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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  June 20, 2022 12:00am-1:01am AST

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not good for us. ah, al jazeera, with all the latest news, as it breaks the committee plans another half dozen public hearings to connect the election lies with the violence of january 6 with detailed coverage. a lot of if i will begin early to uphold ravia a journey that can take remote from around the world. each family has a small piece of land with about pups to eat or sell, but they still struggle to make ends meet. ah mm. mm.
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this is al jazeera ah hello i mariam demising. welcome to the news, our ly from london coming up in the next 60 minutes post clothes in columbia's presidential election. vote is decide between a former left when gorilla fighter, the man who calls himself the king of tic toc emanuel micron sentries delights, gets the most seats in france. his parliamentary elections, but fails to secure an outright majority. oh, can easy and protest his voice that discontent over the president's plans for a new constitution. accusing chi side of a power grab ah, employees at maryland, apple stall, vote to unionize the latest in a string of similar actions taken by workers across the technology sector. and the
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ally mark decision from swimming world governing body, restricting transgender athletes from participating in elite women's competitions. ah, hello and welcome to the program. we begin in columbia, where polls have now closed the most fiercely contested presidential run off in recent memory. it's being held off to candidates, failed to secure, at least 50 percent of the vote in the 1st round of the election last month. colombians choosing between 2 vastly different candidates. gustavo, petro and rodolfo hernandez, both promising change, but very different credentials. gustavo petro is a former left wing, guerrilla fighter, and the former mayor of bol guitar. he is promising reforms to tackle inequality
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and to protect the environment. victory for him would swing to the left in columbia in politics and usher in the country's 1st left wing lida, his opponent, construction magnate, rudolph hernandez, a political outsider whose hon is social media to energize his campaign. he's promising to drain the swamp of corrupt politicians, echoing the words of for me, you as president donald trump, lest thou speak to, to raise a bow, is it live for us in bogota. and gustavo petro was the mayor of bogota, and he would potentially be the 1st leftist leader in columbia's modern history. how much support does he have there? while i'm here at the polling station and this station has just closed, we saw our people celebrating, celebrating, what they say is a democratic process that went at least here without major incident with pebble bed, that it was a young rebels. he joined
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a left wing rebel roving his youth. he had then become an economist, a congressman than the mayor of bogo and a seasoned politician. this is his 3rd precedential burden in his lifetime and of support. we've been talking to all sorts of people here in beaudin, while many believe that he's the man to carry out the reforms that columbia desperately needs others are afraid about what could happen if he make it to, to power. we're here with iraqi and leap. i think after he's our political analyst, he has, he's here with us to analyze what been happening. do you think that will double paid that all? is the man at that. you know, he's ready to carry out the reforms that he's been promising is columbia ready to have a left wing president thought to carry out the, the reforms that this country desperately needs relating. so this is the 1st time the dog left to william candidate who is so close to when a presidential election in columbia. it could be
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a historical mom and actually be girls has, you know, and the 20th century i, columbia, and left when parties were persecuted and actually manually to chance were, are killed in the process or whoever i wanted to run or in politics outside of that or the child bodies was either exterminated or didn't have any actual chance to be elected in these time with gustavo through it could be the 1st time that someone from our live room party is selected into a conscious i think having a good number of congress members selected and supporting gustavo teresa, good her sighing for him to probably been elected today, we'll see what happens. many of the campaign promises has made, like, for example, are controlling the expectation of oil and gas ending fracking. rethinking the war on drugs are in this country are controversial. i mean, do you think he will be capable of carry out those type of reform? it is very difficult because dick turned the presidential turn last only 4 years.
