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or even that self driving train, the apple that android today can be the really humanoid robots like me, will be everywhere. al jazeera documentary cliffs, the lead on the weird and wonderful world of global learn. think for you and even trust. i feel like i'm alive, but i know i on the machine origins of the species owner, because we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call hand out, there will bring you the news and current affairs that mattie out is there. ah,
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president gigi pings swears in hong kong, new chief executive on the 25th anniversary of the territories returned to chinese rule. oh, hello, why money inside this is out. is there a lie from joe hall? so coming up, russian missiles strike on the ukrainian port city of odessa kills at least 17 people and inches doesn't smoke? airport workers and france go on strike to demand higher salaries just days before peak holiday season will be live in paris and a set back to the fight against climate change. the u. s. supreme court limits the government's ability to cut power, plant emissions. ah, hong kong former security chief,
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john lee has been sworn in as the territories new leader. he's praised the national security law imposed in 2020 for bringing stability off to anti government protests the year before was chinese present? gigi ping presided over the ceremony. he says the so called one country to system policy governing the territory will continue. it is his 1st trip out of the mainland since the current of ours pandemic. and it coincides with events marking 25 years since hong kong was returned to china. from the united kingdom. a flag raising ceremony launched the day celebrations under tight security. president g said the territory happened reborn from the ashes. a jim brown has more. john lee is a former security minister. he's also a former policeman, and his entire career has been rooted in security. and i think that tells you the sort of candidate that china wanted to run hong kong he was of was clearly
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candidate in the election that he won. but he has the credentials. i think the china wants right now, and it's a reflection i feel of what their priorities are. john me doesn't have any real political experience. i can tell you what he won't be doing. they'll be no talk of him, sort of expanding democracy, increasing political reform here in hong kong. he said in his address a short time ago that he wanted to turn on co, much more into a hub of new industries. he said he wanted hong kong to cut some of its old dynamism return, but there was no mention of hong kong easing. it's strict 0 covey policies, which means that people flying into hong kong have to quarantine for a week and business group say look, this is one of the reason why hong kong economy is continuing to sing some. we've also been hearing from president cheating, paying. he's been addressing delegates attending the swearing in ceremony. he said one quite interesting thing. he said that there is no reason why the one country to
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systems formula under which hong kong is governed, cannot continue beyond 2047. at the moment, we are halfway through that transition period from british to chinese rule. in 2047 hong kong is supposed to integrate into the rest of china, but she is saying now, well, there's no reason why this arrangement con, continue, but of course it would be very much on china's terms. if that were to happen. the only 17 people have been killed and dozens wounded when russian missiles hit residential buildings near the ukrainian port city of odessa. a rescue operation is under way to find people buried in the rubble. i scan, i town and fisher his and keith, the latest allen one more into the nav i was attacking in desa. well, it happened in the early hours of the morning. the missiles, according to the local authorities, were fired from russian aircraft. and 9 story building was partially destroy.
