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tv   101 East Japans Pet Otter Obsession  Al Jazeera  July 10, 2022 7:30pm-8:01pm AST

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for centuries, the dam is thrived, it's markets, and alleyways visited by people from around the world. but for more than a decade, conflict and libya has kept foreigners away. now, people here hope their return if peace can be achieved in libya, and the pearl of the desert won't be forgotten. malik, trina, al jazeera adamus, ah, this is al jazeera, these are the top stories. at least 14 people have been killed by gunman in a bar in south africa. it happened in the nom samo settlement and so wet o, southwest of johannesburg, please say a group of men open fire on patrons just after midnight. protest is occupying the homes of slang because president and other official buildings say they won't leave until both the president and prime minister stepped down. both men have agreed to
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resign already. after a day of protest, the country is struggling with this worst economic crisis in decades. at least 15 people were killed in russian military strikes in the ukrainian town of chess. if he are rescue his fear more people are trapped in the rubble of a 5 story building. russian ground forces are pushing to take control of the entire done yet screeching. some one was so quickly zeal, alina, he knew this, what have we done to them? and one of our people done to hurt them, there was jogged us and then it all started. we ran to the basement. there were 3 hits the 1st somewhere in the kitchen and the 2nd i don't even remember there was lightning. we ran towards the 2nd entrance and then straight into the basement. we sat there all night until this morning. the metal door was blown and it wounded a woman. and then there was a man wounded over there. the line up of candidates to replace boys. johnson this british prime minister is growing more crowded by the day. former defense secretary petty morton's as announce. she's launching her bid that follows for contenders who
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enter the race on saturday. poles of clothes in japan's upper house selections, which have been overshadowed by the assassination of the former prime minister shims oh abbe, 2 days ago, abbeys party, the liberal democrats, are projected to keep a majority. in india, hundreds of worshippers gathered at the 17th century german mustered most to offer prayers. muslims traditionally marked the day by sacrificing life's dog. they then give it as gifts to family members, friends, and the poor and thousands of worshippers in pakistan's largest city corolla. she came out for pres, also the large outdoor gatherings been held on the cities polar ground since 1958 those the headlines. the news continues here on out here that's after one or one east. japan's pet author obsession. stay with us. ah.
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and i o says intelligent social and playful. the small mammals have a knack for capturing people's hearts. once hunted for their fur to day off, his face a new threat. that charming nature is fueling a huge surge and their illegal trade is pets. and social media appears to be driving that demise. this vulnerable species of being cold in the wild, sold online and smuggled illegally by criminal syndicates from southeast asia. one of the main markets is japan. one i want east investigates the trade in wild otto's ah.
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ah, tokyo, the world's largest metropolis densely packed with millions of inhabitants japan's capitol. it's hard me, the 1st place you'd visit if looking for wildlife. however, in recent years, a new phenomenon has been sweeping through this concrete jungle animal cafes where customers pay a copper charged to sit in a cafe and pet, a number of cute, domestic animals. but as businesses compete for customers, this been a disturbing shift to ever more exotic species. and one animal seems to be more popular than any other. the asian, small clo daughter, our 1st stop is to the original, and arguably, most famous, ought
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a cafe in all of japan, ah, to revoke one hour with the office. and you can pat some of the different animals in here. and then you come outside and included in the prices this little bowl of author traits. so they stay in here all day. i thought, hey, in this is page overhead. i ok. where did they come from? japan and ah, yes, they got their bread. so then you got them back. yeah. how many do you have? oh, vasily. only 3. ha. okay. the water mammals, a captain, a small plastic box with the whole large enough only for visitors to feed them through. ah, ah, if this is one of the most highly rated cafes in the city, i wonder what the other establishments will be like services offer
