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really facilitate a pick right in depth analysis of the dates, global headlines inside story on al jazeera, relieving eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet on al jazeera. ah, oh, stop. 08. i see. i see them for a new era in columbia, but one time, rebel gustavo petrol, is elected the 1st about leftist president. ah, roberson, this is 0. live from doha. also coming up the games in
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friends for the fall white and the left wing alliance wipe out president manuel michaels majority in parliament was flooding in decades in bangladesh. leaves millions of people homeless. i calls for justice as americans observe in june teams a holiday to commemorate the end of slavery. ah, the use of conservative rule as though a left wing president in columbia has doubled that all former guerrilla and the one time marrow bogota. as one a clear majority over the writing populace. rodolfo hernandez, with nearly all the votes counted, but it was one more than 50 percent against 47 percent for his rival was considered defeat. the president elect has promised we'll change s c store. yeah. this history
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that we are writing at the moment is a new history for colombia, for latin america, for the world. i know it's a new story because undoubtedly what has happened to day mother with these 11000000 voters, men and women who voted to bring us to this stage and bring us to the presidency, is a change. what is coming now is real change? we will not betray the voters who have cried out today that from to day, colombia is changing. all that was wanting me to france him or has, has become columbia's 1st black female vice president. she's a single mother and environmental activist who's challenged mining companies in her home region. he had argued, i said, i want to thank all colombians who have given their life for this moment. all our brothers and sisters who have unfortunately been killed in this country, men to the youth who have been killed and disappeared to the women who have been raped and who had disappeared to all of them. they are with us in this historic
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moment yet we give them thanks. thanks for having taken the path. every thank you for planting the seed of resistance and hope that by that isabel has more from boy guitar when it's definitely a historic day for many people in columbia. we were just, there were several ways and there were thousands and thousands of people taken to the st showing up there to show their support. saying that this is a time for real change in columbia for profound reform that will improve people's lives in this country. a country that has read a war for many, many years, even to a peace agreement was signed with the left wing rebels. the park conflict continued to affect many, many parts of the country. listening to the president elected looks double bit there with very, very interesting methods, talking about leaving behind how, what, how important, what change means right now is leaving hate behind that. the other thing that he says is that, that this is going to be
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a government of peace and that peace means in this country, social justice and environmental justice. and faith has been speaking the reform that he wants to implement, how it's necessary to we think environmental policies rethink oil and gas exploitation in columbia to put an end to fracking for example. i think that one of the most interesting freight says, i have heard of that, that they will not use the press one your power to put an end to destroy the opponent. so we will have to listen and see how he implements many of the reforms. political analysts triple says, president elect. petro will face challenges from congress and the courts. the stables, testing latin america, that rather than being a social democratic left like in europe or other countries, the world is much more prone to perfection, to work for the indigenous and ethnic communities. and that will be
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a 1st for colombia, but it will be also a 1st. in the case that even roll manders wins out. there will be a changing day leads no longer has been over and for more than 200 years by these bold di leads. or it may, gina leads, which tend to belong to a higher ed close of income in the columbia society, in columbia. and this is a difference from the rest of latin america, gourds are much more in the end, and congress is highly fragmented. most likely we will see at a government that will face. so 1st congress and then later on the course. but nevertheless, i do not trust that our institutions are going to withstand those charges and you know, the discussions which are normal in any healthy democracy. that for the 1st time columbia are seen any projections, indicate presidency. my own macro has fallen short of an outright majority in
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france's parliamentary elections after a strong performance by rival parties. their final results could see muffles, health and environment ministers losing their seats. and it means he could struggle to push through reforms, but i shall bother reports from paris. the day that seemed to start well for emmanuel, my craw as he met supporters in northern france ended in disappointment by sunday evening. estimated results showed the french president sentries block, failing to secure a majority in the final round to france, his parliamentary elections, some of macros, top officials, and ministers even lost their seats away. that city with you. this situation represents a risk for our country, given the challenges we have to face both at national and international levels. but we've got to respect this vote, andrew, the consequences. as you know, there was celebrations at the headquarters of a new left wing alliance that is emerged as the main opposition. the block that
