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so obsessed with this law, we were giving them a tool to hold the corrupt individuals and human rights abusers accountable. very when i read this deal of art, if they take the white house of 2025, what is the world hearing what we're talking about? vi american, today we take on us politics and society. that's the bottom line. the brief thing about being amused presenter, the net booklet. gotcha. 0 is that it's a truly global operation. if you will, child is here a, you're seen news from parts of the world that other networks just don't cover your getting a truly global perspective. we have an extensive network of bureaus around the world. we have many, many colors, phone books in all corners of the globe. if you really want to know what's happening in the world right now, you need to be watching al jazeera. ah,
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a fists bump for the crown prince joe biden is engender the 1st american president to fly directly from israel to saudi arabia. earlier in the occupied westbank, president biden met the palestinian leader and reaffirmed us support for 2 state solution ah, on carry johnston. this is also 0 live from also coming. should anchors prime minister and ela wick, i'm a singer, is sworn in as acting president of to months. a protest forced his predecessor to flee on donations for drones. we now cut the ro, crowdfunding is playing in ukraine's war efforts. ah, us president joe biden has met to way that saudi king solomon and the crown prince
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. mohammed then saw that on his 1st official visit to the kingdom. he shook hands with the $86.00 ruled monarch of to greeting the prince with a fist bump iden heavily criticized the crown prince during his 2020 presidential campaign for his alleged role in the killing of saudi journalist jamal cash oxy back then he vowed to make saudi arabia, a pariah. the top of biden's agenda is getting at saudi arabia to pump more oil to bring down global prices. barden is also expected to discuss iran and efforts to prevent terran from acquiring nuclear weapons. it's part of a wider drive for greater security corporation. biden is expected to make the pitched regional leaders at her gulf corporation council meeting engender on saturday. we're joining us, herron's g. there's our white house correspondent touch kimberly. how could so kimberly a fist bumped between joe biden. crown prince, mom had been so man, why was this? so symbolic?
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it was symbolic because as you pointed out, many people heavily have criticized joe biden, for even making this trip at all. given that campaign pledge that he was going to essentially, ostracize the saudi kingdom if he became president. so for him to suddenly now make a trip really seems like a back track on that promise. the fact of the matter is, is that it now appears that his moral authority has been eroded, that american human rights values can be negotiable. the reality is, is that when the ca put out that report back in 2018, it suggested that the saudi crown prince may have ordered the killing of the washington post journalist chalka shoji. and this is something that joe biden said very clearly. he believed that he would potentially bring up with the crown prince, that he would be very strong in terms of defending human rights in his meetings,
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which we should point out are taking place right now. we're not going to get to see that. we don't know if that's actually going to happen. so we have to take his word for it. but the bottom line is, is that there are a lot of people that aren't very happy about this meeting. taking place at all. the white house is aware of it, they're aware of the optics, and they know that it won't work well for the american people to see this president shaking hands with some of the cia says may have ordered the killing may be a murderer. so the white house is decided, a fist bump is appropriate instead, and the bottom line too is that in the end you have to say the main reason for present biden strip is oil. absolutely, because the bottom line is, is that americans believe they're paying too high prices for fuel, and this is hurting americans when inflation is at a 40 when your high 9 point one percent this week, the president is very unpopular right now. as a result of that high fuel costs,
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high food prices, high rent mortgage costs, marathons are struggling, and they also see their president absent right now. not dealing with that on the home front. so the president needs to address this. and if he's not going to address it at home, he better be addressing it here in saudi arabia. so that's what he's talking to the kingdom about pumping more oil to bring down fuel costs. but already the white house is down playing expectations. in fact, the white house press secretary, courage on pierre, said to reporters on air force, wine in that historic flight from israel to saudi arabia. that in fact, don't expect any announcement on oil. they're going to discuss it, but any actions will come from opec possibly in the coming weeks. so the president comes back empty handed. that is not going to look good. kimberly, how could our white house correspondent, thank you very much need for them. now before leaving for saudi arabia present biden, that traveled to the occupied westbank. varden promised either for protest in hospitals
