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regulated, they don't want people to know what's happening on their classes. and when will society catch up? 10 people that i knew in high school that may suicide. bold lines, investigate toxic feed, social media and teen mental health. on al jazeera ah 20 civilians including women and children, are evacuated from a steel plant. and mario poll during a ceasefire. as fighting continues and villages in the east were very close to the village of battle ring correct. which is south of museum and represents english war flexibly a new front. ah . hello. hello robin, you watching old. is there
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a lot of my headquarters here in doha, also coming up? israel police arrest palestinian suspects? wanted the killing a security guard in an illegal settlement to the occupied west bank and the find for water in cameroon. what started as an argument between a fisherman and a herder causes 70000 people to flee the country. open to the program, russia and ukraine. se 20 civilians have been evacuated from the eval stalled still works at mario poll, including women and children. thousands of ukrainian defenders and civilians are thought to behold up under the plant where conditions have been growing increasingly dire. i to unusual to the 3 of the world and puts a wallace to one level of the entire night. enemy artillery was shelling the plant which led to more rubble and destruction. the silence was supposed to begin at 6 am, but only began at 11 am. it's true now both sides are adhering to the regime. we
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have been waiting for the evacuation convoy to arrive since 6, but it didn't arrive till 625. a 740 we 100 over 20 civilians who are able to be reclaimed from the rubble. they are women and children, and we hope that these people will go in the agreed direction, namely, to supervisor and territory under ukrainian control. though the u. n is working to broker the evacuation of civilians from murray of home, alexia bryan has more on the plight of the civilians and defenders trapped beneath the steel works. oh, in a basement below mario pulse as of style steel, plant, ukrainian border guards, sing the national anthem. ah, they say they are defending the last bastion of ukrainian territory in the besieged port city. rumor has it deliberately they say to me to the finals and ukrainian fighters sheltering and the plants, vast network of tunnels and bankers,
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as well as a 1000 civilians. the focus of you in efforts to broker a humanitarian corridor, the ukrainian regiment, known as the as off battalion released these pictures. a woman said to be a doctor tells of increasingly, dia, conditions must another channel. imagine your source guys are literally dying before our eyes because we don't have any possibility to evacuate them. there is no way to heal them properly. we just ask, we beg to give us at least slightest chance to save life of these fighters above ground on the ruins of a city that's been described as hell on earth matter. your pole has been pummeled into submission. it's people facing what city official say is a catastrophic shortage of drinking water and food. long cra, he, lou lou, i had a beautiful house, a good apartment, and now i have no apartment, nothing that you had hearing tool. i live alone and no one can help me from watching it further north and how keith local fighters do what they can to protect
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their neighbors program. when your city is being destroyed or when you're close, people are being killed. there is no other option but to defend them greenwood room, but they say they feel helpless against rushes, fighting power, forced to stand by as miss isles. rain down, rushes been intensifying its operations in the east. but west unintelligence suggests moscow's troops are only making minor advances that the offensive is days behind schedule. walk as of the, i will be enemies, inflicting air missile and artillery attacks on civilian and military infrastructure, deep in ukrainian territory. the regrouping and strengthening of the occupying forces continues. the u. s. accuses rushes. president vladimir putin of depravity and his invasion. but russia's foreign minister, sir guy leverage says the west is at fault, and nato countries are doing everything they can to prevent
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a ceasefire by sending weapons to ukraine. until a deal is reached, the fighting rages on alexia brian, al jazeera, ukrainian soldiers fighting village by village and the country's east to hold off. russian forces had been pounding the don bus region. russian forces control the town of israel there trying to advance south inland to surround savanski and come at dusk. having fence a progress down the m 03 highway, then shilling towns like lyman and to the east and bring coffee to the west, which is from where charles stratford reports. but we are very close to the village of but of ink away, which is south of elysium and represents in this war. effectively a new front, a new attempt by russian forces to push south in order to surround the city of
