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and we are ending all american support for offensive operations in the war in yemen . what we've done by the actions that we've taken is not to rupture the relationship but to recalibrate as russia and china compete for influence over the region at a moment of going to upheaval. would you ask it back in the game biden, in the middle east on al jazeera? ah, i protested since for lanka, se they'll continue to occupy the homes of the president and prime minister until they officially resign a re, a carnival atmosphere here. and the president's official residents and for more shall luncheons that are here. they said they're not going to lose an opportunity to see how their leaders live. ah,
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you without cerebral costing law from doha. i'm at carrie johnson. we're also coming up more than 20 people shot dead in 3 bars in south africa, president at cyril run a poser, cause of violence, unacceptable, and worrying. a desperate search for survive is an eastern ukraine after a russian rocket attack on an apartment building. and japan's ruling coalition is on course to win a sweeping majority in the house of parliament in an election, overshadowed by the murder of former prime minister in so abbe ah, we began in sri lanka, where the main opposition political parties have agreed on a new government a day after the president and the prime minister offered their resignations, it follows an unprecedented day of protests, where president got by roger baxter and prime minister, real big room, a singer's residences were stormed and ransacked. their homes have now become
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a destination for curious sher lankin, see, want to see how their leaders live their lives while they struggled with nations. worst economic crisis is also become a site for protests. those who say they will continue to occupy the buildings until the resignations are official. now fernandez reports not from columbia. on sunday, relative calm returned to she lanka protested remained, and the president official residence making use of facilities normally reserved for the countries elite. a real carnival atmosphere here at the president's official residence. the great facade you see behind me, you notice the architecture. it goes back many, many decades. and this was the sight of that massive sea of people who overran this property. seeing the exit of president gore tabi raj boxer on friday and the sheer number of people trying to get in to see the president's house is pausing
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a real problem. those who are part of the protest campaign who are still trying to control some of the crowds are urging people to be careful. there is structural damage, obviously, a very all property and just cannot handle. the sheer numbers are climbing up the staircase that has been structurally shoes. so that's posing a very real problem and the danger. and this obviously the swimming pool at the president's house of the water looking very much. 2 worse for the wear, but those iconic pictures of people are diving into this right after the protested essentially overran this residence junkers 22000000 people have for months, been suffering the worst economic crisis. the nation has seen since independence in 1948. the summer heat, worsening electricity blackouts, few of food and medical shortages and years of political corruption moving help on the brook army are the greatest thing. the people and the youth of this country has ever done is to change this man away. he was expelled, chased away,
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he did not resign. as the protest swelled on saturday, present got up a raj boxer fled his overrun residence his whereabouts are unknown yet. however, dorothy lunk harvey, he is no longer the president of sri lanka, long he has been expelled by the citizens ish, melancholy. therefore it victorious moment in. oh, vicious resignations from leaders for a nation in rebellion. now, little more than formalities, this is going to be an extremely critical time to ensure those political stability, as well as economic stability at a time where there's also a law in order to situation erupting so, if, while ends is not contained, these concern that this is going to deepen the crisis overseas, remington says, and tourism are the main sources of revenue here after bomb attacks on churches and
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hotels in 2019, and then the covey 19 ben demick boatright up. the recent political turmoil has been a long time coming and is likely to be an equally long time to recover from. but for millions of sri lankan, it's not clear yet whether the shortages will end and prices come down. minova mendez audra 0 colombo. earlier i spoke to raffi, do a sunroof, know who's a protest or an activist. he spoke to us from inside the presidential palace in columbus and says demonstrations will continue until the president is out. protesting against the government is a right off every citizen. so we've been protesting peacefully for about 3 months and the government wouldn't, wouldn't listen. does a president wouldn't listen? so president him. so is the person who made us made us recapture presidential palace. it's, it's,
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i don't think it's on law hold on. i. but by storming these buildings, how do you not set a dangerous precedent? i'm not actually. we had, we had to take mission. we had a big mission as. ready to make the president, president, to step down is for some his position somehow. so the president would wouldn't listen that he had he had, he had not he had not given us any option other than other than been being these things. okay. now that now that you've taken that option, how long will the protest is actually stay there and yourself? and as soon as the president gets down it from his position, we are willing to be willing to be ready to move out from the presidential palace
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and give the give this back to the government. at least 21 people have been killed in 3 separate shootings in south africa. they say 15 people was shot dead and several others were injured. that the orlando, east haven, and sweater on the southern outskirts of johannesburg, for other people were killed in a separate tab and shooting in the town of peter merits. black. katya lopez, her young, has more overwhelming pain as families our call to identify their relatives. it was after midnight when police say more than a dozen people was shot dead by gunmen in a bar knew johannesburg. bodies piled near the entrance. our victims who tried to run out and escape. what renewal is that? the assailants the just entered into that space?
