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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  July 16, 2022 2:30pm-3:01pm AST

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no fuel in order to transport one patient from one instance another. and so basically the patient said affected about that was fuel prices and the implementation of the pockets on the time table. but during this period, the hospitals received the bomb paula through the generators. so that you're unable to get to us because of the people that are unable to run $24.00 to the stomach ration so being canceled. people who are in it, emergency situation can be help. yes. most of the road in walk cited possible and pretty good. the routing clicks and routing surgery's been postponed, but still we need you to have them again. and also our topic engaging in the major emergency surgeries and urgent surgeries. so we are doing up for the purpose of saving the lives of the patients. but unfortunately the people are the patients was needing for the chronic treatment. that's all that's been postponed and ultimately
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i really have to leave it here. really. thank you so much for your for your information here. yeah. so it's really a dire situation. the doctor was telling me it's a near collapse of the medical system here and it's only a week more and then this shortages of everything. ok, thank you for that to fasten that 1st in colombo. let's return now to saudi arabia . to mecca with gulf leaders are currently meeting i think we can hear from the egyptian president who is about to speak or is speaking was just have a lesson. but you are whom you may agree with me that looking forward to the future, we'll deal with it was based on dealing with the old crisis we have. so we have to corporate in order to sort out all the crisis and the problems with those happened
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the last decade or the future once they cannot be achieved except the by comprehensive and it just safe which is the palestinian cause based on the 2 state solutions solution and to create an independent palestinian estates on the borders of the 4th of june. 201967, which he is guaranteed that of listings that legitimate traits to live in peace side by side with the state of israel. and provide new reality in the area that can be accepted and co exist together, which will help to support all the values and piece which is required in this region. and therefore, we have to intensify our efforts in order to achieve this, not just a piece,
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but this time to, to achieve a final solution and reversible solution to this. and that will achieve secondly to build saw it is based on democracy on the equality and respect of human rights internally and deal with interest 3 missed sectarian issues. is they guarantee for comprehensive and continuous stability. this would require to affect to consolidate and support that the a comprehensive estate based on the constitution and support their expert them, the shipper tears and the support and the law under rule of law within these countries and the freedom of people. of course,
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the women's rights and younger rights, the civil society and the religious authorities should also be supported. so that is stability and just are achieved also provide work opportunities and investment dish will help the p r people's for, for your child, bright futures without discrimination, 3, the out up national security is an integral part which cannot be divided and they can be achieved by cooperation in the right atmosphere and the context to meet the challenges and i would like and vis respect to strengthen the respect of independent countries and knocked into freeland, that internal affairs and to achieve brotherhood. and this mutual respect,
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which is the charge of the un supports and today also has to be independently responsible for their neighbor in relationship with nobody countries now where he would be in force, the establishment of an area, free of weapons of mass destruction and the non proliferation of such arms in the region, number 4, terrorism is still a man challenge indiana region and not up countries. and that this requires us to counter terrorism in order forms and to fisher
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eradicate all the terrorist organizations that threaten our out up countries. and unfortunately, data she have support from foreign countries in order to achieve material political gains, we have to support these countries to achieve safety across the board does. there is no place for malicious and armed gangs. and those who supply them with arms and support and sponsor of them should recalculate theirs. and then he has just the position and they should know that the undoubtedly will will have to deal with this and protect our borders and our
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security number 5. this is very much a link to international cooperation with the region in order to get rid of all these militias and the crisis in energy and the water and the climate change. therefore, with the increase of development for the infrastructure is and industry and the new technology is very important to be strengthened. therefore, egypt spares no efforts in order to develop the cooperation in the region and provide the energy emphasizing that this would require full comprehensive study of all
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these aspects and to support the countries who require assistance in this spheres and those and this will bet you but corporation with until national and regional institutions. and what the actual forum has achieved is a practical example of what can be done in dealing with the energy with regards to the water supply in this world under the international law that regulates the water sources. it is very important that to work together in order to prevent those
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countries of the sources of water, not to abuse the position and dish quads collective work. and but if you look at them at the bottom of the shipping working, particularly the cop conference and the achieve all the achievement in the thought is confidence reached. we're also, as it is very important that we help the countries to deal with the climate change and help them was it normal and political list ability. and it will ask the old to only add up countries to adhere to their international
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commitments in respect of climate change and to make available the financial currency. and i would, in this respect, look forward to meeting you and shut me, share in the corp conference in egypt. and we are committed to face the climate change together with the international community so that we have a comprehensive solution to the whole countries of the whole of the, of the world. today i have provided the 5 excelled that were sort of the challenges faced by our regents so that we can achieve comprehensive stability and we stopped and your chapter of audio link logical cooperation based