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that's where the majority of the dead were found. 14 people killed then, of course, because there have been so many airstrikes like this in areas like a day. so many people have gone to the basement to try and protect themselves, and that's the big what they are now. and why this rescue operation is under way that there may be more people trapped in the building. so the emergency services have really gotten to watch him, but to start moving the debris by hand to work their way down to see if there is actually any one track lower down in the building. a recreation building was also het nearby. that's where 3 people were killed and just in the last hour or so, there's been a moment of silence held in the ukrainian parliament and memory of those who have been killed in this attack. and allens lamentations still insisting that the russians are not targeting civilians. exactly, he was responding to the news of the 18 people killed in the shopping center in
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commentary of just a few days ago. and he was asked at the after a summit in turkmenistan, what the russians were doing. and he said, look, we have the ability to be able to know what is where and we are not targeting civilian areas. but just in the last few hours, he senior, real ukrainian general has said he believes that the russians are using many more soviet era weapons. and that means they are much less accurate. so there is the real prospect that more civilian areas may be head. whether they're targeted or not . okay, thank you for the update. alan fish that for us in keeps you as president joe biden has reiterated washington's support for nato's collective defense packed. speaking at the end of this year's summit in madrid, he said the military alliance will defend every inch of its territory. yours are pledged another $800000000.00 worth of us weapons for ukrainian forces. jona held
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reports from which it against the backdrop of russia's war in ukraine. nato has agreed. the biggest changes in its defensive posture since the cold war. we have faced the most serious security situation in decades. but we are, i seem to the challenge with unity solve members contributions to an enhanced state of military readiness on nato's east and flank were led by the united states. president joe biden said the lines had never been stronger or more united. we reaffirm that article 5 commitment is sacred. an attack on one is an attack on all and we will defend every edge of nato territory. every inch of nato territory. president biden announced a permanent army base in poland. the 1st full time us deployment on nato's eastern fringes, the u. s. will also send 2 additional squadrons of f. 35 jet to the u. k. sweden and finland were formerly invited to become members marking the alliances. most
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significant expansion in decades and ukrainian president followed me as lensky told alliance members via video link that he believes russia will target lithuanian. next. the summit will have provided the vulnerable baltic states with a degree of reassurance. nato is ready to defend all allies, including of course, the baltic states and, and last via because the intention of declared intention is to dominate already of the whole of europe. nobody in the let me put in reacted to nato's. she mention the saying if military assets were moved to finland, sweden, russia would respond in kind of a kudos. there is a, was a now it's elvia walk, don't they understand that? everything was going falling between us, but now there will be tensions that certainly will. it is obvious and inevitable. i
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repeat, if they represent a threat to us, the only hint this unity came from president of the one who'd lifted his objections to finland and sweden membership bids on tuesday night. after a deal was reached between the 3 on measures that could lead to the expedition of members of courteous groups wanted in turkey, he warned that if he didn't see swift action on those commitments, while the membership ratification process could yet be held up in the turkish parliament in his closing comments, nato's secretary general described a world that is more dangerous and unpredictable, and he wore the things could get worse. a summit the took in climate change terrorism, and the weaponized zation of space seldom strayed far from the russian threat. joan, a whole al jazeera at madrid to france. now where airport workers are on strike just days before national school holidays begin at demanding higher salaries to
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deal with rising prices and growing phase of a recession. inflation hit another record, high of 6.5 percent. 17 percent of friday schedule flies out of paris to main efforts have been cancelled as gay to natasha butler, his life in paris. so talk us through the reasons for the strike where you can probably see some of the apple workers behind me who are on strike. they gathered for a protest error at all. the apple, which is one of the parts, is main head boards. and that message is that they're basically of whelmed and overworked, and what they want is a significant pay rise. they say the, what has happened is that during the pandemic, and this is really been the case across many apples across well flight. so caught star for content, but of course who does the reopened restrictions are being lifted and people are traveling again and that means a huge demand for flights. however,
