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a week job that's grown with a community. my father purchased a black and blue sky and started to do the funerals in london and a family. we saw a stop being father and daughter and began is partners. the stories we don't often hear told by the people who love them. jeff is such a level of nice. sure. east and undertakers. this is europe. on alta 0. i, one of the scale modern slavery in the u. k is enormous. we just seen the tip of the iceberg. we had a something called a modern slavery. i've just been sort alderwood, dot com road unit point summons. so why haven't company's needs and thoughts understand that this is exploitation? if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and there are some very, very nasty people. at the al jazeera investigates britain's modern slave trade. ah,
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fresh amounts on britain's prime minister boris johnson refuses to step down sacking a seat, administer the mutiny in his cabinet. grows. ah, hello, i'm down. jordan, this is out as a red light from dough are also coming up with the lie from indonesia, with foreign ministers from the g. 20 nations, a meeting under the shadow of the war in ukraine. the man charged with murdering 7 people in a parade in chicago. confesses to carrying out the attack on hundreds of inmates are on the run. not i suspect to boca her arm fight as stormed a prison in nigeria, with guns and explicit ah, british prime minister boris johnson's fighting to stay in office as he faces
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a growing rebellion within his ruling party over a series of scandals. more than 40 members of his government, including senior ministers, have now resigned. another member of cabinet, urged johnson to step down, was dismissed on wednesday. for better reports. oh, going, going surely nearly gone. on wednesday morning, the number of government resignations was still less than 10. by the afternoon, the dam had burst, and boris johnson support was draining away. because of the very simple reason why they won't be out at the regular session of prime ministers questions, the commons chamber became a bad pitai of the prime minister under attack from all sides. does the prime minister think there are any circumstances in which he should resign the day i ask him to do the honorable thing about the interest of the nation before his. oh yes, the speaker isn't this. the 1st recorded case of the sinking ship. flynn the raft.
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the job of a prime minister in difficult circumstances when he'd be handed to can also by the is the keep going on that one. it immediately afterwards sauntered job. it the cabinet minister who was the 1st to quit on tuesday, returned to parliament to explain his decisions and peace. and with the prime minister listening javert didn't pull any punches. at some point, we have to conclude that enough is enough. i believe that point is now the final straw was downing street handling of complaints against this man crisp pincher bench who was given a government job despite previous allegations being upheld about him making unwanted sexual advances to male staffers. but as johnson claimed, he didn't know about the past misconduct. in fact, it emerged that johnson had been briefed in person about it. the situation is fast approaching a tipping point, where surely biased johnson's position becomes untenable. but this is
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a prime minister, possessed of almost visceral stubbornness, seemingly impervious to the criticism of even close colleagues, and he will not leave this place willingly. a question was posed directly during johnston's appearance before the commons liaison committee just on a very human level. he only you must know that is in the country's interest for you to leave now. and i look at the, um, the, the pressures of people who are under the need to go to focus on the, on, on, on their priorities. i look it out the biggest war in europe for, for a he is. and i call for the life of me seem who, how it is responsible just to, to walk away from that ousting a prime minister is no trivial matter with so many choosing to resign rather than serve with this prime minister. his situation really does start to look on survivable. you said question then becomes how to actually remove him from office in pull brennan, al jazeera downing street. and i've been barbara has more now on the latest departures from boris johnson's government will on wednesday night news. none of
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the resignation, but a surprise sacking. of course johnson, getting rid of mike who goes his minister leavening up it had been reported earlier on. the go for told maurice johnson before prime minister's question was in parliament that he should go a lot of anger. there apparently, but all through the day, those dozens of members of parliament resigning and that was not enough to convince baris johnson to budge. he was even told by some cabinet members that enough was enough. he is clinging on one of his parliamentary, private secretaries, insisting that he has a mandate and reportedly he and he's new chancellor. dean's a, how we preparing to present a new plan for the economy next week will next week as well on monday, were expecting a meeting of the background, 1922 committee at which they will try to change their rules,
