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as much deck right hops, leave the country in europe is long term cod investigation. one or one age review words about judge a police corruption one out of 0 ah, revealing eco friendly solutions to come back. threats to our planet on al jazeera ah read off to weeks under siege. almost a 100 ukrainian women and children are released from the steelworks and maria pope, surrounded by russian forces. us how speaking nancy pelosi flies to cues the highest ranking officials a visit from washington. when you sanctions against russian oligarchy, solving back ah,
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hello there, i'm miss darcy. hey, and this is al jazeera life and also coming up as muslims around the world, celebrated each elephant when live and occupied east jerusalem by palestinians have gathered to prey amid recent tension and indigenous people fighting for their land . and the philippines may take a look at the dangers they faced defending their environment. now ukraine's president says about a 100 civilians have been freed from the besieged steel works plant and mary, a poll, elderly women and mothers with small children were fine, being helped out of the rubble of the plant and then ordering buses. but evacuation is being led by the u. n. and the red cross in coordination with both ukranian and russian forces. so most to day, finally,
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we managed to start the evacuation of the people from as of style. after many weeks of negotiations and many different meetings, people calls countries proposals. finally, there was not a single day that we didn't try to find a solution to ensure the safe rescue of those people to day for the 1st time during this war. this vital safe passage started working 2 days at cease fire on the whole territory, and we managed to rescue more than 100 people, civilians, women, and children who were hiding it as of style. to morrow morning, 100 of the rescued people are supposed to come to the region of separate shya pray to god that they are in that place of safety. to morrow, we will ensure all the conditions to continue evacuating people from mary paul, to morrow at 8 o'clock in the morning, alexia bryan has more now on those evacuations, flanked by you in officials and russian troops, buses carrying evacuation from your mother, your polls,
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as of style steel plant arrived in the village outside the sissy. more than 70 buses were made available, but not many people were brought out to move. about 11 people got out with us. we went from one side of the plant and the others went through it all. just imagine at their own risk with the little children under shelling about exit point. they were told no, we will not let you out. russians are there, they will execute you, we can't risk your lives like that. and so they went back, there were those who went back, those who managed to escape. we just don't know how. one trapped beneath the steel works is said to be up to a 1000 civilians and 2000 ukrainian fighters. the industrial complex is the last bastion of ukrainian territory in the port sissy, surrounded by russian forces. satellite images show, how much of it now lies in ruins. russia has been intensifying its operation in the
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east and south with relentless rocket, artillery and mortar attacks. these people are escaping the conflict zone and a new front line near the town of the man. they should have been enjoying a gentle retirement and stayed there contemplating a very different future with the liberators. the russians have carmen, have fritos from was our lives. and now i am an elderly person and i have to run away from home. this war has uprooted more than 12000000 people in the past 2 months. below ground and matter you poll, hundreds more, a waiting for their chance to escape. alixia brian al jazeera all some of the evacuees from mary paul on having st. north to nearby as upper regia out. there is how to handle who need is in that city. well, according to the end, we are not expecting any civilians arrive here by end of day to day may be to
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morrow. ah, it did well from what we know is that the evacuation and the safe passage has been put in place since yesterday. that's when the un buses and the teams of both. the un and international red cross have arrived in the vicinity of the steel works. we do know that a number of civilians did come out a yesterday saturday, up to 20 of them. we don't have any figures about how many did come out today if any at all, or do you and at this point is not giving any details, but it is saying that the operation is continuing. it takes a lot of work. it takes a lot of coordination between the ukrainian side and the russian side, a lot of mediation and a lot of vetting of those who are coming out. so this is going to be a lengthy operation that can take a few days. we probably, at some point going to start seeing a buses arriving here in the upper region about
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a 3 hour drive under normal circumstances that may be much longer because of the current situation on the ground. but certainly it is a very delicate or evacuation that do you and the red cross a handling and they're trying to give as little detail as possible. but they are saying it is continuing and at the moment seem it's things seem to be going as smooth as it's possible in a battle ground or pipe francis has once again spoken out against the war. the head of the roman catholic church, referred specifically to the situation of mary paul. you can, she of us will be to let you know the money. my thoughts go immediately to the ukrainian city is marysville. the city of mary barbara asleep, bombarded and destroyed even now, even from here, i renew my call for the creation of safe humanitarian corridors. the people trapped