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includes the far left greens, communists and socialists has galvanized, voters fed up with the macros, policies ship. you know, it's a totally unexpected situation. one never seen before. so derailment of the president, spotty, is absolute, and we have achieved a political goal and less than a moms celebrations. also for the fall, right. marine the pens party projected to win 10 times more seats than it previously held. it set to become a significant parliamentary force was already left it you the ra, live on you. you'll be sure to see your ideas on immigration, security and unemployment defended in parliament. turn out was low reflecting in electorate increasingly disillusioned by politics. fewer than half of those eligible cast ballots. among those who did issues, including inflation and climate change were on their minds. the protected results are a major set back for president micro. he wants to fall to head with his agenda that
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includes welfare and pension reforms as well as tax cuts. but to do so, his centrist lines needs to work with other parties that are unlikely to make the president's life easy. you will have to negotiate those missing seats together majority and the only a party that seems available for that is the traditional right. the republican party which comes force in the, in the number of for seats, but enough to produce a majority with mr. mccullough's party. it's a very big surprise because the republicans did very badly in the presidential election only 2 months ago. and they come out as a king, maker of the political situation in france. in 2017 macros party won a parliamentary majority in a landslide that enabled the president to push through often controversial reforms . at times in the face of st. protests is 2nd term is already shaping up to be very
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different. and so is the parliament more fragmented than ever, but perhaps a more accurate reflection of france? his political landscape? natasha butler, al jazeera paris of herself from the international monetary funder and shall anchor for bellowed, talks. the government says that needs at least $5000000000.00 from the i, m f, as well as the international community. a lack of foreign currencies led to shortages of food fuel and medicine would've been months of anti government protests as it struggles with its worst economic crisis since independence and protests have been held in pakistan against the rising cost of living. the demonstration in islamabad was organized by supporters of former prime minister in long con, there blaming con success of shabby sheriff. the crisis fil subsidies were slashed recently under pressure from the i. m f. the government's trying to revive a $6000000000.00 bill. oh, package, bangladesh has been hit by its worst monsoon floods and more than
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a century and millions have lost their homes in northeast and india. dozens have died across the regions since the psalms began in april army, myself, reports from new delhi. in yells, ne is under water. once again, continuous rainfall has caused heavy flooding, impacting millions of people on the list of gone water logging has created issues for everyone, and no one is able to get out of their homes and they can go to the office on my shop is filled with water and it's damaging a lot of equipment inside please visit w. i sent it with a psalms t. it is the worst effected. heavy p monsoon storms caused flooding in april nonstop rain over the past few days has inundated dozens of districts. evacuations are underway and the military has been called to assist. more than a 150000 people have been moved to temporary camps. the situation had been a little green because though there had been heavy in volumes of possibilities. and the whole of us armies in under, under that one dumb depends. oh,
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it varies from place to place that also floods in landslides, in the neighboring makalya and to prostate. while in bangladesh, more than a dozen, people have died and at least 4000000 others are stranded. continuous rainfall is hampering relief efforts and both countries have drafted in the army to help. authorities in india won several reverse good birth, their banks, weather forecasters seed. the rain could easily done this week, bringing temporary respite. park nathan al jazeera new delhi for more in the flood situation in bangladesh. he is tango chaudhry from corner. many people, especially in the remote villages, are still maryland. they're desperately trying to rescue this people. many of the homes actually totally washed away, even within the city center is the flood. many of the hospitals got inundated with flood water, which is complicating celebration for the rescue people, at least those who are harmed or hard during the flood. as far as the military and
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navy goes there right now, very much concentrating and rescuing people who are in my room. but people are also in desperate need for fresh water and food. i mean there is really a major challenge right now, particularly when you go into the sure and i'm going to valley of the division. it is basically a lake area. a lot of the village are, are very remote just to reach them itself. the challenge, whether many of the houses are still there is a question you get understanding contacted zillow, just fill out an indian, not as of experience, a major flood, just end of last month somewhere and may. so they're just recovered. when we have the 2nd wave of flood unit 7 warned in last may, during the flood that at least 1500000 children in this lot affected areas are prone to via water bone disease as malnutrition and even drowning. so obviously every much challenging environment,
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the forecast says that it could possibly rain. it's a monsoon season. if it rains again and if there is a torrential rain, things could again get worse. tens of thousands of ranger refugees are protested in bangladesh, demanding to be returned home to me and more. more than a 1000000 who you could use living ingested camps in se bangladesh of to flee a brutal military crackdown in 2017. the good no access to work or education departure asian talks between the 2 countries resumed this week after being sold for nearly 3 years. cilla had on al jazeera. ah, jan is in, protested his voice. this content over the president's plans for the new constitution accusing k side of a power grab. ah, and why apples latest 1st is sending ripples in the tech sector in the us?
