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tv   Al Jazeera World Women Who Refuse To Die  Al Jazeera  July 16, 2022 11:00pm-12:01am AST

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ah ah seaford mm hm. and then international intercourse in excellence award bought now for your hero. ah.
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hello i am i am new mozy and london. i'll main story this, our president joe biden insist the america will not walk away from the middle east or let it be influenced by rivals like russia, china, iran, u. s. president made these comments while addressing some of the our world's most powerful leaders in saudi arabia. during what's turned out to be a controversial visit to the middle east, our white house correspondent can be how can our ports and joe biden wrapped up his 4 day middle east tour with this pledge, united states is not going anywhere. the u. s. president spent his final day of his trip meeting with leaders from the gulf cooperation council, along with jordan, egypt, and iraq. his goal to reassert america's leadership role. one he fears is slowly being eroded by geo political rivals. zone becoming clear to me how closely interwoven america's interests are with the successes, melinda,
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we will not walk away and leave a vacuum to re filled by china. russia ran by didn't faces high inflation back home, driven partly by a spike in energy prices. so he's pushing gulf leaders, including saudi arabia, to ramp up oil production and bring down fuel costs a goal. he's failed to achieve the game. look at, we don't know if you had the magic kingdom or carry out it's rolled with regards to oil and gas production, as it announced increasing its production capacity to 13000000 barrels a day. saudi arabia will no longer be able to increase production beyond that, a month ago, it was returning to the u. s. empty handed is a problem for president grappling with low approval ratings. biden's also being criticized for resetting relations with leaders,
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accused of human rights violations among them, the saudi crown prince, the c i a believes mohammed bin selman may have approved the killing in 2018 of journalist shemelle cause shall g, but referring to the invasion of iraq the saudis counter that america has lost its moral high ground mistakes like this happened in other countries, and we saw a mistake like this, been committed by the united states in a border. despite the controversy, the white house insists the meetings were a diplomatic when, even as biden returns to the united states with little to show for them. kimberly help hit on al jazeera. well, as a jewels been held in shall anchor up to remember those who died in the unrest that's in gulf, a country during a story. economic collapse has been a lot of anger over the soaring cost of fuel energy, food medicines, that's led to months of anti government protests president got by roger parks who
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fled to the moldings and then singapore, to escape the riots was forced to resign from any protest as ending the influence of the roger packs of family on to rank as politics is still a priority. and he's 31. people have been killed and 39 others injured during days of violence between rival tribes in sedans. blue nile state, members of the houser and bar to ethnic groups began fighting after a farmer was killed earlier this week. authorities of declared an overnight curfew in 2 towns, but to a local residence, a violence has not stopped. russia's military is 5 missiles and shells across ukraine, after declaring that it's ramping up, attacks to stop ukrainian forces from assaulting russian help positions in the east . ukrainian officials say at least 17 civilians have been killed, including 3 in the northeastern city of to have. their bodies were found in the rubble of a housing block and a school both damaged by rocket strikes. and more than a week of extreme heat,
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sparks scorching wild fires in europe, forcing thousands of people to flee their homes. a pilots lost his life in northern portugal when his water bomber playing crashed. temperatures have reached $47.00 degrees celsius in parts the country firefighters. those have been deployed in parts of france, spain and greece. those the headlines alger, their world is next. ah oh ah
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a somebody that needs some sheet on some and it over the on the on the most it is the vi you're on a on to on social cost thing. honestly that's so that's so be, it needs to be on the quota, not to joy and that's what she got up to a much near someone. you must be, my name is early. there will be a little boy with ah, the internet. you can call me
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a day or 2. so we did that. not 3 to dr. saki drug, quit the style nation. natasha a new contract form. i in management. i mentioned a lot of those looks martina chicks 0 to am i saying that my on i a coil is not my national police will not pay me or make up of not mom.