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for her habits. are there any protected breeding facility in southeast asia? wonder if this is, well, i can also so one of the things you notice her bench absolutely things and a lot of the office in pretty agitated this is very different. the last place that we visited with bright lights. we got pumping music. he's got awesome, fucked. into all the he see tiny little cages been picked up man handled by taurus all the time. wild alters usually eat fish and cross stations. here they have no choice but to consume a diet dictated by their owners. see aught as a well adapted to life in the water, but in cafes like this most don't have access to any at all. and it seems to be
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affecting their well being in this authorization, not on the car, the style. if you can see it, it's just a little bit of anom remaining speaking to the star, we try to discover where these authors are coming from. so they're a breeder for you that yeah. in indonesia. and then you by the us is from indonesia . yeah. and they send them to japan that jeff, so the way of justifying what's going on in these rooms here is i'm, this is for leah conservation center. and indonesia, the mother has only 4 breastmilk, but they also can birth 5 to a as a baby also, they also give birth to 5 right babies. if we let them live in nature, some of the baby authors will die. the popularity of alter cafes has been steadily rising,
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but not all locations are quite as comfortable placing that animals on clear display and it soon becomes clear why without thank you. you having fun. yeah. hey guys. i here here a nice i yeah, i've only been in the small room for my 10 minutes with this music playing. and i'm already start to lose my mind so much more like babies also have a stuck in hair almost all day every day. oh, i will, this isn't weird. it i saw a time is up here. very eye opening experience. looks like these particular asa
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credit in japan and then brought her whereas the other place we found out that they were ha, importing them from indonesia. it seems i was whole also tried as a bit of a web right as to where are these animals coming from and what's driving the demand for keeping them in captivity? one answer is revealed by a search on the internet. social media is powering the popularity boom of ot cafes and authors in japan. there are hundreds of thousands of people who subscribe to also video channels online. some of their videos, half millions of views off to cats and dogs could also be the internet's favorite animal. to find out why someone would want to keep an otter as a pet. when meeting 2 of the world's most famous sources and the owner, a yahoo gucci,
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known as punchin. ah, they're like many has manian devils with running round in circles playing with all of that toys. these guys might be the same size as a, as a cat. very cute as well. but that definitely not domesticated in the same way. very rowdy. and what about access to water? i'm punch outside. we got to be very careful because it can get quite wet in here. they also get very excited. they even have a little puzzling boom. without that is crazy. as you can see, these of very large wild animals, you had
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a lot of energy and they also bite as well. why is it that you're also became such celebrities? america? no. like it's over. so because you will see the scene, i got on an acre there and you know, they've got to look them up. so was it like having office as part of your family? let them all you know? yeah. nickel, missouri with another with none of their cousin. good, they can deal with us. that's what the for the i they velvet's but still, how much would you recommend? say for example, i came to you and said i once by an author, would you recommend or, or not? cause a come up that i know. 6 something with it as in other f by the coming through the simona thought e l coefficient alpha omega thought i got an i e caught up that i need co.
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what the lot. yeah, i'm in the hallway. where did you get them from? i said he cut the call is only yokohama mother. so we said they cut the facial there in law. so guys just have us no more and i thought you not court till one on one of them. are there any hide on? i got a funny got that the horns. yes, i still have mine. so close. i arcos message is clear. don't tried this at home. but her social media posts seem to be having the opposite effect. and she still trying to buy office locally with us is clearly being loved. nationwide and wild japanese river also declared extinct in 2012. where exactly are all these animals coming from? based on what a jak had told us, we dig a little deeper into the exotic patsy and make plans to head out of the capital.
