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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 24, 2022 5:00am-5:31am AST

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ah, ah, why did one of thailand's most decorated cops flee the country in fear of his lie? to prod investigation? one 0, 18th revealed exploded allegation. a police corruption went out to 0. ah, the water news briefing and a metro station ukraine's president says he can't trust russia, but again, suggests talks to end the war. ah, ha, ha ha raman you watch go to. they were like my headquarters here in doha also coming up. russia flies cruise missiles at the southern port city of odessa killing at least 8 people, including a 3 month old baby. more than a 100 people are killed in nigeria, an explosion at an illegal oil refinery. and especially
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the mazda the facilities and dances. a bag of bristles carnival. welcome to the program, ukraine's president has again pushed for a meeting with vladimir putin to end the war. despite saying he has no trust in the russian liter. addressing journalist and nick chief metro station vladimir zalinski covered a range of issues including landscape visit by u. s. secretary of state and city blinking and defense. secretary lloyd austin on sunday. or abdul hamid was there. need to reach us some movie that president valentino zalinski faced to wells pres, come a makeshift platform constructed in one of keys metro stations. he said, one of his priorities was the evacuation of people caught up in the siege of my you, paul. but that it was difficult to trust to russian money yet is not ordered. so
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shall we offered any format for the exchange of our people who are currently in this predicament. in this terrible situation, you call it in the sand, bloody encircling was to buy and it should up serial number of he warned that he would break off talks with russia if the remaining ukrainian troops in my, you polls as of stealth leaders, plant, didn't work, kill please, it says neuberger berman are killed in mary. a port in the pseudo referendums are organized in the south. the blue then ukraine will withdraw from any negotiation process. she was little grandma. twice the president paused to make way for a passing train. we hear from president zelinski on a daily basis, but this is the 1st large press conference since the beginning of the war, and it's happening 70 meters underground and one of the major stages of cave. and actually when the capital was under threat, hundreds of people here seeking shelter. the president appeared,
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relaxed. he says he was grateful for the kind of weapons his country was receiving of late from the united states and western allies. but reminded people that without the additional weapons, they would be no fight should the v scores local wine and the so i do not consider the option that our partners will not give us the weapons. they promise. i do not consider this option at all. they have no alternative to it. we will not provide them with this opportunity. we have no other chance to win back our landline mobile at that the but zelinski also wondered about the upcoming visit of un secretary general. and tanya gutierrez, who is visiting moscow before coming to keep your drive home uncle was which out for you, i think it's a mistake to visit russia furry than ukraine. robert, this is simply wrong, him for what to hand over a message from russia. he but i mean, i know he asked by al jazeera, if he wanted to pursue people for war crimes, eve sickness, roman yano,
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crane. i don't care whether it's in the hag or somewhere in ukraine's what matters is how many will be imprisoned, and for how long would it say seeley women? another strong performance from the ukranian president in a remarkable setting. g, a president dealing smoothly and efficiently with international media, but also presidency lensky, the realist, as ukraine faced more military actions saturday, including a missile strike on an apartment block in odessa, texas, that killed a 3 month old baby. but of that hamid edges iraqi freak was thought this was a jew, castro house more from washington, dc. no surprise, the washington has said no comment. why is that not surprising? well, it's typical that when a senior us official makes a visit to a war zone out of security reasons. typically the public doesn't find out about it until during or sometimes, not even until after the visit has concluded. we know that this is going to be the
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1st time that such high ranking us officials have visited ukraine since the beginning of the war. and it is going to be a very symbolic visit. we are having to secretary members who will be there in here on orthodox easter, and this is the secretary of state at the u. s. and the secretary of defense zelinski had said that he still wants to extend an invitation to us president joe biden. but despite you know, the u. k prime minister being there in person despite other presidents having visited, well the u. s. assessment is that it's still too dangerous to send by an artist and vice president pamela harris. and so the visit of these to cabinet secretaries may be as close to a state visit as ukraine can get under the circle under the current circumstances. hi, jed counselor that will, let's bring in holland omen. he is a military expert on the atlantic council. and the forward visor to the us department of defense joins me now via skype from washington. dc. good, have you with us to open on the program again,
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a significant visit by us official if they arrives and the ukranian president has said nothing more than to bring gifts or certainly not come empty handed of course in we need to make sure we're getting the right military equipment as quickly as possible to ukraine. but there's a larger issue here. and that's always the threat that if the russian offensive in the east don boss fails, we'll let him a potent consider using nuclear weapons, either in demonstration or destroy, such as kear. and what do we do right now to prevent that from happening? and it seems to me what that nato in united states must say is that should who, who resort to using a nuclear weapon to nuclear weapons, that our response will be immediate and will be confined to ukraine. and it will lead to destroy russian logistics. russian military forces including and crimea,
