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close to close this month. the focus is on africa. can senegal mountain challenge for the tropi to winning the africa cup of nations? will be cameroon. gonna to nicea alma, rural cope? it's the alicia. join us for the world. go count down on al jazeera. aah! al jazeera, when ever you. oh, from the world's most populated region. in depth stories from across asia and the pacific. good type us coaches and conflicting politics. one 0, one east on al jazeera. ah
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sure line can speak a kicks off the process to choose a new leader. ah, hello my money inside. this is out. is there a life window house coming up after the fis bump backlash? president joe biden says he brought up journalist jamal kashodi is killing, but the saudi crown prince basically said that he, he was not personally responsible for us. i indicated i was, he said he was not personally responsible for it. and he took action against those who were responsible people in gaza wake up to the sounds of explosions is israel and palestinian group hamas exchange of broken font and parts of europe swelter on the searing heat. waves sparkling wildfires and commenting evacuation. ah
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sir, lancaster parliament has begun the process of choosing the next president and a brief session. former president got to buy a raj, a pox. his resignation letter was read out. prime minister ronald, the commissioner is now serving as acting president until a new leader is in place that should happen within the next 7 days. become a singer, was sworn in on friday. i followed months of protests over the most severe economic downturn in decades. as cos live now to michelle fernandez, who is in columbus for us mental health protesters feel about the current state of play in government. well they've said very clearly that they're not going to accept the same old faces and run a vicar missing a 6 time prime minister now. and 1st i am acting president is a key candidate that fits that rack that they don't think he has the legitimacy or
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the credibility given the fact that he was voted out of parliament of the last general elections. he was brought in on the nationalist have been made prime minister replacing the form of reminisced, am i in the roger boxer, and now he's acting president. are so for the protest. does that said they wanted a system change. they wanted a clean sweep of the boards are, this is not a development they are relishing. they are in fact, really, really angry and frustrated that it has come to this. the irony is that gotta be roger park. so once at peak popularity are coming in with the 6900000 volts at that residential election has had to leave in the face of a massive public backlash and a protest. i centered on him while a man who was voted out of parliament did not have a single seat and now sits in the seat of the acting president of this country. ah, and that irony is not mister, but for protest says, i mean overall, they feel that
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a drama grimacing her is as much to blame for the state of things in this country as are the roger boxes. obviously, with a little bit of bad luck in terms of the pandemic, the fall of tourism and the economic crisis. all due to that. so that's where protest is kind of stand at the moment. men are we have been focusing a loss on the purchase in recent days. remind us again how tough things are in shlang at the moment. absolutely, i mean, day to day is a struggle for many, many people. obviously, that is a top class that don't really feel of the sort of pinch, but for a large, a sward of society, not just the poorest rung of society, but also the middle class. every one is feeling it. i mean, you find that people, when they take a, you know, their wallet to, or the market or the grocery shop,
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things are 3510 times more expensive than they used to be, or inflation, food related, inflation is in excess of 80 percent economy. there are some economists actually claim that it's more than a 130 percent. so all of a sudden when, for example, your gas or your fuel is taking away a huge chunk of the money you do have in and what's left or all of a sudden has to be tempered in terms of what you buy, how often you buy it so it's affecting the food on the table. the medical a sector is an absolute chambers. as much as a brave face, the government has tried to put on it. i mean, we've had doctors really, really are struggling to keep their patients alive. i mean, there's a story that broke a short while ago that said a doctor had actually harvested the pacemaker from a patient who had died to reuse on another patient. i mean, this is how desperate things are babies are incubator tubes are,
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were being re used. i mean, and dr. say, look, they took a not, they were in this to use their knowledge, their skill to save lives, but it's being taken out of their hands. they don't have the tools and the resources to be able to do that. and it's a very, very frustrating time. i can thank you for that. michelle fernandez there for us in colombo. yes, president joe biden is due to meet gulf leaders and other regional heads of state on his final day of the middle east, tor, on and arrived in saudi arabia on friday, sparking criticism at home by bumping fis with the crown prince mahonnan been so long. i whitehouse corresponding chimney hawk. it has a story you as president joe biden arrived in saudi arabia to a subdued reception. that may have been because of his past comments about the kingdom . we were going to in fact, make them pay the price and make them, in fact,
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the pariah that they are applied. she made as a presidential candidate after a cia report suggested the saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon may have ordered the 2018 killing of journalists, jamal could shout g. the president's goal is to re set relations and convinced the kingdom to pump were oil to bring down fuel prices in the united states. i'm doing all i can to increase the supplier for the united states of america, which i expect to happen. but strain ties have made that a challenge, evident is biting. arrived at the saudi palace, offering the crown prince just a fist bump, a moment not well receive back in the united states. cuz shock geez, publisher. fred ryan, of the washington post, calling it shameful. delivering m b as the redemption he was desperately seeking.