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slavery. and now we can't film the soldiers of this position, but one thing i can tell you is that they are very nervous. and the reason that is, is because this particular position came on the far tillery, far earlier today, it's all known how many people are still inside, but of ink away. we have not seen any civilians leaving but since we arrived yet again, a lot of heavy shilling, we believe targeting the east of the town. savanski is the target. it is the big urban center with neighboring cremmit oscar in this area. and so far, at least the ukrainians have managed to keep russian forces back. but there is a fear amongst the soldiers here that the closer we get to may the nights and
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a day that vladimir putin, it's believed once something to show for their efforts, the russian efforts in this war. the closer we get to that date, the more tense and the more dangerous it becomes in areas like these. tell stratford how does era outside the village of but i think of a east in ukraine. cave ukraine, 2nd largest city is and renewed shilling from russian forces out 0. madison ibrahim is the and then, and had we're now inside one of the industrial districts of car keys, which has been really under incessant showing since dawn. many of the manufacturing plants had been destroyed and caught fire like this one. it was a plant that produced machinery lubricant spite. the ongoing bombardment fire crews had been trying to contain fires in a number of locations across the industrial city. these plants were hit by artillery shells. here you can see some of the devastation let you me can sit down
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with her. so i'm a cobalt and then again, it seems that targeting fuel and lubricant plants has become routine for the russian forces. as they tried to destroy all the facilities that can be put to military use, the people how it took a number of hours for cruise to contain the fire before it reached the nearby plant corner. if you had done mamma, clinical apply to the as you can see, the fire teams are ensuring that nothing is left that may retrieve the flames. the skies of car keys were shrouded and dark smoke. as a result, the russians are showing car, keep indiscriminately, especially the small towns close to the front line here on monday. and it should be noted that the ukrainian forces have regained control over 3 towns over the past 2 days. says that it's a symbolic victory. since those are towns which are located to the east and north of where we are, and we're used as a launching pad for the russian forces. i'm a couple, although the ukranian advancements in these towns are relatively small,
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it carries a massive significance in terms of their morals. i didn't think until this car, keith, almost surrounded by the russian forces, is still being shelter. as the russians tried to advance from the southeast of the progress of august, the ukraine military says a russian missile strike has damage the runway to death apples, and it can, it will be used kind of figure desa would allow russia to link its gains and something ukraine with trans nice through a pro russian breakaway region of neighboring, moldova, and recent attacks internally still have increased concern for mold over the worry is that russia is creating a pretext for invading the region. these parker reports and from old overs capital just now it's a world away from the war neighbor, ukraine. after everything these refugees have been through moldova, feels safe. no. does this so it you, it was so tense in odessa now it's even worse. our towns being heavily bombed and
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the number of casualties is going up. but just trying to get used to living here now, my 7 year old daughters traumatized. at least we can sleep now and not be afraid for their fears, the war is widening and that russia has its sight set on this former soviet republic. this week, a string of mysterious attacks and explosions destroyed infrastructure in trans nice dra, a pro russian separate. it's region of moldova, he claimed independence in the early 990 following a brief war with mo driven troops. but it isn't recognized internationally. it has its own government currency and leadership, and makes no secret of wanting to join russia. west of ben tells him sieve along with ukrainian, moldova officials believe russia space the attacks to justify mobilizing around $1500.00 or so. russian troops permanently based in trends. nice jer, along with several 1000 transmit eastern conscripts. it follows recent comments from a russian commander saying that the kremlin latest strategy was to try and link russian
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troops in the east and south ukraine, with russian forces in tramps, nice to the comments of course alarm. in moldova, it only has 6 and a half 1000 under equipped soldiers, making it vulnerable to a swift russian invasion. unlike ukraine, moldova isn't a member of the e. u or nato. the countries form a defense chief brigadier general of italy by renewed, believes it's time to abandon neutrality enshrined in its constitution. you have to be on the right or on the left, especially when you are here in this part of the words. i am one of the promoter, or joining mental nato or not being neutral and, and then allies, which are really strong military, economic and political. and i think for us it's the best. but i mean, the minority carrier in the country might also concerns the kremlin, could attempt to so division between the countries. russian mode,
