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tv   Al Jazeera World Moroccos Meteorite Hunters  Al Jazeera  July 4, 2022 4:00am-5:01am AST

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origins of the owner is a diverse range of stories from across the globe. from the perspective of networks, journalists on al jazeera. ah hello there, i miss darcy, tay, and dough home at the top stories here, analysis era. now at least 3 people have been killed and a shooting at a shopping mall near denmark's capital copenhagen. several others were also injured, and a 22 year old danish man has been arrested poor wreath as they are with all the latest police a saying they're certainly not ruling out terrorism, but they haven't. they haven't decided on a motive as yet. they, they have said they were arrested a 22 year old,
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or what the police chief earlier described as an ethnic dane in the vicinity of the fields. shopping mall. after witted witnesses described him walking around, shooting people with what those witnesses described as a hunting rifle. ukrainian president vladimir zalinski is vowing that his troops will regain control of the eastern city of less a chance they were forced to withdraw after a russian advance into cranes at last major stronghold in the lou hancock region. our official reports now from keith like fighting around las a chance has been reaching for weeks over the last 24 hours kremlin back separatist insisted that encircled the city. a claim initially rejected by the ukrainians of pitcher should chechens and russian back separatist fighters celebrating in the streets of am unable other a 6 cossack regiment named after ottoman plat. off together with our fighting friend, our fighters, liberated the city of lizzie tanks. augment is power,
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cossacks are power together, we are power in a statement on social media, the ukrainian military said it had taken the decision to withdraw in order to preserve the lives of what it described as ukrainian defenders. adding, we will be back, we will definitely win the ukrainians claimed until the last possible moment the city was still under its control and was inflicting losses on advancing troops in other parts of the region. i think there is such risks that la guns region will be completely occupied. there are such risk and they are understood by us e. we cannot say that today that list a chance because under control, there is fighting on the outskirts of las a chance. our task is to have fire superiority. russia no claims it has full control of the hand, screeching one of its key williams after it abandoned plans to overrun the capital . and it's done so after weeks of slow progress, no,
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it will turn its full attention to neighboring dynette. the other province, which makes up the don bus, must go back separatists, have been fighting ukraine in the dawn by since 2014, on the eve of the war. russia recognize 2 brick away republics. now it has control of one. the 2nd becomes the new front line in the war in ukraine. alan fisher, i'll just either keep while, meanwhile, the men of the eastern city of sla janski's, as many people have been killed and wounded. after this, if he came on the attack from advancing russian troops, he says the shelling was the heaviest and a long time. now, not fit, he is in the net screech, and the man says, 3 quarters of the people who used to live there have fled since the war began. police in the u. s. city of kron have released body can footage showing officers choosing a black man last week. 25 year old jail and walk was killed after being stopped for a traffic violation. his killing has led to protest amounting justice.
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palestinian leaders say us officials have examined and return the bullet that killed out of their agenda history and i will claim earlier, the israeli military said it would test the bullet with us oversight but and still unclear thoughts. what's happened palestine, you need to say the bullet was given to the us with assurances that israel would not be involved. sharon was killed by israeli soldiers, and ne, and the occupied westbank. their west african block echo west has lifted economic sanctions against molly, imposed in response to a series of military. coups. leaders from the block are holding talks to discuss military takeovers and molly guinea and became a faster and search and rescue operation is expected to resume in northern italy. on monday, a day off, the part of last year collapsed, killing 6 hikers. please say more than a dozen people could still be missing. while there is other headlines, the news continues here. after alger 0 wild us, usually the
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news ah, with these are leaks isley and lake tesla's in the high atlas mountains of morocco. there is a story that they were created by 2 lovers from opposing tribes, and that their waters are tears off long. ah,
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the legend has an unhappy ending and says that the couple threw themselves into the 2 lakes when they realised that their love could not overcome the conflict between their 2 tribes. but in reality, there was a simple but fascinating scientific explanation for the origin of the 2 lakes of cassettes, urbanatto, it's newer to sitter for yoke a 2nd of them. and then what about why had the shots? and why did all of the had it for 3 to had ill can have been on isic. luckily, never enough to meffort machine. zip. let's look, go ahead. the music mill head from she know if, if you morgan observed the nurse and m as i did or member should have been dork. back via dog. it was a new strain, kill myoshi, kill for somebody in the home and look it up. and then they come with the car. nobody can fearful. what does a key, i mean,
