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this society may impact is you don't believe there is a so much of you can take before you say, okay, let's meet rethinking radicalization. part of the radicalized series analogies era . ah, brush as president declares his forces of liberated matter. you, paul. but ukraine says, the biggest battle of the war is never yet. a dream business in bruin's brazilian residents returned to bro junker to get the full picture of destruction. my life the most important for all of us. and we crave with . i'm darn jordan,
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this is out there. a life are also coming up. a former president accused of running a narco stage in honduras after being expedited to the u. s. on drug trafficking charges. i'm rob reynolds in cleveland, ohio, with a report on the problem of abandoned oil and gas wells and how one organization is working to solve it. rushes president is trumpeting victory and matter. you pull off nearly 2 months of fighting for the flattened ukrainian city. but joe biden insist that it may happen is doomed to fail. as the u. s. president commits another $800000000.00 in military aid. ukraine admits its forces of lost control of the port city, but denied fallen dalso. jabari begins our coverage from moscow. this is what victory looks like for the russian military, nearly 2 months into moscow's so called special military operation. and its defense
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minister is now declaring his 1st major successor of the armed forces. so the russian federation and the peoples michelle daniels, people's republic heavily been rated maribelle. the remnants of the formation of nationalists took refuge in industrials on of those off style plant. the as of sol plant remains the last stronghold for ukrainian troops. and mary paul, who have refused to surrender. officials believe there are nearly 2000 ukrainian fighters hold up in and around the steel plant. for days, russian officials have been saying they are willing to allow sporadic ceasefire periods to let them surrender. or they would have to storm the plant. now, the commander in chief of russia's armed forces has other ideas, bigler group. i consider the proposed storming of the industrial area, pointless. i order to a bought it. this is the case when we must think that is we must always think, but even more so in this case, about preserving the life and health of our soldiers and officers. there's no need
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to climb into these catacombs and crawl under ground through these industrial facilities block off this industrial area, so that not even a fly comes through, but leave it norma chavez dormer. i know they've captured most of mary paul a long time ago. we are very well aware of that, but there's a part of the city where our service men remain. might have they will stay there for. now's a whole bloom. this once thriving port city was home to more than 400000 people. now, fewer than $50000.00 are left unable to escape the fighting. as vladimir putin was being told of victory in mary opal, russian back separatist fighters of daniel and our school was back in session for the 1st time since the invasion on february 24th. according to the don, yet sc people's republic, $721.00 children are going to school and marry a pool under its supervision. the separatist say moscow has sent school books for
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these children, including text books on the russian language and russian history. you around the children are glad to be alive, to communicate with each other. they respect to elders, some of them of the teachers, their school directors, from previous schools, posters, reading for homeland, for russians, for don bass, all in russian cover the walls in the schools. an indication of what's likely to come as russian officials say it is now safe for residence to return home russian forces entered mary jo pole on march 11th. now 42 days later they have claimed victory. but at what cost, it's not clear if any $1.00 will return to this ruined area to live under russian occupation, or who will be expected to rebuild a city which now lays in ruins. door such a hoary al jazeera, moscow, and russian forces say they have captured dozens of villages and eastern don bus.