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dove and speaking communities. and there's another leave, or russia could pull energy supplies. because when you move over that, we are absolutely dependent on rushing gas, 100 percent, and 70 percent of air electricity is generated using that guess most of it's produced in trans nice area. we are totally dependent on russia. if supplies were to stop, suddenly air economy would collapse and the consequences would be extremely serious . political for now, ukrainian forces have repelled a russian landing in the port city of a desa, blocking access route to all dover from the black sea. should the tide of war change therapy is the conflict who rapidly spread beyond ukraine. ne paul al jazeera kiss or no. it doesn't use israel says it's arrested. the suspects wanted in the killing of an israeli security guard. and the occupied west bank is where the army video shows men being detained in the car was the bunny hudson,
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a palestinian town south of nobilis. now the shooting happened on the legal aerial settlement between ramallah novelist on friday. israeli military says palestinian government opened fire and gods and fled the scene. meanwhile, in the home town of the murder suspects, confrontations have been taking place between villagers under ready forces. tension rose after police rated the homes of the men that were arrested. i give our elder is a political analyst and all that he says the incident seems to be an isolated one. the car is ready. government doesn't have actually an answer to any conflict, especially not in jerusalem because of the political constraints. and they have to maneuver between the red line that the islamic party headed by mister abbas, and on the other side of the opposition from prime minister bella's own
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party. that is the following here very closely. and it asks to be even more aggressive. so the good news is that it doesn't look like the but a sequence this the way these rarely see, have an interest to escalate. and what happened today, emily, in reality, you mentioned before, is seen as an individual attempt to cause some trouble in the settlements. but not something that was august rated by the mass, and of course not the palestinian authority well still had here on al jazeera, we meet a survivor of an indigenous massacre in argentina. quite
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a 100 years. she may finally seek justice and china's manufacturing dips to its lowest level in 2 years will tell you why straight after the break here on out there. ah right, there are no blizzard warnings out. so as i'm aware, and i shouldn't have to sate it being late i for about a week, joe would have had to say there were the still what is more or less a winter storm, at least on the canadian side of the border. the low center, this is during the last 2 hours, so he's going to be somewhere in the mid west. and that whole lot is moving across the great lakes and expanding. so there's not particularly cold behind it. we've got about 6 degrees in winnipeg in about 13 when you get down to iowa, so it's much better than it was. the east coast won't go away as a shout come in this direction. the snow, as you see, is quite
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a long way north ontario, saskatchewan. the still likelihood of snow shall a higher ground in the rockies or cascades possibly. and you've got the feet of moisture coming up from the gulf. so to come together, we get something, give another developing system with proper snow in it for the high grab this during monday. at the same time when he picks cotton dyna, warmed up by one degree 27. now if we jumped south a significant outbreak of sundry rains, he was locked in puerto rico movie across to haiti and dominican republic and some chows in cuba, 2 sides of this, the seasonal rains a long way north in brazil. now, there are more showers showing up once again in the southeast. ah, how and why did who didn't become so obsessed with this law, we were giving them a tour to whole corrupt individuals and human rights abusers accountable. they're going to risk this deal apart if they take the white house in 2025. what is the
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world hearing when we're talking about fi american today? we can take on us politics and society. that's the bottom line. we don't simply focus on the politics of the conflict. if the human suffering that we report on we brave bullets and bomb and we've always include the views from all sites. ah ah, welcome back. you're watching on there with me. so he'll run the reminder of all top stories, russia and ukraine. se 20 civilians have been evacuated from the stone feel works and model, including women and children. about 2000 people are believed to be living in the network of tunnel and bunkers. ukrainian soldiers are fighting village by village
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in the countries 8th told of russian bolts as has been pounding the don bus region . but western intelligence just russian troops are only making minor advances that israel said the rest of the suspect killers of israeli security guard. as an illegal settlement, the occupied west bank on friday is really the video shows the bed being detained and the palestinian town south of nablus. her mouth has warned of heavy rocket fire if there's just one more israeli in cash. and at the alex up most compound and occupied east jerusalem. the groups leader in gaza. yes. and was that his radio force is deliberately provoked, worshippers at the sight. israel accuses hamas of inciting violence and security forces intervened alexa to stop stone throwing palestinians accuse israel of not doing enough to enforce the ban on jewish prey. in the compound you may mislead, has more from garza in
