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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  April 24, 2022 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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it definitely changed my life in a good way with exclusive interviews and in depth reports, and not hardly him, but he left her because al jazeera has teens on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and lied nice. ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, i'm fully back to bo. this is in use. our on al jazeera, alive from our headquarters in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes, france chooses its next president, voters are deciding between incumbent emanuel michael and far right. candidate, marian le, pen grains present again, calls for a meeting with his russian count of odd, but warned, talks are off, if soldiers in marable are killed. and ukraine says,
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the u. s. is top diplomat and defense chief are due in keys, but there's been no confirmation from the biden administration. also this, our farmers block roads in argentina's capital to protest against export taxes on their crops. ends on sort of hearts of your sports news, twice and fury knock sounded in whites to retain his heavyweight boxing title, but then announces he plans to retire. we begin this news our in france way voting is underway in the presidential election. run off fall right candidate mary lou. penn has cast her ballot in the north of france. she has voted in, in, on board all the time where she was 1st elected to the french national assembly depends better at her showing in the 1st round compared to the last election in 2017. she took just over 23 percent of the vote. she's hoping to become francis 1st female president. and this is her 3rd time running for office present
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a minute. my call will be voting here in la to k, a town on the northern coast of france. he came away from the last round with just under 28 percent of the vote. he's hoping to become the 1st president to win twice since jacques chirac 20 years ago as good live down there as bernard smith, who's joining us from a voting station in northern paris to french bernard faithlink, facing a stock choice in the selection. yes. foley, the french have got to decide between the centrist pro european union emanuel macro, the incumbent, against the far right candidate, euro skeptic. marine la pen. both of those candidates also buying for the votes. the voters who voted for john luke milan, sean, in the 1st round, he only lost out to marine le pen for 2nd round place just by one percent difference in the votes. now melon sean hasn't endorsed micron, but he's also said that not one vote should go to the far right. macro men. self is
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warned that the civil war if le pen wins the election. her policies include awning muslim women from wearing the head scarf in public places. though she's played down that aspect of her party's policies during the end of the campaign and set focusing on the cost of living crisis, which is hitting many french people hard. and she's also played on pope macro on this image that he struggled to shake off of being a president of the rich. it puts the far right, really the closest they've ever been to winning the presidency in france. turn out will be important. it's been busy here in paris is 18th on this month all day today, but we are in the middle of the easter holidays and many people are away from their traditional voting places that we've just been told that turn out so far is 26 percent. and that is 2 percent down on 2017 where 28 percent people are turned out
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at this same time of the day holds close 8 o'clock local time here in france, and we'll have an estimate of the when a very soon after that finish. thank you for that folds close at 18 g m t 8 p. m in fans. bennett said an we'll have continued coverage throughout the day. here on out jessia bennett smith flag in paris. ah, that ukraine's president has again push for a meeting with vladimir, put in to end the war despite saying he doesn't trust the russian leader. addressing journalist center keith metro station brought him is lensky, covered a wide range of subjects. he also announced that the u. s. secretary of state and defense secretary ought to visit on sunday. oh dab del hamid reports from the ukrainian capital into each other. so movie thought that president viola demon zalinski faced the world's pres from a mix of platform, constructed in one of keys metro stations. he said,
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one of his priorities was the evacuation of people caught up in the siege of moore . you, paul, but that it was difficult to trust to russian money, yet he is not ordered. so shall we offered any format for the exchange of our people who are currently in this predicament in this terrible situation, you call it in the said lady encircling it was to buy and this should um, serial number. he warned that he would break off talks with russia if the remaining ukrainian troops in my you pulls as of stealth legal plan, didn't work killed please. it says neuberger berman are killed in mary. a pole in the pseudo referendums are organized in the south. the blue and ukraine will withdraw from any negotiation process. she was little hammer. twice the president paused to make way for a passing train. we hear from president zalinski on a daily basis. but this is the 1st large press conference since the beginning of the war. and it's happening 70 meters underground and one of the major stages of
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cave. and actually when the capital was under threat, hundreds of people here seeking shelter. the president appeared, relaxed. he says he was grateful for the kind of weapons his country was receiving of late from the united states and western allies, but reminded people that without the additional weapons, they would be no fight. so the ve scores book of wine and the so i do not consider the option that our partners will not give us the weapons. they promise. i do not consider this option at all. they have no alternative to it. we will not provide them with this opportunity. we have no other chance to win back our landline mobile at that the but zelinski also wondered about the upcoming visit of un secretary general antonio gutierrez, who is visiting moscow before coming to keep your drive home. uncle was which up for you, i think it's a mistake to visit russia furry than ukraine. robert, this is simply wrong, him for what to hand over
