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understanding what they are going through so that i can convey the headlines in the most human way possible. here it al jazeera, we believe every one has a story worth hearing. ah, holding the powerful to account. as we examined, the u. s. is role in the world on al jazeera. ready too often of con, astonished, portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many of canister thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction . an extraordinary film, archives spawning for decades, reveals the forgotten truths of the country's modern history. the forbidden real part to the communist revolution on a just 0. ah,
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president gigi paying swears in hong kong, new chief executive on the 25th anniversary of the territories were turned to chinese roll. ah, hello, why money inside this is out there, lie from doha. also coming up, hey gauss, on the streets of cartoon, one day, all to sidney security forces kill 9 people, protesting against military rule. russian missile attack on the ukrainian port city of odessa kills at least 17 at inches, dozen small. and airport workers and france go on strike to demand higher salaries just days before peak holiday season will be live in paris. ah. hong kong former security chief,
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john lee has been sworn in as the territories new leader. he's praised the national security law imposed in 2020 for bringing stability of the anti government protest the year before tony's present. gigi ping presided over the ceremony. he says the so called one country to system policy governing the territory will continue. it is his 1st trip out of the mainland since the corona virus, pandemic county. and it coincides with events smoking 25 years since hong kong was returned to china from the united kingdom flag. raising ceremony launched the days celebrations on the tight security present. g said the territory had been reborn from the ashes. a jim brown, his ball from hong kong. john lee is a former security minister. he's also a former policeman and his entire career has been rooted insecurity. and i think that tells you the sort of candidate that china wanted to run hong kong he was of
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course, the only candidate in the election that he one, but he has the credentials. i think that china wants right now, and it's a reflection i feel of what their priorities are. john, me doesn't have any real political experience. i can tell you what he won't be doing there be no talk of him, sort of expanding democracy, increasing political reform here and on kong. he said in his address a short time ago that he wanted to turn on co, much more into a hub of new industries. he said he wanted hong kong to cut some of its old dynamism return, but there was no mention of hong kong easing. it's strict 0 covert policies, which means that people flying into hong kong have to quarantine for a week and business group say look, this is one of the reason why hong kong economy is continuing to sing some. we've also been hearing from president cheating paying. he's been addressing delegates attending the swearing in ceremony. he said one quite interesting thing. he said that there is no reason why the one country to systems formula under which hong
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kong is governed, cannot continue beyond 2047. at the moment, we are halfway through that transition period from british to chinese rule. in 2047 hong kong is supposed to integrate into the rest of china, but she is saying now, well, there's no reason why this arrangement con, continue, but of course, it would be very much on china's terms if that were to happen. security forces in saddam's capital have 5 tea gas and demonstrations, demanding a civilian government. at least 9 people killed in call to me on thursday in similar demonstrations. military insists that will only step down off to elections when a political and consensus is reached. it took power back in october, so far, several mediated talk, so reach an agreement half failed as go straight to hip morgan who's in caught tomb . he bought a pretty deadly day of protests yesterday, but people back on the street again today. yes indeed. now
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protesters have been organizing, it sits him in front of and go to hospital. that's one of the hospitals were injured. protestors were take him and one of the 9 protesters who were killed was pronounced dead up people. hundreds of protesters to spend the night there. and then in the morning the throat tried to make their way back to the presidential palace to continue to voice their anger. they said that yesterday was just simply a day. oh, tore them to show their anger, but it's not a single day event, and they will continue to show their pro, their anger at the military. despite the fact that security forces has you have used forest against the protests as using tier guys using live ammunition and killing at least lyman injuring more than 500 other protesters. according to the medic group, central committee for sudanese doctors now protest to say that they don't want to negotiate with the military. they don't want the military power. and if the military continues to be empower and continued to govern, sudan, they will continue to take to the streets if
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a security forces have in the past denied using excessive force against protesters . has there been any comment from them regarding yesterday's deaths? well one thing they did say that they did, they tried to use as much a legal forest as possible. they said that they were injuries amongst the police force and against the sudanese armed forces as well. and that the protest as tiered away from the peaceful protest that they expected and that they were only they as a security forces were trying to protect institutions. now it is worth noting that al jazeera was, and at the event of the protest yesterday, and the tear guys at protest as it's thought quite early, even when protested, we're just starting to gather 2 together and had to the presidential palace. so security forces say that they tried not to use excessive force, they said that they will be investigating into the death of the protesters. but they said that protests as also attack security forces injuring dozens from the police and the armed forces. ok, thank you for that. have a morgan in cartoon?