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42 have been taken across the dani. it's gretchen, which is a self proclaimed russian, but break away state. the battle for don bass includes le ganske and is critical to moscow's campaign. senior ukrainian defense officials say caves, military is facing a very difficult fight against a larger and better equipped russian force. new satellite imagery showing what appears to be another burial site in ukraine. this one, me, mary, you poll us company max, our technology says its analysis indicates at least 200 new graves were constructed . but in march and mid april, about are you poor counsellor says russian forces were seen transporting residents bodies to the site. well, while the fighting is concentrated on the eastern and southern front lines, the full toll of the war in other regions is still not clear or double. hamid reports on the outskirts of keep driving out of keep the trail of destruction is endless. this was the main road for the russian advanced towards the capital burnt
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out, buildings, cars and businesses lives in tatters. this bridge. and it had been came to symbolize the flight of people under shelling. alina, peter hove. i was among them. it's her 1st day back and it's overwhelming. the cater to see what happened to my dream and the good thing. but very light. the most important for all of us. and the crazy wife woman, the wife woke revival this boy. the bowling alley she owned was on the frontline work. she shows us the video of the battlefield that was around. it will not ship it along the road. you can see where the fear for fighting
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took place. this used to be a cultural center. it will take weeks before all this rubble is removed by the full extent of what happened here is something that's still being discovered on a daily basis. more than 2 weeks after the last russian tank left, the tan of burrow danica is still coming to terms with his losses. bodies hastily buried are being exempt. this woman finally found her son and his best friend believe to have been killed in the early days of the war. the 3rd body is of a teenage girl who still remains unclaimed. but a junker was hid, particularly height, 80 percent of the buildings and houses in the town and surrounding villages. a either totally or partially damaged, finding ways to get it back on his feet. is a monumental does for mayor, he yogi, at co. he has set up shop in the local school because his office was also reduced
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to rubble. sure, musician, we're on the boat. we need to get the government institutions back and find new places to operate from. we have to restore electricity, gas and water. expect the hope of really desperately which we still don't know which buildings will be demolished or repaired. many people don't want to live in the old buildings anymore. get a few streets away, valentina sifting through the remains of her house. her family had lived here for generations. they spent a month cramped in the basement, only to come out and find the memories of a lifetime gone. i assure, assured dudley my mentally for you might need though i am demoralized. i given liver shooting at the girls, rape and girls, people, i know, i also know people who the executed with their hands tied up after all these. and now how do you want me to find this trends to rebuild my house? with the fighting still going on is difficult to put a price tag or reconstruction. the you estimates it will be in the hundreds of
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billions of dollars. but for the people here, no money will be enough to fill this sense of loss. that hamid algeria under road north of keefe, former honduras president, one orlando at london has been extradited to the us to face drug trafficking charges. a non ezekiel accused of helping to move tons of cocaine into the u. s. fall must 20 years. the one time us ally denies the allegations theresa, both asthma, mama, he was once at close united states ally, but has now been expedited to face drug trafficking charges in new york city. or when orlando, ma'am, this was being held at a special forces military base in on the west capital t a, we see guy. he was transferred in the middle of a massive security operation to an air force airport, where he was taken in a u. s. drug enforcement agency plane, back to the us he said,
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used of conspiring to smuggle hundreds of tons of drugs to the united states. hernandez and his co conspirators help pushed 500000 kilograms of cocaine into the united states. that's 500 tons of cocaine. poison that landed in this country on our streets. and as we allege in the indictment, that's exactly what hernandez wanted. realized that during a meeting with a co conspirator, hernandez declared that he wanted and i quote to stuff the drugs right up the noses of the gringos at amanda says he's innocent and that just his will prevail. williamson is innocent of been submitted unfairly to trial. i want to say some potent words, injustices are a threat to justice in every place. you know, i worked tirelessly with the purpose of recovering peace in honduras and i gave all my it to my country. it is regrettable that those who turn honduras into one of the
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most violent countries in the world, those villains may want to be heroes. when orlando, this was elected president in 2014, while in office, he was considered partner of the us and was loaded for his alleged efforts to fight drug trafficking, any legal migration. his mandate ended earlier this year and was the pain 19 days after leaving office. his brother tony, man, this was sentenced to life in prison in the us on drug trafficking charges. during his brothers trial, prosecutors claimed mexican drug lloyd walking chapel was man handed the man this brothers $1000000.00 for the presidential campaign. losing on do the same. corruption has infiltrated the highest levels of under the state and they need international help to clean it up. with the concentration of power we saw while hernandez was in office, weakened old institutions and the country now needs to repair. we need to do lots