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a message from russia. he but i mean, i know you asked by al jazeera, if he wanted to pursue people for war crimes, eve sickness, roman daniel green. i don't care whether it's in the hag or somewhere in ukraine's there what matters is how many will be imprisoned, and for how long would it still leave? am i not as drunk performance from the ukrainian president in a remarkable setting? g, a president dealing smoothly and efficiently with international media, but also presidency lensky, the realist, as ukraine faced more military action saturday, including a missile strike on an apartment block in odessa, texas, that killed a 3 month old baby. and her dad joins us now. live from keith. hot a. you're outside the main christian orthodox church in key, then i imagined to it's a very different easter sunday for christians, our docs christians in ukraine. monsieur, it is indeed especially that easter this year, coincides with 2 months since the beginning of the war,
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which was on february 24th. now we've been spending a few hours a here in saint michael's cathedral in central cave. and people were quite emotional. i traditionally, they come with baskets full of food, wine, easter cake, all sorts of eggs, all sorts of food that they get blessed, and then they go and have their family lunch well this year. they did that, but it had a different intonation. we met, for example, a woman from mo, you paul. and she said that she was coming to this truth specifically because now it was under a ukrainian herb bratcher key would i say, because at the heart of this ward is also the issue of influence over the orthodox church. traditionally, the, the, the orthodox here in ukraine were part of the russian patriarchy. but that has
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started to change ever since 2014, when russia next 1st crimea. and then with all that done, best war had that has been ongoing, ever since. there has been a split between these 2 churches, the russian patriarchy real, fully endorsing the political rhetoric coming out of the kremlin, that ukraine and russia just one people, one country separated by a fake, a border, also fully endorsing this war, saying it is to liberate the russian speakers of ukraine, the ethnic luncheon of the crane and venus, if i you create well, that has angered this church here because the ukrainian church ever since the war started has been a providing humanitarian aid for civilians has been overseeing the funeral of all the soldiers who have died in this conflict actually on the wall outside of this monastery of this church raderts. it's a kind of
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a large complex. you have all these pictures of a soldiers who have died in the conflict ever since 2014. so it is a very, at the moment, a lot of tensions between these 2 church do ukrainian church wanting to get more and more independence and the people we spoke to came here this morning. not only people from give weather, as i said, people from are you put a woman who just arrived a few days ago from the la guns region where it is heavy fighting ongoing? well, they at the moment said that they had been traditionally going to the russian church, which still exists here in, in ukraine. but ever since this war started in february, they have been more and more backing the ukrainian church and the ukrainian branch, and many would tell you that they would like to see death indian become independent from moscow. thank you for that hard abdel. how made life or say in keys while russia is not letting up on its bombing campaign in easton ukraine,
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the defense ministry says it's targeted several arms deeper in the khaki region. char, stanford has more. are from the city a slow of yan scheme, east in ukraine. this is of huge strategic importance to both sides. so if you ask and neighboring cremmit tours 2 of the largest cities still under full ukrainian military control, we understand, well, we know that russian forces are shelling areas of the city to the north, which is in the direction behind me, from positions in a town called is you, which is around 45 kilometers north of sloppy answer. this area was taking control of by russian forces as they pushed se from called a cave. where reports overnight, certainly according to the material sources ukrainian military or socrates in the region of the guns that at least 8 civilians were killed in shelling in various different areas. a number of other people injured. we're also hearing of shelling
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this morning around don't ask goes don't x is controlled by the pro russian separatists and has been since 2015, but it's the areas around that city to the west of it areas like div car and mary anchor, which we are hearing a lot of shelling, having taken place or taking place this morning. they've also been reports, the russian defense ministry saying that they have a number of what they describe as ukrainian military targets in the call cave region over nights. now of course, the russians say this, but as we saw yesterday, the rick hit on those residential areas in odessa, resulting in those debts 8 people killed, including a baby. now, yesterday, we were in another area to the east of sloppy and scan area called lucy chance with her a number of villages and towns that are being contested, heavy fighting in and around that area. the streets,
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the city of lucy chunks virtually deserted. however, there are still, as is often the case in areas like this, still a number of people who either come or are refusing to flee the area. the soldiers said that had been law in shelling, so we drove into the c chance. slack heaps from one of the many coal mines in the don bass region skull. the skyline military vehicles drive down virtually empty streets. splintered tree shows where a russian shell exploded. businesses bought it up or destroyed. the sign on the bunker door says children inside. but even the children are no longer here. russian force easy to control or fighting for control of numerous nearby towns and villages . but as is often the case, there are always a few who refuse or can't flee the fighting. sergey and his wife miller have lived
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in lucy chance with their pants for more than 20 years. they play potatoes in the spring, sunshine sergey shows us his boarded, broken windows and the damage a shell landing nearby did to his home. a hell no money i, he'll live here for years. my wife has had a 2 strokes, me where i can i go without money except into slavery. our relatives have all fled, some to ne pro, no, some to live here for 4 years. and this shows just how much danger people who remain here are in awe. why dennis goes the vehicle's been the vehicle round on the south gallon coming. so we just drove in to lucy chance can as we were coming in through the outskirts here
