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on the al jazeera london, bro, consented to people in thoughtful conversation large cannot be easily erased by, by the superpower with no host. and no limitation. what mattered in all to was to be radical. how can the thing that's radical be for say, part one and i way way and denise. cool. it's not about wanting to sell it. don't bother the message in the studio. b, unscripted on outs is era. the heart wrenching good buys loved was also trying to give out train rise of a free, but it's on the 1st come, 1st serve basis here at the bus station there only a few rides available, and that's only to the surrounding villages. so people like for me and rose, now need to find another way to get out of the city. but for now they like many others, would have to return home. hoping to morrow is a better day. ah
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. ready he crane says wash and cruise missiles have struck keith during the 1st visit by un secretary general antonio goods harris had earlier toward ruin times near the capital. i witnessed that very vividly today at aunt keith, the so source loss of life, the massive destruction. ah, i there am julie mcdonald, this is sandra 0, live from london, also coming up. u. s. president asked congress to prove the ukraine aid package worth. $33000000000.00 and millions of people are struggling to cope with an intense heat wave radiates across india and pakistan with the warning, it's only going to get hotter. ah
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rushes fired cruise missiles it keep whilst it was being visited by the head of the united nations in the boldest attack on the cranium capital since russian troops retreated weeks ago in queens, president vladimir, sir lansky, has accused the kremlin of trying to humiliate the un the missiles struck a residential area in central cave. smoke was in billowing from an area close to government buildings. at least one person was killed and several injured after being trapped in the rubble. it's the 1st time that you and chief antonio terraces visited ukraine's. russia launched its invasion in february, he held talks with sir lansky just 2 days after meeting russian president vladimir putin. ukraine is a left the centers of unbearable heart, h and bane. i witnessed that very vividly today at aunt keys.
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the says las loss of life, the massive destruction the unacceptable violations of human rights and the. busy laws of war, it is vital that the international criminal court and other un mechanisms conduct that work so that that can be real accountability. whereas lewis fisher would nuke in their analissa guitar. it's important that the secretary general has had a chance to witness the crimes committed against the ukrainian people in the suburbs of the city of keith. he had seen what the occupying forces have done against our citizens. this is the true genocide. and it is important to facilitate the establishment of a special international tribunal on russian crimes. wasn't just heard antonia terrace toward regions near keith where russian ships have been accused of committing war crimes. and g chappelle reports a tour of the villages and towns north of keith where russia is accused of committing war crimes starting and borrowed younger where you went. secretary general antonio terrace, soffer himself,
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the scale of devastation. there is no way a war can be acceptable in the 21st century. look at borrowed younger like so many towns was occupied by russian forces and nearly flattened by their onslaught. ukrainian say mass graves, there are proof that russian forces are committing atrocities. then to boucher were bodies of civilians were found with hands tied behind their backs. earlier this month when you crane recaptured it from russian forces garish. now, asking russia to help find those responsible, i fully support the federal google mon, that i a view to the russian federation to accept to corporate with international criminal court. and to charge residential towers in urban, where there's been extensive damage. innocent civilians living in this building they were paying the highest price for
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a war for which they're not going to be looked at. mental ukrainian officials were frustrated. he visited russian president vladimir putin and moscow before keith zalinski called it ambiguous to see the aggressor before the victims. the un secretary general has been unable to get the sides to see eye to eye, but wants to begin the negotiation process to stop a war that many ukrainians had hoped. the un would prevent in the 1st place. and you chappelle, now to 0. all zeros hold abdul hamid spoke with you and secretary general during his visit to the ukrainian capital where they discussed how the negotiations decreed a humanitarian chords. are ads of mario pool are progressing. i went to meet, present, put in. he has the green with me in principle that un and the i c r c could be involved in diesel production. that has been in terms preparatory
