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african narratives from african perspectives now, but now we're about his big daily y shift, blue, short documentary by african filmmakers from democratic republic of congo. and wanda, there was never going to be letting an obstacle just stand in front of you. euclidean what made with intimate connection between myself and dwanda. dick is and matching and certainly africa direct on al jazeera. ah mm. mm. president joe biden host a summit. he hopes will help reengaged the us with latin america and tackled soaring migration. ah,
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blow on carry johnston. this is al jazeera life and also coming up. good luck with a school girl describes what she did to survive a mass shooting as a u. s. congress has more wrenching testimony on gun bonds. the 1st face to face talks between sedans, generals, and political groups, since the clue for no sign of pro democracy needles. deep regrets, but still no apology. belgium's king falls short of want many congolese on demanding an attorney for brutal community past ah, the summit of the americas is just beginning in los angeles, a gathering u. s. president joe biden hopes to use to reengage with regional leaders. several leaders, though aren't attending, angered at washington refused to invite to cuba,
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venezuela, and the crocker these it unclear how much progress would be made in one of the united states top priorities at the summit. curbing high levels of migration was shortly. we'll speak life to our correspondent rob rentals, who's at the summit in las angeles. first manual wrapper, those reports from mexico's japanese state where thousands of refugees and migrants are traveling north towards the u. s. a dangerous attempt on the highway in southern mexico to try to make this long trip slightly easier. it's a deadly risk that's already claimed the life of at least one member of the group. rafael, a migrant from the dominican republic says he feels lucky to be alive after falling from a freight trailer. they were caught in the bus will no longer, i was running as a truck was passing. i climbed aboard the back and tried to grab onto,
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but i lost consciousness and i felt the vast majority of people in this group traveling in woods, referred to as a caravan or from venezuela. despite coming all the way from south america in crossing the infamous jungles of the darien gap, many se mexico has presented the greatest dangers. not roaming around, de la jamar medical like a 100 migrants refer to mexico as the house of tara. we draw the cross a jungle a 1000 times than be here, gambling we've been detained or arrested, left without money. and if we go on our own, the cartels is something horrible. oh, look up. what are you who say is from venezuela and get that in from biddy traveling with their 9 month old son. they are exhausted. finding food and a place to sleep is a daily challenge. we de larosa. it's been painful, we've suffered hunger and thirst. our child cries because he needs
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a bottle of milk and more than anything because of the sun and dehydration. the dad are you ha, the groups leaders say they hope media coverage of the journey will bring attention to a worsening migrant crisis. playing out across latin america. it's been a long day of walking and migrants are taking a break from the intense heat. in the weeks law river, it's going to be a short break because it won't be long before the group gets back on the road. this may be the largest group of migrants to leave southern mexico so far this year, but it's only a small fraction of those who make their way toward the u. s. southern border every year. manuel it up a low al jazeera she up as mexico are now to rob reynolds in los angeles. so robert, is there hope for any agreement on migration with many of the country's leaders missing from this summit and an empty looking scene behind you as well. i have to say, well, yes,
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you're right carrie. this is the press filing center for the summit. 23 nations represented. perhaps the summit organizers thought that more media would show up. perhaps the media is out having dinner in los angeles somewhere. i don't know right now, but in regards to your question about migration, the bite administration has taken an approach to stemming migration that is more addressing as they say, the root causes of migration. so with regard to that, president biden will give a speech scheduled to begin just a few minutes from now, in which we'll talk about a new plan for economic rebuilding and revitalization. more private business investment in the region shoring up. so supply chains in the region, helping with health care, he wants to train 500000 doctors and other health professionals over the next 5 years. the idea behind all this and more is to gradually and over time,
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the sooner the better obviously make life better for the inhabitants of countries from which people are fleeing like the countries and the people that we saw in manuel rapids. those excellent report just now the, the life of an average person is marked by poverty by gang violence, the lack of access to health care. sometimes environmental disasters call cause people to flee their homeland. so the buying idea is to make it a decent life for everybody decent enough so that people won't have to leave their homes and go to the united states or another relatively well to do country. but again, there's been a cloud over this summit because of this boycott by some of the key leaders in the region. and especially with regard to migration, most of the central american leaders from el salvador, from honduras, from guatemala and the president of mexico all as well are all boycotting
