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and the wells most populated region in depth stories from across asia and the pacific with diverse coaches and conflicting politics. one 0, one east on al jazeera with some of the world's largest resents najia, provides much of the uranium that fuels your it's nuclear power plant. but it won't cost people empower, follows the uranium trail from the zia to the shores of the mediterranean and investigates the devastating effects on the planet and all those who inhabit the industries. ha, because of uranium on al jazeera. ah
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sure lanka has a new president, but will that be enough to comments of anti government protests? ah. hello, i money inside. this is out there, alive from joe. are also coming up. cave had lockdown, see china's economy slumped funding fears of a global recession. security steps up and beth lamb to stop and see you as protests, the head of president jose biden's, meeting with a palestinian leader. ah. and taiwan holds its biggest ever civil defense drills with an eye on china. ah sure lank as prime minister renelle, vic, i'm a singer, has been sworn in as acting president. this are, this comes off to go to buy a roger pack so resigned in the wake of mass on rest over the state of the economy
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book. i'm a single will whole, the post until a permanent leader is elected will that process will start when parliament convenes on saturday. ronald vicar, missing a, comes from one of shoreline, kaz, elite families and leads the oldest political party. since 1993, he served as prime minister 6 times, but as not survived for a full term even once. 73, all was involved. last month's talks with the international monetary fund for a bailout package and a new budget. amid spiraling economic crisis. he remains deeply unpopular among protesters. hundreds of them fought with security forces and occupied his office on wednesday, let's go to our correspondence to fasten his life for us in colombo step. how deeply unpopular is renelle vick, i'm a singer. our protest is going to accept him even as interim president
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no, they're not accepting him. and if you look at the protester that we've seen here in the last couple of months, they basically had 2 object objectives. it was a go to by roger box up to resign, but also our new become a singer to resign. and i, if we look at last wednesday when and the early morning are good by a hydroxyl flat from the country to the mall div protest, actually we're picking up her and the dental 1000. so for them were on the streets, people were on the streets going to the office of the prime minister. dan, still prime minister become a sango. so it's really clear that this protest was not only about to president, but it was also about the prime minister. they see him as part of the raja parks, our family in a way for part of the establishment. so to say because he has been in government so many times for so many years. they don't see him him as the person who is going to change something in a long time. that's definitely what protesters want to see. they don't want to see
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just a change of seat, but they want to see some structural reforms. they want to constitutional reforms. i wonder baba share of wealth or they want of for us and the media answer to this. oh, correct crisis this bankruptcy, sri lanka is battling with at the moment. they want someone to step up who can handle this, who can manage this? okay, so that may be how protesters feel, but how much authority does the actually have to carry out the day to day job a president until there is some one in power that the people want? ah, well, what we've seen is that the party lead us also have asked for his resignation, also early earlier in the week. and if we look at the election resolved the last elections 2 years ago, he lost dramatically during these pause. he lost nearly all of his seats. he has only one seat in parliament right now. but because of his connection with the raja parker family and also at the s l p be the ruling party. that is, of course,
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this concerned that in the election, the vote and parliament which is scheduled for next wednesday or thursday when the new president is going to be elected that he might be elected as the new president . we see now that the armed forces are full on the street to please us, back to the army is on the street also guarding this building here to parliament here behind me. so we can see that the, the army is on his side, at least the army is calling this democratic process, which is happening now for the next week. they are following this so carefully and they are guarding the country. they make sure that there's some kind of return to order. that's what we're seeing right now. okay, thank you for that stuff. us in their 1st in colombo or go to buy a roger pox. his resignation marks the end of a turbulent presidency that lasted nearly 4 years. now fernandez has more on the rise and fall of one of the country's most controversial leaders. he was healed as