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i met with him e o and i was just last for financing a possible you will help you look for me any method of us on the to do on the commercial industry. i . ready ready ringback ready i use i
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had to take her own and was just sort of new coverage even put it completely put out. it's it, you know, madonna wilson, it's gms. poto the look checker is speculators savvy, the posts of their p. tanya's ashton is a book checker. the other build our name on the somewhere. moya gordon's booked. oh gosh, this is ali or taco mauser. throughout cio. there will be near some of my other yet . so this will be another done is still valuable. other, this is paid to grow up in a here that he had a little v navine coy, so all co and cannot see the sort of it on it. see he still tackle was it to him and he has it. nevin is about to nick leaving the doors neighbor sandwich, the severely bush yachts. it was $700.00 say, toys or bosnia herzegovina major, tim. yes, i'm sarah plus in the here the the okay. go the nature tonight about tavara.
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europe. lessons. her soil put additional quote with as even when you're a summer or, or sport, marina or near g as in a personal as even mature vehicle. problem trivia can i see it when i push? i love the video dos for may not yet nice. latisha. ne monica emma penny, math deluxe, you name her name afternoon. my name. ah . my model. da da. cause i'm of the small me. me. that some. yeah. hot. deja. hot deja. that some below brock sub la. hm. meadow, cham, the summit. i'd love boy gets it. play station pretty close to that, but you samaya was the only quality so bosnia herzegovina is e really if there's
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even a tie that broccoli, they could have avi night out. the quick query to pump t v covina. ah was 7. see a low pass, not lazy. kept reach at the alley, agree pressure, which at the owner's to say this slow in pushing out sima was they had said owner i you saw my son. evidence of your name alisha ties will be t r, sessional, sunny mel up medicine leak or it will be like ali. nice all blue. less mobile almeni's corner. so really yeah. some point of sun ideas in our mortgage and i'm only bra not on a quest. and all of those are the children clubs for evidence, a porno? sna some nice would be his lunch in. see you my eyes up on you know the said but on the new my as up on yoda nameis up on you know, there's eve. it i say, polkas, ala ali, every year, the subordinate, the tsar, zarbara, dorchester,
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on the equator, deutsch is odessa for this at the store. gardena me national motor. i'm all sorry to a man at the national debts in ashley mortgage. my performance to my woke up causing me obviously mis danica ne theresa with threatened my kaneesha martin, which an h. u. martina. nature's not to stay a part are those nature logic up slapped other ali slack or the acre door, yasser chombo, or my at the, at the slack or mature system though, my own chair, even here, this the board design thing, replugged. it powered most valuable doors, not the, was thought, i don't august or said best law it thus, and upon every other, be it nationally there to national war monitors. tell me some order. mazacco is boarded to our door. some are mazda cross eastern or eastern, or is some waste in? mm hm. ah
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yeah. the eligibility of mile, i mean the civically not gotten to the shuttle she was in platinum as these energy stock, leave me some sensitivity one is ash ws was indeed are you in the collins and i should talk with bessy will call back when are just on the display, she also needs his pre a tea out red wasn't equal to one yesterday. listen to like a cost sharply. jack was like a pretty chuckle, pledging that nato and not old cra, probably. they saw important. gotcha. on the order i started call his vehicle. it say it was last at the coroner called, call. paula. all the teens are probably gonna come out posted to a postal. it almost. it puts in to the peter,
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peter douglas trailer that sold there sharla for the mendez. so that's how i know for me and he did look, we'd cali eladio at it would tell me probably in term with flat e. yes. and we are all proud i could add la customers an e mail or lost i totally. she probably will. chem were tossed by donkey, stressful desk log, said desolate, coaxing of one, pick one lunch centers to play for lunch. ah, jessica, that only of yours doesn't organization neobitz iraq nickleby an acre. it would be a part of your pock side the say. the bought the musty scotty, a new meal starter email, visit snacking, classical checklist,
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which i would have gotten. mm. ah, pat on each dock. last last of last semester, bought a lot of cost a pre hotline taught. the nic would legitimate be in an acquittal to them, a name it up of sydney mitchell passed martha many so many sickles more did you want to earn because ella doc said, go to martinez, now i am in a co knock on his court for that 9 year dinner flag. columbia quin amazon does it as long as its set as one gushing my to live dot on nelson glove. douglas apostles b as fast. i forgot. honestly, montessori larvae villas natural over la beaten e yasemin sanders, attica true. okay. going to a dark wood at which, at the arbors or just the chest column. it either to that awesome said this long
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place i got with christy, or cochran, yella was posted. i'm going to stop or call nature. now she didn't see it, please, not miss m a morley chain and t t that we didn't. he did fuck you in the also big question, the genie and all about them forced, ah, cordial person industrial made on the list with or what then? sloan, do a 3, gordon chips took a bill and asked the bill, bill is not what the federal no matter what those we had to sell and who would only say doors from here?
