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coveted beyond well taken without hesitation, fought and died for power. defines how well we live here. we make the rule, not them, they find an enemy, and then they try and scare the people with people in power. investigate, exposed it and questions. they use them to be used of our around the globe, on our dcea. on counting the cost, we ask, what's the price of rebuilding ukraine and who are going to be the financial winners once the war is over. plus hyperinflation is gripping zimbabwe examined the unorthodox ways people are trying to protect their assets, counting the cost on all to 0. ah
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oh, sir lancoste leaders struggle to calm public and go to demonstrate his storm. the president's residence, fed up with widespread shortages inside gossip by roger pike's is holmes roland, can protest his make a splash while their reports the president may have fled? ah, let me barker. this is al jazeera, alive from london, also coming up a lot. mosque dumps is multi $1000000000.00 plan to buy twitter. the social media company threatens legal action to force him to close the sale. and elaina, reebok in our we beats to needs is almost a bird in the world. and final becoming the 1st player ever from catholics down to win a grand slam title. ah,
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we start with our continuing coverage of the breaking news from sir lanka were protested of storm the president's home and offices and colombo that demanding his and the government's resignation. people have been facing an unprecedented economic crisis. this led to widespread, shorter just a fuel medicine and food catcher. lopez hotter. yeah. and begins are coverage. yeah. they cool saturday d b when protest to see the president in his government, would you force to step down? they blame, put a bio raj, a poster for an economic crisis. this made my bearable for many of the countries 22000000 people, the after breaking through very key, get another president moment demonstrator stormed into the president's official
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residence in colombo. inside. this is what it looks like. the president was moved by his security team to an undisclosed location. earlier. protesters ran sent to sent you and took photographs on it. with the within moments the presidential pool was reserved for the country's top leaders appeared more like a community pool. the. 2 of our government leaders must leave 3 lanka. they can govern the country properly. we have children and we're on the streets leaving our jobs because we believe in this cause. we love the country and we are suffering. the 73 year old president was elected in 2019. analysts say it's only a matter of time before he is forced to step down. as soon as the president's resignation is now,
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the prime minister becomes the acting president according to the constitution. and that is for a period of 30 days within which parliament must decide who amongst its members will be elected to serve the remainder of the raj. faxes to anger is advising the government's handling of a dire economic crisis. the worse in 70 years. the monthly minimum wage is about $80.00 access to food, fuel and medicine is limited and the government has run out of foreign currency. ledger parks us political allies know this is a crucial moment for their party. smaller demonstrations held earlier this year had little impact. now the frustration appears to have turned into a movement. there can no longer be ignored. katya low facility an al jazeera. let's get straight now to michelle, fernandez sir in columbia,
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where night sir has fallen and now we're hearing that despite the evening has drawn in no sign of demonstrations abating. we're hearing of a potential attack on the prime minister's house as well. what will, can you tell us? that's right. i mean, the last time we spoke, it was to say that tensions had erupted outside of the barricades leading to the prime minister on a vicar, missing his private residence, where he lives, where he has lived for many, many decades. and just within the last hour, that house has been set alight by protesters. now we did here in that tension that was building up, that the police had started firing huge number of tear gas canisters on students that were protesting. in the meantime, there were also reports and also that assault caught on camera, a special task force commanders of the police setting on journalists belonging to
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a particular private tv channel. there were 6 reporters and staff of that channel who the special task forces had surrounded and assaulted. we do know that one female reporter had a gash on her head. she was rushed to hospital and basically quite a few of them are having major injuries. so we are hearing that, ah, the prime minister's private resident has been set ablaze, and that essentially is what we're hearing is the latest in these are sort of developing times as we do still have for testers, are trying to feel free of find their way back home are people so congregating at the bean? i'm sort of protest site outside the president's office in the heart of palumbo me and the attack on a run, a rick from a singer's sir residence despite the fact that he is so good. he would potentially step down what else came out about meeting of key political figures earlier on