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ah, now at least 17 people have been killed and dozens wounded when russian missiles hit residential buildings near the cranium. port city of odessa, a rescue operation is under way to find people buried in the rubble and fisher reports, which i came in the early hours of the morning. many people were embed, it was quick. it was devastating. an story building partially destroyed. the rockets fired from russian aircraft, according to local authorities. pictures from the scene in odessa were quickly uploaded to social media phase one for so many people have taken shelter from possible attacks in the basement of buildings. but to carefully move the debris, trying to find one more person to save in the ukrainian parliament, they held a moment of silence for those killed in the attack, which also hit a local recreation center in order for ukrainian mornings not to start so
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tragically as it started to day with miss alt strikes that are better in our that's our region. 2 days morning started with a lot of victims. we want mornings of ukrainians to become as peaceful as the mornings of each european capital. in the 21st century. the attack came just hours after russian president vladimir putin insisted his forces do not target civilian areas. you book any our army does not take any civilian infrastructure. we have every capability of knowing what is situated and where ukrainian generals say the number of russian missile attacks has more than doubled in the past 2 weeks. and they believe they are using more soviet era muscles, which are much less accurate. and that means more civilian areas may be hit, whether they are targeted or not. alan fisher al jazeera keith at work is in france, have gone on strike just days before national school holidays begin at demanding
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higher salaries to deal with rising prices and growing fears of a recession. inflation hits another record, high of 6.5 percent, 17 percent of fraud fridays schedule flights. annals of paris is 2 main efforts have been cancelled. sketchy. natasha butler's life in paris. natasha talk us through the reasons that these work as a striking or we've been speaking to apple workers who are on strike hair. paris is aaliyah horse and they say not many of them haven't had a pay rise for many years. they are demanding a high a salary because they say they simply have too much work. they are overwhelmed. i spoke to a one woman who's worked here at the apple for 23 years. she said that she now has to use food stamps in order to feed her children because with the rise and cost of living, of course, if you're not getting a raise, o'neill salary,
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it just makes life very hard indeed. so that is why they've been here. and they've been a protesting i, they are hoping to pops me with the minister of the economy in the coming days. if their demands are not met, they say they will continue to protest what kind of impacts is likely to have on people's travel plans over the weekend? well, port authorities here in paris the saying the one in 6 flights has been caught today, and they all advising people to try and get to the airport early. we spoken to some travelers who said that they said and he received that message and that they decided to come a few hours early. it's mostly short hall flights that are being affected at fraud says that long whole flights are also operational as usual. but of course, people here are concerned that they might be delays and they might be cancellations as the day goes on. well, we seen those a situation already seen across many apples in europe because during the pandemic,
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of course, any flights were grounded install for cards. and then they self simply haven't been replaced and that's very much the situation here. there aren't enough staff to do the jobs. and that is why apple workers say they are doing more work for little pe . thank you for that. and tasha butler, that for us in paris see barton administration's plan to tackle the climate crisis has suffered a major setback. the supreme court has decided to restrict the ability of the environmental protection agency to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. the case was filed by republican lead states, it was in response to the government plan that would have required them to shift away from coal energy. the supreme court ruled the e p. a does not have broad authority to regulate missions. the ruling cost down in the government's goal to have a power grid running on clean energy by the year 2035 president j biden is called
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at devastating and a step backwards. a sentiment echoed by the united nations. whoa, it is not our role to provide legal commentary on judicial decisions of individual individual members states. just more generally, i can say that this is a setback in our fight against climate change. when we already far off track in meeting the goals of the paras agreement, the secretary general has said repeatedly that the g 20 must lead the way in dramatically stepping up climate action. lauren defends is a climate expert at the university of ours. then as she says, the wording is a major blow to efforts to stop climate change. this is for aggressive action in a time when we need very progressive even radical action towards renewable energy infrastructure towards large scale carbon removal towards helping communities through the just transition away from fossil fuels. this is a step in the wrong direction,
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and as many people have been saying in my circle today and twitter, it's a gut punch people and the planet the, those are the losers, right? so we know the winners are the conservative states, the conservative elected officials, the fossil fuel industry, essentially everyone else, humans, the ecosystem, the atmosphere. these are all people who are going to lose out. because as the scientists they work with say, we are coming up against what we call planetary boundaries, sort of the limits of what the earth can take to sustain humanity in the way it has been. and we really need to reduce the use of fossil fuel and greenhouse gas pollution and the circle back still ahead on al jazeera. why north korea's blaming . it's neva, it's south reason, cavan 19 outbreak. i've got his sounds. most powerful lead is amazing. and the people who aren't allowed in the room are still trying to make them voice.
