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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 17, 2022 6:00pm-7:01pm AST

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products and compress the dumping of chemically treated fabrics. yeah. like in most african markets is a major source of concern for local producers or is widespread concern. but so even the few kits also have to close bringing an end to more than 500 years. history is only 4 months to go to the world cup and the clock is ticking as teams and fans prepare the cat. so a 2022 will have updates from different regions across the globe. this month. the focus is on africa and synagogue mount a challenge for the tropi to winning the africa cup of nations will be cameroon, the gonna to nicea all morocco bits. the alicia join us for the world. go count down on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera
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ah hello, i'm kerry johnston. this is denise our live from dough. how we're coming up in the next 60 minutes off to week of wildflowers in the south, parts of northern europe were told to brace for record high temperatures. it's that question about life and death and not just want to let will south but also for citizens. and you get a plane occurring. arms from serbia crushes in greece, killing 8 in sparking and investigation. protest as are back on the streets of saddam to demand, to return to civilian rule. and why promises of safety means people cannot return to this afghan to his top. and it's false american. fred curly is officially the worlds fastest man, curly wedding. the men's want under meets his title in the world championships. as us runners claim a metal cleans,
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ah, a summer heat wave is sweeping parts of europe, sparking wildfires and contributing to hundreds of heat related death in southern spain. at least 3000 people had to flee their homes. as a wildfire burned out of control in a mountain range, or several large fires burning in french pine forests, including this one in bordeaux. the hot gusty conditions are making it harder for cruise to contain it. the number of villages and holiday homes have been evacuate on the greek island of crete, when 100 firefighters are trying to extinguish those flames. meanwhile, in the u. k. health authorities urging people to take precautions as forecast as protect records temperatures this week. and im, barber reports now from london in parts of southern europe like here in spain, forest fires and nothing new, but could conditions experienced in the south soon be the normal swear. here in
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britain, the government's been holding emergency meetings and for the 1st time a red warning has been issued for the heat rather than floods or winds. people are being warned as a 50 percent chance of temperatures reaching 40 celsius more than one degree above the all time record. a studies found heat waves across europe have increased $3.00 to $4.00 times faster than in the rest of the northern mid latitudes, including north america. and much of that is driven by changes to atmospheric circulation, known as the jet stream. whether or not that's directly due to human activity, scientists say our continued use of fossil fuels means we're already seeing what was previously predicted for 2050. we're still increasing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which means global temperatures are increasing. and this means that this is probably something that will be around speak hall, heat life in 3 decades to come. the one thing might also be to change that compensation, that actually it's not a, it's a question about life and death and not for the global south,
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but also far citizens in the u. k. and despite news reports concentrating on, seems like this, you can helpful 30 is a warning, the heat can be deadly, even for healthy people. climate change has been driving extreme temperatures for decades, and the heat is killing more and more people here in england in the summer of 2020 more than 2 and a half 1000 excess decks were attributed to heat waves, and they've only become more intense and more frequent since then, the british red cross predicts that the annual heat waves death toll could have tripled by the middle of this century. much of europe, the increase in heat waves poses urgent questions about how society adapts from education to working patterns, to transport and housing. some believe it's high time we faced up to a hot future. well, nadeem bother joins us now from south london and then that will how is the government in the u. k. coping with this, especially when you consider its own ready, overstretched health service. that's
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right. kerry, they're saying that they are taking things seriously. while trying not to panic. people really is the underlying message. if you like, there was a, an emergency meeting of cabinets and other senior officials on saturday. and boys, johnson, the prime minister, wasn't there. his deputy dominic rob has been insisting that they are putting out common sense or advice to the public. i stay hydrated. wear sunscreen, tried her, her not to exercise or do anything too strenuous, particularly on monday and tuesday. because while on sunday temperatures in the u. k are not expected to go much above 30 celsius. there's a 50 percent chance they could go above 40 on monday or tuesday. we've never seen that in the u. k. hence, those are those warnings. now the government says that it's boosting ambulance services in terms of the numbers of coal handlers and asking hospitals to increase
