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beat the contradiction, we have a real democracy here in the united states, the smaller political party, it's a radical insurgency, are mark lamond hill and it's time to get up for right here on out 0. ah rushes president vladimir putin hold talks with the un secretary general. he says he hopes talks with ukraine will yield positive results. ah, i'm going back to you boy, you're watching al jazeera live from do. i will have more on the un secretary's visit to russia and just a few minutes. and also ahead on this half hour a great job. we are with investigators gathering evidence of potentially thousands
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of war crimes committed by russian forces in ukraine. a parade of power and north korean leader says he's strengthening his country's nuclear arsenal. and china is crumbling to contain a coven 19 outbreak in his capital. we look at how it could affect economies around the world. news we want to show you the latest pictures that are coming to us from russia's capital . moscow vladimir put in the russian president has been holding talks with the visiting un secretary general antonio gutierrez, i this is coming after a good terrorist earlier. how talks with the russian foreign minister say gay, loved ralph? are speaking of the beginning of this meeting with the a un secretary general hootin said that talks with ukraine on the conflict, there will continue in an online format. he said and added that he hopes or talks
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will yield positive results. the un secretary general for his part has been calling for a cease fire in ukraine and for the establishment of humanitarian corridors in the besieged city of mary paul to allow for the safe passage of civilians. earlier in the un secretary general, i held a news conference with the russian foreign minister, sega oliver of in moscow. here's some of what he had to say. it is clear that there are due to different positions on what is happening in ukraine, according to the russian federation. what is taking place is a special new 30 open ocean with the objectives of twitter, not according to the well in line with the resolutions 1st by the general assembly . rushes invasion of ukraine is a violation of his very thought of integrity and against the char thought of united nations. but it is my deep conviction that the sooner we end these
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war, the better for the people of you crime, for the people of the russian federation and those far beyond. rudy shoshone will show sham conceal this was happening as a result of the actions of the us and its allies and unipolar world. because as for our geopolitical sphere, it was done in the interest of containing russia. and to that, and for many years green has been used as a springboard to restrain our country. as i understand that the russian federation is many grievances. but the, when charter foresees a large number of mechanisms in which clearances can be addressed, and namely with the recourse to the international court of justice or other of the mechanisms if all the other ones foreseen in the charter faith. but there
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is one thing that is true and obvious and that no arguments can change. we have not ukrainian troops in the 30, tory of the russian federation, but we have russian troops in the territory of ukrainian federation. i left lesson in a bit more to what the russian leader has been saying in his meeting with the un secretary general, gave in 3 or 400 men will at the moral her lawyer smug that it was m experienced it please. the craftsman, if there is a desire to keep go and check for the red cross representatives around his eyes are representatives how they are kept or have their ideal is place. you are welcome to go and check. this is somewhat of this simplest issue, the same place, decision we pedestal authorities not so simple matter. and let's discuss this
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apologies are that our meeting are seems to have ended. those were pictures that were fed early of the meeting between the a, russian president vladimir putin and at the united nations secretary general. i put in saying that the situation in ukraine's marry a poor. well, he's described it as difficult and may be tragic. we know that the un secretary general has been trying to a set up humanitarian corridors from mary a bowl to allow civilians to leave the city. that was one of his main objectives during this visit to moscow. trying to convince the russians to help set up these married are, these are humanitarian corridors in mary of all i, the secretary general has also called for a cease fire in ukraine. it's unclear whether the russians will, he'd that call at this stage. we'll have more on what's happened in that meeting between the president of russia and the un secretary general when more information
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comes through. of course, in the meantime in parallel, the u. s. defense secretary lloyd austin has said that washington and its allies were hold monthly meetings to discuss arming ukraine. the u. s. has hosted talk said the ramstein air base in germany focused on helping ukraine defend itself. politicians and military experts from up to 40 countries to plot to ensure that we continue to build in o'clock ridge. we're going to extend this for and beyond. today. i'm proud to announce today's gathering will become a monthly contact group on ukraine's. so the fish and the contact group will be a vehicle for nations of good will to intensify our efforts and coordinate our assistance and focus on winning today's vote and the struggles to go. step barson has been following the meetings at the ramstein air base. us has travelled here to