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and cassandra, his fiance, warning biden, that the blood of any future victim will be on his hands. i'm sure she feels her way. i was straightforward. back then i was straight forward to day, basically said that he was not personally responsible for. i was earlier and biden's meeting with the crown prince. the press confronted both men drove off with all the time i . this was the response of the crown prince. he appeared to smirk a serious question left unanswered with reporters. then i should out. joining us now here in the cedar is our white house correspondent, committee, hulk, it timberly. i think it's fair to say that president barton hasn't had the easiest of trips. he's now on his final day in the middle east. what can we expect from
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biden's meetings today? yeah, well the hard work is over for the president. i really, the american media that has been following him was focused on that hand. shake fist bump. what was it going to be mo, went with the crown prince. so the president is perhaps breathing a sigh of relief. and now he's into an area that feels a little bit more comfortable for him. he's a, a senior statesman. he has that foreign policy experience behind him. he's going into a realm of diplomacy that he feels more at ease. so he's going to be in a series of meetings that can we have some key bilateral meetings with leaders of the u. e. iraq. egypt, before he expands, to meet with the broader gulf cooperation council. that includes also a rock jordan, egypt. it's known as the g, c, c plus 3, and this is where there's going to be the opportunity to have those broad diplomatic discussions and really get into kind of the meat of the visit that the president was really trying to do. that is,
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reassert the united states in the region in terms of its interests in its values. this is where the president really hopes to make some gain. so this is important to the present. this is important to his advisors because what they see as, as this being critically important for the relationships but also of strategic value to the united states. because the big concern being that if the united states does not maintain these relationships, there is this sort of security vac you and this vacuum that is increasingly being filled by both russia and china. how do you think he will return to the u. s. as he is he going back empty handed willie have achieved what he wanted from this trip? in short? no. and this is a problem for the president and the white house is already doing a little bit of damage control. they sent out a fax sheet. ah, less than 24 hours ago where they tried to kind of portray that the president has secured this oil, you know, deal if you will,
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to get the saudis to pump more oil, which was the goal of this visit. but in fact, this is something that was already announced by opec about a month ago. and it what this is, is to increase for july and august above 50 for 50 percent above the existing levels of july and august. so this is nothing new and it's sort of being passed off as something new because there is nothing new to announce. and so this is a problem for the white house as so essentially in the. 2 person it is as you say, going back empty handed and that's not a good look for a president who's already and popular a is trying to find a solution to these high fuel prices back at home and doesn't have an answer is already got a very low approval ratings in the united states, and this is not going to help that. so the president is trying to sort of tell some of the other successes that he feels his been chief to this trip, for example, allowing the israel to use saudi aris race for improving the ties between israel
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and saudi arabia. but i can tell you, well, that may matter to the partners in the region, it's not mattering a lot to those back in the united states that are voting for him come november in those congressional elections, not the president, sorry, but his party members. thank you for that committee hook at our white house correspondent the israeli military says it's carried out an air strike on a hamas target in garza, after raucous were fired towards israel. your me says it had a weapons. manufacturing site has at least 2 rockets were fired from garza of the southern israeli city of asked lawn, and one was intercepted by its air defense system as get a unit outside whose life for us in garza city unit. tell us more about what happened. yes, melina calm has been restored now in the gaza strip. earlier this morning in the early hours of dawn we woke up on very violent to each really raids that to
