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call the modern slavery. i just been surrounded by congress. you can point someone's stone. i haven't companies need to thought to understand that this is exploitation. if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. and there are some very, very nasty people out there. al jazeera, investigate britain's modern slave trade. the latest news as it breaks this decision basically said that the roe v wade decision was simply wrong. it is highly unusual for supreme court to overrule precedent with detailed coverage. the problem bridge will not only significantly reduce the trouble and, but it is expected to initiate an economic boom from around the world. this one here depicts the late poets and was offered a no up who is revolutionary poems in his play of the many ah, who miss?
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because get pressure amounts on britain's prime minister barak johnson refuses to step down the sacking. a siena minister. the mutiny as cabinet grows. ah, hello darn jordan. this is out as they are alive from dells that coming up would be live from indonesia, with foreign minister from the g. 20 nations, a meeting under the shadow of the war in ukraine. the man charged with murdering 7 people in the parade in chicago, confesses to carrying out the attack and afghanistan's taliban governments accused of committing atrocities against alleged members of an ice and spin. ah, british prime minister boris johnson's fighting to stay in office as he faces of grubbing rebellion, even his ruling party over a series of scandals. more than 40 members of his government,
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including senior ministers of now resigned. another member of cabinet who had urged johnson to step down was dismissed on wednesday. old bundle reports. i am going, going surely nearly gone on wednesday morning. the number of government resignations was still less than 10. by the afternoon, the dam had burst, and boris johnson support was draining away. just because of the very simple reason why they won't be out. at the regular session of prime ministers questions. the commons chamber became a bad pitai of the prime minister under attack. from all sides. does the prime minister think there are any circumstances in which he should resign? ah, the day i ask him to do the honorable thing about the interest of the nation before his own in press. yes, to speak at isn't this the 1st recorded case of the sinking ship? flynn de ross. the job of
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a prime minister in difficult circumstances. when you be handed a can also, this is the key. i immediately afterwards santa javert, the cabinet minister, who was the 1st to quit on tuesday, returned to parliament to explain his decision to m. peace. and with the prime minister listening javert didn't pull any punches. at some point, we have to conclude that enough is enough. i believe that point is now. the final straw was damning streets handling of complaints against this man, chris pincher bench, who was given a government job despite previous allegations being upheld about him making unwanted sexual advances to mail staffers paws. johnson claim he didn't know about the past misconduct. in fact, it emerged that johnson had been briefed in person about it. the situation is fast approaching a tipping point, where surely, boys, johnson's position becomes untenable. but this is a prime minister. possessed of almost visceral stubbornness,
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seemingly impervious to the criticism of even close colleagues. and he will not leave this place willingly. the question was posed directly during johnston's appearance before the commons liaison committee, just on a very human level, the only you must know that is in the country's interest for you to leave. now as i look at the, um, the, the pressures of people who are under the need government to focus on the, on, on, on their priorities. i look it out the biggest war in europe for 8 years. and i taught for the life of me see who, who is responsible just to, to walk away from the ousting a prime minister is no trivial matter with so many choosing to resign rather than serve with this prime minister. his situation really does start to look on survivable. you said question then becomes how to actually remove him from office poll brennan, al jazeera downing street that he barbara has more now. on the latest departure from boris johnson's government will on wednesday night news, none of the resignation, but a surprise sacking. of course, johnson,
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getting rid of michael goes his minister for leavening up. it had been reported earlier on the go for told, for his johnston before prime minister's question was in parliament that he should go a lot of anger there apparently. but all through the day, those dozens of members of parliament resigning. and that was not enough to convince baris johnson to budge. he was even told by some cabinet members that enough was enough. he is clinging on one of his parliamentary private secretaries, insisting that he has a mandate and reportedly he and he's new chancellor. dean's a, how we preparing to present a new plan for the economy next week will next week as well on monday, were expecting a meeting of the back bench 1922 committee at which they will try to change their rules, which will allow another vote of no confidence in the prime minister,
