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tv   News  Al Jazeera  June 9, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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crossing the board is always tricky, but the women say that to, to day they have a lucky day because the border guard is someone they know and it's going to be hopefully much easier to ring. the goods in are done no to if we leave to find a less chaotic situation that in the past few days, people seem less exhausted. just i'm, i'm not crank. as you can see, the new dos mission has been accomplished for now, but you will return with more goods. as long as russia missiles and rockets forced people out of ukraine, ah, trapped and severed on at sc, at least 10000 civilians are unable to leave as fighting intensifies in the east ukrainian se se ah.
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hello there, norah kyle. this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up. some aaliyah is inaugurating its new president. her son shake mohammed face has several challenges, including drought and lack of security. today we stand for lexi and as her voice, we demand action victims and survivors of the mass shooting at a school in texas. lead to congress for gun reforms and thousands of asylum seekers face extreme weather and dangerous conditions as they travel through mexico towards the u. s, ah it is 10000 civilians in the eastern ukrainian city of several donnette scott trapped. the mayor says it's impossible to move them said he is now mostly under the control of russian forces after weeks of fighting. but the governor of lo
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hunter, regions says ukrainian troops are still battling from the outskirts of the city. he says, combat continues on the streets and has accused russian forces of destroying many buildings. satellite images show significant damage and severity don't ask and in a neighboring city shall. strafford has more from bravery on the outskirts of the capitol, cave, heavy fighting in the east of the country, most especially around that city of sever donates. now this is one of 2 cities still remaining under rudimentary speaking ukrainian control, the ukrainian government though the ukrainian military now admitting that they under severe pressure on the outskirts of severity. the next, we understand that there is heavy shelling in the neighboring city of lucy chance, which is on the other side of a river that separates the 2 cities. a river that the russians forces have repeatedly tried and thus far failed to cross. we also understand suddenly,
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according to ukraine, the ukrainians, they saying up to $12000.00 civilians are still inside silver. the next, we understand though, according to our sources, that the majority of them do not want to leave for various reasons, either loyalty towards russia or fear of leaving their properties behind. we understand that their own going evacuation efforts to try and get as many of those civilians out. but a very serious situation around civil don't ask and increasingly to the south as i say, lizzie chance. we also understand that russian forces are trying to push up out of towns that they control like proposals that south of lisa chance. we understand that this is an effort by russian forces to come in from the southeast and the north in order to surround ukrainian forces in those 2 towns. as i say, subordinates can least chance a lot of heavy fighting in the east today. saudi present. hassan, shag mahmoud as being inaugurated in mogadishu. at the state of gathering for the
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ceremony. mohammed made history last month by becoming the 1st president to be elected twice. you want a landslide victory against the incumbent mohammed law. he for my james mohammed will have to tackle security threats, rising inflation, severe drought, and conflict between central and regional governments. malcolm web has more from my ruby for the related from turkey, bahrain, and several from this region. notably, the president of kenya who kenyatta, who follows the deterioration of relations between kenya, somalia, on the unsafe treat assessor president form of president mohammed abdulla. he saw my relations between the 2 countries and sour dotted negatively affected trade and security cooperation. there was a maritime board, a dispute over offshore oil resources at the heart of it, but it looks like we can to present the present at the inauguration that those
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relations a back on track. also interesting, the prime minister to be is that he had a good relationship with the form of president for my jo. looks like even though powers change, the morbid issue i be seems to be seeking to continue that relationship with the jerry and bank association as a ban on all imports from spain has begun off the government and did a 20 year friendship treaty on wednesday. and kids, spain of vacuum morocco plan for the disputed weapons. the hollow region world sees the former spanish colony as its sovereign territory and controls 80 percent of it . but i'll jerry a box the police sorry front movement which has been fighting for the regions. independence since the 1970s john, but he f as a senior risk, and i was analyst looking at political and strategic risks. the american credit rating agency, s and p global,
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joins us now via skype from rome. good to have you with us. why is algeria decided to make this move? now, when spain changed that song for versus neutrality some months ago, back in march when you're a response yesterday was a response bias. governments having descended before the decision about the teams that you just mentioned. so your decision has been taken in response to a ration of relations between and you're asking how many a decision to back out? how is this move going to affect both of the countries? we've already got spain saying it's gas supplies unaffected by algeria. suspending the supplies to spain. is that true or that both sides going to lose out her?