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ah . the journey has begun. the faithful world cup is on its way to cattle book. your travel package to day rising temperature is the big story across the middle east. hello everyone. thanks for joining in. so the forecast on monday we put the colors on here, dark of the red, the higher the temperature, 51 degrees and buck there, that's a good 10 degrees above where you should be. and now wind blowing out of iraq will push all that heat down into the gulf states. so we'll put this a day for it on tuesday to wait at 49 though. have 47 as well. above average, the winds will also spin around that sand in does for queue weight. the eastern province of saudi including demand. next stop or go into pakistan. things have really cooled off in the north with some pre monsoon storms in punjab. a prevents your temperature and the horrors about 10 degrees below average,
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but still that heat in sin province, jacob, bad at 40. but really in this zone, from shantay to cobble till the hor, temperatures are well below leverage. in some cases more than 10 degrees. i think his sam, boy, you're running the risk of catching a shower on monday. seen those winds pick up. and we've got our usual pulses of rain and storms moving across central parts of africa from ethiopia right through to the gulf of guinea. and a disturbance is formed off the coast of namibia, i think that will give us some disruptive rain for southern namibia, pushing into the northern and the western capes in the days to come see soon cattle away issue ally of the journey. when all that seemed to matter had the enemies of the leader. on the other hand, the listening post strips away the spin. what kind of reporting have you been seeing on the ground? miss information is right. less better the bias,
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a lot of people believe things because they want to believe the a dumb covers the uncomfortable truths. do you think they did enough to scrutinize the case or the listening boast ology 0 ah ah, you want to not, is it a reminder of our top story is this. our gustavo petro has been elected columbia's 1st left wing president, ending decades of conservative rule. very all the votes counted patch was one more than 50 percent against 47 percent for his wyvil white winged populace. rudolfo hernandez, alley projections indicate that presidency manual. my chrome has fallen short of an outright majority in france's parliamentary elections. it means he could struggle
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to push through reforms, want to levels a so rise in bangladesh afterwards. worst monsoon floods in more than a century. millions have also lost their homes in northeastern india doesn't have died across the region since the storms began to april. more than 200 people have reportedly been killed in ethiopia, in an attack in the old merchant. witnesses say the victims belong to the i'm hot ethnic group there. normal liberation army as been blamed for the attack, but it says it's not involved. independent journalist samuel gotta to has more from addis ababa in this particular gender region, which we can't access because it's become more off limits. the joke and government insists we can't be speaking to the oil left even to get comments because they have declared them as a terrorist organization. and even the a p reporter raptor went and spoke to them have been at it was detained earlier this year. but there are, i'm horace,
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mostly the minorities are being attacked. are they are they have asked if they could be we moved into a safer area perhaps within the old regional some higher. but the government has said they're listening, but no action has been taken. and again, once again, it's kind of killings mediocre, has become and then war. at least 2 people had been killed in the blast in the afghan capital, an explosive device is said to have had a vehicle carrying civilians in a district in northern cable. it's not clear who's behind the attack. it comes a day after islamic states claimed it was behind the bombing of a seek temple, the killed 2 people. one of the main opposition parties into nicea is threatening not to recognize a possible deal with the international monetary fund. was increasing anger about the president's economic and political reforms. atoria gateman reports her position politicians, lee protests against president heis,
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i aide in the capital tunis. they accuse side of corrupting democratic institutions and wanting absolute power and control over to his it is so for them in this new constitution of k site has been written and secretly we don't recognize it. premier constitution that's been agreed to by the people, not a constitution written by people who support him. side, suspended parliament and assumed executive power last year and dissolved it in march. he's also sacked dozens of judges. he wants the referendum next month to change. chinese is constitution. a draft version is due to be published on monday. in char law and bad garden lesson god willing on the 20th of the month, i will, according to the law, submit the draft constitution to the president. this being the maximum date for the submitting of this draft site has banned polls and political advertising and told international election observe as they're not welcome turn out in the referendum is expected to be low and the use of one of these years known as the black decade or