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i've just arrived into a city outside of tokyo code yokohama. i'm here to visit what seems to be a rather infamous, zeus stroke pet. so they call themselves as though yet from their website. they seem to sell anything from an seater to mountain lion, many different types of monkeys. and possibly authors of got no idea what to expect, but give it a go. owls to rasa servile. sloss penguins square monkey. and chameleon this this is the same, there is no issue as the type of animal you could ever imagine saying a porcupine, for example. h any she oh my
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word vince her own. oh, i lived in boni i for a few years and i never saw one been throwing out in the wild. and now here's one in a tiny little cell. the owner has no problem with that, filming all this really he explained. my purpose is to show people how attractive animals are. yeah. not from the internet, but back to the smell. hopefully, if animals are under my pins, they go like this. yeah, all the time. they don't think about, you know, really particularly barrios. and what about um ot us? well, i, i bought order from your sounds funny to import a john order from europe,
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but they breed the auto. that's why i have toaster introduce our 1st bill. would it not just be easier to get them from asia or treat her opponents from good? i'm looking for reading before i got married. i hope for the last time i was in texas who she'd be addicted. so i separated them out to wait for the right time on my numbers. yeah. they may decide what i good by saying ronald patton rose, who was i was on this. i was, i'm sorry about the i think, who are you who are you the label? ah ah, baby photos, it log shows on tv show and unfortunately that brings us into how's a proper id. but the reason why i sell,
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fortunately, is we don't have enough supply. so some of smuggled in despite how open the shop bona is about his justifications for keeping exotic animals. we are still left with many questions about how ot is a being brought into japan. most pet cafes say that alters were legally imported from thailand or indonesia. but animal rights investigators say the cafes don't have the certificates to prove it. to find out more, it's time for us to leave japan on next stop in denisia. we
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meet up with weld animal protection, evidence manager abby parker. and she's brought us to a location. the group has been closely monitoring for a while. we're currently driving to the outskirts of town to go visit them. a line of reading, thumb or intelligent, suggest that this is a captive reading facility valdez. most recently, it's also declared itself as a conservation and say, what's interesting is 3 who are reset. we found out that the owner of the farm also opens a chain of intractable to cafes in japan, which is where we believe the officers from the malign fall of beings. and has anyone from wild animal protection ever visited this place? so we've tried to gain access to this farm. after all, it said breeding center. it's a conservation facility and it promotes itself in a very positive light. however, our investigators have always been refused access. and the question is, why,
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what's hiding behind those doors? mm hm. arriving at the center, we went to see if they'd allow us to where to where we go. ah, no good, it's all. we're instantly denied access. so we try to obtain as much information as possible. how many, how many other? oh, i know i do more than 23 data. yeah. yeah. but sounds like a lot, a lot of office and i am having babies. and after the release i find the middle of you know, where do they get them from? hello am i and i may be from the government because it,
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because this is a way that the center doesn't know where the officer coming from or whether going to without going inside or we could do is speculate well for a facility that claims to pre a breeding center, there was no sign of breeding, no, even any sign of cups. and for site that claims to be a conservation center, there was no sign of any sort of conservation activity going on my m and ultimately no sign of release back into the wild. ah, that night abbey explained exactly what the ongoing investigation at uncovered. i think the biggest issue that we're having is that this farm was originally founded
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as a breeding form. however, it now describing itself with this compilation entity. having spoken to the owner of the farm who also writings these japanese cafes, he said that he's, he wants to retain as many officers as possible to the wild school. he's actually committed to returning 10 percent of the stock. the born in this facility to the wilds and the remaining 90 percent can be exposed to japan, most likely for the pet industry. all these interactive pet cafes that to me isn't a consummation facility. what was interesting is that he said that i have a new release to offer in the last year, right? the japanese cafe, the telling us that they're only and importing the 5th off to cup that we gotta, we know that the cafes are importing $50.00 to $60.00 office per year. now the number 50 just makes sense. if they were going to import this, many alters, would have to see a production of about $250.00 of the cubs per year. if it was true that only the people to pub was being imported, those numbers just make sense. we