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you don't as this hector garcia and the son on the phone said sure, medically often someone gets almost a notorious real regular. you know, i saw that mom did so nickel, maybe a student family you know, at the school. and that's that to me that call being a hello miss anderson, i'm your stay, my summer dog was tardy. the at the sun during the wow. and it's 30, he's my mile. i talk to him out of formula. so i did i thought b like boy v a in
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we are some sort of image on a card. so subscript out to me with those 7 and took a support ticket to $67.00, and it's auto put all knowledge to the city. that'll give me some ability for copeland the not the funding that's coming on here and all the region to me on. all right. i did not say that same city threats for sale on the spot as unless somebody on the 3 call me to probably my going to be really slow but not that authority. i come in. it says when the fall i smile yakobelli. kimberly don't show up on the loop and i blew report to the question because you'll notice well unfortunately i ability and i was able to check the motors matching i prefer, but i
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can prosecute carla from school and i'm not going to let them out to get it to school, if you we had a moment to cut some co easy. it's a or to slow trouser. somebody me, molly moist lana for this invoice to start the vehicle. now as you get pretty close to go, now come me on the linea. you, we haven't talked one moment to some issue. oh, well, it was possible silo may donald to declare the details over the side. you have no moment to get some seal as well any step and it's not always we'll be glad to be able, desolate roger to hold you. lead a 2nd was not to lease mecca slogan. this will totally be with somebody will say 750. this is wanda, we had no moment to you know the words below to someone to call a support on i could shoot any, hold to someone with a oh i did it with the woman device on the symbol of the records from the lady on the bus and its a quiet rosalind, i forgot to sign up for the say, when in march,
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my son be lynette cool. he mostly told me a moment cuz i'm trying to finish the diet. akani subtle. what are the toyota with the soonest? i'm was with you my mine with the classic in arch in the supreme collecting. send him a preacher, he or d as go about e. what are tila cell, nausea, china? not when i shall be in school rabbits. you play all the, but it was when mila preach will settle to the min add on what will come. that'd be a bus and get ready to yes, that will need art. the buses get ready to yes, but as it also says, globally, a 3rd, it's on earth, sonic epsky, mazda, to put deal to bald notching them would have to be to get caught up. see here at that name on one me try the tube. sierra ordered the nazi a preacher, lima gratitude has brought up all the little, gave us serious updated consequences in san francisco. ah
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ah ah mm. oh no. ya could tackle dash cut doors not eat duck or it was not preacher. still see me, let me not a pinch came yes,
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ma'am. i was glad. i mean he done it beat called the mom upset before the on equal . you set up that now the post i miss mccarthy on it the edge, the smoker, it's now monday. march, i think one, actually it's an amazon covered up still some he's li, quotes probably do what he members are nico plot, the medica dollar cheat that was said about the casual high that was the other one . not at this level on a specialist on employ. yeah, no more with these say that you have to put them off for mislead. you have some a pull me so you obviously have nella phonemes, luncheon sema, b, and me to a mortgage. they are the vietnam why they have to negotiate that. see it open at the level of neglect because otherwise you have my of the, the safety of the sheet that i see it. he tacos, luckily my sue's
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tor sudan is elena clooney. kinetic that as the on his some not me though. he opened up it tom audit. yes. a thorn as you algebra. tom yearly over 0. navy topo zillah neal named lee code marquise smith thought oddly on it does not come cleared my knowledge. there's a kirkwood yo smart, cooper. chillier. got his south eastern to go on board to southeast on 2 of them. but casanya sawyer that's not shown because separable them many a thought night because they thought that night she bola, that his son out me doesn't he couldn't i probably lou. yeah. awesome. yeah. mom will be child eci thy. it's residence as i'm in medina, memory, only center to put the charm up mecca your memory. only center nash, other about mach 7. se symbol saldonya memory on the
