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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 8, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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our last party left i way way and denise to paw society is not interested in the individuality the freedom. the spirit of the young person studio be an spectator on al jazeera. ah a new pro beijing leader is chosen for hong kong. former security chief john lee, who let the 2019 crept down on antique up and protested, ah, hello nick, loud, this is out to 0 life and also coming up a russian bombing of a school in easton, ukraine kills 2 people. the local governor says dozens under the rebel a few dead prayers before polling. we look at the influence of the roman catholic church and the philippine presidential election. and the death of
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a woman during childbirth, sparks anger and cynical drawing attention to the shortage of doctors and basic medical records. ah sir fuller security chief who led a crack, donald pro democracy protest. as is hong kong you leader john lee was the only candidate in the race to succeed carry. lamb as chief executive, it was chosen by committee of about 1500 people, vetted by beijing. lee was the head of security during the 2019 mass protests and his under us sanctions. he says he wants to unify society and make hong kong more competitive. having restored order from chaos, it is high time. the hong kong starts a new chapter of development, a chapter that will be geared towards greater thrust security. for all we
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are at a time of great opportunities as well as challenges hands. it is imperative that we commit to a results oriented work culture uniting all sectors of the community and starting a new chapter for hong kong to gather adrian brown has more on the results from hong kong. absolutely, at this result was never in doubt. john lee was the sole candidate in this election . he secured 1416 votes. 98 percent. turn out. john lee has been speaking during the past few minutes. he says this is a joyful ho a day for hong kong. he says it is the red cross international smile day, which was another reason to be happy as to what sort of chief executive he'll make . well, the coming weeks and months will tell, but john lee is certainly a man who has the backing the support of beijing. otherwise he wouldn't be in that
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position. now. as for the people of hong kong, when of course, this was supposed to be one of those occasions where they chose their chief executive. it was supposed to happen in 2017. it hasn't happened now. it didn't happen then. and i guess the question is whether this model is the way that you know, future hong kong leaders are going to be chosen. john lee, as i say, is a man who is not just the former security chief here. he was also a courier policeman. he was in the force for more than 40 years, so he is a man that knows the security situation here in hong kong. inside out, he played a very decisive role in suppressing the pro democracy protests in 2019. he sanctioned the use of tear gas. he sanctioned the use of rubber bullets you're so sanctioned. on occasion, the use of live rounds to disperse crowds. and i think beijing likes his very sort of tough guy image outside. there are thousands of police on duty. that is the
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reflection, i think of the kind of redistribution of power that is going on in hong kong. this was hong kong government, essentially st. beijing. look, we have everything under control. now we take this very seriously. well let's hear from joseph chang, who's a former professor political science at city university in hong kong. and he says there will be little room for descent in hancock with john lee in charge. in practice, it will mean that there will be no tolerance of an opposition of pro democracy political parties. in fact, they have not been taking part in this. you'd act and process. they refuse to take our arm yet is obvious that there are no texts and balances and dabble nicely. be a 3rd, a deterioration in d. r. wharf law situation are indeed tolerance for independent media and for the activities of civil society organizations. on
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a poll, how to last, how in march refracted their 24 percent of the respondents, i had planned to leave the territory dozens of people who feared dead after an attack on a school in easton ukraine. it happened in boler gorenca in the land screech him. the governor says run 90 people with sheltering in the building when russian forces bonded that's nearly all the residents who had stayed behind in the village. at least 30 people have been rescued to bodies have been recovered so far. where ukraine's government says all civilians have now been rescued from the besieged steel planted merrier pole. the last holdout for ukrainian forces in the city. civilians and soldiers had been trapped inside the as of style facility for nearly 2 months. as russian attacks intensified, i should beg, as more from ukraine's central city of man. out and safe
