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witness, fusion, witness, clarity, witness, family and witness. friends. witness the beginning. witness. the end. witness. life witness. when audi, flora. meteorites, small, natural rocks from outer space that survive the journey down to wash and have high market value for rock and minimal collectors. all 0 worlds joins the moroccan, no mites in their desert such with these gifts from the sky, head up, sienna, i can tell that it's a meter i had it is it is i me to roy morocco's meet you write hunter's on or 0. ah,
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president chasing thing swears in john lee as hong kong, new chief executive 25 years are forced to turn to china. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera life into also coming up u. s. supreme court limits president biden's ability to cut emissions from past ations. the un says it's bad news, the climate change. this is a setback in our fight against climate change. when we already far off track you as president hales nato unity. as the alliance wraps up its summit with a new strategic plan to strengthen its eastern flag plus just be in business. the testers in ecuador celebrates agreement, and 18 days of a nationwide strike. ah,
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hong kong former security chief, john lee has been sworn in as a territories new leda. he said the national security law imposed in 2020. i brought stability after anti government protests the year before. johnny's president, chasing ping, presided over the ceremony. it, she's 1st trip out of the mainland since the corona virus pandemic. well, it coincides with events mocking 25 years since hong kong was returned to china from britain. earlier, a flag raising ceremony launched the day celebrations amid tight security head of events. president, she said the territory, i've been reborn from the ashes. adrian brown as mona, from hong kong. john lee is a former security minister. he's also a former policeman, and his entire career has been rooted insecurity. and i think that tells you the sort of candidate the china wanted to run hong kong. he was of course, clearly candidate in the election that he won. but he has the credentials. i think
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that china wants right now, and it's a reflection. i feel of what their priorities are shown me doesn't have any real political experience. i can tell you what he won't be doing. they'll be no talk of him, sort of expanding democracy, increasing political reform here in hong kong. he said in his address a short time ago that he wanted to turn on co, much more into a hub of new industries. he said he wanted hong kong to have some of its old dynamism return, but there was no mention of hong kong easing. it's strict 0 covey policies, which means that people flying into hong kong have to quarantine for a week and business group say look, this is one of the reason why hong kong economy is continuing to sing some. we've also been hearing from president cheating, paying. he's been addressing delegates attending the swearing in ceremony. he said one quite interesting thing. he said that there is no reason why the one country to systems formula under which hong kong is governed,
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cannot continue beyond 2047. at the moment, we are halfway through that transition period from british to chinese rule. in 2047 hong kong is supposed to integrate into the rest of china, but she is saying now, well, there's no reason why this arrangement con, continue, but of course it would be very much on china's terms. if that were to happen. the by the ministrations plan to tackle the climate crisis has suffered a major setback. the u. s. supreme court has decided to restrict the ability of the environmental protection agency, the e p. a to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. the case was filed by a number of republican lead states in response to a government plan, requiring them to shift away from coal fired power generation. but the supreme court ruled e p a does not have broad authority to regulate emissions. the routing cost doubt on the government's goal to have a power good running on clean energy by 2035 president joe biden. describe the court's decision as devastating and a step backwards. a sentiment echoed by the united nations. well,
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it is not our role to provide legal commentary on judicial decisions of a digital individual member states. just more generally, i can say that this is a setback in our fight against climate change. when we already far off track in meeting the goals of the paras agreement, the secretary general has said repeatedly that the g 20 must lead the way in dramatically stepping up climate action. learn given as a climate expert at the university of arizona. she says the ruling is a major blow to efforts to stop climate change. this is regressive action in a time when we need very progressive even radical action towards renewable energy infrastructure towards large scale carbon removal towards helping communities through the just transition away from fossil fuels. this is a step in the wrong direction, and as many people have been saying in my circle today and on twitter, it's a gut punch people and the planet the, those are the losers, right?
