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tv   Talk to Al Jazeera Ikrima Sabri  Al Jazeera  May 8, 2022 11:30am-12:01pm AST

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agree capitalist part of a 2 day tour that nearly didn't happen. 3 male members of the troop, we've gone back to fight for their country. the roles have been taken up by artists from russia, batteries, and from tone. yet almost there are no. everybody turned out to be shocked by the situation the axes t. and if we have a choice to stop and face an uncertain future or go on the performance to support the actors a lot, both physically as well as being a diversion for them. we derive a loss of joy from the chaise. it's the front line now it's the most important thing. the main. ah, so this is our desert. these are the top stories and john lee is officially hong kong new leader. the former security chief was the only candidate in the race to succeed carry. lamb 64 year old lee was in charge during the crackdown on mass protest in 2019 adrian brown has more from hong kong. this
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result was never in doubt. john lee was a sole candidate in this election. he secured 1416 votes. 98 percent, turn out because he says, this is a joyful ho a day for hong kong. he says it is the red cross international smile day, which was another reason to be happy as to what sort of chief executive he'll make . well the coming weeks and months will tell, but john lee is certainly a man who has the backing the support of beijing. otherwise he wouldn't be in that position. now. up to 60 people, a fear dead after a school was bombed in easton, ukraine. official say around 90 people with sheltering in the building the hands when russian forces attacked it, at least 30 people have been rescued. ukraine's government says all civilians have been rescued from the procedure steel plant, marable, lost hold out for ukrainian forces in the city. civilians and soldiers had been trapped inside the as a star steel mill for nearly 2 months as russian attacks intensified. israeli security forces have arrested 2 suspects in connection with an attack in the
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central city of allied. please say they've detained a 19 year old and a 20 year old. both men from the occupied west bank. they're accused of killing 3 people in the attack on thursday. an injury, several others. the king of saudi arabia has been admitted to hospital. according to state media, king salmon will have medical tests at a hospital in jetta. he had gallbladder surgery 2 years ago. the king also had the battery was hot pace maker replaced back in march, photos in the philippines preparing for an election on monday poles, brick to victory for ferdinand marcus junior. that's the, the son of a former president who is ousted in a popular uprising back of 1986. he is up against the vice president, lenny robledo. all right, yep. stay with all the headlines. the latest news we got more coming up right after talk to advisor. how and why did couldn't become so obsessed with this law,
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we were giving them a tool to hold or corrupt individuals and human rights abusers accountable. very when i read this deal of art, if they take the white house of 2025, what is the world hearing what we're talking about? why american today your week he take on us politics and society. that's the bottom line with jerusalem. holy land muslims, christians and jews, has seen conflict almost since its bronze age, inception, attacked, captured, recaptured besieged, destroyed and rebuilt time and again. yet the walls with this iconic place beloved by all abrahamic face remain standing, enclosing in valuable heritage sites. the millions of people worldwide from the church of the holy sepulchre, to the western wool, to alex almost, i'm hurry, force it in jerusalem. the golden dome of the rock is so often seen surrounded by one of the wells most enduring struggles,
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israeli palestinian conflict. but why is alex a most compound so often the hotspot attentions and one of the challenges of preserving the sacred side. in the next half hour, we talked to a cleric once in charge of jerusalem's islamic holy places. a cream sabri form a grand musty of jerusalem talks to al jazeera, a cream, a sub reformer, grand, musty of jerusalem. thank you for talking to al jazeera. if we can start with the current situation, it's 2 years now that we've seen the muslim holy month ramadan affected by extremely high tensions by violence and confrontation on the alex, almost compound itself. what's your diagnosis? why is this happening again? and it's me level my life cobbler, my g m, alanna handy. how well i have some thought that might delay to to rush thick at it at that dia, poor bed and miss