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a speech by the political leader of how much in the gaza strip. yes, it was today's saturday he warned of any israeli a tub to divide it up to more co. he also said that the call thing, in fact, is to not allow any price any more inclusion towards an award if any inclusion would happen in the 29th of may, which marks the israeli independence day, does child be instant response? sid, we're also referring to the number 1111 that he mentioned in may 2021. before he said today in his speech, this number is going to be the number of wave of rockets that will be lance towards israel. in the 1st upcoming escalation between the policy and function at israel,
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in this, by this number also says war has sent a strong message of unity to the policy of factions in general. and to plus in particular as the number mikes. the death of the former president. yes, it either was fighting between rival gangs and haiti has killed at least 20 people, including a family of 8. during the past week, thousands of people have fled the homes for escape. the violence of many haitians angry and frustrated with the situation and demanding action from the prime minister. hold isaac, his independent journalist and haiti, he says it's a nation of the president marked a turning point. essentially, we don't know what triggered the latest, valid violence that we're seeing right now in new orders or porter, press ok when we know yes on that for her to abrazzo it had kidnapped the missionaries. the american need of missionaries is in
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a clash with getting mad dog again, and then the police power is trying to intervene and trying to restore control as much as possible in these areas. he's in a very particular situation as since the death of our president of families july last july. and we are essentially a institutional lack of an 80 ah, where the current government is at israel and there is no st days for elections. and honestly, in that context, it's hard to foresee when it ever will have elections in 80 the 1st quarter of this year, they were relatively calm. all that being said, ah, we already lost the whole neighborhood to gaze odd at leads accident national number 2, which gives access to the whole south peninsula. and now with these new mount in the last couple weeks of violence, are the access to the north. ah,
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the northern part of hades compromise quarter prices is kind of caught in a sandwich, where there is no really way out of the city. the toil has begun in argentina, which has taken in a century to come to court. judges are determining accountability from massacre of indigenous people. traceable reports now from argentina's, northern ciao, province. she is the last witness of a massacre that killed hundreds of indigenous peoples in argentina. almost 100 years ago. process the law is a member of the warm indigenous community. when she was around 7 years old, when her father was murdered, doing a protest. now she's over 100 years old and says she still remembers the day her community was attacked. the cost i was and woke up when i was given water. i got home and looked up and saw
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a plane flying overhead. there were children on the ground. this is the pain i have carried forever. i was not able to speak. ross had lives in the northern province of jackal and his part of a truth trial that seeks to investigate the crimes committed against her community and the people here continue to remember. the massacre that happened in this place when hundreds of members of indigenous communities were killed. by security forces and ranchers, they were protesting and demanding an improvement of the semi slavery conditions they lived in. they were killed their bodies, dismembered, buried all around this area until recently, until apologies. have been digging in this place, trying to find proof of what's been argentina, the systematic persecution of indigenous people know what will be to know the, the now for the 1st time i trial seeks to establish the facts of the novelty massacre. even though the perpetrators are long dead, this is an opportunity to begin a long sought reparation process for the killings,
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but also decades of discrimination against indigenous groups in the country. plato said you got to me says the trial is important. so that abuse against a minority group never happens again. but all of this is based on the legal parameters of the time. argentine i had already signed international agreements that allow us to sit in a panel trial that crimes against humanity were committed and do not prescribe. came out of the light in one of them has been investigated the massacre for years. she says the killings in napa, the were not isolated. indigenous groups were for many years a source of cheap labor in the country and or venice as violence against them was justified as necessary by the ruling class. will it be also c, i any 80 ethnic groups have been discriminated against? persecuted and the massacre shows that for very long time in the state tried to force indigenous groups to blend with the rest of the population in fairway. part
