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yes, to raise want me to match with conservation initiatives. ah, the us promise is more military aid for ukraine during the highest level american visit to key of since the war with russia began. ah, let me parker this is al jazeera live from london, also coming up, found guilty of attempting to overthrow the turkish government activists. osman kabbalah is sentenced to life in prison. to crown rebels say they've pulled out of the far region. the move that could unlock life saving food aid for thousands and need a cove it outbreak in beijing prompts putting, buying his residence. worry they could follow. shanghai in to lockdown.
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ah refers to some breaking news. twitter has confirmed it's been bought by ellen musk for $44000000000.00 earlier. shares being traded in the company will halted amid reports mosques bid to buy the social media giant would be successful. the sale raises questions as to how the billionaire will reform the social media giant mosque as previously said. he wants to a log twits his extraordinary potential and make it a platform for free speech around the world. early or monday musk tweeted that he hopes even his worst critics remain on the platform. because quote, that's what free speech is all about. well, gabriel, alexander is live for us, a new yorker gay, but i was only a couple of weeks ago we were talking about best. speculation has been growing for some time and now they looks as if boss has actually gone ahead with it. what more
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do you know? well, we're just getting this info in right now as you. so correctly mentioned, twitter confirming that they have decided to sell the company to ilan muska deal that they say is valued about $44000000000.00. that's 1000000000 with a b. they're saying that about 25500000000 is financing basically alone. that musk is getting from a bank. and then another 21000000000 in equity. that musk is putting up the bottom line. know this is $44000000000.00. the stock price said, for per share $54.20. exactly what must offered a little over a week ago. and this looks like the world's richest man is now one step closer, assuming this gets approved and gets finalized and there's no certainty to that yet
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. but as sir, look at shipping very good at this point is that you are, must, will own twitter and the days of twitter being public company look like it will be over very soon. it will be held in private hands here with you on must. this is certainly been quite an april for twitter and for you on musky was just 3 weeks ago that it was revealed that he bought 9 percent stake in the company, making him the company's largest shareholder. he then accepted a position on the board of directors. there, but then a few days later it would that position was revoked and then it was a week later that he said that he was putting out this offer to buy all of twitter . and for the last week, both the wall street and the silicon valley tech and finance worlds around the world. if you will, have been speculating on if this deal would go through or not. and if even much would really be able to come up with the money. this is a $44000000000.00 all cash deal. and even for a guy like you must, that is
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a lot of money. that is a very check to write. and as it turns out, he's not writing it himself. as many wall street analysts predicted he would need to try to find financing. and clearly he has done that. he presented that to the board. according to reports, the board met with musk in his, in his is representatives a sunday multiple times according the new york times. they met in the early hours of monday morning. so clearly a deal was in the works. and now twitter confirming it you are musk, one step closer, twitter confirming that they are prepared to sell. sell the company. one of the biggest social media platforms in the world with over 200000000 users around the world to the hands of you on musk. should this deal continue to move forward? gabriel is on the new york on a little musk takeover of twitter. thank you. ah,
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do ukraine now? weather has been the highest level visit by u. s. officials since the war began. the secretaries of state and defense met ukraine's president in person to give to offer continued support against russia's invasion. secretary of state, antony blinkin said, russia's campaign in ukraine had failed, and a pledge was made to step up u. s. military aid, including more advanced weapons, alexia bryan reports a show of support in a time of war. the u. s. secretaries of state and defense in the ukrainian capital to meet president of a lot of me as a landscape. this was the 1st high level visit by us officials since russian forces invaded what you've done. um, in reposing the rush angela battle keys, it was for and her insurance bar. and quite frankly, to russell the war. we've got used to see you on video around the world, but it's very, it's good to see you in person. during a 3 hour meeting,
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the pair promised to stay pop u. s. military aid, including sending more advanced weapons and we will continue to do everything possible or to ensure that you are successful. ukraine's president has accused allies of being too slow to help saying they shared responsibility for the was casualties. but on sunday he said he was grateful for u. s. support. and what he called an important moment for his country. i believe that there, sam, if the priority of this meeting is weaponry, support from the united states and our partners in europe, it's all about the strength of our army. and the 2nd issue is the sanctions against the russian federation. because of the full scale terror, the russians were waging in our country. while russia has failed to capture any major city since the invasion started on february 24th, it has caused widespread devastation. cities in the east and south, the facent daily bombardment. and what president,