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discussions to try to make it a reality. i spoke also with pleasant hill and sky, and i hope that it will be possible. but the best way to make it happen is not to start talking too much about you went this morning to burn the, to boot and to be you've seen for yourselves the devastation of this war. and today this evening, after wrapping up your press conference, you seen, or you experience for yourself, keep on the strike. do you think this was a message? was in says it was happening at this time while you are in keith. i don't think i am so important to just the for the use of the data to reach the target to give i was shocked with
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that and i think it's when it comes to the political check, what can you and do and all we anyway close for the 2 sides to sit together to try to bring any sort of piece fire. the un was always kept out of the political negotiations. the to be fed to do to be frank to you 4 of the norm and the format. but in fact, we would never invited to be part of it. and on the contrary, the presence was conceived is not useful. the end, we are not part of the present political negotiations, but we are following them with a lot of interest and hoping that they will solve the problem a piece will come back and it is not by chance that i went to moscow stopping in color and speaking to present with the ball to antalya and the strongly supporting those political discussions. well,
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good harris says the situation in the besieged city of mariel, paul is like an apocalypse and that the u. n. is doing everything it can to ensure the evacuation of civilians. satellite imagery from marrow pool has revealed the damage done by rushing shelling of the star steel plant where ukrainian soldiers and civilians are still sheltering. brushes continued attacking the facility despite agreeing in principle with the un to allow for evacuation to take place. thousands of people are hiding in the steel plants underground tunnels. at least one person's been killed in car cave and another 2 injured in russian shelling on a residential area on wednesday. the front line in russia eastern offensive is no less than 5 kilometers from car keys, northern and eastern district, but ukraine's 2nd largest city. a shilling nearly every day since the war began. and large fire broke out in the southern ukrainian city of kirsten, which is currently under russian military occupation, according to local reports has as have been in gulf by the flames. but it's not yet
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clear what caused the police. no casualties have been reported or russians offensive in the east is gaining momentum. and charles stratford is north of slow beyond square, many residents of fled. the constant shelling were here in the forests, a few kilometers away from the contested town of lima. and now we were here a few days ago and things have changed quite dramatically since then. russian forces are now in full control of a village to my left, a few kilometers in that direction. that's how called vision if they are also contesting another village called young people. well they are trying to do is take full control of the man from the ukrainian forces that as a say, are few kilometers in that direction and push south towards sloppy. and now we've been here about an hour. they have been bullied off to volley of incoming and outgoing shells. you can hear another one there. and the shelley is
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getting closer and closer to sloppy. ask another shell explodes close by. but incredibly, not a single house has been hit in the next village down the road. but it is only a few kilometers away from the slowly advancing russian army. children play on bikes in the evening sun. a gentle stroll lane by the church. life is almost disturbingly normal on the surface. all our family is here, so we don't want to leave. we are all from these really are alive, is here. many of our friends he left, but many of them want to come home because they means they're live in the village. you dissect you go to the city, we hope everything will be okay and they go somewhere else or turn around and not come back from the hope of a nearby coal. slack. keep you get
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a sense of the scale of this bast, flat landscape in east and ukraine. not a shell explodes. smoke rises from burning buildings in the distance. a missile is farmed towards a target, potentially tens may be hundreds of kilometers away. there are hundreds of villages like these right, the way across this region that seemingly are directly in the line of rushes, potential advance. the russian military control an area only a few kilometers in that direction and they are trying to sweep through here on their way to try and surround slum yancey. meanwhile, there are thousands of civilians in places like this, and they are terrified of the days ahead. char stafford, al jazeera, eastern ukraine, still to come on. i'll just see what this news our business is closed. teach is absent from school and public transport is disrupted,
