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tv   Al Jazeera World Songs of the Gulf  Al Jazeera  May 8, 2022 3:00pm-4:01pm AST

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stops boss al jazeera is investigative program fault lines, returns with a special theories on abuse in the boy scouts of america. lebanon goes to the polls, but will political change helped the country find its way out of its crippling economic crisis may on al jazeera, ah, hello, i'm emily anglin, in anto headquarters, east that up stories on al jazeera, dozens of people have fear dead after a russian bomb attack destroyed a school in easton ukraine. the governor of lou hands could says about 90 people were hiding in the building when it was hit, the tory gate and me before. this is what's left of a school in bella gharib, go in the la hand screeching of east in ukraine. russian forces bombed it. nearly all the people who stayed in the village were hiding in this building when it was attacked. dozens of fear dead. since the warren crane started russian forces of
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target hospitals, apartment blocks and other civilian buildings, the world health organization is gathering evidence for a possible war crimes investigation. w. joel has not verified. $200.00 attacks on health care any claims since the rule begun. these attacks must stop. health care is never a target. not break up. my o. e cranes president says his country is fighting against a new form of naziism. what flow to me is lensky was mocking victory in europe day . it celebrated on the 8th of may. the date in 1945, when nazi germany surrendered to his visiting me typically do was the way, decades after world war 2, darkness returned to ukraine and became black and white again, the again evils returned again in a different uniform, under different slogans. but for the same purpose,
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a bloody reconstruction of naziism was organized in ukraine. a fanatical repetition of this regime ah, at the besieged steel, planting, merry pole, ukraine's government says all civilians have been rescued. civilians and soldiers had been trapped inside the as of stall steel mill for nearly 2 months as russian attacks intensified and with the civilians now reportedly gone. it's the last holdout, few cranium fighters in the city. it's still unclear of president putin will be able to declare victory, mary paul, in time for may. the 9th, the day russia celebrates the soviet union's world, will to victory over the nazis. but there is no doubt this anniversary won't mark the end of a conflict where both sides now evoke the back. all of the 1940s. victoria gate and b al jazeera roches defense ministry. meanwhile, says its forces have destroyed a ukrainian war ship near the black sea port of odessa. it also says its air
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defenses shut down to ukrainian bombers and to helicopter over snake island. the statements haven't been independently verified. in the world news, john lays officially hong kong new later, the former security chief was the only candidate in the race to succeed carry. lamb 64 year old lee was in charge during the crackdown on mass protests in 2019. adrian brown has more from hong kong. this result was never in doubt. john lee was a sol candidate in this election. he secured 1416 votes, 98 percent, turn out that he says, this is a joyful who a day for hong kong. he says it is the red cross international smile day, which was another reason to be happy as to what sort of chief executive he'll make . well, the coming weeks and months will tell, but john lee is certainly a man who has the backing the support of beijing. otherwise, he wouldn't be in that position. now. vote is in the philippines and preparing for monday's election,
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described as the most important in its history. halls predict victory for ferdinand marcus junior, the son of the former president, toppled by a popular uprising 36 years ago. his rival is vice president. lenny wil greater whose grassroots campaign has galvanized young people. the king of saudi arabia has been admitted to hospital st. media says king solomon that will have medical tests in jetta. he had gallbladder surgery, 2 years ago. israeli police have arrested to palestinians following and attacking the central city of a lad. they're accused of killing 3 people and injuring others on thursday. the 19 and 20 routes are from the occupied west bank and supporters of tennessee. as president chi sayed rallying in the capital is concerned. the public show of support could be used as a reason to dissolve political parties. those are the headline states you now for out to 0 world. in the meantime here to our website. ah
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i am in the sahara. we were daily in my head for a little jamal. what if he was a hut tillman walked a little while so late, and you, linda was still jamal, for janette. b. l are not, are you thought hodges will have were doubtless we'll add some wish of ne wolf rigero. alas, local allowed you medical and annette, goodbye labeled artillery kindness mat hellam and cora. it's a black bottle and mel, our boy for hannibal, coral, st. enough, father goodness, in his me a little levine or how bill jamal center have medical mental ahead of with like little park until jermel lily, sort of linen hazel kurama, an other to rational acilo general, but to shower political my to will, will,