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for lot of me is lensky is called the battle for don bests. the u. s. says it wants to see russia weekend so that it can never do anything like this. again, the bottom line is this. we don't know how the rest of this war one hole, but we do know that a sovereign independent ukraine will be around a lot longer than glad americans on the sea are in terms of rushes. war 8 russia has already failed, and ukraine has already succeeded. speaking in poland after their meeting secretaries outlined what will be included in the latest to $700000000.00 package to ukraine, a neighboring countries. so they need a long range force or you've heard of it was a need for pipes. we believe that we can work, they can win if they have the right equipment, the right or the visit comes just days before that un secretary general antonio terrace is due to travel to moscow. then keith, for meetings with leaders from both sides, say cree blanket says good terrorist will be carrying
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a strong and clear message to the russian president. but he needs to end this war. now. alex here brian al jazeera around the time blink and wasn't key. if russia at least a string of attacks across ukraine, striking crucial infrastructure, the close ne train station neil of if was among 5 train stations hit by missiles and war planes and central and western ukraine early on monday. authority say at least 5 people have been killed. ukraine says russia was trying to bomb ukraine's rail infrastructure to disrupt foreign arm supplies. the central veneer sir regions governor says an unspecified number of people have been killed by rockets. russia fired at 2 towns, rushes defense ministry says its forces have destroyed an oil. binary and cremmit shook in central ukraine along with fuel death. those they're a long range missile hit. what russia says are weapons and ammunition, depos, embarking carver and of a demy terrifica in the hockey region and ukraine's defense ministry says russian
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forces are continuing their attacks in the east charl stratford sent this report from flavio ernst and dunn. yes, near one of the front lines. situation has come down in the last couple of hours in this area. but as i say, the ukrainian military claiming that russian falls, he's trying to push towards vienna have so far failed in that endeavor. but this is one could only really describe it, potentially as being the quiet before the storm, the streets of slavery and scar. pretty much empty. we can still hear a siren being an alarm in the distance, most of the civilians of slavery and have have left. and the reason why this area is so important is essays because it is one of the largest urban areas still under ukraine, control loss policies pushing in from, from the northeast, the north and the northwest as well as certain areas of the east ukrainian
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military saying that there is ongoing fighting in various villages to the east of here, also with respect to what's going on in my real pull, of course, that city that has seen such heavy fighting as, according to some reports. and we've seen the pictures as, as the world has a city that is pretty much being flattened, ukrainian, deputy prime minister saying that, or is as yet still no agreement. the russians still, she saying the russians still refusing to agree on setting up some sort of humanitarian cordele to get out what we understand around a 1000 civilians traps under that still works that giant great soviet built industrial plant where still there are ukraine in flight as ukrainian military in there, we understand that obviously the civilians haven't left and there is still fighting to try as the russians try to clear that area of those ukrainian fighters, ukrainian military. so of course, great concern there still for those civilians trapped in mary helpful. but as i say,
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there are still a lot of civilians tracked in towns around this area as it seems, the russians, russian military forces try and push towards leanne sc or russ. as president bin while says moscow's enemies are trying to cause unrest to undermine its games. in ukraine, roscoe, which crises grew up, the other task is coming forward to break russia from within. but they can't do it because our society is showing its unity and support for our armed forces under efforts to maintain the security of russia and the citizens of don't boss dos. jibari has more for moscow letting me put in seemingly very directly at targeting the foreign media saying that they are an extremist that are being their views being presented in the foreign media. and he advised his and general prosecutor's office to remain vigilant. he also shared some information about
