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the globe this month, the focus is on africa. pan senegal mountain challenge for the tropi to winning the africa cup of nations will be cameroon. gona, to nicea or moral cope. it's the alicia join us for the wilco countdown on al jazeera al jazeera world meets full remarkable bosnian women. survivors. after those closest to them were taken away, never to return some of the 8000 muslin men and boys killed in the stripper. neat, so massacre. 27 years ago. heartfelt accounts from those left behind trying to move on from the pain of the past. women who refused to die on out to 0. ah,
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after a fist bump that provoked outrage. u. s. president joe biden says he raised the murder of john leash. i'm off a shelby and talks with saudi arabia, crown prince respect to the murder of cr shogi. i rated at the top of the meeting, making it clear what i thought of time. and when i think of it now, ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera die from doha. also coming up to lancaster, parliament just begun the process of selecting the countries next president. but protest as, according from political over the mexican navy, arrest the notorious drug, lord, convicted of the torture and murder of a u. s. drug enforcement agency decades ago on parts of europe swelter under a searing summer heat wave sparking, while fi as i'm prompting evacuations. ah,
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as a candidate, he pledged to make saudi arabia a paranoia now and his 1st visit to the kingdom as us president joe biden was trying to reset relations and i pushed for more oil. i'd and says he confronted saudi crown. prince mom had been salmon over the murder of the journalist, yamaha shogi, and raised the issue of human rights. it was the 1st encounter for the 2, which began with a fist in jetta. a white house correspondent, kimberly hunk reports us president joe biden arrived in saudi arabia to a subdued reception. that may have been because of his past comments about the kingdom. we would run in fact make them pay the price and make them, in fact, the pariah that they are applied. she made as a presidential candidate after a cia report suggested the saudi crown prince mohammed been solomon, may have ordered the 2018 killing of journalists, jamal cas shall g. the president's goal is to reset relations and convinced the
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kingdom to pump more oil to bring down fuel prices in the united states. i'm doing all i can to increase the supply for the united states of america, which i expect to happen. but strain ties have made that a challenge, evident is biting. arrived at the saudi palace, offering the crown prince just a fist bump, a moment not well receive back in the united states. cuz shock geez, publisher. fred ryan, of the washington post, calling it shameful. delivering m b as the redemption he was desperately seeking. and cassandra, his fiance, warning biden, that the blood of any future victim will be on his hands. i'm sorry, she feels our way i was straightforward. back then i'm a straightforward today. basically said that he was not personally responsible for
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i was earlier biden's meeting with the crown prince. the press confronted both men talking with the response and the crown prince. he appeared to smirk a serious question left unanswered with reporters. then i heard out kimberly how kit al jazeera. well, we spoke to daniel levy, president of the us middle east project. he says, there's a disconnect between us values and us policy. let's remember the tools of state cross the tools of real politic include energy mattering allies who misbehave. being defended by you, the president is not the head of amnesty international or human rights watch. much as i wish you would see those things. the problem for america, for this president,
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is the gap is the disconnect between everything we've been hearing over russia and ukraine, especially this moralizing the self, right. she was told that we are the leader of democracy. we stand for international lauren values and human rights. the gap between those things and what we are seeing on this visit not only the fist bump, but the people who live in the region he's visiting, have seen the effects of actual american policies. and if you add to the mix of this normalization between certain arab states and israel, that he's been touting which again, was part of a trump legacy. that rather than changing he is entrenched and is part of an escalade to re 0, some dynamic in the region. and of course, another way of trampling palestinian, right? so all of that adds up to 2. so not very much happy to report, and that's a british understanding. joe biden was
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a 1st american president to fly directly from israel to saudi arabia. earlier he met the palestinian president. ma, what a boss in bethlehem. he reiterated us support for 2 state solution, but said the time was not right to try to restart a piece process with the israelis libra him as more better humanitarian conditions and financial aid. those are you as president job? i did promises to palestinians in a 3 and a half hour visit to bethlehem in the south of the occupied westbank by did didn't bring any political initiatives to the table. he says the ground isn't suitable now to renal to the peace process, but doesn't urge palestinians not to lose hope in a better future. us. united states is a partner in this work to improve the day to day lives. the palace didn't people. that's why when i came to office our reserve of policy, i reversed the polish, is my predecessors and resumed age?
