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tv   News  Al Jazeera  July 3, 2022 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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if the crisis center goal head to the pose with the main opposition parties united, can they wrestle power away from the ruling party? july on al jazeera, revealing eco friendly solutions to combat threats to our planet. on al jazeera ah russian and separates his forces, se there in full control of the ukrainian city of list a chance in the east. ah, i need balkan. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up. palestinian officials have given us experts the bullet that killed al jazeera journalist, sharina black lab for examination
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anger in the united states of the police, killing of a black man in the state of ohio. and torrential rains in the australian city of sydney forced thousands of people to leave their homes. ah but for us we begin with breaking news from denmark, weather reports, several people have been shot in a shopping mall. it happened in the capital, copenhagen. hundreds of people are being led out of the fields shopping center, large numbers of police, deployed in the area. this is
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a latest footage of the area coming from social media. you can see groups of people appear to be on their way away from the location of this apparent shooting. while right now, we can go directly to another story that we've been following here on out to a 0 to akron in the united states. i am the state of ohio where the mer and police chief is speaking about the fatal police shooting of a black man jail em walker, a warning that some of the images in this press conference may be of a graphic nature. we are expecting to see images of body cam footage from the place where the reward. the 1st video will be narrated video of the incident starting the pursuit. it will include some still jobs. it will all the point
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and it will include some text and we'll zoom in for clarity. the 2nd video will be of an officer body can put it, which will begin at the start of the pursuit. and we'll end with the shooting. the video will be played from start to finish without pause and will show the incident in real time. at the end of our conference today, we will provide an opportunity for questions. each outlet represented here today will have an opportunity to ask the question. there will also be a predicate available to members that will contain more include a map of the pursuing a timeline of the incident a transcript of the dispatch conversation during the presume and basic information on the officers involved, including race, gender, years of service,
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and disciplinary record given at the conclusion of the press conference will be putting on a press release as well. and all that can put it will be available for boarding to the city ordinance were required to release 3 body him. 3 by hand, footages within the 1st 7 days, but we are going above and beyond that today due to the unique circumstances and we'll be releasing all of the body can put it in a short period of time happened the press conference. this includes the officers who were directly involved in the shooting and additionally 5 other officers who were on seen but did not participate in the shooting. at this time, i would like to welcome premier dan morgan to, to thank you 1st of all, good afternoon. thank you for being here. i know this is
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a thunder occasion for all of us in the entire city. before i begin, again, my condolences to the family and friends in jail and walk, and i know that no amount of free for prayer will bring jane back. please notice that the more the view personally, there are no amount of pearl to this and i've talked about being outrage shot and extremely dark, broken that i can use to describe my feeling. i will words. the video you're about to watch is heartbreaking. it's very tough to take in, and i know many of you will have questions after this press conference and they, i will have me but i have a number of questions myself that need to be in. but why, what, what i'd like to run to the community is that the independent which is doing the investigation because being conducted independently by that you requested by chief pilot to the bureau of criminal investigation and entered the general's office. we'll take some time to work through our media information packet includes a ra,
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timeline of how the investigation process will proceed. in addition to a time of timeline of events of this past monday, and i, verging all of our residents, please reserve your pool until the investigation is complete. and then you'll have to do one of the most difficult things that i can ever have somebody to do. that is to please be patient and let the attorney general do their work. of the also emphasize the stuff we've taken over a number of years. increase the transparency and accountability with the community, knowing that trauma cannot exist without our commitment to open almost exactly one year ago today. the akron city council voted to have a new law that ensures the release the video footage, which documents and acts and police officers. you support, within 7 days of this ordinance was 1st recommended by the city charter review commission and was overwhelmingly approved by the residence of act. it's clear what
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our community wants is to be able to review the information for themselves. it is our commitment to be open and transparent as we can be, given the fact that there is an independent investigation which we cannot put into jeopardy. additionally, utilizing an independent entity into me to conduct initial investigation into the incident, we have further steps in increasing the truck and accountability with our g. my lead and i both believe that this is the best practice going forward and which many communities across the country are now doing. it is the direction that we intend to move toward in the future of deadly force. both the city and the police department are fully committed to this process. and i every, every confidence that the investigation will be conducted in a fair, thorough and just manner many what was the air,