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staff simply haven't been replaced and that's what some of the protesters here the apple workers have told us, is that the airport is sub contracting down. again. it's trying to get in some stop, it hasn't ever recruited the amount to stop but a needed in order to cope with the demand for flights. and they say they're all doing the work of several people that will most filling in more than one job. and that is why they want a better pay at natasha. what sort of impact is this going to have on travellers when in terms of flights of one in 6 flights of being caught. c across france, lisa, mainly short all flights long, whole flights, supporting fat frogs not being impacted. they are operating as normal. but travelers are being told to get to the airport early to check if their flight has been delayed or has been affected. always because we've seen cues of people. i mean
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there's not a lot of calles or anything like that, but people are suddenly aware that they needed to come a little bit early because there might be longer keys. and what the apple workers say is that if their demands on the day they will continue to strike the next few days. they have in fact i requested a meeting with the fraud, says of finance minister to talk about the situation. thank you for that. natasha butler in paris still ahead on al jazeera. ah, not the way that anger is done against it's military rule is 9 people are killed in the late and managing monkey pox is the us doing enough. we'll hear what health experts have. ah, the journey has begun. the fee for world cup is on its way to catherine group. your
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travel package today. hello, over the last few days we have seen some begun summary downpours coming in across central parts of europe. see this line of cloud showing up on the satellite pitch a fresh air coming in behind, a cold front, bumping into some very, very hot air. head of that, this is eastern hungary, 39.6 celsius. that's the 3rd warmest june day on record for hungry and even over the high ground about about a 1000 meters above sea level, the temperature got up to $28.00 celsius. here. you can see that plume a very warm air up towards the baltic states right down across central and eastern parts of europe. in particular. if the still seeing some very high temperatures over the next couple days. rome could touch 38 celsius on saturday afternoon, but he comes at fresher, wet a weather that's going to stream in from the atlantic into western passage ship to the low twenties for london. and for paris as that, where the system that cold front bumps into the warm air,
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we will see more lively showers, breaking out across germany. poland, pushing further east was for the south of this gen refi and try getting up in the mid thirty's. a former did you notice hot sunshine too, across northern parts of africa once again play a shower for west africa? pushing up to southern parts of molly? i saw official elling of the journey as really to purchase 300 years of danish colonization and international interest in the islands resources. great. a younger generation emerges, determined to end their future, no matter that differences. meet rappa and his fiance, a student and a politician. as they tackle age old issues with that power for the fight for greenland, a witness documentary on al jazeera. ah
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ah. we're back to watching out as a reminder for top stories this our home cones, former security chief, john lee, has been sworn in as the territories leader is praised the controversial national security for creating stability. johnny's present gene, paying presided over the ceremony. russian missile strikes have killed 17 people and wounded dozens of others. navy cranium points. city for desa, rescue as a weapon to fall in. people trapped in the rubble and from several workers on strike. 2 days before national school holidays begin at demanding higher salaries to deal with inflation. 17 percent of friday's shed,
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you'll flies out of power says to main airports have been canceled at least 9 protesters have been killed and c, dawn during demonstrations against military rule. security forces fired tear gas and water cannon. as they tried to disperse crowds of thousands in the capital call to heb. morgan reports another wave of mass protests in the for denise capital cartoon on thursday 1000 foot to the streets to express their anger against the military, which took over power last year. i. nathan, and am not la shy. when we take to the streets every day and people die every day. it's not from laughing. it's for changing. it's for a civilian government, a democratic government that protects the rights of people. what would be it is our right to protest that the military would not rule us. this country supposed to be a civilian democratic country. protesters are also out against the former ruling party, led by president almond nbc. you who was ousted by the military in april 2019 thursday,
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march 33 years since the qu, that his taste to grap power. his party has been disbanded after his overthrew but protest this day. the loyalists are still in charge of hustling nor the military and power. now are members of machine security committee, but all they did was replace the figures, but the form of ruling policy are still in key positions and government institutions. nothing has changed and that's why we're are protesting. we're out to overthrow the security commission and the former ruling policy. security forces you steer guys and live ammunition to disperse. protestors. several were killed and hundreds injured. more than a 100 people have died in anti military demonstrations. the military has repeatedly stated it will not step down unless elections are held or a political consensus is reached. reaching a political consensus has so far proven to be difficult. talks between political parties facilitated by the united nations african union and the original i guide