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which will allow another vote of no confidence in the prime minister, but the prime minister's support is still saying it's unclear what will happen there. and even if the prime minister did lose a 2nd vote of no confidence whether in fact he is going to to say yes, i will reside what he's saying is that that would cause chaos and that he needs to get on with repairing the economy. he says he has a mandate from 14000000 people. we can expect some more developments in the coming days. but for now the prime minister staying put the cap price of the former u. k. government advisor. she says the crisis of expose differences and policy, but in johnson and it's for the finance minister. what we have seen is that the public is getting increasingly concerned. and quite a lot of, of the opinion polls recently, unless of surveys done by various organizations, including the british chambers of commerce, for example. and the work done by the consideration of british industry do suggest that there are serious concerns right now about the way forward and the fact that
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everyone is beginning to really wonder where some of the growth may come from in the future. expecting the government to intervene and do a little bit more. and i think it's interesting what the ex chancellor is really talking about because there is no doubt that they've been differences between watch number 10 and the prime minister wanted to see. and what the treasury that reaching to not represented was concerned about. so the prime minister wanted to see tax got more support to the economy because he was quite aware of what the population is thinking right now. the war in ukraine hasn't helped tool, but the treasury was very concerned about some of the costs of those tax cuts might mean and wanted to postpone them for a while until they saw how things were developing, particularly in the global environment and energy prices and food prices, so there was a rift, there's no doubt about that, but that's pretty cool and has been pretty common in the u. k. so there's no new
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that the self is not a reason for resigning. normally, for ministers in the world, leading economies are gathering in indonesia for talks, overshadowed by the war in your crime. for some of them, the g 20 meeting will be their 1st encounter with moscow foreign minister. since the russian invasion, robert reports from the island of bali holding the presidency of the g 20 ended easy as president joker. we, dodo has positioned himself at the center of global events after meeting with leaders of the g 7. last week. he undertook shuttle diplomacy between the competence in the ukraine war, seeing for himself, the destruction in the town of a pin. outside the capital cave sang that it's very sad, a lot of houses and infrastructure are broken. we hope no other ukraine cities would be ravaged because the war then to moscow for talks with russian president vladimir putin as a leading force in the so called non aligned movement of nations. indonesia
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believes it could act as a bridge between the 2 sides of participation in, hey, tanya, in meeting will be a very valuable opportunity for the russian government to address a position to the rest of the world. and which is not only advantages to put in government and russia, but it may be quite conducive to all warring party in the ukraine crisis rush. it's foreign minister said a lover of is due to hold bilateral meetings with some of his counterparts, but significantly not with us secretary of state and city lincoln. the last time the 2 met was in a tense encounter in january when love rob gave his assurance, russia had no plans to invade ukraine. a month before a day, just that the g 20 came into being in part to deal with the fallout from economic crises that the g 7 couldn't handle on its own, especially in recent times,
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this gathering takes place as the world is now facing the perfect storm of global challenges, the ukraine war threatens a worldwide food crisis and didn't denisia like many countries is heavily reliant on grain from the region. the war is also helping push up energy costs that are driving inflation. added to that ongoing tensions in the indo pacific with china increasingly confronting its neighbors, a nato at its last meeting, promising to push back. in this idyllic island setting the world is looking for solutions to some nightmarish scenarios with any signs of progress. be welcome right now. rob mcbride, al jazeera barley and jessica washington joins us live now from barley. jessica, so we're hearing about this perfect storm of global problems. so was likely to be topping the agenda today that well,
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that's exactly right. darren is and as rob mentioned in his story, it is worth remembering that the g 20 is a very diverse group of nations. unlike the g 7 and part of the challenge that indonesia and the indonesian president joke over dodo face as they hold the g. 20 presidency this year is navigating some of those differences in perspective. on the one hand, we have countries like the u. s. and it's western allies that have pushed for a hard line against russia. but on the other, we also have countries like china, india, and indeed indonesia that have long standing friendly relationships with russia. and so the challenge for indonesia is to navigate those differences and those risks within the group. indonesia has flagged that it would like to focus on economic recovery and in fact, has planned it's t 20 presidency around this theme of recovery together, recover a stronger saying that the focus really should be on moving the world forward. now that hopefully the worst of the panoramic is over that, of course, the shadow of the war and ukraine link is over this foreign ministers event. and it
