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on a lay consent and rivers in iraq. and the st. asked how societies can respond to global warming, the climate emergency. a season of special programming. anal josie ah, russia is accused of imperialism as it moves forward with plans to take control of ukraine's eastern region of dumbass. ah, you're watching al jazeera live from doha with me fully back table also ahead the you and confirms the unlawful killing of civilians in the ukrainian town of or chatham says it may amount to war crimes. $150000.00 people attend friday prayers at the ox august compound in east jerusalem after days of tensions the occupied
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holy site. and it's the last day of campaigning for the 2 presidential contenders in france. will have a report from both camps. ah, thank you for joining us. ukraine's defense ministry has accused russia of imperialism after moscow said it planned to take full control of the dumbass region . russia suppressing a head with its offensive in east and ukraine, targeting several cities, dos. jabari has more from moscow. well, according to the acton commander of the countries central, a military units at the task of the 2nd phase of this so called special military operation, is to secure the areas in eastern and southern ukraine. and to establish a land corridor that would stretch from bratia all the way across to crimea at this
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commander saying that this is the number one priority for the russian military. now he also made a comment that is a very interesting at this stage. he said that this land corridor were also provide a further opportunity for russian forces to get closer to an area in moldova, known as chance trans, this trio, which is a break away region in moldova. that is a alongside the border with ukraine, that the area shares about a 400 kilometer at to the ukraine. and also, the idea is that the, a russian speaking population in that area are in need of russian assistance, according to this military or general who was speaking earlier on friday. now this is the 1st time we've heard about the any kind of aspirations, the russian military would have beyond the borders of ukraine. but also it
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indicates that there is a possibility that at the russians would be looking at the towns and areas of. and nikolai of, as well as odessa in southern ukraine, the united nation says they've been unlawful killings of civilians in the ukrainian town of boy chide says that may amount to war crimes. oh dab de la mi does in butcher with more. we've been speaking all day with the prosecutors who are investigating these alleged war crimes. we've also been speaking to the police has been digging out and exhibiting bodies ever since the russians pulled out more than 2 weeks ago. and what the un is saying goes very much along the lines of what we have been hearing. we've been hearing that they found several bodies, for example, in the basement of a summer camp that men who were executed point black with their hands tied behind their back. we've also been told that they and they showed us pictures quite
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gruesome pictures of men who had been executed and then burned their bodies completely charged that were found in another basement. and then there's also we saw some pictures of another 8 men who were also tied up and executed on the street. so certainly the team we were talking to said that they alone had found 18 bodies. now we are at the morgue. and since this morning, really just had to see the families coming to to try to figure out where they loved ones. we were speaking earlier to a young lady and she said that her husband had to stay behind because men of fighting age weren't, are not allowed to leave ukraine at the moment. and then as her neighbors told her, well, when he was going out of his house, going to the basement of his has to get some stuff. he was shot point blank in the back and halfway because in east, in ukraine,
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the russia is deliberately targeting hospitals. the cranium, health ministry says at least 3 dozen hospitals have been hit by shells close to the front lines holders are being treated in field, hospitals or locations are being kept secret to protect them. child stratford visited one such field hospital in east and ukraine. he explains what he saw incredible scenes overnight at as you say, this military field hospital, the shared dedication and professionalism of the medics. many of them volunteers working there, taking in ukrainian soldiers with a shrapnel wounds, bullet wounds, many suffering shell, shatka. we saw one man who were potentially was gonna have to have both his legs amputated. maddox, they're saying that her hospitals are being targeted in these areas where russia has been shelling russians are. they say targeting hospitals. this is consistent with what the ministry of health said. yes,
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the last week saying that at least 36 ukrainian hospitals had been hit by russian shells. suddenly we saw video evidence given to us by a soldier in this field hospital of the hospital in the town that he had been evacuated from having been wounded. that hospital having been completely destroyed and speaking to other medics, it was incredible. one man said that and he had been trained as a medic, he'd had decades of experience operating in other conflicts. so when we kosovo, syria, iraq, he said he been trained to save lives, but he said that he was so angry by what russia has done here. russia, he said, was turning him potentially into a murderer, because he now was that determined to defend his country, or russia's foreign minister. ca labranz says negotiations with ukraine have reached