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which will change the balance of power and let ukraine when that war. and i think that's really important mixer missile massage into interjected because the last couple of weeks we've had various signals coming from mosque. i'm about strategic long range missiles, a threats to ne, toe to not act on all attack russian territory. an old old alluding to this scenario of nuclear weapons. a nuclear capability is nato ready to count to that with the same sort of munitions. because it's also often said, isn't it? it only takes one bomb, eddie takes while bomb way to take on the russians. obviously, i should say that russia has a numerical advantage in terms of so called tactical, or short range nuclear weapons. and the way to offset that is to say, we have an overwhelming firepower advantage over you. now, secondly,
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russia's military is exhausted. they do not have the capacity attacks nato, right? what i'm saying is to prevent food from even considering the use of nuclear weapons in ukraine. nato and the united states have the capacity to ruin. they are offensive. we can take out their logistics and a great number of their military forces and we should say to the russians, should you decide to even consider using nuclear weapons? we will make sure that that offensive is not going to work. okay, something i think we need to do right now. okay, so let's take the, the nuclear weapons issue just to one side for a moment and talk about a, a general conventional i'm a wall that we're talking about right now in terms of arms and munitions that president biden has also been talking about. continuing to supply ukraine as our members of the e and the united kingdom. how long can this go on the full? because this all costs
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a lot of money by ms. going back to congress again to ask them from more money so you can continue to support ukraine. the issue from our side is not the amount of money. the issue was whether we can get necessary equipment to the ukrainians. insufficient numbers quickly enough so that they can sustain taking on the russian offensive and on the other side, how long can russia sustain it's attack on ukraine? this could drag out for a very, very long time. this could be an extended war. and the question really becomes one of logistics, the west has it in its capacity, because it's got a hugely large superior number of military equipment and military industrial cape capability, then russia. so we can extend the war much more than the russians can. the question is whether we can deploy a not military force and capability to ukraine for them to sustain the fight at this continues the west has the ability to be able to at last,
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marcia. and i think black, who knows, from your experience of working with the department of defense, it's all again surrounded by politics. i, as is as a, as a most countries in this sort of scenario. how important is it to have congress in this particular instance on side, and more importantly, the republicans for that part. they don't always the i to why with the democratic president on many issues, but on this particular issue, they seem to be on the same page. in this case, that's not the problem. congress is much more forwardly leaning in terms of what to do in ukraine than the administration. the administration has proven itself to be of itself to tarry management, been reluctant to send enough equipment, because it's afraid that it could escalate the war. i think in this particular case, he administration as the lead more forward and send more equipment more quickly to
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ukraine. so that the tide of battle candy turn. the interesting issue will be and you haven't raised that was whether or not finland and sweden ought to want to join ada. well, in those circumstances, that's going to be a huge issue. will nato accept it? and under those circumstances, will the united states vote to change the treaty to allow finland and sweden vander supposing, for example, donald trump says if it's not a good i, so this is an interesting issue that will unfold over time. yeah, that the only way we would like to raise mr. all but in such a short space of time, but we had to just focus on what we had the unfortunately we have to leave it there . but thank you very much for your time. now the mayor's office in my repulse as an attentive i create more civilians failed on saturday because of russian shelling that he 2000 ukrainian troops and possibly 1000 civilians hold up in the steelworks, which is believed been circled by russian troops that in barbara pulse who has it
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viewed the video making their way into a dilapidated underground bunker? these pictures are from the, as of battalion of ukraine's armed forces. they appear to show soldiers bringing food for women and children. so though, but this is somewhere in the as of south steel plants, the last remaining part of mario poll not under russian control. the soldiers say they brought gifts for the kids. but what they really want is to see the outside world and me around with the boy. we've been playing games on the phone, says this girl, but we want to go home. we want to see the son in the ship. this kills father worked here. now she and her mother, a sheltering in the bunker, after leaving her grandparents behind. they've been here for almost 8 weeks. a soldier mentioned the possibility of being evacuated to safety. we hope so. we're running out of food, comes the reply. on friday, russian forces took generalist a part of the industrial complex that's been badly. damaged video apparently shows a shell exploding other pictures also showed black smoke rising from the site.