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. he told the palestinian preston to ma, who the bus at the time was not yet right to try to restart a peace process with the israelis. however, he reminded his house that he had been one of the earliest supporters of a 2 state solution. my commitment to that goal of a to stay solution has not changed. and all these years to states along a 967 lines were mutually agreed to swaps remain the best way to achieve equal measure of security prosperity, freedom and democracy for the palestinians as well as israelis, palestine, and people deserve a state of their own. that's independent, sovereign, viable, and contiguous. you know, there must be a political horizon at the palestinian people can actually see, or at least feel. we can allow the hopelessness cecile away the future that so many of worked toward for so long. so even if the ground is not right at this moment,
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to restart negotiations, united states and my administration will not give up on trying to bring the palestinians, israelis and both sides closer together. or her non us raleigh is a former executive committee member of the palestine liberation organization. she says biden hasn't offered any solutions for palestine. they keep paying lip service to the 2 states. anderson to speak to someone standing outside and they be ready to continue to destroy it. building more supplements, stealing an action, violating international law, and then this, you know, we are for the solution. so we've done our nation. the issue is not never been up and they should actually what are they doing? and of course, we keep reminding people to spend solution. it's a major compromise. and it based on the confession by the finish, getting people to accept this not understand where there's always been the one say
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that my inclusive but since i want to maintain it state and us wants to maintain security iron commitment and as a jewish state. and since the president himself declared themselves, and then it says that it here that many different of the implement any of the statements given and that she has a bourbon. blessed people, i think the 10 finished and you know, we can talk again that i can give you a few handouts that you're in prison is going to be through. you might be able to move within a larger area and so on your, my, for g, which has been a couple of years ago. so use goods to show lanka now where the former prime minister running wick, i'm a senior,
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has been sworn in as acting president of to go to by russia paxis resignation was confirmed. he sent his resignation letter from singapore after fleeing on wednesday, protested once, we're going to sing her to go to reports from columbia. instead of celebrating good bye boxes resignation. many sri lankan spent another day queuing for fuel. only a few expressed their relief. since fleeing on wednesday 1st to the mall deeps and then to singapore, jap oxide kept the country in a political limbo that again i did. but i have received a letter of resignation saying vice president via the president legally designs on his post. on july 14, 2022. from now the process of collecting a new president will come in until that process is completed. the prime minister will be appointed to carry out the function, duty stipulated in the constitution all of us all week i'm a senior, immediately announced he would restore law and order after
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a month of political turmoil and demonstrations. give me idea. i accept 100 percent . the right to peaceful protests, some are trying to do sabotaged. there are reports that other groups are trying to influence members of parliament at the vote next week to elect a new president. we will create environments parliamentarians to express their view independently. less than a week ago, thousands of protesters had stormed and occupied. the leaders, residences, and offices accusing them of 43 long, got into bankruptcy. after the president laughed, the crowds had to become a single office, demanding his resignation. they were straight with the gas people. so powerfully to push my departure to leave the country. but when we came to whitewash this whole thing, so and he came for 3 months. the situation became bad, bad, bad the worst. you could go crazy and people are dying in the cues. so he's
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basically the spongy buck, 70 time in the car. will i spent 3 days waiting for fuel? i'm very happy about roger boxes resignation, but i don't think the mix president will be any better whoever this person is. still standing in cusack, you know, i've been living here for 3 d. m and my mother just brought some food and he is not the only one a 1000000 had been waiting for resignation. it seems like many of the beginning a many now with his on a contract, gama is a senior lecturer at the university of jeff insure lanka. he says there will be further instability if with him a single continues as president. this is going to be completely unacceptable, not just to the protesters, but the entire country,
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ronald promising. i was completely defeated in the last election. he could not even with his own volume rent receipt. and the party that he led, which had rule the country for many decades, was reduced to one seat, a proportionate presentation seat to which he came into parliament. so that's likely to be another wave of protests. and not only that, a backlash against the liberals, he represents if he is made president, but he seems determined to hook or crook to become president. so as soon as he became acting a president, he has legitimized the military. he has even brought the board of investments and the independent bodies under the military has a way because he has no political base. he has no social base and is now relying on the military, which is very dangerous in terms of what that might mean to the participation went to freedom in this country. so on july 20, unless better based on prevails on the poly meant to keep the model we might be