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but the commute via 1st session arby enough is did he sit on while for a cleaning? is a kid in bed? i had the shower. this could have been a cane black in these offline is if you're a wooden ah ah, ah. meteorites as a small piece of rock from another planet would survives entering the atmosphere and lands on the surface. meteorites are extremely rare, but they can be found almost anywhere on earth. however,
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more samples have been found in morocco than most other countries. partly because the shiny black rocks can be seen more easily on dry mountain landscapes. so the scientific explanation for the 2 moroccan lakes is got around 40000 years ago, a 100 meter wide asteroid was hurtling towards earth. it broke up into several large pieces which landed in the high atlas mountains, causing these massive craters. the nomads in this remote part of morocco have learned to live with and recognized meteorites remains . these ancient ra carvings show that they witness their impacts thousands of years ago. ah, but far from fearing meteorites, the moroccan nomad,
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see them as gifts from the sky. ah, ah, international rock and mineral dealers can sometimes pay good money for meteorites, fine, and that can be valuable. extra income for mountain herders like a moroccan know man, i will kind of get a little bit of it when they can open them and then it could be by fans how. what are some of your mac? i'm in a hammock. i will let them know what he does, so i can assure you, i'm always know what a so where are you in this? when i knew most of kind of what the, what the, by the,
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aren't there sick? the 2nd one and the coffee table, he brought it to see what i could do was too old domain by service to declare me in adela salem as ah ah, the cobbler sophie had the kid out early office, so did gillian chemo. and i'm really impressed that mckinley will had willow sucked finn music. he did that from outcome. can it be to look up? she has it could de la a not them so put in an a's, she hasn't had been in the past. so could the, the amazing ah,
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i mean, i'm gary cones, the desert for me to write fragments himself, but also talks to local people about where the best fines might be. but lamar latino mackenzie dick looked good energy to him. of some system shilling . the next i think is so. carla. here, lola that soule. end of the hill handler. ballasa. the boa caving kane. in oma it kin federal m. okay. confirm. okay. venmo that sue will do. can leslie shes formerly lena wishing that was just the end of jazz. all right, and um, she has a she will look and normal household or a home of her home all day flannel. any flynn but a year later with working with a ship,
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thinking with anything that a little matter with i went i was getting a deal on the bus with setting up a a, a, with an oregon. there was a say resume, see, and i have one more guy with a seed minimum level of humble, like a month or 60 or a in a deal that they are low shots use a month. milan will deliver,
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conveys us if dounia will, benefits when she has been there, the can learn the way older. those are lower than losing the global dot org or t like in teams. so gunshot learned was on the global net global actions. usually we shall full, we look them shoes, cassandra doctor, have de la man, if he is a leading moroccan authority on meteorites he teaches at have been so how do university and i got dear on the atlantic coast. he began studying meteorites in 2002 and has built up a network of contacts for sourcing and studying these extremely rare rocks. i think it was that music video own is when. oh heck. so got his. yes. she my venue
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that she fancied them at the noah had lain him know when to month and cannot. deltona were in the kitchen open is in is couple of were you? oh, okay, sure whether she had talked to connecticut, lucian, you know, back in middle of villa, right? if it is still mean i can do it in the weather, in mac, fidel dill, in below. that's what the nearest dina web was an illness, if awful microscope with she. when it came, i looked the key been tessa. pho linelle. i'm a taco buck in the bed. a lit little low hen had or po america on a clear story night in july 2011. the villagers and t since in southeastern morocco saw fireball shooting across the sky than falling to the grounds. the seasons meteorites as it is now known, turned out to have an unusual back story. a larger meteor had hit the planet
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mars and knocked off a large chunk of martian rock. that fragment had then remarkably made its way to earth and crashed into the moroccan deserts. nomads discovered the rock and sold a 2 dealers who then cut it into smaller pieces. some of these remained in morocco, while others were sold abroad, including the largest weighing over 1.2 kilos. and anonymous donor gave this to the natural history museum in london. it's exact value is unknown, but meteorites from mars can attract up to a 1000 us dollars per gram at auction. but the nomads who found the teas and media right and another called the black beauty only received a fraction of their value while dealers in north africa, europe and the u. s. took their own cuts. there is no legal framework governing