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this. why? because the by the administration decided not to invite the leaders of cuba, nicaragua, and venezuela thing, those countries are anti democratic and they don't have a place at the table here. that turns out to created more of a storm probably than the administration was counting on. and the fact that these, these nations snubbed the regions long time superpower is perhaps a sign of how much u. s. influence has waned in the region and how, how little trust remains between the u. s. and some of the countries in the region . so rounding back around to your question about a, an agreement on migration. kerry, i don't think that that's you. i don't think you're going to see some kind of an ironclad agreement here, especially with the absence of like the president of mexico for example. but you will see some progress. the white house insists towards actual concrete progress
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investment in canada improvement plans for latin america as a whole. with the goal, the white out says of creating a kind of demo, democratic, middle class society all the way from panama. excuse me, all the way from arctic canada to the strait of magellan and south america. okay. yeah. we'll leave that there for now. it's live in los angeles for us, rob rentals. thank you. and we will be going to present joe biden, when he speaks at the summit of the americas in los angeles. an 11 year old girl has describe how she smeared herself of the classmates blood to avoid being killed during a school mass shooting. this part of testimony that horrified us. politicians often 19 children was shot there that a school with the texas tech was the worst of a space. recent gun massacres. as mike hunter reports not from washington lawmakers
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on capitol hill hearing emotional 1st hand accounts of the devastating human impact of gun violence in the u. s. t. i n. i thought you didn't come back. i i, i really hold off to her record a testimony. the father of the 11 year old school shooting survivor told members of congress that the family is now dealing with the subsequent trauma. oh, look to day i come because their career lost my baby girl. but she is that the same little girl that i used to play with ingram with and do everything
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cuz she was that is little girl. i don't know what to do cuz i would think i would have lost my baby girl. she's everything. not only for me, but her siblings and her mother, but i wish something will change, not only for kids, but every single kid in the world. schools are not safe anymore. another parent, the mother up a 21 year old, who was severely injured in the buffalo, new york shooting last month, issued a direct appeal to lawmakers. you are elected because you had been chosen and are trusted to protect us. but let me say to you here today, i do not feel protected. no citizen needs an air 15. these weapons are designed to do the most harm in the least amount of time. and on saturday may 14th, it took a domestic terrorist just 2 minutes to shoot and killed, and people and injured 3 others can still see her walking windows toward the exit.
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this mother called for a ban on the type of assault rifle used to kill her 10 year old daughter in you, vol, d, texas. so at this moment, we ask for primers, we seek to raise the age to purchase these weapons from 18 to 21 years of age. basic red flag loss, stronger background checks. we also want to repeal gun manufacturers liability and unity. why these are measures supported by democrats in congress and echoed by several members during the hearing. no civilian needs, an assault rifle, and the 2nd amendment does not protect the right to own a weapon of war. its time that we banned assault rifles from our streets, from our communities, from our homes. but even on an occasion like this, the partisan divide is old to clear republicans weary of what they call an assault
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on the right to bear arms. calling for added security in schools rather than new gun control legislation to off to tragedies are politicized for partisan gang. and we have seen many seek to leverage these crimes and their victims to push for lat radical left wing policies, or to betray their campaigns to get elected. a division reflected in the senate to when 9 republican votes would be needed to pass any meaningful legislation. boats that are likely to be forthcoming on anything other than the most tempered of measures my kind of arches, era, washington. the hours after that testimony, the house of representatives voted in favor of restricting the purchase of a semi automatic weapons to people age 21 and over. they also want to ban the sale of ammunition magazines with a capacity of more than 15 rounds. the measures have no hope of becoming law as they won't overcome opposition. in the senate,