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a dead end. he was speaking alongside his cousin counterpart in moscow. foolish use ukraine back then agree to be a neutral non nuclear country and exchange for the international guarantees. the security debt is what president putin was mentioning, bright at the beginning of this year. i think he was talking to matt groan. he said the expansion of nato is unacceptable. we can give certain security guarantees for ukraine and european countries, and that was our position. and we stick to disposition. india's prime minister says his disgust, the urgent need for a ceasefire in ukraine with boris johnson, the u. k. prime minister is encouraging india to reduce economic and defense dies with moscow. alexia ryan reports handshakes, and congratulations as britain and india announced new deals on defense and green energy, as well as plans to fast track. a free trade agreement is a memorandum of understanding between prime minister boris johnson saying he and indian counterpart and arraigned ramadi. have committed to trade and investment worth $14000000000.00,
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which will create $11000.00 jobs in the u. k. a decades long commitment that will not only forge tighter bonds between us, but support your go in the renderer of make in india. he's the latest western leader in new delhi to try to entice india away from its reliance on moscow by promising to step up co operation. johnson said britain would help india build its own fighter jets, and they'd agree to work together to meet military threats from land sea air space and cyber attacks to russia is india's biggest military supplier. and indian leaders have refused to condemn moscow for invading ukraine. while the kremlin faces crippling sanctions, india has increased oil imports from russia. analysts suggests india is focused closer to home. china been reaching border aggression, used india, and no west leader has condemned the chinese water aggression. so india is not
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willing to take sides in a conflict in which india has no sticks directly. mowdy did though, push for an end to the war. i'm new grain met. we emphasized the need for an immediate cease fire in your brain and the use of dialogue and diplomacy for resolving issues. i know johnson says he doesn't expect india to change its position on russia, but said moti hes tried to use his influence on president putin. prezis intervene several times with, with vladimir putin really to ask you more, you know, one of the few things that he's doing and where he thinks this is going. while johnson is walking away from his india trip with promises of a lucrative free trade deal, his visit didn't go without a hitch. there has been outrage in some quarters after this photo opportunity at the british construction equipment firm j. c. b owned by a conservative party donor just days after j. c. b been dozes for st. flattening
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properties in a largely muslim neighborhood rights group, say the demolitions are part of a pattern of religious polarization. i modi's and do nationalist b, j. p. amnesty international criticize johnson's photo op as ignorant saying that his silence on the incident was deafening. alexia brian al jazeera in avenues. com has returned to the alex, a mosque compound, dean, occupied east jerusalem after violence early in the day. is there any forces, say, masked men threw stones at a police station, and they responded by deploying tear gas. earlier, they fives rubber, bullets of palestinians at the mosque, at least $31.00 people were injured, including sweecher and miss sent. one paramedic to people are in serious condition in cation spike. jewish alternation is groups called the recent on race al jazeera is stephanie decker more. oh, we are damascus gate. we've seen a you number, tens of thousands of worshipers making their way through the morning to access
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a lot of them all. i was on the 3rd friday of ramadan. now did really police. i have impose your real restrictions on the roads around this area. have been close. interestingly, we were told that they told the alter orthodox jews, many of whom use this k to access the old city not to use it today. certainly also a lot of diplomatic efforts behind the scenes to calm the situation on the ground. we've seen an escalation over the last couple of weeks of certainly when it came to the altar far right. we do, nationalists use accessing their locks. the most compound note is the temple mount to jews. they're allowed to visit for a couple of hours a for many days during the week. the palestinians will tell you that there has been a change despite the status quo, which is agreed upon by jordan and israel. the only muslim you're allowed to pray their non muslims can visit these wiggling jews according increasingly for right to pray. this is causing huge provocations and certainly israel keep saying it is
