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just like this woman, i many people died in the jungle on our way here. it's the largest migrant care band to set out from southern mexico this year. they'll rest for now, but the plan is to take to the road again after midnight and make it as far as they can before the heat sets in. once again, housing has become a commodity instead of human rights. thank you. somebody with the ability to take advantage of others, the elite feel free to violate basic laws, the working classes that have lost a lot of ground in our society. a un special reporter on adequate housing travels the world, investigating the global crisis as people are evicted to clear the way for investors and properties too often left empty. push a witness documentary on a jessie yo ah . a plane carrying an armed shipment crashes in grease
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killing 8 and sparking and investigation. ah, you're watching al jazeera life from a headquarters in south pine daddy and abigail also ahead. hundreds die and wildfires destroy homes across europe as millions bake in a heat wave that sector break records. russia says it's ramping up attacks in ukraine across all operational areas. road tripping through afghanistan. the tourist hub, that's booming, as travel becomes easier. ah . hello, a cargo plane carrying weapons has crossed and northern greece killing all 8 crew members. greek authority say was traveling from serbia to bangladesh via jordan,
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but nearly a 3rd of the way into the flights that aircraft made a sharp you turn before crashing near the greek city of cavallo zane bas ravi has more eye witnesses describe a plane on fire lighting up the night sky, the crash of an ant enough cargo plane, tearing through an open field. there was put their name to say and was just beat them up. i wonder how it didn't fall in our houses because it came from over there . it was full of smoke, it had a noise i can describe and went over the mountain. it passed mountain and turned and crashed into the fields. there were flames. we were scared, a lot of cars came, but they could not approach because they were continuous explosions. look what are the scale of devastation at 1st confusing people who saw the plane come down. level may now look at the vain of what we see. something bright coming down from the direction of the castle, but we thought it was the light night after death. we set fire fire, what is it? is it a plane? what is it said one of them by the time we understood what it was,
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it has fallen to the ground. we were terrified, or we also had children here coming. we're screaming, shouting, 1000 local residents and 1st responders describe ongoing explosions following the crash dog bureau ship or lee lee your or yourself is crashed to the ground and developed into a large fire with many continuous exposure ordeal. greek media reports hazardous materials were on board including explosives. the method is assisting even the measurements at the moment have not shown anything, but nonetheless, instability of the field was observed in other words and to smoke in the heat, as well as a white substance that we do not recognize. so a special armed forces team has to inform us of what it is and whether we can enter the field or the flight was operated by meridian or ukraine based cargo carrier. it originated in serbia, the country's defense ministry confirming the cargo of unit bullet is naesha. you
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chose the plane was carrying 11 half tons of products of our arms trade for the end buyer in bangladesh. the buyer was the bank, the dash ministry of defense as a fully permitted end user and by the flight route was nice with technical landings in man red med bad and was planned to land in dhaka as the final destination moments before the plane went down. the pilot radioed about a problem with one of the engines requesting an emergency landing, but unable to make it to the nearest airport. the journey ending in a field in northern greece is in basra. b o to 0. southern europe is in the grip of a devastating summer heat wave which has sparked wildfires. let hundreds of heat related debts, france, portugal on spain have been worse. heads in spain, firefighters are trying to put out more than 30 blazes. consuming forests across the country, rugged terrain is hampering the operations. and in southern france,
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2 large fires are tearing through pine forest. near the city a board jo, 14000 people have been evacuated from the area since the blazes started several days ago. the heat wave is spreading to northern europe to in the u. k. the government held an emergency meeting is forecasters predict, record temperatures on monday and tuesday. the dean. bob reports from london in pallets of southern europe like here in spain, forest fires and nothing new but could conditions experienced in the south soon be the norm elsewhere. here in britain, the government's been holding emergency meetings and for the 1st time a red warning has been issued for the heat rather than floods. winds. people are being warned as a 50 percent chance of temperatures reaching 40 celsius more than one degree above the old time record. a studies found heat waves across europe have increased $3.00 to $4.00 times faster than in the rest of the northern mid latitudes, including north america. and much of that is driven by changes to atmospheric