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center is on us national. nice with here course. and no nature's about of to nest me is about of the ah ah missile i'm one of the toner was supposed to get t r tomorrow if possible. tito can you give one of all that to nick a few more of a point of all gravity. a savoy clue. wish me all the written so me is not she
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her? so going about that particular not only get from jenny railey mccarty, several still anita bottle spots only that to douglas lucky truck. yes i'm stuck. i don't want to say my name is kim stewart. m. so bobby was a job anybody elijah? see honey, but eliquis me. my mom. will you please look. the doctor was the head to going to school. got it. i'm going to love him. milk him on the taste. scare legally space with no, there was a us on the say bye bye, that early ga awesome. the box cars, troy dale casa rodney t. nasty, pleased to desire because of the world. my honest, and i'm said go very on austin. i'm pulling to cook already almost an i'm 7 to on an image in easton as me. yes, i got a little wood in the me place. i remember so those 3 answer for the me email prior will not to the would they would. oh god, she the 20 a problem. so now you might ask for,
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doesn't even try some of the mail port on the post. we had no version on what else to do here with that one to some. yeah. not really a couple since it up for collage of the car that talked up more with the caching miss it often all about him teams time starts more readily as an employee that actually would send his id card to there's even gonna come some younger sheet on a new pro bush along with that are the more muslims a gentleman at the team at alliston tea time. and he, tanya doesn't even ask for me, didn't steed ah, just
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a little book summoning no he thought for the best to put a thought the chat i put in memory, i locked, sent up the lazily sort of he says, uh huh. he ca, coastal go order was tight that dorsey hight that door to stay at that point on the cb, emma. miss lynn tulsa, pro card cynical, some on neca goods cheers that they put okada, sort of been a please. my, again, not sidney chicka is not the mm ah
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ah safe going home and then international anti corruption excellence award boat. now for your hero a discipline records in poland. the accused judges refused to tow the state, slurring witness follows to courageous judges. spearheading the stand against reforms. critics claim leave the highest guardians of the constitution, vulnerable to politically motivated sanctions, based on their rulings, ah judges. under pressure on that,
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just either under cover of reporting for those works for me. you know what one really didn't do. doug could finance to the whole election revealing corruption, dorsey. busy it exposing criminals if he was to that a dedicated unit for investigative journalism, how much we have to pay for the girls. it is more than day slavery exclusive stories. explosive results al jazeera investigations. i have told stories of orphan, were those grab both and soldiers. it is their rare privilege to tell the stories of my own people to a global audience. ah ah. oh i marian to my z e in london
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a quick look at the main stories of following now and the u. s. president has wrapped up a 4 day turn the middle east, by doing more american cooperation with gulf countries job widen, outlined his strategy for the region, promising the u. s. won't be walking away from its allies. iden, started his turn, israel and ended in saudi arabia. where he met with several arab leaders, he told them he won't let the region be influenced by china, russia, or iran. let me state clearly that the united states is going to remain active engaged partner in the middle east. as a world grows more competitive and the challenges we face more complex role becoming clear to me how close lunar woven america's interest or with the successes in the least, we will not walk away and leave a vacuum refilled by china, russia, ram visual's been held in sri lanka,
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to remember those who died in the unrest that's in gulf the country during a historic economic collapse, has been a lot of anger over the soaring cost of fuel energy, food and medicines. and that's really led to months of protests present going to by roger pox who fled to the mold leaves and then singapore to escape. these riots was forced to resign. for many people ending the influence of the raja packs of family on shrank as politics is the priority at least 31 people have been killed and 39 others injured during days of violence between rival tribes in sedans, blue nile state members of the house and birth to ethnic groups started fighting after a farmer was killed. earlier this week. russia's military is fired missiles and shells across ukraine after declaring that it's ramping up attacks to stop ukrainian forces from resulting russian help positions in the east. equating officials say at least 17 civilians have been killed, including 3 in the northeastern city of ju, i've more than more than