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the palestinians were the aide is not the only change in policy the palestinian authority wanted. and then on the law, we look forward to steps from the u. s. administration to strengthen bilateral relations by re opening the u. s. consulate in east jerusalem and removing the pillow from the terrorist list. oh, i just eaten shooting of all clay would have been covering his visit, but she's not. she was killed by israeli forces fired on me. the 11th, while on assignment in genie. although no questions were allowed during the media conference, palestinian journalist spoke without words, demanding justice for shitty. both presidents talked about turkey and vinny for accountability in united states to suffer loss is wrong clinically and ensuring our move our care, our kaylee. and she was an america american citizen, and pro palestinian. and she was performing very vital work and independent media
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and vital work of democracy. how tight the conference palestinians also reminded bitin of shitty artist, dr. you dean sabatini painted the mural for sitting on the israeli bit separation wall, cutting bethlehem from jerusalem. an image that would have been difficult her bike to miss. oh, a few kilometers away from that. carpet the reception and the presidential compound in bethlehem. palestinians protested against his visit. we don't want your crumbs. they chanted. oh, i didn't concluded his visit at the nativity church and bethlehem before heading to saudi arabia. why has pledged to ensure palestinians have a better quality of life, but as long as they're being killed without accountability and their lands are confiscated, they say that's unlikely. the only way to improve the living conditions they say is
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by ending the decades long israel occupation. the deborah him in front of the nativity church bethlehem, the occupied westbank. explosions have been heard of the night and the besieged gaza strip hours earlier. israel's military said, at least 2 rockets were fired from gaza over the southern city of ash, cologne, israeli officials say one of the rockets was intercepted by the iron dumb air defenses in the other. it an empty area. oh casualties have yet been reported to lancaster. parliament is begun to start the process of selecting the country's next president. politicians could decide on a new leader within a week by a minister runner, wickham, a single serving as acting president until then. he was sworn in on friday after got to buy a roger packs. his resignation was confirmed. but protested a still angry about the country's decimated economy and they want literally a single to go to discuss like, not to michelle fernandez. she's in columbia manella. so parliament started this process of select going to be president. what do we expect them to avenue? so basically we have the secretary general of
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parliament announcing the resignation of present. gotta be roger boxer. this is as laid down by the constitution, the 225, legit member legislature was informed and then they were also informed that there is a vacancy for the post to president. now obviously then they went through the kind of brass tax or how they need to submit nominations. this will happen on the 19th of july, basically aware any candidate who is being nominated must be seconded. they have to have written a sort of consent of that particular candidate that must be submitted to the 2nd general. so given the fact that the parliament speaker is also an elected m p a basically that is a process of this election which is taken over by the secretary general of parliament. and that's what we'll see the next date in parliament. basically, the 19th when he receives those domain nations, incidentally,
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we've had about 3 names are being thrown into the hat. we've been told that the raj, a pox a party, the s l p. p, has decided to support the candidacy of ronald vicar missing her. the acting president, or we also have the opposition leaders such a prima dasa saying he will contest and also another former minister or dallas, alabama. so these 3 names, but for protesters there is some concern. yeah. and manila, they are too prevalent ronna wycombe, a singer says he will restore order, but the demonstrators want him to resign. so are you looking to get more protests on the streets to come? was judging from the source for the situation on the streets to day is a little bit of a wait and see. obviously we had that swearing in of run over grimacing as acting president. now this will be a pretty much for a period of 7 days until that election in parliament on wednesday. ah,