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were by quoted by pro democracy groups and later suspended. and no new date has been set for its resumption. political parties have refused to join the talks, saying they want to end the military take over and not enter into a power sharing agreement. and how much can you leave a political solution if it achieves the aims of the streets? and we can be a part of it as a political process and the current form is something we put objective conditions on. if they're not met, i can't go forward. the most important condition is the aim of the political process. if it's ending the military takeover, we can talk about the way otherwise we can't go ahead and get up. but the military continues to hold onto power provoking chaos on the street and hope to transition to democracy. faith further. here morgan, alta 0100 to me to michigan state media have published the draft to the proposed new constitution that would give president case site even more power. it's expected to be put to a referendum this month, one year of the sites. fact,
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the prime minister and dismiss parliament critics have accused them of staging a code from tennis and is your vocal and has more on the most controversial parts of the proposed constitution. who 5, which refers to teenagers being counted the nation of islam and the state bank to uphold the bodies and objections of islam. and previously it was the reference to religion will be taken out of the preamble. so there's a lot of debate going on about this a lot more power and will say diminishing power with the judges. so one of the things that's been created is about a striking for judges as well as military and the states that there's a big restructure in terms of how the parliament operates. there will be
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a national council as the regions and district. and then that would be quite a different state structure, but ultimately the power resides in the hands of the president. i think the one of the things that would be most inflammatory is what if you don't find what? because the last 10 years and 10 say it's been a debate about political islam. this is something that has thought, nobody's thoughts, a lot of device on social media. and they've been more and more homes for a boy crossing over the referendum. a tele bonds, reclusive supreme leda has joined a meeting of thousands of religious scholars, clerics and tribal elders in afghanistan is the 1st gathering of the lawyer jiggle . since the taliban sees how many a year ago, the stop was interrupted when 2 gunman was shot dead by security near by. 3 day all male gathering is expected to address topics including education for women. a be
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bas robbie was the 1st ever female governor of an afghan province. she explained why there were no women at the meeting. fortunately there was no and the women represented and their new age. ok. so it was only meant that attended to do it. so this is something that kind of on don't believe to women's rights. they did it thing. yeah, i got to get the mindset is that women should to stay at home and do the house rules and just the taking care of children and to make food for, for mine and afford them. so that's why they don't believe to women's dice. and it was the reason that they did and vice, or didn't have any women inside them do it. it's a kind of a traditional system in our country. but of course now we have, we had the constitution because the constitution made it everything very clear.
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they wanted to actually get the legitimacy from that to the agent, because they took the power by force. and so there is no legitimate government, and not honest in no country, and the war to cook nice on a government. north korea has suggested that the coven 19 outbreak is coping with originated from south korea. claims south is denied north korean officials say the 1st cases can be traced to foreign objects. on a hillside in come, gang county may the border. robert bryan reports from south north korea has implied the most likely way the objects could have arrived was by balloon defectors in south korea, sometimes release balloons carrying propaganda. messages that always anger the north korean leadership conference and general cock im, joked little an emergency instruction has been issued to vigilantly deal with alien things coming by wind and to trace their source including balloons. in areas along
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the demarcation line, south korea has dismissed the possibility that balloons could be the source routine community. and it is the common view of experts that the spread of them fiction through the virus being carried on. the surface of an object is virtually impossible. and gig, the more likely cause of the outbreak is thought to be from china with restrictions on the border finally being eased earlier this year to allow much needed trade after being sealed. since the start of the pandemic accusing the south of being the source is politically convenient, with a conservative administration now empower here, which is viewed as being far more unfriendly. it also helps to shift the blame at a time when the north is facing multiple crises. without vaccines, north korea has relied heavily on promoting exercise, homegrown remedies and medicines to overcome the outbreak. and with less than
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$5000.00 new cases of fever a day, it seems to be over the worst of it. but there are also warnings about an increase in waterborne illnesses from abnormally heavy, some floods which have damaged agriculture, and further adding to north korea's ongoing food shortages. rob mcbride, else's era, sol. only 16 people have been killed in landslides, north, east indian state of manor, poor or the 70 others. a missing heavy equipment has been deployed to help with rescue operations. one landslide has a camp for construction workers on a railway project. the disasters were triggered by 3 weeks of rain authorities worn . there may be more to come with the as i river close to best types, emergency crews and peru working to contain a forest fire near the archaeological site of my 2 peak too. if i was started on tuesday by farmer's burning cross and debris on land being east for crops,
