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international use channel. one moment i'll be very proud. all was when we covered the de paula lake of 2015, a terrible natural disaster on the story that needs to be told from the hall of the affected area. to be then, to tell the people story was very important at the time victory for been wilma crawl makes him the 1st french president to be re elected in 20 years that he's promising change while his defeated fall right challenger murray. independence says chill carry on focus on looming parliamentary elections. ah, hello, hello. i'm with you. what you have to say. we're locked my headquarters here in doha also coming up here an election upset in slovenia.
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newcomer roberts, golub defeats 3 time prime minister, yadda yadda. and his russians in ukrainian markets to sunday, we'll look at how the conflict is dividing. the 4th adults christian church. welcome to the program french president manuel. my call has been reelected comfortably beating a far right challenge at marin le pen. but he's acknowledged dissatisfaction with his 1st term, and the pen says that her strong performance puts her in a good position for upcoming parliamentary elections. so let's take a look at the members. micro has an estimated 58.8 percent of the vote in the presidential run off, while the pen leader of the national rally party has 41.2 percent. bernard smith has this report from paris, emanuel micron gamble that a short but intense election campaign would be enough. it was his comfortable
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margin of victory over marina pan. give him a 2nd term of the lease a palace, only 2 presidents before him of manage that in his victory speech micron promised that his next 5 year term would be different. so the new vendor, so this new era will not be a continuity of the 5 previous years, may not be collected invention of a revised method. 5, better years for our country and all use hey, support is. this is a win that endorse is what they believe is their country's role at the heart of the european union emergency center. i am very happy up to the last minute i thought i would have fainted. you never know in life anything can happen. rashid absolutely, because up to day extensions were significant that emanuel macaroni did a good job in the 1st years of his mandate, and he deserves to lead france again. marine le pen gave the far right the highest share of the vote in a french election. but her path to the presidency was blocked again by republican front. in other words, many voters who supported other candidates in the 1st round voted this time to keep
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le pen out empty, but to death is with biscuit. the game is not over since in 3 weeks time. we will have the legislative elections. ah, that is we know, or a distortion of the political trend and create a risk of a manual macro. concentrating all executive and legislative powers. john lew, melanie shown the far left presidential candidate, took just one percent less of the vote than the pen in the 1st round. he wants his party, france on bowed to with enough support in the legislative elections. the macro is forced to appoint him prime minister, woodyard boucher to all of you. i say, do not resign yourself. on the contrary, go candidly and completely into the action has on democracy. could once again give us the means to change direction. the war in ukraine and the rising cost of living were main concerns for french voters. both issues will likely dominate the start of
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macro. on the 2nd, you're probably won't be much of a grace period for the president on the left. many voted for him, reluctant to raise the retirement, real, easy to hire and fire workers. i don't recall on the employment benefit approach. got the 1st thing just put in to get out there when it's actually about la joy's been alive from so natasha. it does seem a very design of when the full mac roll, but he has a lot of work ahead of him. but his supporters for the moment can breathe a sigh of relief. yes, i can breathe a sigh of relief because he has a one this election. i mean, that is clear in terms of the figures, but he does know as you say, that he's got many challenges ahead. he says he's going to be the president of all the french of all a france. but he has to try and convince the many people in france, you didn't vote for him, or who abstained,
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or who only voted for him in order to block marine the pain the far right leader. that he really is a going to listen to some of their concerns because that has been a real worry for so many voters now. micro has acknowledged this. he did say, look, i know, lots of people only voted for me to block marine the pen. he says that he's now going to, oh, those voters a debt over the next 5 years that he'll pay, of course, more attention to some of the issues that they have very close to hardy. he says he's going to focus more on things like, for example, climate change, more on equality between men and women over the next 5 years. because these are some of the issues that some voters feel that he has simply ignored in his 1st term as president. they are hoping that that might change as we go forward. and of course, as we do go forward marine le pen of z and lost the election. but she has alluded to, looking forward to these legislative elections just a few months away. but what next for marine lapel, the politician herself in terms of leading the party