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but the prime minister support is still saying it's unclear what will happen there . and even if the prime minister did lose a 2nd vote of no confidence whether in fact he is going to to say yes, i will reside what he's saying is that that would cause chaos and that he needs to get on with repairing the economy. he says he has a mandate from 14000000 people. we can expect some more developments in the coming days. but for now, the prime minister staying put foreign ministers in the world, leading economies gathering in indonesia talks overshadowed by the war ukraine. for some of them, the g 20 will be their 1st encounter with moscow's foreign minister since the russian invasion. robert bry reports now in the island of bali holding the presidency of the g. 20 indonesia as president joker. dodo has positioned himself at the center of global events after meeting with the leaders of the g 7. last week . he undertook shuttle diplomacy between the competence in the ukraine war,
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seeing for himself, the destruction in the town of a pin outside the capital cave. and that it's very sad, a lot of houses and infrastructure are broken. we hope no other ukraine cities would be ravaged because the war then to moscow for talks with russian president vladimir putin as a leading force in the so called non aligned movement of nations. indonesia believes it could act as a bridge between the 2 sides of participation in, hey, tanya, in meeting will be a very valuable opportunity for the russian government to address a position to the rest of the world. and which is not only advantages to put in government, russia, but it may be quite conducive to all warring party in the ukraine crisis. russia foreign minister said love rove is due to hold bilateral meetings with some of his counterparts, but significantly not with us. secretary of state and city lincoln. the last time
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the 2 met was in a tense encounter in january when la ra gave his assurance. russia had no plans to invade ukraine. a month before the day just that the g 20 came into being in part to deal with the fallout from economic crises that the g 7 couldn't handle on its own, especially in recent times, this gathering takes place as the world is now facing the perfect storm of global challenges, the ukraine war threatens a worldwide food crisis. and indonesia, like many countries, is heavily reliant on grain from the region. the war is also helping push up energy costs that are driving inflation. added to that ongoing tensions in the indo pacific with china increasingly confronting its neighbors, a nato at its last meeting, promising to push back. in this idyllic island setting the world is looking for
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solutions to some nightmarish scenarios with any signs of progress. be welcome right now. rob mcbride, al jazeera barley, and jessica washington joins us live now from barley. jessica, so we're hearing about this perfect storm of global problems. so most likely to be chopping the agenda today that well, darn, it is a rather difficult position that indonesia is in as foreign ministers from. gee, 20 nations arrived in bodily, of course, as we heard and robs story, there are countries like the u. s. and it's western allies that are pushing for a harder line on russia, pushing for accountability with regards to its invasion of ukraine. but it is, of course, important to remember that the g 20 is a diverse group with countries that maintain a long standing positive relationship with russia. countries, including of course, china, also india and indonesia and other g 20 members. we have heard from some foreign ministers as they arrived in indonesia,
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ready to make their mark as they prepare for their bilateral meetings. we heard a short while ago from the new was trailing in foreign minister penny wall. who remarked that russia has denigrated and weakened multilateralism demonstrated its willingness and disregard for the need for food security in a world that is recovering from the pandemic. and that she will make a point of criticizing russia on its illegal invasion of ukraine. but that is the perspective of some g, 20 nations, but of course not all of them. all the countries like indonesia will be looking for ways to look for solutions without necessarily pursuing accountability. and that is really the source of the rift between g 20 nation indonesia would like to keep the focus if it's g, 20 presidency on post pandemic, economic recovery recovery. whether that is indeed possible under the shadow of the war. and ukraine remains to be seen from the foreign ministers have already commenced their bilateral meetings. and we understand that the war ukraine is of
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course, likely to feature in all of those discussions with regard to the official events that will take place tomorrow. indonesia would like to focus on food security and the energy crisis in particular the impact of those issues on developing countries . indonesia has held a number of g 20 events throughout the course of the year, but this is really the 1st high profile event. the 1st event where we will see all the foreign ministers in the same room together. whether or not this is able to be a successful and productive summit remains to be seen. and it will set the tone for the leaders summit later this year. all right, jessica washington life was there in bali. jessica, thank you for ross on goal is and asia political risk analyst, he says many of the nations attending the talks don't want to pick sides on rushes, one you cray. well, it's clear that the president wants to raise his profile. he wants to be seen, energizing the g 20 at a time of extraordinary challenges,
