainian fighters are refusing to surrender. he has instead ordered his troops to blockade the as of stell facility. moscow says the lives of ukrainian soldiers will be sped if they give up. the crating troops say these could be that last hours. let's cross straight to the white house. now. you as president joe biden is speaking and listening, secretary of treasury and others. and we had a good discussion. i've talked about what i'm about to tell you about today as well
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as he was thinking, american people for their support understands and significant. and was we talked about keeping everyone together in terms of europe, european union, and others in the effort to stop pollutants, brutality. but before i head out to the west coast, i want to quickly update the american people. on the latest steps were taken to support the people have ukraine and the whole potent accountable for his brutal and bloody war. russian forces have retreated from keith, leaving behind them a horrifying evidence you've seen. and you reported folks, by the way, i, i say this often, but i think we should get enormous credit to folks from your agencies that are on the ground in ukraine, in the spots. and they're really, i've spoken to several of them. it's what we owe them, but uncovering these evidences of their atrocities and war crimes and as ukrainian
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people is so clear to the whole world. now they've launch refocused their campaign to see the new territory eastern ukraine. and we're in a critical window now of time where that they're going to set the stage for the next phase of this war. and united states and our allies and partners are moving as fast as possible to, to, to pride ukraine. the forces that they need, the weapons they need, excuse me, the equipment they need, their forces need to defend their nation. last week, i saw that $800000000.00 package of security assistance to ukraine and included new capabilities like artillery systems and armored personnel carriers. equipment that is responsive to ukraine's needs and tailored to support the intensified fighting in the dom boss region, which is a different war then another place is because both top graphically stiff as flat is not in the mountains and it requires different kinds of weapons to be more effective today,
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i'm announcing another $800000000.00 to further augment ukraine's ability to fight in east in dunlab region. this package includes heavy artillery weapons, dozens of howitzers, and $144000.00 rounds of ammunition to go with those howitzers. it also includes more tactical drones. in the past 2 months, we move weapons and equipment to ukraine of record speed. we sent a 1000 anti armor and anti missile helicopters, drones for an aide, launches machine guns, rifles, radar sisters. more than 50000000 rounds of ammunition in the united states alone has provided 10 anti armor systems for every one russian tank that's in ukraine. a 10 to one ratio where sharing will continue to share significant timely intelligence with ukraine, helped to defend them against oppression aggression. on top of this, these direct contributions from united states were facilitated where they are fed facilitating the significant flow of weapons and systems to crane from other allies
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and partners around the world. like the s 300 long range anti aircraft systems. as slovakia recently transferred, graham, we are getting them in there. we won't always be able to advertise everything we that our partners are doing, sport, ukraine is fight for freedom. but to modernize teddy roosevelt's famous advice, sometimes you will speak softly and carry a large javelin. because we're sending a lot of those as well. you know what, we're not, we're not sitting on the funding. the congress has provided for you crane for sending it directly to the front lines of freedom to the fearless and skilled ukrainian fighters who are standing in the breach. and you gotta admit, you have must be amazed at the courage of this country. the resolve that are showing not just a moment, their military but the average citizens, men and women, young young men, young women as well as at the sustain and coordinate the support of the
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international community. lead in facilitated by the united states, as it is a significant reason why ukraine is able to stop fresh from taking over their country. this far, every american taxpayer, every member of armed forces, can be proud of the fact that our country's generosity and the skill and service of our military helped arm and repel russia's aggression in ukraine. to be back prudent savagery. i tried to seize you crazy capital and white bog. rephrase government. the battle a key was a historic victory for ukrainians. there was a victory for freedom, one by the ukrainian people with unprecedented assistance by the united states and our allies in our partners. now, now we have to accelerate that assistance package to prepare ukraine for russia's offensive. that's going to be more limited in terms of geography, but not in terms of brutality, not in terms of brutality. combined with ration drop downs, it will ensure