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for russia, fedramp italy had malcolm lateral dude with our condition, a sofa. not a damn. we shall luck. fill my lab. pamela stillia, let yes. oh, how a low any of our own. if here at the bottom now her to head thee or a job and knocked bell, ha that had you fell hon. not teddy k for no, i could level a me it. hi this jamila joy, jamal yukon. a just a how are you come? why them a house of the had the robot art so far hegan with public weight and it was bad. but we had to feed walkable. had of why had ha hm a banal ha ha, electron oakum. aha that there is i i. c 7 ah,
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the limit alabama madison in our head. but then i'll quit chef. i've got an elegy, man, that with the animal were real magellan are the legal and ology multifunctional, either german fabulous al calif, new. i'm alone here. if you had health belgium, she was there, jim willis, milena, her huggy girl, her husband kilometer, hey, door. little i little german and demarco litigious. hello. hey dor height. i had a kilmer hardy, earlier le phil a german or when i lay africa to nobody. i shall on a dialer lint dorna downloaded the energy bulk for guilt. laudable for now, like management, some room alive when only a mile, hey, door our come, a lovely family of the but the been back, fill, etc. similar him and i. then the william aline, and alia a little, only a mile, liam, as they are somewhat we'll have in hammering william on olivia, my lawyer,
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marcia suffolk. ellen suffer william again from ollie's manette. remarkably, mon, or anna here, who believe might have a hand had been educated at her mark them. katy, but english. he had a beat. hey dog, a door, our committee. ah, yeah. well, it cuts metal, missouri ludlow muslin of the old and get it ready. carol amendment globally hot, cool, cool, glare, mill mana, and quit philadelphia. good f. r lynette. hoity a slim ident equity, enlighten our scene. resin shemelle bloody about. well, i do, i do sunday, then hyatt cache, the army,
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and here in the whole test a, a while at the new zealand. confused, had different, quick july i'd share it had to him at the last. hm. what, what could do to alex, to head the what bullet to head, the, nestle, jamal goverlan, murat fee and we'll watch the news linda had to go along with hannah lan, las douglas and her modal. it's been
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a while are you can and mr. ear esha, alcaraz item or authentic. amanda island. national la nicolette. mad that can you have those shades that lead? you'll al vehicle by, by donna lee and i'm not going out when we have one dumber. so do you remember a child? i learned a lot about you mom, be a baboon metronome. whole. i thought you might have thought that my dilemma was yeah, i wanted to put them on your model. i haven't had jonna me . am du du? i know i do not because the about it for just behind the albany. natasha. hello fi . out of the 50 feet. the stud. come and haven't we not? they'll cut see how you do, how you're a, what coverage of offer for, can you much more on why should i believe has been now used, applied your seal, either he'll kill you much. well, what i said, be jamal eliana had done if you will, you will. you have ordered
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a v l v l at lanier outlet, and i know a mental hamis no manila, nor middle in tomorrow. let me be then in his mouth, and he wasn't a dashing ma morbus iniquitous manner to smell. jim horror did. hey, because little mella will might have gone to papa and mentally and buckled debbie for me. yeah, yeah, bro, as head agen with w i l v i thought i had an engineer shallow where you're more and more gross our for the earlier how i've been with dollars jalap, julie anatomic for dinner. what kind of decor? woodman ended. it had a cabal material, you have to visual to equate the java. he is the all the yet the heck, let us know what had their gelata r b a was such a b? i lunch, holla, cut. we had the he eh, and what, what, what can, how can i be elena london. alba dialogue nephew feed. was that a been jalap? what kind of been
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a little more bali i i thought i wanted to know, but i do with a with a deal with jimmy lee and i own if he i was to his own good now why corn chowder? ne, a, i got an album. my bad, a little sad foisy de la la will job jimmy
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with some gut. they will have to say, i thought you better coverage quality then especially jamil. just let i just yet, ma'am, went to hubbard quit unit. hi f cash it had been for monday. will general tobin lashara, oman requita, the ham moreland, wafa a little put by a gun and not less still to la jolla ultimately and hodge out of here. hm. and mikaela and medina are with talia and yeah, she alex here in a couple of st. louis and okay, hello. hello, hello shaheed faddle at red allotment in what was said was july gotten beat every german after my ella melody. what he mckuddle went to hubbard, quit phil, mother to bill what i tilted cra, what else to say? little got up, been enough do model when mother able to sion whom we on while job one the devil.