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which are report just identified such as rude, insecurity, rising prices, the war in ukraine. but in reality, i don't think most of the g 20 governments have very high expectations. it's clear whether it's china or india countries in other parts of the world. they don't want to take sides, they want to continue to trade with russia and they hope that normal business relations cannot just continue now, but resume in the future. they don't want to be stuck in wars, energy wars, sanction wars, and have to implement sanctions. very difficult, of course, they don't want to get on the bad side of the united states or western european countries either. so they've been stuck in the middle. the best outcome for them are at the same. of course. everyone else will be a quick end to the war, but they want to be able to reach that point without having to take so far. they've actually been able to do it. we have to be frank and say whether it's india or other countries. for example,
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in asia or the middle east that haven't been able to get through without too much criticism from the western european countries where the united states. and they hope that they'll be able to see that through to the end of the current conflict. and hopefully the relaxation of sanctions from their perspective and president of indonesia is certainly representative of that view. and that's why we see that jake inside did. in fact, he's comfortable talking to russia. us prosecutor say the man charge of killing 7 people. that a 4th of july parade in a chicago suburb has confessed to carrying out the attack. 21 year old robert crime, said he later fled to another independence day event and considered the opening fire that convicted the faces life in prison. political hand reports on washington, d. c. the suspect in the highland park shooting at the 4th of july parade is facing charges or murdering 7 people. he repaired, in court today was denied bail, but prosecutors and police gave many more details. they say that crypto actually
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confessed to the crime, they say he then gotten the car drove not far away to madison. wisconsin in that area found a 4th of july parade had another some out of magic weapon in his car at least 60 bullets that he thought about opening fire on that crowd. but they say he changed his mind because he hadn't done enough planning. now he is going to be facing many more charges. dozens of people were injured on this police say that at least 80 bullet casings were found on that rooftop where he opened fire. they are still going to pursue many more charges, and they're bigger questions now about how he was able to legally purchase the gun . in 2019 police were called to his house because he apparently had said he was going to kill every one. he didn't have any firearms in the house, but they did take away 16 knives, a dagger at a sword. just a few months later he was able to legally purchase a firearm because his father co signed the form that he would need to be able to do that because he was under age. so there are many more questions about how he was
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allowed to purchase at least 4 weapons, and that much ammunition to cause that much damage. for short break here in algebra when we come back, russia steps up, it's bombardment and east m ukraine's. it seeks to capture more territory and have done yes, region and heavy rainfall goals is devastation in pakistan, and india storms beat parts of japan and china under which are more than stripes. ah hello, that will have a look at africa in a moment. the 1st of the middle east and up in the north, its looking whiten, calm with clear skies down in the south, was seen unsettled conditions. go unseasonable rain, causing flooding in oman and yemen, that to rend shall rain, causing roads to flood. we could see more of that, some of it stretched into abu dhabi in the u. e. you can see that rain continuing
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on thursday on into fridays, maybe falls for yemen. we are likely to see more flooding here, but for the north of this, the heat continues, particularly for western areas of iran. and as we move to north africa, we've seen extensive heat stretch across algeria. well, temperatures are going to come down by the time we get to thursday, thanks to a system in the mediterranean. you can see that by the time we get to saturday, but they will still be lots of sunshine, lots of sunshine across much of the north. we are seeing west or weather in the west with some heavy falls to come for southern areas of molly, that wet weather, stretching all the way through the central band of africa for the south of this is bone dry across western areas. little bit of rain trickling into the east. for cape town, we're going to see a cool down, and that's going to stretch across south africa through the weekend. ah,
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i got in contact with montgomery ideals, the french republic, islam, brooklyn. but just what is morgan france in a fool parks. here's the picture, thinks an in depth episode on al jazeera with. well, lou ah, welcome back. i put them on top stories here. this. our british prime minister barbara johnson is fighting to stay in office as he faces of growing rebellion
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within his ruling party of a series of scandals. more than 40 members of his government, including senior ministers, now resolved on johnson's father, seen that cabinet member who had urged him to go. michael co was counselling minister seen as an influential figure and the conservative party. and you, it's possible to say the man in charge of killing 7 people at a 4th of july parade in chicago as confess for carrying out the attack. robert cronner said he later fled to another independence day event, unconsidered opening fire that residents in the crenan city of slavery, and scott managed to evacuate as russian forces edge ever closer the eastern cities . the next target in moscow sites. as it looks to take control of the entire don bass region, alan fisher reports from keith. for the last weeks, libyans has been shelled every day and the russians are moving closer. the cities