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of structural reforms to improve edge. additionally, we have requested help from the u. n. to help us do this and amend this expedition . if the 1st time a former president is to be tried on drug trafficking charges in the us, many fear that the possibility of us trial will deter politicians in the region from polluting with criminal organizations ever again. that is, i will, i just ita. and how does your castro join us live now from washington d. c. heidi, so what more do we know about the extradition and the charges that and i'm just faces? well, darren hernandez, a plane should have landed now in florida in route to new york where he will face those charges. and in announcing what those charges are, the u. s. attorney did not mince words. he said that hernandez was running hun doors as a drug state, and his political rise was fueled by drug money, including that $1000000.00 bribe that allegedly came from l chapo guzman. and that
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in return, hernandez is accused of helping to spread the opioid crisis in the united states, which has claimed thousands of american lives each month. now, what's shocking is, as the details of this indictment have reveal tracing what hernandez allegedly did during that time, he was publicly being lauded by the previous presidential ministration in the u. s . by president trump, who said that hernandez was an ally, was helping to combat corruption. in his own government and was helping the us and its efforts to try to stem the flow of migrants out of honduras. and the irony there is at so many asylum seekers from honduras were citing their corrupt president as one of the reasons they were fleeing. now there are many critics and honduras who did not think that justice would come for their former president. we know there are many celebrations when he was arrested and now extradited. and now
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he will face trial here in the us. we know that his brother, as well as al chapa, who's mine, they're both serving life sentences in the us. and this definitively is a message from the u. s. government. that america, the u. s. is now aggressively taking this approach to combating corruption in latin america. darren, heidi, thank you. let's come here now just here including has he got the other polls favor manual micro head of sunday's french presidential run a vote against marie morgan. ah, he has begun. the, the full world cup is on its way to catherine. your travel package today. let's go with your weather report for asia. hello everyone. great to see you. looking at the forecast in india,
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we're going to have some outbreaks of thunderstorms. we'll talk more about this in a sack, but for us i take you to the beer bengal as a wave of some showers and storms really stretching from colombo into molly and the mall div. so molly has a height $29.00 degrees and some thunderstorms to be expected, as we look toward west bengal of dish into entre pradesh. winds in some spots will be powerful as well. for example, in the indian state of jar count on friday. meantime, as we look toward bangladesh, some explosive storms here pushing into southern sections as well, right in around that border with west bengal, southeast asia. the area of concern once again southern sumatra, west java. as of late, we've seen areas pick up about a 100 millimeters of rain and i think a similar story to be expected on friday. lot of white weather falling between the gang seeing the pearl river valley. this includes for gray, lynn, with the high tide to degrees, and we did have some soaking rains in japan, but that's made a clean sweep of the areas that pushes out toward seas on improvement in those conditions for tokyo, getting up to 26 degrees. but look at this batch of what weather in the sea of
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japan as it scoots in to who pad. oh, so a shower a day in ser portal on friday. umbrella. need it official airline of the j as climate change heats up the planet. one scientist intends to take his back to the i, fate, to save the permafrost below he's re introducing animals to the grand slams above, starting with the living creatures that planning to resurrect an extinct species. could this approach save our worlds? witness is the most hypothesis on al jazeera. ah
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ah, we'll come back to promote about top stories here is our rushes president is declared victory in the battle to the besieged, ukrainian city of matthew polt, letterman boot and ordered his troops to see loft, ukrainian soldiers and civilians trap nasty works, which is the cities lost pocket resistance. russian forces say they've captured 42 villages in ukraine's eastern dumbass region. one ukrainian official confirmed with losses, but said there could be one back. a formal honduras, president, one, orlando. amanda has been expedited to the us to face several drugs, trafficking challenges. one time u. s. allies accused helping to tons of cocaine into the u. s. almost 20 years. a process presidential hopefuls held their final rallies ahead of sundays vote. president manuel macro contained in san antonio, north of paris. he's hoping to sway voters who went overwhelmingly to the left and the 1st ballot. i'm to say was bernard smith report. this is supposedly hostile
