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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 26, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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versus the scale of destruction is just now being revealed as we arrived me goliath, there is panic. a russian war played is suspected of being close by. stay with al jazeera, for the latest developments. ah . as the battle between russia and ukraine shifts the don bass to fence ministers from nato at e. you nations assess, keeps demands to defend itself, nations of goodwill, and from around the wise man united and i resolved to support ukraine in its fight against russia. imperial with russia. that's the way it should be in the mornings of a 3rd world war. russia's foreign minister accuses nato, starting a proxy war by sending weapons to ukraine.
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ah, hello, i'm adrian said again. this is al 0 alive from doha, also coming up. moldova president holds an emergency security meeting after a series of attacks of the russian back break away region of trans denise tra, pools richest man. ellen musk is buying one of the most influential social media platforms. twitter for $44000000000.00. the defense ministers of 40 countries are in germany and a show of strength and support for ukraine against russia. the discussing ways to increase the supply of weapons to keep you as secretary of defense, lloyd austin, pledged to continue support for ukraine against what he called russia's lawless invasion. we're all here because of your brain. perish because of the innocent civilians who have been, you know, with rain. but he'll be poll. real country has been
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rubbish. your hospitals have been bomb. your studies is up in executed your children and prod, wife bowed to the ramstein air base in germany, al jazeera stepped boston. is there a step one of these defense ministers hoping to achieve today? well, often called it a historic may think because it is unusual for us to have this international meeting at the largest us base outside of the united states. and it's clearly trying to get a signal to europe mainly, but also to other countries to prop up military support for your crave. and it's also significant that this meeting is in germany because germany has been criticized for not doing enough until a few days ago. it was very reluctant to sense having weapons to ukraine,
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but just on the eve of this meeting, the government has now decided to send thanks after all its work to tanks that ukraine initially had us for our g part anti missile systems. it's a light version, as i believe, than what ukraine has also, but they are now confirming the sand, happy weapon. so it is significant. and the us is really trying to build this broad coalition of more than 40 countries, which goes beyond nato countries, from asia, a straight africa that has been invited here also from the middle east to build a broad coalition, not only for immediate military support to ukraine, the u. s. has, is really needed now, but also for long term military assistance to give the security guarantees and the u. s. s that ukraine needs also in the future. we've talked about what role germany is playing and all of this. would it be fair to say that america's role in this war is expanding?
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absolutely. can say that this is a shift. germany, of course, everyone was looking at germany as a neither in europe to step up support for ukraine in this war. and germany has been heavily criticized for not doing that. and now the u. s. is holding this meeting in germany, of course it shows that the u. s. has not passed any more patients anymore. and it's basically taking this leading role here in the war that ukraine is now fighting with russia. so it is a very important signal that the u. s. is given to germany. and also, of course, also to the other nations who have been reluctant to pop up this military. a steadfast and reporting live that from the reinstein base in germany stopped many thanks and deed in moscow, rushes foreign minister says there's a real threat of a 3rd world war. so a lot of are off is accusing nato of waging a proxy war with moscow. by supplying weapons to ukraine on the ukrainian side,
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it's foreign minister says the rhetoric from moscow means that they are sensing defeats both sides so admit that there are obstacles to a cease fire. look at flu boom. got little boom. as in any situation where armed forces used everything will end with the treaty, but its parameters will be determined by the stage of hostilities at which this treaty becomes a reality of water. i don't think he's ready for a serious conversation. i don't think russia is ready for finding solutions at negotiating table. but if i see that they change this attitude and they are ready to seriously look for mutual acceptable solutions, i will overcome mars my disgust and sit down with him and talk. i will be a difficult trip for the un secretary general who's in moscow to meet president vladimir putin. antonio garage will also travel to keep the 3 day visit to the
