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ah ah ah is really forces fire rubber, bullets of palestinians inside the occupy the exile compound injuring 31 people? ah, you're watching me all. was there a life from a headquarters in south? i'm getting obligated also, a heads rush as president declares his forces have liberated mary poll, but ukraine says, the biggest battle of the war isn't over yet. a video of a women change in a shed provokes outrage in china under drive to strengthen laws against abuse and
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discrimination. and the former presidents accused of running a narco states in honduras after being extradited to the u. s. on drug trafficking charges. ah, hello is really forces have again fired rubber bullets at palestinians at the up saw mosque compound and occupied east jerusalem. ah, at least 31 people have been injured including 3 journalist sand, one paramedic. 2 people are in serious condition. is really police, say stones, and fireworks were thrown towards them. and the western wall there has been more than a week of heightened tensions in the area, incursions by jewish ultra nationalist group spark the recent unrest, but speak to stephanie decker right away. joining us from occupied is true,
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so tell us more about the latest unrest, how it started on the scene there right now. while i'll start with the scene just briefly right now, as you have a worshipers coming here through damascus gate unoccupied, east jerusalem. large numbers here today to read the police. these really police have blocked off the roads all around this area. they will so stop to the ultra orthodox jews who often use this gate to enter the old city from coming here today . all in an effort to try and calm the ground, the images you're seeing now very much business as usual. people are arriving in large numbers. and as we said, there are certain restrictions in the sense that the men younger than the age of 50, cannot. and ter, deluxe the most compound today, only from the west bank. however, the rest, there are no restrictions. i think this is a, an attempt to try and calm the ground. you did see this morning as you were mentioning earlier around 6 o'clock this morning in the alex the most compound confrontations by these railey forces against palestinian youth. there are
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these railey statement says that palestinians started throwing rocks and fireworks and also at the western wool, which is where jews are allowed to pray. but of course, it gives you an indication of the tensions on the ground of the palestinian youth that continually reject israel's occupation. and certainly as you were mentioning earlier as well, the, the, the access that is given to far more right wing, i'll charge you national jews who access the callback that however has stopped as of today until the end of ramadan. this is standard procedure, but that's an effort also to calm tension. so i think at the moment again the scenes you see in damascus gate, this is the heart of east jerusalem, very much a cultural hub where people gather a lot of people now gathering to attend friday prayers during ramadan, which will take place in about 2 hours from now. okay, thank you so much. stephanie decker reporting from occupied east jerusalem.
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after nearly 2 months of heavy fighting that devastated much of the city. russia has declared victory and maria pull ukraine says its forces, have lost control of the besieged port city, but denies it has fallen. thorson jabari has more from moscow. this is what victory looks like for the russian military. nearly 2 months into moscow, so called special military operation, and its defense minister is now declaring his 1st major successor of the armed forces. so the russian federation and the peoples michelle daniels, people's republic have liberated maribelle. the remnants of the formation of nationalists took refuge in industrials on of those off style plant. the as of style plant remains, the last stronghold for ukrainian troops, mario pole who have refused to surrender. officials believe there are nearly 2000 ukrainian fighters hold up in and around the steel plant. 4 days russian officials
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had been saying they are willing to allow sporadic cease fire periods to let them surrender, or they would have to storm the plant. now, the commander in chief of russia's armed forces has other ideas, burglar whom i consider the proposed storming of the industrial area. pointless. i ordered to aborted. this is the case when we must think that is we must always think, but even more. so in this case, about preserving the life and health of our soldiers and officers, there's no need to climb into these catacombs and crawl underground through these industrial facilities block off this industrial area so that not even a fly comes through neevadolla. she'll probably dormer, i know they've captured most of mario paul a long time ago. we are very well aware of that. but there's a part of the city where our service men remain and they will stay there for now. so hope this once thriving port city was home to more than 400000 people. now,
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fewer than $50000.00 are left unable to escape the fighting. as vladimir putin was being told of victory in mary opal, russian back separatist fighters of done yet. and now school was back in session for the 1st time since the invasion on february 24th. according to the don, yet sc people's republic, $721.00 children are going to school and mary opal under its supervision. the separatist say moscow has sent school books for these children, including text books on the russian language and russian history. you are out of the children, neglect, to be alive, to communicate with each other. they respect to elders. some of them at the teachers, this school directors from previous schools, posters, reading for homeland, for russians, for don bass, all in russian cover the walls in the schools. an indication of what's likely to
