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on a lake in santa gold and rivers in iraq and the st. ask how societies can respond to global warming, the climate emergency. a season of special programming on our jersey ah, is really for says fire rubber, bullets, palestinians inside the occupy the last compound, injuring $31.00 people. ah, was there a lie from headquarters and hi daddy and gay. the also coming up the mayor of are you poll calls for the complete evacuation of the ukrainian city, which russia says it now controls from president to choose drug trafficker. the former leader of honduras is extradited to the us to face charges. and
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a video of women change in a shed provoked outrage in china and a drive to strengthen laws against abuse and discrimination. ah, hello sir. the forces have again fired rubber bullets at palestinians at the oxide loss compound and occupied east jerusalem. the at least 31 people have been injured, including 3 journalists and one paramedic. 2 people are in serious condition, is really stoned, and fireworks were thrown towards them and the western wall. it's been more than a week of height intentions in the area incursion by jewish ultra nationalists group sparked the recent unrest.
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ah ha, we're going to get an update from occupied east jerusalem in a short moment with stephanie decker or correspondence on the ground right now in damascus. gates, we will cross to her as and when we can, but for the time being we will move on and tell you about ukraine. so, after nearly 2 months of heavy fighting, the devastated much of the city russia has declared victory and mar your poll. ukraine says its forces have lost control of the besieged port city, but denies it has fallen door. so jabari begins our coverage from moscow. this is what victory looks like for the russian military, nearly 2 months into moscow. so called special military operation, and its defense minister is now declaring his 1st major successor of the armed
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forces. so the russian federation and the peoples michelle daniels, people's republic heavily been rated maribelle. the remnants of the formation of nationalists took refuge in industrials, all of those off style plant. the as of so plant remains the last stronghold for ukrainian troops. mario pole who have refused to surrender. officials believe there are nearly 2000 ukrainian fighters hold up in and around the steel plant. for days russian officials have been saying they are willing to allow sporadic ceasefire periods to let them surrender, or they would have to storm the plant. now, the commander in chief of russia's armed forces has other ideas, bigler group. i consider the proposed storming of the industrial area, pointless. i ordered to a bought it. this is the case when we must think that is we must always think, but even more so in this case, about preserving the life and health of our soldiers and offices. there's no need to climb into these catacombs and crawl under ground through these industrial
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facilities block off this industrial area so that not even a fly comes through neevadolla shuffling dormer. i know they captured most of mario paul a long time ago. we are very well aware of that, but there's a part of the city where our service men remain. might have they will stay there for now. a whole bloom. this once thriving port city was home to more than 400000 people. now, fewer than $50000.00 are left unable to escape the fighting. as vladimir putin was being told a victory in mary opal russian back separatist fighters of done yet. and now school was back in session for the 1st time since the invasion on february 24th. according to the don, yet sc people's republic, $721.00 children are going to school and mary apple, under its supervision. the separatist say moscow has sent school books for these children, including textbooks on the russian language and russian history. you arrived,
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the children are glad to be alive, to communicate with each other. they respect to elders. some of them met the teachers. this school directors from previous schools, posters, reading for homeland, for russians, for don bass, all in russian cover the walls in the schools. an indication of what's likely to come as russian officials say it is now safe for residence to return home russian forces entered mary opal on march 11th. now, 42 days later they have claimed victory. but at what cost, it's not clear if any $1.00 will return to this ruined area to live under russian occupation, or who will be expected to rebuild a city which now lays in ruins. doors such a worry al jazeera, moscow. true stratford visited a military field hospital in eastern ukraine, and he has more on what he saw incredible scenes overnight at as you say,
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this military field hospital, the sheer dedication and professionalism of the medics. many of them volunteers working there, taking in ukrainian soldiers with a shrapnel wounds, bullet wounds, many suffering shell, shatka. we saw one man who were potentially was gonna have to have both, his legs amputated, the maddox. they're saying that her hospitals are being targeted in these areas where russia has been shelling russians are they say targeting hospitals. this is consistent with what the ministry of health says. yes, the last week saying that at least 36 ukrainian hospitals had been hit by russian shells. certainly we saw video evidence given to us by a soldier in this field hospital of the hospital in the town that he had been evacuated from having been wounded. that hospital having been completely destroyed