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on confidence and cooperation and to share these responsibilities and in accordance with each with respect for each countries, customs and practices. and finally, i would love to think of the saudi arabia for achieving us until the kind of hospitality and day. but isn't my congratulation while you're at thanks to the united states and tell them you will always find in egypt a good friend and support of of the united states and wish you to extend dollars on hand to help in all crisis and work together
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to have to build a constructive solutions for crisis that respect, countries self determination and independence and we would work annoyed that will help assist us to overcome any problems and thank you very much. amazed, make peace. be upon ya. cooper. i would like to thank his excellency position with at the see see the word isn't out to going to have been are you sir, to king of bearing new gupta, miserable. his highness. my brother. i mean mama prince him had been sir, man,
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you're rex and says i'm heinous is made. peace be upon your firstly would like to congratulate the gang said man for the excellent success of the hodge or pilgrimage season this year's. and for this exception, all the summit, me think, which is a good opportunity to strengthen the historical relationship and destroy the relationship between us and the united states of america. the friendly state under the presidents, president, she of president joe biden was and we hope that we to go that fish the crisis that face the
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middle east. normal, the middle east region, which has international strategic importance, has suffered over a number of years and it's still suffering strategically. security wise, definitely something which requires us to think deeply and logically in order to deal with the crisis that are continuing to lead the palestinian cause, which requires a comprehensive and continuous solution based on the 2 state solution. and d r a initiative for bes,
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shopping and to present the support and a to the palestinian people and the actual participation and particularly the workshop for prosperity that was in byron. and it is important that we achieve. we reach a political system, a settlement and development to for them and the people it is important that we think that didn't interference in internal affairs is one of the most dangerous challenges internationally. this is the time to stop this interference is in respect of the sovereignty
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of these countries, both religiously and historically the mutual respect and tolerance is very important, particularly indeed that we hope that we have a month and then area free of arms in the middle east. and the free of terrorism, it is very important that we achieve region regional stability and safety, which requires working together in order to achieve desperation of our people's 4 piece in this context, where emphasize the importance of the continuing of the work of the
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naval forces. the joint naval forces and their role in the protection of the naval international noval trade, particularly in homeless and the bible man, the crates. we also command the corporation between our navy and the the, the 5th and navy of the united states. and on this basis, we would like to emphasize that you might be to incarceration or hope to encourage the investment to northern,
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to deal with the economic problems internationally. and the installation that is suffered at the nationally. and of course, the extra force of grains to the international markets and to activate the solutions to the countries that have been affected by the crisis. just look forward. this summit brings fruitful results that will help and strengthen the friendly relationship between the states. so that we can all face the challenges that on fashion as well please and well
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and then we'll deja well de strong will about that total me to the requirements of the present and the future. we pray to god almighty, to guide us to whatever is good for our countries and our people's and peace. be on to you. i thank his majesty king of baron on his remarks. i give the floor now to his dry lioness prince the mean. they mirror other than the name of a law, the roy lioness. crown prince. m medivan said, man alford saudi arabia, your excellency president joe biden, your majesty's excellence is in harnesses at the outset and please to extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to the custodian of the 2. all the mosques. king
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said, a madman. abdul aziz, as soon and the crown prince for hosting this important summit and for the could deal reception and court organization to make this summit to success with holland. honorable gentlemen, this important meeting kick takes a place against the back job of the challenges facing the world and putting at stake the capabilities of the international community to in, has cooperation among states to find just unrealistic solutions to global issues that cherish their values and norms. residing in the conscience of humanity, every one realizes that there is no security or stability. neither development a mind conflicts, invoking the provisions of international law and the charter of the united nations . by the parties to the conflict saves their people's humanity anna as a whole. him many victims and tragedies, but it is well known international law is a customary law that obliges only those who are motivated by their own principles
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or limited capabilities to abide by it. since the end of the cold war, countries have been arguing about that. the need for alliances of international forces committed to international law and the charter of the united nations to be able to impose their stature of the law and the charter in a non selected manner. so that they will not be subjected to the interests of sufficient specific countries or their bras, respective ideological orientations. the international community has not yet succeeded. in this respect, we are all aware that crises and wars and any reason affect the entire world. the war in ukraine has direct and indirect victims. china, this war has contributed to exacerbating an economic crisis that may lead to him in italian disasters, especially in the case of food and could crude oil in porting,
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developing countries in this context, along with it, solidarity with the victims and supports for the political efforts to in this war, the state of thought that will not spare any efforts in working with its partners in the region and the world to ensure a continuous flow of energy supplies. honorable gentleman to data, which tests the importance of the gulf relations and that of the arabs in general with the united states and the need to maintain and strengthen them. it is no secret to any one. the pivotal role of the united states of america in the middle east and the world just a few colors to close the loop you human let of achieving stability in the gulf region is essential, not only to it but to the entire an international community. we reaffirm here our firm position to spare the gulf region and the middle east, in general. the dangers of nuclear armament while recognizing the rights of the