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the years during which chinese you wrote its greatest constitution and established institutions, including supreme judiciary council and the independent national. 34 elections, the institutions built by the revolution and built by the martyrs or to day threatened by ty side and his group. oh, these protest is say they won't give up. they don't believe the vote in july will be free. oh, fair. they say site has too much power and democracy is in danger. victoria gate and be al jazeera on memorials being held in honor of al jazeera journalist, shaheen ob laughlin at logs 40 days since she was killed, as really forces shot sharing in the hand while she was on a silent in janine and the occupied westbank. did. abraham reports from the ceremony. a kind, humble and strong woman with an infectious smile. these are some of the qualities
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people here say they remember about shooting abruptly. what have you come in an official ceremony marking 40 days since? is there any forces killed her palace? tinian say they lost a member of their own family at present they came familiar with in the past 25 years. a highly respected journalist who never thought she was to senior for any story. i think there is no other choice except like and love to you because she was honest. so the was diary sabean was everything good in this, a fellow sitting an official read the speech on behalf of president pamela bass. he said shaheen and her reporting, expose truth and irritated the occupation. ah, there is no doubt among palestinians here as to who kill chin many have signed the petition demanding her killers be held accountable. they want the international criminal court to investigate. lana fix be him. we rejected
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a joint investigation. we did not give them the bullet, but we urged that the rifle that killed abo o'clock be submitted to the i c. c, because the mob city is killing shocked. many people across the middle east and beyond at home. it's almost impossible to miss the impact she had or even from inside his way to jail spell, simeon prisoners managed to smuggle drawings they painted for shooting. oh, she'd, he never lived to see palestine liberated from these radio occupation. the palestinian government spokesperson said she will be remembered in history. books cheering, leave the legacy of a journalist. many heresy will remain in their hearts and minds in her life and in death. the daughter of palestine has been a unifying figure to palestinians across the political spectrum. neither he elisha zita ramallah the occupied westbank. nato. secretary general has warned the
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warden ukraine could go on. he says, for years since sultan bug is urging western countries to be ready to provide long term support to keep fighting, still raging in the south and the east of the country are russian forces have been making slow games. ukraine's calling for more heavy weapons to push them back. keeps as rush as trying to make the eastern city of course, have a new front line in the warm after weeks of relative come ukraine. we took the area in may, but there have been renewed attacks in recent days. rushes defense mystery says it's missiles have destroyed more weapons supplied by western countries. also in the east ukraine deny is russia controls the city of to get it done yet sc. there's been fierce fighting there is the kremlin tries to take the entire the hunts region why she claims many defenders have surrendered. there's also been heavy, shelly, and don't yet sk, what a residential area and a local market. we're here on sunday resident say it's been impossible to go out of science because of constant bombardment. the special representative for human
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rights has visited the devastated tons of a pin and book ukraine's capital keith. he says, the world can't turn a blind eye to crimes committed during russia's invasion. we cannot shrug our shoulders and say this, this was part of a part of a conflict. these are crimes and crimes have to be investigated. and those responsible brought to a spanish firefighters are struggling to gain control of a wildfire that destroyed large plots of land in the north. flames are being fueled by record temperatures for this time of year. and high winds, at least 18 villages have been evacuated in the motor province. and iraq is in the midst of a heat wave with temperatures in the capital, hitting almost 50 degrees celsius people. and by that have taken the water park to get some rest bite from the heat. workers at an apple store in the u. s. state of