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a hero in 2009 when he led the military victory against your lancoste, hamilton girls, and won the presidency 10 years later. oh, but it's a different story now, after tens of thousands of people over and his official residence and office demanding got of a raj boxes resignation. he doesn't seem to have the caliber of leadership that was required either to be a strong leader or to have the political sense of the ability to make the deals for the former army officer left the army early and moved to the united states. returning years later, to serve as secretary to the ministry of defense. after his older brother mind the, became president, sometimes called a terminator. he was accused of using hid squads to kill, abduct, or disappear dissidence. and critics chargers i denies. but his fortunes changed
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with the shock defeat of my and the roger boxer in the 2015 presidential election until a coordinated attack on churches and hotels. on easter sunday, 29 dean revived old fears about national security got obey roger box. it announced his candidacy for president shortly after boasting he was the only one who could ensure the safety of citizens. oh, for the bubble burst in record time leaving a trail of broken promises and disappointment. for many, a short sighted tax cut, an overnight ban on chemical fertilizers and a tourism set back from the 2019 easter bombings and the pandemic along with mismanagement and corruption, roger lanka, to it's, was crisis in decades as criticism of him increased. present raj box of began to crack down on social media and of the platforms. mama, me the, has
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a deal at the in a i have given a media freedom. in the 14 months i've ruled, i have not appreciate any media media, but if they miss use this, there are laws and methods that can be used. unable on, i will use these the utmost good. some say go to be raj, epoxy was the most powerful, defend 2nd she ever a critic said that didn't make him a good president. i don't thing he said mr. hayslip. and i'm a boy that he has not been able to select the best or that won't fight or the intellect blue bullet or the subject. instead of doing that, the i select bed his last associates, who all they say, yes sir. the read reco usa read a realtor. observe us see the need to protect themselves from prosecution has kept the raj boxes fighting for that political power of the choice of guitar barrage,
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epoxy as proved a costly one. not only bringing down the president, but his entire family minute fernandez. ojo 0, colombo. yes, president joe biden is set to meet palestinian president mahmoud abbas in the occupied westbank on friday as part of his tour of the middle east. securities been tightened in bethlehem and ramallah, a protest is also under way calling for accountability in the killing of the palestinian american journalist. sharina barclay. ya. desert correspond was shot in the head by israeli forces in may while reporting on raids. andy occupied west bank . let's cross over talk our sponge on holeman, who was falling that trip e from occupied east jerusalem. so what are we expecting from president biden today? he's actually speaking right now from the hospital book, fairly distantly behind me. there's a police lie between us and it. and so for in his speech room, the hospital, he's talked at length about the care and attention that doctors and nurses have
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given him. and his family is compared the situation between irish catholics and what they faced at the hands of british to the palestinians of his courts and poets . so from his speech at that moment, not that much detail about how he seeing palestinians in the context, the middle east, and israel right now. but there has been some significance. it's been attached to the fact that he's even in occupied east jerusalem. he's the 1st sitting u. s. president to visit east jerusalem outside of the old city. and that was and he's refused to be accompanied by israeli officials as he does. so he says this has been a private visit and that was billed by some is quite significant. remember the palestinians consider occupied east jerusalem as they kept to live there ever a tame estate of their own. he was actually on that question. he said,
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does the fact that he's here mean that there is a difference between him and past administrations? we've seen the whole of jerusalem is the capital of israel, and he responded simply, no sir, no great policy shift there. now in the way the scheme would palestinians expect to have him on this day of his visit the only day which is going to cross over into the occupy west bank. and me a little late with the palestinian president when it's already pretty clear what's on the table. and that's money. more than 300000000 dollars worth of a summit that is subject to approval help with some of the hospitals like the one that you can see behind us. some financial help of the economy and all so poor at peace process. initiatives is we'll start talking about getting food g, cellphone coverage, people that are in the occupied, west bank and gaza. now is that going to be enough to satisfy palestinians and their authorities? no, not really. is the answer to that. there's been no movement on this to state
