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changed everything. how did it happen? it happened on social media and the undeniable impact of the mainstream narrative. australians went to the pole with those images front of mine is a war that very much came forth out in the media as well on the battlefield. they're listening page. dissect the media on al jazeera in the 19 fifties and sixties african countries gained independence from their colonizers and increased efforts to reclaim their cultural heritage. 6000 body this story, yet it's very hard. this new series reveals how european countries refused to request and even exhibited human remains in their museums, restitution africa stolen on episode to return on al jazeera, unprompted, and uninterrupted discussions from our london broadcast center on al jazeera
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ukraine. asked turkey to seize a washing flag ship it says is loaded with stolen grain. ah, again, i'm adrian said again, this is al 0 alive from though ha. also coming up, protest as an east and libya stole the parliament into brook calling for an end to a political deadlock. a coal for change in south korea. thousands of world has rally on the streets of sold, amounting better labor policies, and flight delays and cancellations, across the u. s. as airlines struggle to cope with soaring demand during the july 4th holiday.
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ukraine has asked turkey to detain a russian flag ship that it says is loaded with 4 to half 1000 tons of stolen grain . keith says the g back jolly cargo vessel illegally exported the grain from the occupied porter. but he answered, the vessel is anchored there. turkeys cut a support around a 100 kilometers from the basra straits. russia has denied previous claims that its stealing grain from occupied ukrainian territories. al jazeera said em castillo as more from a stumble. ukrainian prosecutor's office has, has told that they have written a letter to the turkish justice ministry on june 30 that they that the ship left ukrainian ports. but however, so far, there is no statement from the turkish o thor teeth regarding this letter. because as far as we know, there is also a paperwork process that needs to be conducted in ukraine because if prosecutors
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off is requested such a thing like seizing the ship and launching an investigation on the threshing ship that has that has over the arrived in the turkish ports, this letter needs to go through a queen and foreign ministry, and then this that there should come from ukrainian foreign ministry to turkish foreign ministry. and then there's a court process that needs to be completed to launch an investigation and to see such as ship. tell us konica is deputy economy minister of ukraine. he says, there's no question that russia has taken grain that doesn't belong to it. what is important is that it is actually steal the stolen grain because it was a bond with our and consent of the owner. so that's the war is one thing and but the relation to the ownership of 4 of these grade is another thing. what the actually is doing is that the military officers, what they're doing, the student is great. and if they say that the rational grade,
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they put the shadow on, legitimately to produce anything that is now offering by an option as it awesome. great. and on the, on the world market and it is quite big william of gray and can be treated, those may be stolen. so that's why this is even more important than just actual example affect the prostate trying to make these grain markets, georgia markets. and i don't think that it is what they would of the of the world. what we want is to kevin normal operation all for going to market and black. she's important the region for whole grain markets for weed, for some firewall and other culture. so that's why we're actually doing is look in our see board still in our grade, trying to impose it's real or non torque in other states. and this is just what they do and intentionally is creating a mess on this market. and this is against the everyone. ukraine accuses the
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russian army of dropping phosphorus bombs on the black sea outpost of snake island . russia withdrew from there on thursday, saying it was a goodwill gesture to help the un establish a curdle to export grain from ukraine. will keep release this footage, showing what it says to bombing raids on the island. the head of the cranial army says that the jets took off from russian control crimea. i'll just here is alan fisher reports now from keith. the ukrainians have in the last few hours, least video footage, which they claim their american play. sorry, a russian planes bombing the island with what appears to be a very obvious white trail. and that would suggest the many people that these are phosphorus bombs. now are phosphorus forms illegal? well, the out if they're used against the civilian population. and it's not clear if this was civilian population, rather than just a military target, which would make it legal to use. although the ukrainian see the russians of use