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here that meeting that her on her missing a had with the leaders of opposition. political parties are basically they sat down and hammered out the options available right now. as we look ahead in terms of sher lanka and politics, and d, o, one option that had been put on the table was for the president to resign. the other party leader said that does not go far enough. it would not appease all these anger on the streets. they did called for both the president and the prime minister to design. this is something that prime minister on no vicar, missing her, obviously not too keen on. ah, bear in mind that this is the 6th time that he serves as prime minister of shanker, unable to complete a single of his previous terms. and he had basically said that he should be made
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acting president until such time that parliament elect a president that will serve the rest of the presidential term and then go to an election. now all of these things were hammered out. it was quite an intense and animated meeting we're hearing and even the option of the speaker taking over as president was discussed a subsequent to that we have the prime minister putting out a statement saying he's willing to resign and that he will resign in the event that a national government is created an all party national government. now obviously that is long down the road. it still hasn't been agreed on. so it's not as if the prime minister said he's ready to go any time soon. so those are all, some of the immediate indications of what's going on. we also have a report that the president go to our b roger box. these are unconfirmed reports sorely going on. social media tweets are being attributed to sort of
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a very trustable sources that prison gotta be roger box, has expressed his willingness to resign. following that coil by the party leaders. but all of these things votes on the violence and the president need to be confirmed officially before we can take it as confirmed, obviously. i'm sure my now you'll be there to, to the firm those lines when we cam and al fernandez, live for us in columbia. thank you. now sir lanka is in the middle of a serious economic crisis. it's run out of foreign currency and doesn't have enough to pay for imports. part of the problem is a lack of visitors. tourism is a crucial source of foreign currency, but truism. revenues dropped dramatically after the 2019 easter bombing. and the coven 19 pandemic president. go to buy a raja parks that has been accused of economic mismanagement. a series of tax cuts contributed to creditors downgrading fil anchors rating. and then last april, roger packs are banned. fertilizer in ports sanks were lanka would be a 100 percent organic,
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a 100 percent organic farming nation. and that affected agricultural production, driving up through prices and fueling the need for imports were w a re g. rodonna is an independent economic analysts and the former deputy governor of the central bank of sri lanka, he says there are proposals for the speaker of the parliament to be appointed interim president. well in sensor the constitution and has it meet the speaker, they can actually appoint the speaker only one best that you came to see that like you have to be out of configuration by which is simply a simple majority. it is not difficult for him to get it. and then even that was another in the form of government and that government, we have to go on for 6 months, providing relief to members of the public and up to being lane down the basic requirements to to, to eliminate the current economic crisis. and also to enable the country to have
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another election. after 6 months, i have the enabled the com to let its own gotten. so this is the timeline and the strategy that is being proposed by many people who have engaged in the purpose campaign. not simply because we have an indian government or to have parties doesn't mean that i will be able to resort all the fuel economy that use that we have it in today. specifically, we don't have any foreign exchange with the central bank with an s, and he thought, you know, guys unable to maintain the money or program in groups, think what they are not looking guess maybe seen today times input for industries and so forth. so there would be a very difficult time period for so, you know, in the next 3 months time period in other news ala mosque has confirmed, he's terminating his $44000000000.00 takeover of twitter. now the social media
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company says it will su, tesla ceo, to make sure the agreement goes through for to modern reports. a $44000000000.00 deal to buy. twitter is now off the table. the richest man in the world, you are musk for these, terminating the contract, 3 months after locking in the agreement. he used the company of failing to provide information about fake accounts on the platform, and whether they make up fewer than 5 percent of users. twitters board chair says it kept its end of the contract as planning to sue. i think twitter probably would prevail in this. i would think simply because there are, there is a deal. know, he must, can get out by paying a $1000000000.00 fine or $1000000000.00. it's, but it's hard to find a $1000000000.00 penalty. and my guess is that that's what he's trying to prevent is not having to make that 1000000000 dollar payment for many. the focus now turns to stocks and whether twitter and tesla, which must owns, will take