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come as russian officials say it is now safe for residence to return home russian forces entered mary opal on march 11th. now, 42 days later they have claimed victory. but at what cause, it's not clear if any one will return to this ruined area to live under russian occupation, or who will be expected to rebuild a city which now lays in ruins. doors of jabari al jazeera, moscow new satellite images show what appears to be another mass grave in ukraine, the site, and is in a field in the town of mon hirsch, near mario pole u. s. satellite company, macs. our technology says at least 200 new graves were dug between march and mid april. a counselor from our yo pulse as russian forces were seen, taking bodies to the site. russian forces are saying that they've captured thousands of villages in eastern dom boss. 42 have been taken across the don. yes, region which is a self proclaimed breakaway region backed by russia. the battle for the boss
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includes landscape is critical to moscow's campaign. senior ukrainian defense officials say their military is facing a very difficult fight against a larger and better equipped russian forest. we will get an update from charles stratford who's joining us near the china port pass. now that's in the east of ukraine. charles, you were at a military field hospital overnight. tell us what that was like and what you saw working there, taking in ukrainian soldiers with a shrapnel wounds, bullet wounds, many suffering shell, shatka. we saw one man who were potentially was going to have to have both his legs amputated. maddox, they're saying that her hospitals are being targeted in these areas where russia has been shelling russians are. they say targeting hospitals. this is consistent with what the ministry of health said. yes, the last week saying that at least 36 ukrainian hospitals had been hit by russian
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shells. suddenly we saw video evidence given to us by a soldier in this field hospital of the hospital in the town that he had been evacuated from having been wounded. that hospital having been completely destroyed, am speaking to other medics. it was incredible. one man said that he had been trained as a medic. he'd had decades of experience operating in other conflicts. so when we kosovo, syria, iraq, he said he been trained to save lives, but he said that he was so angry by what russia has done here. russia, he said, was turning him potentially into a murderer because he now was that determined to defend his country. other soldiers that we spoke to describe the scenes in this town that they had been evacuated from . they described real close contact fighting. i'm in this particular town. they
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said that literally grenade it was it. grenades were being thrown by both sides saves almost hand to hand combat and there was one man there who has being treated by a for a bullet wound the bullet having it. miraculously, he said, a sniper, he popped his head up from a trench. a sniper had targeted him, it had ricocheted off the back of his rifle as gone through the top of his arm, narrowly missing his archery there, the medic said that said he was very, very lucky to be alive. this guy's a volunteer. he had only been fighting for under a week in this particular location. and just to give you an example of the background of some of these men, this man was a construction work, a working at the channel mo, should novel nuclear plant. before the war started, he was honest, we asked him, are you prepared to go back and fight?
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he said he will defend his country as much as he can. but he did say that he was traumatized. and he had been incredibly scared by what he said. he said there were, there are lots of russian soldiers in this particular town and although the ukrainians were keeping them back, the fighting was incredibly intense. as you say, those ukrainian forces in marielle, poland, indication of the dedication, yet again of their determination to defend these areas. there's been increasing shelling here in this area this morning. and as i say last night, just a graphic example of what the ukrainians up against and seemingly certainly what their government and military a saying is what they can achieve despite the odds against them. okay, thank you so much. charles stratford report from a pasta. he was present, and joe biden has pledged another $800000000.00 of military assistance to key for weapons, ammunition and drones. our white house correspondent,
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kimberly hawkeye reports as the russian siege under ukrainian city of mary. a po continues intend on crushing any remaining resistance. the white house says it's sending new shipments of military aid to help you cranium. like back. we're in a critical window now. and united states and our allies and partners are moving as fast as possible to continue to prod ukraine. the forces that they need, the weapons they need, excuse me, the equipment they need, their forces need to defend varnish. the latest aid package announced the same day the ukrainian prime minister was in washington meeting with you as president joe biden, and military leaders. total's 800000000 in heavy artillery, including 72 howitzers, 144000 rounds of ammunition, and follows more than a 1000000000 in security assistance already sent to ukraine. however,
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with this latest dispersement, i'm almost exhausted to draw down authority. i have the congress authorized for ukraine. that's white next week. by then we'll ask congress for even more money to continue the flow of weapons. but as for where these weapons go, once handed out the white house admit there is little accountability. the failure to track who is receiving us weapons, alarms, members of the president's own democratic party. congresswoman ill hon. omar. last month tweeted the consequences could be disastrous if weapons are given to paramilitary groups, such as the far right linked as off battalion without accountability for these weapons also and out in conflicts outside of the country. and this is the, one of the primary concerns is really out of the control of the united states. you know, when we provide weapons, we try to ask the countries to agree to use them and control them in certain ways.
