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tv   The Bottom Line  Al Jazeera  July 16, 2022 3:00pm-3:31pm AST

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and desertification her in addition to the health, her issues are alike covered. her 19. all of these require that we move together to confront her. these challenges. see your excellency's highness is her fee or democratic her system and iraq is almost $2.00 decades after a decades of dictatorship and this young, our democracy is still making progress despite the challenges and but we still are, there are political or issues, political challenges and elections, which are necessitate preserving the democratic values in everyday life, or is something that necessitates more time and the ex, or accumulation of expertise. or after we have her gone beyond the dash phase. or our forces, security and military forces are, are in their development phase. to preserve the security of iraq and the
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yes her, we plan to her further or coordinate hand with all the browsers and the region that will serve the hour of papers and as her of the countries of the region or the meetings in and summits her that to have her collected egypt and saudi arabia and jordan have resulted in a vision. a common vision to a create a corporation in different areas are likely baghdad conference. her dad expressed the historic ties leaking all the countries at region and her ira under gcc countries have taken great steps to enable are, these are these achievements. and we have
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achieved a number of agreements to create electricity connectivity with their saudi arabia and the gcc countries. and we also have electricity connectivity with jordan and egypt. we also have created initiatives to reinforce a dialogue and partnership in the region and iraq is going with this methodology that will a feed into its national interest and in the region. and this context, iraq continues are the dialogue in order to keep away the weapons of mass destruction in the middle east and make it a safe place for the interests of the origin, the countries of the region and the world. and this sir, regard at the we look for a fair and i just are solution for the palestinian issue and to meet the aspirations of the palestinian people and to stop all the
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aggression against the palestinian people. our up guarantees that the solution of this conflict is through the international legitimacy, which is the only way to achieve stability in the region or iraq also supports the her yamini truce. her that is her, are ongoing her, which is a temporary solution that will bring about, you know, the or an end to the a conflict at up also supports the internet regional international efforts to bring a, an end to the syrian or her, the syrian a crisis hoping to end this absurd or war and this will create her, her bonds that will bring a stability back to this country and, and the term in terms of an environment corporation. i would like to remind that
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her iraq, her as an important producer for oil o that but this will increase our challenge is environmental challenges. we must work fast in order to utilize our gas that is burned all fields to create investments in alternative energy or countries. her mate additional her issues that towards her investment and changing the her challenges to opportunities in this context, iraq suggests are creating a middle east bank for development and inter integration with the out of g, c, c. jordan and egypt and to her and to be involved in a local development and infrastructures at that will help in linking the economies
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of the region or with their earth priority as her developing the are local electricity connectivity and the gas and her road networks. and the heavy industries has financing the projects and or what her projects are and to, to fight it deserved vacation. we hope that the summit meets its achieves its objectives to serve our countries and that we continue to meet for the purpose of serving the people of the country of the region and to a provide the youth with a better future and peace be with you. i thank you, mr. prime minister for your remarks. a give know the floor. i give no. the floor to ocean michel a subaru her from the state of great love of margaret in the name of a law and prayers are due to
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a law. peace and blessings be upon his prophet mohammed and his household are dual heartily custodian of the 2 ru masks. dear brother, king, sell, man, but up there as his answer would. his excellency president joe biden is president of the united states of america majesty's i as his excellency's honorable gentleman. peace be with you. is sorely from vidalia. it is my pleasure in the beginning of the thing. look here and jed day, which is a main gate to the most holy ground on earth. maquel ma kurama lifted up the small to represent his highness, amir of great,
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while share. no love allow him at the job, but a sub ha will equally and it is my uncle to looking to hear honor is to convey our brotherly regards to his brother's he, to their majesty his highness says he was a dog and his best wishes of success to this summit, the merciless look at them. it is my great pleasure to express my thanks and gratitude to my brother, custodian of the 2 ali mosque king sell mad about there. as is as sir wood king of the kingdom of saudi arabia. hello la, near la, protect him. he and to my brother, the smooth milwaukee. his royal highness reveal ma'am,
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is al marvin of the use of mademoiselle man. alice herod, crown prince of the kingdom of saudi arabia. la smudges law that deputy prime minister, minister of defense, woman, you worship, and to the government and people of brotherly kingdom, of saudi arabia for the warm reception and hospitality. and we'll organized summit, the 4th, the 4th summit at which is an important summit between the g c. c. countries and are the presence of the united states, or which we have historical relations and deep ties. you and strategic mutual ties. you lou, especially a light of these challenges and extraordinary circumstances that the region is going through political challenges, security challenges,