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and speaking to other medics, it was incredible. one man said that he had been trained as a medic. he'd had decades of experience operating in other conflicts. so when we kosovo, syria, iraq, he said he been trained to save lives, but he said that he was so angry by what russia has done here. russia, he said, was turning him potentially into a murderer. because he now was that determined to defend his country. will bring him more on our top story and that is what transpired at an up some mos compounder is really forces and again fight rubber, bullets at palestinian worshippers. there let's speak to stephanie decker, whose joining us from occupied is jerusalem. so at least 31 people have been injured. stephanie, tell us a more about what happened. yes, this was in the early hours around 6 o'clock in the morning. i had a police presence at the entrance to the compound. according to worshippers,
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we spoke to also palestinian youth on who are inside were throwing stones. this is according to the israeli police, also fireworks and throwing stones at the western wool where jews praise attentions escalated their $31.00 injured. as you mentioned, now i have to say it is business. as usual, we've seen a steady stream of a lot of people. lot of worshipers are arriving here at damascus gate to access the alexa mos compound to carry out their friday prior as it is. of course, ramadan, the police, these really police have corded off a lot of the roads in this area. they've also stopped ultra orthodox jews who often use this gate to enter the old city from using it today all in an effort to try and call the tensions. now. in terms of restriction, sometimes restrictions are placed on men under men. under the age of 50, from the west bank have been banned from coming, but in general there are no restrictions in place. the borders are also closed from
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garza and the west bank because it's also a jewish holiday. the last couple of days of pos over, but worshippers have been allowed to come from the west bank. so i think it gives you an indication of the real will to try and calm the ground here because of the escalation that we've seen over the last 2 is particularly week or so. also just briefly mentioning those, you know, those incursions by the ultra far what, right when jews that cause a lot of tension with between the palestinians because they say that it seems to be a change in the status quo. they, they're calling to be able to pray on the side something that is band under the agreement between jordan and the israel that stopped from now until the end of ramadan. 2 so again, as you can see, business as usual here in damascus gate many, many people coming to worship to prayer, which is going to take place in about an hour from now. thank you so much stephanie jennifer report from occupied east jerusalem. and us, foreign minister says he and bores johnson have discussed the urgent need for
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a cease fire in ukraine. they're under moody, me at the british prime minister in new delhi as part of his to day visit to the country. the 2 leaders also announced new defense steals and free trade plans. when back in the u. k, boris johnson is set to face a parliamentary investigation into the so called party gates scandal. he's come under intense pressure after being fined for breaking his government's pandemic restrictions with parties held and downing street journal hall reports from london habit. the motion went through on the nord, in parliamentary, speak unopposed. not requiring a vote, triggering an inquiry into the possibility of boris johnson lied to empties about locked down parties in downing street and amendment aimed at covering the motion was removed on thursday morning. apparently it made government fears of a large scale rebellion by its own. m. p's who didn't wish to be seen as blocking parliamentary scrutiny headed local elections next month. instead,
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someone found it hard to contain their distaste. i have to say, i'm sorry for not paying the letter and spirit. and i think we have heard that the prime minister did know what the letter was. the prime minister now should be long go back to speak off certain vote for this motion. but really the prime ministers, you just know, to get profoundly disappointed in what happened, that number 10, dining street people were bad, the let down, my constituents feel bad the let out. i feel personally badly let down by what happened. there must be consequences from that. the prime minister on a visit to india said he had nothing to hide. i'm very there. let me just say i'm very keen for every possible form of scrutiny. and if the house come can do, i think whatever it wants to do, i. but all i would say is, i don't think that that should happen until the investigation is complete. the math
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. my only point, i said, i said it's time to time again. let's get the the investigators do that stuff. boris johnson has already been fined by the metropolitan police were attending a downing street event, his own birthday party. in fact, in breach of coke with 19 lockdown rules parliament's privileges committee made up of 7 cross party em fees will begin its inquiry only after the police investigation is over. it will look at whether boris johnson deliberately misled and be lied to them. in other words, when he said back in december that no covert 900 rules had been broken. remember, he maintains that he believed. then he had not broken any rule that defense could within. if, as expected, johnson receives up to 3 more fines for other events, among more than a dozen under investigation, the privileges committee would have access to much of the evidence. the police have
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relied upon including hundreds of photographs. he is already the 1st serving prime minister to have been sanctioned by the police for breaking the law while in office . now for his johnson is set to become the 1st in recent times to be investigated for lying to parliament. finding if it comes that could force his resignation. joan a whole al jazeera, with the heads on the road, a court ruling at times too suddenly century old dispute between mister rog, ron's columbia over maritime borders. ah, the journey has begun. the before world copy is on its way to catholic book. your travel package today. it's friday. here's your weather report for europe in africa . hello everyone. good disuse. so we've got some disturbed weather for italy. the