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these discoveries and morocco. so prices are negotiated according to how much wealthy collectors will pay. deb luckowitz geminus with the woman mother to mendoza after him and yet he said no which o. at the noah had the wagon meadow, mama, him, he didn't and met from us. can it's a little bit and then met go a little bit and a coke of other. what if you met zip falcon a bit and a musto? what can feed back to you? oh my too much. aha. a green booty gym and either a will nic and now coming near you can. okay. you know emma will come up. oh maria . oh quickie bit. benjamin that. oh, when these gentlemen haughty rescue, which offer no a hey dealer, a dealer smile. so far at nisa, could we meet then and they can then good man, dish that have been enough. a coke about it? o co a will coke of get him who i should see him and he re, should i did she did though had
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a quick in said my medical that im she le ledger coke of had ah doctor cookies, laboratory and i get 0 is quite well equipped for media, right analysis, but lacks the technology of european and american labs which can track incoming meteorites approaching earth. mm. in morocco, the eyes and ears of local people do that job for doing a demo kito for america to but other when it kinda has so it couldn't is it could be a or a bond with them off. i'll set it off, ziff kiddo come in at camella, ziff and dub dill come editor hatha, which i've added sure. far dokie to consult the letter a duplicate him mister to put the leaden isic buck and small fatima come at
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a dinner. what is ha ha ha! ha oh mac and been good. oh mother, come in. i to low marilla dominican deleted by ah ah, for the no man in the moroccan deserts, in the high atlas mountains, finding meteorite fragments is a way of generating some extra income. they've been treating meteorites with dealers and researchers for over 20 years now. and so many have become experts in identifying the rocks, geological properties, economics, the de know, as in robert said, how to had amazed, amazed mac in my ultima. occasionally i feel a how can how and it's i don't know. i like she has of earth near did
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she needs what? in and she'll am. i going to swallow the info, which i load from sean. that will do it so you can have it. you know what i have a disability doctor vision dealer. i think because of it was nicola, both of the city coming up morocco's meets. you write hunter's head to a remote desert location. will they find any elusive extra terrestrial rocks or will they return empty handed? ah, there's a wave of sentiment around the world if you will actually want accountability from the people who are running their countries. and i think often people's voice is not heard because it's not part of the mainstream news narrative. obviously we cover the big stories and we'll report from the big events the going on. but we'll say
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tell a story to people generally don't have a voice. and then one of the child that's never be afraid to put your hand up and ask a question. and i think that's what she really does. we ask the questions, the people who should be accountable. and also we get people to give their view of what's going on. i was a girl by one of each of the scale. modern slavery in the u. k. is enormous, we're just seeing the tip of the iceberg. we had something called the modern slavery. i just been surrounded by congress, didn't point someone's stone. why haven't companies need to thought to understand that this is exploitation? if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and there are some very, very nasty people. at the al jazeera investigates britain's modern slave trade. in the 19 fifties and sixties african countries gained independence from the colonizers and increased efforts to reclaim the cultural heritage and 6000 body. this story, yeah, it's very hard. this new series reveals how european countries refused to request
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and even exhibited human remains in their museums, restitution africa stolen off episode to return on al jazeera lou. hello again. i'm mr. z. a tando. how at the top stories on out. as aaron, at least 3 people have been killed and a shooting at a shopping mall near denmark's capital copenhagen. several others were injured and a 23 year old danish man has been arrested for reese is there with all the latest police a saying they're certainly not ruling out terrorism, but they haven't. they haven't decided on a motive as yet. they, they have said they've arrested
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a 22 year old. what the police chief earlier described as an ethnic dane in the vicinity of the she, the fields shopping mall after when the witnesses described him walking around, shooting people with what those witnesses described as a hunting rifle. now ukrainian president brought me as lance. he has vowed that his military will regain control of the city of las a chance. ukrainian forces withdrew after a russian advance. it was the government, the last stronghold and the eastern province of hans. meanwhile, the men of the eastern city of 12 janski's says many people have been killed and wounded. after the said he came on the attack from advancing russian troops. he says the shelling on the city in the net region was the heaviest and long time police in the u. s. city of akron have released body cam footage, showing officers shooting a black man last week. 25 year old jail and walker was killed after being stopped for a traffic violation. his killing has led to protests,