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economic challenges as well. had looked at the look, monogamy and money. these challenges require us to do more coordination and collaboration and understanding to confront them. so log log in more more, you know, we have clear concepts and to achieve our aims and to strengthen the requirements of security and stability in this critical region of the world july. accordingly, this a blessing gathering of the gcs, brotherly gcc countries. and it's the strategic ally, the united states of america, really jewel, especially, and other brotherly countries and the region that we share with them. a common vision, a unity and the same destiny. which is the kingdom hashem,
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hashemite of jordan, and the arab republic of egypt. and the brotherly our neighbouring ah, republic of iraq till he gets home. and it says, gives me pleasure to welcome president joe by then president of a friendly united states of america, a war and brotherly. welcome for his historic visit at to the middle east and his sharing his generous sharing with us. i'm participation and this summit is of an am remembering with pride the, the level that our relations have reached to with the united states of america in the loose. and the success is accomplished in many fields with reflected on brazil also, and the incentive
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o action that we do to strengthen the strategic interests between our countries. notice on the so here i can only do you remember i a nation with the, with the prominent leadership carried out by the united states of america or shotgun as a leadership, people and people in the combating the, ah invasion in an epic battles with the help of all of our brothers in the gcc countries, along with their strong well and with you on top of them is the kingdom of saudi arabia and our other brotherly arab countries and other friendly countries o share. they love for peace and stability, and liberating great from the unjust,
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an invasion of iraq to kuwait. and 1992 was majesty's excellence. his highness is of condolence when tuna quaid takes great pride and this bless at gathering which is the g. c. c of yuma and it takes pride and they successes of this brotherly entity. what are they achievements accomplished a through decades in years for for decades. rock emergency our where our brothers in the g. c. c. i demonstrated their strong ties through blood, religion, and i share destiny even will achieving development prosperity to their li, abbas, and solidarity and their common interests. i'm alone with
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a joint work and vision you far will delivering an example of an excellent example despite differences, unit issue loving their countries without reaching by this drama achieving by this, the respect of the world to their governments and peoples was morally and what good luck exclusively allow me to affirm with confidence now that we and the g c. c. molar will continue an hour benevolent efforts to strengthen this strategic partnership with the united states of america in northern either human based on our believe on its necessity. jubal and importance and light of actions that require all of our unity
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and closeness model. angela looked at her and as standing in unity view on just a, we follow closely the levels of cooperation between the gcc and the united states, which, which have witnessed. and it was an excellent and strengthening, and we'll try to take it to, to higher levels on all fronts and levels of yellow. so the, and this context in of your emergency, our, we in the gcc country is we hope that this summit is a begin i know, beginning to address a little okay. is shoes of importance. and leah, on top of them is the palestinian cause. calling for the success of achieving
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a complete solution to this issue based on international resolutions and the era piece initiative and supporting the people of palace science rights and with their and, and state and a capital all line. we call the public of iran to cooperate with the i. e a and with our country is and the world and ways that book contributes and making the g, c. c, region and the middle east, free of a weapons of mass destruction, loss a little. and it is important to continue joint work to repel and deter terrorist attacks on civilian facilities and vital regions. and the kingdom of saudi arabia and the united arab emirates and to curb the threat of the threat to a maritime navigations,
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another sion. and this is regard and, and on with them pertaining to yemen. we appreciate the efforts of our brothers in yemen. on top of them is the leadership council, and it's supporting her entities. and we are firm our complete support to their efforts to achieve security. stability in yemen, and we are driven by hope our little for unified internet and for the unified efforts to attack whole the humidity and conditions in our region. especially developments in iraq, syria, libya, latham and lebanon, of afghanistan, and other regional issues that still cast its shadow on the stability of the security of the region, mrs. mitchell. regarding the, i see a russian ukrainian crisis. we affirm our principle position based on the international
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laws and the un charter and respecting international law, which the, which are based on the sovereignty of states and territorial integrity and political stability and none interference in their internal affairs and not using force or threats and conclusion, melody i liked expressly out the aspirations of my country, which is small in geography, but big in its ambitions and hopes, b, c, i. e, just driven by the hopes of its people for peace and humanitarian work and a strong country in its cooperation. and working with and it's looking forward to a world with hope and stability and achieving the aspirations of all people. and,