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their grievances in public and i fully the park, our residence. right? so peacefully but i hope the community can agree that violence and destruction are not the in. and let me get a call from a number of elected officials and community members. right here in akron, that calls for peace in art that will be the constant urge over the next few days in peace in our city. thank you. good afternoon. first and foremost, my condolences to loveland jaylen walker. i know the young man was will love the baby in the way that his love to be filled across city some years ago when i decided to get involved in public service, public like my service president, they,
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i can branch in the police and b and i decided on run for office. one of the my concern was the police department, some issues that they said. one of the problems was like a complaint, how they handle. so if my time leaving a presidency in moving to the city american going to come the counsel credited the now senior back to the mayor. i have worked on a number of issues to try to strip in the ration between the police in one was 1st of all, hire outside independent police officer which we have in place. because to feel young, the auditor is supposed to look at trends in the police department. he looks at what we need to do training. he looks at of arrest that talent the right way. we handle those all the term and that has been a great start for us in this community. this also is, you know,
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we do have body cameras for the officers and the fact that we have that. that's where we do today to look at the footage. the main thing we also should always look at to the fact that we have this new or is that it had to be released in 7 days. the mayor could have did a executive order, but we did not do that. we took into the chart review commission cost president is here, article summerville, of your written university, back of law school chair. their committee came with the idea along with the mer to put it in the charter. so now when they are the police shooting, the police department or the chief can't say, i'm not releasing it, the mayor says, can't say on that with the city that has to be released. and then the voters voted over 90 percent of the voters voted on it. and that is a huge thing that i don't think you'd like any other place in the country who's done it. as many years of public service,
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i have never understood why police were handling they own investigation. and when it comes in to police involve that is there was there right with me in this community. and now since we have a new chief in the mayor, they have gotten together and they have an outside help. in investigating this case, this is huge. this is definitely that business as usual. this move verification tab outside entity ensures that it will be the ferris most advise review of the fast. and that's the right decision at the right time. we also have with us today some of our resident. this is where i knew some of the members of the faith based community. some says some says in some senses who've been involved in a community here for his prescott conference, and we appreciate you being here to having those who did release day dizzy chris
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there in the right and rich bay los stating what you will see in this footage. is extremely upset from here, we need to look at our process to get us to the next steps. independent investigate in the state level will further that process. i know there is anger that when people see this video and we've called them become sick and i was, i have, i could have been myself and quite frankly, our community has to read. we're still concerns and protests. and we would ask them to do that. but what we would ask them to do as a family is ask them to do is ok to protest. but we will also ask them to do with in a peaceful manner. we is asked for this type of transparency. now we're getting into the busy game that we want. you have to be patient and allow the investigation to
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run. is course every member all in this case. good afternoon everybody. i want to 1st echo the sentiments that were expressed by mayor oregon and deputy mayor some i also want to express my deepest sympathies to jail and his family. i cannot imagine the sense of loss, the pain that they're going through right now. as margot mentioned, you know, in his personal i, my youngest was 25 years of age as well. and i cannot imagine what life would be like without my son. so again, this is walker jaida. i'm very sorry for your loss. but i want to personally thank
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you personally, thank you for the way in which you have been dealing with this situation. you asked for peace in an environment that is right for aggression and violence. you ask for trust and let this process move forward. is jalen reflects the character of this family, which i continually heard that he did you raise a good song? and again, my deepest condolences on monday morning, officers of the actual police department were involved in an officer involved shooting. in a few moments you will be seeing 2 videos that will address what led up to the shooting. when i was morning was chief of police 10 months ago. i began moving the
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police department in a direction to have outside independent investigations. when officers are involved in a shooting. so on monday morning, i formally requested the ohio bureau of criminal investigations to investigate this shooting. some of the benefits of having an independent investigation include increased perceptions of credibility of the findings. increased transparency. the public tends to trust the results in fairness of the investigation, and quite frankly, this has become best practice in my profession. joining us today is mr. joe morgan server, who is the superintendent of the ohio. you're criminal investigations, mr. morris or i want to thank you for being here today, and i also want to thank you for your willingness to take this investigation on