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a operation that the f s. b, a managed to prevent from taking place according to the presidents, the federal and security services authority and attempt of on the life of a very prominent state. tv presenter vladimir sullivan, who is one of the most well known figures in this country. he has a daily ed program here in the evenings on st. tv. this was another example by a vladimir putin of how his country has been under attack from the west and specifically the united states. he says he believes that this see i had a hand in this as well. he also talked about the other at various forms of at the and sabotage attempts by western countries on russian society for some media outlets. so reported a series of blossoms. mold overs breakaway region of trends, nice drove explosions, reportedly happened to the ministry of state security in the city of tourist ball. so far they've been no reports of casualties. trust nissan is supported by russia
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is on his own ukraine's west and border a took his course, a sentence, rights activists, osman kabbalah to life in prison, and a case that caused tensions between present reship type odo and, and several western countries. caballo was found guilty of attempting to overthrow the government by organizing anti government protests in 20136 other people were sentenced to 18 years each. the french born businessman had been held for 5 years without trial and condemnation from the european court of human rights. germany has already demanded his immediate release. we'll send him called cox. gallow is outside the court house in istanbul, with more on the verdict. o swan cove, all i is now charged for aggravates of life sentence as he has a quitted from the charges or espionage accusations, but has not been acquitted for the charges that says he was
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in charge of orchestrating or if he was enrolled in orchestrating the nationwide anti government protests in 2013. now for the court process, there is one important thing i because 7 co workers of a small koala is now charged for 18 years, but a, he's a being charged for aggravated life sentence. as the court argues that he tried to overthrow the elected government and he aimed at the a constitutional ordered. but most, mon comalla, his lawyers, others, other defendants, lawyers, and international human rights watch. folks have been saying that the evidence court has presented so far. i lack a proper evidence the but that evidence only refers to the allegations about the accusations, but not the incidents still come here on the al jazeera human rights creeps accused maryan forces back by russia mercenaries of being involved in
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a massacre in morrow. ah hello, that is the lack of spring like weather across europe at the moment, particularly for central and southern areas. but up in the north while we've seen mild conditions, a lot of warms coming through for places like sweden and clear skies. so people could enjoy the cherry blossoms in bloom. now we are going to see things cool down up in the north. thanks. when northerly wind, it's going to knock some temperatures down for paces like no way as well as sweden . if we have a look the 3 day for stuck. hm. well, you can see it there. we are going to see the temperature nearly half as those clouds creep in for britain and island for the north west. we are still seeing some sunny spells through the cloud. it is going to cool down in places like london. it'll dry up, however, for much of france though, scattered showers, edging across,
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further east, and to places like germany, as well as austria and northern areas of italy, but plenty of sunshine to be found for the south of this. and lots of sunshine in the southeast corner, greece seeing clear skies. athens sitting at $26.00 degrees celsius, the similar story for romania. but on the other side, we had further west within the rain, come back into spain. by the time we get to wednesday, it will be eastern areas of spain that see a real drenching. but for malaga will see sunshine at 22 degrees. ah ah, the ship come odd award for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022 from february 15th until august, 15th this year. for more information go to w, w w dot h t a dot q
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a slash e m. ah. ah ah, reminder of the top stories here on out just 0, the world's richest mom, eli vasquez bought social media platform, twitter for $44000000000.00. earlier shes being traded in the company halted because of reports. the sale was likely he raises questions as to how the billionaire will reform the social media giant. the u. s. secretary of state says russia has failed in ukraine and to be blinking and defense. secretary lloyd austin, have just wrapped up a visiting cave and pledge to step up u. s. military aid,
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including more advanced weapons at turkish courses, symptoms rights activists. osman kabbalah to life in prison, and a case that cause tension between president rich a tire burden and several western countries of allah was found guilty of attempting to overthrow the government by organizing anti government protest. 2013. if you appeal to cry, rebels who are fighting a war with the government to the north of the country. so you have made a tactical retreat that decry people's liberation front or t p l. f says it's completely withdrawn all of its forces from the neighboring a far region. they say they hope the withdrawal will allow aid to reach famine, hit decry where more than 90 percent of the population needs food aid. last month, prime minister abbey ahmed, declared a surprised truce in a bid to improve humanitarian access. ethiopian jealous, some you'll get a chew is following the story closely and says, this was the only way the government would allow much needed food into decry. they