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o noon fissile put them on the list yet the job. why don't pre below them i have a lot of the year labor, theodore, at the idea well had, i've been there leak to vienna, lena. and now mudy dorn and new cheryl island and that they had the air he a shower or more home, levine, a path, luna, and her? well actually they're like a hello. yes. all fee shuttle rama bon yet cool min alley. feel snellville slint a year. well, a some in home for can and lead f alberta aid min tara hit that india and now hm. you re dawn and you not fiddle mercury? don't look to hammett woman, if hell i'll come, i'll be in. he will nazareth aiden 1st holiday,
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him ah dorna and not thought of phase i thought about yes. so fella, bill m and then national sub v. i them at the idea. li there. nick. i lou, fearlessly check alarm nanny. well mark this huge, i kill hust garafallo the hermit. golardo follow my would look a tell. and caribbean bought off a little a gerad, jacobo. he left the lad level a la carte b. i. d, him feedback it alonso thelma marcella. philip drama, a thanielle. period on the lawn. turner who your me a washy period in sunny can either they'll martin calling in a little what's may is it hillary ramadan said to me at champ,
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why the diligent a ha, my a z and some it's me a chair. while mom elizabeth guided, but ross men more better and more better and the shep alcohol. on her ladder, u e u. a deep ella tex, he had a shabby economist shipped and a ferry yet daddy here while ever you're at the ella that the same as you'd walk the hammy cluster mounted as to her feet that hid it. well my there, nick fioma joya. jerry, jerry ma, household for the federal, the sub ha lakin warden drama. what the lord j. m i a z the and come seen elf. manella could. so when look, telephone while the seller. lemme me act that if you'll be my hus holla for sebastian lid. delilah. anna la hillis did. you're hey, borden,
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o'clock one was so i did. and you devereaux, i'm her. i knew ok. saw ma'am i can level of web daily is the moderate heavy. he and when i was head physically, i am what a net loss a leon and muslim in ear, i will. and yet they careful. while i shot both of them now. hm. well i could the, the thought that i snarled chabad in malaise. im gonna take careful a bad that then the thought about as children and the damage i why and that led above that upside element, magellan. rather men. how came, what was the look you said they're both about the politics, about the violence, about the, the status quo, at the site that i want to pick up on. but before we get into that territory, could you 1st just tell us a bit about why alexa in sight such passion for the muslim community here in east
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jerusalem and, and more widely? what about its religious history? is it that makes it so significant? among the scene, checking huss will and fell asleep jacket. i am your day corn, me and that earlyhood. when i had the n nathan jamal in yahoo, dia pommy abil, ucla were don't click on the luxor van. oh, yeah, barely bait deville he can y applewood and the luck saw she'll. i know what i the look. the ham at bill share us in which had been the one will how and i to m . b will dahlia die le vadlira mal mitch is on the luxor having the central fat bub yet it had to i kid i la and the yellow thumb envelopes i won't be daddy. and mostly munoz florida. had that they went, jo, we're having a lot more. we checked and while they're the and mostly minneapolis, alex law leave mostly me now. why don't the colorado mean a law in survey said,
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my wife, when i started clara lemon med you said i mean well i mean hate to one element element and alex la, minnesota was slim in oh, i just thought men. i played at a many, many who had am an upon was thing in luck. oxford one was stimuli alarm either the one regarding either him was he had them. yeah. or im, kalina chattanoog, chattanooga all cher and i did mention the herat mckenna will cut her mom as if they're mad men now, but we will by the element a well, we're a no alex, lot more publicly beset map. oh, about whether to lot of the las around but we're back to say, matt yolanda i love who heavy lucky day and here a little bit i knew whom it message will oxer will hit the ram home. bill exxon and oh come up. paula had that because i mean a lot come i wanted to call other katie. and janet till award
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had the i had the i am and fin lake in by the i'm and faint bed that oh you know, do we and now love huckaby sala will that all yet? hello nat busy the she rasa the blade, their color will had. i saw it, i know what they're doing. low low and and like the whole loam can and will gerald z ira my dad you will him has her that will harass her lit that keith i la and now live della and now mom martin dorn. what are my own? will accept me? no. and yet the water cases. so we're getting into talking about the status quo issue then access to the mosque for and to the must compound rather for, for people of different religions. what, what are your red lines? what's your understanding of what the situation should be as opposed to what it is at the moment? it's tactical model, fha. b,