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a steady flow of weapons and equipment in the ukraine over the next few weeks. however, but this latest disbursement, i'm almost exhausted the drop down authority. i have the congress authorized for ukraine in a bipartisan spending bill last month in order to sustain ukraine for the duration of this fight. next week i'm going to have to be sending to congress a supplemental budget requests to keep weapons and ammunition flooring without interruptions, the brave trade fighters and continue to deliver economic assistance to the ukrainian people. hope i'm, i hope is, my expectation is congress would move and i quickly, i want to thank the congress, democrats and republicans for their support for the people have ukraine, our unity at home, our unity with our allies and partner in our unity with u. k. people are sending unmistakable message approval. he will never succeed in dominating and occupying all of ukraine. he will not that will not happen. in addition to bolster your
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brains, resistance on the battlefield are also demonstrated in our support for the people of ukraine. today, the united states is announcing that we've intend to provide additional $500000000.00, indirect economic assistance to the crating government. this brings our total economic support to ukraine to $1000000000.00 in the past too much. this is money, the government can help you to stabilize their economy, to support communities that have been devastated by the russian onslaught, and pay the brave workers to continue to provide essential services to the people of ukraine. you know, these past weeks has seen a terrible human cost project, bishop for conquest control. process me to serge 2 thirds while ukrainian children have been displaced in their home more than 5000000 ukrainians of fled their country. it's an absolute outrage. the idea this is happy approaching the 2nd quarter of the 21st century is just last month when i was in europe. i
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now city 90 states would welcome 100000 ukrainians. so that we share the responsibility of supporting ukrainian swain foods. war machines. we've already welcome tens of 1000 ukrainians united states, and today i'm announcing a program and unite for ukraine, a new program to enable ukrainians seeking refuse to come directly from europe to the united states. this new mandatory parole program will compliment the existing illegal pathways available to crannies, including immigrant visas and refugee process. it will provide an expedient channel for secure legal migration from europe to the united states for ukrainians. who have a us sponsor such as a family or an n g o. this program will be fast. it will be streamlined, and when sure the united states are honors and commitment to go to, to the people ukraine,
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and need not go through our southern border. are also continuing to ratchet up the pressure on food and further iceland, russia on the world stage. yesterday, the treasury department rolled out additional measures to crack down on the entities and individuals attempting to evade or unprecedented sanctions. not just ours, but throughout the west. today i'm announcing that the united states will ban russian affiliated ships from our port as they did in europe. that means no ship, no ship sales on the russian fly, or that is own or operated by russian interest will be allowed to dock in the united states port for access our shores. none, none. this is yet another critical step. we take it in concert with our partners in european union, united kingdom cannon and further to deny russia the benefits of international economic system that they so enjoyed in the past. we don't know how long it will last, but as we approached the 2 month mark, here's what we do know,
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put in his fail to achieve his grand ambitions on the battle to. after weeks of showing keith, keith still stands, president lindsey and his democratic electric government still remained power and ukrainian armed forces joined by many brave ukrainian civilians have for the russians con question their country eman bolster from day one by an unstinting supply of weapons, ammunition armor intelligence from the nations of the free world, led by us the united states. as russia continued to grind out the military advances, and their mails or advances of the brutalities against ukraine, putting this bank in, ask, losing interest. as spend my view, you heard me say this from the beginning. he was counting on nato european union, our allies in, in asia cracking, moving away. he's betting on western unity will crack. he's still better. and once
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again, we're going to prove him wrong. we will not lessen our revolver. we're going to continue to stay with the brave, proud people of ukraine. we will never fail in our determination to defense freedom in the post charity. it's as simple as that. so again, i want to thank the american people. thank american people for their support of the ukrainian people. this is our, this is our responsibility. it seems to me and we've been able to hold a whole world together in this effort. so thank you very much. thank you. what i'm going to take this one or 2 question, what does it, what does proven claiming control over marion? is that how significant is that? well, 1st of all, it's questionable whether he does control. one thing for sure. we know about variable. he should allow your managerial corners to let people on that steel mill and other places are buried under rumble to get out to get out. that's what any,