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could only agree to some kind of seas unless an organization that they deem us at terrorist organic organization would suddenly leave afar. but the t p life has been saying the reason that they're in a far as to protect their interest to protect any kind of attack that might come there. wait. and there doesn't seem to be any end in sight. the of the coming in has been trying to play a role to end this conflict. the former president of nigeria has been going back and forth between i d sub up mccully the carpet out of to dry and event in the kenya. a speaking to the kenyan that president and in the u. s. invoice find to solve this issue, but there doesn't seem to be any kind of fab agreements along this actors. 6 soldiers have been killed and 20 injured and civil tanius attacks targeting 3 army
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basis in mali. russian fighters were involved in repelling the assaults. human rights groups accused russian fights is linked to the wagner group of torturing and killing molly and civilians. nicholas huck reports from neighboring, senegal captured on mobile phone. the aftermath of a suicide attack of kite of fighters detonated a car bomb in one of molly's biggest military camp in savari inside the barracks of hundreds of russian fighters. they repelled the assault, but lost a russian helicopter. on kite says this was a retaliation against recent operations by molly's military involving russian fighters in the center of the country. while in stay tv follows the authorities on the ground here in the village of mora in operation to win hearts and minds. in what human rights group believe is the sight of a massacre. they say russian mercenaries and malia soldiers, tortured and killed almost a 1000 people, mostly civilians in the last month, in the village of mora, and whom bori give him. the soldiers that you see in the village are only your
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brothers, children, and grandchildren. they can never be your enemy, nor the enemy of war. uh, money in authorities are blocking the us from meeting the survivors and conducting an independent investigation. al jazeera spoke to one of the survivors, mama do not. his real name says he was on his way to market when he heard the helicopters of the 1000000 army hover overhead out came what moment describes as white skinned soldiers shooting indiscriminately. i lay nonunion at hand. never moline soldiers had with their accompanied by white soldiers. there are many of them on count recognized apaches on their uniforms. i'm afraid to approach them. but people say that russians, many people have died because of their violence game, and that the bad maryan authorities deny the presence of russian fighters instead, calling them instructors over the name in a statement. i'll keita said it is holding hostage, and he captured russian fighters up linked to the wagner group with the deployment
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of russian finders. last december, the relationship between 1000000 authorities and france has deteriorated than your 2500 french soldiers are pulling out of molly. by this summer. last week, french forces handed over the camp of go see to 1000000 forces. the marine army says it found a mass grave shortly after that contained bodies in advanced state of decomposition . but the french military has released drone and audio footage showing maryan soldiers digging dead bodies into the sand. after they had left, a senior french military official told al jazeera that russians are behind a campaign of disinformation, targeting the french army. in molly, away from europe is a new battle front in an information war involving the russians and the west and caught in the middle, or the people of molly nicholas hawk al jazeera french presidency. my new my crawl
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has called for unity following his reelection. love to beating far right challenge m marine le pen by crone. acknowledge the dissatisfaction with his 1st term made clear by reduced share of the vote in sundays run off compared to 5 years ago. the touch of butler is in paris with both. well, there won't be much rec for a minute, mike craw on the international frontal. want to forge ahead with his diplomatic efforts to try and help. and russians war in ukraine from us also continue to hold the rotating presidency of the european union. emanuel michaels was very hard for the deeper you integration and then closer to home on the domestic front. mark over want to look at some measures policy to try and help people deal better with the cost of living crisis. that was the number one issue in this election. he also faces the challenge of trying to convince people that he really can be the french president for everyone because he knows that 41 percent of people in the selection
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voted for his fall. right. dr. murray independent, a very different agenda, a very different vision of fraud. and he did. he also know that a court of population simply didn't cost that balance, so he's going to have to try and white and his appeal. he'll also be working very hard towards those parliamentary elections that will take place in mid june as well . the other presidential candidates in this race, most notably marine the pen. she says that her campaign has already begun back in 20. 17 macross policy had landslide in the national assembly. it allowed him with a majority to push through many controversial reform. whether or not you'll be in a similar position this time around seems unlikely. well, by the situation in ukraine now in the u. s. says it will reopen its embassy there soon. it closed its key of embassy and move diplomatic personnel out of the country in the days before the invasion, bike. hannah has more from washington d. c. this is a strong signal from the united states,