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well, this was marina pens. 3rd attempt to become a the 1st fall, right? president of france, that is the 3rd time that she has failed, but she is putting a very positive, a spin on there. she's talking about a victory. she is saying that her policy is never achieved a search results before. and that is why, as you say, she is very much focused on these parliamentary lecture, a parliamentary elections in june. she hopes to have as many and peace as possible in the houses of parliament in the national poems, i should say, in france, in terms of her own career as a politician. for now, she doesn't seem to have any intention of stepping down. she certainly seems to want to continue as the leader of the party, but when she was a running during the campaign over the last few weeks and months, she did say a few times that in the future she would not run for the french presidency again. she will run a 4th time whether or not that will be true in 5 years time. we don't know,
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she might feel. the momentum is on her side. for the moment, natasha butler for us in paris. thanks for the update. now they've been isolated, protest by far left groups against macros. victory ah, right, please moved in the news together to disperse demonstrators in paris by word. similar scenes of the north western city of n, macro centrist policies have attracted criticism from both far left and right wing groups. the britisher and german leaders also congratulated sir macro. earl of schultz says, france made a strong commitment to europe and he's pleased to be able to continue to corporate while boris johnson says, frances, one of the guys closest most important allies and looks forward to continuing to work together. let's bring in nicholas tanza. he's a guess professor of government and political theory as to sales bo, a selective research university joyce, when via skype from paris. mister tens,
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a good have you with us on the program. can i just begin wave? how present, mike was talking about reaching out to those that didn't vote for him or abstained from this particular vote. how much work has he and his party got to do to turn that mindset around for the next candidate that will fill the shoes of a potential presidential election in 5 years time. because macro can't stand again . well 1st of all, i think one of the men difficult people for micro that is perfectly knows that you cannot, of course, run again because of the low under consideration basically. so it certainly will have to probably not designate but to choose a kind of person who could replace him next elections. and i think that we have also to focus on the 4th saying,
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which is very important. if we consider the 1st round of the 1st presidential elections, we had basically more than 50 fard on time system, voters are on the far right. approximately 35 percent fall from the fall list about 2021 percent. so i think it's a huge number of people that we have to convince. i mean, the classical political party, your classical political forces from the left, all from the light, from the center, like my coal, to convince that there is absolutely no future for those on time system forces. i think that's one of the many challenges. in fact, as a prince, man, i am not very proud of the fact that we have still 42 percent of the voters who voted for the far right candidate. you see that the 1st charge, the 3rd time that he was that of far right candidate present in the 2nd round of
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the presidential election. and i think we are all responsible even guilty for this kind of situation. all the political party is not on the my call should all the political parties in 35 years. i think that it will take time, i think, to reconvert in a way those waters. that's certainly one issue that has to be addressed. certainly by all the other parties as you say, but there are huge challenges. what you alluded to, which so to start really with the economy and the problems at many countries across europe and the rest of the world have faced the issues of employ him and have been focused on the distance friar. dis, disney dis, for disenfranchisement of the youth and climate change are all issues at mac, ron was accused of ignoring. so where does he begin in winning public support? back on what topics do you think he's going to tackle with 1st? i think we have different kinds of topics because i'm in the voters who are
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opposing manual, my coal, and eventually to have chosen finally just to vote by him just to avoid. i mean, a presidency of my band that would have made fraud. perio basically have different kind of expectations the ones, but probably not the majority of them. all certainly basically aware of the true issues of climate change, but no of them. some of them are mostly looking up or choosing bullet, which is i think, a tremendous issue in fraud in more than 10 years or nose. a part of them certainly are more concerned for all the discriminations against some people, especially the migraines and even the french people who have muslim origins. and generally speaking, they are very concerned by human rights in general, and sometimes or sort of brutally of the police and just kind of issues. and of course you have a 3rd category of borders who are, who was could give