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a hit by the investors. want to see must just get back to focus has the space x. because twitter from the beginning, you just really been a distraction. it's been overhanging stock. musk sped to take over twitter stirred controversy back in april. critics. we're concerned the tesla ceo would promote misinformation on the popular social media site, especially on matters related to politics and health. mac said the acquisition was about stopping censorship and defending freedom of speech. analysts say the billionaire, mave, experienced buyer's remorse, is trying to walk away. and the wait is contracts are structured. it's very difficult for buyers to walk away. either their, these contracts are drafted with a hot to, to provide a high degree of certainty for the sellers. now, terminating the $44000000000.00 contract will have to play out on the legal front. and social media will surely have plenty to say about it. thence, merlin,
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al jazeera, so head lounges era protest as an out across the u. s. to demand more is done to defend women's access to abortion. will be live in dc and we visit the silent streets of an ancient libyan city that used to be filled with tourists. ah, the journey has begun. the fee for world cup is on its way to cattle. hoop your travel package to day. hello, welcome to another look at the international forecasts. we've got some rather heavy rain coming in to northeast and parts of china over the next couple days. larry, a cloud here developing and that's going to face some big down. pause up towards the beijing a little further south of that sliding over to watch shanghai over the next day or 2. and it really peps up as we go on through monday. very heavy rain there. once
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again, across the korean potential that we are likely to see some localized flooding as a result of that. and you can see how that wet weather makes its way right across into the heart of china. ahead of that, still a few showers in the forecast for japan, but i think her sheltered by the mountains, tokyo largely dry temperatures here around 32 celsius temperatures. around 30 i celsius. therefore, shanghai further south southern parts of china shibel, ours, you drive at one or 2 showers, the heavier showers across indo china. they're set to continue. some rather heavy rain still continuing to into the philippines. eastern parts of indonesia still sing some rather wet weather, but for western areas over towards malaysia, which was smarter. i think more in the way of sunshine than showers. i said the more the way of rain than sunshine across a good part of south asia. more heavy down. pause in the india telling. gotta sing some heavy rain and still some heavy rain there too. for pakistan. chatter. airway . issue, airline of the journey. lou
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ah ah ah, wherever you go in the world, one airline goes to make it for you. exceptional. cut, all right, ways going places to go. ah ah, you're watching al jazeera, a reminder of our top story is this. our 3 lank as prime minister ronald rick runner, singer has agreed to step down. it was one of the demands of the protest is angry
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about economic, the economic crisis. he says, to leave, want all political parties agree on a new government for lanka, protests of storm, the president's house and offices and colombo and demanding that he to resign budget. proctor has reportedly fled and his whereabouts are unknown. feel or mosque has confirmed his terminating his $44000000000.00 takeover of twitter. the tesla ceo's legal teams as the company breached the deal, but twitter says it will suit must to enforce the agreement doesn't so protests are being held across the u. s. by abortion rights activists in washington, d. c. civil rights groups have organized the march and sit in the white house. they're calling on jo biden's administration to do more to protect abortion access in the wake of the supreme court decision 2 weeks ago. to overturn the roe vs wade ruling. these are live pictures of that protest on friday,
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the u. s. president signed an executive order protecting access to abortion medication. or let's go live to rosalind jordan, who joins us live from that demonstration in washington, washington, d. c. at rosalind. as i mentioned, the abortion rights, reproductive rights have been hugely divisive in the united states. and we continue to see a lot of anger clearly behind you as well. a, well, this is a rather rather small demonstration given that the weather is quite storming here in washington dc. but it is one of dozens of demonstrations across the united states on saturday. the call is for abortion access without pre conditions, without limits. and they are calling on the bite administration to do more than the issuance of friday's executive order. the argument is that the administration knew 4 months after the court case was argued in before the u. s. supreme court,