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shook different areas in the gaza strip. ah, these eas railey raids that were said to be a retaliation to the, to a rockets that were launched from the gaza strip towards the settlements of ash cologne. as you mentioned, one was intercepted by the iron dome. why the other one fell in an open area according to the ease really a military spokesperson, i bel air, while the raids israeli raids where taking place in the gods. this trip to more rockets where reported to be also launched from the gaza strip, but also fell it empty areas. even the series did not sound in the southern as settlements adjacent to the enclave. and that caused a further, a response by these railey military, where it raided over a different sites, mostly in the south and east south and west of because the city in the south have
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got the city and in the central uh, got the city in to say right refugee camp, a lot of material damage has occurred from the israel. the rates in the civilian homes around those are military camps and agriculture lands, also a gas station and a supermarket. and many material damage, no casualties. on the other hand, were reported of civilians. thank you for that, you know, like we also know by hebrew i'm sorry larry well to know by hebrew sources, that egyptian mediators have mediated to, ah, put, or curb the israeli, or spawns a to the is a rocket launchers from the gaza strip. and for no further escalation to take place. okay, thank you for that unit outside the for us in gaza. city still ahead on al
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jazeera mexico arrest. the drug convicted of murdering a u. s. narcotics agent is captured on the german soldiers jailed for flossing, fall right, attacks stabilized states while hosing as a syrian refugee ah, judy house bridge on the, the full world copies on its way to the castle. can travel package to the hello there. it's all about the exceptional extreme heat sweeping europe at the moment. we've had a heat wave that's broken records in spain, portugal am now france and italy, it's going to make its way farther north to western areas of europe. i'm the northwest in the u. k. have declared a national heat wave emergency for the 1st time. we've had a red warning that's from monday into tuesday,
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with temperatures may be touching up to 40 degrees celsius and challenging records . that heat is going to work its way further east. but on saturday, it's certainly spain that continues to see the high temperatures. madrid had some of the warmest lights on record, the temperature touching 40 degrees. but we will see them start to come down as that heat works its way further north. clear skies for much of the mediterranean over the weekend if you popcorn showers across the balkans. but it's really looking rather wet and windy up in the north of scandinavia. we've had low pressure that's gonna work its way across the baltic states taking some shop fun storms to the likes of lithuania and some heavy rain on saturday for poland. we got some wind warnings out for germany as well. but as we go into the new week already from sunday, you can see clear skies with some improvement for the temperature in berlin. i saw official elling of the journey new voices heating up the
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airway. lot of chinese listeners. we can't really hear what they really think in their own country shifting paleface, the rise of citizen journalism has changed everything. how do you happen? it happened on social media and the undeniable impact of the mainstream narrative australians went to the pole with those images front of mine is a water very much came forth out in the media as well as on the battlefield. they're listening post. dissect the media on al jazeera, we're ah all combat you're watching out. as a reminder of our top stories, the south shall anchors parliament has begun the process of choosing the next president. prime minister ronald become a single serving as acting president until
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a new leader is in place which should happen within the next 7 days. joe biden is set to meet gulf leaders and other regional heads of states on his final day off the middle east to the us. presidents fishbock with the saudi crow francisport criticism at biden is overlooking mines. israeli military says it's carried out to mass strike on a hamas talking gazelle to walk us were fired towards the southern city of bosh calling. all me says it had a weapons. manufacturing us authority say they will seek the immediate extradition of a notorious drug lord captured by mexican forces. mexico's navy released footage of raphael carro can terror shortly after he was arrested in, in a lower car. can terra was jailed in the 1980s for mos monning. the killing of a u. s. drug enforcement agent. he was released on a technicality back in 2013 and return to drug trafficking. mike vigil is the
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former chief of international operations for the u. s. drug enforcement administration. he says, this is the wind for authorities. the drug enforcement administration is elaine it with the capture of dental, simply because we feel that this is a tremendous victory, more just us in the rule of law. and as you indicated, the united states have a bounty on kind of a $20000000.00 us dollars. it's the biggest reward ever. it's a reward even bigger than the one that existed for chopin's mom and lois for the 1980s. there was only one cartel that existed in mexico. that was the one a lot of cartel, which was handed by cutting darrow in 2 years cohorts. and they were tracking drugs, cocaine marijuana year,