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it is difficult to implement all of those policies in only 4 years, but he could start the process actually are and or promises that he has made during the campaign are very difficult to achieve too. because they take a lot of time, day him in play. ah, to reform several things are. so we'll see if he is capable of doing that. especially in terms of controlling garzon oil. all of that is probably the mas greedy call him probably the most controversial of his arm proposals. well, one of the things we have heard to day and throughout his campaign is a possibility of frog. or he says that in some areas there's been some irregularities. is it possible for some type of fraud for irregularities to happen in this process? how transparent our color are elections in this country. i would say the selection is very transparent. i dare electoral process and are in good many or as several
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are measures ensuring that the, the election process is fair for everyone involved. so i think it's a very fair and every one can be confident that the electoral process is, is fair to everyone. remember that on the go. so petro 1st joined him, 19 gorilla group. that was created because of i know our fraud during our presidential election. so that's part of the narrative that he is being, are talking, you know, during his campaigns. but to refer this electron process is very for several, hundreds of thousands of people are involved in that process. so it is very difficult to carry out the fraud. thank you very much. well, as the counting process continues right here, where we are, there's lot of expectation, anxiety to day results. we're going to have, we're going to see either lots of people celebrated, especially i'm longer gustavo, pedro supporters. but also lots of people concerned. this is just an example of how
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polarized this country currently is. thank you very much. to raise a bow in bogota, that's now head to become manga alexandra p a. t joins us. and this is the place that is really a dog hernandez, heartland, isn't it? he does enjoy a great deal of support there. but it was still very surprising when he came in 2nd place in the 1st round of this presidential election, people were not expecting that. gustavo petro be going up against her door fernandez. how did he manage to do it after that, the man, there's no doubt that this has been the biggest surprise in this election. he managed to do so through a very unusual campaign, essentially basing all of his campaigning on social networks in particular on tick tock. he calls himself the king of victor, instagram on facebook,
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and so on and tweet there, obviously. and he managed to essentially create an entire campaign around one single issue that of fighting corruption, of getting rid of corrupt politicians in the capital bull with that and across the country. and somehow that worked, given the fact that so many people here in columbia are tired of this stuff to school or prior to of the political establishment. so just a little over a month ago, he was seen as an oddball outsider in many ways. and nobody would have imagined that now he would have gotten this close to possibly winning this election in columbia today. and that's because a lot of the traditional conservative voters have decided to go or have announced that they will vote for him. given the fact that they fear the possible arrival at
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of the left east the in the country. but let me show you here just for a 2nd. the counting that is the under way. as you can see that they're counting the votes. they're going to write it down on that 1st document. this information will be sent to the electoral outdoors these here. and based on that, we will get what is called here as a quick count to which in roughly one to 2 hours will tell us most likely who the winner is if instead, and those numbers are too close to call right now, 12 percent difference then the most likely it could take days to get an answer on who the next president of columbia will be as that as it was saying, this has been very polarizing a very divisive country, a elector. sorry. and, and also won that for the 1st time. doesn't see any traditional candidate running
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group for the top for a job. 2 candidates that are promising change in a very different way. on one side, you have a good several peer through support, only seeing a larger role for the space. then instead of here, a bill fernandez promising follows ferry theory and is only message that of trying to read the columbia of corrupt politicians. l. a. thank you very much. from mccarter, manga allison durham petite. join east coast are going to stay across that soil bringing more analysis on what could be a transformative election in columbia a bit later on in the program. much more still had on the news. allen, on the developed an over crowded. we look at why the ports have been, jewel is losing favor, is the preferred congo destination for west africa. and then later in support to niecy, an honest jabber gets a lucky break to claim the title in berlin. ah,
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early projection suggests it present a manual micron has fallen short of an outright majority in parliamentary elections after a strong performance by rival parties. speaking a few minutes ago, the french prime minister elizabeth bowen said, work would begin to find support from smaller parties to secure a working majority. the final result could see microns health and environment missed as both losing their seats or macros. camp is projected to win $224.00 seats . that does make it the biggest block, but it falls short of the $289.00 that is required for an absolute majority. and that is needed to push through key reforms and policies a broad left green alliance headed by your look man, i'll shore is on track to become the largest opposition party with a predicted at 149 seats. ship. you know, she just, your, it's a totally unexpected situation. absolutely unprecedented. it's the total defeat of
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the president's party and there is no majority we have achieved the objective. we gave ourselves in under a month to bring down the man, who, with such arrogance, twisted the arm of the whole country to get elected without knowing what he was going to do when he was. but there was a surprise to night in this election. the prediction that marina pans far i national party has made huge gains. now this was her reaction just shortly after initial results came out with them or does that long think also like though i louise on plus at the end of this long electoral sequence, the people have spoken, overcoming the obstacle of a particularly unfair voting system. that is unsuited to the values about time they have decided to send a very powerful parliamentary group to the assembly. this group will be by far the largest in the history of our political family that has co life to his hash,
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about her in paris. what does this mean for a manual mat chron. was a major setback for the french president, you know, in 2017, when he one of the 1st time as president. his 1st term he won a majority with a landslide in the parliamentary elections that followed. and what that means is, for the 1st 5 years, his government have been able to push through a number of often controversial reforms that have been sometimes met with street protests. that is not going to be the same. now the shape of things to come will be very different. indeed, he will struggle to push through some of his reforms unless he can form a majority by appealing to m. p. 's from other parties. opposition parties is not going to be very easy. going to have to create alliances with probably parties on the right in order to try and move ahead or with his reform agenda. he wants to