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their capacity to take patience in. they are really under pressure already. hartley, because of her covert her meaning staff shortages, but a long history of problems with ambulance services in the u. k. and waiting times there, urging people only to use the emergency services is really necessary or now, and we've heard from some senior voices within the national health service that they're worried that simply things like air conditioning and fans are not sufficient in hospitals and in doctors, practices said it advising people firstly to check on their neighbors, particularly if they're elderly or vulnerable. but warning people that those temperatures around 40 celsius are not what we're used to. they're not what people are enjoying here in this park. behind me. there's something to really take seriously and that they can have a serious health impact and even be deadly. if you consider yourself healthy, don't be complacent and adding women's temperatures. how is this impacting k
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infrastructure transport? for example? well the year network rail via an company that turn operates the infrastructure and transport for london, which is responsible for much of the public transport here in the capital city are wanting people to expect delays, even cancellations, and only to make really essential journeys. but of course, millions of people particularly here in london, do rely on public transport to get to work. now there's no maximum temperature or beyond which people can be expected to work here in the u. k. there is a minimum not a maximum. the a government saying that you are relying on employers to show flexibility with their workforce is we'll see how well that works in the next few days. and then on education there, stressing that their priorities to keep children in school. and they're saying they're issuing guidance, trying to help schools to stay open safely. that's
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a big challenge as well, given those temperatures and, and of course, how play is built into the school day for younger children. so really unknown our circumstances here in the u. k. and the meat, erotic meteorological office, is stressing their message that these heat ways are getting more frequent than the direct result of human induced climate change. we need to start getting used to them and to prepare better in terms of things like housing, in terms of transport, the way we live our day, we structure the working day and so on. it's going to be a big change. okay, nadine barber, i live in london. thank you very much indeed. well, little later in the program, we'll be talking about what the countries may have to do to live with high temperatures in the future. our cargo plane carrying weapons has crashed in the northern grease killing, or 8 crew members. greek or authorities said was traveling from serbia to
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bangladesh via jordan. but nearly a 3rd of the way into the flights the air craft made a sharp you turn before crushing it near the greek city of karbala. specialist greek army investigators are now on site to determine whether any dangerous materials are left in the wreckage samples. robbie reports, eye witnesses describe a plane on fire lighting up the night sky. the crash of an ant enough cargo plane, tearing through an open field. there was put their name to say a band was to speak to them as i wonder how it didn't fall in our houses because it came from over there. it was full of smoke. it had a noise i can describe and went over the mountain. it passed a mountain and turned and crashed into the fields. there were flames. we were scared. a lot of cars came, but they could not approach because there were continuous explosions. look what are the scale of devastation at 1st confusing people who saw the plane come down. level men now,
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now cut the vein of what we see something bright coming down from the direction of the castle, but we thought it was lighted after death. we said fire fire, what is it? is it a plane? what is it? by the time we understood what it was, it has fallen to the ground. we were terrified or we also had children here coming . we're screaming, shouting, local residents and 1st responders describe ongoing explosions following the crash door bure ship or lee lee, your or yourself is crashed to the ground and develop into a large fire with many continuous exposure audio. greek media reports hazardous materials were on board including explosives. this is of the senior, the air measurements at the moment have not shown anything, but nonetheless, instability of the field was observed and other words, intense, smoke and heat, as well as a white substance that we do not recognize. so a special armed forces team has to inform us of what it is and whether we can enter