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whoa, whoa, whoa, jen, belinda, lydia issue, fee. i escalated the issue with cabul, quit women that allowed us why? yeah, i need to look like been this will allow me when they say a little elaborate less. why the fuck up. yeah, to lose hold on. what did you oh, hi dave. it's been an homage which i'm a la carte. by jimmy. well i, i've got, i had them do my football homage that really got my gym l i c d at was zana. happy marguerite was there and i have you better than what eat her lorna in your head was to highlight, we're to a felony here. one of the under the geography lacking us, what a door whim if you had gotten it catch up. i have the, i'll be yes. what can i be? what will i thought? i'd give you a lot to algebra. the mccomb got didn't chuckle how the leilani his scenario of
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a birth. far ahead. and then i got the mr. mahogany want money at home. every allo to force it couldn't provide them a push in for productivity. alvy had them on know, estimated the only to the fee of kathy michigan. well why, why should i wish i had it up behind the lanier not to be shipped from zachary hill on little alone, the eagle lea, 30 monsieur, to correct. and if i don't physically, mentally leave hagar amish, i see an atmosphere, then we'll have the other one. if you're gonna over it, that's all because i could go to college. i didn't really of the, to hardy lanier. porcelain veneer, hey door glen on a better job in lin tend to he will in italy. is dominic equity eloquent you ah, with
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with them all in one i hope will love you about a car to while and bugle man i feel much o tar wrestler is eman infinity jimmy 11. marvin gimme will you're more quick now. miles and none of right. your meal hammered bustle. bond i'm claiming, or de la local ashley o'neill this and nor will far away and get my bill while hannah, well the know. hello there. my son norwood. fall one or would locum sees avenue a
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with the one the left korea with a lot of silicon and jamal and the co jamila hub. i love the lie, it's my altamira. i love misery, the health of health, but that locked up below the login here. bills, toys, emer, i luck, the glory of civil hotel atman, bitter nisha. she, her o to me is he her be in be mueller. ready let me suffer a little bit more a slash help center. our boss, i said, san ellsworth. i should son if he left to tell if he tilted
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a brand new blue on. mm hm. ah figure. gloria will see but it just meant miss doha. there for 9 minute, her boss either you didn't allow her. go off of a sudden oral fall. i love papa outdoor her that will you live unit b viani of us my the road. we're had it difficult in order for our laptop. i hadn't worked for him if he that had the she had an mock of bid daddy hello hadn't for 9 years to bother kiddy martin lithia shaniqua allison olden fall, but the wiley were up, ola o t r o door handle cutting monkey elbow. elmer head was
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a deep adopt in america. ah ah, an old man in london are ashamed. camille. or can them any mothers? however, the old mister adam, for the category the academy. he antioch, our t r o u i lindsey murphy said last mac. so mac. com the i'm a la la. i shabby i mercy had alta. who said that had been miss amelia. will you ever call yet or jab? where are martini at? they settle for a habit of a lot of the last time. we might have dinner at the head of leon. better than that. your modest had hawaii had that was for the been it or i'm of left. i have
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a with kill, with multiple, a 1000 for love life and back here. holy michel wolf be billed for north dakota via the thunder. was her ally loyal at the assess? ha ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, knuckle when will i super? oh was her oil cause her world with the ideal her lift her lover mackey of was ether a li the holly oak turley yeah, and if off of anything ah ah ah nevada,
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the deacon for that i can't moulder the stood you had got my dormer to mom and i'm hammered. muscle ton clean it up and it said get her the hill or when the air feel is the new bus mobile and i still don't pull. you has this you will see for figure had enough. so i'll have you heard would now the surely it it early mccann in the country, the confederacy and kill them on the other 2, behaving or mum look at the body physic. infect that accounting evidence. did you have a quote for our girlfriend and wow hm. and her the year or solo. hm. but do some oh mama find them and what is the, what are the and no god, one figure little more think of a lacking or it is either monitor. now if you don't combine bill or fuck up will by then. so you have a mother thought the nfl sulfur wavelength road fuck up the one was to get back to him. i thought we had heard the hill or near she jamalia muffler be feminine,
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a sub by look up in my leave, in a one market, the bad saudi of haggling and collab limited to ya, near when it's a normal file or a k d though we're good for file got our little guy, i need to do she load them back and give to one i had to deal with then didn't hayden dinner and a hotel audio can we have who you're letting you know when you walk on your own? yeah. can you switch out to be here a little when you can? who are you with solomon, matt? who and he a hide. where are you gonna go? and he said, bill manuel will not appear in here. it will avenue, besides honey stumble, bugler wisdom to hold the line for grant myself. here we are