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and until such time, it seems like it seems like protested are taking stock of what of the developments are going to be. they have said they're not going to back down. having seen the exit of resident gotta be roger boxer, his brother, my and the raj box. and before that, as prime minister, they have already said they're not going to accept running a vicar missing or, or any of the all god they have said. all of these people are successively have been responsible for the state, sri lanka is to day and it needs a clean sweep of the boards. so i think in terms of the organization that the protesters are putting together, there will be some pushback against run over grimacing or but you might find that. or if they do see that his role as president might be moving to a more permanent one. that is the election on wednesday because that individual who's elected will serve the remainder of the current presidential term. the irony
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is that we have our president go toby raj, a boxer who was elected by 6900000 people making such a mess of things in his 2 and a half years in office. he's literally been unceremoniously voted out, being forced to resign. and you have a man who was voted out of parliament, unable to protect his own parliamentary seat. that might actually be put up and propped up by the roger boxer party and supported to be voted in as president. no, thank you. now yes, authority say they'll seek the immediate extradition that they notorious drug lord, who's been captured by mexican forces. mexico may be released this footage of raphael cattle can federal shortly after his arrest and the state of sinaloa, can tara was jailed in the 1980s. the master mining the brutal killing of a u. s. drug enforcement agent. he was free in 2013 and returned to drug
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trafficking. well, mike vigil is a former chief of international operations at the da. he says, this is a clue for authorities on both sides of the us mexico border. the drug enforcement administration is elated with the capture of colonel king dental, simply because we feel that this is a tremendous big treat. more justice in the rule of law. and as you indicated, the united states have when a bounty on kind of king demo $20000000.00 us dollars. it's the most the biggest reward ever. it's a reward even bigger than the one that existed for chopin's mon and low s for what? in the 1980s there was only one cartel that existed in mexico. that was the one a lot of cartel, which was handed by cutter, king dental. in 2 of his cohorts, and they were tried to jean drugs,
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cocaine marijuana geral went into the united states. in february of 1985, they decided that they were going to kidnap the agent. then king that embry kaycie come on in right in front of the u. s. consulate in one a lahardo. they took him to a residence owned by cuddled king dental, where he was tortured rhythmically, in a very cool wanted manner until he was killed. and then at that point in time, many of these cartel leaders, when odd okey barrel left, it goes to rico, we capture them there and then he was extradited to mexico. and given a honda year on sentence, let's more, let's come here now. does air including a former german soldiers jail for plotting far right a tanks to destabilize the state while posing as a syrian refugee and a red alert for child healthy un sounds. the alarm are been massive,
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global drop and childhood vaccinations more than i stay with. ah, with hello the weather, let's a good deal dry i could to brighten our course southern parts of the arabian peninsula, but still just as some shabby rain coming in here over the next few days. big mass of cloud, out into the arabian sea, brushing some very heavy rain as the southern parts of pakistan. a man looks like it is a push its way back into a man over the coming days into the early part of next week. i would expect to see a further flooding as a result of that. elsewhere, as you can see, largely dry hots hazy and sunny 50 celsius. a top temperature. therefore baghdad less head towards the levant, or east side of the med rather more comfortable. 1390 damascus for into the high
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twenty's there for bay route and for jerusalem had dry weather back stretches across a good part of north africa houghton. i think cairo 20 i celsius in my bathroom. i've got to go a little bit further south though in the he continues across a good part of northern rocko shropshire as long as both the frame the year easterly waves do nicely, they're across central parts of africa through the equitorial belt or the parts of nigeria could see some localized flooding over the next few days at a grassy push its way to southern parts of leisure, easing over towards west africa, the southern africa generally dry one or 2 showers around eastern parts of kenya, and may be also samaria. ah, african countries have struggled to replay, many of the artifacts taken by european colonizers. this is our experience identity . in the final part of this new series, museums and collectors still hold precious assets like the rooms.