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any, any head of state would do in such a circumstance. and so there is no evidence yet that mary pause completely fall. i title or lady lizzie, title for what i consider it is continuing to hear from my my 1st of all there's going to be an appeal by the just department. because as a matter of principle, we want to be able to be in a position where if in fact it is strongly concluded by the scientists that we need title 42, that we be able to do that. but there has been no decision on extending title. 42. thank you. the, in the us maintain the level and pace of this military support for ukraine. i, we have a capacity to do this for a long time. the question is, are we going to continue to maintain the supported international community and keep
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the pressure on putting to prevent him from over running the country, number one and number to make sure we continue to maintain economic sanctions which over time and we're beginning to see it are devastating their economy and their ability to move forward. so the most important thing right now is maintain unity so far so good, thank you very much for that. we will never fail to defend freedom and oppose. tyranny says, says the president joe biden and laying out the latest steps to support ukraine in this as he put it to brutal and bloody war. talked of the courage resolved, not just of the military, but the average citizen in ukraine. and also this $800.00, another $800000000.00 package to aid ukraine's efforts in eastern phase of the conflict. as costa company, halgert and the company listed in the president also talking about held funds are
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almost exhausted. or the congress approved funds rooms exhausted into further requests will go to congress next week for more yeah, that's right. 3 components to this announcement by the u. s. president. the 2 of them were somewhat expected. the 1st that the u. s. president, announcing further details of the security assistance to ukraine, outlining that there is a need for more security, particularly for the done boss region, given the fact that the geography is different, the weapons to fight in that region need to be different. and that's why there is another 800000000 in that is being pledged, but that the money is fine. i to and so the u. s. president, sending a request to congress as of next week in order to try and see that there is more funding available. should the needs continue in ukraine? something that is expected and your questions are from reporters. about time just
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how long the united states is going to be expected to bankroll this, if you will. the u. s. president saying that that is something that of the russian president is counting on that there may start to be fractures with regard to that. and that he is counting on western unity to continue to support ukraine. he said they're so far so good. and with respect to the refugee crisis that has resulted from the russian invasion of ukraine. you as president, reminding the pledge that the united states made when he visited europe last month . the fact that the u. s. is welcoming 100000 ukraine. refugees. not adding to that number, but saying that he is streamlining the process for those ukrainians that are lucky enough to have a sponsor here in the united states. they will now have that process expedited but not adding to the number. it is a pretty small number when you consider that there are some $4000000.00 plus that have fled ukraine, the united states only welcoming about
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a $100000.00. that really is a bit of a drop in the bucket. and then finally, the u. s. president, announcing something that was not expected, that is, that he has stepped up some of the commercial, a punitive measures that have been announced in coordination with european allies. and that is that the united states is following suit of europeans and banning all russian affiliated ships from docking at united states port. so this is going to once again hamper the russian economy. something that the united states has been doing along with the european allies in order to harm the russian economy. why? because not only does this have a punitive effect, but also the goal of the united states is to really disable the ability of latimer putin to finance the russian war machine. and therefore not be able to continue the invasion of ukraine or a committee. we'll leave that for
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a moment. thanks very much indeed, randa preferred to report the holy rushes claim that it controls mar paul, this it is murderer says there's a desperate need for a humanitarian corridor out of the other style style steel plot. i'm not sure our brave defenders are trying to protect our city as much as possible at the moment, but despite all that were begging for the international community that we should be united with one goal that all the civilians who hiding in the as of style still works get an opportunity to get out and be taken to safety, at least for 24 hours. this humanitarian caudle should be established with begging for it. our men are also ready to leave the as of style still works, but only with our weapons in the hands. but to day, we're still negotiating. this blizzard now from al, deserves a mean big army, who's in marable, that the alleged deal factory where russian back circuitous have taken control. no doubt must not only charlie, our soul hug. we're inside each steel factory in mary apple,