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is likely to dominate the bilateral talks as they take place today. and continue into the week that we know that some bilateral meetings have already taken place, but other foreign ministers are yet to arrive in bodily regarding some of the special sessions which will take place during this week. we know that indonesia also wants to focus on the food crisis. yesterday, the foreign ministry put out a statement, ma, remarking that food security and energy security are key priorities that the g 20 must find solutions to overcoming these challenges. particularly for the developing countries that have been worst effected by these issues. now what remains to be seen is whether or not this week of meetings will be successful and productive as indonesia. hope this is really the 1st high profile event of indonesia, the g, 20 presidency, and will help set the tone for the rest of the g. 20 events later this year,
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including the lead of summit in november. alright, are jessica watched like 1st the embody jessica thank yes prostitute to say the man charged with killing 7 people at a 4th of july parade in a chicago suburb has confessed to carrying out the attack 21 year old robert crime said he later fled to another independence day event and considered opening fire there. if convicted, he faces life in prison. political hand reports from washington, d. c. the suspect and the highland park shooting at the 4th of july parade is facing charges or murdering 7 people. he repaired in court. today was denied bail, but prosecutors and police gave many more details. they say that crypto actually confessed to the crime, they say he then gotten the car drove not far away to madison. wisconsin in that area found a 4th of july parade had another some out of magic weapon in his car at least 60 bullets that he thought about opening fire on that crowd. but they say he changed his mind because he hadn't done enough planning. now he is going to be facing many
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more charges. dozens of people were injured on this police say that at least 80 bullet casings were found on that rooftop where he opened fire. they are still going to pursue many more charges, and they're bigger questions now about how he was able to legally purchase the gun . in 2019 police were called to his house because he apparently said he was going to kill every one. he didn't have any firearms in the house, but they did take away 16 knives, a dagger at a sword. just a few months later he was able to legally purchase a firearm because his father co signed the form that he would need to be able to do that because he was under age. so there are many more questions about how he was allowed to purchase at least 4 weapons and that much ammunition to cause that much damage for short break here now to sierra, when we come back, russia steps up, it's bombardment, am eastern ukraine as it seeks to capture more territory and they don't it's region ah, the long white brom says as families,
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moma 21 teenagers found dead in the south african target, more not students. ah . with hello they, let's look to north america and is one area of low pressure pulls away. we've got another one coming in, they can fall behind it, bring the threat of severe storms to the midwest as well as southern areas of the great lakes were talking, flooding, rains, hail, and the possibility of a tornado or 2. not by the time we get into friday that nasa storms ahead that way . further south bringing some heavy rain to coastal areas here. those storms threatening more of the south east states behind it. it is looking a lot quieter. a mix of showers and sunshine worker for the north west pacific and we were more range come, you can see it moving into more coastal areas of british columbia in canada. and
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for the us west coast is looking rather calm and quiet. just some blustery wind blowing around the california coast. little bit west of the desert, south west. not enough rain, however it is going to get wet for us a gulf coast as we move to central america. it's still a very wet story for western areas of mexico on to that storm system that's working its way further out to sea. but look at this one, nicaragua, another wave of wet weather pulling its way in bringing heavy rain for the likes of costa rica and panama and heavy rain for cuba on friday. ah, in the 19 fifties and sixties african countries gained independence from the colonizers and increased efforts to reclaim that cultural heritage. 6000 body. this story, yes, it's very hard. this new series reveals how europeans countries refused to request
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and even exhibited human remains in their museums, restitution africa stoughton episode to return on al jazeera. ah ah, we'll come back a bit of mine at the top stories here. this, our british prime minister bars johnson's fighting to stay in office as he faces a growing rebellion within his ruling party of a series of scandals. more than 40 members of his government, including senior ministers of not residing at johnston's father, senior minister, who would urge the prime minister to go. michael go was housing mister unseen avenue potential figure in the conservative party and he was prosecute to say the
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man charging coming 7 people at a 4th of july parade in chicago has confessed to carrying out the attack. robert crime said he later fled to another independence day, then, and considered an opening fire resident and semi ukrainian city of sloppy, and scott been urged to evacuate as russian forces edge close up the eastern cities . the next target in moscow sites, as it looks to take control of the entire don bass region. allan fisher reports from keith. for the last weeks, levine's has been shelled every day and the russians are moving closer. the city's market was hit, fire fighters did what they could to save what they can. at least 2 people die or with the occupying forces shot about 30 cluster munitions in the direction of slow young succeeded which that united over various parts of the city. some of the shells it the territory of the central market,