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well, people and dreamed, and so from the shorter and only to dam, investigators have described the shooting as a massacre said ins as that a, anyone now possesses a gun, was to try it the act on a, on our communities and wish to call upon communities to actually lead indeed assist the police in bring in to book a those a paper tray. does police say nothing was sold in from the business? now they're focused turns on catching those responsible, finding out why the victims were targeted. katie, a little bit of a young al jazeera or gun ownership is a hugely divisive issue. in south africa, one proposed legislation, the firearms control act would stop people from legally owning a gun. for self defense purposes, support to say few guns would lead to less crime. there are about 450000 license guns in south africa. critics argue civilians need licensed weapons to defend
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themselves, especially with a rising crime rate and an overwhelmed police force. more than $6000.00 people were killed in the 1st 3 months of this year in south africa. they say these are the worst figures recorded in the last 5 years. well in carmen is director of the advocacy group community safety at action society in cape town. he thinks police are inadvertently contributing to the growing problem of gun violence the last 12 years. so that we can pre service, has lost more than $26000.00 fire on state farm. that means that in the last 12 years of african police services, most likely the biggest gun supplier to criminals in south africa, which is obviously very, very worried. and i think if we see it in that way, we need to understand the less than 10 percent conviction rates for violent crime, in general in south africa and less than 5 percent conviction. right. it makes it
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incredibly difficult to combat crime efficiently in the country. i think this a via political interference in this other african pre service. we've seen that over the last 20 years, the majority of commission is that we're going to, we're not korea police members. they were politically connected ruling parties that were appointed. and we also saw them spend most of our specialized units in the south africa, the service expectation it was said that they would need to combat serious violent crimes from ground level. and to give you an idea. yeah, for example, like 2019 african pre service last more than 10000000 rounds of ammunition. so that means 10000000 rounds of ammunition was, is freely roaming on the streets of the country.
