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tv   News  Al Jazeera  May 8, 2022 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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seemed of them says, no topic is off the table. we were taught to see abortion one way, tickets truth to help all the company. they deny any responsibility, even though they have the resources in the power to fix it. where a global audience becomes a global community. the comment section is right here. be part of today's program. this stream on al jazeera ah. in eastern ukraine, a school is bombed by russia. dozens of people are feared to have been killed. and the last civilians leave the besieged steel plant in ukrainian city of merrier pole . the soldiers who remain say they will not surrender. ah,
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hello, i'm marianna massey and london. you're watching alger 0 also coming up on the program . just asked to go before polls open in the philippines. catholic voters seek last minute guidance and an unprecedented election. and the death of a mother during childbirth shines a spotlight on center goals failing health care system. ah, welcome to the program. we begin in eastern ukraine and what's been a devastating day on the was front line. dozens of people, a fear dead after a russian bomb attack, destroyed a school in the country's east. the governor of law hands says about 90 civilians were hiding in the building. when it was hit in mario pope, the last of the civilians there and the besieged as of style plant, have now been moved to safety. but the fighters who remain are refusing to
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surrender to russian forces. this as ukraine's government receives more diplomatic support, including the announcement of fresh sanctions by g 7 meters of more on that in a moment. first though, it's reports from laura, but in manly. so this is what's left of the school in easton, ukraine's law hand, screeching, smouldering debris and utter destruction. rushing, forthwith targeted the building, which reportedly had nearly all the people from the village of bella, griff cat, hiding in fight. dozens of them are feared dead. richard. they should, so taking into account that it was an air strike and not a simple artillery shalayna. when the explosion happened, the temperature was extreme. certainly, our emergency workers will be clearing the debris with maximum speed, but there is only a very slim chance that any one survived. not break like my old wall knocking victory day in europe. ukraine's president not him is zalinski,
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says his country is fighting a new form of not for them. it's celebrated on the 8th of may the day in 1945, when nazi germany surrendered, build in the south of ukraine. the port city of odessa has been underwritten. you'd strikes missiles, reportedly hit stores and warehouses in a residential area, as well as the military airport runway and tower. russia's defense ministry says its forces had destroyed a ukrainian warship near the black sea port. but this has not yet been independently verified. for moscow, odessa is considered a strategically important port, is no, when you speak about odessa on the shipping point of view, you're thinking not only about one or 2 in odessa, but also do satellite words inc. exam and sharing a modest 30 kilometers around and they comprise are, are the 60 percent of ukrainian experts and 90 percent of the ukrainian grain
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experts. since the war started russian forces of targeted hospitals, apartment blocks and other civilian buildings. the world health organization is gathering evidence for possible bull crime investigation. w 2 has no verified. 200 attacks on health care in ukraine. since the really begun this attacks must stop in the city of the apparition, that's been a steady flow. the vacuum ease being both from the besieged steel plant, a very awful ukraine's government says all civilians have now been rescued. ah, civilians and soldiers have been trapped inside the assault still steel mill for nearly 2 months as russian attacks intensified. surrender is not an option because the roster is not interested in our lives are not interested. let us know.
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ah, as russia prepares to mark it's victory day on monday, which celebrate the soviet union's will against nazi germany in world war 2. if not clear yet how this conflict where both sides have invoked battles and the 1940s will end laura, but a manly al jazeera as well as i bank is i from denise pro in central ukraine. and 1st of all, we now know that the last of the civilians have been evacuated, safety in the port city of maryville. what do we know about that process? now what we heard was that the women, children, and elderly had been evacuated with the help of the united nations and international committee of the red cross. now there has been several attempts to try and get those civilians out of that metal plant and they haven't really been successful. now the cleaning government say that the last of those people have been evacuated lessons, aperture, which is around 85 kilometers from where we are now,
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and they will be given food, clothing, and shelter. now this will come as a relief to the ukrainians because they have been trying to get those people for a considerable amount of time. they've been completely besieged. and that metal that plant, which is one of the largest in europe, that spreads over at 10 kilometer squared. but the soldiers still remain there. and people coming out of merrier polls have given, hiring the kinds of what's taking place and some of the fighting that's been taking place, the bombing, the artillery and the soldiers on the ground. and, and it's been going on for around 2 months. but specifically the as of style metal work, stunt consider them as a weeks people have been tracked down down, down in those array of tunnels and rooms. again, that will be considerably from the ukranian government and that the funding got those people that yes, so the last this readings have been evacuated. we think a clip there and the report of one of the fighters who is inside the complex saying that they will never surrender. what of the fighters who remain inside?