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push through a reforms in areas of welfare, for example, pension reforms and also tax cuts. but of course, any aligns that he's going to make those parties, those m p 's are going to want something back. so it's going to be a very difficult a few years ahead. it's also embarrassing for present micro. we've got a parliamentary election in which a number of his, a top officials and ministers are seem to have lost their seeds. i say scene, because these are still early projections. so all in all, this is not been a good night for the president, which is hearing kept there from marina pan, also important gains for a radical left wing alliance led by john milan shore. how might they thwart microns reform agenda? well, what we're going to see is now a much more fragmented national assembly, fragmented french parliament, that in many ways you might argue better reflects the makeup of the french
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political landscape. marine the pen for the right policy, causing something of a stir this evening in france. because it will now have at least probably 10 times more m p 's and has ever had in the past and had in 2017 is going to give it a much more significant voice in the parliament. the new left wing alliance that was created by the far less leaders all in the loop and also has done very well indeed as an alliance or communist socialist greens. and of course, the far less policy. so those big blogs than the parliament rope is he going to want to have their say they are both united on one thing and that is that they are both very much opposed to the french president, the manual micro and that has been part of their success if you live, because in fact, the actual personality, the man himself manual micro has been seen by so many people in frauds as, as our guns. and it'll be a horsey and distance. and that as really, that is really played out in this election because it has been part of his parties
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undoing if you like, the people voted not just against micros policies in such large numbers, but also very much against the man himself. thank you, the tash about or in paris, or how me treat it as a political analyst and journalist joins us by skype from paris. so why is president manju micron on cause to lose his majority in the national assembly after winning a 2nd time? as french president just 2 months ago. well, the strong performance or the lift is quality lead by the only commercial equation is expected to make other true for macro. drew, i believe, to implement that i showed that he was erected on in me including taxes, cuts and the are raising for france. retirements. age from do not forget from 60 to to 65. i think the microns government with tiller, you know, have the ability to rule. but only i would say by, you bargaining a,
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the with legislator. the sentries are also a tried to negotiate. on case my guess babies with the, you know, lawyer makers from the center. you know, left and from the conservative parties that i believe are now in manion micro doug have the, you know, the majority, the absolute majority is because of his, you know, failure. he couldn't go, you know, on the ground to convince 2 arguments and to try to persuade the french i and that failure. why was he unable to convince people and when support ticket after he won a 2nd time as president and defeated his rivals on the left and the right well above this election, i believe these in france particular in france. but in general, in europe, these, in a democracy is crisis in for us. do not forget that we had that the yellow vest movement, you know, went, you know,
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who went in the street or protesting against the matter against the, you know, the liberal economy against the can equality to social equality. so i believe now the sentry to good tried to negotiate on case by case you know, with lawyer makers drew from the sent the lit and from the conservative party, with the goal of preventing position. william maker from being numerous enough. show me in. tell me how many do you think the conservatives or play ball with mac wrong? well, i believe that the gun because the monument get lost or stick, you know, a few ministers or can propose to them, or to be minister in there. he's government. but you will be, you know, it will very, you know, he will not be able to, jewel minerva is on policies without, you know, composing with others. you know, a political party saw the anti bully, taken up in the french parliament. will, of course, change it. we had the in france in historically
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a similar situation happened in 1988 and the socialist and the former presidents are last one the hall. oh, then had to seek support from the communist and the sundries to pass laws. so i believe this will be very a tough exercise for the current president, him under michael junior, govern the country. thank you. i me, sheriff, joining us from paris in bangladesh. official say up to 4000000 people have been stranded by rising waters in the worst monsoon floods. in the country's recent history, northeast india is also affected and dozens of people have died across the region since the storm started happening, mid town has more from the delhi india northeast is under water. once again, continues, rainfall has caused heavy flooding, impacting millions of people on a glass of ground. water logging has created issues for everyone. no one is able to
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get out of their homes and they can go to the office. my shop is filled with water and it's damaging a lot of equipment inside of your life. anyway, a sounds teared is the worst effected. heavy p monsoon storms cause flooding in april nonstop rain over the past few days has inundated dozens of districts. evacuations are underway and the military has been called to assist. more than a 150000 people have been moved to temporary camps. the situation had been a little grim because though that had been heavy in folders as opposed to what is and the whole of us armies are in under. under that one dumb the brands are that your dad is one place to place that also floods in landslides, in the neighboring makalya and through prostates. while in bangladesh, more than a dozen people have died and at least 4000000 others are stranded. continuous rainfall is hampering relief efforts, and both countries have drafted in the army to help. authorities in india won
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several reverse good bus that banks. weather forecasters said the rain could ease later this week, bringing temporary respite. bathroom at the al jazeera new delhi will totally chowdhury has more on what's happening now in bangladesh. he reports to us from the city of coolant m. many people, especially in the remote villages, are still maryland. they're desperately trying to rescue this people. many of the homes actually totally washed away, even within the city centers that flood. many of the hospitals got inundated with flood water, which is complicating celebration for the rescue people at least those who are harmed on our heart during the flood. as far as the military and navy goes there right now, very much concentrating and rescuing people who are in my room. but people are also in desperate need for fresh water and food. i mean there is really a major challenge right now, particularly when you go into the show and i'm going to valley of the lead division
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. it is basically a lake area. a lot of this village are, are very remote just to reach them. itself is challenge whether many of the houses are filled. there is a question you got understanding contacted zillow, just select an indian, not this us experience. a major flood just end of last month somewhere and may. so they're just recovered. when we have the 2nd wave of flood units i've warned in last may, during the flood that at least 1500000 children in this lot affected areas are prone to via water bone disease as malnutrition and even drowning. so obviously a very much challenging environment. the forecast says that it could possibly rain . it's a monsoon season. if it rains again and if there is a torrential rain, things could again get worse. all in all is so is it for a more than 200 people have reported a thing killed in ethiopia in an attack in the around me a reach and witnesses say the victims belong to the am. hara ethnic group?