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well, that's correct. and your is said that the gas supply stain is at the moment and change. so urea last to continue full seal is contractual obligation towards spain in terms of exporting gas. so at the moment this seems to be unchanged. i'm think i'm not going to be changing that in the major stays. there is regarding the other side of imports and exports between the 2 countries and this is going to be a problem. a for spain because a 3rd client. so when it comes to things like i re food. a or my vaccine products is going to be a steering bow for spanish borders who live in spain has so far. we affirmed its commitment to the friendship treaty. but how might it also retaliate? well, i'm a spanish perspective. i think that the result is going to be more limited than on
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your end because you're a sports. so you're out. has some leverage. when it comes to my gratian issues, which is not the case for spain, the only difficulty that we can start seeing from a practical perspective is whether they'll be more difficulty when it comes to procedural measures. so for example, of tension of me, you're in or going towards spain and vice versa, work for, for the many workers who are in ontario. i mean, it's difficult, isn't it for spain to balance the relationship between algeria and morocco? why did it drop it's neutrality? well it was being putting increasing the more pressure i was saying in the past months if you remember that i apparently enabled power and
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the regular myron spanish and that was something that really was problematic for the other one who had been leasing on spain. so space is finding itself is difficult position between i and problem. thing was not expecting your reaction and therefore explains why they were willing to draw up some points. interesting. ok, john buddha, thanks very much for taking time to explain some of the ongoing tension between those countries. non 11 year old girl in the u. s. has described how she smeared herself with a classmate blood to avoid being killed during a mush shooting. it was part of a testimony in front of us politicians to call for gun reform. 19 children and 2 teachers were shot dead at her school in nevada, in texas. last month,
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my cana reports from washington. it will makers on capitol hill hearing emotional 1st hand accounts of the devastating human impact of gun violence in the u. s. he saw, i saw you come back. i i i really, i oh i gotcha. after her recorded testimony, the father of the 11 year old school shootings have either told, members of congress that the family is now dealing with the subsequent trauma. oh look today i come because that girl lost my baby girl a she is that the same little girl that i used to play with ingram with and do everything
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cuz she was that is little girl. i don't know what to do cuz i would think i would have lost my baby girl. she's everything not only for me, but her siblings and her mother. but i wish something will change, not only for kids, but every single kid in the world. schools are not safe anymore. another parent, the mother up a 21 year old, who was severely injured in the buffalo, new york shooting last month, issued a direct appeal to lawmakers. you are elected because you had been chosen and our trust it to protect us. but let me say to you here today, i do not feel protected. no citizen needs an air 15. these weapons are designed to do the most harm in the least amount of time. and on saturday may 14th. it's it a domestic terrorist, just 2 minutes to shoot and killed and people and injured 3 others can still see
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her walking windows toward the exit. this mother called for a ban on the type of assault rifle used to kill her 10 year old daughter in you, volley, texas. so at this moment, we ask for primers, we seek to raise the age to purchase these weapons from 18 to 21 years of age. we seek red flag laws, stronger background checks. we also want to repeal gun manufacturers liability and unity. why these are measures supported by democrats in congress and echoed by several members during the hearing. no civilian needs, an assault rifle, and the 2nd amendment does not protect the right to own a weapon of war. it's time that we banned assault rifles from our streets, from our communities, from our homes. but even on an occasion like this, the partisan divide is old to clear. republicans wary of what they call an assault
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on the right to bear arms, calling full added security in schools rather than new gun control legislation to after tragedies are politicized for partisan gang. and we have seen many seek to leverage these crimes and their victims to push for law radical left wing policies or to beatrice. their campaigns to get elected a division reflected in the senate to where 9 republican votes would be needed to pass any meaningful legislation. votes that are unlikely to be forthcoming on anything other than the most tepid of measures. mike hannah out jazeera washington . and the hours after that hearing the house of representatives passed a sweeping package of gun control measures. just a handful of republicans joined democrats and approving the bill. but it has little hope of getting through the senate. cilla had hair on now to sarah palestine.