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shelling now that in coming shells, lighting very close to the buildings. he, there's very few civilians on the streets. the military say has been showing this morning, but there had been a gap in that showing that things had been quite. it certainly seems as if there is another escalation happening right now. later we walked back into town using the high walls as cover locals. tell us this home and business was hit the night before . russian force is one control alicia chance they have failed so far. down a back street. we find 89 year old theodore year coach. our jo. yes. yes. why should i leave with ok? i have no where to go there though, and my wife has left if the were ands and i am still alive, she might come back. i dont know to blame for this. theodore stands at his gate as we leave said again and loot miller continue working in their garden. the shilling
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is worse, they say. at night. charles stratford al jazeera lucy chanced, easton ukraine, and he said people have been killed in those missiles, strikes on the southern port, city of odessa, 18 others were injured. a military facility and to residential buildings were targeted as senior ukrainian official says, a deaf toll is expected to rise al jazeera is fighting and so is in odessa, near a residential tower that was hit, usually as low as so current. alma benny we've just arrived in this neighbourhood in odessa that's been hit with a cruise missile. this residential building was struck by at least one missile anyway, only for the residence of being evacuated. the smoke plumes continued to fill the skies above us. there's a heavy presence of fire ambulance and rescue cruise on the scene. we're trying to examine the aftermath of the security measures here, a very tight, earlier we saw for cruise missiles in the skies over odessa. the district military spokesman said the ukrainian defense is shot, 2 of them down. we tried to get closer to the source of the smoke where the missile
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hit, but security personnel denied access. man out of who had to had the whole law. and what we do know so far is that this residential area was hit. there is an overwhelming sense of panic. this fi crew came out of the building and he can see their faces smeared. they're heading back to the fire team, assembly point one. as we mentioned, present lensky says the united states tom diplomat is expected to travel to ukraine . antony blinking, i said to be joined by the defense secretary, lloyd austin. but the visit hasn't been confirmed. tidy, shall castro has more from washington. it's no surprise. the washington has said, no comment. why is that not surprising? will it's typical that when a senior us official makes a visit to a war zone out of security reasons. typically, the public doesn't find out about it until during or sometimes, not even until after the visit has concluded. we know that this is going to be the 1st time that such high ranking use officials have visited ukraine since the
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beginning of the war. and it is going to be a very symbolic visit. we're having to secretary members who will be there in key of on orthodox easter in this is the secretary of state of the u. s. and the secretary of defense zalinski had said that he still wants to extend an invitation to you as president joe biden. but despite you know, the u. k prime minister being there in person, despite other presidents having visited with the u. s. assessment is that it's still too dangerous to send biden or to send vice president comalla harris. and so the visit of these to cabinet secretaries may be as close to a state visit as ukraine can get under the circle under the current circumstances. plenty more had on this news hour, including severe floods in south africa and growing concerned that other african countries aren't doing enough to combat climate change. and the 2019 nb champions keep their title hopes for this here
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a lifestyle here to show you how they did it in ah, the 1st commercial slide from yemen in 6 years has been postponed. the aircraft you to fly from santa to jordan didn't receive operating permit, so the pilots couldn't take off the em. any government blamed who the rebels were shutting ticket sales outwards and said tickets that were sold only went to passengers with passports issued by the hu fees. at least 12 people have died in another 10 are missing. after 4 boards carrying a $120.00 migrants and refugees sank near tunisia, the coast guard rescued at least 90 people off the coast of fox. it's become a departure point for people seeking a better life in europe. and a young girl is among 9 migrants and refugees were drowned when their boat capsized off the coast of northern lebanon. at least 47 others were rescued. the vessel ran
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into trouble shortly after leaving the town of color moon near tripoli. more than a 100 people have been killed in southern nigeria after an explosion, or any legal oil refinery. it happened overnight in rivers, states. this minister for petroleum says some people were burned beyond recognition . unemployment is high in the south in the legal tapping of oil pipelines has become a common source of income. fidelis by is in the capital a boot jane says the death toll is likely to rice. some persons who were bond guarantee incident have been taken to hospitals, and then some family members took away some of those whose body to recognize for, for burial. this incident happen friday night into saturday morning because most of the legal refining of products happen overnight and that area is actually just on the boundary with reverse states which is named us or capital. you have
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a place called, or high g, a. in the most states in out he's nigerian and the area materials for legal refining of petroleum products. this has greatly over the years, been a problem for government officials because these really go to finding call centers have come on. does via, you know, i packed by government forces will try to rouse these operators from the locations, but they keep coming. not just in a most states, but all across the bay area and to some extent it has greatly affected nigeria production over the years, people in senegal have been protesting against poor conditions in hospitals, especially for pregnant women. have been prompted by the death of a woman who was 9 months pregnant as to soc not. and her baby died after she was refused as his hairy infection at a public hospital. health workers also went on strike earlier this week. live from babylon,