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they knew that the possibility of roe v wade being overturned was a very real one until they are here outside the white house criticizing the administration were basically in there who being flat footed, as you can see, they have gathered here in a circle of their slogan, rise up for abortion rights, and they say that this needs to be a matter of assuring that anyone who could become pregnant does have equal access and does have their work. their privacy rights are protected. this is also a moment they say, for the administration to been more aggressive in the way that it stands up for civil liberties writ large, the accused of ident, ministration of simply a b s. and a thinking about too much of their reputation about being seen as conciliatory as opposed to standing for the rights of the millions of people who voted for them in 2040. this particular demonstration is here in front of the white house is like
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overlap until the top of the hour, and then they're going to gather at another location in downtown washington to continue their core. i called in to calm them abortion right. this is, as i noted, one of dozens of demonstrations across the country. me big city is, little city has mostly enough communities where people or feel that they do have some sort of ability to still exercise. what had been the ha like to come abortion . but there is a demonstration happening in houses where the states have already imposed when i say banning abortion now, right, this is a dead dog white and both up is in sims, but now you can see how they handle the support abortion act. name wasn't been jordan, i live in washington dc. thank you. and other news, a g 20 foreign ministers meeting has wrapped up in indonesia,
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china's foreign minister, one ye and the u. s. secretary of state, how talks after that event? jessica washington has more from barley. the u. s. secretary of state antony blank and described his talks with his chinese counterpart, one e as constructive and useful. the 2 met following the g. 20 foreign ministers meeting in barley marking their 1st bilateral in person meeting since october last year. secretary blink and describe the relationship between the us and china as highly consequential. not just for the 2 countries, but for the rest of the world as well. and as such, he said the relationship needs to be managed responsibly. he said the meeting lasted more than 5 hours and covered a variety of topics. he took the chance during the meeting. he said to raise concerns over the situations in shins, young, to best and hong kong with regard to human rights. and also what he remarks as china's increasing aggression over taiwan. none of these are easy topics,
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but the united states cease always to be consistent voice on human rights for mental freedoms not to stand against china or any other country, but to help the best piece security and human dignity. the warn ukraine has been really the main point of discussion during the course of this g 20 foreign ministers meeting. and that same steam has continued into this bilateral meeting between the u. s. and china secretary blink and said that during the meeting, he raised his concerns about the continued normal relationship between china and russia. and said that now was the time that all countries must put pressure on russia to end its aggression in ukraine. i shared again with se counselor that we are concerned about, the pierce's alignment with russia. now what you hear from, from beijing is that it claims to be neutral. oh, i would start with the proposition that it's pretty hard to be neutral when it
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comes to this aggression. following the conclusion of this highly anticipated bilateral meeting, both secretary blinkin and minister wong will continue their diplomatic efforts. here in asia, secretary lincoln will continue on and travel to thailand where he will meet with thailand's prime minister and foreign minister. minister one meanwhile, will remain in indonesia where he will meet with the indonesian president. united nation says more than 12000000 ukrainians were displaced by the russian invasion. some are starting to return a rebuild, but some never left. alan fisher traveled to the village of motion to meet a great grandmother who survived the assault. by sheltering in her basement this village used to be home to around 800 people. then the russians came and there was just one lady is or you can never left as others run for safety. she stayed when there was shelling, she hid in her basement for
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a month. the 72 year old slept here too, with just her cat for company. who is saying are saying when there was heavy shelling the ground would shake and i would slightly open the door just to see if it was my house or somewhere else. when neighbors houses started to burn, i tried to put out the flames, but there was just too much. she wasn't scared, she says voice told her she would be safe. the russell that there, i saw 2 soldiers. i saw the yellow and blue stripes i knew they were ukrainians, and i knew then i could come out of him and initially the devastation in motion is obvious. homes destroyed, ripped apart, and the fighting people are now returning with one charity on hand, giving basics to people who have lost everything. we are providing medical support . we're providing food support, a baby for the children, food and also various toys for the kids. it seems simple, but at the other hand,