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adhering to the straightest crow. but this is why many people here will tell you that all upside is a red line, but certainly on the 3rd friday of ramadan for the next 10 days is groups will not be allowed to visit this site. everything paused very peacefully and in gaza, hamas has held a ronnie in support of palestinian said the ox from mos compound. united side has more. i just pulled out for massive protests in the gaza strip. enraged and solely date and support of an up. so must, and against the wine and contention that is going on there. it says and sends a clear message to these really government that they will not believe enough the most cologne. and that does not divided no separated from any since our escalation that is going on there, it is quite the same equation. it looks at any 2 different up saw against all violence, against being prudent to visit all the secretaries and the odd,
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ongoing violence vine occupations. i said in an upside toys, the most of worshippers in jerusalem. papa, another wealthy public pelham hammock, gave the opportunity for a diplomatic solution if the zionist enemies, aggression and terrorism doesn't stop against the holy alex, a mosque, and the people in jerusalem. and this means that the battle is coming when the resistance has its finger on the trigger, and there is nothing to lose in order to defend the alex and mosque by these protests year. to date, they had war to actually protect an upset mazda and it to continue supporting it and defending it with all they can still ahead on al jazeera, from ally to extradition. find out why a former 100 president has been sent to the u. s. and a court ruling cap decades of disused between nicaragua and columbia on maritime borders. ah,
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some heat of the day thunderstorms are flared up across areas of india. hello everyone will get into those details in one sec. but 1st let's talk about the heat from roger stun. deli into muscle pradesh, temperatures are still in the forty's now to those thunderstorms, and this will really plague the indian states of what span gone into a dish. and also entre pradesh. we've got a cluster of cells for the southern slice of india into sri lanka. and the mall div now for bangladesh could power some thunderstorm. some of these could be severe around the capital dock at some that energy slips further toward the south. off we go to southeast asia, our areas of concern continue to be sumatra west java and the western side of borneo. this is where we will see the heavy is falls of rain and certainly the risk is here of seen some flooding. a slug of rain running from hong kong just to shang
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hard, but the worst of it will stay south and east of the city as it steers across the east china sea into q shoes. so umbrellas will be needed in cargo shima. and let's talk about some of these high temperatures will paint the colors on here dark of the orange, the higher the temperature. so busy and you're at 29 degrees on saturday, but give it a bit, i think with a southerly breeze here. it will pop up your temperature to 30 degrees on monday. ok, that's it for me. ah. joined the debates. it is nor he job bad. didn't know if anyone here talks about women that i had 2 horses. does it seem to have been says notes. he gets off the table, we were taught to see abortion as a one way tickets true to health all of the companies. they deny any responsibility, even though they have the resources and the power to fix this, where a global audience becomes a global community. the comment section is right here. be part of today's program.
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this stream on al jazeera. ah ah, ah, you're watching al jazeera reminder of our top stories. ukraine's defense ministry has accused russia imperialism after moscow said it planned to take full control of the dumbass, reaching russia, expressing ahead with its offensive niece in ukraine targeting several cities. the un has confirmed they have been unlawful killings of civilians in the ukrainian town of butcher. it says that may amount to war crimes. russia denies killing civilians. and india prime minister says is discussed the judge need 1st cease fire with in ukraine with britain's prime minister voice johnson who presidential
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condense contenders are meeting voters on the last day of campaigning ahead of sundays run off. these are life pictures from a fee shock in the south west of france, way incumbent emanuel michael, is campaigning right now. he is bernard smith, with more on what my call is focusing on. this is the central square of the beautiful town of the jacket, southern france in the lot of micron chose this area because he's popular. this is friendly territory. he talk with region in the 1st round of the presidential election. and it's this part of the world where marina pan is pushed into 3rd play fries before john luc. melanie show the far left candidate who came in 2nd. and his those vote from mel sean microns will be hoping to harvest or not guaranteed madeline. she hasn't endorsed macros, specifically though he's told his vote is not one vote should go to the far right. there's been a very different campaign over macro compared to 2017. then he was seen as
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a fresh faced disrupt of french politics. and he beat maureen pan handily. 66 percent of the vote for macklin in 2017 while also benefited from the so called republican from this idea that people should come together to stop a fall right candidate from guessing the presidency seen as a threat to frances democracy. so people with a vote for micron to stop the pan getting in this time around. micro not as popular . mila pan is running him a much tighter. right. meanwhile, the far right candidate, my in loop and has been speaking to voters in the north of france. natasha butler has more. marina pan has been asking about meeting people at market not far from where i am here in burke. i'm on the northern french coast. this is a region of france marion. marion pen knows very well because she has a lot of support. a she will be very popular here and that's why she's come to this