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v. all going on like women lose their lives during childbirth every day in synagogue health institutions look the case of us do so now who lost her life as a result of medical negligence is illustrative of the long list of tragedies experienced by patients in senegal and pregnant women in particular to slovenia in our voting is underway and what's expected to be tied parliamentary election. the right wing populous party, led by prime minister janice johnson, the prime minister as cassius ballot has been criticized for restricting media, freedom and civil liberties. during the pandemic. as challenger is renewable energy, businessman robert golub from the freedom movement, party, opinion polls suggest they'll be no clear winner. and a coalition government is expected that speak to niccolini savvy, say chew joins us from the capital. louisiana, thank you for being with us. what's at stake? in this election this year's super election a year in slovenia, lavinia so small a european nation of 2 millions will vote in local elections there. we choose their
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president, but they are voting in parliament on the elections. as you said, a very important election because a civilian society at the moment, these are very much divided, and radicalized and polarized. so civilians are today choosing between 2 different paths. so different versions of their future. one version, the says future of their future is corporation. within european youth institutions and the other on these more in venice for being young within european union. this is the choice between the youngest of any on the book credit party or at all, but go up free the movement part young xian, stuff of indian nationalist. he seeking his 4th term as for lenient prime minister . he is the right center government phased the challenges of 19 pandemic. and he pulls to very strict to measure seen civilian society opposition claims that the majority of the measures to burn to necessary and even illegal and unconstitutional
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. they qsi on shop for abusing police forces and intelligence services. yansa is a veteran politician, 3 decades inconvenient politics. he's a very much controversial politician. he's a strong ally of gary and prime minister victor or been and just like orbit is criticized for autocratic then. this is an autocratic government for, for putting up political and financial pressure on the civil society organization by the committee and judiciary athenian, and the foreign organization dealing with human rights and the status of democracy, are very much concerned for development and tendency in civilian society. last 2 years on the other side, we have it all ready to go over. something completely different. different story is businessman manager, he had that's lavinia state, far a company. 03 months ago he decided to enter politics, as he explained because he wants to live in free and open society. he formed
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a freedom movement, partly. he, unlike young shock, he doesn't want to talk about either ology left at the right division. he wants to talk about the corner, me about energy, a green transformation, green politics, about sustainable development, about health care system, about building new apartments. for young for venus. he has a very good chance to become a premier officer, but to me he needs a support and to form coalition government, which left the oriented part, the schism. oh no face of civilian, liberal democracy. but in the last decade for been young, politics produced many new faces of liberal democracy and these phases shined and disappeared, or it within a few years. so it's going to be title actions are today in felina. thank you for that nicoli nath heavy sich. joining us there from slovenia capital in louisiana, the coast guard in nor than japan says 10 people are confirmed dead after
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sightseeing boat went missing in bad weather. helicopters and patrol boats are continuing to search on for kosovo, keidel island for the 16 others who are on board. the crew sent out a distress call on saturday, saying the boat was sinking high winds and waves had been reported and the water temperature have is around 2 degrees. government safety inspectors are investigating the vessel sonus. this outcry in shanghai after government workers built fences around homes, shops and restaurants that the latest lockdown restrictions aimed at stamping out covered 19 infections. 25000000 people in china's largest city have been ordered to stay indoors for weeks. many say they're suffering from shortages of basic necessities. devastating crowds recently in south africa have highlighted concerns about climate change in whether neighboring countries are doing enough to combat the threat. millions of africans have suffered both frauds and drought in the last 6 months alone. for me, demila has more from johannesburg,
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unimaginable destruction homes and lives destroyed or lost as floods ravaged parts of kazora natal province in recent weeks. and in the aftermath, beaches streets aligned with debris and pollution. at least 443 people were killed in the floods described as the worst and 60 years. when 2 months worth of rain fell in just 48 hours, causing mud and lance lights. we needs to increase our investment employment adaptation measures to better serve god communities. again, the effects of time of change. the government is calling such natural disasters the new normal, attributing it mostly to climate change, but environment experts say the devastation may not have been as bad if the government had done more. here in the township of alexander into hattiesburg, thousands of people live. 1 alongside riverbanks, flood prone areas,
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while the have been local and global, that is to reduce the effects of climate change. many of those promises have not been kept. it would say countries like south africa needs to build better houses, roads, and drainage and transport systems. to adapt to climate change and keep people safe . experts say africa's west indian ocean region is vulnerable to extreme weather shocks. parts of madagascar recently been hit by intense tropical psych loans. while south east of the island drought has decimated crops, killed animals, and displays thousands of people, causing widespread food shortages. drought has to ravaged parts of zambia, zimbabwe and south africa. in fountain, madagascar, for example, you have 1.5 to 2000000 people who suffered acute hunger because of drought issues. you have over