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so we know the winners are the conservative states, the conservative elected officials, the fossil fuel industry, essentially everyone else, humans, the ecosystem, the atmosphere. these are all people who are going to lose out. because as the scientists they work with say, we are coming up against what we call planetary boundaries, sort of the limits of what the earth can take to sustain humanity in the way it has been. and we really need to reduce the use of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas pollution and the circle back. what thursday's ruling coincide with historic change to the supreme court line up. yes, it sounds you brown, jackson was sworn in the 1st black woman to serve the justice on the court. the 51 year old will take the seat over time job, steven brian jackson joins a liberal minority. it's been ever rule in recent decisions on abortion rights. and
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gun notes. yes, president joe biden has made a fresh appeal for all nations to defend ukraine from russia's invasion. speaking at the end of the nature of summit in madrid, he said the military alliance will defend every inch of its territory. also pledged under the $800000000.00 worth of us weapons for ukrainian forces. general reports from the spanish capital against the backdrop of russia's war in ukraine, nato has agreed. the biggest changes in its defensive posture. since the cold war. we have faced the most serious security situation in decades. but you are, i seem to the challenge with unity solve members contributions to an enhanced state of military readiness on nato's east and flank were led by the united states. president joe biden said the lines had never been stronger or more united. we reaffirm that article why a commitment is sacred and an attack on one is an attack on all, and we will defend every edge of nato territory,
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every inch of nato territory. president biden announced a permanent army base in poland. the 1st full time us deployment on nato's eastern fringes. the u. s. will also send 2 additional squadrons of f. 35 jets to the u. k . sweden and finland were formally invited to become members, marking the alliances, most significant expansion in decades. and ukrainian president followed me as the landscape told alliance members via video link that he believes russia will target lithuanian. next. the summit will have provided the vulnerable baltic states with a degree of reassurance. nato is ready to defend all allies, including of course, the baltic states and latvia, because the intention of declared intentions is to dominate over over the whole of europe. nobody. and let me put in reacted to nato's
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expansion. the saying if military assets were moved to finland, sweden, russia would respond in kind, a kudos and those are worth and now it will be a walk. don't they understand that everything was going falling between us. but now there will be tensions that certainly will. it is obvious and inevitable. i repeat, if they represent a threatening to us, the hint of this unity came from president of the one who lifted his objections to finland and sweetens membership bids on tuesday night. after a deal was reached between the 3 on measures that could lead to the expedition of members of curtis groups wanted in turkey, he warned that if he didn't see swift action on those commitments, well, the membership ratification process could yet be held up in the turkish parliament in his closing comments, nato's secretary general, described a world that is more dangerous and unpredictable, and he wore the things could get worse. a summit that took in climate change
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terrorism and the weapon eyes ation of space. seldom strayed far from the russian strength. joan, a whole al jazeera madrid. russia says it's withdrawn its forces from snake island bay strategic ukrainian outpost in the black sea kremlin claims if a goodwill gesture to let drain out of your cranes ports. diplomatic editor james bass has more than the nature of stomach in madrid. the un, along with turkey had been working on a plan to try and get the grain that's trapped inside ukraine, out through the black sea, using the turkish navy to a score the ships with un inspectors to make sure those ships not carrying weapons when they arrive in ukraine plan is also for russian grain and fertilizer to be brought back to world markets. president urban a news conference told me, plans a proceeding. well, get a same put in. we will continue to conduct phone diplomacy with mr. vladimir putin and mr. vladimir said lensky this weekend or beginning of next week,
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we already have a roadmap that has been put in order. we will contact them and try to realize this grain corridor as soon as possible. and important development in recent hours, the barely populated. but strategically important snake island in the black sea has changed hands. russia says it was relinquished as a gesture of goodwill. but one ukrainian m. p told me it was actually retaken by his country's forces. when we have seen russia and gesture goodwill, it's something that couldn't be together. they just lost the battle for snake island because yes, without snake island control, we couldn't provide secure shipments of green. it's impossible. so that was absolutely needed to make the shipments today with did it. the un believes that the plan to try and get the grain out of ukraine could be a major 1st step in trying to sold the global food crisis. if they do a deal, i'm told it will be signed in a stumble or ukraine, an official says at least 10 people have been killed in
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a russian massage strike on an apartment building and happened at the black sea port city of a desa, ukrainian media say the 9 story building was hit over night, wounding 7 people, including 3 children, western powers of cosmo down to over the chances of reviving the 2015 iran nuclear deal. speaking of the un security council, the use of baffled to the body said the deal might not make it to the finishing line. the latest indirect talks between the us and iran ended with no new progress on wednesday. both sides blame each other. failing to break the deadlock rod has yet to demonstrate any real urgency to conclude a deal end the current nucular crisis and achieve important sanctions lifting. fever sincere in the door. her talks that very serious and positive. as in the past, he will be in touch with the eeoc coordinator for the next stage of the talks. our negotiating team is ready to engage constructively again, to conclude,
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and each of the lot more. so to come here al jazeera, including oh, another wave of anger incident against its military rumors, 9 people are killed in the miners and will tell you why bangladesh span entry to the world's largest mangrove. once more that the journey has begun. the 3 full world camp is on its way to cattle. brook your travel package today. hello got more this so hot and windy weather across much of the middle east. logically, guys, you can see some bits and pieces. the cloud, down towards the south jersey wrangling drifted in across the far south of a man se and pass off. yeah, i mean that's making it green and lovely. not screen a lovely with that's a hot dusty shamal wind blowing down across at east side of the arabian peninsula.