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al jazeera media network continues to demand a rapid independence in the transparent investigation, the killing of a journalist and occupied westbank. schumann clay was shot in the head by israeli forces while she was on assignments engine in the day of her funeral, is very forces storm. the procession has started beating moon is causing pull back to almost drop her casket didn't stop the sounds of kind of students were marching through occupied east jerusalem take part in her funeral and burial. and this of the international community of condenser killing, continue to call for investigation. i actually was with al jazeera for 25 years, covering the story of these very occupation. she was known as the voice of palestine coming up in a noose, a head to a pressure mounts on russia to end its blockade of ukraine's ports. accuse of weaponized and food supplies. thus, ah, making way for the tourist train. thailand's top earning industry is reopening for
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business. ah, good, he has begun. the faithful world cup is on its way to cattle. whoop. your travel package to death. downpours for the west coast of india. hello everyone. this is all courtesy of our martin soon reins, which are now just creeping into maharaj stress. so from by right down to coaching, we've got showers, and at times some lively downpours expected here. now the southwest monsoon extends across the bay of bengal. so once again, we're seen heavy amounts of rain for the far northeast of india, or some states still under that heavy rainfall alert on thursday. so very likely to see some more flooding here. se, asia, again, if we focus on the monsoon, we're really seen that rain peppa cross coastal areas of the and men see some downpours for sumatra and will power up thunderstorms, kale singapore,
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and the dang on thursday. next, stop or go into china and our plum rains have really been doing the number on southern sections here across the pearl river. valley water levels have shot up in one dog province over the past 24 hours. some spots registering more than a 100 millimeters of rain. so still the same on thursday in this band of rain will creep further north over thursday into friday, closing in on shanghai. still some showers for tokyo, so that means your temperature is just 24 degrees and look at this. some lively downpours in north korea and the forecast on thursday. officially the line of the journey now is a real world meets 2 arabs. successful ice load power of scholars have made enormous contributions to size such as mathematics, astronomy and medicine, a cutting edge dr. formulating new h i. b drug treatments in south africa and a specialist in engineering science who's changing lives in malazan villages. i
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purify polluted water and turn them to drinking water arabs abroad the pharmacologist in the scientist on al jazeera. ah ah, without 0 reminder of our top stories now, the summit's all the americas is getting underway in los angeles. but without some key regional leaders, us refuse to invite cuba, venezuela and nicaragua, citing their human rights record that's led several leaders to boycott. the timing of the summit to coincides with the movement of a migrant caravan that's heading north through mexico towards the u. s. migration
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crisis. united states for that will be high on the agenda of the meeting. the us house committee has heard heroin testimony from an 11 year old survivor of last month's school shooting. and texas. petitions are examining a ban on assault weapons and considering tougher background checks. the eastern ukrainian city of severity on the outskirts now mostly under the control of russian forces. after weeks of fighting the governor over the hands region says the cities, industrials, and is still held by ukrainian troops. so gay, gay, dying says battles continue on the streets and accused russian forces of destroying many buildings. satellite imagery from max, our technologies, shows significant damage in so there are don't yet scanned a neighboring city. even though the niche clear that the netscape has remained the epicenter of fighting dunbar at the end of the $100.00 and 5th day of the log scale
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war, we are defending our position and inflicting of the indignant because losses on the enemy. the 1st is very dreadful and difficult to fight, perhaps, nor is one of the most difficult battle during these war. i am thankful to each and every one who is defending in this direction. to a great extent, the fate of the bus has been decided there. now ukraine says russia is demanding unreasonable conditions to allow grey next sports. turkey has hosted the russian foreign minister for talks on the zooming shipments of grain trap patching cranium ports, and on restarting stalled piece talks, ukraine is one of the world's biggest exporters, and many countries depend on it for their food supplies. so they love roof. it says russia is happy for ships to sail freely as soon as ukraine, d minus the backseat and western functions and so forth. it stay on the p security