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at least 15 people have been killed in charge of your in eastern ukraine, a softer russian rocket attack on an apartment building rescue workers fair. there are more people trapped in the rubble. russian ground forces are pushing to take control of the entire on the region. the chess of yard is located alan fish reports from keith. 3 dawn sky lit up as russian rockets fall in chest of your apartment block, torn apart, rescue workers. know the timing of the attack means most people would have been in bed. so they're moving debris by hand tunneling down, trying to find anyone still trapped in the building. look what have we done to then what if our people done to hurt, then there was darkness, and then it all started. locals could only leucon helpless as the sets continued for neighbors. friends, relatives were with that, you know what the law we ran to the basement. there were 3 heads the 1st somewhere
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in the kitchen. the 2nd i don't even remember. there was lightning. we ran towards the 2nd entrance and then straight into the basement. we sat there all night until this morning. we'll pull north. if you get, the local governor says there may be many more people trapped than the rebel. having lifting gear is on stand by mom to rule again with her one more conformational war crimes where the russian federation they're targeting civilians everywhere, downs, villages, and cities. it doesn't matter if they're on the front line or somewhere else. the president's chief of staff called it another terrorist attack by a terrorist country, and he demanded government's act to declare russia a state sponsor of terrorism. the russians have repeatedly denied the target civilians to u. s. senators have pushed the idea of designating russia a state sponsor of terrorism, and they believed they could get almost unanimous support for it in the u. s. senate that would put russia in the same category as north korea, iran and syria,
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and the vote could fall in coming days. i'll fisher, i'll just either keep a russian rock. it struck another residential area in the eastern city of hockey. the engine, at least 6 people. me, a 12 year old girl is among the injured artillery attacks on ukraine's 2nd biggest city have intensified in recent weeks. ukraine has criticized a decision by canada to return a repair the gas turbine to germany, devices needed for the noise stream one pipeline to maintain supplies from russia. it was initially held back as part of western sanctions on moscow. canada says returning the turbine without europe to access affordable gas as he tries to end its dependency on russia. ukraine once the decision reversed, saying it plays into moscow's hands. was to the head hair on altos, air,
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wildfire threatening, ancient trees. and one of america's most famous national parks doubles in size in a day. i never talk of which beats nick, a curious consecutive movement. ah, hal, i still play the hate across southern parts of the us. in fact, a fair amount of heat up into that a society of canada as well, live the showers longest spells of friends bonnet, storms pulling away from the eastern seaboard, trying to sink a little further southwards on this weather system. neither the cluster of storms there around central canada upper midwest affecting the northern plains as we go one through monday, just pushing a little further east with one of those monsoon showers down towards the desert southwest summer rainfall coming through here. hopefully, well come in nature,
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try and find sunny over towards the west coast. little bit of wet weather just coming down as a b c. as we go on through monday, you'll see that ontario at a tober could see some showers still as we go on 3 monday. hopefully it'll drive it towards east and cbl, but around the panhandle will will see those showers lingering on to northern parts of florida. could see a little bit of localized flooding. it's sunshine and showers. meanwhile, across the caribbean, some beautiful weather coming through here. over the next few days, more in the way of sunshine than she has picked across the eastern hours, scattering a showers there for the great around to lay some wet weather wants to get into central america. the showers will be quite intense at ties picked across other parts of the region into costa rica and iraq. ah, oh oh
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oh, where ever you go in the world? one airline goes to make it for you. exceptional katara always going places to go. ah ah. you're watching al jazeera or mind about top stories. this high testers in sholandra have vowed to occupy the official residences of the president and prime minister until both leaders officially resign. the president has been blamed for economic mismanagement. she's left the country short of food fuel power and
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medicine. gunmen have killed at least 21 people and 3 separate shootings in south africa. one of those instance happened in a bar in the winter, but 15 people were gone down. russian rockets of hits an apartment block in the eastern ukrainian kind of chested yard, killing at least 15 people. several people are feared trapped under the rubble. o japan's governing conservatives are on course to increase the majority in the upper house of parliament after sunday's elections. the vote was held just 2 days after the assassination of a former prime minister schanzer. either he was shot dead at a campaign event in the city of nora. a 41 year old suspect remains in custody foreign st. louis reports japan as a nation in morning after the assassination of its former leader shouldn't obey on friday. but fritz governing liberal democratic party,