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well, they have no way out. you know, the deputy commander of the, as a battalion, went on line and said that they will fight until the last person last month. but ultimately they have no way access to the russians. have them surrounded. and previously, russian president vladimir putin has instructed, he's military not to storm the plank because he said it would cost too many soldiers lives. but there's no way out and the deputy commander of battalion in this online address, this press conference is critical of the ukrainian government. there's a feeling that they've been left to defend. mary, poland, the owner of the weapons up, come into the crane. haven't made their way to the forces there, and they're really unhappy, but what they are quoting for a 3rd party to intervene, so that can evacuate the wounded and collect the debt, but least for russia, tomorrow is victory day with a commemorate. the soviet union's victory over nazi germany, and they will want to use mary polls as a victory. it's
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a strategic treat strategic port city. it gives them a land bridge to crimea. we still annexed in 2014, but also the narrative from russia has been that they are not defined ukraine. something that's disputed, but what does, what does help them is that the as of italian still in mario polls are far right organizations i was incorporated into the ukrainian military operators. but again, russia will one to show that they've taken all of mary poll tomorrow on victory day, and this will be seen as a victory. but again, those soldiers are still down there and there's no real way out for them. thank you very much, denise bro. in ukraine, aside by in all the development as g. 7 nations are imposing new sanctions on russia and it's lee does. they've made the announcement after a video conference with you kind of present vladimir zalinski in a statement. a group says president lent him of prisons. war brings shame on russia's historic sacrifice in world war 2. it comes a day before russia celebrates its victory of the nazi germany. or
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u. s. officials have returned to the embassy and keep for the 1st time since being evacuated in february. now the move comes a day ahead of those commemorations by russia, which is mentioning in another show of support g 70 does a meeting virtually with ukrainian present law to me as a lensky, to discuss collective efforts to bolster ukraine and to impose more punitive action on russia so shambria tansy is life arrest now washington, how important is it? the american diplomats are returning to care for the 1st time in a couple of months, particularly just one day before rushes victory day commemorations. i'm as the reason why they all of our actually this is not the state department is stressing abuse behind the scenes. the official reopening of the embassy vows with a low pressure in washington for members of congress to show that the u. s. is resolute with ukraine and reopen the embassy,
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but that's something to say to probably isn't prefer to do yet because of safety concern. so really, this was a convoy of u. s. officials who will be in in ukraine temporarily for victory day on monday. ukraine also on the bridge victory day on monday, and you got the sense them that they're looking for some kind of counterpoint to a huge show of force that we expect for moscow. on monday, as vladimir putin presides over the procession in moscow, so that at least them what, what, what ukraine will have all the pictures that ukraine will be able to put up will be of you, credit officials and american officials in the queue. also commemorating victory day and i suppose it also had of that that key dates, t 70 does have agreed on more sanctions against russia. what, what these measures involve, what we've been hearing of, and we've had another expression of for, of will to end all oil imports into g 7 countries. beyond, beyond that,
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they're, what we heard from the state to problem officials was they're going for what they call a symmetric sanctions. that is the going off to the things that they feel that russia calmed provide for themselves or con, get alternative sources for. so if they're going off to business services, or account single management consulting, financial services, because many russian companies use western companies to, to do or of, out of not legal services yet, but perfectly financial services. those will not be sanctioned. in addition, industrial products in which, which they can only source from the west as far as the u. s. as in the g, several are concerned. those are going to be sanctioned are also 3 television stations will be sanctioned. that will prevent western corporations from advertising or on those on those t v station to say about was as hundreds of millions of dollars of advertising come from the west on t v stations in russia. and we will sanctions on what the u. s. schools,
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russian and bella, russian leitz, they marched from washington, shebra tansy. well, america's 1st lady. chil biden, is made an unannounced trip to ukraine for mother's day. she met with a ukrainian county, but elaine, at the landscape in the city of ushered just over the border with slovakia, past boca school, used as a shelter for displaced ukrainians. the 1st time it is the landscape appeared in public since the war began. de europe is marking the 77th anniversary of the victory of nazi germany by allied forces. ceremonies this year have been overshadowed of course, by developments in ukraine. the french present manual macro met, while water, veterans, and laid briefs at landmarks and paris was the 1st time since the coven 19 pandemic . that spectators were allowed at the day's events. ah.