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and one must know to that it has now announced a new ambassador to ukraine. bridget brink is the current ambassador to slovakia. she is a professional diplomat. this is very important. and also she is extremely experienced within the region, and she would be well known by the u. s. as european allies, which would be of great comfort to them having a diplomat in place who they are well aware of and who they know and who is not a political appointment, who is a career state department officer. so all of these factors together, very important in terms of the u. s. presence in ukraine saying as well that it's sending diplomats back in the coming week. those diplomats having been brought out to the beginning of the war. and also significantly the u. s. is going to resume training of ukrainian military on what it says are and disclosed weapon systems. so all of these factors together show an uptick in the biden administration's
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involvement in that war in ukraine. israel says it will once again allow palestinian labor as a merchant to enter from garza as of tuesday. the errors or bait had noun crossing was shot on saturday after her mass rockets targeted southern israel. the firings followed repeated israeli raids at the alex or mos compounded occupied east jerusalem. employment in israel is a lifeline for people. in garza, we're about half of people are unemployed. china's capital, beijing could soon be joining shanghai and entering cove. it locked down, the testing program is being expanded in a bit to track an outbreak that may have been spreading in the cities most populous district for a week. people have been buying essential items after reports of severe shortages during shanghai, 3 week lockdown. katrina, you reports from beijing launch used for corona virus testing of forming across the east of beijing. the capitals towel young district has ordered all those living and
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working here to be tested. it follows the discovery of at least $41.00 cases in recent days. richard da da. com of another. i do worry. but what can you do? you just have to chose and do what the common tells you. that's why i'm here. jessica, go is. it was a warmer. i'm not too concerned. i had prepared one week's worth of food at home that should be enough. the warning prompted panic buying on sunday. the shelves of many supermarkets and grocery stores have been emptied. officials are trying to reassure the public, saying supply chains for essential goods are secure, neutral banker, retail supermarket stores, community virgina bo shops and a direct sales doors have a steady supply of daily necessities. at least 28 neighborhoods haven't put under locked down and 1200 close contacts sent to quarantine centers. more than 3 and a half 1000000 people must undergo testing 3 times this week. as making races to contain this latest outbreak. leaders here are anxious not to repeat the mistakes
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made in shanghai where expert, se infections were identified. 2 lights, most of shanghai is 25000000 residents remain confined to their homes. the commercial center reported more than 17500 new cases on monday. 138 deaths from the virus had been officially confirmed there. in recent weeks, most were elderly ad unvaccinated. there were some say, the real death toll is higher. residency access to feed and necessities has improved. the liddy indefinite locked out 1st and post at the beginning of the month has sparked wide spread aga and desperation. viral social media video criticizing the governance heavy had a 0 tolerance approach, has been sense it online. catching you al jazeera b jang. nicaragua has formerly withdrawn from the organization of american states.
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the government of president daniel ortega, has also closed the organization's offices in the capital. managua they owe a asked, condemned ortega's reelection because several opponents were detained before the vote. nicaragua announced in november it would leave the organisation, the o. s o a s contains every nation of the americas apart from cuba, venezuela. and now nicaragua, it's been one of the most expensive holidays in history. but all can things, of course, must come to an end. and 3 business men have splashed down after nasa's 1st commercial vacation to the international space station. they paid a whopping $55000000.00 each for the package deal organized by a company called axiom space. which included a return trip on ellen musk space x rocket. but at least they had some extra value . bad weather meant the 9 day trip was extended to 17 days lucky them.
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remember, you can find much more on our website. the address for that is w. w, w dot al jazeera dot com ah, a reminder of the top stories here when al jazeera twitter has condemned as confirmed rather, it's been bought by a law mosque for 44000000000 dollars. earlier. shares being traded in the company were halted because of reports, musk beds to buy the social media. jaya would be successful. the sale raises questions as to how the billionaire will reform the social media. jain mosque has previously said he wants to unlock twitters, extraordinary potential. and make it a platform for free speech around the world. the u. s. secretary of.


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