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phosphorus bombs in at populous civilian populace areas during the war at what is also adding to a layer of this is that there are no investigators on the ground in odessa. and they had investigating the attack there yesterday with 2 rockets hitting a building complex and killing $21.00 people at they are on the ground there. but the, the ukrainian president blood of his lensky highs in the last few hours, said that he believes that attack was carried out because of the humiliation that russia suffered by having to give up snake island. so investigators know on the ground there to see if the russians committed war crimes. but as far as sneak island is concerned, at the moment, we have no confirmation that 1st of all the when the video was taken and that it is absolutely genuine. i'll just either can independently confirm that and whether or not the ukrainians intend to retake that island given that the russians have now moved out. there was on western eastern libya overnight with protested storming,
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a building into brook. that house is one of the countries to rival parliament. people are angry about worsting living conditions to the years long political deadlock. it happened after recent you and mediator talks to hold elections fail to achieve any results. we'll have also protests in the capital, tripoli, and other cities. libby has been in cale since the fall of one or gadhafi in 2011. it's hard to compete in governments. one based in tripoli of the other in the east elections were meant to be held last december, but the 2 sides haven't been able to resolve the differences. run, i guess, i mean we, the youth came out today to demand the end of the transitional period. we want to elections. this is the right of the living street. people and the right of the youth street is the basis of legislation. enough transitions. we want legislative and presidential elections. the un secretary general special adviser on libya, stephanie williams has condemned the violence saying in a tweet, the people's white to peacefully protest should be respected and protected. but
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riots of acts of vandalism, such as the storming of a house of representatives, have courses late yesterday and to brook a totally on acceptable solar. l vanquish is a political analyst and former advisor to the high council of state of libya. he says that he understands why people are frustrated. so right now it looks like the gap between the expectations and reality as far as the citizens are concerned, is big enough that drove them to the streets. there's great doubt about whether the 2 sides, the household sentences and the i got those state earlier to present it to size, to live conflict. but we are stuck with these bodies because we don't have anything else. but in fact, they are not in a big disagreement. they agree on things that people don't want. they agree and stay in power after 10 years of power. they agree on delaying elections,
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which we need to have a legitimate institutions. they also agree on for me that 12 transitional government, in 10 years between the what, what the negotiations broke down. because mr. hatch go, wants to be the president and he wants to for, oh, people do accept death, milligan, active, military men can run. and also people with the dual mission nationalities can't run . so that fits in line. an earthquake has struck southern iran, killing at least 5 people and injuring dozens of others. the magnitude 6 trema happened in the province of homo's gun at around 2 am local time. that been aftershocks and 2 fir, the quakes, one village near the gulf coast was nearly destroyed. the earthquake was felt as far away as to buy nearly 30 people a missing at sea after an industrial support ship sank off the coast of hong kong
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rescue services released this footage of crew members being pulled from the water. 3 people have been rescued. the boat was caught in bad weather, brought on by severe tropical storm. chapa, almost 50000 people, have marched in south korea's capital, demanding better working conditions and a higher minimum wage approaches was organized by south korea's biggest trade union . alzheimer's robert bride reports from sol. it's the largest demonstration, staged by this trade union organisation since before the pandemic helping to swell the numbers has been a change in south korea's government to a conservative administration seen as pro business and not as friendly to workers. there is the possibility of increasing the number of hours in the working week for what trade unionists are fearing the most is spiraling inflation. they say their wages can't keep pace with whom i don't will not own. our biggest problem is inflation. i know it's a global issue and it's caused by war,
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but why should the consequences of it be passed all the way down to us workers? and you know, my younger, extending the working hours doesn't make sense. even the current for the 2 hours that i will, there isn't enough time for my kids and my family life sorenson video rising fuel costs lead to a national strike by truck drivers last month. that caused supply chain disruption affecting production in south korean factories. and rising prices are causing changes in peoples every day. habits with more workers making do with convenient store meals for lunch. blair anita price is at my usual restaurant, went up. so now i come here instead about 2 or 3 times a week. hymns. i mean, there's more pain on the way for consumers and home buyers and presented way. she just went out the real purchasing powers shrinking in the face of fear inflation. secondly, interest rates are on the rise simultaneously, which is the burden for people being off loans or the march and did at the offices