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after months of campaigning, voters in the philippines were head to the poles. in a few hours time for monday's presidential election, front runner is ferdinand marco's junior. the son of a former president ousted in a popular uprising in 1986 opponents to a returned to marco's rule, a calling for a pink revolution and a backing the for me. human rights learn economist lenny roberto in this vote. or it's louis reports from manila. ah, ferdinand marco's junior is hoping to follow in his father's footsteps and become the president of the philippines. i no longer, and that's why this coming monday, when you enter your voting precinct, just think of what you want for the future of our citizens. some vote to say the disillusioned by the reform minded governments that followed the fall of the marco's regime in 1986, that's helped marco's junior built. a commanding lead in opinion polls along with
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his running mate, sarah de 30, the daughter of incumbent president, rodrigo de tirty, nearly a quarter of the population lives in poverty. right, and then because there is something wrong with their country now, and we need to teach that, especially for the life of the poor lake us. but analysts and fact checking groups say he's also benefited from a campaign of misinformation misleading posts on social media, present his father's rule as a time of peace and prosperity. in fact, it was rife with corruption and human rights abuses in a, in that not this number. maybe we know about his father's legacy. and now marcus junior has promised that he will change the price of electricity when he returns to the government. the price of goods will come down, marco's junior is able to limit scrutiny by avoiding media, his campaign, dean's unfriendly, accessories press conferences and campaign events are tightly controlled. he also
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limits his appearances at interviews and debates. his message to filipino voters is one of unity urging them to move on from the past. simple but ambiguous. he hasn't offered anything concrete to us in terms of plans and programs and policies for us to even make an educated speculation of what his administration might be. but the irony is there like the being journal. and the reason why it's very dangerous is because of the past that there he carry snow and that's the past of martial law and dictatorship. the results of monday's election will have a huge impact on the future of the philippines, florence lee algebra manila, or jemila, and argon is also porting on this story. and she focuses now on how the roman
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catholic church could influence this vote. it may seem like a typical sunday in the country considered the last bastion of catholicism in asia, but prayers have never been more earnest. what is it in over the last few months, the hierarchy of the roman catholic church has strongly campaigned for the presidential run of the leader of the opposition lanita read. or who also happens to be the countries vice president. but even in a country where more than 85 percent of filipinos or catholics, it remains to be seen whether this endorsement will be enough to make her when i, if god sit with another enough that i pray will be god swell to finally have someone who will help poor filipinos features in this public school said they are confident that preparations for this to be turned into voting. we since will be ready by monday. morning me off all day and which is sped off. a lot of our cool
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time now is at 10 am and finishes at 11 am. the material will follow where accommodated from city hall to day. not like in 2019 where we had to line up for half a day. for teachers here say, be preferred to stay focused on the task at hand, ignoring discussions and social media about possible electoral violence or electoral cheating. they understood the see the gravity of their role. this being the most consequential elections in recent philippine history. you know the out, is there a life in london? mostly clothing. this story, something indians rally and supportive. president chi my concerns you could be dissolving political parties. ah