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a sri lanka goes on strike over its economic crisis. and shanghai is covert shut down, continues. could a new round of testing mean freedom from the cities frustrated residence? ah, well, tokyo went from breaking a daily temperature record to a big change. let's explain what's going on. all has to do with this weather frontier draped across southern sections of china into taiwan and shooting into southern sections of japan. so we'll pick up the weather strode there. keep in mind here the dark of the color, the more intense the rain is falling, that swoops rate into tokyo with just a high of 19 degrees when you're about 28, a just a short time ago. so big drop in those temperatures, a plume of moisture coming your way for vietnam that will spread across indo china . so in the days to come we've got some thunder. downpours for bangkok also some
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periods of rain and your temperatures are actually below average as we now welcome the month of may. and on sunday. now for australia, there is a cold front here draped across western australia into south australia and it's moving into victoria. so keep your eye on melbourne. here we are on friday, 25, and you're down to 18 degrees at batch of what weather pushes into new south wales . so we can expect some pretty soaking rains for sydney len. this weather report in new zealand high pressure in charge, but temperature is a bit below where they should be for this time the year. christ church has a high of 16 degrees, but hey, at least the sands out. okay, i'm out of time. i'll catch up with you in a little bit. ah, ah, why did one of thailand's most decorating cubs flee the country in fear of his life? in it to prod investigation? one 0 18th, revealed exploded obligation,
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a police corruption on out to 0. frank assessment. what are the political risks of panic rushmore? the gas for western leaders o sanctions on russian energy exports. that's a recipe for social in depth analysis of the days headlines inside story on al jazeera lou. ah, a reminder of the top stories here on algebra, russia smart cruise missiles at central keys, while the ukranian capital is being visited by the head of the united nations piece, one person was killed and several injured. after being trapped in earlier, antonio antonio terrace met with ukraine's president vladimir soleski. and he
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toured regions near key for russian troops have been accused of committing war crimes. un chiefs on his 1st visit to ukraine since russia invaded $63.00 days. and satellite imagery from mary paul has revealed the damage done by wash and shelling on the of a style. steel plant where ukrainian soldiers and civilians are still sheltering. thus, despite russia agreeing in principle with the un to allow for evacuations, to take place u. s. president jo by miss calling on congress to approve you crane aid package for $33000000000.00. widens, says washington has no choice, but to back ukraine, regardless of the financial cost. al jazeera, white house correspondent, kimberly help it has the story. as russia's war and ukraine enters the new phase. and in order to keep the military and humanitarian aid to ukraine flowing, we need this bills for you. credit is free for free to you as president joe biden
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on thursday asked the u. s. congress for $33000000000.00 to support ukraine over the next 5 months. because to lose weight or not cheap, but k be new aggression is gonna be more costly if we allow to happen. we either back ukrainian people as they defend their country or we stand by as the russians continue or atrocities and aggression ukraine. biden's request for $33000000000.00 includes more than $20000000000.00 for military assistance, like artillery and anti aircraft weaponry. more than 8000000000 to help the ukrainian government continue to function and another 3000000000 to help refugees. in addition, biden is also sending to congress a plan to crack down a russian oligarchy who laundry illegal and stolen money in the us through shadowy purchases of yachts and other assets like high priced real estate. the proposal is
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aimed at streamlining the federal government's ability to seize the oligarchy property, and allow the us to use the proceeds to support ukraine. march of this real estate that's been bought by oligarchs, and the political elite of russia has been bought through front companies. and these front companies have been able to register in the united states without knowing who their owners are. and so it's finding this property that's the enormous challenge at the moment. if approved by congress biden's plan would create a new administrative process for the forfeiture of property owned by russian oligarchy. and knowingly or intentionally possessing funds gained from corrupt dealings with the russian government. could become a criminal offense. well, most members of congress support president biden's proposals and war money for
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ukraine. there's little indication of when the plan might be debated by lawmakers and just when the legislation might pass. kimberly held hit al jazeera, the white house. millions of people are struggling to cope with an intense heat wave in what's been called india's hottest summer ever. india's weather agency has declared a heat wave in several north, west central and eastern states, with some places crossing 45 degrees celsius and peak summer. heat is still to come . it's already cause power cuts and put a strain on health services. the government's also warned a rising fire risks and pharmacy their wheat harvest might be affected. neighboring pakistan has also been affected to, with some rural regions expected to peak at around $48.00 degrees celsius. that's 8 degrees, higher and normal. if it's so hot now in a, in a hot it will it be a night, june? it's hotter georjanet on hot winds. the public gets very heavily up the good news