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the aroma liberation army has been blamed for this attack. though they deny any involvement samuel get to to has a more this now from addis ababa in this particular gender region, which we can't access because it's become more off limits. the joke on government insists we can't be speaking to the oil left even to get comments, because they've declared them as a terrorist organization. and even the a peer reports that went in spoke to them have been, was detained earlier this year. but the horace, mostly the minorities, are being attacked. they are, they have asked if they could be moved into a safer area, perhaps within the old region of them are. but the government has said they're listening, but no action has been taken. and again, once again, this kind of killings, yoga has become at the neuro in authority, say russia is trying to make city of our cave, a new front line in the wall after weeks of relative calm that ukraine. we took the
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area around the 2nd largest city in may, pushing russian troops to the border. but they've been several attacks in harkey in recent days and rushes defense ministry says it's scanned, the missiles have destroyed weaponry recently supplied by western countries. as he sits near the border with russia. meanwhile, ukraine is denying that russia is in control of the se in city of civil done yet, which would enable them to take the hands screech and russian state media claims that ukrainian fighters of surrendered as also been heavy shelling in done yet. square a residential area and a local market on sunday residents, they're saying it's been impossible to go outside because of the constant bombardment. the hon. scan done. the ask regions were seized by russian back separatist in 2014 president. let him improve, recognize the 2 regions as independent states, just before the invasion took place. and then ukraine's president has vowed to
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defend the country south after paid a visit to nikolai of an desa, which runs along the black sea for the mirrors, and also condemned the russian blockade of ukraine's ports. weeks of negotiations on safe corridors have made little progress. maybe we will not give away the south to anyone. we will return everything. this house and the sea will be safe. and i held meetings at military and officials are responsible for the defense and functioning of these 2 regions. i have listened to their reports on the destruction caused by rushing to strike. the last is a significant and there are many issues. i have commissioned officials to see if people have lost loved ones. we will definitely restore everything that was destroyed. russia does not have as many missiles have a desire to live. while they use special representative for human rights has visited the devastated towns of air pin and butcher. aimen. gilmore says the world cannot turn a blind eye. the crimes committed during rushes invasion. the human rights
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committee is working in close cooperation with ukrainian authorities, as well as the us to address atrocities committed inside ukraine. we cannot truck our shoulders and say hello, this is, this is part of a part of a conflict. these are crimes and crimes have to leave the figures of those responsible brought to a memorial ceremony has been held in honor of al jazeera journalist sharing. i will actually to mock 40 days since she was killed. is there any forces shot sharon in the head while she was on assignment and jeanine in the occupied westbank into abraham reports. ah, a kind humble and strong woman with an infectious smile. these are some of the qualities people here say they remember about should in abruptly. have you come in an official ceremony marking 40 days since? is there any forces killed her palace? tinian say they lost a member of their own family at present,
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they came familiar with in the past 25 years, a highly respected journalist who never thought she was to senior for any story. i think there is no other choice except like i love to you because she was honors. celine was, diary, so ian was, everything good in this, a fellow sitting an official read the speech on behalf of president motor bass. he said shitty and her reporting exposed truth and irritated the occupation. ah, there is no doubt among palestinians here as to who killed should in many have signed a petition demanding her killers be held accountable. they want the international criminal court to investigate who lana took him. we rejected a joint investigation. we did not give them the bullet, but we urged that the rifle that killed albert o'clock be submitted to the icpc because the city is killing shocked. many people across the middle east and beyond at home,
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it's almost impossible to miss the impact she had or even from inside this ready jails, palestinian prisoners managed to smuggle drawings they painted for shilling. oh, should he never live to see palestine liberated from these radio occupation? the palestinian government spokesperson said she will be remembered in history. books, shearing, leave the legacy of a journalist. many hearsay will remain in their hearts and minds in her life and in death. the daughter of palestine has been a unifying figure to palestinians across the political spectrum. neither ever him al jazeera rama la the occupied westbank youth and he is our life from london still had on the program, heading to say for ground how climate change and human activity could force the relocation of everest base camp and sport the mode to g p. whoa, champion extends his lead in the standings.