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but ultimately, that's not something we can have control over for decades, the u. s. government has armed non state groups in iraq, afghanistan, libya, syria, and elsewhere. often with unintended consequences. most recently enough, ghana, stan weapons supplied by the united states to fight the taliban, are now being used by some malicious against civilians to commit human rights violations. the defense department is calculating just how much money the white house will need from congress for weapons for ukraine, whatever the amount president biden says, the goal is to keep the weapons flowing without interruption. kimberly, how can al jazeera the white house still ahead on al jazeera? i'm rob rentals in cleveland, ohio, with a report on the problem of abandoned boil and gas wells and how one organization is
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working to solomon. ah, it's friday. here's your forecast for europe in africa. you know, parts of central spain saw their heaviest april snowfall in 20 years. and i think we're going to add to that tally on friday with this push of atlantic moisture. there is some more snow over the higher ground in central spain, in some bouts of heavy rain here as while there is a weather maker over italy and the adriatic sea. so we've got some weather alerts and play for rain and wind that's transferring over the other side of the adria addict sea into the balkans. so some driving rain for croatia and bosnia and also albania as well. here's the situation for turkey. we've got a warm breeze here, so that's going to dial up the temperature in istanbul to $23.00, and really largely across the country wall to wall sunshine and still
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a stellar stretch of weather for scandinavia. i think for the 2nd day in a row, oslo, you will hit 20 degrees. some clouds floating around the islands of ireland and britain. so that weather maker over italy, it's drying up some so horrid dust. so sandstorm seemed likely for central parts of libya on friday. there is a batch of what weather to the west of madagascar, to the east, at mozambique in the mozambique channel. we're gonna keep tabs on that. and we got some showers for the western cape, the eastern cape that is pushing into qual, zulu natal. but it will be dry in turban on friday. ah frank assessments, what are the political risks of batek russian oil, a gas for western leaders, pull sanctions on rosh, another jewish sports hospital was informed opinions, pharmacies, not abandoning to fight against jedi. still resumed india, going to be attacking from leisure and from shod critical debate. could china
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actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera lou. ah ah, heather again. the headlines on al jazeera at this hour is really forces of again fired rubber, bullets, palestinians at the ups almost compound and occupied east jerusalem. at least 31 people have been injured, including 3 journalists on one paramedic. russia is declaring victory in the battle for the strategic ukrainian city of mar, you pull, you cranes, has its forces, have lost control of the besieged port city, but denies that it's fallen. and russian forces are saying they've captured dozens
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of villages an eastern dumbass, 40 to have been taken across the done yet region, which is a self proclaimed breakaway region back by russia. politicians in china discussing revisions to a law protecting women's rights. this follows anger a sparked by a viral videos showing the plight of a mentally disabled woman who's been the victim of trafficking. just a warning, some of you may find images and katrina hughes reports disturbing. love it started, but this video, images of a woman in a dirty shed wearing a chain around her neck. the woman named young, known as little plum. flower had been traffic and sold twice as a bride. in the 1990s, she was found in rural se in china in january and had given birth to 8 children with her husband, a father who insisted she be tied up for her own good. as she was in that a share that a was exposed to the outsider, so anybody will pass by their share to was see her. and that see there's means that
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people never thought this was an issue that they need to report to the authorities . the case prompted an anti trafficking campaign and chinese legislators now revising a law to strengthen the protection of women. the government says the changes will focus on preventing abuse, sexual harassment, and discrimination in the workplace. but activists say real change depends on how the law is enforced, done by yal tensions and more people need to use the law in practice to protect women's rights and interests, including women themselves and others who are responsible for safeguarding women. agencies need to better enforce this law. female victims who sue for sexual assault, a rarely successful in september, georgia, when a leading figure in china's me to movement lost her case against broadcasted june, june. due to what the court said was insufficient evidence. and though chinese women are better educated and more highly paid than ever before,