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went into the united states. and in february of 1985, they decided that they were going to kidnap the agent. they kidnapped and re k j come on in right in front of the u. s. consulate in one, a lot of. they took him to a residence owned by kind of dental, where he was tortured rhythmically, in a very cool wanted manner until he was killed. and then at that point in time, many of these cartel leaders, when a goes to rico, we capture them there. and then he was extra bided to mexico. and given a 40 year sentence, for some people died in the operation to arrest can tara, when a black hawk helicopter crash in the north and city of lawson, which is one person with injured and being treated in hospital, the mexican presidents as a helicopter with supporting the troops who arrested can terror that the cause of
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the crash would be investigated. the on security council has passed a resolution urging all countries to ban small armed deliveries to haiti where gang violence is soaring. 89 people were killed in the capitol this week violent crime has affected fuel distribution, aggravating shortages, which of course widespread protests in recent days. finance ministers from the g 20 nations have been meeting in barley for 2nd day of talks. the global food crisis soaring inflation and the economic impact of the war in ukraine. our top, the agenda kita gaap enough, is the deputy managing director of the international monetary fund. she says, a combination of factors including the worn ukraine and china's approach to the pandemic are impacting the economies of the most vulnerable countries. you just look at our projections for recovery and emerging and developing economies. you
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will see that, you know, where we think they will be in about 2 to 3 years. is significantly lower than where they would have been in the absence of the pandemic wishes. unlike what we see for advanced economy. so there has been a medium term impact medium to long term impact on these economies. now, given that interest rates are going up around the world, that is raising borrowing cost for emerging, developing economies. for example, we have about a 3rd of emerging markets who's borrowing costs in foreign currency is a what 10 percent, or that is an important marker. so it is getting to be challenging times with these economies. all production is set to resume and libya after legal barrier was removed. the announcement followed a decision by tribal groups to end their blockade of oil fields and export terminals, which a stall, production for months. and when calling for fire a distribution of oil revenues un says egypt will suspend its
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participation in peacekeeping operations. in molly, it comes as the transitional government order, the temporary suspension of troop rotations by the mission, citing security reasons. last, we can, molly, arrested, 49, ivory and soldiers, and says the troops were mercenaries looking to stage a coup. the un says they all there was support staff hired by a private company to support the peacekeeping mission. a german court has jailed a former soldier, accused of planning attacks and politicians while posing as a syrian refugee cialis shown allies on elements the fall rise in germany's military and tuscany. mm. as the story, this is a rare instance post world war 2, that a member of germany's military has been convicted of plotting a terror attack. former lieutenant franco albrecht was sentenced to 5 and a half years in prison on friday. it's been daughter, but still getting up,
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i am satisfied with the verdict. despite the sentence been slightly reduced, i see it as an important victory in the fight against right wing extremists, him racism and anti semitism in germany. when is the prosecutors argued he was a far right extremist who planned to attack prominent politicians and public figures all while living a double life as registered syrian refugee. and his aim was to shift policies on refugees. to quote, preserve the german nation. albright said he impersonated a christian from damascus to show how easy it was to claim asylum in germany and receive government subsidies, and that he stockpiled weapons to protect his family. in the event of a war with russia or china, the cases highlighted the threat of far right. radicalism in the german military bluffs were there for many years. in fact, take a long we did not look closely enough. that has now changed us because has proven