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ah! while the heat been wiped out of western europe instead replaced with a legacy of showers and weather showers, there's lower temperatures. hey everyone. here's the proof. on monday, london, just a high of 22 degrees with paris 23, that's down by more than 10 degrees and the same situation through spain as while right madrid, the other day we are in the forty's, you're now down to 29. and we've got this disturbing spin around in the be a bit scale. so that's going to throw some range toward the northwest of spain and coastal areas of portugal. we can still find some heat. it's pushing down toward the balkans where we've got temperatures in that low thirty's showers in storms swinging across the czech republic. so big drop in temperatures for prague as well . next for go into turkey, the slight chance i think it's stumble. it's going to catch a shower. you're seeing those winds pick up as well. on monday. next stop. africa
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and rain is traveling a long ways north. so around new york shut the other day. we had some showers. i think it's going to be worse on monday with some rounds of rain to go around the new ac shut area, whether maker has formed off the coast of namibia. so that's going to spread. i think some disruptive rain at times for southern sections of namibia pushing into the northern cape and eventually the western cape in it's dry and down cool air. it's a high leaven degrees in vin talk. on monday, the the committee plans another half dozen public hearings to connect the election lies with the violence of january sick with detailed coverage. a lot of if i will begin the journey to a pool via a journey that can take up the free vote from around the world. each family has
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a small piece of land with the gold tops to eat or sell, but they still struggle to make ends meet. ah, the shake him on a ward for translation and international understanding is accepting nominations for the year 2022 from february 15th until august, 15th this year for more information. go to w, w w dot h t a dot q a slash e n. ah, lou ah,
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i'll come back here at the news our lie from london on main stories. now. exit polls suggest that president emanuel micron has fallen short of an outright majority in parliamentary elections. the french prime minister elizabeth born says, what would now begin to find support from smaller parties to secure a working majority to push through reforms. now bangladesh in northern india suffering that was flooding in more than a century is monsoon reigned suite. the region of countries of deployed soldiers to help with rescue operations. millions of people stranded by rising waters. and the poles of clothes in columbia is fiercely contested. presidential run off, people choosing between gustavo, petro and dog fernandez, both promising radical change, but with vastly different agendas and credentials. so if more in the story, let's be 2 political analyst, jorge for strep, all he joins us from ball guitar. how close a race is this going to be?
12:34 am
well, we did 20 percent of the vote to come to almost 20 percent of the bowling station. the difference is only a matter of $60000.00 odds. 53000 votes. in percentage terms, it's 1.6 percent dog revolt. give me a little bit of a gunther celebrate roll over rolls with it's very died january. and if it remains, if the figures remain this close, could the result possibly be challenged? well, this is a pre count, which is conducted by the tours in each one of the bowling stations. the actual result will be given by judges growly tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. but yes indeed, if there is such a close goal, it will be better to wait until the day after tomorrow for the results given by the
12:35 am
judges in. ready scrutiny that they do over the election. is this a new era for columbia regardless of who wins? definitely are completely. i mean this is the 1st boast to conflict election in which b or security issues related to the internal arm conflict that columbia managed to . and 6 years ago it's taking place. ready i mean, beforehand we never had the policy of being able to elect a leftist leader, one that will have the largest bench in the country. congress, both in the senate and in the lower chamber, been definitely the issues they, the nature of the candidates are completely different. what, what we saw in the past during the conflict 2 years. so what does this mean for latin american politics? will you see a gustavo, a little the most likely candidate is, will,
12:36 am
will align itself himself with these are leaders of the nationalistic left, this type of ethics, latin america, rather than being a social democratic left like in europe or other countries. the world is much more prone to protection, to work for the indigenous and ethnic communities. ah, that will be a 1st for columbia, but it will be also a 1st in the game that even roll around his wings. there will be a change in their leagues. columbia has been over and for more than 200 years by these bold diet, aids, or merely gina leads, which don't belong to the higher excellence of income in the columbia society. for the 1st time we're going to elect, rather someone from or origins are and someone that he's a self made millionaire. and how do you feel about that?
12:37 am
given his background, the way he's described himself, his presence on social media. i think he very good at blunt simple messaging, the echoes at p polite silvio berlusconi in the full may u. s. president donald trump, but we don't seem to have any specific details on his agenda, for example, how he will tackle inequality and corruption. yeah, it is only for unto corruption austerity which is a very simplistic approach to politics. but one that sound a bell with the vultures in columbia, which are quite tired of they their traditional way of calling them believe. but there is also another point which is that we're going to face a lot of institutional engines. oh candidates big are them and oaks and demagoguery, demagogic olympics is very difficult to put in place in actually in government. and
12:38 am
that will lead to a lot of tensions which investors local international investors, but also in the congress and the courts are, we're for 4 years or very interesting. believe these, with a lot of changes here in columbia. and now this is cassie, your mind had. but if you, if we see those tensions where i the candidate as struggles to implement their agenda and that policies might they try to tampa with democratic institutions in the country? could they try to make changes then? well i, i think there was trying, in some cases, especially in the economic reform agenda. but i have to say that in columbia, and this is a difference from the rest of latin america, gourds are much more independent. congress is highly fragmented on
12:39 am
it who ever wins the election will have to a himself to a lot of stress, to drive, to form a governing coalition in congress, in order to be able to pass reforms. most likely we will see a government that will face of 1st congress and then later on the courts. but nevertheless, i do have trust that our institutions are going to, we stand those charges and i know, you know, the discussions which are normal in any healthy democracy. that for the 1st time columbia are seen mario if you want, i just got the latest report. he's good, actually 34 percent of bowling stations counting and stopping broke, moves forward ahead with 50.2 percent of the road, leaving behind drawn fernandez, which 47.48 percent of the vote fail time close, isn't it?