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western bulkheads. weather alerts for a huge swath of italy may power up some thunder storms here, some of which could be severe. also drenching rain, croatia bosnia into albania. but i will take you further toward the straighten elk as another push of it binds her moisture is going to fall as snow over the higher grounds. the northwest of madrid and disappointing temperature is here. lisbon, 13. and that ridge as a height of 11 degrees easter mediterranean, pleasant condition. so is stan ball has a high of $22.00 and the signs out. okay, we'll get this a cool breeze off the north sea that's going to put a cap on temperatures at mind into just 15, but high temperature as well above average for oslo 19. and i think we may actually get you up to 20. now for the top band of africa, sandstorms still seem likely for central parts of libya. some showers in tunis with a hive 20 degrees. and over the next few days, a tropical cycle may form in the booze and be channeled either way, a lot of rain and wind for northern mozambie and it feed of some showers for these stroke k pushing into quite zulu natal. it's dry and durbin on friday,
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but that will change on saturday. okay. i'm out of time soon. hatta, airway official airline of the journey. healing the debate? there is no, he job bad, little you in is, am it anyone your doctor about women that i was a doesn't the severe seemed and then said, no topic is off the table. we were cathy, abortion had a one way ticket street. the hell all the companies deny any responsibility, even though the of the resources and the power to fix that, where a global audience becomes a global community. the comment section is right here. the part of today's proven 3 on out is the era ah, the,
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the color again, the top floors on al jazeera is really for us have again fired rubber bullets the palestinian detail of some off compound that occupied east jerusalem. at least 31 people have been injured, including 3 journalists on one paramedic. russia has declared victory in the battle for the strategic ukrainian city or are you full? ukraine says it's for search, have lost control of the besieged port city, but denies it has fallen. the prime ministers of britain and india have announced plans to deepen defense and trade chives, or is johnson mcnair and remotely in new delhi as part of for tuesday visit. they also discuss the urgent need for a cease fire in ukraine. in turkey, a verdict is expected after the final hearing of jail businessmen, an activist osland cabala prosecutor say he finance the 2013 anti government
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protests and played a role in a co attend. 3 years later, kabbalah has been in custody since october 2017. last october president reg, cyber tuan, threatened to expel the ambassadors of 10 countries. after they criticize turkey for this trial, sim customer goes joining us from outside the courthouse and is stumble where the trial is being held, sent him. what are we expecting? well the in today is the last hearing and a verdict as expected, as you said. and the trial has been under way. i'm in mon koala, a turkish businessman, and a human rights defender has been behind the bars for more than 4 and a half years. he was 1st detained in 2017 and he was arrested one and a half years later, his detention after one and a half years. the indictment was prepared for international community and the opposition, hey, his and his co workers detention the arrest is unlawful. and as i'm of the
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international community, including the european court of human rights, say that a, the charges against o, small covenant, and his co workers, a lack evidence, and they must, they must be released as soon as possible. however, as many argue this, this trial is seen a highly politicized, because a swan kawan law is accused of a trying to overthrow the constitutional or they're the government. it's through financing and organizing the nation lights on to government, gives a protest in 2013, and then a, he's also accused of accused of espionage facilities. however, a whom a european court of human rights and some other human rights organizations. and they reports a suggest that all these accusations lack evidence. now we are waiting for a verdict, an acquittal. that doesn't seem possible because
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a request for an a 4 or 4, the acquittal was overturned by the court a before. and they are facing aggravated a life sentence. however, turkey is a member of the european council. and if turkey doesn't abide by the international rules, turkey can also be suspended from this in a international a rights which group. all right, thank you so much. and i am currently reporting from istanbul. the former president of honduras has been extradited to the u. s. to face drug related charges, won orlando hernandez is accused of helping to move cocaine across the u. s. border for nearly 20 years. the one time u. s. allied denies the allegations theresa bo has more money, but he was once at close united states ally, but has now been expedited to face drug trafficking charges in new york city, or when orlando to man this was being held at a special forces military base in on the west capital til we see, guided by he was transferred in the middle of
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a massive security operation to an air force airport, where he was taken in a u. s. drug enforcement agency playing back to the u. s. he's accused of conspiring to smuggler hundreds of tons of drugs to the united states. hernandez and his co conspirators help push 500000 kilograms of cocaine into the united states. that's 500 tons of cocaine. poison that landed in this country on our streets. and as we allege in the indictment, that's exactly what hernandez wanted. realized that during a meeting with a co conspirator, hernandez declared that he wanted. and i quote to stuff the drugs right up the noses of the gringos. at amanda says he's innocent and that just his will prevail. williamson is i'm innocent of been submitted unfairly to trial.