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maryland have voted to unionize for the 1st time. it's part of a wider wave of labor activism within the tech sector. microsoft recently, and i was to neutrality packed with employees at one of its majors. subsidiaries saying it wouldn't interfere with any times to form a union. a small group of workers at google's parent company alphabet formed a minority union last year, but it doesn't have collective bargaining power. and what goes from amazon, a new york funding union in april, the company's been accused of cracking down unknown labor activists. medical have reports from washington, dc, a sound that is likely to ripple through the nearly 3000000 dollar company that is able to be back to move, you know, distorted lanta, but now defeated in maryland. i want to give a huge, huge, huge. 2 atlanta because they prepared for a lot of the stuff by nearly 2 to one margin workers at the apple store and
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house in maryland voted to unionize the 1st apple store. to take that step in may these workers sent a letter to apple. c e o. tim cook saying they had the support from a solid majority, adding they wanted more rights to information and collective bargaining for literally the face of apple. how is it fair that we are being dictated as to what to do, what to say, how to act? but we don't get anything, any of the things that are happening in our everyday life. apple has yet to publicly respond that they did recently, res, hourly wages from $20.00 to $22.00. this is just the latest massive company to see its workers move to unionize. what amazon warehouse in new york did the same recently as your employees were starbucks in buffalo voted unionized more than 150 of the company own stores have now voted to follow suit. given the tight labor market analyst expect this to continue a labor shortage. workers are emboldened as a general proposition and also because of the consequences,
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the fall out. so the speak of the pandemic, these maryland workers, and a message to try and make sure that happens. don't be scared because it's scary and that's okay. but don't be realize that if we can do it, you can do it. but this is just a 1st step for workers. now they have to try to negotiate and win concessions from some of the richest. and most powerful companies in the world. patty, colleen algebra washington celebrations in march as have begun in the us to march june teams the national holiday commemorating the end of slavery. it's the 1st time the days been of federal holiday after it was signed into law by president joe biden last year. but there's already been criticism because not all states have made it a paid day off work, and corporations have been accused and capitalizing on what should be a moment of remembrance. think ma kalani is the director of the center for african
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studies at johns hopkins university. it says, june 18th, isn't just about remembering slavery. it's also a political movement pushing for change. with the celebration, it was never simply about being free. it was now we are free, but we demand that freedom be more and simply being included in the society of our freedom demands equality, our freedom demand, the transformation of the political, economic and social system of the united states, which still hasn't happened. i think this is why you had the black power movement coming on. the hills of the civil rights movement by people are full citizens. but then as a demand at the society transform at a more fundamental level, i think this is the same thing that came out of the black lives matter movement. where the demands were that the society transform at a more fundamental level than mere inclusion. which is why you had culminating particularly after the murder, george floyd in 2020, not only a national, but a global series of protest. but then this radical demand for the funding and
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abolishing police and abolishing the prison system, which has been a long demand and the long objective of black radical movements. but i think this is a sign of how that takes on a national book becomes a part of the national conversation. i think if that is in focus in acknowledging june 18th and celebrating it. if that becomes part of the conversation that i think it can have some value nationally. but i think what it does also point out is that this is the practice of the united states of the federal government states and local government is to knowledge and take something that like people have done cultural practices. what of ideas and then water them down and strip them of their ability to really transformed the society to really calling the question some of those long held assumptions that we have and make it something that is merely
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a celebration, as opposed to a political something's world governing body fina has voted to restrict the participation of transgender athletes in elite womans competitions. 71 percent, to fin, as member organizations voted in favor of change. male to female transgender athletes will now have to prove it not experienced any part of male, puberty before the age of 12 new policies, the strictest by any olympic sports. bonnie house, ah, this is our desert. these are the top stories. gustavo petro has been elected columbia's 1st left wing president, ending decades of conservative rule. with nearly all the votes counted, patch was one more than 50 percent against 47 percent for his rival, the right wing populace to rodolfo hernandez is the story.


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