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europe, so a pick up this leading leadership role. what often is saying is things need to be stepped up, but also speeded up, we need to move at the speed of war. he sat and basically he's sort of hinting at the slow pace in which germany has been reacting to the war and ukraine. germany has been heavily criticized germany, of course, is the largest economy here in europe for not doing enough until yesterday. even germany was very reluctant to send heavy weapons. well, what do you watch and what awesome have chiefs by holding this meeting is that germany has made this turn around to just an hour ago with the minister of defense from germany as announced that they will send you said gay par sheet that hangs anti aircraft crop system, so ukraine, which is a complete turn around in germany, was one of the countries very reluctant because of this fear that it would be a sort of war that would be nuclear attack. it's something that the chancellor all
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of shelter has said just a few days ago during an interview. so now the u. s. is here, they're really making a big fist, bringing all these countries together and basically pushing also germany a bit further in the, in its actions towards helping ukraine the us secretary of states has washington. any allies will continue to provide ukraine with military aid and the blinking i stole the senate foreign relations committee that the u. s. and ukrainian government in agreement about what's needed. their success is primarily because of their incredible courage and determination. but it's also because we were able to equip them with what they needed for every tank that the russians have had in ukraine. we've managed with 30 allies and partners and one way or another to provide about 10 anti armor systems for every plane that the russians have fallen in the skies there been about 10 anti aircraft, munitions, of one kind or another. what we're doing is very quickly in the past, it's taken from the time a president, made
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a drawdown decision to getting equipment into the hands of the people who needed it . weeks. now are often it's 72 hours on the ground in ukraine, russian rockets has hit a commercial center in the city of operations, killing one person and entering another as the last large city under ukrainian control in the southeast so far has been the destination for people fleeing the front line spent reinforcements are being sent and trenches being docked, an expectation of an assault. and ukraine is investigating more than $500.00 suspects for committing thousands of potential war crimes. evidence is being gathered across the country. oh adapter. how me travel to villages north of the capital keys, and has this report for ever since the russians pulled out a few weeks ago. detective victoria namir rover and her team have been exhibit bodies, at least 10 day leave. at dusk, she never thought she would be doing when she 1st joined the police to few. on this time, her team is unearthing the body of a person buried in the backyard of
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a house. they carefully dig, carving around the body, trying to figure out how it's positioned more to the who these are the feet. so the head is over there. she says at 1st assessment reveals it's a man who appears to be in his sixties. it's only when they flipped a body over that she finds a clue into the cause of death. not put on any of your thumb lamp affiliation, each a senior. he's got a wanted the back of the hat. most likely it's from a bullet because he had blood coming out of the mouse, the buddies, the composing, and the skin is stuck to the clothes. so in order not to damage it more, right, we will take him away and then the forensic expert will investigate further. the found his fawn, we will charge it and hopefully find out more about him. both the full scope of what happened when the russian soldiers left the towns north of keith is still not clear,
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but the trail of destruction left behind is evident. civilians have been telling about how they were diagonally targeted as they were trying to flee. they had bullet holes all over this windshield, but this car was hit by some large caliber ammunition from the side here. and you can see still the remains of what appears to be a white flag marking the fact that they were civilians in this vehicle. and then here on this side of the car, you see the point of exit, of where ever rip through the car. and inside it may ham, you still actually have blood stains everywhere. and in the middle of all that, a passport it belongs to a young man who was born in september 1990 children who, who killed oh, business number in char children. but again, we don't. it's another example of a ledge war crimes. among the thousands of cases that investigators have been
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documenting says, ukraine's prosecutor general. she has dispatched teams around the country to gather evidence here and bro, junkyard, they set up in a classroom and is full of people telling their stories. again, hillen sylvia downs, samo them over after tortured torture civilians. we are now started to prosecute her sexual crimes raping. we see eat, unfortunately with the then they talk with the property officer, the lance. oh we see again there they bombed again and again they bumped civilian infrastructure. hospitals came to harder and schools more than the 1000 into kish or institutions destroyed in ukraine water. this, of course, it's military. it is walk right near by butcher do mortgage overwhelmed refrigerator trucks are also overflowing with bodies. olga finally found her