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a cathedral in a valley. what? who do i live in? darcy kilmer but her lover. neil fossils li yan ski. mca basil, the father, son, lord, i am the lover. busy nor old cook and i'm hummer of fillable half of law with chava to lovely and move on to joseph marina. cool, but yeah. ready i mean, the help of them. um a mccann my and had the fill up the car and i get to work with
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a lot of that. 0 one only it see. i thought it only africa here shabby that something that looked what the me a seattle at it. i love me. i'm a little more. no, no, just a jemina and there's a fund for none. hambleton plano alun him in mac harmony they artie. but at the noah fif of pho or martin, are you what the hell kellum island? atlanta that has gl. uh no. so ah albany or it has still or had and no one raised my heart to didn't deborah? i had a bustle by satellite ken and made
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a hello and he a keeps the thought and doesn't be bertha either. couldn't us gun knocked. lemme to somehow the door. nick made more eloquently for the hot beserra merkel. you can it . don't know whether i can look into cannon. jordan, if you see jim, i hadn't my yen and door. he has the mine was honest enough about food and dinner. opened enough companies to marginal philippa who shut the door. it moved them all we've only done. did bianca have done? we don't wanna have further. let me, i don't have that for now. let me small either for none without going to stop power and it's small harvey norman yet, and began to my fear to assert could be if i love kareem and how i deal. oh,
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how much upon them to me is toppa aneurysm of florida? a sort of happy at the method. an ordinary, mr. milliken, lima one, was a lumpy
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conflict between india and pakistan pristine 21. and when the kashmiris pioneering industry on al jazeera, seen as a burden, countless babies are aborted in india simply for being girls. but amidst this resistance, even from her own patience, a fearless midwife has adopted the cause of challenging, deeply ingrained tradition and terminating this modern day beat aside. the daughter, 3, witness on al jazeera is a wave of sentiment around the world. people actually want accountability from the people who are running their countries and i think often people's voice is not heard because that is not part of the mainstream news narrative. obviously we cover the big stories and report from the big events to going on. but we also tell a story that people generally don't have
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a voice. remember another child that's never be afraid to put your hand and ask a question. and i think that's what actually really does. we asked the question to people who should be accountable. and also we get people to give their view of what's going on. lou. ah, hello, i'm emily, and gwyn in outer headquarters. these are the top stories on al jazeera, up to 60 people are feed dead after school was bombed in easton, ukraine. officials say around 90, people was sheltering in the building in lou hands. when it was attacked by russian forces, at least 30 people have been rescued to bodies have been recovered. russia's defense ministry meanwhile says its forces have destroyed a ukrainian warship near the black sea port of odessa. it also says its air
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defenses shut down to ukrainian bombers and a helicopter over snake island. the statements hadn't been independently verified. he cranes, government says all civilians have been rescued from the besieged steel plant in mary paul. the last holdout for ukrainian forces in the city. civilians and soldiers had been trapped inside their as of style steel mill from nearly 2 months as russian attacks intensified. we all mailed to her personnel garrison, maria lee work rice performed by russia. why russia? we are witness. oh, surrender is not an option because russia is not interested in our watch. the are not interested to let us turn lanes officially, hong kong new lead um the former security chief was the only candidate in the race to succeed carry. lamb 64 year old lee was in charge during the crack down on mass
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protests in 2019. adrian brown has more from hong kong. this result was never in doubt. john lee was a sole candidate in this election. he secured 1416 votes, 98 percent, turn out as he says, this is a joy for her a day for hong kong. he says it is the red cross international smile day, which was another reason to be happy as to what sort of chief executive he'll make . well, the coming weeks and months will tell, but john lee is certainly a man who has the backing the support of beijing. otherwise, he wouldn't be in that position now. and his rally place have arrested to palestinians following an attack in the central city of the land. they are accused of killing 3 people in injuring 3 others on thursday or 19 and 20 year olds are from the occupied west blank. those are the headline. phineas continues here on al jazeera after al jazeera world. i'm emily angland. do stay with us.