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and now alex saw len. muslim, mean quite dumb. what a daughter, ucla. lead there it a low cough and there be a lot of done, won't aca and we'll cya alhashan. mija was cya ther don't i la and look at this at k a, donal lakin, alexa li, jamia and mostly mean that community has that vehicle. and now yes, use. we allow you to live with them. and yet these, that iran say hunt wifi, sad, dead, sad that the loan had the heck he cannot conscious about it. well that the somehow city ma household, a muscular he no ma'am, but i think jama, i feel yeah. who d l will probably fat. that the, the fed by the, at the letter cobbler sit said o at the could he been hassan dish. their mom had overdone, and didn't medic,
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on the law for her daughter carrie can was yet a fatty gee america. what method? yo, what kind all for him all dora, that had the air when her father allah. is that equal? while del gotten that? i think that the more that the t o ella horner, that data ledger hustler ish kayla, or has a look. the high man was validated by checking the whole vehicle or that her kellerman steady collection feel happy car. you'll get your oil. walker nasty, she levied the when it had door lock that harder. subtle. which did she had in a yeah. and i don't know half of are not on chi i you are that high notting read? well, that car my cannot i, i would sadly yos about his teeth. not either well the and caught him piano. elton's asti and may a colon only the road i'll try will. and when the ham at caught me shall riley. oh, the weather. marcella!
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but watch ma'am. ma'am, nor, and, and the whole it chemistry me had that i or that claim then, or will they get on? i'm a lot of work. i you what they yet on that can fit there. will marcia with the city has a lab? none of them are hobbled out on walk. i love the walk there or is that equal? so if we talk about the, the recent violence that we've seen in the past few weeks, there's really message in israel perspective is that the temperature has been turned up by palestinian activity on the sites, people collecting stones throwing stones, and fireworks suits israelis. and as really forces, to what extent is the responsibility on, on your side of the argument and, and from you yourself, in terms of increasing the, the level of the temperature in the tensions and arshella had? well, amazon, how dora me, adeline f, don't do my meal. some seem very visual has thought, oh yeah. was
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a lot in frederick sutley muscular larry, i sort of lay latin will so thought in watson and the sort of are you down to luxor nam let how yes you will. and john, if but i don't, you have it done. he jot off and also talk ish. and should that lee then? well then to redo it and know and elizabeth up up and not let, let and, and will help up. and then go back to leo de la la la. so if the hum old jim like java shook me, wendy's timeline. shabbiness is i'm gonna love it. and on site home, up up my g. m. like in, is it mess? so a bit better. i know it definitely does the hub. that was and he shot off alexa, holly murphy, lee, len, wifi, mac. it. the malaysian just shook the hand because it really got our live event. no one had the handle,
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then we will buy it and i live gish i jelly under jot. i'm of judith. when lakisha in may, may her own can, will sultani i know be done with that little about door and come, i'll be it at that the minority to her. we had the last, the last miss we had dish about here, letty will be at the in other and out. i thought that there we are, the him, it was said villiad. i valued my door and i, i, i should i walk. i'm a bon hi leon. holly and had to alex i had it done a couple meg. your defense had that the pledge will be tell you my house i when i muscular lemme has on what i wish taylor was he java one thing to pick you up on there. i mean, surely you accept that that they were throwing stones, both at sir civilians, worshippers out the western wall and also it buses. i mean, it wasn't justice where the security forces that were coming under attack. surely. nevada shabba up. guess i was shower it but thought lee and the shabba
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boom, i owe me the holy lock for the can all heritage babble us. what fargo and the old siegel that he said, la, la la, la, la, la, la, somebody. and then i told the willa for cassandra, it is to get had that on the trail. gab, i'm famous about marsh m. m. when an was the me a shout. i know the hovel is a shadow, walkable salon for the so shanna woman, i was love with the lot the short law and that the larger not mendoza. b r e a k. they're open that job. so it out. they jot off the aqua. michelle court. i don't wish has ever had the agenda a java. how do you have a java a lily? it does have been a while yet. did that alena we're at about into an ear huck had got a shout mark i low in casala. each had their beak hill accept daddy he yes, cassandra lee casado our was how do you look one of us hoss mendez leanne mart