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for that as a little skew. any vessel wishing to use these cartilage either for loading or unloading grain, it's free to do so. we also have some d mining activities going on. but a few days ago, mr. lensky asked for weapons that can be used against russian ship. so that's a clear signal of what their intentions are. but if you crane is ready to start d mining activities than we are to, we're discussing the details with turkish defense units. because i, i, as we use the russian side as usual, is playing its stupid games. they are trying to get involved in the process of checking vessels, trying to keep blocking them and push their unrealistic proposals. i'm certain they will not succeed. russians must push back and unblock the ports only then we can talk about d mining and can allow ships to leave the ports. it needs to be done to ensure safety and secondly, to deliver grain safely. and man has driven his car into a crowd of people in berlin and killing a teacher in engine 14 of our students. base are still trying to establish
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a motive. german official has suggested the suspects suffers from mental illness from berlin, dominant came poles. this was the scene that confronted the emergency services. an incident in the heart of the city on a busy morning in broad daylight and good weather. the man drove his car into a group of people here at town seems to us 1030 that time injuring said or people the man then returned to the road. then came to stop the shop window. some of the casualties were children and teachers from a school in the western german state of history. the driver of the car was held by onlookers until police could arrest him. he is described as being 29 years old, with dual german and armenian nationality and lives in berlin. i saw an iceberg as for ken aside, and keep destiny. there is no real confession later. what we are doing now is examining the car. apparently there are posters inside shops,
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his absence because in haven't seen them myself. that apparently there were posters where he talks about turkey. i sent forensic investigators of examined the scene of the incident trying to build a picture of the exact sequence of events. seems like these bring back the memory for many people of what happened near here. back in 2016, when a man hijacked a truck and drove it into a crowd of people at the christmas market. it's usually held in this area. in that incident, 12 people died and 56 more were injured. casualties on that scale have been avoided in this incident, and police were able to take this driver into custody. dominic cane al jazeera berlin, belgium's a king has repeated that he profoundly regrets his country's colonial past. and what is now the democratic republic of congo. but king philippe, whose on a state visit to the d. r. c. stopped short of a formal apology. historians estimated 10000000 congolese were killed during
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a belgian rule. how can wear reports? king felipe is the 1st belgian monarch to express regret for his country's past in the democratic republic of congo. that his speech to the congress parliament in the capital kinshasa stopped short of apologizing for the violence and exploitation. belgium's 75 year colonial rule. let it like a violent act and humiliation on the occasion of my 1st trip to congo, right. your front of the commonly people and those who still suffer today. i wish to reaffirm my deepest progress for those wounds of the past. king felipe and his wife, queen mathilde, are on a 6 day visit. the monarch and congress president felix jessica. he has spoken about cooperation and development. they haven't mentioned the role of king fleet. great. grandfather's brother belgian king leopold. the 2nd he turned congo into his
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personal feast, them in 1885. he made a fortune from rubber which conquer leaves were forced to harvest from the forest. their hands were cut off if they didn't collect enough for their rulers. up to 10000000 people died. it was the black lives matter movement 2 years ago that prompted activists to deface statues of king leopold in belgium. some of the statues were removed and king felipe expressed regret for the 1st time, the c as later his visiting democratic republic of congo for the 1st time brought back a mosque, one of thousands of artifact lifted by the colonialist. he said it's on a permanent loan from the belgian museum. some conquer liza fall short of making up for the path. so the atrocity of the red rubber, the weeping, the repetitive munition suffer by our system. i will funding fathers and mothers as
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should not become a case that goes unnoticed because they refused to formally apologize for president . she said kitty, bring some international credibility. you took office 2 and a half years ago after elections. that lead documents appeared to show were rigged . ready belgium's prime minister, who so on the visit without critical at the time relations have since improved walker, who led to the demo? i believe that for the democratic republic of congo and i have always said to the gateway to europe. i am talking about diplomatic and political europe, business or belgium belgians ruling congress with one of the bloodiest captors of european colonialism. and one of its most profitable with vast amounts of wealth looted. but belgium has been among the slowest of european powers to even start to acknowledge the path. malcolm web out to 0. to dawn's military ruler,