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a glimmer of good news after sunday's upper house elections. the l. d. p has been the dominant party, cynthia, and of the 2nd world war and had a high approval rating. going into the vote. ave was a member of the lower house and still wielded considerable influence as head of the l. d. p largest faction. analysts say the results will help prime less taikisha consolidate power. you know, the biggest threat to his position has been sheen's obey. so the fact that obey was killed a couple of days ago actually, ah, is another thing that made stabilizers regime. and in a strange way, the strong election showing will give him a chance to increase military spending, revising japan's pacifist constitution. one of our best unfulfilled ambitions is also likely to be on the cards. although analysts say amending the constitution will not be an easy process. and also when you thought of this and there it is
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still unclear how to amend the constitutional and which parts of it need to be amended. even amongst those in support of constitution amendment opinions very a lot of the can't be a quick change of the constitution. even any blocking 2 thirds of the seats can't do it. the japanese people will vote on it and it is hard to pass. vic. meanwhile, the suspect in our base assassination has been handed over to prosecutors inara, where he will likely be detained and questioned before being charged. police have acknowledged, there were security flaws in friday's attack, and have promised a thorough investigation. florence louis al jazeera. well, let's speak to donna weeks now. she's a professor of physical science that mr. scene at university in t. okay, thanks for joining us here on al jazeera. so this wind wasn't too much of a surprise. that was really, i mean, even before the venture friday,
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i think there was an expectation that the liberal democratic party would win and was just a matter of saying how many states along with say, the pro constitution reform parties that they would, would end up with in what way then, will this help the prime minister consolidate power? do you think? i'll look. i think it will give him confidence and give him a sense of a mandate that people are satisfied with his prime ins to ship and, and the direction the governments has been taking. having said that, i mean some of the parties that had a strong piece campaign that is not changing the constitution also got up and got candidates reelected quite quickly as well. so i think domestically when the debate comes to it, it will still be quitely. harley contested debate, and domestically aside from the shocking and sadness,
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how did the death of the shins are they play into the election? yes, look, i think the results. so there was sort of results that if you want to take that view, that they did push the numbers up for the old a pe. you can say that on the other hand, the actual way to turn out was only around about 2 percent up on the last house election. so you could say that it didn't really bring people out to vote in the way that so i guess some of some people had anticipated. so i think the influence on the vote itself is somewhat neutral and suggest that why they had wanted to revise japan's pacifist constitution. is that likely to be back in the spotlight? promised the kitchen did mention at last night in his interview with the national broadcast that you know this, this is an opportunity to put a put it back on the table. there is no loose coalitional pro reform
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parties that could help with the numbers they if, if they want to do it could. shouldn't however, was very quick to emphasize it would have to go through robust elementary debate and that it will be subject to a national referendum as your commentator in making reports and internationally. where does japan go from head and in terms of, for example, the defense strategy when, when looking at and dealing with china. but one of the issues that has been consisted during the campaign, in fact, just a few weeks ago, chrome institution had just announced that they want to increase the defense budget to 2 percent of j to be which was doubling all of the budget. now that took many, by surprise, it was quite contested on the campaign trial that the opposition party was saying, you know, really the, the program should take this to the parliament and discuss this. now of course
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tensions between my career and china and south korea, north korea, china type, often centered on japan and approach to to article 9 of the constitution. the pace close, i guess if the there is reform, i guess the china and south and north korea will use it as an opportunity to therefore escalate the attention. so depending on how that plays out on august, will have some escalation of tensions in the region. on a weeks at lisa, sheena university, we thank you for your time. thank you. my pleasure. thank you. the race to take her from boris johnson as a british prime minister shaping up to be a hard fought contest. so for 11 candidates of launch leadership bids and more are expected to join before the selection process gets on the way. later this week, we'll brennan looks at the issues. contenders will have to address. politics is