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ah hello, we have no less than 2 tropical storms, either side of the philippines at the moment. this is recently developed. we have got a 2 lumps of cloud there. the may want to focus on least for now is chapper, which is running up towards sess southern china, out in the south china sea pushing up towards high nat. it will become slow moving . it is light is a cool, some flooding across southern parts of china over the next few days, over pos, vietnam, also seeing some ra, the life. he showers. see things a good deal, quater there across sir. malaysia. borneo wanted to showers. yes. some showers that you into smart, but not as widespread as those that we are seeing further north and even some areas of the philippines could see some very heavy rain as we go one into sunday, scattering a showers across
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a indonesia heavy writing. the forecast for possible strategy, we have a severe warning enforce actually into our eastern parts of new south wells, anywhere from around sidney, down towards cambra, white active, this so little clutch of showers that we do have in across the region. you can see how that runs right up that eastern side of queensland pushing up towards the gulf of carpet terrace staying here. as we go on through the next few days. big and heavy showers will continue for the eastern side of australia this weekend. ah, india is that a heat wave is 19 glazes across the country, destroying people, health homes, unlike woman, one east investigate india on fi, on al jazeera, frank assessments. it sounds like you don't expect anything to change the problem in lebanon. it's actually structural lebanon needs and use social contract for it
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to solve this problem. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera lou. ah, welcome back. he watching al jazeera mind. if our top stories is out on columns form a security chief, john lee has been sworn in as the territories new leader. he sprays the controversial national security law for crating stability tony's present. gigi ping presided over the same security forces in su, dawn have voluntary gas. that demonstrates is demanding a return to civilian government. he's mine. people were killed in similar projects . in cartoon on plastic,
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russian missile strikes to kill 17 people and wounded dozens of others near the pregnant port city for desa. rescue is a weapon to find people trapped and the rob. north korea suggested that its coven 19 outbreak originated from south korea and accusation. so has denied both korean officials say the 1st cases can be traced to foreign objects on the hill side. in con gang county, near the south korean border, rob mcbride reports from so north korea has implied the most likely way the objects could have arrived was by balloon defectors in south korea, sometimes release balloons carrying propaganda messages that always anger the north korean leadership conference and general cock, im, jupiter saw an emergency instruction has been issued to vigilantly deal with alien things coming by wind and to trace their source including balloons. in areas along the demarcation line,
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south korea has dismissed the possibility that balloons could be the source routine community. and it is the common view of experts that the spread of them fiction through the virus being carried on the surface of an object is virtually impossible and get damaged. the more likely cause of the outbreak is thought to be from china with restrictions on the border finally being eased earlier this year to allow much needed trade after being sealed. since the start of the pandemic, accusing the south of being the source is politically convenient. with a conservative administration now empower here, which is viewed as being far more unfriendly. it also helps to shift the blame at a time when the north is facing multiple crises without vaccines. north korea has relied heavily on promoting exercise home grown remedies and medicines to overcome the outbreak. and with less than $5000.00 new cases of fever a day, it seems to be over the worst of it. but there are also warnings about an increase
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in waterborne illnesses, from abnormally heavy summer floods, which have damaged agriculture, and further adding to north korea's ongoing food shortages, rob mcbride, else's era. so tennis in state media have published the draft to propose new constitution that would give president case site even more powers. it's expected to be put to a referendum this month, one year after st. sac, the prime minister, dismiss parliament critics, the chasm of staging, a coo from tennis, elysium waltman has more on the most controversial parts of the proposed constitution. old school hide, which refers to chinese years being conscious that the nation of islam and the state to sort of bang to for upholding in the values and objectives of its lam. a, previously it was thought that the reference to religion would be taken out of the