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that's on the, in the met him up element sorta who carry. mm hm. was just the message sure. never do. i saw said kilometer sham. sherman was shown below the sun before but on a shallow bed, the sort of swan shamela. oh, so man. some of the motherly good, her side of the modem with the light. a good a little divided. yes her when darling, they assured me xena i'm so man, fiesta and fish. i've thought about the let us lay good. you have been jelly to well, go over it. you better test didn't let us then and lush. was the la swami aleck settlement on the shore meal, many a for either george la feed. show me limit or step element. your for
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a he there. joel. i feel relative. am an artist hum. they won't do it. they'll kill him. well, i can her stomach, i live to look the rotten. well, let him in toronto, and i'm and vietnam. laura and i so on but her, i see her over at the army here killing with totally down here. well helen, i believe though we have the lanai, i'm here or will. i mean i live near canada. i will have them and i am a lessons are hygiene in them. i'll just see. and i don't me why it's on our hang on. we'll learn of the ha, ha ha ha, yes, a matter i had the mesh house or, or gully, how the shots, unless the wash, it really doesn't me. it's a house. i can them on the moon. i will touch what
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a tele nickel or my to a final bother last fall. so while the nurse garland nun kept him out. john, i was kidding. man, you cannot. oberlin, if not, a militia is as heavy. well, ireland, i can honor and it has to start said anna, gruff. woodson belie stuff's. her margaret unable to howard developmental act, us up at the new will have to not have been out of the bottle. how dr. i sort of also mclachlan, love, bless us, it also the china in which was sort of how the la smell ha nascar any. i can the la honey on it said little kilo sierra, show me lemme supple. oh, well, oh god, hamilton, one of our huffman hines to show that a tiny little kiss i love, but i like all of my, any of it,
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the little hand were last bottle proceed. and the whole commonly would do on load. you to plan with leslie stevenson. why are madeline that young? well her i had her shoe miller. jason turn. all miss love with her father. alada us or our own. what a was a lot of them the near to mean a mother to man has him. marshlin will here. not at that,
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the liam and what and he will love a little bit. can be a good them, danny. i will. i'll hand here highly. if i thought, we'll certainly go ahead and i can ask you, i thought, because as you can pause leah, when to havana can issue finance. jamita will lay will alone let me harvey for jani available aqua which another diamond i had a good, a good we. i up and a little bit check about of he had federal harvey and a bad cuz i'll see about camilla jenny in a jar. how kind of land the charge and then it could be if i did not do well, i need. so i'm like, wait, vermont can is more and more than in leonor who i look way to highlight on who had to do with fanny and you had known. i love me. hardly forehand fear osmond. uh huh . what i
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owe you huh. worked on mil olivia ginger hardly any. okay to talk to and her talks about a common melania toyota. kerry wants to we'll land nanny box of gloves philadelphia and uh what must matter. lad at austin, harassed corn underneath mar, foreclosure luxan. horace, hannah, the daughter a barrier con. last. bob lanier, not only a legit. we are not locked and carnal went to hub or not because a lot docilely walk. that's how the shape he in the saw him at seattle academy, an odds it around him.
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ah, ah ah
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no wait a minute. it's different. a lot of blood means of huh. at stella lanier charge has had dropped out of fi nasa material. manuel penny to so her kinda like tom was sold, huddled um other than his belly hemmed a lot of but i mean at what america storage has him are bad in allowed him li hardy and i got from 7, right. i said, i'm not but i did. oh
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lou with a j g gone. let me know what little many a. how do you feel? fema a, b. but again, i some la la la move to the do you know the verb being back in my
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dream was to let him know we know what the film fee. a i hate or oh, no, no e b o b more. i hate, i believe who got hit with him. got this job. you know? because you know, the cooper,
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i'm only on the job tomorrow for buying couldn't because best in the learned i was large. i can me a massage the lot of glad to get it done. not me. go off and then you know why the younger i was tell we must have been cut off the mill. you had the bill tomorrow for the mother of isaac in metabolic region in dia, dia falafel, m o williams. and i said, i want to be very
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hands on. i know what they did. 6 when emily and i had a marketing learn him doing, i guess would that be an in camera sewage american model where i was last fall and long skin and data me to i'm not, i'm not to show you had to have not been just another survivor been noah, clear to me and my mom. i couldn't. i had nuclear new, religious dodge. i knew you know, my while no one to hand
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the me i i me i live here with here when lead. when mr. shout was another little another him up on the shadow for fear limit on the common law. me and he, he the model for no, you're fine. now. morale, i, this isn't not, he will not allow me. one of my so
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42. mary lee. hi, kim, law the. oh my why fi is more dog because no show mom. you do you feel all who had got b o b. 8 bob, judy or the lady loud. so who are oh la. 8 don't do here be a good do new one. 0 oh. 8 8 dr lee
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b a the new more hum made the. 8 0, where are where we're here. oh boy. okay. lower the my love for the ha, the girl. oh, where i've you, because you have them on when you will, as what you will as a will have to live with the i me in the locker with years here. we're in the last, i'm with i'm the ha covered with a get my head wants to know. 8 who wants to learn. c you more hybrid dumb ha ha, ha, ha ha also now wants to lie our good thought, the i, li, northly all. c 8 clear all my was. 8 good to me, a letter,
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maybe all. oh that you just do the log shop the my nuts in the show, bob and the number one. i want to know how to send it out. i should be able to be got some of the highly be the new medina will be the only at the body. and as we have to live in a little overwhelming eminence who are so high on you. and if you notice, dad, a he saw out that was during the coverage a more robust home of sort of we live. why see, but the,
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what on how the best way to adam with that sort of model we will be katasha will toddy, sophia, failure for chicken, but there was a lender, but that was an order, mystical, dillman, anamosa for always about ha, remove our what i can labrador know how to give you that and out of that, a novel has already novel that i know how to come. i avoided what caused that. i know how the different dodge job job the lot the idea. well, i can lee, but who knows how to be lamb going?