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warren. countries is aimed at bringing much needed aid to civilians and to open the door for peace on diplomatic editor james bay, his reports from the un the un secretary general meeting with turkeys president heard on in ankara before flying on to moscow. mr. terrace is trying to build on previous turkish diplomatic efforts with a new piece initiative involving direct shuttle diplomacy. first in moscow. and then on to keith. he thinks that there is an opportunity now and will make the most of that what we can. a lot of diplomacy is about, about timing, about finding out when is the right time. ah, to add to speak with a person to travel to a place to do certain things and, and he is going in the anticipation that there's a real opportunity that is now building itself. and we'll see what we can make of it. even though the secretary general last week called for truce over orthodox easter, a call that fell on deaf ears. i call on russians and ukrainians to silence the
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guns and fords are best to safety. for so many at the media thrace, the secretary general continues to cool for cease far, but that's very unlikely to happen. the ukrainians side don't want the conflict to become frozen with russian troops stationed inside their country. and after 2 months of war, moscow's made very limited gains. if, as a truce now, it would be very hard for president putin to declare a victory. my lord, i asked rushes, deputy ambassador to the un, whether a cease fire was a possibility. we don't think that this is far as a good option right now, because the only the only advantage it will be with will give her a possibility for agreeing and forces to regroup. and to stage more pro, occasions like which i like, i say culture so frankly, is not up to me through decides. but i don't see any reasons on this right now. the conflict has cost many lives. parts of ukraine had been completely destroyed,
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living ruined buildings and mangled metal. but despite all this, the guns still seem unlikely to be silenced yet. james bays ow jazeera at the united nations. let's go live to moscow, moscow ourselves. torso jabari is there for us. what is antonio garage door so hoping to achieve on this visit to moscow? while thee, as secretary general, is going to try and convey the urgency of any kind of a cease fire that can be had. and even if it is very short lived one to try and get as much aid and humanitarian assistance to as the areas that are most affected in ukraine, according to the latest figures from the united nations. they have now asked for i, they've doubled their request for humanitarian appeal for ukraine to $2250000000.00 . that is double the amount that the you on was asking for at just last month. and
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according to their numbers, the latest figures that they have, there are just over 5000000 ukranian left refugees who have left the country and there are just over 7000000 ukrainians that are internally displaced. so there is a sense of urgency and as we heard in james's story, and there is a sense by the secretary general that this is the right moment for him to press for some kind of a ceasefire. but of course, his ultimate goal is going to be to try and end the conflict, but that is very unlikely. at this stage, we understand that he will be meeting with the russian foreign minister survey lover of and the 2 men will have a working lunch after which we will hear from both of them. and then later on this afternoon, the secretary general and tony, with tears will be meeting with the russian president vladimir putin. and we'll have to wait and see how those meetings go. and whether or not he'll be able to make any headway in the current situation. i thought of stay with us for a moment. i just want to ask you about this next item of yours. there are reports
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of further explosions involved. both of us break away region of trans nice trio to radio antennas for broadcast russian radio and knocked out had happened early on tuesday in the village of march dawson. what is going on in trustee street right now? what, why are these attacks happening? well, it trans this year was 1st mentioned by a russian, a military official high ranking one. on friday. he said that as the objective of russia's 2nd phase in this military operation in ukraine is to take full control of not just eastern part of ukraine, but also the southern part, which would mean as the areas in odessa. now he said that this would allow the russians to have a access to trans mr, which is a breakaway region in moldova. and it is a small area, but it's a home to about $350000.00 people, most of whom are,
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are russian passport holders. and russian speaking a population there and they've wanted to be a part of russia since at the end of the soviet union. and they had to break away. but there's been a lot of conflict between that and residents of that area and the government in moldova, of course russia recognizes it as a breakaway region, but the international community does not. it is technically part of moldova. but the latest incidence that we've been hearing about, i have certainly caused alarm. and the rhetoric that is coming out of that break away region indicates that there could be some interest in russian forces possibly assisting the russian speaking population. there it is, the rhetoric that we heard prior to the russian forces entering ukraine to help those in the dumbass region of eastern ukraine. so there is certainly a cause for alarm that we also just heard recently over the past few minutes. that
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said, there has been another attack, according to officials in transit history and, and this is the 3rd on a government facility in that region and certainly the central government in moldova has been meeting the security council. the president has been meeting an emergency session there to try and figure out how to move forward and what the situation is and try to contain it. or desirous dawson jibari reporting live there from moscow door. so many thanks and we're going to weather update. next a been molly and forces backed by russian mercenaries are accused of being involved in a massacre petroleum china against mass testing, and really 21000000 people in order to continue to prove it. 19 our break and b j ah, the journey has begun the, the full world copies on its way to the catholic group,