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of south korea's president. in the hopes this new administration will here work as grievances the workers had been pushing for an increase in the minimum wage of nearly 20 sent. but after a lot of negotiations about to settle for just 5 percent, which they are far from happy with. on the government has been urging companies to limit wage rises across the board to curb inflation in south korea right now. there's plenty to fuel work as anger rub, mcbride al jazeera, so inflation rates in pakistan of saw to the highest level in 13 years, protest us have rallied in islamabad against the soaring cost of living fuel prices of jumped by 60 percent. since the end of may, after the government struck scrapped subsidies to try to tackle a growing deficit, we'll get a weather update next to anal 0 than in ghana. and you tax on mobile money is creating more problems than revenue. and find out why bees are creating a parson occupied east,
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jerusalem. ah, hell i said a long time coming, but we cannot long last say that we will see the heat breaking from japan over the next couple of days. and that's because we have got a tropical storm making its way further northwards. last few days last week and a half temperatures happen in excess of well in excess of 30 degrees. 35 degrees celsius in many cases. take out 34 celsius on sunday. here comes a tropical storm throwing in a lots of wet weather into southern parts of japan. and by the time we come to monday, take care routes, temperatures around where they should be, some wet weather coming through here. but some welcome relief from the heat. i suspect some showers there too, went to the korean peninsula with eastern parts of china. some very wet weather
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coming through here. as a tropical storm, jabber makes his way into southern areas of china with flooding range is a slow moving system. this one and you can see it just making its way just to the yard northeast of hine, an island pass financing, excessive 300 millimeters of writing only 24 hours. that wet to weather now making its way into southern parts of china, sunshine and showers across much of southeast asia, longer showers, very heavy rain coming into good part of india. the monsoon really has set in now with orange warnings for many parts of india and pakistan. ah, join the debate. wonderful as it is this the plan matic language. it really means nothing on the ground. on an online ad. viewable queen is be removed as head of state because she's done absolutely nothing. what these country white man wears the progress. i haven't seen enough resources due see sports journalist. i look like me
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. you need to listen to those voice perspectives. even when it's hard, it went, challenges some of our foundational thinking. this green on al jazeera. ah ah, hello again, this is l 0. let's remind you of the headlines. ukraine has asked turkey to the china russian flag ship, but it says is loaded with 4 and a half from 4 to half 1000 tons of stolen grade. she was anchored there, took his color support. russia has denied previous claims that its stealing grain from occupied ukrainian territories, protest as of storms, one of libya's rival parliaments in the eastern city of to brook. people are angry
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about worsting living conditions or the gears long political deadlock of thousands of people at marston, south korea's capital sol, demonte better working conditions at the increase in the minimum wage. the valley was organized by south korea's biggest trade union. south america is feeling the economic pressure to it. argentina tension is rising, as food prices saw on fuel stalks from low. that been weeks of protests by truck drivers who are demanding higher pay rates to help offset the costs. there is a bo reports from point us honest. ah, it's become an all too common seen protestors gathering outside food, producing factories to demonstrate against constantly rising prices. in argentina, a monthly average inflation rate of around 5 percent is making it difficult for people in the country to get by. and the sema, if they what, if they medically the situation is very bad every day, the prices go up,
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poor people do not have the right to wait, mate, and we have no rights. and we want us to change. the government needs to control the prices seriously. argentina has been battling high inflation for years, but in the past months the prices of food have soared. it making it difficult for many of the families that have come here to make and meet the government of a lot of our man. this has been trying to find balance between the different demands of argentina as society, but it has not been easy. and people here say that he has not been working for them . social tension is on the rice. these weak dozens of truck drivers blocked the roads to protest against diesel shortages across the country. one driver was killed when hit by a stone as he tried to defy the protesters and breakthrough a roadblock. don't worry, go on the law. we are demanding that they let us continue working. we are demanding that they give us fuel that the respect to price and that they respect the rates that the increase our freight rates a little for our job, right?