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the field or the flight was operated by meridian or ukraine based cargo carrier. it originated in serbia, the country's defense ministry confirming the cargo of union dues need you to the claim was carrying 11 half tons of products of our arms trade for the end buyer in bangladesh. the buyer was the bank, the dash ministry of defense as a fully permitted end user and by the flight route was nice. with technical landings in man read met about and was planned to land in dhaka as the final destination moments before the plane went down. the pilot radioed about a problem with one of the engines requesting an emergency landing, but unable to make it to the nearest airport. the journey ending in a field in northern greece was in basra, v o to 0. while david ross in the 1st professor and senior military fellow, the national defense university, he says examining this, the difficult because of explosives in the wreckage 11 and a half tons sounds like
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a lot it's. it's not a whole lot for our shipments. the reason why it was flown rather than sent by sea is because it's not big enough for a ship. you know, obviously if you're shipping weapons, you have to have a dedicated ship just for that. it's a problem when you have explosives, because when the plane crashes, you have to worry about the explosives cooking off afterwards. so the damage always looks worse because people don't go and put out the fire. they have to sit back, let the fire burn itself out and you know, it's, it's always unpleasant. it's always nasty when a plane crashes, but this is particularly unpleasant because of that. they also, there also reports that some of the rounds were mortar elimination rounds, which are not normal. you know, last explosives, they are, they tend to be metalized. finally fragmented metal, which are extremely klamath falls. so again, that would create some problems for firefighters and rescuers. ukraine is among the
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world air leaders in air cargo services they produce or any did until the russians to try the factory. you know, wide body aircraft, nato countries, charter aircraft from the ukranian firms. quite frequently they, they are among the world leaders. so this isn't some shady fly by night. it's an established, well accepted practice. although you know, they're not subject some of the scrutiny that a western country would be. they're not part of any european institutions, but they are a known quantity. the initial report said, mortars and mines, and i think they met mortar rounds. i know that there's trace elements of, you know, illuminating radioactive material. sometimes in mortar sites that you could view at night, same as you get in a wristwatch. if there's any kind of toxic substances, the greek government probably consolidates all that under their own. ringback or energy authority, and i think it makes sense to at least scan it because low level radiation is use not an munitions, but in some military equipment. what on their chattering is lifeless indica tongue,
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aside from the tragedy of those killed in the crash, once more, all the authorities saying about the across cargo were we spoke to the interest service. public relation off is essentially a media wing of the defense ministry. and the combined defense forces now they didn't want to add anything more than there were defend out a small state men in bangla, which essentially said that worse. and that cargo was destined for bangladesh in consisted of mortar shells for bangladesh. army as well as for. 4 bunger this border gods. now this cargo of that friendly was in charge. and he was made agreement signed last year between bangladesh, director general of defense partners office. and they, aside, we enter on stating company valley. that's all they have said nothing more than to speculate now. we know there's some contradiction and confusion as to what the serbian defense minister said that this web illuminating minds and weapons. now we
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know that from what the bang, their site said, it's ammunition. so there is a tons of different as to whether it's weapons or emanation. we wouldn't know until that greek alternative. exactly. find out what was in the cargo plane and tons of it. does this reveal anything about her? bangladesh is a minute treat aspirations in this respect. not so much unusual, a banner that centered bob had been traditionally buying a man from the former soviet bloc countries. and getting weapons from farmer. check us back. yeah. you have a lobby, belly, russia, and of course, from russia. and they're carrying on the same principle. they're bringing weapons from serbia. the 1st time that broad weapons from cyber. yeah, there's been other location as well. traditionally, bangladesh, use a russian grade weapons. most stuff is kept ment, russian grade,
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even though majority of the weapons comes from china. but most of them again are standardized. russian grade weapons and many of them are used in peacekeeping operation, bangladesh, the largest escaping contingency across different parts of the wall. and many of these weapons used there. so it is not so unusual that bangladesh and folks item from eastern, brought farmer server block trenches. ok, related to tons of chantry life. first in dark. i thank you for that. only in or it is in belgrade with more on the response from the serbian government. serious defense minister members as defined image, confirm that ukrainian cargo plane undone on the 12 crest in greece was carrying weapons from serbia. but also on the line that it has no relation to the board in ukraine, according to the minister claim was carrying 11 and a half tons of military equipment such as the ripens and mines were used by serbian rebels company. volleyer for the ministry of defense of bungalow this as the end