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crane says all women, children, and elderly have been evacuated from the as of stall steel tete with for months. the sheltered in underground bunkers, while ukrainian fighters from the as of battalion attempts to prevent russian soldiers from completely taken over the port city. presidents lensky, repeatedly called, and united nations to helps lead civilians to safety do humanity and corridors. deborah, among them is not all. no, i want to thank the teams of the international committee of the red cross and the united nations for helping us carry out the 1st phase of the as of stall plants evacuation mission, we managed to save more than 300 people, women and children, gentle russia agreed to a number of these fires to facilitate evacuations. both keys and moscow repeatedly accused one, another of violating the truce,
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or miss other hundreds of civilians were eventually evacuated in multiple operations. led by the united nations. taken to a nearby village away from the shelling which the fate of crane fighters still in steel works. it's unclear if president vladimir putin will be able to declare victory. mary pulled in time for may. 9th, a day where russia celebrates the soviet union's will go to victory over the nazis . i said bag, a da 0 woman in the aisd ukrainian forces continue to fight back. they have been using long rage, how it says to shell russian targets in the khaki region. the artillery weapons have been supplied by the united states and by germany. earlier on saturday, ukraine said russia targeted 3 bridges to slow the ukrainian counter offensive. the director of the c, i a says that he is convinced of vladimir putin is strengthening his resolve for the war in ukraine. william burn says despite the resistance from ukrainian forces, the russian president is not willing to lose. he added putin has been,
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as he called it stewing for years and is motivated by grievance ambition and insecurity. i think he's in a frame of mind in which he doesn't believe he can afford to lose. so the stakes are quite high in this phase, and in the east of ukraine, as you know, ukraine's military was support, you know, from the west continues to resist. but i don't think this means that, you know, putin is, is deterred at this point because he staked so much on the choice that he made to launch this invasion that i think he's convinced right now, the doubling down still will enable him to make progress. the u. s. first lady is in slovakia, me to ukrainian refugees and humanitarian workers. jewel biden is on day 3. if i trip to eastern europe. she visited a 24 hour 8 center in costa at hearing the stories of families who fled the war. the un says around $6000000.00 ukrainians of escape so far with slovakia,
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carrying for almost $400000.00 the philippines where voters are preparing for an election described as the most important in its history. holes predict a victory for ferdinand macos jeanette. he's a son of a former president who was ousted in a popular uprising back in 1986, and he's up against the vice president's lending. robledo, who's grassroots campaign, has galvanized young people. we have to correspondence following the election shortly. we'll hear from france louis in manila, but 1st jamal allan doug and reports on how the roman catholic church could influence the vote. it may seem like a typical sunday in the country considered the last bastion of catholicism in asia, but prayers have never been more earnest. what is it over the last few months, the hierarchy of the roman catholic church has strongly campaigned for the presidential run of the leader of the opposition. lenny labrador,
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who also happens to be the country's vice president, but even in a country where more than 85 per cent of filipinos or catholics, it remains to be seen whether this endorsement will be enough to make her when. if god sit with another enough, i pray will be god's well to finally have someone who will help poor filipinos features in this public school said they are confident that preparations for this to be turned into voting. we since will be ready by monday morning. we'll follow them for now man, which is that awful lot of our cool time now is at 10 am and finishes at 11 am. the material will follow the where accommodated and city hall to day. not like in 2019, where we had to line up for half a day left for teachers here say be preferred to stay focused on the task at hand. ignoring discussions and social media about possible electoral violence or electoral cheating. they understood the see the gravity of their role. this being
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the most consequential elections in recent philippine history, ah, ferdinand marco's junior is hoping to follow in his father's footsteps and become the president of the philippines. i know that a lot us, and that's why this coming monday, when you enter your voting precinct, just think of what you want for the future of our citizens. oh, some vote to say that disillusioned by the reform minded governments that followed the fall of the marco's regime in 1986, that's helped marco's junior built. a commanding lead in opinion polls along with his running mate, sarah, to 30, the daughter of incumbent president rodrigo, to 30 nearly a quarter of the population lives in poverty. right and another. because there is something wrong with our country now, and we need to change that, especially for the life of the poor like us. but analysts and fact checking groups