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a 1000000 carcasses from lice livestock heard us, etc. and now with the. busy storms that we have seen about 3 very significant storms happening, a quizlet natal in the space of about 7 years and who has suffered the most. it is really the poor and vulnerable who have one of the dangerous places to put up to how the scene we are going to continue to see this trend happening all across the african continent. it's estimated it will cost billions of dollars to fix the damage caused by the latest flooding in south africa and environmental group. se severe weather has killed half a 1000000 people in southern africa. in the last 6 months alone. for me de la o. 20, johannesburg, south africa. i still ahead on the news. i reaction from the southern philippines, where presidential candidate is being backed by the regions largest on school. in
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germany by munich, a celebrating a 10th lee title, a back a days whether in spain should be much better than yesterday. so i think madrid briefly popped into double figures for about 20 minutes is because all the storm systems now going through iberia and through for out of the middle of europe. which means to the south. yes, often disappointed to the north, those been settled, quite windy, actually windy dry and not especially cold, for the most part dry enough as any other country to spark every now and again, a fire wildfire not a big one, but it was there all the same in southern england and these dry windsor still blowing, but you know,
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the temperatures are in double figures here. even in the north of finland. however, rain is in the continental plane has moved away from spain now. so you've got an improvement in portugal in spain. it's concentrating now in italy, was snow in between, over the alps and the rain spreading into a rather cold germany and poland. only just double figures here that laughs into monday. the some slow improvement. i think you could argue the south coast of france, but otherwise yeah. cloudy and wet for many but it's spring now in north africa, things our driver might expect. we should be seeing big sharon did there a warnings of big thunderstorms today in ghana. they are creepy, happened to this a hell, where it is still very hot. ah. as climate change heat up the planet, one scientific tends to take us back to the ice age to save the permafrost below,
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he's re introducing animals to the growth plans above. starting with the living creatures, the planning to resurrect an extinct species. could this approach save our wells? witness the zoom of hypothesis on al jazeera, investigative journalism. my role in this, i tried the information back to the global experts and discussion the pandemic didn't create all of these problems. it showed us our true colors, voices from different corners. we don't need to sensationalize how we build these stories. what journalists do best is look at the heart of the story. programs that open your eyes to an alternative view of the world today. oh no, just 0. lou
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ah, plugin you're watching al jazeera live from do how with me fully back to go a reminder of our top stories on this news. our voters in france the choosing the next president for right challenge remainder pen has cast her ballot in northern france incumbent emmanuel, my coin is hoping to win a 2nd term early numbers show turn out. i just 26.4 percent down to 2 point down 2 points from 2070 ukraine's president has again call for a meeting with vladimir putin to stop the war. ruiz lensky says the u. s. secretaries of state and defense are expected in cave on sunday, and more now on our top story and the presidential run off in france. joining us now from paris is victor mallet, was the paris bureau chief for the financial times. thank you very much, victor,
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for being with us on the al jazeera news. our so let's talk about the turn out figures 1st. turn out at mid day report it to be at 26.4 percent lower than at the same time in 2017. what would a low turnout suggest for the final result? he think yeah, it's pretty much in line. i mean the. ready both those kinds actually were worried about the possibility of a low tech. i don't think at this stage is enough of the kind of interesting number that make a difference from the side as far as we can tell. basically, a lot of people are either staying or writing blank, which is costing a ballot with no name on it because they don't like either of the candidates because they can't be bothered to. but that has been a characteristic of selections for quite a while. and i think that would concern lot of people concerned that the 10 would be even lower, but it looks kind of moderately ok compared to previous collection. right. i know
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pen when would require an extraordinary late shifts, right. but could it, could we be in for a surprise in your you'd like like the breaks it referendum or donald trump selection in the us in 2016. yeah, i mean that's, that's exactly the question that we're all we journalists and indeed i think, you know, financial markets. but he's asking, it's very unlikely, but not impossible. i think that, you know, the opinion polls have been pretty consistent and they microns lead has been widening in recent days since the race was narrow down. and so it would definitely be quite a big you know, turnaround in an opinion. and i think it's unlikely it's not impossible if it did happen, it would be, you know, even more surprising than the election of donald trump because the, the shift and the opinions showed through the pose and what actually would be would be much more extreme. so i think most of my cross, steve,
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and i'm pretty confident that he will win this, but obviously that i want to say thanks a bunch of course, let's talk about my reading the pen. the far right candidate. she's promoted ultra conservative views, but she also put forward he can make policies aimed at helping those who are struggling, which perhaps help explains her popularity right now. so just how white wing is she on economic policies? for example, many of her proposals would be considered left of center wouldn't yeah, that's right. i mean, it's the kind of, it's, you know, a lot of people are saying micro and the pen said this is no longer a battle that the left and right. but the visual part is that the nice of kind of pull them by the wayside. the socialists and the republicans both got less than 5 percent. so they didn't get most of that campaign of spending back from the state