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most of maria pole has been destroyed by weeks of russian bombardment and intense street fighting as the kremlin said, the city had returned to normal. some civilians ventured out from shelters. while you are a little silly of stayed in the basement, everything's been blown out. 3 more shells blasted nearby yesterday, one person was crushed to death after the risky if it's failed and an elderly woman died to the human cost of the onslaught is still emerging. satellite images just released but taken at the end of last month, a said to show large, freshly dug trenches in a cemetery, east of mario pole. the local mare has accused russian forces of burying bodies in mass graves. these chechen fighters claimed to have cleansed him destroyed mario pole along with russian forces. the video was posted on social media by rums on,
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cut her off the head of the republic of chechnya, and a key ally to president putin. but ukraine says, tens of thousands of civilians have been killed here with a 100000 still trapped. and these children don't know when they can go home. or if they even have one. nadine baba al jazeera, the resilience elsa and ukraine, at least 8 people, including a baby had been killed during missile strikes on ukraine, southern port city of a desa, a further 18 were injured in the attack, which russia has targeted a military facility. but apartment buildings were also hit on there for the men, so it was near one of the residential tower that was struck. usually it's less. so can element any we've just arrived in this neighborhood in odessa. that's been hit with a cruise missile. this residential building was struck by at least one miss me where your residents are being evacuated, to smoke cleans continue to fill the skies above us as a heavy presence of fire ambulance and rescue. cruise on the scene. we're trying to
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examine the aftermath of the security measures here, a very tight, earlier we saw for cruise missiles in the skies over a desa. the district military spokesman said the ukrainian defense is shot 2 of them down. we tried to get closer to the source of the smoke where the missile hit, but security personnel denied access might not if we had to have the law. what we do know so far is that this residential area was hit. there was an overwhelming sense of panic. this fi crew came out of the building and you can see their faces smeared. they're heading back to the 5 team assembly point still had here long as i will tell you. while gentlemen farmers have taken the tractors and blocked the streets of one is iris. and the gypsy king goes out on a high in front of which is another story with you and he has begun the faithful world copies on its way to cath,
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your title package. today it's been nicer more recently in hong she when i for the flowers to really race ahead of themselves is the azaleas in tokyo. being watched course has been cherry blossom season for a while. it all suggests that we've seen proper spring. so the rains copy far away . oh there they are. significant ranges catching. she cocoa, maybe $700.00 shoot for the rest of the we can then that line tails off, but another bump in developing in central china. this is going to run up the yank. see just south of the yellow river, they go breeze some flash flooding. that's not widespread flooding just yet. looks fairly wet though. in both were highland shanghai. somehow. later in the we can in early week north of all that it's still halt beijing 30 probably last much longer. i think the window pick up so was thirty's and to record is well above the average is 21. and we head down towards that. why is the wind comes in from the northwest during tuesday? significant rain is like to redevelop of
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a borneo probably sumatra for the south news news here as well on the shelves are increasing of the philippines. and i've seen some pretty wet weather in cambodia recently, which might well be repeated for india, the big shaft, the ne, a dying down, but still anxious. be ret, recent then could be again, was very hot in the northern plains, hot and windy and it will get hotter, official, and lines of the journey. the stage is set and it's time for a different approach. one that is going to challenge the way you think was wor, inevitable. i just want the started to please don't it. they're not doing the right thing. let's leave simplicity to the headlines. join me as i take on the lars dismantled misconceptions and debate. the contradictions do we have a real democracy here in the united states? this novel political 40? it's a wrote a cool. insurgency are mark lamond hill, and it's hard to get up front right here on out 0. ah,
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the me. back you're watching out there with me. the whole robert, reminder of all top stories ukraine's president has again pushed, meeting with blonde to mit putin to end will. despite saying he has no trust in the russian liter modem as landscape also announced that the us secretary of state and defense, are set to visit keith on sunday. the man's office and mary of holes as an attempt to evacuate villains found on say, because of russian shelling the 2000 ukrainian troops and around 1000 civilians. the hold up in steel works, which i believe to be encircled by russian troops. and the said people, including a baby, have been killed during missile strikes on your plane, south southern port city of a desa either 18 was injured in the attack,