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or live our body's force worked because of his heat. heated for bills was on walk the whole day. it's so hot. my public services inter lanka are at a stand still as hundreds of trade unions joined, a one day strike demanding the resignation of the government opposition. parties of organized 6 days of demonstrations over the countries battered economy of foreign currency, crisis is causing major shortages of fuel food and medicine. and al fernandez was at 1 march in colombo, a shell full again. she lank as president, go to obey raj boxer, and his administration. services were disrupted, as thousands of walkers join to one day strike demanding the government's resignation. bobby lamar get on daughter middleton. we are telling the government very clearly they should he to the message of the working class or else it won't just be one day. we will work towards longer stoppages and paralyzed the country. if we have to, to chase go to buy a roger packs of teachers, dentists,
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postal workers, railway stuff, and bankers were among the many thousands of people who stayed away from work to join colleagues in march. as like this one in colombo, they said they will lend their full support to the protest movement against a government dcs. inefficient and corrupt, and has only looked off date's own needs, the people's, all actually so much more. mccarthy, some had really bad news from name me back. i wonder dad, going to we're in effect. they want strikers march to the president's office, where anti government protest entered that 20th consecutive day on thursday. similar marchers and protests were held in each district. rings, striking workers here outside the main government hospital in july in northwest sri lanka. nurses carried a coffin symbolizing what they say is the final journey of the prison government train stations were deserted. even the main railway station in colombo,
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the nerve center for commuters and bus stops, were crowded with people. hopefully they can board the few buses on the roads. prison go to bed, roger boxer and his government are fighting major battles on the economic and political fronts. the government has no money to pay for food medicine, fuel and other essential import updates for in reserves fell to alarming levels. the government is talking to the i m f. what bank and friendly countries to raise emergency sons at newly appointed finance minister, early submarine has admitted things will get hard before they get better. oh yeah. and they did say, today's work stoppage is just the tape and of what they can do. they warn that if the government does not need flaws to leave, they will launch more to worse. we know fernandez audra 0 colombo turkeys president says this country's trying to start a new era in relations with saudi arabia. wage up type order in is in jetta where
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he's held talks with crime, prince mom and been so man. it's arden's 1st trip to saudi arabia and gears with relations strained after the 2018 killing of journalists, jamal, co shoji of the saudi consulate. in istanbul. sweden has failed to integrate its immigrant population. that's according to prime minister magdalena anderson. a. she launched initiatives to combat organized crime. it comes in the wake of rioting in the city of nor clumping. earlier this month after far right politicians burnt the koran at a rally and cold for several similar rallies at immigrant neighborhoods. around a 5th, the sweden's population has been born abroad. anderson says both sides need to make more of an effort to integrate. but amnesty international says sweden, strict policies make integration even harder for immigrants. it's been a month since china's biggest city that shanghai went into lockdown because of
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a coven. 19 outbreak has been widespread. unrest among residents who complained of food shortages and tough restrictions. katrina, you report stifle beijing. this factory on the outskirts of shanghai normally produces around $300000.00 bicycles every month. it counts u. s. department store walmart among its many international clients. but because of a strict corona virus lockdown, it's been forced to close for full weeks, confined to his harm manager, lager worries about his 2000 workers. and his bottom line, to be honest, is very difficult for them. i would like to pay a little bit more. but, you know, the, the last for the company is also b, ah m, i don't know how, how am i going to so wife after this, but i will try to sofa is authorities in shanghai. see, a new round of testing will decide what neighborhoods can begin. opening up. most