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territory, very manual mark wrong in the 1st round of france, his presidential election 49 percent of the vote in sand and he went to the far left candidate, john luke melon shrunk in the 2nd round, the choice is micron or the far right marine le pen. we feel like we have to choose between the pest and cholera. this woman told the president of the guy, the high cost of living is the main concern for french voters and jobs. this woman says nationwide unemployment has fallen under macro to 7.9 percent, but it's high here at 11 percent. so we're creating jobs. micron says before adding, it has no magic solution yet. but soon, assume as if i remember the owner, there are millions of potential melon shown king makers. the far left candidates hasn't himself endorsed macro, though he's told his supporters that should not be a single vote. for marine la penn mac, an author wants to tap the youth vote 31 percent of 18 to 24 year olds,
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voted for john luke now shawn to the north of paris. saint anthony is one of the most deprived areas of france here. makram struggles to shake off his image as president of the rich, but the far right is even more popular. yet backward for there is no other choice. i don't see myself voting for marcella pen because she doesn't reflect my principles. so i'd rather be shot by my coin than martin. she would look like, not the but, but i work from a kronos time. i don't like what he does, but i'll be voting from a kron as a vote against slipping. max i thing micron has already done $110.00, and i think to allow continued, he will be more advantageous. the latest polls suggest emanuel micron will win a 2nd term, but he will only keep the presidency with votes. cast grudgingly in his favor. bernard smith, al jazeera saint anthony, and natasha battle, as in iris in northern france, where marine le pen has been holding her final campaign. rather. what is very long
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queue here. people waiting, right round the block for marine, the pens, final campaign rallies, taking place in iris in north and francis as a region where support for the far right political party is very high. this riley also comes just a day off to a live television debate between le pen and her rival in this race. in my know my craw, the incumbent, a centrist micro, during the debate accused the pen of being divisive. the pen says that micro has ignored the needs of ordinary people during the 5 years of his presidency. what has been a lot of reaction to that debate? many are saying that micro had the upper hand that he gave a more polished performance, but the pen supporters here disagree. washed hoof, girl cbs, i think she manage very well. she explained what she knew. some criticize her saying that she doesn't know her numbers, but anyone can make up numbers. pardon me? you certainly know compared to 2017, she changed the tape was returned this time,
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micron was angry and marine state tom ah, well as marina pan arrived on stage, they was a lot of enthusiasm for support to see a who believe that she can be on his next, the president marina panama, spent the last 2 weeks campaigning very hard trying to target left when voters who don't have a natural candidate in the selection. but also trying to persuade many people in france who are still and decided he is promising to help people to reduce the cost of living. that is a big issue with some campaign to pharmacy jobs has promised to soon wilkins from legal. i say, he's a little manual, michael doesn't understand ordinary people, but the he does should really give 5 more years to a president. he shrugged his shoulders in the face of mass immigration and anarchy . he's allowed, who shrugged his shoulders when we talk about crime and savagery, that tis the flesh of our citizens or the whole suggest that
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a manual micro has white and his leave it in the election. right? no, necessarily. if it was supposed to say that they want to vote for it, but some versus the saying that they will not bring the pen. they tell you that i've seen the, the ration law magenta will be to devise differ from the supplier. is not things had to somebody just the rate isn't over the probably yes colon israel to stop jewish pres, taking place inside the alex mosse, compound and occupied eastern the other $21.00 palestinians were injured off is ready for suicide. rather bullets and use pepper spray is 1st and it's been almost a week of tension at that site. fuel by the visits of jewish open nationally screwed in the muslim hoodie man, relevant dozens of people were killed in explosions across multiple cities. enough dentist on on thursday the northern city of missouri sharif conduce and the eastern province of naga were targeted last and missouri. sherry the happened inside
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a sheer moss during up in prayers getting 22 people and other exposure. you can do a field for people near the airport and the blast, the longer heart problems can appease for members of the town. winds fanning the flames of a while, find the us state of arizona are expected to get stronger. thousands of people have been forced to free their homes. dozens of structures have been destroyed. official say, nearly 7000 hector's been scores and the northern county of coconino, the fire started on sunday afternoon and its size as triple since then. now it's earth day, a world wide event that celebrates our planets, biodiversity and heights, ways of protecting the world we live in. but environmental degradation on the ongoing climate emergency means the need to act now is greater than ever. is our environment editor nick, clock, planet, earth, that's home. and as i say there is no planet b and time is running out to protect it. here's why. this is the man alert