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and that everybody in the world unites against conflicts and disputes to face challenges and threats that i surround us. and we should remember the blessings of a law upon us and the importance of keeping these no well simpler sings and we pray to a law to guide us. i make our efforts successful and to make our people's prosperous. be with you. excuse me. i think i thank his highness, i share a liquor and conclusion conclusions. i would like to thank you for your attendance and effective participation in this summit, which demonstrated the depth of the strong relations that to our countries together with united states of america, this follows decades of profound strategic ties. we commend the keenness that we have seen in the summit to continue progress and cooperation to strengthen our
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joint action and face facing, regional and international challenges in all political economic security environment, climate and how feels we look forward to continuing cooperation among our countries to achieve security prosperity, peace and stability. shook our peace be with you. is alive, a images form. jetta in saudi arabia where a gulf and regional leaders have been meeting for the security and development summit that brings together the 6 gulf corporation council states, along with egypt. jordan iraq at the united states, we've been hearing one after another from a regional leaders, including the u. s. president to joe biden, who's making his 1st presidential visit 1st or israel, and then on to saudi arabia oversee regional concerns about energy supplies. have been a major preoccupying factor in these talks. well, joining be in the studio is al jazeera senior political analyst, my one boshra. my when i'm there seems to be an overarching theme that there is
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more that unites them at this time than divides them, particularly when it comes to food security. energy supplies and regional, structural security, as well as opposed to receptor of their think. we have, we heard similar themes from most speakers, from most leaders, and they all have to do with as you said, the food security, economic security, security, security of force. and of course security from terrorism and social and political security as well. so i think the question of security with all its pillars, i think seems to be on the mind of all of these leaders, which i would often of course, also try to somebody who was saying fear, you know, fear of all of this instability and violence. and how were not water tech space in one part of the world, such as russia and ukraine? of course, it also affects people and, and, and lifestyle and standard, living everywhere. i think also one of the,
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one of the issues that was common between all those who spoke the out of speakers anyway, it was that of palestine. we've heard that the emphasized by they may have cut down, but we also heard it mentioned by every other leader golf. see that as well as that of egypt. and speaking of egypt, i think present c. c gave probably the most expensive the most i would say eloquent speech and the thing because it covers all the 5 issues that he said are very important solving all conflicts like palestine, promot, believe it or not promoting democracy and citizenship in the world. and he spoke about, of course, the security and the 44 months or so forth, and combating terrorism and food. and then the security. if you're 100 percent cc, who is being saying that in, i would say this should be the agenda for the oblique. for the next step, but the problem there's always a but right?
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the but here on all of this is that while the, all of them agree into that themes. but the proof is in the pudding. right? i mean, what will they then unite all around those issues and do something about them? will they as the prime minister of iraq proposed or establish a regional development bank in order to deal with a lot of those issues. and i think really whether they'll be able to walk their talk is the test, you know, right. i just going back to what you took him out. so we regards to, to palestine. i am one of the key things here. me of cats are stressed was, was i was to cast, ah, i kind of called critical eye on the speed in which relations are being normalized across the region with israel. obviously there is an outstanding issue about the palestinian situation. there. i was that a message from the me it's a to, to, for us to stop rethink recalibrate before we go headlong towards something we may regret. well, certainly there's the idea that the palestinians, of course,
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we have heard from him art about that is that the only way to pressure israel as for the arabs to leverage their influence. but if they are not making peace or normalization secure to coordination with his or there will be no reason for israel wide to or for the palestinians, and ent, occupation, and up at a sinister. but i also think he's also sent a bit of a message as well to the american president, not one of his our colleagues by saying, you know, we speak, we speak of a solution to that issue. but what we see is israel expanding, illegal settlements, not advancing. peace settlement. and i think that's important. there's a big difference between illegal george settlements that are happening at the expense of about a senior. so that the ration and that of the settlement that is not being advanced and that what we heard from present by then it doesn't seem like it's going to be advance any time. so i wanted to talk about something that says, present biden said he said so the u. s. will be an ally to the region and that we