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circulation, known as the jet stream. whether or not that's directly due to human activity, scientists say our continued use of fossil fuels means we're already seeing what was previously predicted for 2050. we are still increasing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which means global temperatures are increasing. and this means that this is probably something that will be, be cool, life in a 3 decades to come. the one thing might also be to change that conversation, but actually, it's not. it's a question about life and death and not just for the global south, but also for citizens in the u. k. and despite news reports concentrating on, seems like this, you can helpful for it is a warning. the heat can be deadly, even for healthy people. climate change has been driving extreme temperatures for decades, and the heat is killing more and more people here in england in the summer of 2020 more than 2 and a half 1000 excess decks were attributed to heat waves, and they've only become more intense and more frequent since then,
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the british red cross predicts that the annual heat waves death toll could have tripled by the middle of this century. much of europe, the increase in heat waves poses urgent questions about how society adapts from education to working patterns, to transport and housing. some believe it's high time, we faced up to a hot future. and let's bring in the him. he's joining us from outside guys, hospice on london, so that the him how are the health services in government preparing for the wave? well the government is saying it's doing everything it can to get ready or but not everyone agrees to be blunt. there have been a series, as i said in my report of cabinet meetings with senior officials known as cobar meetings bars. johnson did not attend the meeting on saturday and has been criticized by the opposition labor party for a dereliction of duty really given the year the warnings that we are receiving. now on sunday already, we're under an amber health warning for the heat wave,
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but on monday and tuesday there is an unprecedented red warning covering much of england. and that is because the year experts say that there is an 80 percent chance now of breaking the all time you k temperature record of a of $38.00 degrees, which was in 2019. so we're expecting monday to be very hot tuesday, even hotter, possibly over 40 degrees celsius. now the newly installed health secretary steve barkley has been saying that the government's doing everything it can to improve ambulance services. because of course, there are healthcare consequences and the are the health agencies are saying in these temperatures, it's healthy people as well as the elderly and vulnerable, who should be careful. he's saying that they're going to provide more call handlers for ambulance services. and that, that has been welcomed by the sector, but some one senior official in the national health service has complained about the actual infrastructure. victor, edible ali says that term very crumbling buildings across the,
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the system. and because of years of austerity, there hasn't been the investment in hospitals like the one behind me, but in gps doctor's practice as well for basic things like fans and air conditioning. so real or worries about how they're going to cope or their advice, the, the public agencies or advising people to keep an eye on their neighbors. particularly anyone who's considered vulnerable, particularly people who live on high levels, for example of housing blocks. and we do know that to him, that's in the, the, the, and the health system ease, particularly at earth. it's stretched right now because of rising covey cases. and so the warning is that staff shortages in many places are already putting them under severe pressure. so people are being urged not to coal and via emergency services unless it's really urgent. one of them for your immense, on just a moment ago. the issue of the infrastructure, me to how, what is the plan
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a put in place if, if any, at all, on how the infra infrastructure is actually going to cope with this? well it's not just term and unknown how the health service will be able to react to increased demands over the next few days. but other sectors as well. the amber warning which is already in place, states that we should expect transport delays and network rail which runs the infrastructure, is wanting people to expect delays and cancellations in the next few days because of the or the heat affecting the rails which could buckle. so they have to go more slowly, those trains an education as well, the government stressing that it's trying to keep schools open, giving them advice as to how they can do so safely. but also um the, the thing the question of the work place and daily routines. dominick rod, the deputy prime minister has said for it's between employees and verse staff. some
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people are calling for and for people to be allowed to stay at home. if the temperature goes above a certain temperature, so a lot of ad hoc arrangements in the next few days we'll see. but the met off his here is plainly stating this is because of climate change that the chance of such heat waves is increasing and it's going to become the norm. thank you. so my santa barbara reporting from london russian missile strikes have had a number of towns in ukraine. it follows a declaration from moscow that it was ramping up attacks in all operational areas. russia says it forces destroyed and arms factoring. the city of denise pro alan fisher has more from the capital, keith. while it appears that there is a war of attrition developing in 2 parts of the country, 1st of all, around the don bassetti where the russians on intent. and in moving into the hands