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a last category concern by the questions of migrations. and finally, you have last category was a little bit concern about the question of foreign policy who are considering that macro is not tough enough against a dictatorship, especially country like russia and china. and we're asking for more support to grade more broad to human rights and freedom fighters micro lot better. i mean, a very famous. yeah. un general assembly speech in 2018. so you have different kind of expectations because it comes with it says the can i just jump in because we are just running out to time flatly. but i want to just reference what you've just said about present micro, dealing with ukraine and touching on ukraine has very fine balance in terms of dealing with foreign policy as well as domestic issues. so as we lead tools his
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legislative elections in june, he will won't really, to get to the point 20 with the french public to address their concerns. because what he doesn't want is voter apathy. and another large majority of the french population abstaining from the vote in any form. yeah, really, i think that's a true challenge. and because also, i think you will, you mentioned rightly i seem to parliament reelection because you did decide and false wronged in the presidential election in a way. and for that, i think one of the issue is not only, i mean to maintain that the domain issues, but also the personality of the people micro suffered a great deal of the lack of leadership. with the exception of himself. if we consider it ahead of his own party, you don't have people with a very strong charisse not. i think that one of dominion issues that will bought
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a lot for the elementary election must not be of course, forgotten or otherwise. i think we will have to balance of schools because you have a very different kind of voters from the right from the left. his partner is rather weak and one of the main issue is for him. certainly to gather many people. but if you guys are only the people from the right, all the people from the left, then it will have no support from the rest of the society. that's basically the fact that potential science is politically polarized and buried from the divided. ok, well i think that's one of the many to which is, but he just thought for him and said he is not easy at all very complicated scenarios for the french people to work out for the nicholas tends to, thanks so much for joining us in paris. thank still had it on al jazeera, unprecedented flood sy, closing drought, southern africa,
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struggles to keep pace with a changing climate. ah hello there. let's look to north america. and much of the weather action has been focused on that major winter storm swooping its way across the northern plains of the u. s. and central canada. what by monday, you can see that's pushing its way further east, across the great lakes, taking heavy snow and blizzards to easton areas of canada. now behind that it does dry up. we're going to the temperatures dipped down slightly, but there is still a lot of wants to be found in the southwest. we've got those critical fire warnings remaining here in places like new mexico. we are still going to see a lot of warmth in places in california. like los angeles, the temperature, touching up into the early thirties, now we're going to see a cool down, however, across the great lakes and places like chicago as that system pushes its way
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towards the east coast. if we have a look at the 3 day, we're going to be touching 6 degrees by wednesday. so very chilly indeed. but there will still be some sunshine. and we are going to see a lot of a warmth knocked out of the southeast corner. thanks to those severe storms rumbling their way further east, we have got some tornado warnings out in places like oklahoma and no storms touched on into northern areas of mexico. monterey is going to see a dramatic dip in the temperature. by the time those storms rumbled down to mexico city by tuesday, ah, in the 30 lands of former mesopotamia, where the 1st settlements formed the cradle of civilization, iraqi people who depended on the tigris and euphrates for centuries can no longer make a living on rivers blighted by will and pollution out of their world reveals how
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the man may decline one of history's most famed ancient environments, leaving its people struggling to survive iraq's dying rivers. ah. the me talk about the what you all just bear with me, the whole rob, the reminder of our top stories present. a medical background has been reelected after beating far right challenge. now, with that full knowledge, dissatisfaction with the pen says, how strong performance put her in a good position for upcoming parliamentary elections and united states approaches by far less fruits against my phone victory, right, please move in and he's got to disperse,
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demonstrates the paris that was similar scenes in the north western city of had no elections in slovenia, have delivered a shock and a new prime minister, the environmentalist party of political newcomer robert globe, won the most base and he's not expected to full macola and government. the count so far has his policy on about 34 percent of the vote compared to 24 percent for the conservative civilian democratic party law had a to make his victory speech from isolation home and to contracting cobra 19 while jasper bash is these of industries eating capital leanna, this was supposed to be a fight through between the robert drop from freedom movement and prime in the study, honest down shot. but robert, go up on in a landslide. one of the reasons is that he has a lot of new orders who weren't went to the election before. on the other hand, pianist, the answer was criticized for suppressed and needed for suppressing civil society