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will not walk away and leave a vacuum filled by russia, china or iran. what did he mean by that vacuum? while yes, i think a lot, a lot of a lot of vote over america our lives at the region. we're worried that when by then spoke about, we need to focus on our main challenge may and june broke a challenge, and that is russia and china and that america needs to deescalate and, and her, you know, shrink its presence in the middle east and so on. so forth, and of course there was, there would draw well from afghanistan, the catastrophic, the way it's happened, we drove out of gas, and that worried a lot of people in the region. so what he and his lieutenants are saying, look, if anything were duncan of grandstand is going to free, more resources to invest in the middle east to where we are prioritizing. but certainly in our re prioritizing middle east figures heavily in where we're heading
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. and i think directly and indirectly, he made clear that the middle east is one of those important areas of conflict by proxy with china and russia. and hence, america needs to be there. not only just wants to be there to preserve. busy american national security as a superpower. so i think the messages were not going anywhere. we are re prioritizing, but we are maintaining our presence. and just for our viewers are on the war. this important to remind ourselves that there is an american military presence or bases in every single gulf states. let's talk about progress if possible by one, because arguably, the u. s. does say progress has been made over yemen, and i noticed several leaders there did of course mention yemen. it was of course, the site of the year will still is the sight of the world's worst humanitarian disaster in spite of these claims of progress. where are the leaders on that issue? i think winding down the or you can happen 1st, the factor and then later on by design, meaning, it's basically the soldier a, b,
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and its allies, the you got a payment of others just could not win the war. they could not basically end could not win it. and so it was just important at this point in time to end the, the craze. you know, as it where of this war of this humanitarian disaster. and i think the united states try to help that because it's one of those things that the united states has been advocating that's talk to de escalate and let's bring in diploma. so you know that there is all some of these issues. i think just we've been the united nish has been trying to do that for years, except now as i said, there's a need for it's also on the part of saudi arabia and others in order to just wind down ended up because it started to affect not only yemen, but also so the and m r i t security. when we start seeing these miss aisles being dislodged. mean, being shocked against saudi arabia and the united. i'm out of evidence. i think america, what is important in order to do something about that to end up crisis. but as we've heard from the speakers, the only, not just german, there's libya, there's
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a walk there, syria, there's palestine. so there's a. busy number of issues, the middle east makes up 5 percent with what population, but i think it's mixed up almost a 3rd of the violent conflicts in the world. wow, and thank you so much my number shara odyssey with senior political analyst. now this railey military says it's carried out an air strike on a hamas targeting garza. after rockets were fired towards israel, the army says it had a weapons manufacturing site. he says at least 2 rockets were fired from garza over the sudden it's really city of ash, along and warm was intercepted by it's air defense system. all production is set to resume in libya after illegal barrier was removed. the announcement followed a decision by tribal groups and there blockade oil fields and export terminals, which are stall production for months. they've been calling for fair distribution of oil revenues. doctors in ukraine say they're concerned about the trauma.
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soldiers are being exposed to on the front lines. they're seeing a significant spike in serious brain injuries and post traumatic stress cases. but as the alum fisher reports form the outskirts of the ukrainian capital key, if the best that the adopters could do at the moment, is to patch them up and to send them back to the front lines where many of them are put in their lives at risk the, the injuries of war. you can't see the trauma, the damage from the front lines. this clinic on the outskirts of keith tries to help the patients have p t s. d post traumatic stress, or significant brain injuries. christina, who needs to, nor is the clinics director, emphasis. lou then you are patients of people who lived through the events of the war. a work is focused on psychological trauma that they suffered and we work with them to give them strength to go back to the front line. and we'll go through molly
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. i'll just eat a 1st made audrey at the beginning of the war, a former soviet soldier. he signed up as a volunteer for the ukrainians just days before the fighting started. but on the outskirts of mighty pole, he came under fire something he can't leave behind. not easy to get away from what's going in your, in your, in your had paid and some kind of you know, flashback flashbacks. you know when you just close your eyes and everything give start to going faster and faster and faster on your head. and sometimes it's very much he struggles with his memories. he gets anxious when he is the miss else on it . but still, he thinks he's lucky. i was lucky because i am still alive and i have 2 to 2 hands and 2 legs and i can walk and i can remember something that is very,
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very good. because lots of our guys actually a died for, for a crane for freedom, for, for forever. the use various techniques here to help recover the physical and the artistic, the even half pet therapy, the horses, and a popular diversion at us on cleaning. it's hard to help while they're actively serving with the military. we have to stabilize them and get them back to the french. the real work will start when the war ends. marina, the average stay for patients here is around 3 or 4 weeks, but the recovery that takes a lifetime. alan fisher, i'll visit her on the outskirts of keith. italy is coping with its worst drought in 70 years. adam rainy reports from the po valley. this is what italy's longest and most important river that.


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