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which is now seized by the separatist. as we speak, you can hear the shelling as fighting is still raging around the as of still industrial complex, last stronghold for the ukranian forces inside marianne village factory has been totally destroyed during the fierce fighting the russia back separatists say, the ukrainian forces were stationed here as the 1st line of defense to as of salt, you can see destroyed ukrainian tanks and armored vehicles. we have got a hazel car. we are now in the basement where the ukranian forces were station. you can see dead bodies are still everywhere. i don't know who knows the boat, these are some of the ukrainian forces, your personal belongings, medicine and uniforms. they were station here for days before the separatists backed by the russian forces storm the facility. and this plant as close to as though you have here are some of the belongings of the ukrainian forces inside the basement. also, we found british anti tank missiles. they were used by the ukrainian forces when an
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attempt to prevent the separatist and the russians from advance. although few must not fall the mozilla, the situation and as of stole is relatively similar to what has happened here in image. this plant is now transformed into a military barrick, as we were told by the separatists who moved large amounts of their gear and heavy weaponry to the facility. those ukrainian armored vehicles are now spoils of war seized by the separatists and the russian forces. second off, russia is pushing ahead with its offensive in east ukraine. charles dropped in the city of buck in the don bus region. the great focus is on what is being reported as around the 1000 civilians. in those bunkers underneath that still works, that is still certainly a section of it we understand controlled by ukrainian forces. those pictures released yesterday by the as off battalion,
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one of the fighting forces that are inside that still plant, showing families, children sitting on beds. obviously, having been there for a long while and increasing concerns on how those civilians are going to be get out . now the eyes off themselves have released a statement saying they want a humanitarian colored all to get those civilians out of that steel plant. as well as what they say is around $500.00 injured soldiers, but we also know that those fighters are refusing to surrender. and in that context, despite vladimir putin saying that basically it's victory in my real pull, i think it's fair to say that it would be almost inconceivable. the fact would be conceivable for those ukrainian just to be able to push back until that pilot is played. of ukrainian forces he and military analysts would tell you he doesn't have complete control over that city. so putting needs this victory in mary awful. and
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just how he's going to get that victory without potentially a 1000 civilians, at least being killed, remains to be seen. what outside the crating capital of cave, many ukrainians are still assessing the damage left by rushing, shelling, or double helmet has more now from urban where he actually at this bridge that leads out of a pin. and this place really has become iconic for all the wrong reason it had been detonated as the russians were trying to advance to as the capital a keep. you know, if, if you recall there was these dramatic pictures of civilians trying to flee as quick as they can under the shelling. i'm this car just looking at it. you can just imagine probably a family or someone in there trying to run for their lives just to find themselves
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at the bottom of the river here. and we have no information. what happened to them now down there under that under the bridge, that's where people were running out, trying as quick as they can to flee the rush and shelling out and also the crossfire. because on the other side you had some ukrainian forces. so the civilians basically were trapped in the middle of all that. now this image of devastation is something that you will see over and over again. the more you drive down that road after a pin, there is butcher, also. now becoming iconic, for all the wrong reasons. ah, israeli forces it fired rubber bullets and pepper spray in during $21.00 palestinian to the alex or mos compa. ah, this has been almost
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a week of heightened tensions at the site to fight is jerusalem. incursions by jewish ultra nationalist groups bought the recent on roof. stephanie decker has more now from occupied teachers that visit, that there's 3 areas allocated to the entry of those groups are, is now over. it is over until the end of each or for the next 10 days. you will not be seeing any more of these far right wing group sy, in the compound. but from early morning, just before they were given at access, he is ready forces that cleared the compound area, also pushing some of the younger men into the mosque, closing the kibbler mosque and then you had rubber bullets. we'll so pepper spray used inside the mosque of palestinians using fireworks firing out of them or so this is the kind of tension that we've seen of the last week a little bit more to day. certainly possibly because it was the last day, but the bigger picture here is that palestinians say that there has been an absolute change when it comes to the status quo. this is what jordan israel agreed