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say he's also benefited from a campaign of misinformation misleading posts on social media present. his father's rule as a time of peace and prosperity. in fact, it was rife with corruption and human rights abuses in a manner this number may be mental, we know about his father's legacy. and marcus junior has promised that he will change the price of electricity when he returns to the government. the price of goods will come down, marco's junior, is able to limit scrutiny by avoiding media, his campaign, dean's unfriendly. access to his press conferences and campaign events are tightly controlled. he also limits his appearances and interviews and debates. his message to filipino voters is one of unity urging them to move on from the past. simple but ambiguous. he hasn't offered anything concrete to us. in terms of plans and programs and policies for us to even make an educated
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speculation of what his administration, my b. but the irony is there like the bean journal. and the reason why it's very dangerous is because of the past. for that day he care east though, and that's the past of martial law and dictatorship. the results of monday's election, we'll have a huge impact on the future of the philippines. florence li, algebra, manila is ready. police have arrested to palestinians following an attack on thursday. they're accused of killing 3 people and injuring others in the central city relied the 19 and 20 year olds are from the occupied west bank. the king of saudi arabia has been admitted to a hospital according to state media, 86 year old king salmon will have medical tests at a hospital and jetta he had gallbladder surgery 2 years ago. the case also had the
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battery of his hot pacemaker. i replaced in march to lead here now to sierra be for the 1st time in history, sion vein becomes a largest pontine norman's poems. we look at what will happen next. an artist for russia betters, poland come together, increased to help spread a ukrainian theater groups message, joy, hope a huge ah ah, it set time a year again. we saw some snow on the victorian lp's in australia. every one good to see you. so really for that southeast corner of australia, some fresh air air in play here, hobart, at 16 degrees, some showers for sydney. same goes for brisbin. so the showers on monday, we're going to see that rain filling across queensland state on tuesday. i don't think it's a question if we'll see flooding, but just where and how much this is
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a multi day rain event. went out about a couple 100 millimeters of rain over the next few days. a batch of what weather now rise toward the north island of new zealand. we've got this southerly flow of air, so cool, lower temperatures for christ church on monday with a high 14 degrees southeast stage. i want to point this out. we got to tropical cyclones one in the bay of bengal, one in the indian ocean. the one around the bay, a bengali is going to amplify rainfall around the malay peninsula and indo china where it's already been it's soggy, forecast for vietnam, but that will go right across the region. also lot of wet weather for china, northern parts and also for japan. we've got this wave of rain. that's round wind, but we've got another one that will move west to east. so it is a gloomy forecast for tokyo over the next few days by your temperatures. pretty close to where they should be for the some figure. ah.
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full of struggles full of play, i fancy. please wait till you look at it yesterday. my or what is this today? my little welcome lot of the new list a what? an intimate look at life in cuba in the work a mom with the like, i say i came up with the government that media my cuba on al jazeera lou. ah, and again, you're watching out 0 reminder of our top stories. this our and john lee has been named as hong kong new leader. he was the only candidate in the race to succeed,
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carry land as security chiefly led the crackdown on the 2019 mess up to 60 people thought of being killed when a school was bombed in easton, ukraine official say around 90. people were sheltering in the building in the hunt when russian forces monday's presidential election in the philippines has been described as the most important in its history holds predict victory for ferdinand macos junior. that's the son of the form of president toppled by a popular uprising 36 years ago. his rival is vice president. then he read supporters of tennessee, as president guy said, a rallying in the capital was concerned. the public show of support could be used as a reason to dissolve political parties. opposition groups accused save of a paragraph by dissolving parliamentary, give himself mergers. he passed to rule. while decree elect speak to lithia a vulcan whose life was in tune as alicia. usually demonstrations are against a government. so why are people demonstrating for the president in this case?