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in the still work, so that city i suffer and cry when i think of the suffering of the ukrainian people . so particularly the weakest, the elderly and children. and you know, there are even terrible report to children being expelled and supported. and while we are witnessing and the progression of humanity, i mean i ask you together with so many anguish people, if we are really seeking a mark, is there is the will to avoid the continuous military and verbal escalation. if we are doing everything possible to make the weapon stop, every ciocca, meanwhile, on a visit to kill us, how speak, nancy pelosi has told you cleans needed that america fully supports his country's fight. washington is now also looking at new ways to sanction russian oligarchy, to further help you craniums official reports. second, in line to the us presidency, nancy pelosi is the highest ranking us official to visit ukraine. the speaker of
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the house lay the congressional delegation to keep and spend 3 hours with the ukrainian president flooded me as the landscape will not be bullied by bullies. if they are making threats, you cannot back down. that's my view of it that you were there for the fight and you cannot, you cannot sold to a boy were in the us delegation, discussed the big 3 issues for the ukrainians, security, humanitarian support and financial aid. we need this bills for ukraine is way for freedom. president joe biden has already announced a new $33000000000.00 a package. senate leader chuck schumer says they're going after russian president vladimir putin's friends and allies in the legislation of the 33000000000. i will be adding provisions that allow us to go after the oligarchs take their money and send it right to ukraine. this is the kind of stuff we're talking about. yas
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mansions, at the moment you can seize assets and fries them. new legislation would make it easier to season sale. funneling the money back to ukraine is a tactic used against organized crime in the us. there will be processes and protections in place for unwarranted seizures. now, one of the things that humor and his team are talking about are having an expedited review process. are there any appeals? zachary may quickly, the senate could start moves on the new package this week. the house is on a break, but could push through any legislation quickly with the support from both parties, joe biden could have a bill to sign within 2 weeks. i would, fisher al jazeera washington. ross efforts part is intensifying attacks aimed at seizing more territory and eastern ukraine. the town of dub rapidly around 50 kilometers from the frontline was targeted on saturday. 7 people were injured when
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a residential building now was struck. when charles stratford has more on that eastern offensive from deborah police, the russian missile slammed into the grilled only liters away from this book reflects who knows, how many people would have been killed? could it be the direct hit? another attack is positive. vladimir putin so called special operation ukraine, wrecking civilian lives. even front doors deep inside the building buckled until the force of last. good miller has lived here in the eastern tail of the propeller for more than 50 years, which by heap trafton sin, i live here alone. as my husband was killed mining call and my son died. i had gone out for a walk when it hit. i know how like he, i am to be alive, but i have virtually nothing left. how can i live and i don't know. that old firmly
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portrait lies among the rubble of books. her deceased husband used to read stand destroyed bookcase. family members have come to help. look miller clear. the debrief olga holds a chunk of shrapnel. she failed on the sitting room floor floor there was the j. yeah. why did they hit here? this is a residential apartment block. why, for what are the tanks here? are there soldiers? this is not a battle field. we have a school here and kindergarten. civil defense teams attached policy sheets to one of luke villas. destroyed windows. are the residents throw the remnants of their belongings on the pavement below? only 7 people suffered by that injury the explosion. it's incredible that nobody was killed in this attack and it comes to the time when, according to the ukrainian army, russian forces are preparing for a major offensive. and they are increasingly attacking areas like this one. well,
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behind the front line, close by a vast crater skulls, the woodland where another missile exploded. the cranium military says russian forces a gradually increasing the intensity of their offensive and eastern crane. saturday wolf type a hangs in shawls from lu miller's kitchen wool. she says she hopes the ukrainian army can keep russian forces back. she doesn't know what she will do. if they comb chelsor up at al jazeera, the little pillow, each the new grade on moving farther afield and un secretary general. antonio gutierrez is in senegal for the start of a 3 day 3 country tour. i'm sorry, of west africa. good harris warned that russia's invasion of ukraine threatened to devastate some of the least developed african countries. he said to meet the family is affected by violence and instability in this a hell region. the fighting man has displaced more than 2000000 people. nicholas