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husband. after coming here for several days, he was killed while she was away in poland. are put to move her to sit there for the lowest of the neighbors called and said me, he was shot on march 22nd. he was going to the garage to get some food. 2 russian soldiers saw him, ran after him and shot him twice. the russians didn't allow the body to be picked up for 3 days. bratia denies committing any atrocities suggesting they've been staged. but do you and human rights offers says, there is growing evidence of war crimes committed by russian soldiers and fears. many more could emerge as the fighting continues in the east and south of the country. where the bill hamid elder, z route, north of keefe still ahead on al jazeera the latest from moldova as a series of glass rock, the breakaway region in trans mystery. why? even monsoons and melting laces aren't enough to stop water shortages for the
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people of cattle. i'm too oh, hello, they will sat in southern africa and southern areas of madagascar are expecting some very heavy rain thanks to the remnants of tropical cyclone jasmine. now we are expecting to see that where the creep up, the east coast bringing some heavy falls here. but as we go towards the end of the week, it is going to skirt off for the east, leaving behind a lot of dry weather, particularly for eastern areas of south africa. as well as the cape town, we've seen the temperature touch up to 30 degrees celsius. lots of sunshine extending all the way up to that central band of africa where we are seeing some fierce thunderstorms roll across the congos. cameroon, edging into coastal areas of nigeria. you can see those fierce thunderstorms they
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will by the time we get into thursday, they do ease the way it's going to get wet and windy a for the north west for morocco and algeria. but it's all about the wind. when it comes to libya, we are expecting some gale force winds that are expecting to lift the sand and create some sandstorms here. now talking about sandstorms as we move to the middle east, we've seen some very unsettled weather for southern areas of jordan, as well as q 8 and saudi arabia, sandstorms expected to continue here with a few showers popping off across southern areas of saudi arabia. the temperature in riyadh dipping down to 34. ah frank assessments. what are the political risks of batting russian oil, a gas for western leaders, pull sanctions on russian energy exports. harrison was informed opinions. france is not abandoning to fight against jedi, still resumed media debt going to be attaching from nisha and from shod critical
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debate. could china actually help in russia's invasion of ukraine in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera lou. ah, you're watching al jazeera alive from doha reminder of our top stories. russia's present, vladimir 14 has been meeting with the un secretary general antonio terrace in moscow. putting says, he hopes talks with ukraine. will that yield positive results in ass cold? what is unfolding in the besieged city of marable, a difficult and tragic situation. the 1st time he when's chief has did, is visited russia since the war with ukraine began 2 months ago. and the u. s. u. s
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. defense secretary noid austin has said, washington and its eyes will hold monthly meeting to discuss arming ukraine. the u . s. has been hosting talks at ramstein head basing. germany focused on helping ukraine defend itself and russian walk it's. i paid a commercial center in the city of san felicia, killing one person and entering another. it's the largest last largest city under ukrainian control in the southeast. now 3 explosions have taken base in 24 hours in the breakaway, moldova region of trans mystery of the targeted to soviet era radio antennas and a military unit. the antennas were used to broadcast rush and radio from the village of my jak. on monday the ministry of state security in de rossville was also hit. moldova, as president says, the attack saw an attempt to destabilize her country. did you send simpler in louisville? and what's happened in the past 24 hours in the region of thrones next year. as an
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escalation of tensions, i will like to remind you there for a few weeks. there has been several bomb alerts in the region in schools and medical institutions. while jovan authorities are following with caution and vigilance events that are happening on the territory controlled by to ross pull the law or analysis indicates there are tensions between different forces within the region. we're interested in. d, stabilizing the situation. we condemn any provocation or attempts to involve moldova in actions that could threaten the country's peace. what is the russian back head of the break away region is blaming ukraine for the attacks. we used to be green up to the beginning of the military operation and ukraine, trans history as state neutral. and we openly said that we didn't want to take part in any aggression mutable venue well done. and i suppose that those who organized these attacks and to take trans destroyer into armed conflict and i can confidently say you will not succeed trans to this. drea can defend itself to me. i have to