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preamp. so there's a lot of hot debate going on about this several giving trying to find a lot more power and also diminishing with the judges. so one of the things that's been included is about a striking for judges as well as military and then a kind of a restructure in terms of how the parliament operates. there will be a national council as the regions and district. and then that would be quite a different structure, but ultimately the power resides in the hands of the president. i think the, one of the things that would be most informative is sort of fine. what's the last 10? 10. say there's been a debate about some political islam. this is something that has already started on the device from social media. and the been more and more calls for
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a boy crossing over the referendum. the united nations human rights council is to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the rights of women and girls in afghanistan. this is as thousands of religious scholars, clerics and tribal elders meet in afghanistan for the lawyer, lawyer jag, a gathering. it's the fuss since the taliban seized power nearly a year ago. the voice is one particular minority group is notably absent, janine wolf reports. oh hi, i now let them demo that this is a school for young girls and boys and afghanistan's capital of kabul. determined to learn students write the days lessons on a white board in a school without a roof, that they might have family. i want him that if i urge the islamic amorous to prepare our class, it's been 6 years since we've had chairs, tables, books, no books, and shade to sit under. we also want to become something in the future and develop
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our country. the teachers and students say they lack proper facilities and resources, but their complaints, particularly those coming from women they say, are being ignored. the law he will call afghan a sans taliban rulers are holding what's known as a loyal jargon. a 3 day event attended by scholars and clerics from around the country. one, it's the 1st such gatherings since they re took power in august last year. oh, well, dingy, normally one lucky other to see the issue of school girls is a challenge and needs to be solved by the government. the government has the responsibility to listen to the people's demands. more than 3000 people are in the capital for the event. it's being held in couples, loya jerk a whole a traditional afghan place and way of having the grievances of local leaders heard . but not one woman is allowed to attend. this is something that i thought of and don't believe the woman's dress. it did it pink. yeah,
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i gotta get your mindset that woman should stay at home and do the how jewels and just the taking care of children and to make home for their, for, for man, and afford them. so that's why they don't believe to women's dyson. and it was the reason that they did that and vital give them have any women inside of the new edge in the united states, a majority of the international community have shown the taliban government demanding it be more inclusive and respectful of women's rights. the meeting in kabul comes at a time when taliban leaders face humanitarian and economic catastrophes. chilling wolf al jazeera ally, 16 people have been killed in landslides, in the north, east indian state of mon and poor, and has 70 others. a missing heavy equipment has been deployed to help with rescue operations. one landslide, his account for construction workers on a railway project. the disasters were triggered by 3 weeks of rain authorities
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won't. there may be more to come with the as e river close to busting its banks. india has been more than a dazzled single use, plastic products, plastic cups, straws and cutlery is some of the items no longer allowed to be made or sold. water bottles still legal, but the governors set targets for how they should be recycled or disposed of. india generates more than $4000000.00 tons of plastic waste every year. ecuador, indigenous leaders and the government have signed a deal to cut fuel prices and end more than 2 weeks to protest against the rising cost of living. but as our latin american ada salisia newman reports from quito, the respite may only be temporary after 7 deaths and hundreds of injured demonstrators and security forces, one of ecuador his longest and most conflict of strikes has ended. president g e n
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. molasses tweeted, we have reached the supreme value that we all aspire to piece in our country. now together we will work towards turning this piece to progress well being and opportunities for all 18 days of nationwide roadblocks placed by indigenous strikers and fierce clashes between riot police and demonstrators. have caused ecuador, an estimated half a $1000000000.00. oh, it could do his powerful confederation of indigenous nations, which is made up mainly of farming communities, had demanded sharp cuts and fuel prices. food and fertilizers is bad. okay, go murder. the president should not have waited for people to die or be injured or lose their eyes before listening to our demands. with a porous oak president gear mulatto, a conservative banker finally gave did the pressure to reduce petrol and diesel. but only by $0.15