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well, fondly. it's warming up for more than just a few in europe. and you may not get that impression, but the swirling cloud down here that's not particularly warm. this big area of high pressure is static. it means that the sunshine gets to work. so look at the forecast temperatures, for example, in france on monday, $26.00. we're down to $28.00 in bordeaux and it's similar down in spain and portugal. now admittedly much of central eastern europe hasn't yet caught up on this blue line. here is certainly rain stretching through romania hungry back to austria. and there are showers, developing all over italy, in the central part. millennium is nothing like a stormy, as you might expect, and temperatures even here are in the middle. twenty's just temporarily dipped during the shares. if i take you ahead to tuesday, temperatures are rising still further in parts of france. 31 there is wind and rain running through england and into what is currently a fire danger. part of south norway is that probably good news, and the sun has replaced the rain for much of the rest of central europe. not quite
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as windy as it was, was still enough to pick up the sand in libya. and egypt for the onshore breeze means to brooks down to about 900 cars at 37 in west africa where it's been very hot. it is still very hot in cynical, ah, seen as a burden. countless babies are aborted in india simply for being girls. but amidst these resistance, even from rome, patience, fearless midwife as adopted the cause of challenging, deeply ingrained tradition and terminating this modern day beat aside. the daughter 3 witness on alger stealing. ah
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ah, welcome back. the main stories now. the law civilians evacuated from the besieged as off style steel plate and mary pole of started arriving in the town of zat for region of grind. ukrainian fighters though defending the plant, say they will keep fighting and never surrender. g 7 nations or imposing new sanctions on russia and its leaders. after a virtual meeting with ukrainian present ramirez the landscape in a statement, the groups as president demo putin's actions have brought shame on russia. and voters are heading to the polls for national elections in the philippines. in the coming hours, the front runners are found on marco's junior and vice president. lenny robledo
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now is ready forces of shot dead, a palestinian man who tried to enter israel through the separation barrier in the occupied west bank. another palestinian man was killed by israeli police following a stabbing attempt. this happened near the damascus gate. earlier. these railey army rated the hometown of 2 palestinian men suspected of killing 3 people in the central city of lod. the 19 and 20 year olds were detained earlier after a search following 1st day's attack. stephanie deca has more on this now from west jerusalem. it was an extensive manhunter. they were found close to the city of aladdin. a forested area is ready, police are releasing video where you could see them, some sort of telling them to come out. and then also there's one video which has a questioning of one of them asking their names as saying who he's with and what they did. and they said that they basically hit some people in a lad. it's not the 1st time that this kind of an attack has been carried out in an
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israeli city. there's been 6 or 7 of them over the last couple of months. it is also putting huge pressure here on what is already a fractures, coalition government. the assessment has been these were 2 of you know, young men who are operating, working in israel illegally in the city of ally. they were from the occupied west bank, close to jeanine, and as you mentioned there, so there is now also a spotlight in a clamping down on the illegal workers, but illegal palestinian workers who cross into israel. and also the assessment from these really internal security forces is that these kinds of attacks, as we've seen also in the past until i've even brochure, every other areas are carried out by individuals which make them a far more difficult to, to prevent that. that's a concern, certainly moving forward, also an assessment them saying that they did perhaps expect these kinds of attacks to potentially continue throughout the year. a former security chief who let a crackdown on pro democracy protest as is hong kong new leader. now john lee was
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chosen by an election committee of about 1500 members who had been vetted to ensure their loyalty to china's government. lee was the only candidates, adrian brown reports from hong kong. with china's endorsement. it was just a question, but how big john lee's winning margin would be to give the appearance of an open contest? the secret votes were presented to the election committee before being counted. congratulations, a landslide. 1416 votes. in his acceptance speech, lee promised to leader hong kong that was carrying open, vibrant and vigilant safeguarding. our country sovereignty. national security and development interests. protecting hong kong from internal and external stress, and ensuring as stability will continue to be of paramount importance.