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market was hit, fire fighters did what they could to see what they can. at least 2 people die or with the occupying forces, shot about 30 cluster munitions in the direction of slow young succeeded, which detonated over various parts of the city. some of the shells it to territory of the central market as well as in other neighborhoods. bobby ask is russia's next big target, taking the city would put them within touching distance of control of the whole of the don bus region. and that became their mean military objective after they failed to take the capitol. keith, at the start of the war. you know, the areas governor says it's time for people to get out. is millionaire. she thought she made this, that they said that there were about 350000 citizens who stayed here in the region . that's compared with 1600000 who lived here before. it's a very significant quantity. despite what people say, i do care about their homes in their lives, but they should leave the years. well,
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this is what it looks like after the russians target your city. this is kurt, keep just 40 kilometers from the russian border. these apartment blocks were home to half a 1000000 people, one of europe's largest neighborhoods. no. that is little that is livable or civil media come to you. yeah. i was shall, sharice. i didn't see anything for a month. i had laid there in the basement the bud, thanks to the neighbors. they gave me something to drink. my wife is dead. those who survived are stuck. no will to see. no were safe to go. in his latest national address, president vladimir zalinski warned of the relentless nature of the enemy. i seized the army. noodle with the russian army does not take any pulls us. it has one task to take people's lives to intimidate people to night, so that even a few days without an air raid warning is terrifying unless dina did. all this
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a chance fell to the russians on sunday. the signs of battle are all over the city . seizing the dawn bass region made of la hans can deny it. is the russian priority, and it appears there committing me to resources to get it done quickly. alan fisher al jazeera keith. meanwhile, in the south, the mare, the port city of mich alive has also heard civilians to leave saying no air is safe from russian attacks. shelling hit at least least 2 errors on tuesday, ukraine state emergency service released this video showing large plumes of smoke rising above what appears to be a residential area. and rushes parliament is approved to bills imposing strict controls on the economy during what the criminal calls it special military operation in ukraine. under the legislation, businesses must supply goods to the armed forces. employees at some firms will be obliged to work overtime. once signed into law, firms will have to back the conflict in ukraine. the heads of domestic security services in the u. s. and u. k. have warned the threat posed by china to british and american interests. in
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an unprecedented joint appearance, the m i 5 and f b. i chiefs accused beijing of interfering and politics and ransacking intellectual property. we consistently see that it's the chinese government that poses the biggest long term threat to our economic and national security. and by our, i mean both of our nations, along with our allies in europe and elsewhere. the chinese government is set on stealing your technology. whatever it is that makes your industry tech and using it to undercut your business and dominate your market. and they're set on using every tool at their disposal to do it. now human rights watch is accusing taliban forces of committing atrocities in eastern afghanistan in operations. targeting an iso spent a group, a report says the abuses were committed in the to eastern provinces of kuna. and manga. it accuses the taliban of carrying out abductions and summary executions of
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alleged members of the islamic state, of course, on province. the young group has bain for bombings over several years targeting religious. my knowledge is the reports as residents accused of sheltering or supporting members, and their homes rated and suffered beatings and attention. since the taliban takeover last year, residents say they found the bodies of more than a 100 men dumped and canals and other locations. some had been tortured and headed . let's bring in patricia gospel. she's the associate director, the age of human rights. watch an author that report you join us live from brussels . patricia good to have you with us. so your report seems to suggest the taliban had given their force his free reign against these ice linked militants. it makes us some pretty shocking reading. well, yes, i mean we've 1st began to hear about these kinds of search operations and intentions last fall. but with this report, it provides evidence of is the, the numbers of bodies that have turned up,
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and the accounts from residents who've been looking for their relatives who were detained some point after the telephone take over and who subsequently disappeared . and we have your relatives who've been searching among the bodies in these canals to find that relative who's been picked up by the toe by months ago. patricia over the years, i s k. p militants of carried out some shocking attacks against religious minority as me. but taliban themselves is this being seen of simple revenge by the taliban. it's so there's also that they do not want the i s k p to gain any further ground in that kind of sense. but unfortunately, they're adopting counterterrorism tactics, which are very likely to lead to more revenge and more recruitment by s k p because whole communities have been targeted in these rates and that's likely just to feel resentment and grievances in those communities. and it's worth pointing out to patricia the international humanitarian law obligates all parties that include the