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to take over the entirety of the don bus, which of course became that mean military focus after they failed to capture, keep in the early days of the war, they are reinforcing their we are told that they are re supplying the troops that they get ready for a final push in that area to try and take over dumbass. meanwhile, in the south, the russians are fortifying their positions improving their security because the ukrainians have said that they will assemble a 1000000 mon army to take back territory in the side. that is perhaps more aspirational than practical, but it certainly shows the ukrainian intent. and certainly over the last few hours, we've had reports of ukrainian attack on carson, which the claim killed. 36 russians and destroyed a number of russian ammunition dumps. the russian defense minister says that the russians will start increasing military pressure, that they will go in the areas that they need to go ask for president zalinski here in ukraine. he believes that that's an indication from the russians that they will
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continue to target civilian areas, saying that that's exactly what they've done over the last few weeks. and of course, you remember there was a significant rocket attack on friday at the ukrainians were saying that it was a residential block in a factory that was hit that killed so many people at. but the russians say what they were actually targeting a meeting of the ukrainian navy high command. what's important to remember is that it's now been 20 weeks since since the war began. and in that time, people continue to be killed. qualifications for lanka have turned their sites on choosing a successor to former president, go to pirate of park saw, but for ordinary sure, lincoln's the economic traces the let to his departure continues. millions are enduring shortages of food, fuel and medicines. michelle fernandez has more from a market in colombo traders at this sunday market. see they're having trouble selling their goods. even the things that they bring, dean
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d out are not selling enough for them to make a profit. now if i just take you here, this is basically a greens store, a staple industry lunk and died. we have greens for pressure for sugar, for diabetes of fob hot ailments. the works, and even here, prices have gone up. earlier we go about 2 or 3 widget of his oh, you can't afford to do that because the cost of living is so high. so we have to cut down things. even transportation, balancing that reducing purchasing power with the need to put nutritious meals on the table is one of the biggest challenges facing she lengthens. amid this economic crisis, the acting president runner, vicar missing her, says between 6 and 7 and a half 1000000 people are malnourished, and the country is really struggling to get its economy in order. still ahead on al jazeera voting is underway for
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a bi election and pakistan's most populous pardons will be in law to see what's at stake. india has been on some single years. plastics is causing controversy, as people try to adapt. ah, richard, he has begun the faithful world copies on its way to cattle. brooke, your travel package to day. hello. once again, we are looking at some very heavy showers, pushing across a central parts of china, a line of cloud and rain here, as making his way towards the far south of japan. little bump on that. and i will introduce some heavier pulses to frame as we go on through the next few days that slides out into the open waters of northwest pacific korean peninsula, south caressing some very heavy downpours. so wet weather, making his way towards western past japan and it links back into central china. 36
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celsius there for shanghai warms up, can be re humid as we go on through tuesday. let's pulse of very heavy rain coming across central areas at that stage. meanwhile, this sunshine is showers once again, then for the korean peninsula and for good part of japan. plenty of showers may while across a good parts of india. the are heavier showers that we have seen recently along the western gatt easing off central past. we'll see some big and found read apples that could well lead to some localized flooding and it stays very unsettled across southern parts of pakistan over the next few days. notice by tuesday, wet weather coming back to the farm west of india into good to route 3 hope across the array. been see massive cloud here. the same mothers been bringing some very heavy rain into southern pakistan. will bring some very heavy rain into northern parts over mom. cats are air weight, issue and line of the journey. al jazeera world meets full remarkable bosnian women . survivors. after those closest to them were taken away,
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never to return some of the 8000 muslim men and boys killed in the cerebral meets a massacre 27 years ago. heartfelt accounts from those left behind trying to move on from the pain of the past. women who refused to die on out to 0. ah, the me again, the top story on al jazeera, this, our a cargo plane carrying weapons is crashed in northern greece, killing all 8 crew members. the pilot had reportedly requested an emergency landing due to an engine problem,
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but was unable to reach the runway. russian. miss alt strikes have hit a number of towns in ukraine. it follows a declaration from moscow that it was ramping up attacks and all opperation, all areas. southern europe is in the grip of a devastating summer heat wave which as far as wildfires and lead to hundreds of heat related to fires in southern france for the evacuation of $14000.00 people. china is also struggling to manage in extreme temperatures. electricians are trying to maintain power grids that are buckling under the strain of relentless heat waves . 68 cities including shanghai have issued red alerts, meaning temperature is exceeding 40 degrees celsius. are forecast for the next 24 hours. mark out in is a climate change expert at the australian national university. he says reducing greenhouse gas level quickly is proving difficult, meaning people will have to adapt. there's