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part of from the last day of her campaign. she wants to be surrounded by people who are likely to vote for her on sunday and talking about some of their concerns. the cost of living that number one issue in this election that we've heard about. so many times people at the market were talking to the far right. leaders saying that they've really struggled financially in the past few years. she is try to assure them that he would be the candidate who would do everything that she could to help them with right and price. of course, the fuel, the cost of that sort of thing. when the pen was also off, when she was in that market about how she feels, looking at somebody, opinion polls, opinion polls suggest payment from the gap is widened between macro and micro with even more of a slight lead on number independent, independent. she's run a very strong campaign and she said as far as she's concerned on sunday, people will be choosing between 2 very different visions of problems that will be choosing. she said between amino macro and from the french authorities have put out
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an international arrest warned for congress colon. he's a former chairman of con companies, nissan of know, and mister b, she 68 year old business and was arrested in japan 3 years ago. accused of fraud, gone, fled to lebanon by hiding in a box, used to store musical equipment. he said he had no chance of a fair trial in japan. former canyon president like he back. he has died. he was 90 years old to back. he says from 2002 to 2013, but his re election was disputed and led to a month long by 2 months, long's violence. catherine sawyer reports from my robbie. why cuba was inaugurated as president in 2002 after landslide election victory, a unified opposition made it possible to defeat that. then president dangler up morning after 24 years of what was seen as moist autocratic will keep back. he was in a wheelchair when he was sworn in following a car accident during the campaign. you suffered
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a stroke shortly after his inauguration. i am calling up on all of you to come out. i bite corruption. he was dominant in can in politics for almost 5 decades. for 10 years from 1978, he served as vice president under moines and held various ministerial positions. but he and boy fell out and key boxes to this presidential candidate in 1992 in 1997 losing both times and seeing the elections were rigged on economies by profession as president key back, he was credited with improving their economy, introducing 3 primary education launching a new progressive constitution that allowed for devolution and expanding the countries infrastructure he believed in institutions and rather led institutions do their work. ah, well, there was room to delegate it provide delegation than doing everything himself.
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and thirdly, good bucky did not like chip talk. ah, and i've been to that extent he was able to focus on what was important to the public as a whole after disputed pauline, 2007 wiki baki was declared winna post election violence that went on 4 months left . 1200 people that and many thousands displeased politicians from both the opposition and ruling party. what named for the chaos into the international mediation. and upon sharing, be able to stop the fighting. that was one of the lowest moments of posting dependent kenya under his leadership. we as those who are in charge, lost on opportunity to really craft our kenya without negative ethnicity, to bring canyons together as one by the time that
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a friend um was coming between 5 referendum the country was so re display, some people say the 20072008 election violence overshadowed the good key back his government did. in the fast 5 years in office are decided that he did not do enough to raining on corruption and tribalism. but many agreed that when it came to development democracy and they corner me, he out, it brought his predecessors the former president of honduras has been extradited to the u. s. to face drug related charges. one, orlando hernandez is accused of helping to move cocaine across the us for nearly 20 years. the one time us ally denies the allegations that isabel has more money. but he was once at close united states ally, but has now been expedited to face drug trafficking charges in new york city. i
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went orlando, ma'am, this was being held at a special forces military base in on the west capital t. a we see, guided by he was transferred in the middle of a massive security operation to an air force airport, where he was taken in a u. s. drug enforcement agency plane. back to the u. s. he said, used of conspiring to smuggle hundreds of tons of drugs to the united states. hernandez and his co conspirators help push 500000 kilograms of cocaine into the united states. that's 500 tons of cocaine. poison that landed in this country on our streets. and as we allege in the indictment, that's exactly what hernandez wanted. realised that during a meeting with a co conspirator, hernandez declared that he wanted. and i quote to stuff the drugs, write up the noses of the gringos. at amanda says he's innocent and that justice will prevail. williamson is on innocent of been submitted