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your travel package to the tallow. they will start in southeast asia and we seen flash flooding in areas of kuala lumpur. after a warning for severe thunderstorms, what we are going to see a lot of that wet weather continue here. we have a look at the 3 day for quality. i'm but we have got wet weather on wednesday. it dries up slightly on thursday, but those heat of the day thunderstorms will be back in on friday for the western half of the region. it is a much dryer picture for much of indo china. but for the east, for the philippines, we could see some flooding in southern, in eastern areas. we've got warnings out as those torrential downpours continue. and we've seen some very heavy rain across most eastern areas of australia. for queensland, it does dry up slightly here we're going to see the wet weather sweep across new south wales with rain in sidney through the weekend. we're also going to see some rain over the next few days for per thanks to a cold front. that's working its way of a southern areas of western australia,
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bringing some wintery conditions. here we are going to see an improvement for perth . however, by the time we get to the weekend. but for adelaide, if we have a look at the 3 day, it is going to get cooler here with one or 2 showers by the time we get into friday . now it's unsettled there. but for new zealand, we've got high pressure in charge with lots of fine and dry weather to be enjoyed. official airlines, which on the latest news as it breaks there, an estimated $20000.00 lead gold miners just in the younger mom, the reservation with detailed coverage. the government says it's taking action, but doctors are desperate thing. lives are being put in danger from around the world. residents, zalinski says the coming days will be crucial for ukraine will be expected. renew defensive in the lou.
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ah, hello dan. this is al jazeera. let's remind you of the my news. this are you asked is hosting ukraine focus defense talks. it's ramstein air base. in germany, secretary of defense lloyd austin, opened the talks, pledging to continue support for key against what he called a lawless invasion rush. us foreign minister says there's a real threat of a 3rd world war. so gay lover off is accusing nato of waging a proxy world in moscow. on the crating side, it's foreign minister says the rhetoric from russia means that sensing defeat. the un secretary general is in moscow, hoping to push lush into allowing humanitarian aid the civilians tramped in the conflict. antonio cottage will be meeting russia's foreign minister and president
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vladimir putin. before traveling on to keep it crated. forces facing the fall might of the russian military in the east, russian forces pushing south of advancing north from russian controlled on yeske al jazeera charles stratford reports now from sla ganske. want me a one of the front lines. are you crated military abilene speed, south towards olympiad. sc. evacuated civilians arrived it a valid so you created all be chick point north east of the city. the military won't allow us to fill inside the vehicle or spit lava. delia at delhi as 86 year old brother had told eda my husband is still in there at home. i'm very afraid for him. sit darling, breaking down to the person in ukraine. what's this water end says nadia and we can say that some booted stop this dreadful war and put it to the we're hearing
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a lot of shelling as you can hear that possibly. that shilling coming from this direction. we've also hearing from that direction about 7 kilometers up that road is the town of newman. now we, we know that russian forces control a village very close to it. we also understand that most of the civilians have left and the military are telling us that what the russians are trying to do, fly attacking the man is move closer to the city of savanski, which is down the road. bloody told a case lie on the ground close to the checkpoint, cut from the limbs of soldiers or civilians injured the night before. a military ambulance arrives, an injured ukrainian soldier is helped to waiting all medics who refuse to let us vill oh, stop filming. now he says, this greater is from what the ukrainian army say was. a russian rocket landed near
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another check point on a different road into sla vianza. it leads to the russian controlled city of ism ukrainian. army says it's holding back at least a 2 if not 3 pronged russian army advance. sloppy ask along with neighboring cremmit also. only a 10 minute drive further south of the 2 big cities in the double bass region. still on the full ukraine, an army control. we drive in detailed the streets of virtually empty the people still here shop at the occasional supermarket, still open. many of the shelves are bare, close by. we fide marina and set a gay by him 16 years then you can, you know, of course, we're afraid it's going to happen. the russians are pushing, but we hope the army can protect us and defend the city. we have a basement and that's our only plan. the main thing is that we've sent our children