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pharmacy takes showing that black as case to the international criminal court will have an update. and just present, joe biden opened the summit of the americas, hoping to drum up support on migration. ah, with hobart may just live up to its name of snowball this weekend. hey everyone, those details come at actually right now. so here's what's going on. polar error is flooding in on friday. we have some pet ski showers for victoria. that includes melbourne with a high 14 degrees. let me put you out toward waking up on sunday morning 2 degrees . so those snow levels will fall to about a 100 meters and we do have precipitation rolling through. so hobart could certainly see some next precipitation there. i'll get back to the here and now on friday we've got this slug of rain pulling in to
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w a. so white and windy and perth with a high of 22 degrees afternoon zealand. now snow levels are also falling down here as wall bout at 40300 meters. so anything above that, we'll see a lot of snow low temperatures here. we're also getting that polar influence, but for the north island are bad. some showers and kids been with a high of 18 degrees. southeast asia looks like this. thunderstorms in the forecast call them poor singapore, but dang and jakarta on friday. and here's an update on those plum rains are starting to migrate further toward the north shooting out toward the east, china's sea. we'll pick up the story there. this is going to graze japan, southern mo, stylings on friday. but by saturday this pulls into que shoe and chicago with some soaking rates soon. ah! you had a white judge why prosecutor white tops and his black 16 when it happened, gets nailed. i've been in prison more years than i have been free on eastern. there
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are some folks born bad if it's their child who is making these mistakes, they don't believe the 3rd born dad full time's troubles to tennessee to investigate why the state has one of the longest sentences in the us for juveniles convicted of murder. 51 years behind bars on a just 0 lou . ah ha, again, you're watching out. his era has a line to remind her of our top stories this hour. at least 10000 civilians in the eastern ukrainian city of savannah. don't ask our traps to mass as it's impossible to move them said he has now mostly under the control of russian forces. after
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weeks of fighting, some of the president has some shape monument is being inaugurated. as the ceremony in mogadishu, regional leaders are attending the ceremony. they can see them gathering at the event. mohammed made a history last month by becoming the 1st president to be elected twice. you as legislators, have heard testimony from an 11 year old school girl who survived last months to sing in that texas. the house representative later passed gun control measures which the senate is unlikely to approve. take his present percept type, atlanta is attending military exercises taking place in the city of is mere drills or the largest joint exercise ever held in the region and building at least 1000 servicemen from 37 countries. greece has criticized the maneuvers, wrestle sat as an s there, and joins is now from their original tests about these mac exercises. they huge,
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aren't they? well, the fsf military exercise has started in 2016 and see stan at every 2 year. they have been a conductor, but this time it is the in terms of the scale. it's not only the largest of that series, but also the largest military exercise that has been conducted by turkey in the agency so far so that i can 1000 turkish tubes that are draining and this is military exercise. it's their joint and their combined military 3 or so the naval forces there that, that, that, that land forces and also the a forces. all of them are conducting this military drill, are old and jr altogether. so here, there are also more than a 1000 military personnel coming from the ally country. so 37 countries they, they sent their military personnel and representatives to these admitted to the
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drill such as the u. k. do you see a france, katara peck of pakistan and, and so on. so, at the turkish prime minister as the turkish, our president have it up there paper. one has just landed here and he is expected to speak soon. and he's also joined by the cut that he and the are there be johnny defense ministers as well. so the officials here said that this military deal is not only to, for did that therefore the combat readiness of the company. but also, it's also a chance for that turkish defense industry products to be promoted. that's why there are also 43, a turkish defense in defense firms that are short, k, u, k is in the new products during the history of it just remains. why these drills upset greece so much? well, the timing is in, in, in this sense it's a very much delicate one because it's coming in at time when the, that the passion between turkey and greece is escalate. and so greece is accusing