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user. serbia minister also stated that the plane had all the proper permits in accordance with international regulations. the aircraft that to go from the nearest airport in south therubi i it, saturday around 8 40 pm has crashed to near the greek city of karbala savannah beach. explain that to technical lending. were planned in our man or eod and ultimate album with final destination in dock up the volume company management confirmed that the plane was carrying the mines for the training of bangladesh troops and the delivery was arranged back in 2021. this account of events was also confirm by the management of ukrainian aircraft company marry the end of 20 more head on the news hour, including your search for justice. why crimes, olden you are going unpunished in lebanon. the core of a tree is something like a book, it tells the story,
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not just of the tree but of the whole area. and the last hundreds of years meet the great grandfather, the tree in chile, that may be the oldest living thing on earth. and in sports, her moments to forgets for chelsea fans ahead of the season and he will be here ah, the testers are back on the streets of saddam demanding return to civilian rule in the capital cartoon. the security forces used tear gas to disperse demonstrators. saddam's military seized power from a traditional civilian government last october. since then, anti military protests had been held in several cities nearly every week. dozens of people who died in the unrest give a morgan has more now from car to the last major protest for the july 30th the left . at least 9 people killed and more than 600 people injured when security forces
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use here gather live, ammunition. previously, the un and human rights groups have described before used by security forces as brutal and excessive because the, the process have been largely peaceful with for us as trying to make their way to the presidential palace. and it was the same case again on sunday, protest says trying to make their way to the presidential palace, to voice their anger against the military to show that they want a civilian government after the military took over power more than 7 months ago. despite the fact that again, security force of using terror guys against protest keeping them away from the committee of the presidential palace. they continued to try to avoid the anger. they say that the military take over the end of the transition to democracy, that they've been demanding for for nearly 4 years now. and if anything, they will continue to tell the military that they want to see a civilian government. and they want the military to return to the barracks and stay away from for dance, politics or thing incident, at least 60 people have died and at least 157 have been wounded in the southern
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blue nor region during days of violence between rival tribes minister of health for the area told al jazeera that local authorities don't have enough equipment or 1st aid supplies to cope. he's calling on the government to intervene some in the country blame last year's military coup for a resurgence of ethnic violence in the area. russian missile strikes have hit a number of towns in ukraine. it follows a declaration for moscow that it was ranting attacks in all operational areas. russia says its forces destroyed and arms factory in the city of the ne prep. an fisher has more from the capital, keith, while it appears that there is a war of attrition developing in 2 parts of the country. first of all, around the don bassetti, where the russians an intent in moving into the hands to take over the entire body of the don bus. which of course became that mean military focus after they failed
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to capture keith. in the early days of the war, they are reinforcing they are, we are told that they are re supplying the troops that they get ready for a final push in that area to try and take over dumbass. meanwhile, in the south, the russians are fortifying their positions improving their security because the the ukrainians have said that they will assemble a 1000000 man army to take back territory in the site. that is perhaps more aspirational than practical. but it certainly shows the ukrainian intent and certainly over the last few hours, we've had reports of ukrainian attack on carson, which the claim killed. 36 russians and destroyed a number of russian ammunition dumped. the russian defense minister says that the russians will start increasing military pressure, that they will go in the areas that they need to go ask for president zalinski here in ukraine. he believes that as an indication from the russians that they will continue to target civilian areas, saying that that's exactly what they've done over the last few weeks. and of course,
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you remember there was a significant rocket attack on friday at the ukrainians were saying that it was a residential block in a factory that was hit that killed so many people at but the rush and say what we were actually targeting a meeting of the ukrainian navy high command, what's important to remember is that it's now been 20 weeks since since the war began. and in that time people continue to be killed. a sunday's wells day for international justice aims to highlights the fight against impunity. and the rights of victims is a cause that activists in lebanon have been pursuing for decades. of the holder reports from beirut, lebanon has never really moved on from its 15 year civil war. 3 decades later, society is as divided, and former warlords are still in politics. a general amnesty has left crimes unpunished. while the families of an estimated 17000 people missing are still