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demanding justice palestinian need to say us officials of examined unreturned, the bullet that killed algebra. janice cherry and i will actually rally the israeli military said it would test the bullet with us oversight. but it's still unclear if that's what happened. palestinian lead to say the bullet was given to the u. s. with assurances that israel would not be involved. sharina was killed by israeli soldiers in may and the occupied westbank. the west african block echo was, has lifted economic sanctions on molly, imposed in response to a series of military coups needed from the block, holding talks to discuss military takeovers and molly guinea and became a foster. a search and rescue operation is expected to resume in northern italy. on monday, a day after part of a glassy, i collapsed, killing sticks. hikers, 9 others were injured and please say more than a dozen people could still be missing. while those are the headlines bounce back to our 0 want
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need to write small natural rocks from outer space are highly valued by rock and mineral collectors. many are found in morocco where the best specimens can fetch high prices. m, moroccan nomads have become experts at monitoring where these fragments fall to earth. they're helping a geologist and a media ideal or to locate samples in the deserts which might benefit them financially. but all radical alarm one of the deal was turned in her lover. i go in and she was kinda not sure what dish has it will do. i think the vehicle is
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a 2 year old and then and then score for i think it should be really shallow. and i had to kind of allister, my head as it is, i can register the hard them over would if that it hates you know, go to w, w, v, this is good with little mission, easy. i all right is ha, ha, ha, model wrong as your question is, as nobody can, is a year when you wish. i thought what is to that and any items in zoom, cannibal little door. consequently, kiddush. and you can medical it like only with her limbs have very well may and
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then medical. no, it could be there would be a couple of those going to live eligibility only for them to have that interview at all. 3 of them. as you heard of us, missouri and smith at the the bus is on the mailing address. im, she'll admit, have millimeter hopefully trophy home as you can. i mean, literally throw madelyn him and he'll who may lab whoa able to. we brussel that she didn't the me to read that a song hunting the back. another in concern will, can, i will limit half authentic malcolm who have will as yet deal with a lot of quite a lot with the service i've been for. i'll catch up with them. yeah, i did not receive the bill. i think i've given them a ellison, i don't believe that it's an elderly. yes. if you saw in 3023 it up. you know, i think you've been
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a and if any caught up no question. you can do it. if you don't want to keep it in class, i would have that vision. well her so my little girl a already i came here because we feed zip it in washington to move 00. the and i got so much of either a cedar. i don't remember the name she said he did hold. oh yeah, she killer her medical not i dal gay. i don't remember. i mean is even more up to delta gay chicken gill, the music but when i
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couldn't, is it working well, look at an issue. there was a noise, you know, to like a commercial good any to put it in. i can look at it and what it does. eddie shook emerge. you ma'am millionaire control measures yet? yes. okay. sure. lemme yeah. yeah. ah. with
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you see the had you did or through sheena road is more putting up a ship caribbean consumer. but literally, as a mother go to the left of the child. mercury. no. i kinda think it's one list of the hood in the room or 3 hello. i could have been if you know, i didn't, i must have been a had me back. i'm not a not make yeah i well, you'll have a garage a lanchen with a a with
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a simple id and in that kind of thing from local. got it. yeah. it's not ideal. it would be better. i don't think. i think that, yeah, i mean, it didn't say well, what i can do with the ready news is that you had great get that get the i know she had to. yeah,
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i think you with that luck, lou. as you can do it out of when i went to pull the shot, you call it quite kind of via a with a little more of a traditional meal and won't let you know, i think cleave because it is a cabal. natasha hm. well, well, lemme she got the feel me in the kitchen when this. yeah, because i was going to harm on. thank god miss you can live and he can. some must on if laconia matlock us, came hudson mc atlantic w millennials. she asked, i don't, well, can he? well, we'll look at it. she needs a cat dealer. me at that i'm. you can see that i'm content on the corner piazza will look at them. johan, seen them, other beer,
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keel co nozik flab does. when will, as usual, i'm them bizarre unlocking her hand and we may need them for better in me soon. is a nice dinner. huh. oh ma leaky give konita wash on it. and eventually when is what can incheck? i'm shocked when is sick ill? does she need or he'll go co had the a lot of want to whittle out one of the shunt young yoko. i don't feel comfortable now if she can, will you give colin or william jacobs if he didn't give yodi? not. we're lucky town, man. after no, he shall just say what little becky?