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females are dramatically under represented in politics or leadership roles. many here fear china's demographic crisis could heard the viper willis, right. authorities are encouraging wars, birds, and promoting messages which may make it more difficult to access abortion and other reproductive services. the amendments to the law will likely be finalized. later this year, legislators are pushing for mandatory reporting of trafficking or abduction after widespread anger about miss young's plight. she's now reportedly receiving medical care and treatment for mental illness. several county officials have been sacked in response and her husband has been arrested. katrina, you al jazeera beijing, the former president of honduras has been extradited to the us to face drug related charges. juan orlando hernandez is accused of helping to move cocaine across the us border for nearly 20 years. the one time us ally denies the allegations. terrorism
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bo has more money, but he was once at close united states ally, but has now been expedited to face drug trafficking charges in new york city. or when our landlord, amanda, was being held at a special forces military base in, on the west capital til we see, guided by he was transferred in the middle of a massive security operation to an air force airport. where he was taken in a u. s. drug enforcement agency playing back to the u. s. he's accused of conspiring to smuggle hundreds of tons of drugs to the united states. hernandez and his co conspirators help push 500000 kilograms of cocaine into the united states. that's 500 tons of cocaine. poison that landed in this country on our streets and as we allege in the indictment, that's exactly what hernandez wanted. realized that during a meeting with a co conspirator, hernandez declared that he wanted and i quote to stuff the drugs right up the noses
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of the gringos at amanda says he's innocent and that justice will prevail. williamson is i'm innocent of been submitted unfairly to trial. i want to share some potent woods injustices or a threat to justice in every place. you know, i worked tirelessly with the purpose of recovering peace in honduras. i gave all my to my country. it is regrettable that those who turn honduras into one of the most violent countries in the world, those villains may i want to be heroes. when our landlord hernandez was elected president in 2014 wiley northeast, he was considered partner of the us and was loaded for his alleged efforts to fight drug trafficking, any legal migration. his mandate ended earlier this year and was detained 19 days after leaving office. his brother, tony at man. this was sentenced to life in prison in the u. s. on drug trafficking
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charges. during his brothers trial, prosecutors cleaned mexican drug, lloyd hawking chapels, mun handed, the amended brothers, $1000000.00 for the presidential campaign. losing undo the essay. corruption has infiltrated the highest level of under their fate and they need international help to clean it up. with the concentration of power we saw while hernandez was in office, weakened, all institutions and the country now needs to repair. we need to do lots of structural reforms to improve our discovery. we have requested help from the u. n. to help us through this and amend this expedition is the 1st time a former president is to be tried on drug trafficking charges in the us. many fear that the possibility of us trial will de terry politicians in the region from polluting with criminal organizations ever again. that is, i will, i just pita the to presidential candidates in france of held their final rallies
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ahead of sundays vote minute my chrome campaigned and send, send any north of paris. while marina pen wasn't at all, and northern frowns were natasha butler reports from what is very long q here. people waiting right round the blog for marine, the pens. final campaign rallies, taking place in iris in north and francis is a region where support for the far right political party is very high. this riley also comes just a day after a life television debate between le pen and her rival in this race and my nor my craw, the incumbent, a centrist micro, during the debate accused the pen of being divisive. the pen says that micro has ignored the needs of ordinary people during the 5 years of his presidency. while there's been a lot of reaction to that debate, many are saying that micro had the upper hand that he gave a more polished performance, but the pen support is here. disagree. washcloth girl sibilant. i think she manage