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unfairly to trial. i want to share some potent words. injustices are a threat to justice in every place. you know, i worked tirelessly with the purpose of recovering peace in honduras. i gave all my to my country. it is regrettable that those who turn honduras into one of the most violent countries in the world, those villains may or want to be heroes. when orlando hernandez was elected president in 2014, while he ne, he was considered partner of the us and was loaded for his alleged efforts to fight drug trafficking, any legal migration. his mandate ended earlier this year and was detained 19 days after leaving office, his brother tonia mann. this was sentenced to life in prison in the u. s. on drug trafficking charges. during his brothers trial, prosecutors claimed mexican drug, lord hawking chapels, man handed the amend his brothers, $1000000.00 for the presidential campaign. losing on today say corruption has
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infiltrated the highest level of and would f 8 and they need international help to clean it up. with the concentration of power we saw while hernandez was in office, we can all the institutions and the country now needs to repair. we need to do lots of structural reforms to improve our discovery. we have requested help from the u. n. to help us through this and amend this expedition is the 1st time a former president is to be tried on drug trafficking charges in the us. many fear that the possibility of us trial will deter politicians in the region from polluting with criminal organizations ever again. that is, i will, i just, peter in turkey, the verdict is expected after the final hearing of jail businessmen and dr. is osman corolla, prosecutors say he finance for 2013 anti government protests and played a role in
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a coup attempt. 3 years later, corolla has been in custody since october 2017. last october, the presenter ship taper one threatened to expel the ambassadors of 10 countries after they criticized turkey. for the trial. me corolla has won a territorial dispute with columbia. the international court of justice in the latest twist, in a long running legal battle. judges rule that columbia violated nicaragua and maritime writes in the caribbean sea. i found the rom. pity, explains from columbia capital bobo, top. please be seated. after years of legal battles, the international court of justice ordered columbia to immediately cease naval and fishing activities in waters that the court ruled belong to nicaragua, by interfering with fishing and marine scientific research activities of nicaragua and flag, or nicaraguan licensed vessels and with the operations of nicaragua and naval vessels in the republic of nicaragua, exclusive economics, the republic of columbia has violated the republic of nicaragua as sovereign rights
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and jurisdiction in this matter time. so, after ruling is the latest in the century, old dispute between the 2 countries, over a number of islands in the western caribbean that are home to one of the world's largest coral reefs. nicaragua filed this case in 2013, after a previous 2012 ruling confirmed columbia sovereignty over the main islands, but reduced the expense of c belonging to columbia, giving me access to under water oil and gas deposits, as well as fishing rights. continue or a big but then colombian, president one manuel center said colombia could not agree to changing its territory or boundaries without a bilateral treaty, a treaty that has never been person give us a thought to go and get it to the national columbia responsibility. despite the court orders, columbia, the current president, the van, do insist it will not allow nicaragua to limit any of what he says or columbia is
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rights. then we will defend colombia, hyphen track in the caribbean sea matter. there is no room for hesitation or this kind of responsibility. some political observers say, consecutive columbian government sup, tried to avoid reaching a settlement, fearing the political consequences of any perceived secession of sovereignty. so the only way to put an end to this today is via a bilateral negotiation. and the decision today actually makes it quite a bit more even more difficult to continue postponing that. now it remains to be seen how the 2 countries sit down given existing tensions between the governments of nicaragua and columbia. columbia said it will not negotiate with the government that considers that dictatorship, but the court's ruling are final and legally binding, which might force them to do so potentially bringing to an end this longstanding
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dispute. allison that i'm 50, i'll just see i gotta singapore is removing the last of it's called 19 restrictions is also easing entry requirements for visitors from tuesday. its health department says this is in response to a drop in new daily infection numbers. there be no more size limits on group meetings, and all employees can return to their offices. ah ha, again, i'm fully back to bo. with the headlines on al jazeera, ukraine's defense ministry has accused russia of imperialism after moscow said it plan to take full control of the dumbass, reaching russia suppressing ahead with its offensive in eastern ukraine, targeting several cities. dorsey jabari has more from moscow. according to the acting commander of the.


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