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of a structure that had done as cheap labor interference, only about a 1000000 of argentina's $45000000.00 inhabitants are descendants of the original $39.00 indigenous groups. most of them are among the poorest in the country. many see their trial as a unique opportunity to begin a long awaited process of acknowledgement and reparation. that will be a good example. i'll just cedar chuckle. i didn't enough oh to dispute a northern cameroon, has led to conflict as displaced nearly 100000 people feel high commissioner for refugees for the program day has traveled to the area under calling for reconciliation was nicholas hoc reports. it will be easy as climate change on small stress to an already fragile region in this area land in the far northern region of cameroon, our fishermen and their families in search of peace, no longer catching fish, but planting trees. they sell at the market,
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at least in this barren land. they are sheltered from the violence they left behind, living in makeshift tents provided by the un. hooligan good, what are quoting me? we have to survive with the little help. the government is giving us, but we don't have any money. we can't work. we're surviving one day at a time. this is what is left of their homes, which started as an argument between a fisherman and heard about a cow drinking out of a fishing pond. turned into a larger fight for access to water. the violence spread from village to village. displacing nearly a 100000 people, some fled to neighboring chad and are unable to return home the live in un camps like these. of course, we need to make sure that people are not hungry, not thirsty, and they are not ills, but in the end, it's reconciliation. that is the most important here, armed herders in quincy area on the border with chad,
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search for water points to feed their cattle, fighting with fishermen and farmers unwilling to share their wells, the government of cameron has called for dialogue. but those who been displaced say the state has done little to stop the violence or help them to survive. the displeased fishermen or hacking down trees, they sell the wood or use it for cooking. the few patches of free trees are being cut down, just as the rainy season is about to start. host communities accused the displaced of destroying the environment. if the government take their responsibility, then we could return home. i've only seen a group, and this is a conflict made worse by changing climate, in what has become a fragile and in a hospitable environment. so essential to life and yet so precious water has become a resource worth fighting for tearing apart communities in northern cameroon. nicholas hawk elgin 0 though the chinese carpal is typing cove 19 restrictions for
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the busy labor day holiday period. people in beijing will be required to show negative tests to enter public spaces. schools and, and timid venues have been closed, and restaurants have in order to shut dining services by parts of the capitol of already being put into lockdown. now the restrictions in beijing and the ongoing, locked out in shanghai have contributed to manufacturing levels dropping to the lowest. and more than 2 years, economists warned that the economic slowdown could lead to higher prices for consumers globally. as victoria gave them be reports the once bustling commercial center of shanghai is quiet and empty. with most of the cities 25000000 people forced to stay at home as part of the government strict 0 cove 19 policy in the capital, beijing authorities have completed 3 rounds of math testing ahead of the labor day holiday. many say they're tired of the restrictions which they fear could see become even tougher bananas and other u haul 2 years ago. edwin had
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a very vigilant attitude towards epidemic prevention. but now maybe because it's been too long, people want to go out and have fun or drawn her. you know, you guys do, you do that? you like in a city that used to be crowded and now was empty. and you can't help but wonder how these people managed to survive. i'm suppressing a lot of emotions. the impact of the 0 cov policy is being felt economically to china's manufacturing has dropped to its lowest level in more than 2 years. retail sales are down and unemployment is at its highest since may 2020 analysts say results for this quarter will be worse on the dynamic 0 strategy is not sustainable . and we can see many examples in shanghai. i n for a lot of the. busy companies in digital industry, in manufacturing, they're under a lot of pressure to lay off more workers. but right now, china doesn't seem to have a new solution to this problem. experts wound the economic impact will extend
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beyond china with consumers around the world, told to expect more inflation and higher prices. victoria gate and be al jazeera flips is taking place across parts of the southern hemisphere. people in chalet, har amongst those who have been able to see the red black moon event, which happens when the moon blocks the sun's light during sunset. fun to say this is the 1st of 4 eclipse is that we will expect to see the sir. ah, what's going on with me? so robin in dough hall reminder of all top stories, russia, ukraine, se 20 civilians have been evacuated from the stalls. felix and marable.


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