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which russia says targeted a military facility more than a 1000 years now. and a 100 people have been killed in southern nigeria where there was an explosion after an illegal oil refining dep. it happened on the borders of rivers and even states and the niger delta officials. they're described victims being bent beyond recognition. fidelis ambar, as in the capital of bu jones, as the death toll could rise, some persons who were bound to go to use it and have been taken to hospitals, and then some family members took away some of those whose body decor recognize for, for burial. this incident happen friday night into saturday morning because most of the legal refining of products happen overnight and that area is actually just on the boundary. we reversed it, which is named us or capital. you have a place called or high g,
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a. in the most states in south is major area. and the area of the curious for me go refining of petroleum products. this has greatly over the years being the problem for government officials because these illegal to finding call centers have come on. does via, you know, i parked by government forces will try to rouse these operators from the locations . but they keep coming. not just in the most states, but all across the nigeria, and to some extent it has greatly affected nigeria production over the years. 5 patrol dates and to helicopter the searching for tolbert that is called missing in northern japan. now the vessel hasn't been things that disappeared off her kind of island on saturday. 26 people, including children on board and the crew sent out a distress call saying the boat was thinking a funeral has been held for the lincoln man who was killed when police fire. that protested on tuesday,
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demonstrators have been on the streets for weeks frustrated with the countries worst economic crisis in decades. the government is trying to get the loan from the international monetary fund, nelson and the reports now from the town of ramble, condom sherman. the luxury was shot by police on tuesday during a fuel shortage protest. a friend of the 42 year old father of 2 explains what he saw bicycle a gun that under that, i saw him running after trying to retrieve his bicycle, made worse than the policeman shot at it. he fell on the ground and then i saw the same policeman chasing people and firing a senior officer was telling them to keep firing and they did it on monday. either luck, john, was the family's mean breadwinner, his wife brown, guinea, and 2 teenage children are in shock, lima, lima, delegate of with it of us either now i'll be waiting till justice is done for what happened to my husband me. i don't know if that'll happen, but it should say some day, right? so that what happened to me mustn't happen to another person. protest as rallied
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and rumble can earlier this week to condemn the shortage of fuel and large increases in the price of essential items. tensions escalated as police attempted to disperse the crowd. a police commander has admitted giving the order to shoot casualties were rushed to hospital. the shooting has raised concerns both here and abroad. with the police chief been summoned before the human rights commission, a senior buddhist priest at the funeral, condemned the killing. sophomore either a power. it's because of the wrongful actions of an extremely immoral and extremely selfish government that is allowed lawlessness to reign. and that luxury lost his life. these rulers have no understanding of good and evil. that's why they made fraud corruption and robbery. their power and strength following widespread protest against the islands, worst economic crisis since independence. 74 years ago, president got up a roger pox a has re shuffled his cabinet, choosing a majority of new faces. he's also admitted to making several mistakes. but for
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more sher lumpkins, it comes to late protest, continuing around the country by thousands of people like chum in the luck. chung who had been trying for days to obtain fuel for his laurie, which he, you as to make a living brother rather than scare people away, protest her say he's dead, will only serve to make their fight stronger to get the government to go a minute fernandez al jazeera rumble, colonel argentinian farmers have brought roads of the capital in protest against export taxes on agricultural products, but they have to pay levies of up to 33 percent on exports of soybeans and grains. but the word that the government could raise them even higher. trewsbury reports are formed foreigners iris sch, an uncommon site in the city of win, aside as tractors from across the country came to eigen tina's capital to protest against the government of alberta, families,
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and their families. travelled from the province of santa fe, he explained why he and others like him are at risk. not acquittals. he is on it. we cannot produce like this. all of us end up renting our farms because small scale farmers end up renting their lantern to national corporations who can afford to bear that enormous stocks. birds or we have food prices are rising worldwide driven up by the war in ukraine. this has put argentinian producers on alert. farmers say taxes, export taxes, drought, and exchange rate controls are hurting their capacity to produce and fear the government could increase taxes even more. thousands of people accompanied the farmers to the center of a city to protest against the administration of america. and as they say, they tired of the inflation rate, it was close to 7 percent last month and of the difficulties they paid every month . they're saying that they got an it has no economic land and they will gras chrissy and the restrictions implemented by the administration building. 2