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and both sides actually a marine, the pen and a man in my crime. this is a kind of bible between liberal internationalists and the nationalist michael or national it, you know? so marina pan goes around, accusing a micron, being a global list, and he will call her as a reminded nation that so i think it's true or economic policies are not particularly you know, right. weighing, i mean, obviously the reason she's called extreme right is because of her policies on immigration, nationality and identity and towards islam. not not ready because you can even my crowd is considered by the french people to the right waiting or center right on. you can only see, actually during the 19th pandemic, the enormous quantities of state cash and but to the budget, as did many companies around the world. you know,
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those are not ready traditionally sort of center, right? you can make the orthodox policies, but they found it necessary in time prices. so in a curious way and the reason on the economic front, the disagreement would really be with how you're promising. always ask people, but you haven't calculated the cost directly and for your call, it is not credible. and then not even policies and reading the pen will say, you know, that micro is firing the rich and not doing enough to help or help them with the custom building, which is a lot would be the war and ukraine and okay, rise in the process. you and thank you so much victor. mileage for speaking to a survey. this victor mallet is the parish spiritual for the financial times. as we look at these live pictures now from the northern town of lou, 2 k on the north coast of france, the incumbent emanuel, my call about to cast his ballot at a little care. right now, my la pin has done so already earlier in our a minute. my call is about to cast his vote,
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as you can see his greeting the crowd before doing so. this sir, 2nd round, french presidential election underway was also expected at 18. a 1st expect results 1st holy us expected at 1800 hours g m t that when are the course will close in france at 8 p. m. local time, the french president in little care right now. now let's head to argentina where farmers have blanched roads in the capital in protest against export taxes on agricultural products. they have to pay levies of up to 33 percent on exports of soybeans and grains. but they're worried that the government could raise them even higher. theresa bull report, somebody cyrus an uncommon site in the city of when a site is tractors from across the country came to argentine as capital to protest against the government of alberta from am this and that it me less traveled from the province of santa fe. he explained why he and others like him are at risk not
1:40 pm
required for those he is on it. we cannot produce like this. all of us end up renting or forums because small scale farmers end up renting their long term international corporations who can afford to bear that enormous talks. birds are, we have a food prices are rising worldwide driven up by the war in ukraine. this has put argentinean producers on alerts. farmers say taxes, export. taxis, drought and exchange rate controls are hurting their capacity to produce and fear the government could increase taxes even more. thousands of people accompanied the farmers to the center of a city to protest against the administration of about up. if i remember they say they're tired of the inflation rate. it was close to 7 percent last month, end of the difficulties they pay every month. they're saying that the government has no economic plan and they will grow chrissy and the restrictions implemented by the administration. 2 hurting and argentina's productive saturday. last march,
1:41 pm
the government increased export taxes on soybean flour, annoying seeking to control local prices and stabilize the price of wheat to what it was before ukraine's conflict. it also says farmers are overreacting and there are no plans to increase export taxes again, at least for now. yeah. but you can also order that the on it have an increased export taxes on the producers. so they're marching just in case they're marching against the project. it on no or imagined could happen. so we have no doubt this is a political demonstration that the has to do with of interest than defending the rights of the farmers. that is a good journalist like my be along on he say the situation in flames. already long running tensions between the government and the agricultural sector. gamble video even though it's taylor as the farming citizen, a strange situation. because like most countries in the world where they produce more food than they consume, what is a chance to make profit? argentina has a super awesome food and it could export more grain, milk,
1:42 pm
and meat pots and argentina's case. the bitter prices don't always benefit the farmers was this was the constant trouble between producers and the government. and that's why farmers vowed to continue with their demands. lease a government assistance would help them to produce more, something they say would benefit argentina's economy. and the whole world is i will as a cedar when a site is a both international monetary fund and the well bankcorp have met for the past week to consider the global consequences of the war in ukraine. they've also been discussing what's called the debt distress of many low income countries. they're also grappling with rising prices and increasing shortage is caused by the pandemic . en now the war in ukraine, or joining us to discuss this is vickie price was in london. she is the chief economic advisor at the center for a car, economic send, business research, and a former british government economic advisor. thank you very much, miss price for being with us. on al jazeera, i the i m f,
1:43 pm
meeting not business as usual, of course, or this year the i mess downward revision of world g d p was to be expected, wasn't it? absolutely. and they were looking at that in any case, because inflation had been rising even before the war in ukraine. we had seen food prices and prices and freight charges for transporting anything from anywhere around the world going up very significantly. and that had been leading low to people to downgrade their forecast anyway, say was expected, it would happen. but the interesting thing is it happens with a vengeance if you like, in the sense that they had to add to the impact of the warranty ukraine. and additionally, of course, they, there's this huge uncertainty as to how long the warranty claim will last and what will happen after their concerns. they have to do really with inflation, put prices, energy prices, and those areas which they cannot predict. so what efforts are needed now in the short term and median term to deal with these multiple shots the war in ukraine? of course, the high inflation food in energy security,
1:44 pm