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as well as in other neighborhoods. bobby ask is russia's next big target, taking the city would put them within touching distance of control of the whole of the dorm bus region. and that became their mean military objective after they failed to take the capitol. keith, at the start of the war, you know, the areas governor says it's time for people to get out as millionaire. she thought she meant this to be such that there were about 350000 citizens who stayed here in the region. that's compared with 1600000 who lived here before. it's a very significant quantity. despite what people say, i do care about their homes in their lives, but they should leave the years and well, this is what it looks like after the russians target your city. this is can't keep just 40 kilometers from the russian border. these apartment blocks were home to half a 1000000 people, one of europe's largest neighborhoods. no. that is little that is livable or civil
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media cantoya. yo. i was, shall charged us. i didn't see anything for a month. i had laid there in the basement. the water, thanks to the neighbors, they gave me something to drink. my wife is dead. those who survived are stuck nowhere to see. no were safe to go. in his latest national address, president vladimir zalinski warned of the relentless nature of their enemy or assist the army neural the russian army does not take any pauses. it has one task to take people's lives to intimidate people to night. so that even a few days without an air raid warning is terrifying unless dina did all this a chance fell to the russians on sunday. the signs of battle are all over the city . seizing the dawn bass region made of la hans can deny it is the russian priority . and it appears that committing me to resources to get it done quickly. allen fisher, i'll just either give in the south the mayor, the port city of nikolai has also urged civilians to leave saying no air is safe
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from russian attacks shelling hit at least 2 areas on tuesday, ukraine state emergency service release. this video showing large plumes of smoke rising above what appears to be a residential area. and rushes parliament is approved to bills imposing strict controls on the economy during what the kremlin calls its special military operation in ukraine. under the legislation, businesses must apply goods to the armed forces. employees at some firms will be obliged to work overtime. once sign into law, firms will have to back the conflict in ukraine. so a 3rd of the world's population couldn't access enough food last year, and the war in ukraine will only make things worse. that's the start conclusion of a report released by the united nations. it found nearly $830000000.00 people around the world went hungry last year. that's a 150000000 more in 2019. the gender gap has also widened nearly 32 percent of women experience moderate or severe food shortages in 2021 compared to 27
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percent of men. and around 45000000 children younger than 5, suffered from wasting the deadliest form of malnutrition. well, marco sanchez is from the u. n. 's food and agriculture organization. he says, conflict is not the main drivers behind the global hunger. the way i called this is just the tip of the iceberg. what is happening today like the food systems is very worrisome. but basically is the confirmation or something that i think what you're going to say with united nations have be of service for many, many years. and back in 2017, we launch the same report that we are launching today. but back then, we have in the new 5 coffee as a very key driver of what is the group number, which we will, we don't serve the hanging was declining, pull at the gate, and they, all of us are going to study. we, again, we were wondering what is going on. so we, we started, i need to find his key drivers and coffee turned out to be one of them. today we have a conflict, but was he does not know. it just
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a coffee does engage is too big players in many respectful technical systems, but he's a coffee that we knew already conflicts all over the world would affect the the numbers. but also the key drivers are a climate climate adversities coming up versus that we can no longer predict uncertainty that's on the key drivers of when you secrete them monday, fisher. and then you add to that economy down there that when observing, even before the call it 19th and then they were crisis. economic right is all over the war. the way it really the problems i saw has claimed responsibility for an attack on a prison, maybe nigerian capital, a booge up, hundreds of inmates were freed and at least 4 prisoners and a security officer were killed. the attack happen just hours off. the president security convoy was ambushed by denison bazemore. this is the aftermath of the attack on q j correction of center. on the outskirts of our buddha, gunman entered the facility to the back,