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huck has more now from deco inside this bakery and downtown the car is a long queue of people trying to get a loaf of bread. more q is here. q at the pumps, in this gas station for the visiting un secretary general antonio terrorist. this may be the beginning of the consequences of the russia ukraine crisis, more shortages of fuel rising prices of commodities, and he's warning traders not to hoard these basic commodities because this would have drastic effects on people here. 41000000 people are need of urgent humanitarian assistance. this i have many of them suffering from acute malnutrition . g, please your flow. i have said several times that we need to reform the global financial system, which is model bankrupt. it was designed by the rich for the rich, but in this emergency situation, we should use all the mechanisms available to benefit developing countries,
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especially in africa. and general terraces meeting president lucky saw was also the chair of the african union, and they'll be discussing the said back in democracy in the region, there's been a number of who is whether it be in molly bertina for more recently. and then guinea. they're the military leaders have just to know that they wants to stay in power for another 39 months. he'll be visiting new air and no gera next, but not malia home to the biggest and most expensive un operation. tensions are rising there between you and human rights investigators and the 1000000 authorities for allegations of torture, extra digital killing from mali enforces as well as the russian fighters linked to the wagner. the reason for his visit is also to remind authorities here and also the millions of people that are suffering from humanitarian crisis and displacement of the need for the human presence in the region. increasingly,
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there will be more operations here. rising costs and shipping disruptions caused by the war are now impacting $1.00 of japan's favorite foods and cost of a bowl of soba noodles is that to rise by 10 to 15 percent. for many shifts, this will be the 1st time they've increased prices in almost a decade. japan and what's more than half of its buckwheat needs, with most of it coming from russia. but importers are now looking to get supplies from china. instead, stella had yet assigned that balancing act in the netherlands circus performers from ukraine, batteries and russia. keep it together under the big and we look at how muslims in afghanistan are mocking ede while facing extreme poverty and hunger. ah,
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the journey has begun. the faithful world copies on its way to catherine book, your travel package to day. but if you windy days recently in north africa and the middle east that's left the legacy of dust in the air is not exactly on typical. the cloud bearing rain is further north and that exists more or less from turkey through iran and eastward. sir, this is dry and dusty that's particularly so actually not far away from libya. so just focus on that storm system brewing up. it will eventually make things much colder, but in the meantime, it's a hot dusty wind ahead of it. in fact, in our swan, it's been 43 degrees, 10 degrees above the average. but dust is really the story and heat's moving east was, was it the cold breeze comes in behind garza, we'll get it on tuesday, a leap of time. chapter 33. 25 is the average back down below average as that wind swings round the following day. to a wesley or northwest to me. i said the rain is around for the north,
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it is up to the stands. it may be just touching northern pakistan to pakistan is enjoying just the word, a heat wave at the moment. and that is accompanied by potential da storms as well, but the bigger picture becomes dryer and dry on this is wednesday for you. 40 in riyadh, dust in the air. and that breeze still quite strong. briefly look at southern africa, a much draw picture than of late, but of rain may be, but mostly in mozambique. ha, airway ha, bishop airline of the journey. mainstream coverage of big stories can sometimes deliver more heat than lights in the baby war tar scenario. there's always a push to simplify. narrative nuance is always called for, even in the case of an aggressive war, the listening post, delve into the news, narrative and dissect them. there is not our great deal of subtlety. we're talking about the barbaric and it is unfolding as they responded, how unique it's not unique covering the way the news is covered. on al jazeera
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lou. ah, ah. hello again on this tells you, hey, in durham, let's remind you about top stories here. the salad, the un and the red cross, have completed the 1st phase of evacuating civilians from the as of south steel plants and mary apple. more than a 100 women and children headed to ukrainian controlled territory and areas held by russian forces in easton ukraine. meanwhile, the speaker of the us house of representatives has thanked ukraine's president for what she described as his fight for freedom during a visit to keep nancy pelosi reassured retinue. zalinski of continued support and