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a gallon for less than with the strikers had originally demanded. oh, you were angry that their leaders had accepted the deal. still the government did agree not to go ahead with plans to expand oil in mining and indigenous territories . as well as to improve education and health services for people like me say this to my you. she says she can barely walk and has been waiting for 4 months for a doctor to see her. because she can't afford private healthcare. ought to be near the main meet, but later that a big rabbit my father used to come here to fight for land reform. may he rest in peace? this president has never. gov and for the for just like he st. pfeffer. oh indeed. both sides had to make concessions, but as the strikers left the capital to return to their communities, their leaders warned that it might only be temporary. they say that they've given the government 90 days to prove that they will follow through on their commitments
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. she and human al jazeera, kito ecuador emergency cruise in peru working to contain a forest fire near the archaeological site of much of p. 2 fire was started on tuesday by farmers burning grass and debris on land being used for crops. the flames had been closing in on the ruins, which were built by the inc, has more than 500 years ago. leading u. s. stocks have suffered that biggest slump for the 1st half of the year since 1970. yes, from the $500.00 slit, more than 21 percent on the month of january to june, phase of recession and weak consumers spending off hearing the sell off the leading . well stocks index the m s. c. i has had it's worse start to years since 1990 asian markets have also been falling with the heaviest drop recorded in taiwan. bulgarian women known as the crypto queen has become the 1st woman ever on the f. b
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. i's 10 most wanted list raja ignite tova is accused of scamming investors out of $4000000000.00 through a crypto currency scheme called one coin basket to say she's likely travelling with armed body gods and may have used plastic surgery to change her appearance. nearly 3 months after she was confirmed to the u. s. supreme court could tangy brown. jackson has been sworn in as a justice. she's a fast black woman to sit on the court. john hendern has more. i could time. brown jackson, john g brown. jackson is changing the face of the supreme court with her swearing in the 9 member united states highest court has its 1st female black justice and for the 1st time no longer features a majority of white men. i think it's very important obvious for the black community. why having pointed judge brown to the, to the bench is so important. but it's also true for i think our country at large
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because it's a statement about how far we have come for so many years for hundreds of years. she replaces retiring liberal justice steven brier. so she will not alter the court. 63 conservative majority majority who's reliably conservative decisions have recently called the court's reputation for judicial fairness into question, and outraged millions of american the court's recent decision to overturn the federal right to abortion. despite half a century of precedent, the court's recent additions promised to respect his royal much of the nation with protests continuing on thursday. ready the president biden says, the court has brought that condemnation on itself because afternoon everyone. he wants congress to pass a new law protecting abortion rights nationwide. even if the senate has to discard the filibuster rule that effectively requires a 60 vote supermajority to do it. the one thing that has been destabilizing is the
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outrageous behavior of the supreme court in united states and overruling not only roe v wade, but essentially challenging the right to privacy. we have to change that decision by kind of find roby way. but in issuing its final decisions just before can challenge brown, jackson was sworn in the court handed president biden victory. the court upheld biden's authority to end a trump. here at remain in mexico policy that required many migrants to live on the mexican border in camps while they waited to apply for asylum. but it dealt a blow to bite in west virginia versus environmental protection agency. in that case, the court ruled the e. b, a had no authority to regulate carbon emissions at power plants because congress hadn't given a specific permission to do so. if the court applies that same reasoning to other federal agencies, it could significantly reduce the power of the federal government. so help me god, the face of the court may be changing.


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