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waiting for answers. the lack of accountability have deep rooted causes that wed never address. at the end of the war, people will continue to find them. so victims of the car up and i'm just system, i'm still that system is up with an entirely. it's a system that suspended the investigation into one of the biggest blasts in history caused by a stockpile of ammonium. nitrate at bay will support 2 years on political interference has ensured no officials have been convicted for them more than 200 lives. last justice has yet to be served. among them, 3 year old alexandra. we will not get justice lebanon. it's impossible. giving the history of you know, everything that has happened already. there was a time when tracy nature had hope, but she says the re election of 2 m p. 's charged in connection with the explosion
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with a wake up call. or you can't us so criminal to judge criminal. the lack of the coming from the people of 7. we are alone. we shall alone. today. lebanon's political and securian fault lines have been exploited by politicians in the battle for accountability and not just with the baby port blast. and in my own case, that's my father's legacy. trying to circumvent a geopolitical problem in lebanon. you pay an ultimate price for that. mohammed shut off was among the politicians who opposed syrian and iranian influences, lebanon killed in a wave of assassinations. investigations haven't been credible, and culprits were never caught for his son roni, an independent judiciary and having the tools to pursue justice won't be enough. that's a security problem that lebanon is burdened with. not every problem in this country
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is ours. some are, and i think those are the steps forward for reform. but the larger picture, i don't think we have control over that. there has been violence when voices are raised. those in power have made the choice between peace or justice, said the alternator belt petitions. and should i have turned this site from choosing a successor to former president of roger packs up before they should? i can see the crisis that led to his departure continues. millions are enjoying shortages of food, fuel and medicines, and financial reports for markets in columbus. traders at this sunday market, see they're having trouble selling their goods. even the things that they bring dean, the out, are not selling enough for them to make a profit. now if i just take you here, this is basically a greens store, a staple industry lunk and died. we have greens for pressure for sugar, for diabetes of fob hot ailments, the works. and even here,
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prices have gone up early, a few who go about 2 or 3 widget of us. oh, you can't afford to do that because the cost of living is so high. so we have to cut down those things. even transportation, balancing that reducing purchasing power with the need to put nutritious meals on the table is one of the biggest challenges facing she lumpkins. amid this economic crisis, the acting president runner, vicar missing her, says between 6 and 7 and a half 1000000 people are malnourished. and the country is really struggling to get its economy in order or from anchor is appealing to friendly countries for help with its flagging economy. india has extended a new credit line, worth $55000000.00 for fertilizer in ports. china has announced assistance worth $73000000.00 for the supply of essential goods, but stayed silent on tranquil request to defer the loan repayment. colombo is also
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seeking an i m f bailout package to tied over the worst economic crisis since independence. wearing wicker rotney is a sri lankan member of parliament turned the former statements to finance. he says the country needs both short and long term financial support. the media challenges that are you running into the people on the street trying to get to yeah. then that will get shock cooking i started. busy the pharmacy because. ready life if you are to quantify your need about roughly about. busy $400000000.00 a month on board and about another $100000000.00. but guess pharmaceuticals for life. so if you needed to maybe supplies and also fairly easy actually thing to take care of the media on the street
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in colombo, the economic issue is much why that. busy discussion the diamond, i think the new government in place next week, i would expect to sign an agreement top level agreement with the within week. that would be the beginning of actually trying to turn things around. i think the impact of the certainly not in long give a statement to the market because we have been away from the market and then actually to get an i mean program approved by the i'm in my several months, but this is only the beginning. so meanwhile we have to be. busy that we are working to extend the funds but we have to be far more emergency funding. but the stock level agreement in place are still a head hair on al jazeera india's ban on some single whose plastics is causing