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observatory in hawaii, whether be monitoring global carbon dioxide levels for more than 60 years. and when they started back in 1958, scientists recorded c o 2 levels of 316 parts per 1000000. this month, they're likely to top $420.00 parts per 1000000, and that's never been seen before in all human history. and the science is now undisputed fossil fuel emissions are to blame. mankind is responsible pushing temperatures outwards and increasing the number of extreme weather events from deadly heat waves and droughts to catastrophic floods, such as these in the past week in south africa, which killed more than 440 people. and the call for action is growing. we need to increase our investment employment adaptation measures to better serve god communities against the effects of climate change. indeed, the most recent united nations reports that there must be rapid,
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deep and immediate cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. but the question is, will a well that and what the un chief antonio terrorist called a code read for humanity and later next spoke with india anderson. she's the you and environmental programs. executive director anderson talked about the link between the pandemic, the environment and humanitarian crises. how economy is based on, on hydrocarbon on fossil fuels right now? so building that other network will take some time. we missed that train during co, it, we could have used the subsidies for this. we couldn't make them sort of carbon conditional . we didn't to the extent that we should have now is the time to make this happen. and the truth is that nature is one feeds us, sustains us, gives us the air we breathe, the water, we drink, the food, we eat, the clothes we, where the houses we living. it's not like it's an immaterial thing. and we're making this assumption that nature will just be there, that harvest will follow harvest, that rains will come when they're supposed to,
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that there would be frost or wins when we used to that the fish will arrive when they're supposed to, and we can fish them et cetera. well, when we're messing with the system, all of this gets out of whack because we know that climate and other forms of injustice, environmental injustice are leading to refugee crisis. you know, we already know that, you know, we're seeing people that cannot be sustained on the land that they have lived on for generations because of climate change. we're already seeing that people being pushed into poverty because of nature collapse. so yes, that, that just this dimension is critical and no one that we cannot ignore. look, we did not have vaccine, just something as simple as ensuring that the poorest have access to vaccines. we can do that with the plan. and if people think that they can be sitting happily
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insulated in a wealthy pocket and not be impacted by poor hungry and, and climate impacts in other areas there. mistaken. and you're going to watch much more of that interview with anderson later on friday at $1130.00 g m t on talk to i just now disused oil and gas wells around the world. i've been a source of greenhouse gas emissions for decades since the fossil fuel era began. millions of wells have been drilled, but many wouldn't have a properly sealed out. they stop being of use. rub reynolds ripple sh. methane gushes from a well dug more than a century ago and abandoned since the 1950s. 141 cubic meters of pungent greenhouse gas per day. it was recently uncovered in cleveland, ohio, in an apartment complex for elderly, low income residence, many of whom have complained of the smell for years. did you ever smell the gas?
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yeah, but alice smelled it more than i did, but it was definite. it didn't was often now a team from the non profit, well done. foundation is hard at work plugging the leaky well for good. when we're don and we're walking off of the project that we've stopped the emission of 5000 cubic feet of gas per day. you know, you start to multiply that by, by weeks and months in decades. it's very significant. abandoned wells are a huge problem by government estimates. there are more than 2000000 of them in the us, and possibly many more whose locations are no longer known. by some estimates they admit more than $7000000.00 metric tons of greenhouse gases per year. that's the equivalent of burning 30000000 leaders of petrol. this is kind of low hanging fruit if you would. so this is an area that we can take immediate action. so far,
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curtis shocks, nonprofit organization has plugged 16 abandoned wells in 4 states. methane is such a, an incredibly harmful greenhouse gas. it is 80 times as destructive as c o 2. and so if you want to have an immediate impact, you just stop at many of the wells that well done has plug are in open fields a cleveland well project is different. we have elderly folks who live right around it, that's a tricky location to rig up on. and it's a tricky location to get into. the expert crew applies a seal to the outflow pipe and welds it shut. next they'll drill down to clear debris and dirt out of the pipe, extending far below the surface. in the final step, the crew will fill the well with a freshly formulated kind of the men sealing it up forever. and that one well down
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to 1000000 to go for shop each plug well is a triumph. hardy climb a mountain. it's you know, one step at a time. that's really the focus is then that way it becomes something that we can really get our hands around and celebrate a victory for the crew, the community, and for the planet. rob reynolds al jazeera cleveland ohio ah type of creature got the headlines here on al jazeera. russia's president has declared victory in the battle for the besieged. ukrainian city of matthew polt vladimir putin ordered his troops to seal off the ukrainian soldiers and civilians trapped in a still works, which are the cities last pocket of assistance. permission to switch to a new city. so i consider the proposed storming of the industrial area, pointless. i order to aborted this is the case when we must think that is.


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