12:40 am
within the margin of error is i still a very tight res. thank you. i do appreciate and i do appreciate you updating us. thank you very much hot. hey, st. paul barry, market time, take care. thank you. now protest his engine easier. a back on the streets to oppose the president's plans. her constitutional referendum, next month to new jersey, transition to democracy has been tumultuous since the revolution in 2011 and matters came to a head last year. this is when the president k side sacked his government and froze parliament. his opponents accused him of staging, a qu, but side had as argued that he acted legally in order to rescue the country. he went on to award himself powers to rule by decree in september. this allowed him to appoint cabinet members set policy, and put aside parts of the constitution. in february, this year, president saeed dissolved an independent judiciary council,
12:41 am
but he insists his actions are only meant to preserve the state and its institutions. in mesa aid announced a committee to organize a national dialogue. tori, gasoline has more o position politicians, lee protests against president ty, aside in the capital tunis, they accuse side of corrupting democratic institutions and wanting absolute power and control over to nicea. so for them in this new constitution of k site has been written and secrets, we don't recognize it. premier constitutions that's been agreed to by the people, not a constitution written by people who support him. side suspended parliament and assumed executive power last year and dissolved it in march. he's also sacked dozens of judges. he wants the referendum next month to change chinese, he is constitution. a draft version is g to be published on monday. in char law and bernard leslie, god willing on the 20th of the month, i will, according to the law,
12:42 am
submit the draft constitution to the president. this being the maximum date for the submitting of this draft side has band polls and political advertising and told international election observe as they're not welcome turn out in the referendum is expected to be low or these are one of these years known as the black decade. or the years during which to nicea wrote its greatest constitution and established institutions, including supreme judiciary, council and independent national $34.00 elections. the institutions built by the revolution and built by the martyrs uttered a threatened by chi side and his group. oh, these protest is say they won't give up. they don't believe the vote in july will be free. oh, fair. they say say aid has too much power and democracy is in danger. victoria gate and be al jazeera 5 fighters in spain of battling wildfires is destroyed large
12:43 am
areas of land and the north spies. heavy rain is helping their efforts following a heat wave with some of the highest early summer temperatures experienced in the region and decades. several roads and a high spiel railing between madrid and the northwest region of glazier have now reopened. was also been a heat wave in iraq, temperatures in baghdad, hit 50 degrees celsius. the struggles keep cool is complicated by the countries frequent power carts. while people had to water parks, animals are heading into rivers to cool off, and the tigris children joined a herd of buffaloes in the water. so gumby as port was once the preferred destination for cargo heading to many west african countries . a lack of investment is left it short of space losing hundreds of millions of dollars every year. i'm an interest reports from banjo on after days of waiting.
12:44 am
a ship offloads is cargo, or the port up by june. a few kilometers offshore. other bristles are waiting their turn as much as 80 percent of the cargo that arrives here is exported to other countries including begun be as far like geneva, cynical, like of modernization and its punch. it means the tiny country can't handle increased traffic and is struggling to maintain existing volumes reported by new law houses coolant 400 meters and 5 for. but this is where we bring ships alongside . so the min business is the controversial for lunch and access to reserve budget when little on the terminal areas. oh, so constricted in the sense that there's 6 to 3000 square meters of storage unit. as i will importers an export to say, doing business here is becoming more expensive. officious, as much as 20 percent of the cargo meant for the gambia is being diverted to our,
12:45 am
the west african port. if you ask the gum in businessman, they're rather have their containers come through nibbling ports for cost, timeliness and things of that sort. but as i could see in the abilene gumby and customer, we lose job opportunities and the taxes that we supposed to pay for the taxman in 2019 the portal, approaching a loss of 60 to 200000000 dollars. and while no recent figures are publicly available, economies say that amount has only increased the is prashant one to import. the government wants to open another the south of the country to some parts of senegal and lun. locked my label, my the countries not ports development is expected to have cargo delivery times, but that could cause the country up to $500000000.00 money the country can't afford . at the moment, senegal is currently building new ports and upgrading its transport infrastructure . this analysts say could undermine the gumby us efforts to attract investment. but, but your port official said that despite aggressive expansion in the region,