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few have been returned, but the still a long way to go and progress is painfully slow. restitution africa stolen or partially asian on all 0 lou. ah ah, welcome back. a good amount about top stories here at this allied the u. s. and saudi arabia assigned a variety of agreements on the 1st day of job biden's trip to the kingdom as president biden said, he raised the murder of john nish on off a shelby with the crown prince. and he agreed to work together to extend to see spike in yemen. explosions have been heard of a night in the besieged garza strip hours earlier. israel's military set, at least 2 rockets were fired from gaza over the city of ash columbia. it's really
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official say, one of the rockets was intercepted, no casualties of yet important. until august, parliament has convened in colombo to begin the process of selecting the country's mixed president. politicians could decide on a new leader within a week. the prime minister run a week from a single serving as acting on to live. now verdict has been reached in a terrorism trial in germany that shall spotlight on elements of the fall, right within the country's military. a former left tenants who disguised himself as a syrian refugee has been found guilty of planning attacks. latasha denied reports . this is a rare instance post world war 2, that a member of germany is military has been convicted of plotting a terror attack. former lieutenant franco albrecht was sentenced to 5 and a half years in prison on friday. it's been daughter, thought still getting up. i am satisfied with the verdict. despite the sentence
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been slightly reduced, i see it as an important victory in the fight against right wing extremism racism and anti semitism in germany. when is the prosecutors argued he was a far right extremist to plan, to attack prominent politicians and public figures all while living a double life as registered syrian refugee. and his aim was to shift policies on refugees. to quote, preserve the german nation. albright said he impersonated a christian from damascus to show how easy it was to claim asylum in germany and receive government subsidies, and that he stockpiled weapons to protect his family. in the event of a war with russia or china, the cases highlighted the threat of far right radicalism in the german military. but i would it for many years in fact, take a long we did not look closely enough. that has now changed us because has proven by the increase in the number of suspected cases reported by the military and
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counter intelligent service analynn and the number of people removed from the jarvis. but this critic says the government is failing to address the full scope of the problem. they don't do enough. they can do more. for example, to, to, to rethink what is left and with respect to the clearing up of the and su network. or who did a merger serious against turkish people and they didn't do it. the government says they'll continue to monitor thousands of members of far right network, saying they're the biggest threat facing germany. natasha name al jazeera. now the united states is the biggest single donor to ukraine, and it's fight to hold off the russian invasion. it's given more than $7000000000.00 worth of weapons and equipment sofa. but for ukraine, small donations are almost as valuable as big ones. allan fisher reports from keith
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equipment on the front line of the ukrainian war drones medical kits. even mind detectors, all provided by crowd funding a charity in ukraine set up after the russian invasion of crimea in 2014 has raised millions of dollars. the founder, a former high profile presenter on ukrainian tv, where a good we have vol. so, so be a connection between society and army because it's really important for our soldiers that we carry about them. law. they understand that they not long, and that it's not only a military case to defend our country. the idea of quote, funding like this isn't new. it's been around since before the 1st world war. what is different is the technology with crypto currency and cash transfers. money can be in accounts within seconds, from anywhere in the world frontline units fill in what they need online. the order
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is processed and sent more than a 1000000 donations have come in from all around the world. more than $34000000.00 ranging from big cash drops from wealthy individuals to pennies from pensioners. 9 year old tonya put the jenko, played checkers on the street. losers had to pay her. she raised $6000.00 ukrainian retina about $200.00. wow. well, i was doing less in order to give to the armed forces of ukraine, so they will fight against the russians. so they kicked him off our land. the charity now has about $200.00 volunteers around the country, experts in purchasing logistics technology. the ultimate goal to beat the russians, but the russians have been crowdfunding to figure suggest they've not been quite a successful. but the ukranian groups founder says, even when the war has done, his work will continue while we fight with russians 900 years. and the of the biggest they, dea, missouri, that i have now, ah,
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is just to help for ukrainian army to win enough to set ah, to start to prepare for the next attack on the ukrainians. believe they can get most equipment to the front line in a couple of days, easy. as long as the money continues to flow. alan fisher al jazeera keith, the u. n. says egypt will suspend its participation in the peacekeeping force in molly. it comes after burma cose transitional government ordered the temporary suspension a troop rotation by the mission, citing security reasons. the decision was made days after $49.00, ivory and soldiers were arrested on sunday. the government says the soldiers were mercenaries looking to stage a coup. nicholas hawk, as in dhaka for in senegal, he explained the confusion behind the arrests. the 49 i've oriend that were arrested on the tarmac of the airport in the capital. dumber corps are now being detained in police barracks, waiting for their fate for the molly and military june. these are the mercenaries,