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temperatures here getting up to 4344 degrees over the next few days. lifted dustin, sad to watch out for it is largely dry one or 2 showers up towards a corks is elsewhere. not a hot sunshine. sunshine do across northern parts of africa. tunis could touch 45 degrees celsius on friday afternoon. not too far behind that. in triply good rash of showers across west africa, pushing up across sir liberia. seeing some lively down paws, also into sierra leo possible as if flooding rain, they're just around southern parts of the gulf of gideon. i shout to punch their way into a good part of central africa. not too much going on on the side of the east african rift valley. having said that, one or 2 showers say just coming to east narrows of towns near pushing across eastern areas of kenya. wessa cold weather makes his way across cape town. but much of south africa is fine and dry. official and line of the journey. join the debate, wonderful as it is,
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the pl maddock language. it really means nothing on the ground on an online, at your voice. the queen is be removed as head of state because she's done absolutely nothing. what these country white man wears the progress i haven't seen enough resources due see sports journalist. i look like me. you need to listen to those voice with perspectives even when it's hard it when it challenges some of our foundational thinking. this green on al jazeera with ah, welcome back. i could remind about top stories here. this al hong kong for my security. john lee has been sworn in as a territories new leader. he said the national security law introduced in 2020. i
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brought stability after anti government protests in 2019. the u. s. supreme court has rule to limit the ability of the environmental protection agency to regulate emissions from power plants. it's a major setback to the bike in the ministrations plan to tackle the climate crisis . and he was present, joe biden has called on the will to stand behind ukraine. his remarks came at the end of the nato summit in madrid. biden also pledged another $800000000.00 worth of us weapons, full training forces. now export say the war in ukraine has become a virtual testing ground for russian and ukraine experiments in cyber warfare. and this will have implications for global security as chance rapid reports now from a capital keith. this is a hidden front line between russia and ukraine. a frontline of cyber espionage and cyber wool. some of the blurred faces of russians who ukraine and its western backers are trying to trace for allegedly committing war crimes ration crypto
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currency transactions are also being monitored. we're analyzing the movement of russian digital assets. she says the black circles or the crypto wallets of those registered on the block chain, the yellow circles or the crypto exchanges. we know crypto currency helps finance the killing of all soldiers civilians. she says, which outgrow since the beginning of the year. they have been 47 major anti ukraine cyber campaigns. 44 of them happened since the invasion. i'm talking about campaigns. i mean multiple attacks against governmental bodies, the private sector internet providers and telecommunication companies. experts say russia cyber warfare aims at undermining public confidence in ukraine's leadership . it also target sectors involved in the movement of military personnel, equipment, money, and people. they say the attacks began accelerating after moscow's annexation of crimea in 2014,
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but have grown more aggressive in recent months. the attacks include a february, the 10th attempted hack of at least $21.00 companies involved in the production and distribution of liquefied natural gas than the day before the invasion, february 23rd, there was a so called wiper attack, toxic various ukrainian government ministries were calling him alexei, to hide his identity, he's one of what's estimated to be thousands of ukrainians working for the governments and private sector, or is volunteers in the so called cyber army, a loose network of hackers that have appeared since the start of the war. alexei is involved in both defensive and offensive operations. he claims to have helped in an attack on one of russia's biggest banks, kept going on. i got on the sea, but bank website was hacked so badly that even the company shares crashed. other specialist concentrate on crucial russian infrastructure. they found access to rush and video surveillance communication navigation system. as an attack on the russian
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aviation industry was a strong that the switch to pipe documentation where they wiped out approximately 70 terabytes of information. ukraine gets millions of dollars worth of cybersecurity assistance from western intelligence agencies, private contractors, and international companies including microsoft and cisco. a widely feared russian cyber attack on ukraine with so called spillover effects. and global consequences hasn't happened. poor russian cyber offense, good ukrainian, defense, some experts say. but the war and ukraine has become an experiment in cyber warfare on an unprecedented scale. cha, stratford al jazeera keith. north korea has blame what it's calling foreign objects are causing its 1st coven 19 outbreak. according to state media, an 18 year old soldier and a 5 year old touched unidentified materials near the border with south korea in early april. they later showed symptoms and tested positive for the virus. state