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warn everyone who is complicit. you will not succeed in dragging us into the military action, samuel romani is an associate fellow at the royal united services institute. he says, moldova is worried about being brushes. next target. armando was very concerned about this because this follows along that trajectory of escalator, a rhetoric from russia towards moldova was the russians had been warning that they could cut off gas to moldova with his, moldova does not have the funds to be able to pay for it. there was a major gas dispute that unfolded over the course of the fall. also, there were 1000 troops and transistors that held a drill right before the invasion of ukraine. and ukraine is repeatedly warned. the transistor has major city curos fall, could be a staging ground for aerial operations in solving ukraine. almost always walking over a fine line here. it's also unusual. countries are part of nato, right. and it's vowed to keep that to appease russia. also, it has pro russian elements like former president, very eager to don't to one closer economic interaction with russia. so at when dad
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the united states is tell him aldo, which divest death from russia is on as easy as it looks because his elements, who believe that engaging with russia, is the best way to predict moldova security. but there's been some small movements right. busy mother has been removed from the russian power, read much like ukraine and move towards european paragraphs. that's a positive side. moto, as you remember your prospects much like george, as and even, arguably ukraine's before this war were very slim. so moldova is arguing that it's economic integration, that's presume with europe as europe for his country. it's had to deal disproportionately, obviously, with the refugee crisis, has only been getting piecemeal assistance from germany and some other european countries. and that has nothing to do with their security orientation of being anti russian. but obviously russia has had a tendency to view economic integration with the last as a prelude job security integration and therefore is reacting a quite unpredictably towards moldova. for people have been killed and several others angel after and so as an bomb attack, targeting
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a vine at the university of karachi, pakistan, police say several people were inside the vehicle when it blew up. come on high dice falling without him from the sound of the border to understand this particular tiger would the fee man would did the 1st time that that particular group had used that female suicide bama dog shop, skin raiko, raiko, carrion, going chinese. professors day i've got a based ad that got out, you know, voted date ad confucius center, which is also what chinese language fall budget on you still game. but it is important to know that the balloon liberation army a band outfit by de united states by the united kingdom and buckets on what formed by them are to call him general, are true and his outburst. he was came back in december, just a month after deadlier dag by the my gate group,
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which is part of the balloon liberation army or tag the chinese consulate in karachi. they're all related to radio. enraged the command. where did faith ways and i've got surrounded by at least a wall for wi fi. you're dressed in desert camouflage star message for the budget on the security 40. and the chinese in particular saying that there was a continuing operation and that the chinese and budgets i knew will be targeted by god. they said that the balloon who are not party to join up august on economic quoted off. north korea has stage a nighttime military parades for the streets of the capital young young. it's the latest show forced by came john on whose promise to quickly ramp up this country's nuclear arsenal. from sol robin find reports the parade. march. the 90th anniversary of the founding of north korea's military. and it was meant to show off
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the power of its modern de weaponry on display with some of the newest weapons. it has recently been testing such as hypersonic missiles and a more advanced longer rain submarine launched ballistic missiles. after several years is of attempted negotiations aimed at the nuclear i. zation leader kim jong earn seems to have abandoned all such efforts a conciliation him while he meets in the world to day where powers are fiercely clashing with other powers national dignity, sovereignty and true peace can only be guaranteed by strong self defense to overcome an enemy lot careers star of this show was what it says is its most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile. to date, the, for our song 70. it's the same type of weapon. it says it launched at the end of march. the 1st fully fledged test of an icbm. since 2017. it seems north
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korea has nothing to lose by putting on a big show of military force right now. u. s. and south korean forces have gone ahead with their joint spring exercises. south korea has just chosen a conservative administration that's likely to take a much tougher stand with the north and u. s. president joe biden will soon be visiting northeast asia. president biden will be attempting to bolster support from the united states allies, south korea and japan. but there is mounting speculation. the north korea might even be planning a return to underground nuclear weapon testing. for the 1st time in 5 years, king would have yankee ones. i'm the basic mission of our nuclear capabilities to deter war. but our nuclear weapons are not just for the sole mission of the turn study. if any attempts are made to usurp our interests, we might have no choice. but to call on those weapons, pyongyang seems as determined as ever to be accepted by the international community