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atlanta smiled and as i have some money, i owe. 7 i come as i shall over. brian was sum total model for that up shall see him on the shore. that africa to reject. reject kind of half of the common that operate. well, what that me is and you can modify. i'm out a little closer to the usage adam, and while you got some out of that digital have tv and we got out a couple of staining jo. i have a shout over,
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but i am as of and have him in life up. i don't know how to run dad a, but he's our m a g. lisa, how could you to mumbling that? he saw somebody and yelled off by the out because he ever thought miss holla, but she jemila laura jawad you are new. but when at off for the dial out to 50 shabbas, m on jimmy, and will alex a blue
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excuse me. she's with me a unique form of protest by a palestinian artist using a symbol of national identity to create postage and passport stamps. but as for some burgers, it was redone. you life clear to be of the conflict anyway, sending a message of resistance about the arab israeli conflict. a wait come to palestine,
3:57 pm
palestine sun bed. the stamp of defiance on al jazeera. ah ah sure the has with the full world cup is on its way to kat hook your travel package today. let's go with your weather update for the americas. everyone. good to see you. so for the east coast stuff, the u. s. they are certainly going to feel this a really rough feeling day. so 13 in new york, it's probably gonna feel in the single digits. and here's why we've got this blustery ne, swing gas seen to about 5060 kilometers per hour. and for that reason we could see some coastal flooding, especially along long island after the west. we go in a cool pool of air for bases lower mainland stretching into the pacific northwest. and speaking of that,
3:58 pm
i think we're going to see some snow for their california cascade. so from oregon into california, snow levels dip into about 1500 to 2000 meters, extreme fire danger southeast of california rate toward the northwest of texas in speaking of texas. or this warm feet of air of the gulf of mexico human is while that pops up the temperature in houston to $34.00. so the wild weather, the winds across the eastern seaboard of the us, it's going to produce some rain for the bahamas freight across cuba. and we've got some rain and showers for the pacific coast of guatemala and el salvador. you know, the name of the game, right, we've got rain and storm stretching from the pacific coast right through to the atlantic coast for the top end of south america. and otherwise, to the south of this, it's looking good. montevideo has a high of 21 degrees on sunday, chatter air with issue airlines of the journey may on 20 frontline reporting in depth analysis. we bring you the latest on the ukraine war
3:59 pm
and unfolding humanitarian crisis documentary. bi weekly claims world issue thing to focus to compelling human stories. the philippines votes and one of the biggest election over 35 years since the country emerged from his father's dictatorship could frontrunner ferdinand mouth was junior to take the tops both al jazeera investigative program, full blind for tons, with a special theories on abuse in the boy scouts of america, lebanon goes to the polls, but will political change help the country find its way out of its crippling economic crisis may, on al jazeera, mainstream coverage of big stories can sometimes deliver more heat than light in any war tar scenario, there's always a push to simplify, narrative nuance is always called for, even in the case of an aggressive war. the listening pace delve into the news, narrative and dissect them. there is not our great deal of subtlety. we're talking
4:00 pm
about the barbarism that is unfolding as though we're somehow unique. it's not unique covering the way the news is covered on al jazeera frank assessment. what are the political risks of panic rushmore? the gas for western leaders will sanctions on russian energy exports. that's from recipe for social in depth analysis of the days headlines inside story on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah. hello, i'm emily angry. this is the news our live from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes, dozens feed dead after russia bombs a school in easton ukraine. when 90 people was sheltering,


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