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turkey off while it in his air space and the territorial waters. but the same accusations are coming from turkey as well. and turkey says that the grid, the grease is minute rising that the islands into agency. and he says that this is the way lation or the international treaties, because bees on this international treaties that are the guarantees that no country is going to militarize this islands. and another issue here that has been raised by pres. net one yesterday, is that the u. s e recently have increased the us military basis in greece and yesterday, pres, not one says that when the asked about the, at the americans against whom the us military bases were established, the american say this against russia, but he says that he doesn't take it. so, at so far through the decades or been more than he started turkey and greece, they came out there at the brink of the war several times. but each time they have been able to manage their differences and to deescalate however,
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now that are growing quite the grove in our concerns whether this time is going to be different. can wrestle sarah, the voting that from is mer and tacky. thanks. ethel. as a palestinian foreign minister, as, as the international criminal court in the hague, where he's delivering the findings of an investigation into the death of veteran genesis sharina o'clock the out is there report over shot dead by his ready forces last month whilst covered grades. and janine, in the occupied west bank shane's case was submitted to the court 2 weeks later. but this will be the 1st visit by minister. we had mallet keeps who the icy scene st. vasa reports from instructional criminal court in the hague. yeah, minister of a molecule has just entered the building. he has his 1st meeting with the new prosecutor here at the i, c. c karima khan. and he will also meet the president of the court. basically what he wants to achieve is to put more pressure. the case has been filed 2 weeks ago. it's now coming up to one month after the killing of for sharon
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r. r clay. and no justice has to be done. the investigation is not going anywhere. so the minister is bringing new files, new evidence obtained by the palestinian a prosecutor to the i, c c, to put more pressure. and these files and evidence showed that a sharon was deliberately targeted and killed by an israeli, a soldier, as otter investigations have also shown that there was a bullet that was armada that was going through arm or the clothing or was use a 5.56 millimeter a bullet and that she was actually trying to escape that she was ducking away from the shooting. so these new findings will be presented to the i c. c. and he who really hopes and the frustration is actually mounting that the hasn't been any a, any investigation seriously done into the killing of the journalist who was clearly
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wearing press on her face when the killing happened. a, some of the americas is underway in los angeles. yes. present, joe biden is hoping to use the of suggested that causes of migration from some that south american countries. he's trying to engage regional leaders, but a boy can't by some has overshadowed the event or angry that washington refused to invite cuba, venezuela, and nicaragua. reynolds has moved from los angeles to los angeles in a speech opening the summit of the americas here in los angeles, president joe biden challenged the participants here to work together on a long list of initiative. everything from improving health care in the region to ensuring food security, disrupting criminal gangs, and ensuring up democracies in the region. by far, of course, the top issue here is migration. there's record numbers of people seeking to go into the united states, fleeing problems in central america and elsewhere in the region. here's some of
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what biden had to say about that safe and orderly migration is good for all of our economies, including the united states. it can be a catalyst for sustainable growth. what all law, lawful migration is not acceptable. we will enforce our borders, including your innovative coordinated action with our regional partners. we've come a long way together says united states hosted the 1st summit of the americas 20 years ago. there is no reason why the western hemisphere shouldn't be secure, prosperous and democratic from canada's northernmost riches to the southern tips of july. now this summit meeting is overshadowed by the fact that several leaders from mexico, from honduras, guatemala el salvador and elsewhere countries that are actually essential to figuring out the a solution to the migration problem. boycotted the summit. they sent their for