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that. the conclusion of viewing the 2 videos, i will share a few comments and open up the press conference for questions. please keep in mind that as you ask your questions, mayor organ and 9 may not be able to answer your question. first and foremost, we may not have the information. secondly, we don't want to do anything that directly impacts the credibility in dependency of this investigation. so we'll go, we're going to both be mindful of how we miss hall. since i just arrived here in ohio 10 months ago, there may be questions that you have the no, i will defer to war cities, g prosecutor, mr. craig morgan, we're deputy police chief ryan horton. at this time, we're going to play the 1st video, which in turn of know, described to you. we thought was video provide content and details to the
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terminal. on monday, june 27th. 2022. at 12 30 in the morning, akron police officers attempted to stop a silver buick on east homage avenue near thayer street. officers informed us badge that the reason for the stop was for a traffic violation. as well as an equipment violation. the driver of the vehicle refused to stop an officer's initiated a vehicle pursuit as the vehicle was nearing the east. how much avenue entrance ramp to route 8 south town? approximately 40 seconds after the driver of the vehicle flood from the attempted stop. a sound consistent with
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a gunshot can be heard on the body worn cameras of the officers. officers notified dispatch that a shot came out of the suspects. car door o one at the time of the sound, a flash of light can be seen along the driver side. of the suspect vehicle
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the vehicle pursued continued on the expressway for several minutes, and the suspect vehicle exited under the arch wood avenue ramp. the pursuit proceeded through several city streets until he neared the intersection of east wellmouth road and clermont street. at that point, the driver slowed down and exited through the passenger side door of the moving vehicle. wearing a ski mask the suspect fled from the vehicle on foot, turning and facing officers momentarily. he continued to run evading arrest. officers attempted to safely take the suspect into custody by deploying their tasers. the deployment of tasers was unsuccessful, and suspect continued to flee on foot. as the foot chase reached the nearby parking lot, the suspect stopped and quickly turned towards the pursuing officers. officers
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reacted by discharging their firearms, striking the suspect under visual inspection of the suspects. vehicle a hand gun loaded magazine for he and gun in what appears to be a gold wedding ring were observed in plain view on the driver's seat. we will now show you the body more camera footage from the officer who was 1st
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involved in the pursuit. the video will start at the beginning of the pursuit and will end with the shooting of mr. jalen walker. i want to offer caution for everyone that is watching that this video may be disturbing to some viewers to many as it contains grass that graphic images in language for many reasons, it is difficult to watch at the request of the walker family. we have blurred. mr. walkers body in the shooting event. the tenant
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oh, a shot with
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silver buick. a black meal driver. with
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a wow, a middle lane 70 now with joiner for years. ah.
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with units up there that are coming up all numbers lee. he's coming up on a higher shot with or friday reminded me or you did not here get help with a our to the right. like are going to the where like ha. 1 found emerging or fire stuff. ah
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the, the 30 day money. this guy is gonna be going, westbound on your car, from boulevard here. a 30 mile per hour. there's no traffic road ready to read it? read for a vote void either 15 miles per hour or purging sacred clay bridge. heading for redwood, redwood,
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emerging brown street or a will bit. these are approximately 25 mile per hour with miles per hour or so. what will ever green a head
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at the intersection of the slowing down here so now hello. hello. c who's with ask our community members to please stand with me for just one second.
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there's no doubt that the video you just watch is extremely disturbing in we'll store a lot of emotions in the field. shocking and hard to take in. but we are what we are collectively calling for a piece of this afternoon. it's the same thing mister walker's family is calling for and is the ask of everyone standing here with me in the community piece for our city. peace for our community in peace for our residents. with what i understand the public demand information. now i understand that i have questions that i want answered. now however,
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i echo the walker's family's requests for patients. we keep going back to the walker family, they're requesting patients piece and to allow the process to run his course. since monday morning, information about this shooting has been disseminated through various hours. i would encourage people to wait for b. c. i to conclude their investigation, submit their investigation to the attorney general's office, and then the grand jury. the damage of spreading misinformation can cause irreparable harm. so before we receive b, c, i's final report, i would like to get some facts stated because i've seen a lot from a lot of misinformation circulated. as you've already heard. there were 8 officers who were directly involved in the shooting. all officers have been placed on paid administrative.


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