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a brutal business riven with rivalries and shifting loyalty on simmering ambitions . and when the top job is up for grabs, the heat really is on it looks like it's shaping up to be a very, very kind of not the leadership campaign. if that does happen, of course, you have a window to be providing over very fractured policy at a point in which regards to what the lifetime cost of living crisis, the u. k is next, prime minister isn't chosen by the general public. instead, just a conservative m p 's over the in parliament with all the less down most likely to just to remain in candidates. and then the conservative party membership in the country around $160000.00 of them will cast the postal balance. a 2019 analysis found that 70 percent of the members all male, 56 percent or older than 55. and a 3rd of them live in london in the southeast of england. expect policies which appeal explicitly or implicitly to that demographic. the conservative party model
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itself at the party for business conservative voters generally don't support high taxes, they inhibit enterprise and growth. they believe. so it's no surprise that at this early stage of a contest, leadership rivals are falling over themselves. the promise tax cuts. look, i believe in a lower tax, lower regulation, the red tape economy. i think no consensus should raise taxes either what you need a small tax cost that will grow the economy. i've always been a low tax consulting on july to the others are falling and whatever you decide on economic policy has risk, whichever way you go. but there, i think the much greater risk is not having the tax cut. but if you're cutting taxes, how would you fund public services, 96500000 patients are currently waiting for hospital treatment in england, such as near replacement. so i surgery on the next p. m needs to have a plan. low wage growth, big increases in energy bills and price inflation nudging into double figures. have
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all created a cost of living crisis here in the u. k. something new prime minister is going to have to tackle dustin full. both people are suffering. the most is country, of course, of those who have hon. 2.6000000 kids getting hungry. you just said more cost to them directly, either side. you also need to have a serious program for how we're going to fix this country and fix our problem. remember, this is an election a which only conservatives can vote. the other 47000000 people of voting age can only watch on weight and hope for the best. whole brennan al jazeera london, a wild far is threatening a grove of ancient trees in one of america's most famous national parks. the sanity is home to more than $500.00 giant sequoia trees, which can grow to over 70 meters. hawk officials say the fire has more than doubled in size in a day. boseman jordan reports ah, the washburn fire began in yosemite national park on thursday. officials say the
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fire threatened some 500 sequoia trees in an area called mariposa grove. and that includes the famous grizzly giant at some of the oldest trees that there are. there's trees that are 2000 years old. they're massive giants when you stand next to them as fire fighters moved in some 1600 people at a nearby camp ground and community were told to lee. so far the washburn fire has burned. more than 280 hector's park. officials say they could close more of the national park if necessary. it looks pretty scary and i, we were going full force on our suppression tactics. for now, visitors are cautiously proceeding with their vacations. it's definitely erie and, but it doesn't make me want to turn around. and when it keep going,
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sequoias have evolved to withstand fire, but they don't always escape. wildfires in the last 2 years have destroyed nearly 15000 sequoias, 20 percent of the 75000 estimated trees found in the american west. so far, park officials don't know when the washburn fire will be brought under control. rosalind jordan al jazeera o that joke of which has increased his tally of wimbledon titles were convincing force at victory. the nick chaos in sundays funnel santa hamish reports the 21st grand slam title will know that the duke of ich, in the 7th wimbledon championship materials falling just short in his bid to beat one of the games, alton grates, every single time it gets more and more meaningful in special and so i'm, i'm very blessed and very thankful to, to be signing here with the truck for all the success joker,
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which has endured in his career prior to this final, he'd never even want to set against curious this was the strain his 1st appearance in a grand slam final and he appeared to be enjoying the occasion encouraging curios one, the 1st set, the 6 school girls got the better of this exchange but lost the 2nd set as the pair pushed each other to the limit is a 3rd said curios became increasingly distracted at one point, asking the empire to jacked a member of the crowd. i don't want to talk of it to the main focus and took the set to 6 for curious. did all he could to get back in the match
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as the full set went into a tie break. but when it really mattered yokes of it just had that little extra, actually secured, a 4th consecutive wimbledon champion. i really respect your loss. i think you are phenomenal tennis player nationally, an amazing talent. i mean, you've been hearing all of that many years. i never thought i'm going to say so many nice things about your consider considering the relationship here is a bit of a god. i'm not gonna lie a thought applied well, but the 1st one is on to congratulate no back on your team. of course, you've won a change about and even i only times anymore. obviously until the ball kids comply as you know in my domain you how you and i have a very tough relationship at times, but our thought thank you for putting up with it and then the crowd between the amazing couple of weeks in a personal communities this one has moved jock
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a bitch above roger federer on the old time grand slam winners list on the raw, found the dull is.


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