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i want to share some potent words. injustices are a threat to justice in every place. you know, i worked tirelessly with the purpose of recovering peace in honduras. i gave all my it to my country. it is regrettable that those who turn honduras into one of the most violent countries in the world, those villains may or want to be heroes. when orlando hernandez was elected president in 2014, while in office, he was considered partner of the us and was loaded for his alleged efforts to fight drug trafficking, any legal migration. his mandate ended earlier this year and was detained 19 days after leaving office, his brother tony at a man. this was sentenced to life in prison in the u. s. on drug trafficking charges. during his brothers trial, prosecutors claimed mexican drug, lord whacking chapels, man handed, the amended brothers, $1000000.00 for the presidential campaign. lawyers in under se corruption has infiltrated the highest level of and would est,
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and they need international help to clean it up. consistency of the the concentration of power we saw while hernandez was in office, weakened over institutions. and the country now needs to repair what we need to do, lots of structural reforms to improve our judiciary. we have requested help from the u. n. to help us do this at a man, this expedition is the 1st time a former president is to be tried on drug trafficking charges in the us. many fear that the possibility of a u. s. trial will deter politicians in the region from colluding with criminal organizations ever again, that is i will, i'll just cedar french authorities have put out an international arrest warrant for carla goen. he's the former chairman of car companies, nissan reno, and mitsubishi. the 68 year old business man was arrested in japan, 3 years ago, accused a fraud going flat to lebanon by hiding in a box used to store musical equipment. he said he had no chance of
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a fair trial in japan. frances presidential hopefuls held their final rallies ahead of sunday vote president minute micro campaign and sounds and in, in north paris. while marina pen wasn't ross in northern france. micro that's hoping to sway voters who back the left wing can go to jean luc 1000000, shown in the 1st round, bernard smith reports this is supposedly hostile territory, very manual mach wrong in the 1st round of france, his presidential election, 49 percent of the vote in sand and he went to the far left candidate john luke melon, shown in the 2nd round. the choice is micron or the far right marine le pen i, we feel like we have to choose between the pest and cholera. this woman told the president of the high cost of living is the main concern for french voters and jobs . this woman says nationwide, unemployment has fallen under macro to 7.9 percent,
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but it's high here at 11 percent. so we're creating jobs. micron says before adding as no magic solution, it would soon assume as if i remember our there are millions of potential melon shown king makers. the far left candidate hasn't himself endorsed macro, though he's told his supporters that should not be a single vote. for marine la, penn macklin also wants to top the youth vote 31 percent of 18 to 24 year olds, voted for john mcmillan shawn to the north of paris. saint anthony is one of the most deprived areas of france here. micron struggles to shake off his image as president of the rich. but the far right is even more popular. yet battled for there is no other choice. i don't see myself voting for marcella pen because she doesn't reflect my principles. so i'd rather be shot by my coin than martin. she would look like not, but, but i work from a crohn this time. i don't like what he does, but i'll be voting from a cron as a vote against slipping back. i thing. micron has already done $110.00,
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and i think to allow continued, he will be more advantageous. the latest polls suggest emanuel micron will win a 2nd term, but he will only keep the presidency with votes. cast grudgingly in his favor. bernard smith, al jazeera st. underneath all the sessions in china discussing revisions to a law protecting women's rights. this follows anger a spark by a viral video showing the plight of a mentally disabled woman was been the victim of trafficking. just a warning. some of you may find images and katrina hughes report disturbing one of them. it started with this video, images of a woman in a dirty shed, wearing a chain around her neck. the woman named young, known as little plum flower, had been traffic and sold twice as bright. in the 1990s, she was found in rural southeast in china, january and had given birth to 8 children with her husband, a father who insisted she be tied up for her own good. you as she was in that