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want to find out more about how alters it being taken from the wild and sold. a source has told us if we want to look for authors to head to the largest pet market in the entire country. chattanooga or a market east of the capital jakarta is a sprawling hub. the animal trade a plethora of exotic species, seats in tiny metal cages. distressed and sweltering under the hot sun walking around the market. it's not hard to believe that indonesia is considered a global hot bed for exotic pat trade. across facebook alone, there are hundreds of public and private greeks dedicated to exotic patio to ship
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comprising hundreds of thousands of on my members and laws against keeping endangered animals out weekly and forced so no, sir, no, but i am what i am because you get arrested because this'll because a legal anyway, i see right at another market in the capital, i find one man willing to talk. so long as we hide his identity. the gentleman over there said that they do have, but i'm, but i am, i do have office. so now we just got to head up to your 3rd floor and check it out . any guy? no, any mo, daycare bro. right? yeah, yeah. if the price is right, what? maybe maybe tiger lenient white man. the one you can buy a baby tiger here in jakarta,
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you law thought god believe you can pay the police, you can pay it or be outdoors this. it turns out we just been told this morning to auto. we traded from this market for the market. we were earlier, even though we were told all morning that i haven't tried it offers and years. mm hm. we have to find another way into the market. social media has led me to some dedicated animal rights activists. and one of them is willing to, ah, once again, their identity is hidden for that safety. the last i make contact with someone who is willing to go into the market for us under cover and poses the buyer. so just off to meet him now downstairs and attach hidden cameras
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to him and send them back into the market and see what in tele now this goes on deal with with our capers. so keep us posted on what top after anxious wait, we finally made contact a message just just come in that he's wanting to locate the school, the also seller. he's not there at the moment, but he's gonna try and get his contact details again, come back. and in the meantime, he might ask some of the other sellers, whether they have any office, feel a little bit nervous over here. okay. how to
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go? when? well, i think there's a man who is a buyer from local people who want to sell any kind of a new one. a why? one more thing? one? yeah. the white one is for a letter in the game or if you want i can i send it to water city? ah, yeah. i like that. yeah. he has exports. it also whole market. not any. i mean with
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my and so with that single inquiry, a chain of events he set in motion for . ah, why is it? ask humans that we think that everything is just a frost to exploit or enjoy. just take also as a small example, we rip them from the wild. we then take the babies, we keep them in our houses in habitat that are completely unsuitable for them. and then the mom handled by humans for the rest of their lives. but the really cybering
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thing is also just one of thousands of species that are actually using the exhausted pat tried and so fox, they're really just the tip of the iceberg. ah
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mm mm hm. and a cutter prepared to host an estimated 1000000 fans for the 1st world cup in the middle. east. security is paramount. the c e. o of the international center for sport security says katara has been preparing for more than a decade and has a track record a posting smaller tournaments such as the asian come the successfully, the man thought the strive dog is that the, the will copy that, that he's a part of a bigger vision, cut your husband's staging, stimulation, and conducting training exercises for security forces. a number of global safety
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indexes, right? cuts are at the top. last year, 200000 fans attended the air, a beef a copy. there's hope that perhaps this november's world cup will some day be a kind of dry rod for hosting the olympics. i'm a like a vase in the south of india to find out how a tiny bass in this scheme, gross and extensive mining operation to scan. corona virus wept across the world with devastating effects, and it's widely believed to be connected, illegal wildlife trays. here in vietnam, we visit a rescue center for some of the worlds most threatened to animals and joined the call for an end to the global wildlife shade. arrived on al jazeera talk to al jazeera, we ask you be more specific, how many pills are you asking for? and what kind of military equipment we listen,
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ask the people of cuba in the street. if there is a difference between donald trump and joe bye for them, it's fine. we meet with global news makers. i'm talk about the store restock matter on al jazeera. ah, a storyline couldn't stay cation protest to say they won't leave the president's house until the company's lead us step down. ah, i'm deep all here. this is al jazeera life, doha also coming up or than 20 people are dead in south africa, half to 3 bar shootings and separate areas, raising questions about policing and gun control. ukrainian search for survivors and an apartment building devastated by a russian strike in the east. the rising cost of living.


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