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looking at for the political. instead of going forward still ahead. harold, now to sierra coven 19 lockdown schools. china's economy to slump funding phase of a global recession. bus. * ah, a show of strengths in iraq shared religiously just weeks, all directed more than 70 and please to resign from parliament. ah, how low they will start in the middle east and from the satellite image, you can see there's more unsettled whether it's come to the southern areas of the region. thanks to an area of low pressure, lingering off the gulf of a man that's going to bring some heavy fools to the likes of musket working its way
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further west over the weekend. i. the time we get to sunday, you can see that pulling in land. we are like to see flooding rains from this system as well as some pretty fierce thunderstorms all the way to choose day that temperature as well expected to drop well below the average. now some of that. * cloud cover is expected to stretch its way further north, across the u, a coming into guitar and saudi arabia that where, where they are expected to work its way west over the days ahead. but for the north of this, for the likes of iraq, the temperature continues the climb for places like baghdad, 50 degrees celsius, we could see some stand storms here. and speaking of sandstorms, we've seen some of those in morocco. the temperature here expected to continue to climb, not just here, but coastal areas for the wet weather we have to head to nigeria. we are expecting some pretty fierce thunderstorms to bring torrential rain and with that the chance of flooding. but further south of this, it's a much dryer picture across western areas. sunshine in cape town, ahead of a cool down come sunday.
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ah frank assessments, it sounds like you don't expect anything to change the problem in lebanon. it's actually structural lebanon needs, and you also contract in order for it to solve this problem. informed opinions, international communities on the go to my security community. a government has no legitimacy in depth analysis of the dates, global headlines. this is going to be very hard to explain to the public that instead of pushing back, you know, it's actually got 2 members inside story on al jazeera lou. ah,
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it without a 0 look. now a top stories, joe biden has landed, engender on his top of the middle east, and was greeted with a fist bump. i saudi crown prince mohammed been sung oil prices and iran on the agenda. as the american president meets both the crown prince and saudi king sama biden. earlier match the palestinian present marquis, the bass, and bethlehem. he reiterated us support for 2 state solution. that said, the time was not right to try to restart a peace process with israelis. to lancaster prime minister, i know a week from a singer has been sworn in as acting president articles by roger packs and resigned wake of master protests. the new president promised to restore law and order and establish a unity god. china has recorded its slowest economic growth since 2020. the slump is being blamed on its 0 tolerance, covered 19 policy,
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which was interrupted, industry and flattened consumer spending. adrian brown reports from hong kong for more than 2 decades, china's economy has been the dependable engine for global economic growth. but that engine is starting to splutter. he didn't mean kinship, that the world's 2nd largest economy is slowing. and president changing pings 0 tolerance. kobe 19 campaign is being blamed your 30 months after it began. but in whew hand, last month he signaled that it was a price worth pay. given the low vaccination rate, no country in the world able to get it down to 0. so how is china going to be able to do that? particularly with low vaccination, right? it seems a very toy odom earlier this year. business activity in shanghai was brought to a standstill for weeks creating calles and food shortages. now the business and logistics hub is struggling to contain another outbreak with households advised to
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stuck up on 2 weeks of food and medicine. while many countries are trying to live with cobra 19 along with its multiple sub variance, china, it seems, will not be joining that list anytime soon. and so for now, the economy remain stuck in a stop stop pattern. this week the government has released another batch of economic and trade statistics, but they don't necessarily reflect what's really happening to the economy. says one skeptical analyst, i think as a, as the reference as a reference. but like all officials, the physics we analysts, townhouse title, figured out it correctly in terms of that i think that the key, the figure that does matter though is the one for annual economic growth that this year china's leaders said at 5.5 percent. i think that's going to be very hard to achieve because there are so many headwinds. at the moment we have inflation taken