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me, veronica, lunch, been our head. molly? she said the water in is my thoughtful. ah, nothing will. he will have her let him. and then the banana pushing the question like why? no one will him. he didn't fender far, helen than i'm knocked on. we measured didn't fed lou from holidays until near as well. yeah. i think at the end of the of what should i say with this sort of in the article. walk through it and yet that yeah, the only thing is, you know, i've been medic oh let you collision with dr. let it. i don't think don't yet you met
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with you see using things until now between these it had la lois mitchell with the kids. so that, but that's okay with him. with no little did you happen to switch with with a month get as much as a child shall diploma. just not answer. charlotte says vision people meghan. huh. and i was supposed to. no, no, no, no luck. no. did. did you talk more than
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a little bit dinner? loveseat. oh sure. oh, look and i'm at work. let me read the session to santa rosa dennis. she has a severe ah sure sir, nobody can read the social. okay. the so should she did you? the good. a good. good, good, good, good. it is then, and there was a good dinner jenny, let's get an enemy to it. and you know and then
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i left a yellow smoke up with a machine with a limited surgery. i did not for lot which enables me she said fuck and she will and will as well as she may have under she. she is a more human enough consumer, louisiana. hello, she, how lou earn shall fall. she said,
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i thought of our to have come now because you had not wishes your fellow to let me know if she could assist you. he took the machine, should you, can you go in with her a bit with it you can get with her fat. i listen and account for me. she looked at by law and only with it. it is a heal. i don't her wash any concrete mulash didn't with facility with a steady diet. i just you on the bottom and you know i sent it back. uh huh. oh, sure. okay, sure. oh, yeah. with that. okay.
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yeah, no. a k names of the in this make it hello. my name is unit less shape or the shabba willa. when iliana to had a question, a came in for car, just wanted to come up to the cut that on days i could look in an kitriana composite things you like issue you want to let you know to let him know getting the notion message through either a couch. just run a boy in a, but not an uber shit your high. yeah. most people said no more. no, no, no they, they, them are finished yet. and then, you know, we went with the kiss of zip. i should say it was a bad news and on one of the mid the key in just a few seconds here what you tell them, what is your kid anymore for hedge ballasa kelly lula. i'm homer. look at you know,
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why the fuck chuck away. a lot about it and you know, what nash will it had no has indian didn't live in the handle. shabbat mcchicken when is it from? i think with kill co few. i had the parent b as in egg, i need to get idea. can have you. i can be a 3 what he is going to a medical doctor when i got com, clinton, russia. she needed a doctor to medical, but i don't think one of the passion, somebody if you been with us, you get a lot of you know, it was a hearing hello. the city to go say i me to read that i had a fish. we'll it listed a little every night labor leader could do it for just as little school with worry wishes. it's sort of natural. yeah. and
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can i add on to it yet your full little hon ada shiana. ka hadn't is had any school until she had molina and i will get over at craig, but if you get the she'll no more to put that here to kush who? yes. today i will she should i? yeah, i had i had for my edie. get connecticut, ed. yeah. the service. hello. a couple of feel free to shuttle. can you hear me thing but it early. we tended him. what are they called attorney le steady. oh gosh, a fashion signs him suddenly, but i at the nick farmer, vicky wilson did no other and event such like he didn't even
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learn. levin uncle kesh. wow, ah, the market price for meets your rights in the capitals of europe is needless to say, far higher than in the atlas mountains in morocco. in paris alone carry on runs a shop selling fossils, minerals and meteorites. he travels the world, searching for and buying samples directly from their source offered blip premier. the clique said they shouldn't abuse. he said me, nothing appears to be. so if at all i love shit, they don't. agustin marker of the all told count killer metal should than if is a tear we can get disappear mad them away. he said to mortgage they are much bout
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no sir, we just ask, assess it unplugged the wrong, here's the now could you know where sam looks out of it and it looks at the mean for the lateral value. but i mean for the kiddo kicks looked up. if you don't want me to want to give us the book, we always have a positive. i'm a should we speak of the padlock, said your boss. and we'd love jays balls because it's in middling, sit on the brakes to get on the saw. so just dad, i could do it with that he killed upset. i would just think that all body could you, i mean tell lies now doctor, goodness of yes. all the because last week you will meet meal for consensus. it will follow proper protocol because he said about him or not book book, we just could do rashid customer to come in. we can get the service quoted with the, to the service. and what is your, do you still object?