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russia is intensifying attacks aimed at seizing more territory in easton ukraine. the town of dublin helio was targeted on saturday. 7 people were injured there when a residential buildings struck. all muslims around the world are celebrating the 1st day of id, alpharetta, marking the end of the holy month of ramadan. thousands of palestinians are attending prayers at the alex a mosque compound tension. there has been high in recent weeks following multiple israeli incursions inside the mosque. well, let's now speak to stephanie decker. she joins us live from lions gate. that's the entrance to alexa steph. as every a significant day in the muslim calendar, we saw that very festive atmosphere there with you last hour. there is still quite the crowd. i see. oh yes. well we spoke just as a prayers were about to start and now they finish. so what you're seeing behind us is, is a massive crowd now covering, making their way out of the lock. so most compound having finished what is the main
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need for everyone. now, we'll be heading home to celebrate with our families and say, eat here for the next 3 days, and really pulsing without incident that we've been speaking to people here. as you mentioned there, they have intentions over the last couple of weeks, particularly when it comes to those. an entry of the far right when jewish groups into the compound, this is allowed, or the status quo. non muslims are allowed to visit the site, but only muslims can pray that this is the contention. those groups have been calling over the years for the right to pray are attempting prayers. and this is seen is hugely provocative to part of seeing it. interestingly, just briefly on the political front as well in jordan, we'll be meeting off. jade. jordan is the custodian of this site to discuss this particular issue. it's become a real hot topic. we also heard from our masses leader in gaza. yes. and more of the other day saying that this is a red line in her muscles ready to take at dawn we could probably just hear the
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atmosphere a hair of people as they're making their way out a so this is one of 2 holidays for muslims in the are very special time and as i said now, we'll be making their way back home. they'll be visiting family members having food also a day when a lot of the people dress, especially the children exchanging gifts. * and you know, passing very pieces, one lady we spoke to said, you know, this is how we want to continue my wish for you. is that the situation call that things improve for everyone. so certainly that the feeling among most people here you can probably see the security forces in just i done everything halting very calmly. no restrictions here, huge numbers, tens of thousands of matters to attend today that he didn't get their horse and occupied east jerusalem. thanks so much that well, indonesia has the world's largest muslim population and thousands there have
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attended pres outside jakarta, main mosque, millions of also travel to their home towns to celebrate. that's after the government lifted a ban on people traveling home to eat. the measure had been in place for years to limit the spread of cove at 19 o. worshippers and re add, have packed mosques to perform morning prayers there. this is the 1st day for muslims to stop day time fasting, observe during ramadan. oh, well, in istanbul, as you can see, many worshippers participation in the it, i'll fit a prayer in the historic. how yes, if ian moss, the crowns are so large, that thousands their hands to perform the pres outside. and they were also similar scenes at mosques and baghdad, iraqi security forces, though, on high alert to thwart any kind of attack during the holiday period. now in afghanistan, poverty achieved hunger and unemployment are making it difficult for many there to
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celebrate ede sahara reports. it's not a holiday for afghans waiting by the roadside hoping to be given a job. 40 years of war, economic decline, severe poverty, and the worst drought in decades has force many afghans on to the streets, not knowing where their next meal will be. oh wrong them has been without work for months. the bricklayers resorted to begging out of desperation. while his children tried to sell plastic bags or what i can a garden by guided garden, i used to in good money, but now there's no work. the change of government made the situation a lot worse when we go door to door asking to help with kicked out. but sometimes i'm just looking for a piece of bread while our comfortable clinically the taliban takeover of afghanistan last august, force nearly 3 quarters of a 1000000 people from their homes. you ins. refugee agency says the country is
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facing the world's worst humanitarian crisis. enemy go, mike, but i you his line to the pockets of the occupiers, the u. s. and politicians for more than 20 years. and now the age they're giving like a sack of flour or 5 kilo's of oil, can't cure the pine of our country. we want them to assist by providing job opportunities and economic relations. afghans are drowning in the oceans to get to europe and dying in the snowy mountains of turkey, just to find work. the united nations estimates that more than half the population, 24000000 afghans are facing acute food shortages. that's a 30 percent increase from last year. and one step away from famine. you know, when you meet people like i have one, i'm out across the country that have tell that tell me that they have never had to come to the viet p before also food assistance their lives have just been devastated with the loss of jobs. ah, you know, unable to feed their children,