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off around the world. maybe the world economy might thinking of recession. so that means chinese export markets could well collapse with millions of people confined to their homes. consumer confidence is flat. that's why inflations hovering at around 2 and a half percent low compared to the us and europe. the uncertain economic part is unfolding in a politically sensitive year. after the 20th party congress in november, president, she expects to secure an historic search term. adrian brown, al jazeera hong kong pro russian separatist and ukraine, say a british prisoner is in their custody, has died whole year. it was charged with mercenary activities by the self proclaimed on the esc people's republic. after his capture, in april, spokesperson for the separatist leadership says he succumbed to chronic illnesses and stress despite receiving medical care. his family and you k charity presidium
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network. say he was an aide worker with no military involvement. united states is the biggest single donor to ukraine in its fight to hold off. the russian invasion is given more than $7000000000.00 worth of weapons and equipment so far. but for ukraine, the small donations are almost as valuable as the big ones. unofficial reports from keith equipment on the front line of the ukrainian war drones medical kits, even mine detectors, all provided by crowd funding charity in ukraine set up after the russian invasion of crimea in 2014 has raised millions of dollars. the founder of former high profile presenter on ukrainian t. v 2 are a goods and we have our own group. so it's a big connection between our society and army because it's really important for our soldiers that we carry about them. are they understand that they not long and that it's not only a military case to the friends our country,
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the idea of crowd funding like this isn't new. it's been around since before the 1st world war. what is different is the technology with crypto currency and cash transfers. money can be in accounts within seconds, from anywhere in the world frontline units fill in what they need online. the order is processed and sent more than a 1000000 donations have come in from all around the world. more than $34000000.00 ranging from big cash drops from wealthy individuals to pennies from pensioners. 9 year old tonya put, the jenko, played checkers on the street. losers had to pay her. she raised $6000.00 ukrainian retina about $200.00. wow. well, i was doing less in order to give to the armed forces of ukraine, so they will fight against the russians. so they kicked him off our land. the charity now has about $200.00 volunteers around the country, experts in purchasing logistics technology. the ultimate goal to beat the russians,
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but the russians have been crowdfunding to figure suggest they've not been quite a successful. but the ukranian groups founder says, even when the water has done his work, will continue while we fight with russians 900 years. and the of the biggest they, dea, missouri, that i have now, ah, is just to help for granting army to win. and after that, ah, to start to prepare for the next attack on the ukrainians. believe they can get most equipment to the front line in a couple of days, easy. as long as the money continues to flow. alan fischer al jazeera keith. italy at president has rejected that the resignation of prime minister maria druggie after one of his coalition partners refused to back a spending bill in parliament. druggie leads a unity government that's been thrown to crisis or the 5 star movements refusal to support legislation to tackle the cost of living and bill had become the focus of
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tensions within jock his government. out here as adam rainy is in room with more by rejecting prime minister mattie that i gave resignation on thursday, present surgeon, i said that was given clear signals. he wants this government to continue, wants them to work it out over the next few days between friday and wednesday when monday. but he will enter parliament to try to build back a unified coalition with his speech and perhaps also unexpected confidence vote. again, he's hoping the president that a lot of conversations will take place on the sidelines getting this union the government back together. and that includes the 5 star movements analyst we've been speaking to say that federal not today, the president is load to have anything happen that would cause early elections. he's very keen on the maintaining the constitution. let's say vision off a political destructor which comes which is not
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a fun of an anticipation of the political calendar. not all of italy's leading parties right now. our team for the government to continue primarily fatality italia, or the brothers of italy, led by georgia maloney. they're not part of the team, the government, and she has clearly said on twitter and elsewhere, that she wants selections. now that the people's voice should be heard. and she wants that because her party long seen as a very small minority party has risen in the polls and recent year. and in fact, if elections were held. now in italy, it's most likely that they would win more speed than any other party. so not everyone going into parliament on wednesday to listen to mighty draggy is hopeful that his government will continue. 49 ivory soldiers are being held by police in marley's capital. after being arrested on sunday, molly's gent alleges the soldiers are, merson is looking to topple the government. the ivory coast says the troops were