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argentina's productive sector. last march, the government increased export taxes on soybean flour, annoy, seeking to control local prices and stabilize the price of wheat to what it was before ukraine's conflict. it also says farmers are overreacting and there are no plans to increase export taxes again, at least for now we'll get an oil to wider than fiona. we have an increased export taxes under producers, so they are marching just in case they're marching against the project. it on no, i imagine that could happen. so we have no doubt this is a political demonstration that the has to do with of interest than defendant advice of the farmers. that is a good journalist like my be along on he say the situation in flames. already long running tensions between the government and the agricultural sector gamble and the retainer as the farming citizen, a strange situation. because like most countries in the world where they produce more food than they consume, that is a chance to make profit. argentina has
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a surplus of food and it could export more grain, milk and meat butts, and argentina's case, the bitter prices, dont always benefit the farmer was this was the constant trouble between produces in the government and that's why farmers vowed to continue with their demands. they say government assistance would help them to produce more, something they say would benefit argentina's economy. and the whole world is i will as deceit at when a site. if i show you these live pictures coming from brazil because thousands of dances and drummers and revelers, and marking the turn of brazil's wool famous carnival for many her, most. the turning point after the pandemic put a stop to celebrations for 2 years on the sienna g. ever wholesale from beatrice, an arrow thousands of revellers and shimmering costumes are back in the sam bedroom where we're diginero
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host. it's annual carnival parade, dubbed at the world's largest st festivity. but this year's grand u spectacle is anything but typical. ah, it's being held in april, 2 months after carnival season. and it's the 1st since the coven 19 pandemic struck brazil 2 years ago. for a boy's arms, a dodgy man, should we come from 2 years of hardship and loss? many of our dances and sing has died in the pandemic which killed 660000 people in brazil. the world's 2nd largest, stiff toe locked downs, severely impacted impulse for china. we will use to buy material for costumes. the main thing this year is the fight against racial discrimination in a country that has the largest black population outside of africa swell sambas schools are participating in this parade. 8 of them are singing about afro brazilian religions against racism, against intolerance,
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and in favor of brazilian black rhodes, and writes sandra composers started writing their songs in 2020, just as black lives matter. protesters took to the streets in the united states. many say it inspired them to make a political statement about brazil. english dogs in brazil like the united states, has a date with the descendants of african slaves its time. we correct this historical injustice. brazil is preparing itself for divisive presidential elections. blacks account for more than half of the country's population, but they still face exclusion discrimination and religious intolerance. somber schools paid tribute to their ancestry into dieties of afro brazilian religions who have come under attack by evans jellicoe gangs in recent years. more gosh godless
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gilbert, albert, many of our temples were destroyed. religious intolerance is a crime and should be stopped. but the government has turned a blind di, because a political reasons. although the president, joy both sorrow, has the support. leave our generals and bar right groups who are threatened democracy and diversity. we have to fight for our freedom of faith compared to previous years when millions of people flighted the streets of real to participate in carnival, the city was quite empty. but the parade still brought a much needed financial revenue to the somber schools. i hope you didn't. you don't make the pandemic pointed a finger at the social gap between rich and poor black and white. but it also showed us that we're mortal because no matter our color, our blood is the same and that we should be grateful for those who survive towards the thank you guy. what did what he mean? international audience for this years carnival was smaller at the themes of social and racial discrimination. have struck a chord with brazilians as they prepared to elect a new president in october,
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monica inactive, al jazeera, rio de janeiro. and his fault, tyson theory has retained his doubly b. c. world heavyweight boxing title i knocked out fellow brick. dylan white in the 6th round of the fight in front of $94000.00 fans at wembley stadium in london. ferry is unbeaten. it is $33.00 pro fights and after the wind, the gypsy king, as he knows, suggested that he'll now retire. ah, your geologist, over with me, he'll rama. reminder of all the top stories ukraine's president as again, pushed for a meeting with vladimir putin to end the war. despite saying he has no trust in the russian leader of his landscape. also announced that the u. s. secretaries of state and defense are set to visit keith on sunday. how did your castro has more for washington dc? it's no surprise.


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