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solution. how exactly that might be about to come about. president biden has said that he is committed to that, but he hasn't really gotten me further. and it's pretty clear that that's fairly low on the agenda for him. okay, okay, john, we're going to leave it there and have a listen to you as president biden, who is currently speaking at augusta victoria hospital in east jerusalem. just have a listen to what he's saying. office this weekend. thank you. no problem have or what we need on the justice mod, dignity and thank you. thank you. thank you folks, appreciate very, very much. thank you. okay, that was that enforced me just called the end of that, or that was the u. s. president biden. as speaking or at the august at victoria
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hospital in east jerusalem less returned to a correspondent john holman. john, so tell us a bit more about what the palestinians will actually get out of this trip from the u. s. president. yes we were speaking about this money on the table finance the for g, cellphone, network, money for hospitals, money for peace initiative, some money for the economy to try and get the palestinian economy moving. that's all. so the u. s. is saying that it's going to try and help trends it on the l m. b bridge that connects policy. jordan, that's really important for palestinians, especially because it's hard for them often to fly out of televi very poor. so there are some measures on the table now in the eyes of palestinians as we were talking about. that's been seen as not enough because the u. s. president hasn't really wanted to get into the politics. he hasn't wanted to get into the nitty gritty of a 2 state solution and how exactly that would work and even to get to
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a political horizon as they call it about when that could be brought about. or even when those discussions could happen. he said when he 1st landed pretty much here that he doesn't see that happening in the near future, or that he knows that probably not going to happen in the near future. so not encouraging signs. we do have to. so i put this into a little bit of context. compare with the last administration, president trump and his presidency president in the united states, palestinian leaders actually boycotted talking to him. and his administration after the trump administration said that it considered jerusalem as a whole. as these railey capital, so later on today, president biden will at sit down with president others by rule too. so in terms of that, and in terms of some of the money that's being made available to palestinians, remember authorities that was money. some of it was for frozen vice president trump to ministration. so it's not a bad news in terms of relationship,
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but definitely no, i mean, great straw tools. okay, don townhome in that personal component, east jerusalem. let's speak to our white house correspondent chimney hawkins, who joins us in the studio. kimberly, from a foreign policy point of view. what exactly is u. s. president biden achieving from this trip? well i'm, he's not achieving a whole lot and i did want to comment on what we just saw there at the tail end of what joe biden was speaking about, because it was really notable. we didn't catch all of it. but the little bit that we did catch where it seemed like somebody in the audience was talking about wanting more justice and more dignity. i was just trying to see on twitter if there was anything, any sort of reaction. but it looks almost as if the president was confronted a little bit as he was speaking, that palestine hospital will have to try and see what more came out of that. but it forgive me for breaking away here from your question,
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but it speaks to the fact that ah, the president perhaps was confronted with the elephant in the room, is that he's bringing nothing to the palestinians with this trip. and it's, it's obvious. and there's potentially a little bit of outrage as a result because that the fact of the matter as he is about to meet with the policy and authority president mackwood abbas i, he has come with no diplomatic breakthrough. he's announcing that a bit of health care money, $300000000.00 as certainly this is significant, but he's asking congress for this money. this isn't money that has been granted. so it's not a sure saying, and there is a lot of repair work to be done as a result of the fact that donald trump, of the previous president, it did a lot of damage cut off 25000000 of funding. moved the u. s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem,
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which was something that was very hurtful to the palestinian. so of course that has damaged the relationship. and now uh the palestinians have been saying, look at, we would like a number of things to be done and you have given us no promises. you have not promised to help us speak to the israelis in your previous meetings the day before about a halt, a settlement expansion. we heard nothing about that. oh, we've also asked for you to press in the killing of our own al jazeera journal is sharina black clay. we heard nothing about that. and so now it seems that there may have been a little bit of an interruption as he was speaking there from the crowd. say we want more justice and more dignity. and you saw the president completely disregard it and walk away. how is the president, i mean, how, how are the palestinian people supposed to feel? actually when it comes to sharina bar. okay. i believe the family had actually asked to meet president biden, but apparently that is not going to happen. what about domestically in the u. s. how is this trip being viewed?