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a week of extreme heat as sparked, scorching wildfires in europe, forcing thousands of people to flee their homes. a pilot lost his life in northern portugal when his water bama playing crashed temperatures of reach 47 degrees celsius in parts. the country will bring more analysis on that story. in the news hour, i will see you for that in 25 minutes time. stay with us ah, ah mm. the chamber here by sentences you rod of anchorage to a single sentence of 440 years of imprison today had come, nodded the commander of the main stuff of the bosnian serb army was convicted and
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sentenced to life. imprisonment for his crimes. ah . law, the chills to offshore all harsh kit. 3 born out cow. he had on kamala, cause, lug nuts, cow nodded with dallas. i'll see only us tally coy. so he, they're all as it coin. so it took her car for the jolly grace stall, august, which comp, or dish comes to avoid on shelby or coy on for the school. it was coming on us knew of i man, i am ali slackware with origin. i tosto says, so i quit me, says i orchestra. and so she latoya knew me, slim isn't paper tray and typically it's whatever not kind of again, it's the med,
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your team door nice to lash, put out one eye amana is all stella talk about, does say those glee switches while agreeing to, to do that. the mowgli pro vh total superstore. no canada to negative, yet a puck on equally so pacino legality? yes. another that she daughter equates switches to wiley. that chic cut that door to door. the gladly surprise the in the chase teacher at oak ah a with
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a good updating your name on the stair, the sorry to name all name im on yesterday and i called yesterday and a smoke with duck with the impossible for good is that good? new house i bought a s c b, or should i just can't, can't think of some more school bush but to read or is it guess i'm the last school is not bad or said to be alone. i with cal at 1st name last says a aqua smith got it. you lost a book to audience, but i mean with that boy, guess i'm the person would i be like gala de la moon? i'm a problem with
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god. small anesha thomas. i was eligible to know what are the mom? that's myself a national me see i not able to publish called english does, yielded coy sauce kelly. well, did actual, not all bullets names daddy won't be a t automated yet to collaborate. colo pain us senior does not say others anymore. regina, now some are not a mildly does it show that not i'm not in talk much about the fact that sammy's bream in your records kind of fall matchup or no. you may about cisco family, a scratch my boss from moscow that came out to be a shower, to boss. my boss has cost me a familiar me small to me in a moment to customers koobooley china familiar cuts harass will on us this their nation that they will, the sporting mark lanesha that'll work. we'll know we'll primarily croucher members
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. i mean, to start an emotion that open till 9 o'clock. i may fall, not you could see lawless them. they must have called me this. it was at least cut the supply chain likely to placard stocum cut. this is me inequity. smith's double cut may much natural to publish. ah, you on the do it all low? no, you don't feel a little bit more to it and i need to read. so when we moved or theme of it, i'm
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a baby emotional mean was it to someone who are starting that to remind your bill or your vehicle know or school though the gym or the a nick when the some of late in the boy. and then you who are still young saw man, some old regiment, my the a t. m a g e at that cool. ah, [000:00:00;00] ah,
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[000:00:00;00] ah, ah, some for you to relax and neg ah . start off with a submit, a, a to
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a on a call to say no less than a mark you're willing does some weeks ago and i make it, but there's got a couple more to choose them. is that that blood stream. mm hm. ah, it kabbalah we had a seal, i suppose. even the target over with actual metals it a collect call settled $1000000000.00 that i to not. and that has gelato me slow on that you little bit on that for each i all the x and all the origin. notch nebraska
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tom program of the target class of the world. ah ah ah mm with