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of the cities 25000000 residents remain locked down. it sparked anger and protest in the commercial center. here, people i heard banging pots and pans from their apartment windows. one woman screams, give me back my freedom. still, chinese leaders insist on maintaining a 0 curve 19 policy. they are trying to contain the public discontent. but we are still working with a lot of this system, which means that it is the car good. the has been said by the top leadership, which is common importance for cod, raised responsible for any of those specific policies. public discontent comes much lower in the initial priorities for them to meet. there have been complaints of food shortages, the separation of families,
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and the killing of pets by health workers. but analysts say any political blame is likely to fall on low level officials, not president, she didn't ping or talk beijing ministers in the capital. authorities are doing all they can to prevent a city wide locked down. people have stopped up on supplies, bracing for the results of 3 rounds of mass testing conducted this week. more than 100 infections have been recorded, resulting in the closure of some schools and attainment venues and tourist sites. dozens of neighborhoods has been barricaded. the heavy handed measures resemble doors imposed during the early days of the pandemic. more than 2 years on many are questioning whether the cure is worse than the disease itself. katrina, you al jazeera, they doing. the number of reported covered 19 infections in africa is on the rise, largely driven by a doubling in cases in south africa is the 1st time in more than 2 months. that
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confirmed weekly infections on the continent have increased w h o is urging people to get vaccinated and boosted only around 16 percent of africa's population has been fully inoculated world health organizations, as outbreaks of measles are rising sharply. the number of cases reports in 1st 2 months of this year is 79 percent higher than 20? $21.00. the agencies blaming coven 19 for interrupting childhood vaccination programs. most cases are being found in the eastern mediterranean region, parts of africa, and in war zones. m i r beach on thailand's west coast was made famous by the movie the beach and it got so popular that authorities banned to us for 3 years to stop environmental damage. as sony chang reports, the success of that decision has brought a wider debate about marine conservation. if i could stop the world and restart life,
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put the clock. burke. i think i'd restart like this. alex garland, all through the beach. the movie released in 2000 and starring leonardo dicaprio was filmed here. but maya bay and tyler, the flood of tourists that followed, caused huge ecological damage. let boiler hat before the government closed the bay . there was nothing left. but after a few years of closure, you see more reef sounds at that more sea life is making their way back to the bay . we saw a black tips sharks, which he can see during low tide. the replanting corals are now home to nurseries of fish, including juveniles. sharks, strict limits on the number of visitors are intended to minimize damage to the marine environment. swimming is now banned up to 2 years of cove. it shut downs. it's hope that my bay will temp the tourist bag but it's under water. you see how marine life has thrived in the absence of visitors. the adult sharks from my bays
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nursery flit nervously through the corals. huge shoals of yellow snappers, sweep along the edge of the reef, gently making way for uninvited guests. in the deeper ravines cracks and crevices full of life, a spiny lobster trying to avoid the dinner table. corals fanning out with signs of new growth. and if you want to find nemo, this is the place such that they say, well, they're there, it's thriving when you're lucky enough to get a chance to sit. you wonder why they don't do everything you them have to charge reserve it. but just behind my a bay, there are no limits or checks. the tourists are back by the boat load in the clear waters, the coral is bleached and marine life absent. i don't know why that we bought that in shot. many will learn. so yes we, we don't have to wait for the course or we don't have to wait for the corporate rep and we can just live in front of the country. like we just learn to australia. we
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just learn how they manage the nation about in the us. i think the have even been regular sightings of do guns. a shy ocean mammal thought to be the origin of the mermaid. miss fishermen say they ventured much closer to the shore since covered head out why? because of the lack of tourist during the college condemning nature is less disturbed. the most important factor of what the cause is. see grass, which is that my foot source. you wouldn't but the do guns and now know where to be seen. scared off by boats carrying tourists back to the islands, tourists that after 2 years of locked down, a coming to find a paradise that could soon be lost. tony chang al jazeera southern time and well, you can find that much more about the big stories were falling at our website. check it out at al jazeera dot com.


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