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away from a school was damaged with a russian bulb, landed close by, but sloppy ads because escaped the heavy rush and shelling suffered by some towns and had on it screeching in the evening light, a siren whales warning those who remain to get in the side or underground and almost deserted city in the russian armies, sites shall strap it out to 0, sloppy. ask north korean leader kim jong and says that his country will strengthen, undeveloped it's nuclear arsenal. a maximum speed speaking a parade in pure gang kim at it, the north korea could not limit its nuclear forces to just the parents. the song 17 was among the missiles on display that said to be pure young's biggest intercontinental ballistic missile. north korea says that it's successfully launched the weapon in march. one of 13 tests so far this year. 6 soldiers have
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been killed and 20 injured in civil tyneesa tax targeting 3 army bases in mali. rush and fighters were involved in repelling the assaults. i'll just do as nicholas hark reports now from neighboring, senegal, captured on mobile phone, the aftermath of a suicide attack. all kinds of fighters detonated a car bomb in one of molly's biggest military camp in savari, inside the barracks of a hundreds of russian fighters. they repelled the assault, but lost a russian helicopter. arcada says this was a retaliation against recent operations by molly's military involving russian fighters in the center of the country. molly and state tv follows the authorities on the ground here in the village of mora, in operation to win hearts and minds in what human rights group believe is the sight of a massacre. they say russian mercenaries and maryan soldiers tortured and killed almost a 1000 people, mostly civilians in the last month, in the village of mora,
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and whom bori. given all the soldiers that you see in the village are only your brothers, children, and grandchildren. they can never be your enemy, nor the enemy of moron. authorities are blocking the un from meeting the survivors and conducting an independent investigation. al jazeera spoke to one of the survivors, mama do not. his real name says he was on his way to market when he heard the helicopters of the mountain army hover overhead out came what moment to describes as white skinned soldiers shooting indiscriminately. hi elaine, anyone and i never use the 1000000 soldiers over their company by light soldiers. there are many of them. i can't recognize the patches on their uniforms. i'm afraid to approach them, but people say they're russians. many people have died because of their violence. maryan authorities deny the presence of russian fighters instead, calling them instructors. and they said in a statement, i'll kind of said it is holding hostage captured russian fighters,
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which linked to the wagner's group with the deployment of russian fighters. last december, the relationship between 1000000 authorities and france has deteriorated than year . $2500.00 french soldiers are pulling out of molly. by this summer. last week, french forces handed over the camp of goods see to 1000000 forces. the 1000000 army says it found a mass grave shortly after that contained bodies in advanced state of decomposition . but the french military has released drone and audio footage showing 1000000 soldiers digging dead bodies into the sand. after they had left, a senior french military official told al jazeera that russians are behind a campaign of disinformation, targeting the french army. in molly, away from europe is the new battlefront in an information war involving the russians and the west and caught in the middle or the people of molly. nicholas hawk al jazeera paging a syringe,
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reduced mass testing for most of its 21000000 residences authorities struggle to contain a surge and corona virus cases. people have been panic buying at supermarkets stocking up on food and essential items. china's capital has wold out strict measures under the countries 0 coven policy. today with katrina, year reports from paging. well baking authority say they found cases in 8 new districts across aging, bringing that person of 80 percent of our cases identified here in the capital since friday. so what that means that the mandatory testing order has been extended to law district and basically will cover most of the people living in beijing. and that includes more than $20000000.00 people who will have to go for math testing. so far they've tested about 4000000 in this initial round, including myself and our team as well. and we're still waiting on our results from that initial test. now here's the thing. we won't have to do just once this week,
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not twice. we'll have to do the test 3 times before the weekend. i think that's a recognition that this is the highly infectious on the chrome strain and it's very difficult to catch up time. now, after all those test results, the after those 3 rounds of test results are discovered and correlated on the weekend. it, we're expecting on sunday that authority will make a judgment call as to whether there will be any lockdown or any further restrictions imposed activists of the usa. the people with disabilities are facing unique and ongoing challenges during the pandemic asylum. fisher reports now, they haven't had equal access to services like corona virus testing. so this, imagine after a long week, you finally get your hands on a covered testing kit down with imagine you've been feeling ill and want to know if you're okay here. what now imagine you're blind. it has no markings on it. and again, this is a cardboard box, so um, you know,