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media says nearly 5000000 people have become sick. as the outbreak again, ra mcbride has more of mis after in capital. these are interesting claims and they would seem to fit the timeline of this outbreak. north korea 1st admitted to having the outbreak in mid may. it spread very quickly through the entire population. at one point to recording hundreds of thousands of cases of fever every day. and so it would fit with that timeline. and it says that it can all be traced back to an event that happened in early april when several people it says, came across what it called aliens, things on a hillside in one province. this is a province over on north korea is east coast that borders with south korea along the d. m. z. now, without specifying exactly what these alien things were, north korea is inferring that they were brought by balloon. now defect as groups here in south korea will regularly release balloons into north korea carrying propaganda messages. we know from various postings on social media that there has
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been some a balloon activity in the past few months. interestingly, some of these balloons actually carrying things like masks and medicines for north korea to tackle this outbreak. so it is a good fit for north korea to blame these defect it. it's thought in reality the most likely way in for the corona virus would have been across the border from china because at the beginning of this year, some of the restrictions on that border were lifted to allow much needed trade back and forth. echoes government has recent deal with indigenous leaders to end the 18 days nationwide strike, a state of emergency has been lifted and the governments agreed to reduce petrol prices. indigenous groups have been demonstrating for 2 weeks calling for control and prices and other reforms. the unrest as cost the country half a $1000000000.00. officials also promised to stop boil money and concessions on indigenous land. and maybe we are suspending our strike action. but if the agreements are not respected in 90 days,
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will be forced to act again to demand their fullfillment. from our side, we will do all we can to support these agreements in all the represent approximately a 1000000000 dollars, one through our struggle to help the poorest community manual to pick a scene. electra in political science at amherst college, she says the agreement signed is a better one. after 18 days about 10 people that had under the people wounded and criminalized across the country, the entire country clashed and they basically agreed of the 10 points demanded by the movements. so only for the lower the price of gas by consent of $2.00 to $5.00. it goes to 40 and they agreed the indigenous moment to leave the cds and stop the national strike. and there is a suspension. there is a revocation of a decree decree number 91 that was to expand oil drilling across the amazon. all the other points are just good intentions. we will try to increase investment in
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how to go try to help people get loans, but everything else is just a letter of good, intense. it's a very small achievement for a lot of effort for a lot of dead bodies and for a lot of destruction across the country to saddam now, or at least 9 protest as have been killed during demonstrations, against military rulers. calling for return to civilian government, security forces, fi, tear, gas and water canada. as a try to disperse thousands. we're out on the streets or the capital cartoon. even more than reports. another wave of mass protests in the sudanese capital for to on thursday 1000 to the street to express their anger against the military which to overpower last year. and you know, look it up when we take the streets every day and people die every day. it's not for nothing, it's for changing it for a civilian government, a democratic government that protects the rights of people. it is our right to
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protest, the military will not rule us. this country supposed to be a civilian democratic country. protesters are also out against the former ruling party, led by president obama, who was ousted by the military in april 2019. first day mark 33 years since the crew that his day to grap power. his party has been disbanded after his overthrow. but protested 8, the loyalists are still in charge and hustled in or the military and power now are members of machine security committee. but all they did was replace the figures, but the form of ruling policy are still and key positions in government institutions. nothing has changed and that's why we're out protesting. we're out to overthrow the security committee that and the former ruling policy. security for says you steer guys and live ammunition to disperse protesters. several were killed and hundreds injured. more than 100 people have died in anti military demonstrations. the military has repeatedly stated it will not step down unless