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title in here out of my family's 3, a chad. we had a home, brutal role saying your name. i looked through his session, what puzzled which was to be any. i had to add them up is but all had the members google that seems like a good point to pull back a bit from the, the details of what's been happening in the last couple of weeks and talk about occupation. the fact that east jerusalem is under israeli occupation and so as well as the religious and historical significance of this site, what it, what about it's so political significance is a sort of a, an area of some freedom of some autonomy for palestinians living in east jerusalem under occupation, my, the unit little quotes that had come up up, b maquel ma calamari with medea. when our fee march is $80.00 alyssa, that will manage happy hear what it is. i mean, a law the end that said though, mohammed's laws hello and not the continental villa,
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i love brock min. mca, a little quotes woman in quotes, in a survey, lola. if i can have some quotes here, let whoever he and what attackers in a hell is a lot. i mean her about i can roach eliza matt. i had it. medina. editable . thought i you love me. a lot of the above i read and while many in a lot of the hot pop is stella manny medina, silly men, men, he suffered all your spot to record room and matthew has telling her many bathrooms settlement was done over there. nobody. yes, ma shaudra, a letty thought there her. i mean, well, amanda allen, goods to the nationalist and i'm now i'm in a little man ethnic. i came to his here here in the idea. barnes, it's a song marriage. i am at a loss or in a nice he has a year,
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and i still am now mineral man. my sent him the amnio with daily emma. my heart of linea hood, bellville acts, gander, all man. i left he left my yard canyon. yeoman, you, nan. matthew left valued hut at rural man carlo la collar album. hot. bob nodded. and dr. villa de la betty. yeah. lad, no need and use i can now yo to ya. trashner man. i locker lima. hustle, emilio. and he was it tickets and he's gonna s hello phil aaliyah, i am, i will help up. lo, what can we, night? goodness, lydia old la yama. like a mecca v. kudos. harvey, i that it all. oh ha telemachus. so i did a you will be island map patel unless sully really jell. paula been on
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and your guide to renee lady jack, i'm in a robot yet. yeah. 8 out. alba will actually buy that is asleep if coffee bill i do . so you're talking more about the, the history of, i mean it's a very bloody and contested history, but there have been periods of some accommodations for the religion, not in charge at that time of the site. do you see a returned to what you saw as an acceptable status quo before 2000 where there is access to to both jews and muslims who both venerate this very important holy site . now my cannot cobbler elephant. it can or, or there must that girl who couldn't log in. i know who i could not have there be jamie erin, ill, janet gets her yeah. whole that can for my country. 8th or what? well yeah, would be matthew vamping and will your hood, is there any and that the battle hobbs, eddie? say hey, that ever a yahoo?
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who well miss a call look. we love the nose of an id, the unethical aid in san hair muslim level. how crazy ara or couldn't, and all i have be here like an ann denner 8. m e is who i can and then at a thought what i remember that if couldn't night, if in a female men the misery, a hood, glinetta will as addict could her not have been more like and, and then i muscular. and what about the, the ownership? because it is a, an open question to some extent of this site. there was the, the, you and vote in 1947 that made jerusalem or a corpus at iraq. separate him a sort of international zone than those jordanian controlled, and there was 1967 the israeli occupation began the custodianship of the site was, was given to the jordan, backed walks. so who really has sort of the right as far as you're concerned,
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to speak on behalf of muslims for their claim on alex. and what role does the palestinian leadership have in office? the am and foot sent me out somehow 16 and my saddle the land which shut the year. is that car bullshit the yan can was if her madness all in rockville slammy. what can only demon live in the him? it was sell a home may that tory dawn kyler murray. it and he have conwell dial caught him. alamahood ali, we're an alice williams. and he, dottie what the heck collect in hay and the slab yellow you would check out the latest every and oh yea, lee dorothy an old cough with that in mahogany? sure. yeah, we should. dea cola, we're daily a sierra their little mostly being quite a lay and is there me?