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mm model some nashua duck. hold at you national t yet say, marcia, all the no game i consumer let nissan and all that. but i always nice nauseous, lloyd yet. so eat your star yet. so i'm not on a sanaa, jenna, me mode. i'm a so both to declare the smoky will be any the we'll get i'll see those rabbit and margie, me is not the mottos. fucking gordon. i mean i'm a speech a sucker. gordon is la mckoko's phonology coco coco coco strategy. mom is the coupon o memory all on central part to china. bit heated other still to this it version submitted and again, us today. paul noise safely koya, pulling on my belly, call you and ask for means either will put the child emma on dea awesome here. the thesis of them. they sit visa, eat full. southern campbell said roger yosh that the 3 e po here, the coil yosh needs to put on our agenda does exclude ali, dental, scholarly po,
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capacity, ah, dc. it will be an old on it or nova, but only us neglige. tennessee means either that or still no get put on the system will be in that you, tom petty auto niss them all block bianca homage each ami g cha cha, go somewhere mobile. oh that's breath that see not seen all that but after but i thought it back will not be a po to the senate unit archie he mama put on the quiz. so it will be in a complex that will be stuck heated near to somewhere else about v a paid is auto causing that nauseous that these because nash is for me is normal. they pick what this is. tina is set them so it will be any or $7.00 and $8.00. you can go to the
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kid olibo april causal to lee cool. mm. typical cuz they got pretty channels savvy. shay, bully. e cause at the best. so the ability beat kit that so hed o e, the nearby again us oh, my modules a not similar to all the place at that hope when i show you. but i measure the yell he mullah bill are still smithville po, b ali e, awesome salvation. i shall some 7 o'clock. i'm of any such a clever lover out the investments about his age in we proud of it. please said nick option is reverend said echo and bow monia to the stalks. toya tuck will go to him, yet somehow little old personnel, sober children. we actually are nissan, thus, la, portia, those us, those key process is not she or blissful mr. you more years?
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you have to be an eoc bundled global ramp, polizzi or me plus pseudo mana kim. not yasemin law personnel sub aquesam perceived ela. reverend. so he slipped energy keegan out said he still got him on or storm. he said, esla ned the hut, the him sent me on august. my gosh, the sentiment oddly accommodated that the national is miss leonard. i brochure nathan at trevor. miss la mccully quick crowley, kyle personnel: lodge, ali star, cornum tuck or go worried or some little or past. sna. yasemin jacqueline name are probably my at your daughter to per slodum. aline, mazili, mitchell, billions. key source sort of caught sort clear. her quit cream cert quite a store for some, a saw the also obama queer suppressed evie alerts, evident keegan, noted natal image,
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knew through guess audio really more saw that she was may her to go when it comes to peter strategy legally recommend night? is it what it's like only she what that could be as of this was gonna eli box alcohol at that they physically pushing it. doyle, apple couple, but i got cut, crushed on night. dizzy i'll do garage and whatnot that are not in a shut in tied at nissan ocean. no, no, no. now it's the national me don don us vd more or at the line, yet some one on yet, until he caught up among the coach. miss madonna, sienna frankenstein's casanya acquitted
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a new quote in emma would look of what niven alistar and amazon was cook of out. ah mm yeah. getting that to enough that she's not fully to come coy who smile of his m e. stano dot is time to be in the
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navy nija correct. it was he went on to work for corporate savage, not a said by the city now get us 40 almost not aldridge. and he said, we not him unless he or the really august the poke. charleston us is korean 8 on the if it was bought, not something from mine managed to pull, not stumbled on yours, but no. but for us navy net that would go to my own national store wash is up gone for consulting coast d mister w. nice drama. ludicrous. not. not for the ludicrous. not to be l. e. poxel. banassi 3. be in ask questions, book told us about any more. yeah. south east, but i mean he's what i couldn't have in the me not that want to be test. cosmo healey touched viola k villalpando calling and you deliver it however up scott, pardon me if i wasn't here to got me go to another storage mom here. so i'll be emilio saturday and we're prod, zachary's,