high levels of debt and climate change. also indeed there's quite a lot to do with it. of course, why the world bank has already announced this $170000000000.00 support fund. that is a crisis fund, which they had something quite similar doing the coven crisis. but they've got this one now which is going to be so slowly building up over the next year or so for the poor countries, which are indeed going to fall into serious debt pressures. because of course they do, they have to pay except for those who produce doesn't want to just and, and have a surplus like we've just been hearing about as in tina. interestingly enough. but those countries that do not have those sort of luxury of being major a food producers or food export, just they are the ones that are suffering quite significantly. so the world bank is worried that something like 60 percent of the countries are looking at are going to be falling into serious debt issues and they going to have to step in and hence the fund that is that your system for the time being how long this will last is the
1:45 pm
real question, because on the food side, you want to see what is happening with 30 lies the cost going up significantly because the ukraine and russia together especially important exports affect noises . then farmers are not going to use, specializes as much as they would have done, otherwise they're not going to put down, you know, the crop so they would have done otherwise. so the problems with food security may last a lot longer than those for energy security where denise their alternatives and you can go to it, particularly gas from russia or from russia is limited in the future. looking at ukraine, specifically, what sort of help and support can you expect once it emerges from the war that we don't know what state is going to merge in. but they have already asked for 50000000000 support fund which is being considered right now. that would probably want to get a lot more from the you and as we know, the ready put
1:46 pm
a request in to have a you membership. so you can imagine that there be some extra help given to them that way. but it is going to be a major reconstruction effort if we're really looking at what they would do this year and, and what that help that we need to store the country to some sort of health. again, though, the both international interest on the european bank reconstruction, development and others have downgrade to the focus of the ukraine from a gross one that originally expected to anywhere between 35 percent and 45 percent dropping g d p in just one year. and that was requires huge amount of reconstruction. we've been hearing, of course, not just that civilian buildings have been attacked, but then the whole infrastructure are this ray infrastructure, production infrastructure and energy infrastructure. thank you so much for talking to us about this vicky price live there in london. the largest army group in southeast asia is for the 1st time backing
1:47 pm
a candidate in next month's presidential election in the philippines. but that endorsement is not welcome use in mainly muslim communities on the southern island of mentor. now jemila linda that has a story. it was a day of carnage. on june 19 1971 combined forces of the philippine military, along with the local army group called lega, launched an attack in the village of menilli in north got the battle province, could deal neglect, was 10 years old by it. what am i about? all uncle, they rounded us and forced inside the mosque. they surrounded us and that they were laughing at us. they'd alicia break their goods. i think we will finish you up. survivors say a group of armed men threw a grenade inside the musk, full of civilians. those who showed signs of life were either shot or stabbed, at least 69 of those who died are buried here now, and this has become a memorial people here, say they'd like to keep it that way. a reminder of the brutality of the marcus
1:48 pm
regime towards muslims. during the 22 year rule of president ferdinand marcus, there were a number of killings and displacements across the country, particularly in largely muslim communities in mindanao, the brooklyn mason of marshall low marcus as declaration of martial law in 1972 paved the way for a rebellion in the southern province of minda now continues to this day. this is why the candidacy of his son presidential front runner born bookmark as junior, is upsetting, regularly, mankey in what was a long way, or long as he needs to be. for all the pain, the cost us, our lives were destroyed, our parents were killed and we were not able to finish our education. the more is slammed liberation front is the biggest armed group in southeast asia. it has been fighting for the regents independence for decades. and over the last few years has
1:49 pm
run parts of mid to now, and they're a peace agreement with the government. i'd be both all say lamear or a dog of october all. now for the 1st time, it is endorsing a presidential candidate. mark as juniors mean bible as well. yes. fire redeemer in recalls and i shall learn maximum meaning hey bill lamear over a doll as the next president of the country. prince. oh, to the realization of the in you same unit day grow in glossy. b. b. good. governance, ambrielle democracy. marcus junior scampi theme is unity which the survivors of the manila killings. hearsay is an insult. there won't be peace, they see without an acknowledgement. and the most of all preparations for the injustices committed against their families. jamal alan,
1:50 pm
doug and al jazeera north got about our southern philippines. still head on al jazeera in sport with sar, the top team in the any child that's a new franchise record for consecutive weight. ah frank assessment, what are the political risks of panic rushmore? the gas for western leaders will sanctions on russian energy exports. that's how recipe for social in depth analysis of the days. headlines inside story on al jazeera, may on al jazeera frontline reporting an in depth analysis. we bring you the latest on the ukraine. more on the unfolding, humanitarian crisis documentary that inspire whitney springs world issues into focus through compelling human stories. 61 years dr. fidel castro's proclamation of
1:51 pm
the communist republic of cuba. what does the future hold for the country? al jazeera investigative pro ground fault lines were turned with a special theories on abuse in the boy scouts of america. lebanon goes to the polls, but will political change help the country find its way out of its crippling economic crisis may on al jazeera, like the ah, i'm not, sarah, thank you very much, folly well, well, have you write boxing champion twice and fury says a retired l successfully retaining his w b. c. title against in white harry knox out his fellow breasts in the 6th round. the pipe fight,
1:52 pm