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a very well. she explained what she knew, some criticized her saying that she didn't know her numbers, but anyone can make up numbers. pardon me, discipline compared to 2017, she changed the tables returned this time, micron was angry. i marine state com ah, well as marine the pen arrived on stage, there was a lot of enthusiasm for support to see a who believe that she can be on his next. the president marilla payment spent the last 2 weeks campaigning. very hard trying to target left when voters who don't have a natural candidate in the selection, but also trying to persuade many people in france who are still and decided he is promising to help people to reduce the cost of living. that is a big issue in the election campaign to promising jobs has promised to soon wilkins from people. i say, he's a little manual. michael doesn't understand ordinary people, but the he does should really give 5 more years to
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a president. he shrugged his shoulders in the face of mass immigration and anarchy . he's allowed. he shrugged his shoulders when we talk about crime and savagery that tis the flesh of our citizens. oh, suggest that a manual my girl has white and his leave in this election right? no necessarily, because they say that they want to vote for it, but some versus the saying that they will not bring the pen. they tell you until the, the ration is law. mckendra will be to devise people from the support. fear of nothing had decided, but the race isn't a police in the us. city searches have been accused of roughly detaining an 8 year old black boy who had been suspected of stealing a bag of chips. police released body count video of the incident. they say the boy was not hancock and was never placed under house arrest. police officials say they're looking further into the matter. the officers responded to this 91
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complaint of a large noun progress located the child who's dealing didn't handcuff him, didn't arrest him, didn't take him to jail. we don't do that. what they did do is call him by name and take him home to his father, then stand in the street and have a long discussion with them. i personally don't know any parent who would want to know that their child was stealing. i don't know any parent who would want their child brought home if he was caught stealing disused oil and gas was around the world, have been a source of greenhouse gas emissions for decades. since the fossil fuel era began, millions of wells have been drilled for many were never properly sealed after they stop being used for reynolds reports in the us state of ohio. miss ain gushes from a well dug more than a century ago and abandoned since the 1950s. 141 cubic meters of pungent greenhouse gas per day. it was recently uncovered in cleveland, ohio,
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in an apartment complex for elderly, low income residence. many of whom have complained of the smell for years. did you ever smell the gas? yeah, but alice smelled it more than i did, but it was definite, it didn't less often. now a team from the non profit, well done foundation is hard at work. plugging the leaky well for good when we're don and we're walking off of the product that we've stopped the emission of 5000 cubic feet of gas per day. you know, you start to multiply that by, by weeks and months in decades. it's very significant. abandoned wells are a huge problem by government estimates. there are more than 2000000 of them in the us, and possibly many more whose locations are no longer known. by some estimates they admit more than $7000000.00 metric tons of greenhouse gases per year. that's the
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equivalent of burning 30000000 leaders of petrol. this is kind of low hanging fruit if you would. so this is an area that we can take immediate action. so far, curtis shocks, nonprofit organization has plug 16 abandoned wells in 4 states. methane is such a, an incredibly harmful greenhouse gas. it is 80 times as destructive as c o 2. and so if you want to have an immediate impact, you just stop it. many of the wells that well done has plug are in open fields. a cleveland well project is different. we have elderly folks who live right around it . that's a tricky location to reg upon, on a tricky location to get into. the expert crew applies a seal to the outflow pipe and welds it shut. next they'll drill down to clear debris and dirt out of the pipe, extending far below the surface. in the final step, the crew will fill the well with a freshly formulated kind of cement,
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sealing it up forever. and that's one well down to 1000000 to go. for shop each plugged well is a triumph. hardy, a climb a mountain, it's, you know, one step at a time. that's really the focus is then that way it becomes something that we can really get our hands around and celebrate a victory for the crew. the community and for the planet, rob reynolds, al, jazeera, cleveland ohio. ah, hello, i am the headlines on al jazeera is really forces and again find rubber, bullets at how citizens have been ox on loss compounds and occupied east jerusalem .


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