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the former number 2 in the hong kong government had previously served a security chief authorizing the use of tear gas rubber, bullets, and occasional live rounds to disperse, protested during the unrest of 2019, oh, it was an election day of one candidate, 3 protest hers and lots of police, 7000 officers, in fact, enough to keep the few dissenting voices well away from the convention center where the vote was held. analysts say the john lee has china's trust, but winning the trust of hong kong could be more difficult. trust can be rebuilt through several ways. one way is by restoring a countable government in hong kong, which has been debased, i would say under the administration of kerry lamb. so that requires the cooperation of the media of ledge go of civil society. sunday was
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also mother's day in hong kong. some people we spoke to were aware there was an election, but just weren't sure what the candidates name. oh yeah. yeah. well, i know what the lesson is. only winter days. warehouse hong kong people were supposed to choose their leader for the 1st time in 2017. it didn't happen then. it hasn't happened now raising the prospect that this could be the model for future elections to choose. hong kong leader, adrian brown, al jazeera hong kong, now hundreds of 10, easy, and have been rallying to support president chi sides plans to rewrite the constitution. there's concerned the public show of support could be used as a reason to dissolve political parties. opposition groups a q side of a power grab after he sat government and suspended parliament last july before
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moving on to rural by decree, last month the president also replaced most members of the election commission. b of king of saudi arabia has been admitted to hospital according to state media, 86 year old king sal madman. abdul aziz is having medical tests at a facility and jetta he had gallbladder surgery 2 years ago. the king has also had the battery of his heart pace maker replaced in march, heavily armed men of attack to jail in west and became faso freeing all prisoners in the facility. according to security forces, the all men entered the town of nina con, kalashnikov and heavy machine guns, and they freed 60 men from the jail. prisoners, then ransacked offices and sat vehicles alight before escaping the town. no one was killed in the right. kena faso is caught in battling a series of am good with a spate of attacks on soldiers and police and recent lakes. the death of
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a woman while giving birth is sparked angering senegal of a pull medical treatment. the death has been called avoidable by the ministry, and it's led to the rest of some of the work as that nicholas hack reports on his from the town of lucca. the normally busy berthing ward in lieu guy a public hospital in northern senegal, is now a crime scene. this is where as to soak now and her unborn child died after being in labor for 20 hours as to begged the nurses and doctors to perform a c section, telling them she would die. otherwise, the staff ignored her for midwives have been arrested for her death. the ministry of health says this was an avoidable human error. according to the un, one woman dies every 2 minutes from complications of pregnancy and childbirth. most of these deaths take place in africa. in senegal soaked as death was one to many causing nationwide condemnation and protest. this de
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la asti sultans danton shaken us. i love my little sister, her baby carries her name. this pain that we women have gone through can no longer be dealing with too many women die, giving life ali and mariama fall, or anxious she's had a miscarriage before. and this is their 1st pregnancy. mariama is about to have a c section and didn't want to appear on camera. she's too nervous. following sickness death, the couple decided that she would give birth in a private clinic. in public hospitals, if you don't pay the stuff, giving them extra cash, they won't even deal with you. in this clinic, you paid by their caring. we feel reassured, it feels safe for the clinics. doctor mario, my c section is a routine operation that should take only 30 minutes. okay, so we're just outside of the operation room where the surgeries taking place and i want you to see what's going on outside. they are 2nd hand equipment from beds to
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surgery, equipment lights and here further down, they're installing a oxygen machine inside they built. this block is an u. anesthesiology machine. basic equipment that you need to operate except here in senegal, in public hospitals while they're in short supply in the birthing word, in lieu got used. syringes are strewn everywhere. blood splattered on the wall and on the floor, the waste basket overflow with placenta as an umbilical cords, the stench of human waste is unbearable. there's only one gynecologist for the 300000 people living in luca, the health workers union of the hospital says the state has abandoned that massive sector. look at the state of the beds of our wards. women have to give birth on the floor, where are older millions of dollars, the state promised women's reproductive health money. we need to protect mothers
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and their babies. back at the clinic, mariama gives birth to a boy. he's quickly examined by the doctor who hands him to the nurses who in turn mo, hands him to the father. meanwhile, the mother is in the recovery room, while them still waiting to meet her new born. nicholas hawk al jazeera, legato northern senegal. now an a poly sharper has made it to the top of the walls . highest mountain for a record 26th time. come ye rita sharp beat his own wall records set a year ago in reaching the summit of mount everest. the 52 year old lead 10 ali, sharper climbers of the popular se, which route it was 1st conquered in 1953 by shop at tens. ignore gay and new zealander, edmond henry ah,
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quite look at the main stories now and dozens of people are fair to have been killed after a russian bomb attack destroyed a school in.


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