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by the increase in the number of suspected cases reported by the military and counter intelligence service, the land and the number of people removed from the jars. but this critic says, the government is failing to address the full scope of the problem. they don't do enough. they can do more. for example, to, to, to rethink what is left and with respect to the clearing up of the and as you network. or who did a merger serious against turkish people and they didn't do it. the government says they'll continue to monitor thousands of members of far right network saying they're the biggest threat facing germany. natasha name al jazeera in the u. k. full courses have issued an extreme heat warning for a number of cities in england and wales g to last from sunday to tuesday and comes
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ahead of a heat wave. i could result in record breaking temperatures next week. and hot weather and winds happen causing while fires to spread in south western france. hundreds of firefighters in trying to stick with the flames and protect several cities, thousands of tourists and people living in the area and forced to leave the house. fight as in central and northern portugal happened. also struggling to contain blazes that have spread across the border from spain. a plain being used to tackle the wildfire crash, killing the pilot. when 30000 hectares of land have burned in the past week smooth and all of last year. farmers in northern italy are struggling to salvage their crops during the west drought in 70 years. scientists and blaming climate change. and as adam rainy reports from the po valley, the losses could exceed more than $3000000.00. this is what italy's longest and
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most important river, the po, looks like right now. parched in it, dangerously low levels. it's water provides the life blood for farmers who produce italy's most valuable crops, walking through his field of stunted corn farmer, adriano tune, yolo. the son and grand son of corn growers shows us the damage wrought by the drought. ah, christopher was thermal this year. this comb will just be thrown away all because of the drought because it hasn't rained in months going on this year them is totally ruined rooster with food or group down river where the po empties, enter the adriatic engineer rodolfo. lot. anthy shows us how the current is running in reverse, from the sea to the land, because the river is so low. looking over maps, he shows me how salt water is entering nearby farmland. let didn't. he says thought water barriers are failing because they weren't built for such dangerously low river levels. he regularly monitors the salt levels in the river. he's never seen
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at this bad. this is him in the seems like it. i mean, it's now registering 25 grams per liter. that means that sea water, salt water level here, should be one gram per liter to be able to distribute to farmers. and the effect of so much salt water incursion, burnt crops, worthless and withering in the field. many fields poisoned by salt water may not even produce crops next year. it's not just a problem for agriculture. muscle farmer paola mancini says he'll lose 30 percent of his harvest from this lagoon on the po delta this year. busy because most of these muscles are all dead, fresh water from the po hasn't made it here. so they just die. seems like this are increasingly common along the po. whole area is usually covered by water. now exposed, turned in the beaches or islands of sand. in the middle boy, the river usually flows and those who provide water to farmers in the po valley. so
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they're not just worried about this summer's crops. but about years to come, a once in a lifetime, drought shows how life could change here forever. so there was a mechanic with if we lose this resource, we have had 2 centuries. we'll have to abandon our excellent crops. we'd give up our whole cultural heritage, a frightening prospect as people here and millions of others around the world struggle to adapt to changing climate. adarine al jazeera in the po, valley of northern italy. the kinds of 19 pandemic is co, is what unicef in the world health organization of described as the largest backslid and childhood vaccinations in a generation. last year, 25000000 children missed out on a routine vaccinations that protect against life threatening diseases at a 6000000 more than before the pandemic in 2019 the number of youngsters who received no vaccinations was 37 percent. between 20192021 immunization
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against measles is at its lowest level since 2008, just 81 percent of children. last year, 24700000 children missed that fast dice of the measles vaccine. and another 14700000 did not get the crucial secondary. in 2021, there were 25000000 children who missed out on one or more doses of their d. t p containing vaccines through routine immunization services. this threatens increased outbreaks, death and for some who survive the illnesses that they otherwise wouldn't have gotten. lifelong consequences. the pandemic is not over. we need to both sustain and maintain momentum on cobra. 19 population, immunity through vaccination. but it also means that we have to assure the vaccination for measles and h p, v, and pneumonia and diarrhea gets back on track urgently.


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