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controversy. as people try to adapt. why a bi election in pakistan's most populous province could have national implications . oh, yeah. oh, reach on the world. and the ethiopian tract stars celebrating her 1st major go metal. ah ah hello. we have more very heavy rain pushing back into a mon over the next few days. you can see this massive cloud into the north of the arabian sea. that's circulation. that's gonna fit some very heavy down poles in it . once again, the likelihood of 1st some flash flooding in place is certainly something to keep an eye on 43 celsius, the doha, and 40 by large. he tries a 50 there impact that
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a rather more comfortable $2930.00 or so just along the east coast of the mediterranean, over the next few days, some of the picture for tuesday, still some showers around southern parts of the arabian peninsula. pushing back into yemen, southern areas of the red sea could catch one or 2 showers. they joined up with a showers just sliding off the ethiopian highlands through the central areas of africa across the central belt. some lively showers pushing actually into our northern parser of west africa. so we could see some localized letting us know them areas of nigeria using across southern parts of molly, maybe easing over toward sannicolas. well, some big outpost there for liberia and sierra leone. we could there was some ra wet a weather into eastern parts of africa, not too much of that on the cath, but there will be some showers. having said that, some showers there into where most and baking sandy some showered into madagascar. meanwhile, it's largely dry. the south africa ah,
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housing has become a commodity instead of human rights. thank you. somebody with the ability to take advantage of others, the elite feel free to violate basic laws, the working classes that have lost a lot of ground society. a un special reporter on adequate housing travels the world, investigating a global crisis. as people are evicted to clear the way for investors and properties too often left empty, push a witness documentary on al jazeera. we tell the untold stories. ah, we speak when others done, ah, we cover all sides. no matter where it takes us. a fear of my eye and power impartial. we tell your story. we are your voice,
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your news, your net out his ear. ah ah, do with al jazeera reminder of our top stories, this are a cargo plane carrying weapons as trashed in northern greece, killing all 8 crew members. air craft was traveling from serbia to bangladesh. the pilots had reportedly requested an emergency landing due to an engine problem that was unable to reach the runway protest, as are back on the streets of sudan, demanding a return to civilian rule. capital cartoon security forces used to tear gas to disperse demonstrators. southern europe is in the grip of
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a devastating summer heat wave which has sparked wildfires and let us hundreds of heat related debts to fires in southern france have forced evacuation 14000 people . let's look into this now with that he kirk costler. she's a specialist in urban development and the climate change at the university box, which she joins us from antwerp in the netherlands. thanks for being here on the program. can you give us all an idea? first of all of the frequency and intensity of heat that many countries are lucky to face going forward. well, so, okay, so the i p c c, which is the. ringback state of the art climate science circle to meets clear at the frequency and the intensity of extreme heat waves is going to increase as atmospheric temperatures, right? so we are in for seeing much more extreme temperatures, much more frequency of these extreme temperature. and this is only going to increase not just introduce many hot climates,
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but also climate that are not equipped often to deal with the level of extreme heat . and is anything we can do then with a, for example, design of new buildings or existing buildings of the urban landscape, for example, to try and help this situation. yes, so much so. so buildings are on it, one of the largest consumers of energy and cooling the cooling, to be able to provide relief from extreme heat is one of the largest sources of growing sources. oh, energy use within buildings. in fact, the largest increase of energy in buildings is going to come from cooling, particularly because of this rising heat that twisting around us. now, there's no real way to ashley tackle this issue without making buildings central to us solutions. the ways in which we can do that a both active measure and passive measures. so i described that in a few words. active measures is when we use energy intensive mechanisms to be able
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to provide cooling. so using fine syncing at conditions. but actually, these are not great because they use a lot of energy, which is often fossil fuel based. the other way to do it is passive message measures. so for instance, protecting buildings from heat using things like shaving high bill materials that actually don't let heat enter the building. so having well insulated buildings having better reflectance. so having roofs walls that have high reflectance event, but when the heat hits, it bounces off, having water, bodies of agitation that absorbs their heat and doesn't let it enter the building. these are all the different ways. and there are many more actually in which the boat environment and help protect people from extreme heat. and given what you say is anywhere in the world that's doing particularly well in tackling these environmental issues. well,