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yeah, we'll unlock for you stem. how was that so thought lefty. lead time and for and pharaohs hello blush and tougher to see a doctor who saw a whole fear. hannah come this was out on piano carlo cala had settled off call and now phillips he i did the other laughlin was subtlety bo electric the radio will much good wish i could killer and have but the see had the internet who knows how beside the chemistry mean to my fiona, a lay and it's lem, yellow yet. what do i still have that little alkalis every a lot of lovers law. they've already done fantasy id, little al, ala, nan and her and my that lee? my did that. what's what della l. like in near her, the less the lad, air lum, your color, lum. l could sim, gotta be a, shall be alone without a mia had that. and i had to love unless i'm in my a carol, what in can
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a racial america kind of like in at carol bartlett let as well? my did them caught up on my tele, none lacked, it is surely dinny elandis declared. he can buy us well, and kate is still the army and denver, say a year in ocoee, doretha will casa, we're in a, in a about it across. so we've been talking about some of the history and the m, the violent history of both jerusalem and the site itself, the luxembourg compound which, which jews called the temple mount. there had been many times during that history when jerusalem streets of literally run with blood in muslin blood, christian blood, jewish blood and that i'm coming to the end of 5 years here. there are times when you walk around and you can almost identify my imagination, you can almost feel it, the sort of the pain and the misery alongside all beauty and the, and the fascination of the place. do you see a future where the contested nature of all this starts to com and that you know,
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people of all religions who feel an attachment and a belief in, in this site as integral to their faith will be able to have their moments there without this kind of violence and this kind of rhetoric and, and contestation all the time. i let so but let the lead for it and tell it as embittered and along with the ideal make it so let me and the site when the hum alford sent me you the menu, i bang it. oh, well, lemme that list as a moya bit our, our middle karate obama was low. you presented to somebody when they will be there, the carotid owen with diety. then that was killer. oh, why oh, out of color or shots. and how do you know who, who must, how to what i wish could like an escalade toilet? well, how many a year to her dentist that that event, it took them. and i mean,
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it has sent me vito look on the salis site who had been busy. so i thought well, can easy the what thought or a celebrity case of interest? well, the lump couldn't get the identity or who it lacking be cheaper. hm. yeah. the percentage via fi fi and then the messy had been slammed me. danielle and they had my brain and then in viet nam said that it, but i know when we i was when i get my fish was the grass. can i even like it? know i could, couldn't the low magento, mahala, i had the extended ballasa that i had the that in my locks up solid was the reason why the land of a how cornejo will ok. so we small measure the offset mattress with nice,
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with the minimum is one measure the loss corolla. they're all over the head the here. let me offset here, let it here. let's see it to a dealer. mr. well, i can learn. no, no, no off it. and let the buffer la a grimace, every former ground must be of jerusalem. thank you very much to talk with me on out his era frontline reporting an in depth analysis. we bring you the latest on the ukraine war and the unfolding humanitarian crisis documentary. but in spite whitney springs world issues into focus through compelling human stories. the philippines votes and one of asia biggest election over 35 years since the country emerged from his father's dictatorship could frontrunner ferdinand. mom was junior to take the tops both al jazeera investigative program, full blind for time, with
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a special theories on abuse in the boy scouts of america, lebanon goes to the polls, but will political change help the country find its way out of its crippling economic crisis may on al jazeera, from the world's most populated region in den and untold stories across asia and the pacific. to discover the current events with diverse coaches and conflicting politics. one 0, one east. on al jazeera. from the al jazeera london, bro, casenita, 2 people in thoughtful conversation with no haste and no limitation. as an artist by nature, they are person who are lost, party, love, i way,
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way and in me. skipper society is not interested in the individuality the freedom. the spirit of the young person studio b. unspent dates on al jazeera for a new pro beijing leader is chosen for hong kong. for my security chief john lee, who let the 2019 crept down on antique up and protest. ah, i'm that cloud, this is out there a life and also coming up a russian bombing of a school in easton, ukraine kills 2 people. the local government says dozens under the rebel a few dead pres, before poli we look at the influence of the roman catholic church and.


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