4:53 am
a lancaster y'all has invested in his contact in morocco by equipping them to identify the precious extra terrestrial rocks to everyone's benefits. hence why morocco is a key supplier door called the not a he moved from sir. i mean, does anyone care in the bethany for to joy of food because i'm going to do is, i mean get him caught dr. seth l mity last is ivy. so scary me the more so i would, can you see i am he could move it, but he really gunmetal. bingo. is there again? yes. it's a come sex tech, a mercedes or she verbal talk complete. they're not who i mean delta rica america simply as is a nice website like thought in their image twitter head. i will show buskie the motor food industry with controls settings. i will not go to show you a call. please visit us on one of the links blues. you intend to look on there.
4:54 am
just give me like a not a kid salt in the market to keep having to bluffing, punish, actually be doing it. you gotta keep going. i mean, nikki was going to have you about took a demo malcay las salt, the to click to, to submit to it takes called in after lily levels to potash for ammonia. or to the boot. yesterday we talked about the did to prevent the progression because of this on the how to go to get out of my dress it to jewel, the put them out is here. i completed the city kennedy's was excited movie up. i don't, i don't is an absolute externally nail. may lead me to introduce it a similar character last. can you get no, no hope basket on the hope that went to sun where meek,
4:55 am
that could come. i'm actually kind of. yeah, it's old on up, off at sea level, $1000.00 to chick it come. you can a, we couldn't the little. you get a loss. i want those are paid book, my chef. come what? you see. i'm our can keep you have on we took what that s t direct them all mouth with your copy of the maturity print cap of m b. pick up on my behalf. sydney mccoy malkin. cooper gone along with her. he said to will not artic me to treat that play selma hawk one only a short pappy and to prevail on them. do merely gifts with
4:56 am
a millionaire pies cuz i me lot to those or to yacht blended kid or by diver also did a lot dot thought may dolly couldn't she'll be, they say i saw him on mom it only vaux a isn't allowed to scale tactic not absolutely martha olean camecia. ah, the global trade in meteorites tribes on a continued fascination with these mysterious rocks from outer space. meteorites are probably the only extra terrestrial objects. it's possible to find by or own on earth than can you ever truly own something that comes from another world. the answer, as they say, is in this stars.
4:57 am
ah, a recent study shows a disc venable disease accounts 15 percent of all deaths of children. a production was rob i agree to receive any channels you'd education with
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with now july, the 4th significant date for the us is a monday. now colin, just showing stuff in north carolina will be dissolved by monday. so although the shows are to be that brilliant, now it will be a thunderstorm or so on this cold front. it is an improving situation. in fact, as that goes out of the way, the picture really ought to be fairly fine. what is the ne, warm in the sunshine, but there are big showers around. although the ohio valley looks quite dry, the southeast is overcast, could be shower, their big showers in the upper midwest, and out further west evening, california,
4:59 am
running down the pacific coast san francisco could see overcast and wet conditions . welcome rain. no, i think in the desert southwest as the official monsoon continues to the south of that quite a few. shasta in cuba and jamaica off the coast of mexico. bonnie continues to circulate. that'll prom big thunderstorms inside mexico and quite a swell along the coast. but there are no warnings in force for the south rather cold moment in columbia by day it gets at about 17 and bucket top potential for me to flash for the i think in western columbia. big gap through brazil, we pick up again, development of mall, rain, or thunderstorms, in uruguay, in the far south east of brazil. ah too often of con, astonish, portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many of canister
5:00 am
thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction . an extraordinary film, archived spanning for decades reveals the forgotten truths of the country's modern history. the forbidden real part to the communist revolution on a just ego. ah, a gunman opens fire in a shopping mall and copenhagen, denmark police say 3 people have been killed. ah, hello there, i'm associates a and this is out of their life. and our ha also coming through police in the un state of, of.


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