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argentina's economies in the red, inflation is pervasive. the government has to spend billions of dollars a year on energy from other countries. even though argentina has one of the largest shade oil and gas reserves in the world. conflict within the ruling coalition complicates plans to find solutions, former president and no vice president. christina fernandez, the kirschner has been openly criticizing president alberto fernandez on almost every decision he has taken concerning the economy. the latest pat was over a proposed gas pipeline from their rich back. i'm where they're reserving by their own. yeah. and on energy subsidies for the middle class a little more the radio right now, we should be exporting energy food and everything else. and the war ukraine should benefit us like world war 2. they are discussing about a pipeline, but we are on an absurd situation with
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a fight with the government on every aspect of the economy that only increases attention attention that extends from government officials to the streets. as people continue to demand solutions that the government seems unable to provide that he said, well, i'll just see that when aside is the july 4th, holiday weekend in the u. s. is also a busy start, but spring deviation industries. the trust airlines are struggling to cope with the demand, which is soaring to pre pandemic levels. orders here as julia wolf reports. the 4th of july is one of the busiest holidays for air travel across the united states . from coast to coast, millions of americans will take to the skies in the next few days. and this year is shaping up to be even busier as the asian sector slowly returns to its pre panoramic levels. but at see increasing cost of living that's got many people worried. i travel every weekend,
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but it was when inflation has cannot do that. i had to get back to the family. i students as credit. so it really will send a question we just had to do it, but we let me go to white versus somehow that's it now. yet for some reaching their destination this weekend with their harder and tickets is proving more challenging . i was flying with delta and a cancel my flight as on board and a plan, a flight got canceled yesterday. so now we're hopscotch in around to get home. we actually lost my can suggest a day of he thrive the canceled 30 flights. we got a message from united, it goes to midnight and with assistance line. i am in the morning, we were stranded to young children. what eating the issue, bad weather air traffic delays and stopping shortages. and it's not just in the u. s. airports across europe and the u. k. are struggling to readjust after many workers left her jobs during the pandemic. and many more went on strike in response to the storing cost of living. some countries like germany have launched schemes to
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bring in temporary foreign workers. peter, this morning was an absolute mess. we were at the we were told to arrive 5 hours before the flight to make sure that we got on a flight. and we would just keeping the desk when open we would just keeping the keys are outside is her vendors, them back in the us with thousands of fly cancellations and delays. some airlines are giving out bonuses for flight attendants to ramp up, stopping. others are offering pilots, triple pay to pick up extra trips. and for those left stranded, they get waivers to change your tickets for free. for those who prefer to skip the airport during this busy holiday, driving to their destination seems to be a good option. but with some of the highest gas prices on record, that may also prove costly gillian wolf out as you will. as gillian mentioned that the truck, the and travel crisis extends far beyond the u. s. europe, his dealing with a number of airline related problems with more than doubled the flight
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cancellations compared to the us, the price of tickets has surged with the some roots costing 3 times. what they did last year. strikes of paris is to main air ports. of course, major disruption 20 percent of flights have been canceled to deal with the staffing shortages in canada, us national carrier is facing whites for criticism for having one of the world's worst records of flight cancellations, and delays at canada. c. e o. s. had to issue an apology for failing to meet customers demands. todd curtis isn't aviation analyst. he says that once summer is over, travel disruptions may start to ease up. while the short term is ray is due to the summer travel demand in north america, europe, and asia. a once that's beyond us, of the economic forces that are making travel difficult, especially high prices. they might ease as well. as you know, asian is a global business as is that the patrol in business and prices for
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a jet fuel will probably decrease as more a or a wells go into production and more jet fuel is produce. i don't see that diminishing and price in any significant way until 1st the travel season is beyond us and also if the disruptions caused by ukraine also subside in ghana, the imposition of tax on electronic transactions is left both merchants and consumers concerned. the government admits the 2 month old policy has not brought in the expected revenue. i'm but address reports. it's been a chaotic, 2 months for gunners while money, merchants, after the introduction of tax on electronic financial transactions, fear and uncertainty at keeping customers away. what 4000 needed huffman with the i job, because myself, i was having 3 outlet. and because of this introduction to of the outlet is closed . introduced 13 years ago by the countries, telecoms companies,