wembley in london in front of 94000 funds off his care victory. the 33 year old said he'd be looking to take part in exhibition bounce in the future. but the, this was likely his last fight. i'm happy with my decisions. i'm going to go over the wife me kits. spend a lot of time on the road. i've been around a long time. i'll fulfilled our because i don't want it to fulfill. i'm going to retire us. they only 2nd have you weren't mystery after rocky marciano to retire undefeated to time when magazine everyone jump it a lot. it's never been around magazine older in my era. no one of them on jasmine are linearly. my are eva, because the roads lead to the jeep seeking, and i was unbeatable in office, gave a 2019, and a champions or toronto raptors of kept their hopes to live in the 1st round of this year's playoffs. thanks to a 11200, to win over the philadelphia. 67 as so on. so came into this one, trailing 3. nothing knowing defeat would eliminate them from the post season bought
1:53 pm
pascall sir. tom was in superb form for the home team. the camry noon forward, scored 34 points on the night is not i me help get his team on board but also keep the series alive. i think really, you know, we reach on a, again, make it tougher. odyssey we noise a tough coverage and, and i'm, it's got to be a team effort like, you know, and, and, and i think that, um, that's kind of like what we have to do in order to give ourselves a chance elsewhere the utah jazz. hi there series of the dallas mavericks. thanks so narrow. 199 when and game 3 this alley junk from rudy. go back gave utah the lead with 11 seconds left on the clock. everyone that came the game was pay we intensity defensively and we can fit it. we could, we could fit that regardless of what happens at the end of the game. when you
1:54 pm
played that way, you deserve to win, because you just give it all. now on a busy pay off night, the boston celtics took commanding $3.00. nothing's theories beat against the brooklyn nets, jason tate, some contributing 39 points in that wind for boston. and the minnesota timber walls overcame the memphis group. nice 100. 19218. series is tied to 2. now, spanish club rail betters of one. the copa del ray for their 1st trophy in 17 years on saturday. they faced volunteer in the final and took the lead off just 11 minutes for ha lacy. it's rather the opening goal of the much. however, if for the bank they will lever on the hall, mark hugo 0, making it $11.00. and that is how it save until the end of the penalty shoots. how i felt one mid under a lot time the winning kick. joyce is better so they capture the best pieces. so
1:55 pm
with nearly 2 decades, they can tell you what they'll your yeah, we get only if you ever since we left the hotel, i knew it would be difficult to lose the game. but the support was amazing and the roads were crowded and the players were motivated. com, convinced and focused on the game went on until the penalties, but i thought we deserve to win earlier by minute. instead of bracing off the winning record 10 german buns in the title in a row, they retain the championship by beating that close to the challenges. russia. 3 1 got the arena for robert lavon gorski for the 2nd goal in a 31 victory. they win the need with 3 games. having won the competition for the 31st time font, it's the 1st part to find a one on the coach julian mega man. there are also celebrations in paris to just write this down and go from the messy paris saint germain drew 11 with then it was enough to run up the 8th championship when in 10 seasons of the narrowly missing
1:56 pm
out on the side of the last year, the title goes back to paris and it's to me in symbol, i have moved to the top of the theory. a table with 31 went over romo on saturday. i sent over over with the pick of goals as the champion went, appoint clear arrivals. ac milan with both themes having 5 games less to play. now moving on and formula one wall champion mikes for stop and we'll saw on pole position for the media romani grands prix and molar the red bull driver. one fact a sprint race which decides the grid this weekend stuff and got a shawn mcclare on the lap, secure the race when it goes into this brown pre is the leader in the drive is championship time to struggle. and we'll start from 14 and women's tennis world. number one should be on tech has made it $22.00 straight wind, but she was made to work for the polish k. i was off against russian. let me of
1:57 pm
a in the semi finals listed god's open, she lost the 1st set but should be on tech for it's back to when the match off to just over 3 hours on what the 2020 you french i have been champion, is looking to clinch a full hostile in a row of winds in miami indian wells and cattle signing in her ways. on the $3.00 and $3.00 seed adiana sub lincoln. now top seamen, the n h l has set a new franchise record for consecutive wins. the florida pancho's defeats of the toronto maple these 3 seal on saturday, but they didn't either have time to wrap up the teeth when in a row runs. and one shows scoring the game winning goal. so a big win now in major league baseball where the chicago clubs have hammett, the pittsburgh pirates 21. nothing was the final day or in a great the ca for chicago by bots is rather you had 23 hits. and title says if you
1:58 pm
had the 3 of those as well, or was it from me by it's funny. sorry, thank you. more news on al jazeera, very shortly with diary navigated to say, oh i i use from al jazeera on the go and me tonight, out is there is only a mobile app is. this is where we dissects. analyze. the find with from out is there is a mobile app available in your favorite app. still just set for it and tapped our made a new app from al jazeera needs at your
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fingertips in the foot. i. lans of whom i miss the tamia, where the 1st settlements formed the cradle of civilization. iraqi people who depended on the tigris and euphrates for centuries can no longer make a living on rivers blighted by war and pollution. out there a world reveals how the man made decline of one of history's most famed ancient environments and leaving its people struggling to survive iraq's dying rivers. why did one of thailand's most decorated hobbs leave the country in the year of his long fraud investigation? one 018, review explodes to validate a police corruption on out to 0 or over 15 years i've called for the armed conflict. the natural disasters end up political upheaval in the philippines
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. parents tell us they walked for hours with their children just to get as the filipino as a woman. it is there where privilege to tell the stories of my own people to a global audience ah trans chooses. it's next president voters are deciding between incumbent to minute micro and far right. candidates, morrila pen. ah, you're watching al jazeera life for my headquarters in ohio getting obligate. also a heads. ukraine's president again calls for a meeting with his russian counterpart. but warren's talks are off if soldiers and marya pool are killed. shilling now incoming show.


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