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well, it's, it's really important to note as you saw, the president walk away there, the american public is doing pretty much the same. they're not paying attention to their president. in fact, a, we were looking to see how these headlines were playing out. it's the equivalent of up page 3 in the newspaper. it's not getting the front page billing because americans don't care about these issues right now. the care about the kitchen table issues. inflation is sky high and the united states food prices, fuel prices, mortgage and rent prices. that's what they're focused on. and this president is not delivering what they need. and as a result, they've turned their backs as well. it's, it's worth pointing out. he is to saudi arabia. next, perhaps this is the reason for his trip. you talk about domestically high fuel prices. he's going to go to saudi arabia and try and get the oil supply increased, which will benefit his people. do you think that the underlying reason for his
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visit? it is the reason for the visit and all of this has been kind of tacked on and well the white house says no, no, no, no, no, no. ah, we're going here for a range of issues. the, the main issue of them that this white house is trying to address is to get the saudi kingdom to pump more oil and bring down these gas prices. they will say that this is also about the security vacuum of russia, of china, and they don't want to be eclipsed by that. but the real driving motivator here is in fact not human rights. it is not security. it is about oil prices. it is about economics and bringing these down for a very unpopular president right now in the eyes of americans. it's about economics . really good to talk to our white house correspondent kennedy, hook it well, talking off economy. china has recorded it slow as economic growth since 2020
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a slump is being blamed on it's 0 tolerance, coven 19 policy, which is interrupted industry and flattened consumer spending. second quarter g. d p grew to 0.4 percent. that's compared to the same period last year. economy sworn that the government's full year growth target a 5 and a half percent is out of reach adrian brown with hopes for more than 2 decades, china's economy has been the dependable engine for global economic growth. but that engine is starting to sputter it. immune kinship. the world's 2nd largest economy is slowing, and president changing pings a 0 tolerance. cobit 19 campaign is being blamed. 30 months after it began, but in whew hand, last month he signaled that it was a price worth paying. given the low vaccination rate, no country in the world has been able to get it down to 0. so how is china going to be able to do that, particularly with low vaccination, right?
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it seems a very toy odom earlier this year. business activity in shanghai was brought to a standstill for weeks creating calles and food shortages. now the business and logistics hub is struggling to contain another outbreak with households advise to stuck up on 2 weeks of food and medicine. while many countries are trying to live with cobit 19 along with its multiple sub variance, china, it seems, will not be joining that list anytime soon. and so for now, the economy remain stuck in a stop stop pattern. this week the government has released another batch of economic and trade statistics, but they don't necessarily reflect what's really happening to the economy. says one skeptical analyst, i think as a, as the reference as a reference. but like all officials, the physics we analysts townhouse, try to figure out it correctly in terms of that. i think that's the key. the figure
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the does matter though is the one for annual economic growth that this year china's lead us set at 5.5 percent. i think that's going to be very hard to achieve because there are so many headwinds. at the moment we have inflation taken off around the world. maybe the world economy might think into recession. so that means chinese export markets could well collapse with millions of people confined to their homes . consumer confidence is flat. that's why inflations hovering at around 2 and a half percent low compared to the us and europe. the uncertain economic part is unfolding in a politically sensitive year. after the 20th party congress in november, president, she expects to secure an historic search term. adrian brown, al jazeera hong kong. well that bleak economic outlook is affecting many countries . it's the focus of a g 20 meeting underway in indonesia,
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announced ministers in central bank governance from 20 major economies and barley for 2 days of talks. discussions will send tillman knock on effects of the pandemic . and the war in ukraine, u. s. treasury secretary janet yellen has blamed moscow for the economic crisis. jessica washington has moved from bali. we have been her hearing urgent calls for action, food security, and to provide context on that my to bring in my guess i him, signer from the u. n. g, p u n t p, administrator. thank you so much for joining us. you. you said that we're facing the worst cost of living crisis in decades. 71000000 people pushed into poverty just in recent months. how bad is the situation in terms of global food insecurity that the world is facing? well, just to give you a sense in just 3 months, 71000000 people being impoverished falling into poverty is even faster than coven
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19 caused in the 1st 3 months. of that just gives you a sense of the magnitude of how essentially 3 factors have really driven this car to living prices, food, fuel and finance, which is why the u inspector general established 2 months ago. the global prices responsible in order to alert the well to the cumulative impact that this would have put on your individuals on households on families. but what we are now seeing is indeed on the global economy and particular developing countries where physical space is essentially exhausted, levels of death are rising and now the cost of servicing that, that is also increasing on top of the food and fuel prices. so we are faced with a very serious prospect, a landslide that buried a school in rural northwest columbia has killed at least 3 children. floods have displaced thousands of families in the mountainous region and emergency services, a warning of more landslides. alexander, i'm here to report. i think our most of the villagers, the story northwest columbia used their bare hands to search for the children
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trapped and there a mountain and failed trees and mud. landslide buried this rural school. in a matter of seconds, 22 students were inside. the dyed to 6 year old girls and one side and a boy father hopelessly hugging one of them. miraculously, the other 19 were found alive when rescue teams arrived with earth moving equipment to the national army, the national police and rescue officers are helping this educational institution or a landslide caught young students unaware as they were taking class inside. as you can see, we're using excavators to help with the emergency armed forces or at the top helping rescue the children who are alive. this. if the moment the rescuers heard a voice under the rubble. oh, the leader find the little girl still alive?