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elections are held or a political consensus is reached. raising a political consensus has so far proven to be difficult, talks between political parties facilitated by the united nations african union. and the original i guide were by quoted by pro democracy groups and later suspended . and no new date has been set for its resumption. political parties have refused to join the talks, saying they want to and the military takeover and not enter into a power sharing agreement. and headless yazzy met them are gone, usually a political solution if it achieves the aims of the streets, then we can be a part of it as the political process in its current form is something we put objective conditions on. well, if they're not met, we can't go forward. the most important condition is the aim of the political process, or if it's ending the military takeover, we can talk about the ways otherwise we can't go ahead pilot than it up. but the military continues to hold on to power provoking chaos on the streets and hopes for a transition to democracy. fates further,
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he will morgan alta 0 hart him from his instinct media has published the text of a proposed new constitution. that would give president chi side even more powers. it's expected to be put to a referendum next month. one year after side sucked, the prime minister and dismissed parliament. could execute the president staging a coo and afghanistan. thousands of religious scholars, clerics and tribal elders have begun the 3 day meeting to discuss the future of the country. is the 1st gathering of the lawyer jug since the taliban sees power almost a year ago. the start was interrupted though, when 2 gunman was shot dead by security forces nearby. you all mail gatherings expected to address topics, including education for women. i'll be bas or abby was the 1st ever female governor of an afghan province. she explained why there were no women at the meeting. for sure. okay, there was no any women to present and then do a job guess. so it was only men that attended to do it. so this is something
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that ton of and don't believe the woman's right they. they think i got to mind that woman should stay at home and do the house and just taking care of children and to make food for, for 4 months and afford them. so that's why they don't believe to women, and it was the reason that they did them and vital didn't have any women. and it's the kind of additional system in our country. but of course, now we, we had the constitution because in the constitution made everything very clear, they wanted to actually get the legitimate from that sewage because they took the power by force. and so there is no legitimate government and honest, and no country in the world to cook nice tolerable and government. at least 14
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people have been killed in lance lives in the north, east indian state of money, poor more than 30 others, are missing. rescue workers assertions of people who been buried. one landslide hit a camp for construction workers on a railway project that is asked as a triggered by 3 weeks of rain. authorities warned, there may be more to come with the river close to bursting its banks. bangladesh is ban people from entering one of the world's biggest mangrove for us. the 3 month closure aims to give wildlife a chance to flourish and breed. but some local people say it cut them off from the only source of income. can be a charge report from southwest validation. the shudder bonds in the bay of bengal is the world's largest stretch of mangroves, a u, and designated international headache side. it's a unique habitat for more than $450.00 why life species, including the royal bengal tiger. the guardian crocodile and gain just river dolphin. more than half
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a 1000000 people depend on the forest and its waterways for their livelihoods. but since the government bent people from entering the area, traditional fishermen model them and many others are facing hardship. and some are defying the order. was the coast guard beat us up yesterday in front of her children? just for fishing? we've come back anyway. look at the small catch from today. they've even ripped out costly fishing nets. what else can we do? we have families to feed, although the government promised compensation for those affected people here say no one has received any and i want to keep it as well if they don't last fish, then how are we going to live? we haven't received anything from the government. no help of any kind of tool. the ban has jeopardize local businesses that depend on tourist visiting the area. this trailed set up by the forest department for the tourists inside lashonda. bon forest is now totally empty. in a normal day, hundreds of tourists would be visiting this area. now, it is totally open to the wild tawbard operator monteros. i'm on legion is finding
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it hard to make ends meet. i can't explain how much the bin is affecting our business. there are more than $350.00 local to operators who reliance under bands tourism. we don't have any other source of income. forrest office, our other carrier says the ban is necessary to my mother's update. on many of the cinder bonds is bangladesh is most bio diverse area. we had to impose this ban on tourism, fishing, and other activities to promote seasonal wildlife breeding. we've only left a channel open for ships and other maritime vessels to pass through. many have welcome the conservation effort, but grain groups and active is said, the government's environmental committee has given the go ahead to 320 industrial projects, including a coal fired power station and their next to the mangrove and the threat to its very existence sandwich audrey i'll d 0, shown their bonds and we can catch up with over news on our website there it is on your screen. the address.


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