12:46 am
the gambia will continue to maintain its edge because of its strategic location. ahmed edris al jazeera bundle, the gambia no green coast got rescued more than 100 people off the i live mccann off on sunday after a distress signal was sent from a sailboat. call in rough seas, for people is still missing mobile phone video inside the boat, dozens of people, including children, crammed into the cabin and migrants were transferred to passenger boats and taken to shelter on macon, us island, a told authorities, the boats had sailed from turkey. now unions of one, the right to represent work as an apple stole for the 1st time ever. the push by tech work is, is parts of a white, a wave of labor activism. in the us, microsoft recently announced to neutrality, packed with employees at one of his majors subsidiaries, saying they won't interfere with any plans to form a union. a small group of work as at google's parent company, alphabet, formed
12:47 am
a minority union last year, and it doesn't have collective bargaining power. all the tech companies officially resisted unionization efforts. amazon has been accused of cracking down on labor activist and the company after work is in new york voted to form a union in april. patty cohen has more now from washington a sound that is likely to ripple through the nearly 3 trillion dollar company that is apple able to beat back a moved, unionize a store in atlanta, but now defeated in maryland. i want to give you a. 2 houston doing well. good parent is for a lot of the stuff, the building by nearly 2 to one margin workers at the apple store and house in maryland boated to unionize the 1st apple store. to take that step in may, these workers send a letter to apple, c e o, tim cook saying they had the support from a solid majority, adding they wanted more rights to information and collective bargaining for
12:48 am
literally the face of apple. how is it fair that we are being dictated as to what to do, what to say, how to act, but we don't get anything, any of the things that are happening in our everyday life. apple has yet to publicly respond, but they did recently. res, hourly wages from $20.00 to $22.00. this is just the latest mass of company to see its workers move to unionize. what amazon warehouse in new york did the same recently? oh, after employs restore books and buffalo voted unionized more than 150 of the company own stores have now voted to follow suit. given the tight labor market. analysts expect this to continue a labor shortage. workers are emboldened as a general proposition and also because of the consequences the fall out. so to speak of the pandemic, these maryland workers send a message to try and make sure that happens. don't be scared because it's scary.
12:49 am
and that's okay. but don't be realize that if we can do it, you can do it. but this is just a 1st step for workers. now they have to try to negotiate and win concessions from some of the richest and most powerful companies in the world. patty calhane al jazeera washington and paul is preparing to move every space cam because global warming and increased human activity is making it unsafe campus. currently situated on a rapidly thinning glass year. and it's used by up to 1500 people in the spring climbing season. a new site will be set out now at a low altitude, so our hi ross explains. every year people arrive at base camp in nepal to fulfill a long life dream to climb the highest peak in the world mount everest. what was once only achievable by li mountain is, has now become accessible to thousands of tourists and climate from around the
12:50 am
world. and that's part of the problem. human activity, coupled with global warming, is having a detrimental effects on every ecosystem, making the ascent on safe as an else 2 to 5364 meters above sea level base camp lies on the kimball glazier sciences of warning. the lacy is melting into an alarming rate by as much as one me to every year, especially issue of melting glass year. and they provide as a big warning that maybe in 10 years, you know, with the normal glass you climb isn't sharp, his se, cracks and crevices appear over nights and it's putting their lives at risk, melted ice and also causing rockford and can trigger avalanches in the himalayas in an attempt to protect the natural environment. benevolent government has decided to move every base camp to a new location, and that's roughly 200 to 400 meters low up where there is no year round. dice,
12:51 am
said kennedy, this is the right time to advocate and read the boys together and not only talk over the boys we need to. so do you doubt. so? yeah, i am has been very congested and every year, but definitely more than 1500 people shows the human ways has been polluted around 4000 lead to the urine is dumped at base camp every day. and because climate spend weeks on the peak adjusting to the altitude, they generate several kilos. the way most of which is left on the mountain from fuel use for cooking and heating to empty oxygen cylinders and the bands and camping equipment. all this has created a moral and an environmental debate on the human obsession to scale the tallest mountain in the world. thought a height of, i'll just 0 time now for the sports with peter indoor. marian, thank you very much. the international swimming federation fina has voted to restrict the participation of transgender athletes in elite women's competitions.