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taliban. and i s k p to treat everyone in custody humanely. but of course the difficulty here is that the taliban, it has a very different set of religious rules. well, i think what's important here is it's very similar to what we saw with the ravenna killings of the african national security forces, which we documented after the tone and take over as well. it's more that the telephone authorities do not hold their own men accountable. i basically told them we had quoted as saying, if you find someone who belongs to supports, i s p the some state route, we just kill them. and with that message goes out and there's no accountability them, this is the result. but just to final thoughts you so i mean you read this report. so how do you think it can help to pressure the taliban into stopping these killings and hearing to international human rights. unfair trials lower than what we saw, the comments from them, and they have told us in the past that they all detainees have to go through
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a judicial process. and there are no revenge killings. there are no summer executions. well, here is the evidence. so i'd like to see response from them now to say what they are doing in these cases, what they did with the bodies. we haven't heard that yet, but just gotten them to get your thoughts. thank you very much. indeed for talking ga 0. thank you. now the presidents of democratic republic of congo in orlando agreed to deescalate tensions over the arm group m $23.00. the congolese government accuses rwanda backing the rebels. we've been attacking civilians in dfcs north keyboard province. during talks that angola, the 2 leaders agreed to the immediate, an unconditional. the rule of the rebels from inside the t r c. nicholas are as monitoring developments from senegal, there was usually customary joint communicate made when 2 heads of states meet and gather like this. but for the african union appointed mediator, the president of angola who was hosting president, call me of rhonda and the president of the d. r. c. she said this was
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a success. why? well, because both heads of state agreed, at least in word, to de escalate tensions between the 2 countries of recognizing that there was tensions, especially specifically in the border area. now, kinshasa accuses kigali of supporting the m $23.00. a rebel group that's active in its eastern border in the north key area. and that has been increasing attacks taking over villages in the north kiva area. rhonda accuses can shop a firing inside its territory and fermenting divisions there. so there is a recognition that tensions are running high it not only that there's a roadmap, put in place. both leaders will meet again on the 12th of july to discuss ways to relieve these tensions. and to address these arm groups, there is 120 arm groups in the border area in the area. and that's rich and
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minerals, minerals that use to power the camera that i'm using to talk to you right now. that's used in mobile phones. it's, it's these minerals that are fueling the violence in the arm groups in this region . it seems that the 2 leaders want to discuss this further and find a way out and a roadmap to end the violence in these regions. sedans, military leader, has removed all civilians from the countries governing service council. on monday, general abdel for to albert hon announced the army would step back from tools and forming a new government to let civilians leave the transition. but wednesday is dismissal means the rules. counsel is now only made up of members of the military and groups . the main civilian alliance of call from the demonstration. flooding of for thousands of people from their homes in northern columbia. heavy rain cause to major rivers in the cordova region to burst their banks. you say about 13000 people are affected, more downpours, a forecast for the coming days. sounds, government says only 77 people have died as
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a result of heavy rain in the last 3 weeks. the latest down pause in the southwest course. flash floods in remote areas of baluchistan problems. more than 200 homes were damaged, at least 2000 and farm animals were lost. rainfall has been nearly double the average for the monsoon season. and parts of china and japan are also under water after severe storms swept across the region. although july's typhoon season santa se climate change is causing more extreme weather patterns. more frequently florence louis reports tropical storm, a re made landfall in japan's south west in que shoe region early on tuesday. bringing with it heavy rains, that's left streets and homes under water. japan's weather agency has issued advisory for potential landslides and overflowing rivers. during a year, she didn't pay she handled. it's a similar situation in china where some southern provinces are flooded in the wake of typhoon chapa. to state media broadcast dramatic video of
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a rescue or at sailing across the flood waters. to rescue a woman trapped in her car, homes, farm, land, roads, and power lines have been damaged with there are more than 40 houses in the area, the worst effect the aquaculture farmers as they need electricity to supply their animals. with oxygen, we deployed repair crews to restore power to the effected facilities. as soon as the rain stopped heavy, rain, and floods aunt unusual in the region at this time of the year. the typhoon season generally lasts from may to october. but with the climate crisis causing more extreme weather patterns, seems like this could become a lot more common in the future. florence louis al jazeera ah.


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