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and organization. so civil society are going into the 3 selling people for 12. so the very high turn out is one of the key issues in the selection in 2018. there was a 53 percent walters coming out. now it's very close to 70 percent is we expect that the rubber to go up real form of government which other left in parties. on the other hand, yanna sasha will staying a position. he's a political veteran, he's. he will be waiting for his next chance. he was prime minister for 3 times, and he couldn't do it the 4th time. so we are expecting that the parliament will have less parties. it would be easier for, rather go up to form a government. now ukraine's president of miss lensky has called for unity and resilience during an address marking easter sunday. and the orthodox christian
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church celebrations were subdued, and small church leaders were asked to keep congregations limited in case they became a target. alexia, brian explains. yes, the hoards herself will go amiss in the shadow of war. ukraine's president turned to a building signifying peace caves 1000 year old saint sophia cathedral, the setting for his latest video message marking orthodox easter sunday or on will yours. christina crystal, as shall symbol is we believe easter symbolizes the greatest victory of life over death. each of us is asking god, only one thing. every one says the same words, the words of a great and united, frere. great lord, the save ukraine. oh, sunday also marks 2 months since russian forces invaded ukrainian authorities urged those celebrating the christian festival to follow services online. but some still made their way to church for easter blessings. oh,
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this is boucher outside cave town that seen some of the worst violence of this conflict. and other parts of the country artillery fire could be heard as easter services were held. ukraine had joined to the un and pushing for an east, a truce, but with no success is saunter severe to mirror the sun is shining and the sky is clear. but there's no peace in my soul. i very, very much once ukraine to have liberty love and hope or years that the book is so others in the eastern city of separation were too nervous to stay for mass. 3rd one is a whole of so we didn't enter the church and we did everything quickly. we received our blessings from the priest and we are now on our way home. the conflict has divided the orthodox church. the russian patriarch and ally of president vladimir putin. his throne, his support behind the war,
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and used his sermons to justify it. that's angered church leaders in ukraine and others across the orthodox faith. its spiritual leader has pushed an end to the fighting, calling it an indescribable human tragedy. rushes annexation of crimea led to a part of ukraine's clergy splitting from the moscow to branch in 2018. there. a fee, as the war could further rupture the wider church. president philosophy, as lensky urged ukrainians not to live. anger overwhelmed him because he wouldn't you. today's great holiday gives us the great hope and belief that light will win over darkness. good will win over evil life will win over data and therefore ukraine will win. inevitably ga, mailed to me. oh. ringback the prayer for peace and hope heard and found across ukraine. alixia brian al jazeera. yes,
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president joe biden has accepted an invitation from his roles, prime minister of tale bennett, to visit the white house as by law. make the trip in the coming months. the to lead a spoke on the side about the 10 situation and i'll actually most compound in occupied east jerusalem. this will be biden's 1st visit israel as president hydrogen castro choice, you know, floor on this from washington dc. it's one thing to say yes to an invitation, it's another thing to actually arrive there in person, especially when the so much going on for the president when it comes to ukraine and russia. absolutely, if his plate is full, as far as president joe biden is concerned, and he nor this really side gave any dates as far as when this visit would take place to both countries. indeed, confirming that vibe and accepted bennett's invitation. and in that this would happen quote, in the coming months, this announcement, following that phone call between the 2 leaders in which 2 important subjects were
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raised. one being the tension surrounding the alex, a mosque in jerusalem, where clashes between palestinians and israelis, security forces since april have led to hundreds of arrests of palestinians. and on friday reports of some 57 palestinians, injured by israeli security forces. the white house re why house read out of this call saying that president biden told bennett that he was taking note of the ongoing efforts between israeli and palestinian officials to lower attentions and ensure a peaceful conclusion to the holy season of ramadan. now the other topic here, of course, being iran with the benefits office saying that he asked biden not to de list the ronny and a republican national guard as a terrorist organization as it's currently listed. now this is a something that is real considers as the largest harris group in the world. a