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this is part of a pattern of a dialogue between high side support says that we've seen that preempts as are major announcements and new decrees. so this has been organized over the past. so a couple of weeks. and what we're seeing is that they're kind of pulling out and you know, the big guns this time was a big video screen. and really ramping up this narrative that challenger is in danger, fertile terrorists, and islamists say they're, you know, they're, again decrying a rush. good news, she, he's the leader of a nasty party. those so called islamist democrats. so this is kind of a dance between his supporters and president side. so we are expecting another decree or major announcements. so it's political theater. a lot of people are saying it did. and what for the gains, do you think president cited is? is hoping, hoping to make today. i mean up to this point he so
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he's taken most of the major paris, the legislative fast. it is old parliament. he dissolved the central judicial council and what people are suspecting is he's gonna go another step in it towards sort of a mall. so a total, a tarion, one man ruled by dissolving political parties. yeah, he's been sort of playing with those who are pushing for tenisha to return to democratic par i by said a talking about referendums about more legislative elections, but this sort of plays against everything else that he's doing. so that the most likely decree that we expect is the dissolution of political parties, which of course, is the, the end effectively of representative democracy and felicia, all right, thanks very much. no for that to release your recording from tuesday. a rescue is in cuba capital, a searching for bodies at
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a bucktree hotel in havana were an exposure code on friday. at least 32 people including charl were killed. dozens were injured. it's believed to have been caused by gas leak. the building was undergoing renovation at the time ahead of the hotel reopening loose in a similar to silver as take another shot at brazil's presidency. the last time the 76 year old held office was 12 years ago. and this time around the left us leaders trying to unseat the far right incumbent giant. also nora want to communicate reports from sapa ah, spirits were high. this convention center in san bone, thousands gathered to hear brazil's former president lizzie mass, who led us silva as he promised to defeat incumbent j will. so now do in october's election. mueller announced that his candidacy has the support of trade unions, social organizations, and 7 center left parties,
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including his own workers party. he compared his to term presidency of latin, america's largest democracy, to that of both sonata and admirer. and follower of former u. s. president donald trump, life brazil is too big to be an international prior because we are submissive because we are denial lists and because we attack our greatest commercial partners causing an enormous damage to our economy. brazil whole general elections in 5 months, as the country deals with record to digit yearly inflation. high interest rates and unemployment brazil's back on united nations hunger map which it had left in 2014 for the 1st time in its history rule. also appeal to young voters, promising to protect the amazon, the environment in brazil's indigenous people. recent polls shola having the support of more than 40 percent of the population, enjoyable sonata in 2nd place,
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with more than 30 percent. but lula supporters are anxious. they know the tables can turn at any moment. oh no, not a gun. and here the last one was more due. yes, there is no guarantee that we will be victorious. we are very much at risk of having brazilians reelected, also, norris fascist government. this is a historic moment when progressive forces you'd like to fight evil, but anything can happen now. also, nato has the support of brazil's powerful farm lobby of the christian right and of resilience who were disappointed with bola, and with the corruption scandals involving him and his workers party. but also, nato is also being accused of incompetence and mismanagement of the coven 19 crisis . which has killed more than 660000 brazilian. i mean in brazil, i law law library residence. i am also not
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already writing everything to make and get it to be very. all right. well, like i champagne has become the largest political party in northern ireland for the 1st time. it was previously the political wing of the irish republican army, the on group which fought british forces and loyalist to take northern island out of u. k. and united islands. joining the north with republic or island remains a party. central ame john hall reports from belfast. some say the selection changes everything and changes nothing. the marching bands play on commemorating ties with the united kingdom, despite the reversal of a century of unionist political dominance and barricades stand regardless of the nationalist when separating communities,
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as they have done through decades of troubles and decades of peace. just as unseen, no change and no changes just been on the same. for too long the unionists have voice held there have been top dog but neither 2nd dog. ah, and there is a lot of pride at stake. real change has happened though in the center. the alliance party doubling its vote share among those who reject traditional identity politics. cross community youth groups like this one are not uncommon in a younger generation, looking for a credible 3rd way. common and the are city. it's made in, she's tough with, i'm passive. order has been a little so washed off the class herself as her food for her to feel her physical from my experience, like i said, and i wasn't involved in that program. i probably wouldn't have any really involvement with products inside of the community. there is