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they are very expensive for these people. for the people in the village, the rebuild may have started, but the danger is still here. the used to be able to use the forest any time they wanted, but they see there is no sealed off because that are mines there are no one knows where they are. some cried when they saw the shell of the place. they called home. but they are rebuilding, we have no choice, this is all the have. first room will all, everything we have go to was destroyed as usual. nothing left to me and we have to start again from scratch. it will take years to assume that he is acre is glad people are coming back. she says it's nice to see old faces. nice to no longer have to hide next to no longer have a war raging on her doorstep. allan fisher, i'll just either motion ukraine. at least 16 pilgrims have been killed by flash floods. an indian administered kashmir, helicopters,
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ferry to hospital. those who were injured when flood waters swept through their makeshift camps high in the himalayas. tens of thousands of hindu pilgrims have been taking part in the annual pilgrimage to a cave shrine. water spring in the middle of the libyan desert supported the city of garden these for thousands of years. tourists used to visit the oasis in droves, but years of conflict have left its ancient alleyways empty. and now as efforts continue to create a lasting peace, there's hope that more stable conditions will draw. visitors back malik, trainer reports from academies, and libby as northwest. the dumbness is nicknamed the pearl of the desert. it's crown jewel. this waist is called the thu, meaning head of the valley is believed to be more than 4000 years old. water tunnels, fed by the gall, suv stretched throughout the city, have supplied houses, moss and forms for centuries, a sleuth. and it led him after the gus zoof was found. the city became an economic
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hub for caravan trade, connecting countries across africa. and it came under control of the roman and byzantine empires. but later islam flourished throughout north africa. this mosque is 1400 years old. the old city is one of 5, eunice, go world heritage sites and libya that are on its endangered list. cliff back and forth as adena and at them the people of good armies were surprised and have suffered greatly due to the unesco decision to enlist the old city to its endangered list. the cities economy relies on tourism, so we hope that unesco takes us off the list, so people feel safe to come and visit people here say thousands of foreign tourists used to come and visit. but the years long conflict and libya has had a devastating impact on the tourism sector. formerly a driving city, it's narrow alley ways are now mostly deserted. but some domestic
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tourists, though, come, these men are from the 2 auto tribe and visiting from o body. deep in libya, south canada, we were in a nearby village. so we decided to visit this historical city. as libyans yield city links our history to our present and future. it is when the honor to visit the city and to see our friends from good armies. it's beautiful to see that the local community is trying to preserve it to stop. for centuries, ladamme is thrived. it's markets, and alleyways visited by people from around the world. but for more than a decade, conflict and libya has kept foreigners away. now people here hope to return if peace can be achieved in libya and the parole of the desert won't be forgotten. mal trina, al jazeera for donna's elinor, re back in our kazakhstan, has won the wimbledon championship. she beat unity as alms jabber. and the woman's
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final trooper was aiming to become the 1st arab african to win a grand slam title. and the world number 2 said, took the 1st set 63, but we're back and i hit back to take the next to says, just the last a few games. the russian born 23 year old becoming the 1st player from kazakhstan to win a major championship. with a before the minds ewing to my, cham honestly hoping that the thing is, to be honest because i never felt something like this in i just want to say big things to the crowd for the subordinate was i'm available. i love this tournaments are much lender. i feel really sad, but i mean it's, it's dennis, there is only one winner. i'm really happy that i'm trying to inspire, you know, many generation from my country. i hope all is well
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and also when i think this beautiful crowd for their support during the 2 weeks it's been amazing. thank you very much. and i just want to, we said mubarak, all muslims are on the word. this variable most in pilgrims are marking the 1st day of eat al other in mecca. ah, you see is expanded. hodge is now coming to an end. after 2 years of severe restrictions because of the pandemic. another 1000 people were able to attend this year. most of those came from outside saudi arabia, that is still less than half the number that took pass in 2019. but eda is also being marked.


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