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the flames have been closing in on the ruins which were built by the ink is more than 500 years ago. the bottom administration's plan to tackle the climate crisis has suffered a major setback. supreme court has decided to restrict the ability of the environmental protection agency to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. the case was filed by republican lead states. it was in response to a government plan that would have required them to shift away from coal energy. the supreme court ruled the e p. a does not have broad authority to regulate emissions. the ruling cast out in the government goal to have a power grid running on clean energy by 2035 president joe biden called a devastating an a step backwards. a sentiment echoed by the united nations. well, it is not our role to provide legal commentary on judicial decisions of individual
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individual member states. just more generally, i can say that this is a setback in our fight against climate change. when we already far off track in meeting the goals of the paras agreement, the secretary journalist said repeatedly that the g 20 must lead the way in dramatically stepping up climate action. david wallace wells is an author known for his work on climate change, including the book, the and habitable, as he says, the ruling won't have any immediate impacts. this was a ruling that applies to possible potential hypothetical powers that be environmental protection agency might use in the future. they were originally designed to be part of obama's clean power plan. but that power plan was essentially never really implemented. and so these are powers which are not, not being used today and essentially never happen. which means it's more of a limitation of what might be done in the future than something that's going to dramatically affect america's emissions or even apartment policies. right now it's,
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it's the handcuffing. it means that less can be done in the future than we might have otherwise imagine. but it's not a setback. the scale of the dogs decision that reversed roe v wade last week. importantly, the court did not find that the a couldn't regulate carbon emissions at all. it just found that an attack that affirms that carbon was a dangerous a dangerous station in the world and sort of qualified in the clean air act. from decades ago. what it did find was that they couldn't institute comprehensive national standards as a way of driving down or out carbon emissions from the power sector, which means they can basically continue to regulate power generators as they have, but not good dramatically further on the basis of climate change, which is unfortunate. i would route for her that power to be deployed. but again, it's not a reversal of anything that's being done right now. beating you as stalks have
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suffered the biggest slum for the 1st half of the essence to maintain since 1970 s and p 500 sled. more than 21 percent from january to june, phase of recession and week consumer spending have been feeling the sell off. asian markets have also been struggling. this week the white house announced its planned to fight monkey pox expense say that the u. s. has dropped the ball on testing while demand for the vaccine exceed supplies. cable alexander is more kneeled weeks after the 1st cases were discovered in the us. the white house is starting to take action to tackle the spread of monkey pox this week, announcing that tens of thousands of vaccine doses will be made available. but for some, it's too late. gerald feebler started seeing the tell tale symptoms of monkey pox earlier this week. i then found one of my foot and a half years later than i. i was on my on my arm and then the next day woke up and
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they were kind of all over my body. he was one of hundreds of men who missed out on the vaccine. this new york city clinic in the chelsea neighbourhood had just a 1000 doses, but ran out in one day because of overwhelming demand. globally, there have been nearly 5000 confirmed monkey pox cases in 49 countries and one death. the world health organization emphasized that anyone could catch the virus, although it is primarily affecting gay men. however, the w h o says it's not yet an international public health emergency, but it could be soon. in the u. s. case numbers have doubled in a week. now more than 300, many experts believe the number is actually much higher. epidemiologist, calisto macro funny has a friend who had monkey pox symptoms, but had to wait 7 days before he could finally get a test that came back positive for me. that's an indication that testing is not
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accessible. and and so we don't really know what the numbers are. the u. s. federal government said they would release a little more than $50000.00 doses of monkey pox vaccine immediately to various cities throughout the united states. and about $750000.00 doses are expected to be made available by the end of this summer. but many health officials worried it could be too little, too late. we would need to be vaccinated widely, and we need to be doing that several weeks back, reported to multiple states throughout the us. let's do the math, 50000 doses right now. it's not, it's not very much. there is only a short window to stamp it out before it spreads even further. my worry is if we don't deal with this outbreak here and now, especially in the city like new york, then we might be feeding.


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