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who the coordinator develops kiddos of it. ah . but then also you want me to, but i may sly manase mommy or her style style mode that out. bizarre to download was my guy and ask all nick occasion will decrease or minute year neil, my niece foster nearly all the coin, my nike rattle born attendee and sale dockwood value, amys bush almost him lost the bottom cause he'll be in the salon. cash for sonya gas, pets which nor does beds shows the profit that for me all to tony. of all mom, when i can for do with those with dean, she'll do good deeds, you islam, and i'll endorse very much. it also me her name and when you comfortable call talk
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. now i'm not happy with ya, cause you did some more. do you not to pro or you still did some orders must i said this will not improve. many assembled america survived the it's a bizarre visit are more days left, but i always whenever those output submitted, ah, [000:00:00;00]
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ah ah ah ah ah, ah young senior. so nash is allusion that we
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don't make you, not all the lesson but said not having more bought the price to this. nothing more bought to the ty zyden because you bought the snar sooner bought those. you go to control cha, get called dark, hobbit pushed the one who called fields called us danced for postulates he in t brant, your store kona katy edna's degree. i'm sima moore. you will tab zayden sky. he gets impasto. yep. it'll give postulate. trust me m a t. glad daughter. sammy pitman when they make what i call pre rocker natural, per se, professor from brazil or are be professionals from rad lab. so i got a lot more bureau alanine, some if somebody else either go to mozilla name, i want me to know what i says if it was thursday is fine. yeah. some thought i thought i clock so you could project and i that she would have to go watch it. they
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could photo she to pull it up. you'll be able to check out that will cut those guys . he pockets from a spruce about and i keep up with me i i,
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[000:00:00;00] i i, i oh, i mean, i, i, i, i, i, i,
11:56 pm
i, i mean, i should, i mean, so it will be, any me is not the amount that's on it. moving either so on it, which will be calling me on the law. who put that agenda to janice kelly put ah ah
11:57 pm
ah ah, the ah and egyptian dr. trailing and britain in the 1980s. shocked by famine, an injustice worldwide, and driven to set up a charity to help those in need. that was his dream to create an organization that will serve anyone in serving people of all religions and old yoga free across the world. nearly 4 decades later out there well meets the co founder and one of the biggest islamic agencies in the world. hannon, banner,
11:58 pm
the giving business on al jazeera. ah ah, ah, in a newly ah. hello there still a rather cool across northern parts of australia, but at least it is dry cool enough into the southeast as well with blustery shells rattling through the bite. and we will see some of those lively showers just making the way into our victoria port, fairy melbourne, seeing some lavish as chance, wanted to shower the southern parts of new south wales as well. and of course, tasmania will see some of that rather wet weather rattling through. i will the next
11:59 pm
day i'll say mart, divorce is fine and dry. they'll be a few showers along the spells of brian for a time into the southwest perth at around 20 celsius. where the weather will set in across new zealand as we go to the early part of next week, it will be heavy at times. possibility of some flooding had accosted a bit of snow over the high ground seas involved the heavy rains. he making his way across parts of japan recently to see this chain of sherry ranges coming to central parts of china through the yellow sea. seasonal rain set to refer the pulses of larvae downpours over the next day or so hot and she made wet, therefore, shanghaied around 36 degrees celsius, some showers there and to the korean peninsula, some showers to across southern parts of china. bellagio thank settle plenty of
12:00 am
sunshine for hong kong. ah. ready too often of canister and is portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many of canister thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction. an extraordinary film archives spanning for decades, reviews the forgotten truth of the country's modern history. the forbidden real part for the era of darkness on a j 0. this is only 4 months to go to the world cup and the clock is ticking as teams and fans prepare. the cats are 2022. we'll have updates from different regions across the globe. this month, the focus is on africa, and synagogue mounts a challenge for the tropi to winning the africa cup of nations will be cameroon,


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