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foreign ministers instead. and that's because the by the administration did not invite leaders of cuba, nicaragua, and venezuela. nevertheless, by and said that the people who are here, the leaders who are here will by the end of this summit, this week sign what he called the los angeles declaration. that is a attempt to manage in an orderly way. he said the flows of refugees and to increase opportunities for safe and orderly migration, while at the same time disrupting gangs of criminal traffickers. human traffickers who pray on desperate people over crowding and extreme heat and creating dangerous conditions for thousands of asylum seekers, making their way towards the us through mexico. i know raffles reports from the southern chapel state. ah, a public gymnasium in southern mexico has been temporarily transformed to house thousands of migrants and asylum seekers. it's crowded and many people here are
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starting to get sick. that are medics from a humanitarian group. say they're treating hundreds of people every day. but they can't tend to everyone northeast in the port again, it's not enough. the flow of migrants is constant and it's big. we always need more support, more hands, more resources, conditions at the camp are also unsanitary. the risk is especially high for children. observers from unicef. see the situation here is extremely precarious offense. what am bad i gain more to focus on what's happening? you can see there are many people here. money, boys and girls are sick. they have fevers, their bodies covered with insect bites, and the heat is affecting small babies and particular adamant that migrants rights, advocates organized this caravan to coincide with the summit of the americas taking place this week in los angeles,
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hoping to call attention to the plight of thousands of migrants who have been stuck in southern mexico for months. while most people here seem unaware of the political motivations of the caravans organizers, many or hopeful, the u. s. government will open its doors when the eventually arrived at the u. s. border. hello, fame. can i do it? we're asking them to help us to be allowed to pass without so many obstacles without having to spend so many days sleeping on the floor. we would do anything for them to help us. there's rain on the horizon, adding to the worries that more people at the camp could also become ill. the day is coming to an end here in southern mexico and migrants are starting to look for space among the crowd to get some rest. but there are simply too many people here and not enough room to accommodate them all. it looks like many others will be forced to spend another night without a roof over their heads. though hundreds of migrants have broken away from the
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caravan and continued north on their own, it could be several weeks before this group reaches the us border. organizers have asked them not to grow desperate and leave on the road, adding that better or worse, dangers in mexico been getting sick. manuel, rap, hello al jazeera, we sla mexico. thousands of protests as in santa goals capital have come out to support the opposition coalition. that angry that the electoral commission rejected candidates for next month local elections. it means some main opposition. figures won't be able to run. a club hoc has more from decor. up until the very last minute there was fear that this demonstration of his protest would not take place. there was a sense from the opposition that the government would yet again bound this demonstration . but the police of the car allowed it to take place. there is heavy security surrounding the vis, protest and authorities here did not expect the number of demonstrators and
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protesters that are taking to the streets to day thousands of people have gathered in protests to the decisions taken by both the election commission and the constitutional court that is not allowing the list of candidates from the opposition to take part in the upcoming parliamentary election. why does this matter? because it is a test of legitimacy for president mckee, self who's come under increasing pressure whilst the economy is booming for some, for many here, they feel that their lives are getting worse and they're struggling to pay for bills. and then there's the rising cost of basic necessity, whether it be cooking oral or sugar. the prices have doubled here, and that's why we're seeing so many people out on the streets. the political opposition led by it was one sancho accused president mikey sell of using the
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courts the institution to eliminate the opposition ahead of this parliamentary election that's expected to take place on july 31st. belgium's king has repeated that he profoundly regrets his country's colonial past. and which is now the democratic republic of congo. king felipe and queen mathilde attended a wreath lang ceremony in the capital kinshasa. it's the 1st time a bell to monarch has travelled there in more than a decade. millions of congolese were killed all mutilated on the colonial rule. it's a bus to licks let us show colonial power the way it was was based on exploitation and domination. this institution was faced on an unequal relationship that we can't justify. mark by paternalism, discrimination and racism, donnelly's lebanon, this power generates extractions and humiliation is in me for my food.


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