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upon many years ago. jordan is the custodian. i'm of the holy size that muslims were allowed to pray. non listens were allowed to visit. but the, the increase of these groups in numbers and in ideology, in terms of the call of these far right wing jewish groups to pray. they actually try to pray some of them go as far as to call publicly for the re the building of a 3rd temple. this is hugely provocative to palestinians. the 2 contenders for the french presidency have taken part in a televised debate ahead of sunday election. the incumbent, manuel, micron and his far right challenger marine la pen spot over the cost of living the ukraine war and the future of the you opinion polls favor micron, but to suggest a tight race the touch of butler report star from parts a syllabus like to do it didn't take long for things to become tense. soon after the start of the french presidential candidate debate, the centrist incumbent emanuel macro put the far right candidate,
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marine the pen on the spot. by questioning her links to the kremlin and a russian bank loaned the funded her 2017 campaign, was every dish or bottom you were one of the 1st european leaders in 2014, to recognize the annexation of crimea. because you depend on the russian regime. and you depend on mister putin, madame le pen, you took out a loan in 2015 from a russian bank. the 1st check russian bank, which is close to the government amendment. ramona bottle boy excel. the presenters repeatedly called for com is the candidates, disagreed over issues including climate change, education, immigration, and the european union. mackerel believes the block should be stronger, and the pen wants to diminish its power. the far right leader also said she would make it illegal for muslim women to wear the headscarf in public. if elected macros said such a move would provoke a civil war is a shrewd ball under these only. well, knowledge was very, i believe the headscarf is a uniform imposed by islamists that most young women who wear it have no choice was
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he said just shut on franz country of the enlightenment, of universal values would be the 1st country in the world to bound religious symbols in public space, the 1st country in the world, that is what you are proposing probably at times, mcgraw seemed over confident or on the attack. but for most of the debate, he clearly had the upper hand, leaving the pen, looking frustrated or confused. her performance wasn't a total re run of the 2017 election debate with macro a disaster by her own admission, but it wasn't far off, although she gained ground on some social issues, including health care forward going can a maneuver. the reality is during your presidency, mr. mack long, it's only crazy is that make you act there. had to be a pandemic to make you realize that help workers have been in a terrible way for years doing for nearly half a century. presidential candidates in france are faced off live on tv and a debate that's usually watched by millions of people, and is often
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a pivotal moment in the election on monte de la allison fiery exchanges to lateral flourishes. the debates are often highly anticipated by viewers and rarely dull. over the years the protagonists and politics have changed, but one thing has remained constant and the person most widely perceived have won the debate often wins the election. voters on sundays will now decide whether history will repeat itself. natasha butler, al jazeera paris will appear now from bernard smith, who has been following the campaign and suddenly just outside pars. micron is coming today to a mellow show. strong, cold mellow showing you all the balance on the fall left candidate who is a nationwide to get quite enough share of the vote to make it into a 2nd round. run off with macro, but here you got 49 percent share as a boat versus mac homes, 20 percent, and m marine la pens, 11 percent. so mel sean,
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strong cold, not, not true. micron support is here, but john malone shown himself when he gave his speech. when he didn't make you out of the 1st round. he said without personally endorsing macro. he said not a single vote fella pad. so macaroni is targeting what are nationwide millions of potential, melons, sean king makers. to help propel him to that 2nd, 2nd to a french president, the votes are not guaranteed. many people here will say they are very disappointed with a manual micron and his failure to address what they perceive as challenges, particularly in terms of cost of living. but there's a lot of resentment and dislike of the fall, right? so many people manage on support. man, upholding that nose is a voting for macro and because they don't like the alternative from the pan macro wants to do is to turn those into positive votes for him rather than votes that it
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just not for the alternative. after waiting 2 years in this trailing town has finally been able to celebrate its annual present festival. me is parks in new south wells, and it had to be put on hold for 2 years because of a right of ours pandemic. ah, so this is out there are, these are the top stories in russia says it has to these strategic positive mary poll president vladimir putin, his order, his forces to abandon plans to storm a steel factory there and lay siege on it. instead, it's the last remaining stronghold of ukrainian resistance in the city are opposed . murray says as a desperate need for a humanitarian cargo out of the as of stultz deal, we actually operate, defend, is trying to protect us.


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