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detailed at the white house read out of this phone call left out instead saying that biden and bennett discussed the threat posed by ran and it's proxies of course . so as you know, this is all happening in the context of the u. s. efforts to, to revive the iran nuclear deal, which is something that israel continues to oppose. indeed, for the moment, thanks to a retired cost with a remote i renewed violence between all groups in saddam's door for region has killed a number of people. rival sides accused each other of triggering it military reinforcements have been deployed to the region there. but morgan reports not from the capital caught him while the rita of west r 4 has been witnessing inter coming on violence between the ethnic arabs in west are 4 in the region of carina, which is about 80 kilometers from the capital janina that the capital of west are for now. the masai tribe, that to non arab ethnic tribe in west are for accused. the arabs of raiding them on
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friday and attacking them, killing at least 8 people. the situation was largely calm on saturday, but on sunday morning they must are late accused. the arabs of rating the area once again, they say that our armed men came from all directions and burned villages. displacing people in the area of craning again, which is about 80 kilometers from the capital janina, that's the capital of west dar for now was there for aunt r, for generally has been witnessing inter continental violence, despite the fact that a peace agreement was signed between the transitional government, an armed groups in 2020, with the aims of ending the conflict that started intent. 2003. the intercontinental violence between the arabs and non arab tribes have displaced tens of thousands over the past couple of years, especially over the past few months. that's likely because of resources that in his years, curse god says 17 people are now known to have died in multiple shipwrecks on saturday for both carrying more than a 120 people from the different countries in africa. sunk off the coast that the
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city of sax, the majority were rescued, the migrants were heading to italy, crossings, or on the rise and dozens of drown, trying to make the perilous journey. in recent months, the recent floods that have devastated large areas of south africa, the highlighting concerns over climate change. environmental groups in southern africa are worried that governments in the region are not doing enough. millions of people have enjoyed both floods and drought in the last 6 months alone. for me to miller reports, not from johannesburg, unimaginable destruction. homes and lives destroyed or lost as floods ravaged parts of quizlet natal province in recent weeks. and in the aftermath, beaches streets aligned with debris and pollution. at least 443 people were killed in the floods described as the worst. and 60 years when 2 months worth of rain fell in just 48 hours, causing mud and lance lights,
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we needs to increase our investment employment adaptation measures to better safeguard communities against the effects of climate change. the government is calling such natural disasters the new normal, attributing it mostly to climate change, but environment experts say the devastation may not have been as bad if the government had done more. here in the township of alexander into hannah's, but thousands of people live. 1 alongside riverbank flood prone areas, while the have been local and global pledges to reduce the effects of climate change, many of those promises have not been kept. ex, let's say countries like south africa need to build their to houses, road and drainage and transport systems to adapt to climate change. and key people say, experts say africa's west indian ocean region is vulnerable to extreme weather shocks . parts of madagascar recently been hit by intense tropical psych loans,
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while south east of the island drought has decimated crops, killed animals, and displays thousands of people, causing widespread food shortages, drought, his to ravaged parts of zambia, zimbabwe and south africa. in fountain, madagascar, for example, you have 1.5 to 2000000 people who suffered acute hunger because of drought issues. you have ah, or what a 1000000 carcasses are from lice, lifestyle, cur, heard us, et cetera. and now, with the storms are that we have seen about 3 very significant storms happening in causal natal in the space of about 7 years. and who has suffered the most. it is really the poor and vulnerable who have one li, are dangerous places to put up their houses in. we are going to continue to see
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this framed happening are all across the african continent. it's estimated it will cost billions of dollars to fix the damage caused by the latest gliding in south africa and environmental groups. a severe weather has killed half a 1000000 people in southern africa. in the last 6 months alone. for me to mila al jazeera johannesburg, south africa. ah! the what you deserve me. the hill robin reminder of our top stories, french president manuel by crawl, has been reelected comfortably beating far. i challenge at marie le pen. microns acknowledged dissatisfaction with his 1st term. it is a good one on the local, but yet i know for many of our compatriots who chose extreme right. their anger and disagreement which led them to vote for that project. well, we must find a respond.


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