12:52 am
the organization also agreed to create a working group to establish an open category for transgender swimmers. the new eligibility policy for fema competition states that male to female transgender athletes are eligible to compete. only if they can prove they have not experienced any part of male puberty beyond stage 2, all before the age of 12, whichever is later. i and all of you have an obligation to every single one of our assets. we should not favor one athletes over the other equality is also a key principle for us. this is why we are faced with such a delicate balancing act. we have to protect the rights of all our athletes to can beat but we also have to protect
12:53 am
competitive fairness, 171 percent of phoenix member organizations voted in favor of the change. the new policy is the strictest by any olympic sports body and was made following a report from a transgender task force comprising of leading medical, legal and sports figures. that advert took place in budapest way the world championship saw being held this week. and on sunday nights, american truly husk nearly broke. the williams, one under beat of butterfly willed, wrinkled, the 19 year old, must out. so by just 1.16 of a 2nd. meanwhile, and nicolo martin and he became the 1st italians who when the 100 me to breast stroke will title. he came bronze in the same event at last use tokyo olympics for me to one will champion max for stoppin, has extended his lead in the championship off to winning the canadian grand prix. the dutchman held off a lay challenge from com,
12:54 am
a science to claim he 6 victory of the season for stopping now leads the standing by $46.00 points. from his red boots, he made sergio perez, who was forced to retire with engine trouble. there was good news for louis hamilton. he returned to the podium for the 1st time since the opening race of the season, moto g, p wilcher ban, fabio, quote, auto has extended his lead in the standing of winning the german gro brain. the frenchman started 2nd on the grid, but took the lead from poll, says francesco bunny, by the time they reached the foot corner, the 2 ride as battled it out over the next 3 laps before bunny slipped and crushed, even out of the clench the when he now lead brightest temperature by 30 full points . that's so golf and the us open is drawing to a close of the country club in brookline, massachusetts. let's take a look at the latest leader board currently met fitzpatrick, and wolves, l. a tour of the lead. the way they're both 5 and upon neither men has won
12:55 am
a major before. so the tourist actually was the runner up at the p g h average of last month, while it's patrick finished 5th. that, that same tournament in 3rd place right now it's got shiffler. he's the master's champion from this year. another form, a master's champion. he becky must see yama. he's there in full states. 3 on the pole, and currently call him or recall and danny mccarthy are tied for 1st. now let's move on to the tennis sand. last year's wimbledon runner up, matthew, i bet it's he is looking in fine form the head of the grass called grand slam. the italian swept past philip, you know h in straight sets in sunday spinal at queen 756 who submitted new successfully defense, the title there. he joined a small but impressive list of men who have done at john mcenroe. jimmy connor forrest becker, even linda layton you, it's andy roddick and andy murray are the only others in the open era to have done this over in germany who but who catch is the champion at holler. the poll needed just over an hour to take care of the number one,
12:56 am
then you made the 616 for the 1st grad school title in catches korea. and on the women's to on strawberry, the berlin opened champion. the tin is in the feet, had been in the bench which after the swift retired with an ankle injury and the 2nd the 3rd w t a to title defending stanley cup champions. the tampa bay lightning had been completely buried by the colorado avalanche in game 2 of the finals, kale mccaul and valerie and the 2 skin school tickles each as the avalanche delivered a 7. nothing route is the biggest shot out into fun since $9091.00. colorado lead the best of 7. series to nothing with game 3 coming up on monday in tampa. yeah, i feel like we are. we played taura identity to to you tonight. um. i mean obviously um we are some with some good goals and stuff like that, but at the end of the day, we know next game is gonna bring their best. um and it's fast,
12:57 am
always the next game. the hardest is to find me between every respect here on it too much respect here on our group. we need to realize that we got here for a reason. let's get back to our game. understand ava anomaly latino over there with great skill at every position, but so to we select the final we'll find out where we are made of. when we get back on mammals, international teammate, rodrigo says, the brazil stall could retire from the national side of to this year's world cup and cutter, the ram to replace his name are has already promised to give him he's number 10. should the p s g star currently sits on 74 international goals? 3 behind the legendary pele. and this month we're focusing on the south american teams in the 1st of our world cup count down programs. you can watch it on monday at $330.00 g m t. now and there was a spectacular backdrop for the latest stop. on the cliff diving world series,
12:58 am
the eiffel tower in paris provided the fitting full romanians katanen credit to post the highest ever totally vain school. the victory has also given him believe in the overall rule championship. standings all right, marian will leave it there for now. it's better you in london all right, thanks very much and oh, just have a wire here about the election in columbia with nearly 80 percent of the ballots. counted leftist candidate to gustavo petro is leading in value. we're going to be live in bogota in a couple of minutes. ah to shot it difficult. so i la la la la la la. listen, why is one on one the how do you to visit?
12:59 am
well cancel the admin, philistine bitten the from the slash via the maillot, and about the fisa yada. can a little sob. is it done? well, i can go to shower in the cod. there's topics here. how that if wilson thought they're not valuable camella coffee at mac in the, on the path on the megan a yanine that a fee alida is like a month to hop out or yeah, i mean for the 2nd law in the group, i feel really wanted him either before fucking the book ah, holding the powerful to account. as we examined the u. s. his role in the world on al jazeera during the colonization of africa, thousands of artifacts were removed by the major european powers. forego that the french occupation gradually removed a lot of works. a new 3 part series tells the story of the struggle by african
1:00 am
countries to reclaim that priceless heritage. but it didn't happen overnight. we were robbed over time restitution. africa stolen are coming soon on al jazeera from the world's most populated, recheck in den and untold stories across asia and the pacific to discover the current events with diverse coaches and conflicting politics. one 0, one east. on al jazeera. ah .


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