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a particular thing that's happening and that's the ticket only related to changes in the jet stream. that's a high level, very fast moving band of it circulates the globe. and at the moment that's being changed by climate change. and that's bringing in this particular case, very hot in from site india across towards china. at this point, our emissions globally going up. they're not turning in round the corner and study to go down. and if way to limit the effects of climate change like the he was were saying, or the files that were saying we have to reduce those emissions very rapidly. and very significantly going down something like 45 percent by 2030. and we had a long way from that at the moment. but given that we haven't been able to turn around those greenhouse gas emission trajectories, that means we have to adapt to the climate change is experiencing now and will experience over the next decade. so everything from putting more green spaces in cities to, to cooler cities down to having more heat reflective building materials and road
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materials so that they don't absorb the energy but reflected back out into the atmosphere. voting is underway in a local bi election and pakistan's print job province, which could have national implications. prime minister sharon reeves, muslim league holds a narrow majority in the provincial assembly that's under threat from iran. cons p t i party taking the province would mean a major win for the former prime minister who was ousted in april. come, i'll hide our, has more from the horror. we are outside of boiling station in the city of the hall in a congested part of the city. people have been turning up to god there war. and this particular bi election that are over 8000 boiling stations across this province, which has a lot of power because it ends up how, when it comes to quality. it is also the economic hard land of the country, the agricultural box gate,
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and has done voted number of states rendered dumpster their national assembly. so whoever, when there isn't a good position to be able to bomb the government at the center where they were illusion of parties out there. deborah, gone through a ward of no confidence that gave miniature of this province became the jews minister. only of redgate, members of iran, con subordinate, the effect that was deemed outlawed by the court. and therefore, did by election taking place. now, admin, login, political activity, temper planning. however, so far we have heard no reports of any violent people have been talking their ward, if emerson, calling to party with this particular election, they will have their next government head and one job. and that's going to have huge implications when it comes to their nationally. and also the future of prime minister box jedi gave to follow after the award of no confidence as to what that's
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affordable. what are dunden political parties? everyone to cons, party, it is the largest party within the country. he had a number of leads and the national assembly before he was out there, a member of god resigning from their position. so he did a crew church test. indeed, the badger, grounded upon job and the future of august on hand good under decision and the outcomes that come out of hair. india has been several single use plastic items and plans to phase out more by the end of the year. but many who rely on the product say they aren't ready for the transition. half natal reports from new delhi, india has a plastic problem. 3 and a half 1000000 tons of waste is generated every year. most of it from products that are only used once. now the government has been 19 single used plastic goods,
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including straws and cutlery. sam street vendors said they're aware of the ban, but have no other option. in new delhi, the state government is promoting paper and bam, board tentative regarding the policy political ahmad awful. but they alternate with our policy is at 2 levels. some of our focus is on alternatives. this enforcement is that no other state is doing what we are doing. we have brought together people from across daddy who are working on alternatives. so shopkeepers and users who feel they don't have options, i can see for themselves in white. if he worked together on this plan will be successful. working with the school. but manufacturer said the industry needs more support. it's a good start, but it's definitely not enough. because we falsely don't have enough knowledge shaun's work. we don't have enough suppliers. we don't know if the more diblasio bags are buying, what products are we going to use in order to do? we also don't know about of our cheaper believe e sold the country right now. why plastic is restricted in some states. this is the 1st nation wide that prime minister marion's removed the, announced it in 2019,
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and the government finalized it last year. but some uses industry li does, and vendors said they need more time to switch to green alternatives like these. the industry employs millions of people, including factory workers and recyclers, waste management research. as said the band requires a transition. india has this huge challenge that we have to walk. we have a very complex, informal sector, enterprise based economy. and we have to see that why we have to address the problem of reducing plastic. we also have to see that livelihoods are not last government agencies in new delhi say inspection teams have collected more than $150000.00 in fines. violators could also be arrested. more products are expected to be banned over the next few months. as india aims to become single use plastic free by the end of the year, pardon him at the larger sierra,