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hired by private company to support you ends peacekeeping mission. while these transitional government has ordered the temporary suspension of treat rotations on you ends peacekeeping mission, tens of thousands of iraq, his gallon baghdad for mass press called for i influential, shia cleric of target of study is sparking fears of further instability that last month. more than 70 members of parliament affiliated to outsider, resigned on his orders. deepening months of political deadlock offered abdougla had, has more from baghdad. * as you can see here in the background, these are tens of thousands of supporters of the shia cleric and political leader looked at a sudden they have gathered from civil provinces across iraq here too. and saw that a city in baghdad to perform a congregation mass prayers. this is upon request from look to the southern himself,
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has been calling on his followers and supporters across iraq to come to baghdad to perform this congregation at massett craves. now, this is very special because it comes at the heart of a political unrest that is following their stale mates in iraq. and after at 73 parliament, a members affiliated to look to the southern who quitted from the parliament over a disagreement. whether at iranian backed parties over forming a new government, this is 9 months after the legislative elections in october last year. now, we have been talking to people here, followers these up worshipers. we have been telling us that you want to send several messages today. the whole market, c, r c at elsa is fighting atheist battle. unfortunately, against people from the same place from were turned against us by neighboring countries. so we have come here to mark the friday prayer and renew our support for
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most other else other other a john calla calla, dublin. we say no to normalization with israel no, to the united states, no to corruption and no to oppression. we say yes for night at iraq. yes. for transparent governor. i asked about this also could be it read as a kind of sure force these numbers are meant according to many people here too. so that looked at us so that as a political and religious leader has many people bagging him in iraq. and if he's moving on in his fight against what they call and corruption and injustice, then he has got a lot of supporters on the grounds. the dubai base to airline emirates has rejected an order from london heathrow airport to cancel flights. the airport management says no more than 100000 passengers a day can depart until september. it's been experiencing severe disruptions because
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a staff shortages, emirates, runs 6 flights a day from heathrow to dubai. is accused heathrow, blatant disregard for consumers and says their ground staff are capable of handling their flights. it'll is the longest river is drying up as the country faces sweltering temperatures and its worst drought in 70 years. the 650 kilometer long river po supports about a 3rd of italy's agricultural production. heat wave has led the government to declare a state of emergency, as local farmers are struggling to cope. hot weather and winds are causing wildfire to spread. in southwestern france, hundreds of firefighters are trying to extinguish the flames and protect several cities, thousands of tourists and people living close by have been forced to evacuate. and in the u. k, the met office has issued a red extreme heat warning for a number of cities in england and wales from sunday to choose day. he comes ahead of a heat wave that could result in record breaking temperatures next week. a landslide
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that buried a school in rural at northwest columbia has killed at least 3 children. floods have displaced dozens of families in the mountainous region and emergency services. a warning of more than slides, sondra from pnc reports come out of the villagers a lot better. going northwest columbia use their bare hands to search for the children trapped and there a mountain and failed trees and mud land slide buried this rural school. in a matter of seconds, 22 students were inside the dyed to 6 year old girls in one fiber, a boy, a father hopelessly hugging one of them. miraculously the other 19 were found alive when rescue team arrived with earth moving equipment to the national army, the national police and rescue officers are helping this educational institution or
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a landslide caught young students unaware as they were taking class inside. as you can see, we're using excavators to help with the emergency armed forces or at the top helping rescue the children who are alive. this if the moment the rescuers heard a voice under the rubble of the be later find a literal girl hill alive. this lens slide with just one of a number of avalanches in floods hitting the northwest of columbia. in recent weeks, dozens of families had to be relocated near me again on thursday. that wednesday, thousands were affected by floods when the sea new in some quarter rivers burst, their banks. experts say the heavy rains plaguing much of columbia are due to the cyclical lending weather phenomenon that happens every 3 to 5 years. but its effects are now being amplified by climate change in width in the risk of more tragedy.


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