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countries in the region to use nuclear energy force, peaceful purposes. in accordance with international rules, we also stress the need to resolve differences in our region through dialogue based on respect for the sovereignty of estates. not interference in their internal affairs promoting the common interest and participating in shouldering responsibilities in the hospital. it you month, one of the shuttles, the dangers looming over the middle east region. in light of the tense, international situation require finding a just and lasting solution to the palestinian cause, which occupies the central position among the peoples of our arab and his lamp worlds. and the forces appeased worldwide because it is a just cause with the heavy symbolic weights. at the same time was sheila masada to at least one of their most important sources of tension and instability will linger unless israel stop its practices and violations of
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international law reflected in building settlements, changing jerusalem's character. and continuing to impose c c siege on garza, it is no longer possible to understand the continuation of occupation because of the selected policies of enforcing the decisions of international legitimacy and opting for important as for the politics of course. and the imposition of, of had a complete over the principles of justice and fairness. the arab country is despite their differences, have unanimously agreed on the arabic initiative that expresses readiness by them all to re normal normalize relations with israel. if it agrees to a settlement based on international legitimacy resolutions stipulating withdrawal to the 1967 borders within peace accords. and it would be improper for us to abandon our initiatives just because israel rejects them. it is
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inappropriate for arabs to propose settlements. why laser, israel's role is confined to rejecting them and increasing its intransigence wherever. whenever arabs make concessions, just as israel has a public opinion, we also have the public opinion in the arab world. we look forward to an effective role for the united states in calling for serious negotiations to settle the palestinian issue in according with the, in accordance with the international legitimacy resolutions. and the principles of the 2 state solution agreed upon by the international community. so that what is sought is not an negotiation for the sake of negotiation, nor to delude ourselves. that there is a peace process underway. along honorable gentlemen, we value the truce between them. any parties and the kingdom of saudi arabia initiative for putting, for putting it forward and will look forward to its continuation until a solution to this crisis is reached. in accordance with the gulf initiative and
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its executive mechanism. and the outcomes of the many national dialogue and relevant security, national resolutions. in general, we must agree on rules that we all respect to guide our action to resolve crises in yemen, libya and other countries. these rules include confining the tools of violence in this, in the hands of the state and distinguishing between the consensual system and the court system. there court, a system may go beyond partnership and political representation to sharing the state and its institutions as if there were spoils in a way that would cripple and render them unable to carry out their functions. these principles also serve as a steering guide and iraq and lebanon, which are experiencing crises of another kind as for syria player juice. it's not plausible to accept the fait accompli which means that continuation of the terrible injustice to which the syrian people are subjected, we must all act to reach
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a political solution in accordance with the geneva, one communique resolutions in order to achieve their legitimate aspirations of this area people beyond our region of responsibilities, were not oblivious to the responsibility to participate in addressing the challenges facing all humanity, including the issue of climate change. we hope that the upcoming cobb 27 united nations climate change conference in the air republic of egypt will fulfill the expectations of the international community in this regard. i prater. my regard to culminates the deliberations of this summit in success. mayer lies, peace. be with you. i thank his ins share to me, montane, now i give the floor to the prime minister. most of al cartler, me prime minister of iraq. just a lot of the name of god most gracious, most merciful and my brother is dry and his best man. witness and man bananas is as soon crown prince of the kingdom of saudi arabia. president, president joe biden,
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president of the united states of america. your highness, is your excellency's. these be with you. so didn't, does my pleasure to extend my thanks and gratitude to our brothers in saudi arabia, her king and his people for their hospitality. and just now that we hope will her lead to her and a very extreme circumstances with the aspirations of her pupil with the language of brotherhood and peace. that will guarantee her
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hon. a living for the people, iraq, with the help of his neighbors or for its in its neighbors. her were able to achieve victory over at the dash. we still have the chance to our brute her of the roots of terrorism. and we need the all the assistance of regional international to create an international strategy to combat terrorism, and dry these swaps of terrorism, or through the exchange of information and expertise. the danger is there to have been created by the ukraine crisis, require her intensifying the international efforts to find solutions and unify all the efforts to achieve her foot security and a guarantee the our oil supplies in the middle east or the middle is, have suffered or tangibly from the climate change and the water crisis and
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desertification her in addition to the health or issues alive, care covered her. 19. all of these require that we moved together to confront her. these challenges, sir. your excellency's highness is her see a democratic her system in iraq is almost 2 decades after decades of dictatorship and this young, our democracy is still making progress despite the challenges. but we still are, there are political issues, political challenges and elections, which are necessitate preserving the democratic values in everyday life, or is something that necessitates more time and the accumulation of expertise. after we have gone beyond the dash phase, our forces security and military forces are, are in a.


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