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i have never seen the situation deteriorate as quickly. and as up the scale that i witnessed over the last it to 9 months last month, you and launched the largest 8 appeal ever for a country of more than $5000000000.00. and the u. n. appealed last week to the united states and its freeze on afghan for an asset aid agencies safe, they don't receive international support. soon. in afghanistan, hunger crisis, we'll go from bad to worse, and then they'll have to choose between who gets one loaf of bread or to soda hydrates al jazeera. now a territorial dispute that lead to violence against indigenous activists in the southern philippines has highlighted the dangerous face, thereby environmental defenders. but he say the group was trespassing and ignored a warning shot as jamila and organ reports. now from booking non province,
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the activists want the next administration after forthcoming elections there to offer them greater protection with they are from them. a noble pull indian tribe considered one of the very 1st inhabitants in the southern region of men than now. but that thorough landlord lau and his clan have lived on this road side for many years now. they hope to take back more than a 1000 hector's of land. now privately owned that once belonged to their ancestors . they were shot out by gunmen, despite having written government permission to reclaim their land. shall either del, socorro was shot together with 3 other men or both. i mean, out of me, negligible. now, the gunmen came from nowhere and started shooting at us. when i fell in love, i thought what sort of life did we leave up? orland rose. ellen. oh, we've been around for 5 years. who pleaded the dirt as administration to help us. no one is here to protect us. more people here don't see us as
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a human beings. to them, we are garbage halsy them. a novice were also attacked 5 years ago when their leader will not allow, was shot dead. his killing remains unresolved. the story of my noble will. a new one is a story that is repeated many times over, according to the international group, the global witness. the philippines is the deadliest country for land defenders across the asian continent. and men de now holds the highest number of recorded killings. when president rodrigo turtle was sworn into office in 2016, he vowed to defend the plight of indigenous peoples and the environment. but at least a $160.00 environmental defenders were killed. between 20162020. a shocking increase. say many, even for a country long accustomed to violence, the tribes people killed often spoke out against illegal logging,
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mining and dam projects. climate change is also a threat extreme where there also devastates vulnerable communities. ringback and many filipinas hoped that after to tear to retire in july, the next administration will shift its focus and protect indigenous peoples considered by some here to be the last line of defense against climate breakdown, jamal alan dorgan al jazeera book had none. prov, in southern philippines. finding out back to the ukraine, vor circus performers are among the millions of ukrainians you fled the country. some have joined an international circus in the netherlands, alongside that's from belarus and russia steadfast and went to door direction to see how the show is going on. 15 year old ilia malott called for studying acrobatics at the circus coolant give until the war broke out. is now living as a refugee in germany,
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trying to continue his studies. he sent videos of his exercises to his coach, was still in keith. many of the rap, otherwise, there are busy. ah, but i really enjoyed going to the circus school and to rehearse the response from the audience made me happy. but everything has changed since the start of the war. yes. my bringing ukrainian or russian and other international artist to gather this dutch circus direct to hopes that a long tradition can be continued despite the war. the messages, let us help at one time, the whole world is going to be a circus worlds, because we are to prove that it's possible to work live together weights, so much different nationalities together. all gamma who tova from bella roost performing on the so called russian bar with 2 ukranian colleagues . is one example that has been that distance. bear with artists who remain
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professional, who still have a good relationship. russia's bill are russians. it doesn't matter. that seemed like it so that is a fancy of it. i lost a lot of friends. i worked in russia for a long time. we don't communicate with each other yet. ah, ah. circus has long been an odd form that has brought ukrainian and russian performance will gather because of the war. and it's now only possible in countries as far away as the netherlands. but for some sharing a states together, it's difficult with all that's been going on. and asked darcy as her fiery and managed to flee the ukrainian city of if been, which was heavily attacked by russian forces. she sat for now she can't perform to get a wet, a rush and colleagues, be it with somebody, i am with it. and i can't do this now, i would feel i would betray my people because they are fighting for my country and
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people are dying at a moment that would not be possible for me. oh.


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