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started direct talks of political parties is the 1st such meetings since the army seized power last october. but important pro democracy leaders refused to participate as human morgan reports from counting. so denise political parties and the army are coming together for talks. they haven't done this since the military took power 8 months ago. the participants say they want to end the political impasse created by the takeover, which has left down without a fully functioning government. and in political and economic turmoil, the united nations, the african union, and the regional body. i gad are facilitating the talks or aim of this dialogue is to reach a consensus on the constitutional arrangements. agree on a prime minister and prepare for elections. the tripartite mechanism is only a facilitator. it's up to the sudanese who are the stakeholders to decide on the outcome. to dance transitional period was derailed when the military took power last october. it dissolved a 2 year government that was meant to lead to down to democracy after 3 decades of
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one man rule under president obama alba, she had it also sidelined the political coalition known as the forces of freedom and change with whom it had signed a perishing agreement after bashir was forced out, the coalition was absent in wednesday stalks a group which split from it and had called for the military to take over attended. we've participated in this session to agree on how the transition should be and complete the transition period as well as prepare for elections. it is very important. we will also talk about how to form a government to lead during the remaining transitional period and implement the p steel signed. we don't want to cite, dine any one, and hope those who are not attending will join. prior to the thought of the talks at the head of the army issued a statement of unity describing it as a historic opportunity to achieve the demands of to the nice people walkable, non co, you're not on what the liver. i request all the concern components to respond to this dialogue. i'm not stormed as an obstacle in the part of democratic change. i'm
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transition yvonne or the people in the country deserve to be put above our differences job and we should place the unity and security of the country above political and personal desire. irish, i know. but the forces of freedom and change coalition is not the only group that is chosen not to attend the groups known as resistance. committees, which have been organizing regular protests for months, are also absent from these talks. they have been vocal in their opposition to negotiate or compromise since the military took over last year. they were more protests on wednesday against the military's rule. more than a 100 people have been killed in anti military demonstrations and hundreds of others have been wounded since the take over those behind a protest fate. only when the military is removed from the equation. will they be ready to negotiate on how to dance, transition to democracy, should continue. he by morgan al jazeera hutton. 8 people have been in a french court accused of stealing a mirror or by the famous st artist banks in 2019. it was painted on an emergency door, the battle plan theatre honoring victims of the 2015 paris attacks. prosecutors say
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the defendants removed the door and took it to italy, where it was found by police and a farm house in 2020, which was then returned to france. or thailand is rebuilding its tourism industry after losing billions of dollars during the pandemic. the government now easing entry restrictions of visitors and once again a flocking to one of the wells most popular destinations. things are still far below pre kind of levels as a country that has her younger pals. a train squeeze us through this 500 meter stretch of railway, just west of bank hawk, about 6 times a day. and every time, hundreds of shopkeepers who set up a market directly on the tracks have to put away their tense, produce, and merchandise to make way. for locals, it's business as usual at the mike long railway market, even when the train is so close. back about our dry ha,
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tourism is picking up again as thailand ease as it's coven, 19 entry restrictions. more people and money is a welcome change. and i don't. the pandemic lead to a huge drop in customers. it was drastic. those who visited bought less than usual . so i only managed to make up heard of what i made before coven 19. before the pandemic thailand saw nearly $40000000.00 visitors a year. now the government is hoping for $15000000.00. despite the dropped tourism can bring in roughly $18000000000.00 into the economy to attract more people. the market has safety measures in place. mainland want bought by a how why, when we sold the horn, the vendors know the most clear. they're stalls off the rail track. every one is safe because the train slows down. so it's not coming out of full speed or it cruises through the market slowly. from inside the train,
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it's locals who are cruising through seeing how foreigners once again walk to the market. it's been around since 19 o 5 shopkeeper se tradition is part of the attraction. oh, hello. musical wind is only use umbrellas, not tense. there is no electricity or water in the market than most people started to visit, said the number of mendez also increased as the government tries to rebuild its tourism industry, lead is hope. foot traffic in this market will be part of a wider trend across thailand. katya low miss of a young al jazeera ah, you're watching al jazeera, these all the top stories. now the summit of the americas is getting underway in los angeles, but without some key regional leaders, us refuse to invite cheaper venezuela nicaragua.


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