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a share that a was exposed to the outside, so anybody will pass by that shadow was see her and that see that means that people never thought this was an issue that they need to report to the authorities. the case prompted an anti trafficking campaign, and chinese legislators are now revising a law to strengthen the protection of women, or the government says the changes will focus on preventing abuse, sexual harassment, and discrimination in the workplace. but activists say real change depends on how the law is enforced and the yard tensions and more people need to use the law and practice to protect women's rights and interests, including women themselves and others who are responsible for safeguarding women. agencies need to better enforce this law. female victims who su for sexual assault are rarely successful. in september, georgia, when a leading figure in china's mil to movement lost her case against broadcasted june
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june. due to what the court said was insufficient evidence. and though chinese women are better educated and more highly paid than ever before, females are dramatically under represented in politics or leadership roles. many here fear china's demographic crisis could hurt the fight for willis, right. authorities or encouraging was birth and promoting messages, which may make it more difficult to access abortion and other reproductive services . the amendments to the law will likely be finalized. later this year, legislators are pushing for mandatory reporting of trafficking or abduction after widespread anger about miss young's plight. she is now reportedly receiving medical care and treatment for mental illness. several county officials have been sacked in response and her husband has been arrested. katrina, you al jazeera paging. nicaragua has won a territorial tussle with columbia adventure national court of justice and the latest twist and
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a long running legal battle. judges rule that columbia violated nicaraguan maritime writes in the caribbean sea. alessandro and petty explains from columbia's capital . oglethorpe, please be seated. after years of legal battles, the international court of justice ordered columbia to immediately cease naval and fishing activities in waters that the court ruled belong to nicaragua, by interfering with fishing and marine scientific research activities of nicaragua and flag, or nicaraguan licensed vessels and with the operations of nicaragua and naval vessels in the republic of nicaragua, exclusive economics, the republic of columbia has violated the republic of nicaragua as sovereign rights and jurisdiction in this matter. time zone. act of ruling is the latest in a century old dispute between the 2 countries. over a number of islands in the western caribbean that are home to one of the world's largest coral reefs. nicaragua filed this case in 2013, after
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a previous 2012 ruling confirmed columbia sovereignty over the main islands, but reduce the expense of c belonging to columbia, giving me access to under water oil and gas deposits, as well as fishing rights. continue are a big but then colombian, president one manuel center said colombia could not agree to changing its territory or boundaries without a bilateral treaty, a treaty that has never been pursue, give us a thought to go and get it to the national columbia responsibility despite the court orders, columbia, the current president, the van, do insist it will not allow nicaragua to limit any of what he says or columbia is right there. we will defend colombia, hyphen track in the caribbean. matter, there is no room for hesitation or this kind of responsibility. some political observers say, consecutive columbian governments have tried to avoid reaching
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a settlement, fearing the political consequences of any perceived secession of sovereignty. so the only way to put an end to this today is via a bilateral negotiation. and the decision today actually makes it quite a bit more even more difficult to continue postponing that. now it remains to be seen how the 2 countries sit down given existing tensions between the governments of nicaragua and columbia. columbia said it will not negotiate with the government, it considers that dictatorship, but the court's ruling are final and legally binding, which might force them to do so potentially bringing to an end that this long standing dispute allison ramp yet the i'll just see, i gotta, ah, hello again. the headlines on al jazeera is really for sense of again fired rubber . bullets are power.


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