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. as a nuclear power to be reckoned with. rob mcbride, al jazeera sol, beijing is to introduce mass testing for most of its 21000000 residents as authority. struggle to contain a surgeon corona virus. cases. people have been panic buying at supermarkets, talking up on food and essential items. china's capital has rolled out strict measures under its 0 covey policy. of economic effects of china long times is starting to be felt. the national bureau of statistics says gross domestic part of school 4.8 percent compared to a year earlier. retail fans down the lowest since april 2020, and unemployment is at its highest since may 20. 20. analysts say results for this quarter will be worse, as dozens of cities are in full or partial lockdown, including the world's largest sport in shanghai. and the effects will extend beyond china. congestion at ports is forecasts increase, shipping cost,
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and consumers around the world can expect inflation and prices to rise. garris leather is a senior economy, said capital economic space in london. he says the full effect of the downtown in downturn in china is still not clear. you go see, got this on the con, wave of infections. you've also got a slowing property market. and also we could global demand in terms of what this means that consumers in the west depends very much on whether china is able to keep its industrial sector open. so was locking down certain cities is doing everything, it's can to key factors running. so we have stories of, for example, workers and having daily tests and workers are actually sleeping in the factories to keep them open. so provided this remains the case of ready to receive large scale industrial disruption, then i think the impact of consumers in the rest, the will, should be relatively small. but obviously just given them sentences to how the parsons ration in china comes out. that's by no means a certainty,
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basically says to me that china is going to continue with policy for quite some time, at least, i think until the end of the year, when you get a big national congress in china than she, japan hoping to become president, fly for it and is any sign whatsoever? the china is going to switch away from 0 coven before that. and i think the structure of the service sector is going to be quite, quite significant. even if you don't get it knocked down. people are being very cautious because they don't want to be cool anywhere near anybody with it so that they're already changing their behavior. and if, if sera code is allowed to, to remain in place in this destruction, i think will last questions from yes. nepal has plenty of water from annual monsoon rains and rivers fed by melting glaciers in the himalayas. yet every year the capital katmai do stuff, has shortages, miata limbo, finds out why every morning found, am i a be still collecting water from these centuries old stone taps adobe got
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a suburb of cut my do. once a week, water, it's all through piped into her home, but it's barely enough for her company's needs a month lines that many people come here and wait in line to collect water. it's never empty. it's crowded in the mornings. some people come as early as 3 am. dana invited, the aliens across the road. women pay to use pont water to wash clothes. cut mind is rapidly growing, population is straining the cities already overwhelmed, municipal water system. most people have to buy water from tankers at high prices. the city relies on aquifers fed by monte rains. but as it expands and demand for water rises, they're running dry. that monday, with home to 4000000 people, the 50 rick y 430000000 leaders of water a day. less than half that demand is being supplied. residents hope the ambitious and long delayed mylanta water supply project to pipe water from the river to the
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city will reduce demand. that project is run by the public utility k u k l. that's now upgrading infrastructure to protect water supplies from the military river. 1000 of our do kill companies to distribute the abbey level water or equitably and without the minimum, without water leak is as easy as a network of governmental rallies all a more then orderly years. so there is a lot of problem of vic is water leak is that is wired. so we out of the shipping from or little who knew little was are on the going know, organizations like smart punny are also seeking solutions to the city's water shortages. there are very many schools in atlanta valley which are struggling to manage water and provide safe water to their kid sooner. so that's why we work with public schools, where there is a dire need of water and support them or with an alternate resource of water by
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high resting that in water, that is falling on bear on the rooftop. if you're just filtering it and ensuring that it can be reused, unpredictable monsoon rains under rapidly growing city are clearly big challenges here. but many hope that by conserving water, they'll at least start to reduce them from the other liberal. al jazeera gutman do, ah, logan, i'm fully battle with the headlines on al jazeera, russia's present, better me, put in, has met with un secretary general antonio terrace in moscow. put in says he hopes talks with ukraine will yield positive result results in as called, but unfolding in the besieged city of mary paul. a difficult and tragic situation is the 1st time the un chief has visited russia since the war in ukraine began. earlier. gutierrez, met with russia's foreign minister, say gay love rav.


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