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boxes of band aids have braille on them. now hang over the day for many disabled people, the surgeon testing has left them behind. if you're blind, 1000000 people in the u. s. r. then simply, what can you, what to do is a challenge there. we're testing centers that we're drive through our own way. and of course, blind people don't drive. we do have as a matter of national public policy, the idea that people with disabilities are supposed to be integrated and included. so why is there nobody thinking about on the front end before things become a problem? endemic restrictions were hard on almost every one, but even more complicated for those who are disabled. that is the americans with disabilities act, the laws intention that every american has the same rights and opportunities as every one else. it gives people a sense of independence and dignity during the pandemic. we have seen all 50 states ah, operationalize what's called a crisis standards of care. and these are standards that are hospital uses to
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determine who gets access to treatment in times of a shortage of of medical resources. and so states have used disability as a means of saying, you know what, your life is not worth living. it's not worth said in, in fact one in for adult americans has a disability disability defined as a physical or mental impairment that impacts a major life activity and lawn cove. it could see those numbers rise dramatically. you may be seeing people with long corvette who are experiencing things like the t reduced lung capacity, brain fog, as well as individuals who have had significant stress and trauma throughout the panoramic. we're now having to adjust to life with our psychiatric disability. the white house is responded to criticism and made some changes including recommending to drug companies that they make testing easily
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accessible for everyone. but things aren't going to change overnight. there will be a lag, and that means for people with disabilities. it's going to take longer to get back to normal. alan fisher, algeria at the white house reaction to ela masks, punches of twitter has divided social media, u. s. republican politicians are welcoming the move. but some democrats say that it's dangerous for democracy to it as board unanimously approved the $44000000000.00 deal to sell the company. gabriel, as under reports now from new york, the deal is done the month long saga of who will own twitter appears over. in one of the largest and most unusual tech acquisitions ever, the board of directors at twitter unanimously agreed to sell the social media company to eland musk for $44000000000.00. up until the deal was announced, there was doubt on wall street. that musk could cobbled together the financing needed, but he did musk help pay for the deal with $25500000000.00 in debt
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financing by a group of banks lead by morgan stanley. in a press release announcing the deal must talked about improving the platform by getting rid of automated spam accounts and making its algorithms open to the public and authenticating all users. but for musk buying twitter is about free speech, or at least his version of it potentially ending twitters current content, moderation, or stopping the platforming of users to break the rules. you on much is not buying twitter or financial reasons, although he thinks he can make some money on it. he's buying it for ideological reasons. and i think that's the really important part and all this. and that's ultimately what's scary with musk in control. they fear a return to the unruly spread of disinformation on the platform. so as today, a good day or bad day for twitter users,
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that is probably the most important question here. and i think it's also the question that's going to be hardest to answer. i think that if he does a lot of the work that has been done trying to protect against sort of normative lead, bad speech, such as information and especially he speech that's going to be a bad day for but you know, there's a chance that he takes over and doesn't sort of have quite a sweeping of a reform agenda as he's that he's put forth in over the last couple. it's been a tumultuous month for twitter. the saw must take a 9 percent stake in the company, making him its largest shareholder. he was then offered a seat on the board of directors, only to have it abruptly revoked, followed by his cash offer to buy the entire company all within the last few weeks . ultimately, elan musk got what he wanted to not only be a twitter user, but to also be its owner. gabriel's ando al jazeera,
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new york mosques acquisition of twist, brought a cautious response from the white house. i'm not going to comment on a specific transaction. i what i can tell you as a general matter, no matter who owns or runs at twitter, the president has long been concerned about the power of large social media platforms. what they had, the power they have over our everyday lives has long argued that tech platforms must be held accountable for the harms they cause a, he's been a strong supporter of fundamental reforms to achieve that goal. i still don't have a specific comment on this specific transaction and, and at this point, we don't have any sense of what the policies will look like. it's been one of the most expensive holidays in history, but all good things must come to an end. i'm 3 business money slashed down out of nasa's fast commercial journey to the international space station. they each paid $55000000.00 for the trip, which was organized by a company called axiom space. they got more.


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