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a movement obviously with the book before parents is off with off be in and not they are learn more about community relations and build relations with older people, not just your identity and religion. once at the heart of conflict. now, making tentative attempts at bridging divides. so we have begun to meet on a regular basis with both ministers on the shinkel and priests from the falls. and our parishioners don't seem to have a problem mixing whenever the occasion arises. reverend tracy mach roberts, has led community outreach efforts since a brief resurgence of violence last spring. there are possibly more people doing this kind of work than we realize. but a lot of this type of work goes on behind closed doors. the election doesn't solve northern islands problems. of course you might say it's made things worse with fin, feigns nationalist victory, a big step towards a possible future. united ireland,
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a huge blow for unionists with the democratic unionist party threatening to boycott the store. mont assembly, over post briggs had see board of trade that it says undermines northern islands position in the united kingdom. what's clear is that there is a middle ground growing in influence. cross community ties being forged by people who feel less nationally still, unionist ball, northern irish, instead jona whole al jazeera belfast. now at least $300000.00 women die around the world every year as a result of complications during pregnancy and childbirth. most of these does take place developing nations and it was hack reports now from senegal, northern town of luger, or the death of a woman while giving birth a spunk anger. the normally busy berthing word in lieu guy a public hospital in northern senegal is now a crime scene. this is where as to soak now and her unborn child died after being
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in labor for 20 hours as to begged the nurses and doctors to perform a c section, telling them she would die. otherwise, the staff ignored her for midwives have been arrested for her death. the ministry of health says this was an avoidable human error. according to the un, one woman dies every 2 minutes from complications of pregnancy and childbirth. most of these deaths take place in africa. in senegal, such as death was when too many causing nationwide condemnation and protest. yes. is it it out yonder landmark nasty sydney's death shaken us. i love my little sister, her baby carries her knee and hip. this pain that we women have gone through can no longer be with too many. when i'm die giving life, all the and mariama fall are anxious. she's had a miscarriage before, and this is their 1st pregnancy. mariama is about to have a c section and didn't want to appear on camera. she's too nervous. following
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sickness death, the couple decided that she would give birth in a private clinic. in public hospitals, if you don't pay the stuff, giving them extra cash, they won't even deal with you or in this clinic, you pay that, but they're caring, we feel reassured, it feels safe for the clinics. doctor mario, my c section is a routine operation that should take only 30 minutes. okay, so we're just outside of the operation room where the surgeries taking place and i want you to see what's going on outside. they are 2nd hand equipment from beds to surgery, equipment lights and here further down, they're installing a oxygen machine inside they bought. this block is a new anesthesiology machine. a basic equipment that you need to operate except here in senegal, in public hospitals while they're in short supply in the birthing word,
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in lieu got used. syringes are strewn everywhere. blood splattered on the wall and on the floor, the waste basket overflow with placenta. as ant umbilical cords, the stench of human waste is unbearable. there's only one gynecologist for the 300000 people living in luca, the health workers union of the hospital says the state has abandoned that massive sector. look at the state of the beds of our ward smile. women have to give birth on the floor. where are all the millions of dollars the state promised women's reproductive health money we need for god to protect mothers and their bagels. back at the clinic, mariama gives birth to a boy. he's quickly examined by the doctor who hands him to the nurses who in turn more handsome to the father. meanwhile, the mother is in the recovery room. one of them was still waiting to meet her new born nicholas hawk al jazeera luca, northern senegal, ukrainian fierce group,
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his keep, his children show alive, spreading messages of joy, hope and unity overseas. ah, yes it before me in the greek capital as part of a 2 day tour that nearly didn't happen. 3 male members of troop have gone back to fight for their country. barrels have been taken up by artists, russia from belarus, poland. ah . so this is our desert, these are the top stories and john lee is officially hong kong new leader. the former security chief was the only candidate in the race to succeed carry. lamb 64 year old lee was in charge of the crackdown on mass protest in 2019 adrian brown has more from hong kong. this result was never in doubt. john lee was the sole candidate in this election. he secured $1416.00 votes, 98 percent,
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turn out it's. he says this is a joyful ho a day for hong kong. he says it is the red cross international smile day which.


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