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one of the compound friends sporadically. and the 2 leading explosives about $600.00 inmates escaped, including dothan, so suspected booker and fight us. more than 300 had been recaptured or returned voluntarily. the police say the search is on to track down on escapees. authorities believe po, her arm is behind the jail break. the came specifically for there are co conspirators and but in order to get them some of them i in general population. so they broke out and other people in the general population escaped us. well, the center holds nearly a 1000 prisoners. after a head count, dozens of suspected members of the and group were declared missing. the people him to do with his phone records. we believe that particular
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and was lately there because we have variable number of her patricia and then we're going to lay with security has been beefed on our the prison. but for families in co, jay, the fear remains the experience of last night or so. bardeen was so you know, scary. i was far asleep. when i had a sound of gunshots on a bomb blasts before i could know what was happening. someone just called me that i should be, i should make sure that am allots that they are within the within break. the attack adds to mounting in security in the west african country, which is battling groups in mouth as the current balance in this out. fidel is back
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out to a 0, a bull joe. again, a fast i was for my president is set to return from exile in ivory coast to take part in a reconciliation process, plays compar i was sentenced in absentia in april. the complicity in the killing of his predecessor, thomas and kara, the leader bettina faster military gender, met with 2 west african former presidents. last week to begin the reconciliation plan. the presidents of democratic republic of congo and rwanda agreed to deescalate tensions over the arm group m $23.00. the congolese government accuses rwanda backing the rebels. we've been attacking civilians in dfcs north cable province during talks and, and go to the to leaders agreed to the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of the rebels. from inside the d r. c. nicholas hawk is monitoring developments from senegal. there wasn't usually customary joint communicate made when 2 heads of states meet and gather like this. but for the african union appointed mediator,
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the president of angola who was hosting president, call me of rhonda and the president of the d. r. c. she said, this was a success. why? well, because both heads of states agreed, at least in word, to de escalate tensions between the 2 countries of recognizing that there was tensions, especially specifically in the border area now. can shop accuses kigali of supporting the m 23. a rebel group that's active. it's eastern border in the north key area, and that has been increasing attacks taking over villages in the north kiva area. rhonda accuses kinshasa of firing inside its territory and fermenting divisions there. so there is a recognition that tensions are running high it not only that there's a roadmap, put in place. both leaders will meet again on the 12th of july to discuss ways to
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relieve these tensions. and to address these arm groups, there is a 120 arm groups in the border area in the area. and that's rich and minerals, minerals that use to power the camera that i'm using to talk to you right now. that's used in mobile phones. it's, it's these minerals that are fueling the violence in the arm groups in this region . it seems that the 2 leaders want to discuss this further and find a way out and a roadmap to end the violence in these regions. sedans, military leader has removed all civilians from the countries governing service council. monday. general abdel flatter albert hon, announced the army would step back from tools and form a new government to let civilians lead the transition. but wednesdays dismissal means the routing council is now only made up of members of the military and groups . the main civilian alliance is called for more demonstrations. so ask, as president, has condemned what he called the scourge of underage drinking serial rama porter was attending the funeral. a sum be $21.00. teenagers found dead in
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a bar 10 days ago. the cause of their deaths is still under investigation. to me, the miller reports from johannesburg, my visited hundreds of mourners have paid the respects at a mass funeral and east london in the eastern k province. 21 young people died under mysterious circumstances at a bar. during a party, after school exams, south african president forum, a poor sum was among the dignitaries in attendance. the east plain and play must be laid at the feet of those who are making money off that dreams and the lives of young people, of south africa. by breaking the law and sally alcohol to under age children, no one has been arrested. but the liquor board has laid criminal charges against the own of the bar for selling alcohol to under each customer's he's denied any wrong doing. while investigations continue,
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they speculation that carbon monoxide poisoning may be the cause of death. more than a dozen people who are at the venue that night were treated for vomiting back pain and headaches. police have yet to release an official report to leave in grieving families with more questions than answers from me de mello, johannesburg, south africa. now thousands of worshipers begun circling islam holiest sites. on the 1st day of this year's hodge pilgrimage in saudi arabia and these alive pictures coming from there, daniel to vent in mecca is traditionally one of the biggest mass gatherings in the world. had been restricted to saudi citizens and residents for the last 2 years. because the corona virus under pilgrims attending from around the world must be vaccinated a negative grown up on his test and be under $65.00 ah .


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