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the ivory say no, this is a misunderstanding. these men are our soldiers. the multi mission of the un says these are you and contractors, whilst the un mission in new york says they have no record of the men. so who are they? well, that is the answer that the molly military didn't want answer. they are currently meeting with the un mission in molly, behind closed doors, but there's been strong words from the prime minister of the government of transition shall go. mike, who says their sovereignty of the country is no negotiable and they want to be respected. they fear that regional powers, notably ivory coast, is interfering in their affairs after their 2nd qu, in june 2021. the molly military in june to have been increasingly isolated, the french have pulled out. and now the russians have stepped in with the russian
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and mercenary group wagner, that are supporting them both in terms of security and intelligence gathering. the u. s. wants to see or resolve to this situation because currently, all of the un soldiers on the ground. and we're talking over 12000 soldiers, 50 different nationalities. well, they're not allowed to leave the country. and no rotation of soldiers are allowed to replace them until they, until the 1000000 military agent at no accurately who these men actually are. un security council has passed a resolution urging all countries to bands small arms deliveries to haiti, where gang violence is soaring. at least 89 people were killed during gang violence in the capital for the french this week. so countries also been crippled by process of ongoing fuel shortages. one neighborhood was trapped without access to food or water due to the violence. now the coven 19th pandemic has caused what unicef and the world health organization that i've described as the largest back slide in
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childhood vaccinations in the generation. last year, 25000000 children missed out on the routine. the vaccinations that protect against life threatening diseases that 6000000 more than before the pandemic in 2019 the number of children who received no vaccinations. rose by 37 percent between 20192021 vaccination against measles, the lowest. it's been since 2008 at just 81 percent of children. last year, 24700000 children missed their 1st dose of the measles vaccine. and another 14700000 did not get the crucial 2nd dose. in 2021. there were 25000000 children who missed out on one or more doses of their d. t p. aah! containing vaccines and through routine immunization services. this threatens increased outbreaks. yes. and for some who survived the illnesses that they
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otherwise wouldn't have gotten, lifelong consequences. the pandemic is not over. we need to both sustain and maintain momentum on coven 19 population immunity through vaccination. and, but it also means that we have to assure the vaccination for measles and each p. v and pneumonia and diarrhea gets back on track urgently. that means catching up, millions of children who have missed their vaccines in 20202021. it also means recovering immunization programs and sustaining that trajectory of essentially immunization urine as well me to logical organization has warm temperatures will become more extreme in the years ahead. it comes the heat, waves sweeps across much of europe. julian wolf has a story a steering summer heat wave, bringing reca, breaking temperatures too much of europe and sparkling wildfires across the continent. in france, thousands of people had been forced to evacuate as wildfires in the country
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southwest rage out of control more than 7000 heck dares had been destroyed with residents describing the scene as post apocalyptic. this evacuation center enjo horned serving as a refuge for residence. usable, he says he has a book to we have received almost 500 offers of accommodation from the inhabitants in a surrounding area. it's an exceptional movement of solidarity. in spain. temperatures have been topping 40 degrees celsius for several days. emergency centers in the capital of madrid are seeing an increase of coals loud. i think i know what, what other than us, but we see many people who do not have the money to keep their houses cold due to the energy crisis. we are having some don't even have adequate air conditioning, which is a very big issue at this time. of the year, their houses you enter, you think? how can i stand to be here for even 5 minutes? the ongoing drought in portugal and spain provides ideal conditions for wild fires
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to spread. the city of seville has become the 1st in the world to take part in a pilot program to categorize heat waves in an effort to save lives. climate driven extreme heat is killing more people than any other of the climate driven hazards and heat is invisible. it is silent, ah, and it kills slowly, and people are not aware of it. and for the 1st time, the u. k. his issued a heat, red alert warning of a surge and heap related hospital admissions. record temperatures are putting even healthy people at risk of serious illness and death. the heat wave is expected to continue well into next week. as the climate crisis becomes more clear and the cold action, more loud, joint wolf al jazeera. ah.


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