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oh, miss lane, slave was just one of a number of avalanches in floods hitting the northwest of columbia in recent weeks . thousands of families had to be relocated near me the year on thursday. last wednesday, thousands were affected by floods when the sea new in some quarter rivers burst, their banks. experts say the heavy rains plaguing much of columbia are due to the cyclical len nino weather phenomenon that happens every 3 to 5 years. but its effects are now being amplified by climate change, and with them, the risk of more tragedies like this one, allison, and get the al jazeera. italy's president has rejected the resignation of prime minister mario draggy out to one of his coalition partners, refused to back his spending bell in parliament's trog. he leads a unity government that's been thrown into crisis by the 5 star movements, refusal to support legislation to tackle the cost of living crisis. taiwan has
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conducted its largest civil defense exercise on record as tension with mainland china over or tanami remains high simulated natural disaster and wartime scenarios to boost its civil defense response. florence louis reports, ah, these look like scenes from a movie or possibly a real life emergency situation. ah, but these are merely mock scenarios. part of taiwan testing it's readiness to respond to natural disasters and missile attacks. the drills had been modified to prepare emergency services and citizens for possible assault by china. dina, and there you go to sarah. a feature of the theory drill is we incorporated war turned scenarios scenes from the russia ukraine war. and also similar to china's attacks on taiwan not although brushes invasion of ukraine has the taiwanese government were it that china could launch
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a similar assault in the future. chinese fighter jets have entered ty, once air defense identifications owns multiple times this year, and act taipei views as a military provocation. the to slit during a civil war in 1949. but beijing seize the island as part of his territory to be taken by force if necessary on. but on though nathan flew walker, we keep strengthening our combat abilities in the hopes that we have the ability to defend ourselves and rescue others and case. there comes a day that we are faced with the situation of war and got a $1800.00 police officers, fire fighters and volunteers were involved in the simulation. later this month, taiwan will hold its annual hong kong military drills which involve life fire training. lawrence, louis al jazeera, molly's transitional government has ordered the temporary suspension of troop
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rotations by the un peacekeeping missions, sizing, security reasons. the suspension is expected to last until talks are held to coordinate a new agreement. the move comes after molly's government, arrested $49.00, ivory and soldiers on sunday. in alleges the soldiers a mercenaries looking to topple the government the ivory coast as the troops were hired by private company to support the un peacekeeping mission. nicholas hack has more from neighboring senegal is concerns over 12000 un peacekeeping troops from 50 different national these, ranging from el salvador, bangladesh, germany, or even egypt. not only is this the biggest and the most expensive un peacekeeping operation. it's also the deadliest over $250.00 soldiers have died. most recently, egyptians in the northern part of the country and it's now facing its deepest crisis of trust because the 1000000 military genta have grounded all of these
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soldiers. none of them are allowed to leave the country, and no rotation of soldiers are allowed inside molina, there are talks taking place between the melina authorities in the u. n. to find an end to this crisis, but take a listen to what their, the, you, and spokesperson for on hawk had to say. the rotation of contingency is crucially important for the missions, operational effectiveness and the safety and security of personnel. all efforts must be made for an urgent settlement, especially since some of the staff concerned should have been relieved several months ago. and this all started on sunday when 49. i foreign soldiers landed on the turmeric of the airport in the capitol, bama co. the 1000000 authorities accuse them of being mercenaries, but the over in say this is all a misunderstanding. these are you in contractor as part of the national support element there to help the un peacekeeping efforts there. the u. n though has denied that.


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