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new delhi sunday is world day for international justice and it aims to highlight the fight for the rights of victims, activists and lebanon. i've been pursuing that cause for decades as then a 100 reports from beirut. lebanon has never really moved on from its 15 year civil war. 3 decades later, society is as divided, and former warlords are still in politics. a general amnesty has left crimes unpunished. while the families of an estimated 17000 people missing are still waiting for answers. the lack of accountability have deep hooters causes that were never address at the end of the war. people will continue to find themselves victims of the current up and i'm just system until that system is up with an entirely it's a system that suspended the investigation into one of the biggest blasts in history
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caused by a stockpile of ammonium nitrate. i'd be able to port 2 years on political interference, has ensured no officials have been convicted for them more than 200 lives. last justice has yet to be served among them. 3 year old alexandra. we will not get justice lebanon. it's impossible. ah, giving the history of you know, everything that has happened already. there was a time when tracy nature had hope, but she says the re election of 2 m p. 's charged in connection with the explosion was a wake up call. or you can't ask for criminal to judge criminals and the lack of solidarity coming from the people of lebanon. we are alone michelle alone. today, lebanon's political and sectarian fault lines have been exploited by politicians in the battle for accountability and not just with the baby port blast. and in my own
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case, that's my father's legacy. trying to circumvent a geopolitical problem in lebanon. you pay in ultimate prosper mohammed shutter was among the politicians who opposed syrian and iranian influence in lebanon, killed in a wave of assassinations, investigations haven't been credible, and culprits were never caught for his son, roni, an independent judiciary and having the tools to pursue justice won't be enough. it's a security problem that lebanon is burdened with not every problem in this country as ours. some are, and i think those are the steps forward for reform. but the larger picture, i don't think we have control over that. there has been violence when the voices are raised. those in power have made the choice between peace or justice said there was ita, bailed for decades. the threat of violence and taliban checkpoints made it dangerous for people to travel around have gone on. and now 11 months after western powers
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withdrew the taliban is promising safety on the roads and desired the luxury reports from by me on off guns are taking advantage of the change to explore the region. for 20 years, i want officials talked about making balmy on a tourism hub, but the roads leading to the province were too dangerous. now the taller bon is back in power and thousands of people are getting into their cars to see the countryside. bomb yawn was once famous for 2 ancient statues of buddha, which the tall over the city until 2001 when the total bond destroyed them. the house of if he is an artist from cobble, who has come with her family to see what is left with the boot, it get hunter with us. it makes me very sad. why did this happen? this was a part of our country's historic scenery. the others have travelled even further up the rosset pool, many a media worker from cannot province, and 10 of his friends drove 11 hours. and then with the army, i'm,
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when i saw the people of dameion up close, i saw how hospitable they were. they were very friendly from the 100, but the main attraction is the band. i mean national park. one of my friend was living again, the son, and he told me that once i have to see that, i mean if i'm in proven provincial authorities estimate more than 50000 people have visited by me on, in the week since the holiday, him all home to look was you couldn't the last what we want to improve amenities for our visitors, for instance, the road to hotels and shops in the area. availability of transportation and 1st aid services. but not everyone is benefiting the head has been driving from balmy on to cobble for 4 years. he's happy about the piece insecurity, but fears that has cost him his job as more people are able to travel in their own cars. so let me line called america the in the past we used to take around 1500 to 2000 and afghans a day for about 17 dollars. now we barely make 6. it was offered about how many
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people are hoping to talk to bon will, capitalize on the new found interest and balmy on and turn it into a tourist destination. now that the group that made it nearly impossible to travel to places like this for 20 years is finally in power. doesn't want to someone of peace and security looks like. and i'm honest on thousands of families coming from all over the country to enjoy the wonders of band, i mean national park. but the big question now is how will all of this impact the economy of balmy on a province that was ignored for more than 20 years by the former government? i left the al jazeera balmy on india is marking. these started the monsoon season with an annual cattle race festival. local farmers are racing, their live party fields and west from the faith. about a 100 cows participate in the competition. the winners are sent to receive a reward in the form of good.


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