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mobile money allows customers to, to pose it and receive funds by their phone and use that money for internet transactions all without involving the banks or government to 2 months ago. when a 1.5 percent tax was applied to funds, margins of already started to feel the pinch. up to 2 years of brisk business sell includes a line. these university students at closing shop, selling what remains of their stock on the streets. night is even though we like to do the online convention because of the 11. she says it's been weeks since she received an order. 2 months after launch. government officials admit that the electronic transaction levy hasn't generated as much as expected. some reports suggest that money from the tax is an up to a quarter of the projected revenue,
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yet government is pressing and with that, despite public protest, gunners, government defense, the tax as necessary law as the general economy. you know, experiences some constraints. am we of the view that being able to appropriate some resources from that area will help festival office ca situation and then the broader gagnon em economy was um, looking at expo say the taxes being poorly blinded. what i mean by the design is 40 . that's insane. it's, it's, it's, it's no disconnection, it's, it's, you know, a, this, you know, over when mobile money was introduced and gone in 2009 tens of thousands of people in rural areas got access to reliable financial services. it helped propel gunners, calculus, banking system. but the addition of this new e tax has deterred many uses and stifled online markets and has been one of the main causes of the recent unrest in the capital. a cra, comedy greece al jazeera,
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for a door gun, sierra leone president is approved a law to legalize abortion. it'll now go to parliament. president julius motto bill made the announcement during his closing remarks at the africa conference on sexual health and rights on friday. saying that at a time in the world when sexual and reproductive health rights for when are either being overturned or threatened, we are proud that sierra leone can once again lead with progressive reform. ok, spencer coke up is the head of advocacy and movement building of the feminist advocacy group. purposeful she says, the announcement from president bill was an important moment for women and girls in sierra leone. i was extremely emotional yesterday hearing it stated from the president publicly that says that his governments, that his cabinet approved this because it signified to me that you know, the talk about taking. ready the how the lives,
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the choices of girls and women was being actual eyes and being presented as, as, as we're not just talking. we're taking action on this. and personally, i've been involved in this campaign for we've got to pass right through that bill to now and i know the people personally, you've been working on this as well along with us here and not just purposeful but other organizations. and so it wasn't extremely emotional moment to know that this has been publicly in can all talk about it now as well. so yes, we are moving forward with this. this is going to happen. there is presidential will for this, the governmental will for this we do in session and recognize that women and girls are important and yes, extremely emotion i can, i can explain to you are the countries have been moving to liberalize laws for access to the health services and right and termination of pregnancy and that
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countries and we still see this and we hope that this is going to be a trend where small country, what we're showing that we can get away in terms of recognizing that when women and girls in countries campaigning for years and years and years and saying, stating this is about our lives, this is about our lives that we can listen to. it's a movement and i but i believe it can bring change and i believe it will bring changes that were over $900.00 delegates in the hall yesterday representing $41.00 different countries across africa and their governments and their ministers were there and listening as well. so we believe this can definitely have an impact in the crowded tons of occupied east jerusalem. it's difficult for many palestinians to create green environments, but now a project training palestinian women to bring bees and to keep b as rather as bringing color and plant life to the urban areas. donald smith reports from occupied east jerusalem. these are perhaps the only new homes that
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have been allowed to proliferate an occupied east, jerusalem without the risk of israel pulling them down. yeah, natalie? yeah. okay. and this is one living organism. just allow cassock and highway. and the co de la la beekeeping in a community project that provides palestinian women with jobs and income 75 percent of the women in east jerusalem aren't formerly employed off there. and as the car form an issue, it's not actually a lot of people are afraid of b is. but for me, those even a verse and the koran about b is they are bless, early when you study them and discover their organisation, their system. it's perfect. nabarra the bees need plant to the project is also bringing greenery to the densely packed streets of east jerusalem. the mean important challenge is that there were missing air land. we don't have lands and the roofs, it might be the solution to fill the gap of the lock public open spaces in occupied
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east jerusalem. these radio authorities only permit palestinians to build on 17 percent of the land. so there's no room for green open spaces. introducing b hives encourages people to provide plants and bushes for the bees and whatever small space they have. now in this project started in 2019. they trained on 15 women as beekeepers, but it's become so popular that by 2024 they'll be 550 women making use of the terraces and rooftops of occupied east jerusalem as holmes. the small behind the honey is harvested only twice a year. and these urban b pollinating plants, much less likely to have been treated with herbicides than those around rural farmhouse allah and the new medicine i've got used to them. i'm not afraid of them . i even feel this chemistry between us should have this in cilla women's co op.


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