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there are no heat action plans now in many parts of the wallet in india there she's actually man in the city of and the bug which is almost a decade old, that has been quite successful in saving one number of flights, the built environment. oh, it are often they difficult to change once oppertunity in real estate in many parts of the world, but also in terms of going back and better some of the buildings in, in developed parts of the world better seeing these dr. temperatures. now next he will building the building that actually don't use any active energy. are evidenced and seen across the world. they're not focused or not to be limited to a particular region or a particular climate time. and i think that's quite promising to be able to see the types of met the will building in different cities around the world. ok,
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we'll leave it that he can come from the university box with thank you very much and a few time hand today on i'll just hear thank you. a china is a struggling to manage in extreme temperatures. electricians are trying to maintain power grids and buckling under the strain of relentless heat waves. 68 cities including shanghai have issued red alerts in temperatures exceeding 40 degrees celsius. a forecast the next 24 hours. while counting is a climate change expert at the australian national university, he says reducing greenhouse gas levels quickly is proving difficult, meaning people will have to adapt. there's a particular thing that's happening and that's particularly related to changes in the jet stream. that's a high level, very fast moving band if it circulates the globe. and at the moment that's been changed by climate change. and that's bringing in this particular case, very hot from side india across towards china. at this point,
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our emissions globally going up. they're not turning in round the corner and studying to go down any way to limit the effects of climate change life. the heat was, we're seeing all the files that were seeing. we have to reduce those emissions very rapidly and very significantly going down something like 45 percent by 2030. and we have a long way from that at the moment. but given that we haven't been able to turn around those greenhouse gas emission trajectories, that means we have to adapt to the climate change is experiencing now, and we'll experience over the next decade. so everything from putting more green spaces in cities to, to cool the cities down to i having more heat reflective building materials and road materials so that they don't absorb the energy but reflect it back out into the atmosphere. india has banned several single use plastic items into plans to phase out more by the end of the year. many who rely on the products, so they aren't ready for the transition. have limited reports from the day. india
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has a plastic problem. 3 and a half 1000000 tons of waste is generated every year. most of it from products that are only used once. now the government has been 19 single use plastic goods, including straws and cutlery. some st vendors say they're aware of the band but have no other option. in new delhi, the state government is promoting paper and bam, board tentative forgot to be policy, political armada for us. they alternate with our policy is at 2 levels. some of our focus is on alternatives. this enforcement is that no other state is doing what we are doing. we have brought together people from across daddy who are working on alternatives. so shopkeepers and users who feel they don't have options. i can see for themselves in white if he worked together on this plan will be successful. work with the staff, but manufacturer said the industry needs more support. it's a great start, but it's definitely not enough because we falsely don't have enough knowledge
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francois. we don't have enough suppliers. we don't know if the more glossy bags are buying. what products are we going to use in order to? we also don't have manufacturing capability to solve the country right now. why plastic is restricted in some states. this is the 1st nation wide ban. prime minister, marian's removed the, announced it in 2019, and the government finalized it last year. but some uses industry leaders and vendors said they need more time to switch to green alternatives like these. the industry employs millions of people, including factory workers and recyclers, waste management researchers said the band requires a transition. india has this huge challenge that we have to walk. we have a very complex, informal, sick day enterprise based on me. and we have to see that why we have to address the problem of reducing plastic. we also have to see that livelihoods are not last government agencies in new delhi,
6:41 pm
se inspection teams have collected more than $150000.00 in fines. violators could also be arrested. more products are expected to be banned over the next few months . as india aims to become single use plastic free by the end of the year. pardon him at the larger sierra new delhi voting has closed and a local bi election in pakistan's punjab province, which could have national implications. prime minister ship as it was, the need holds a narrow majority in the provincial assembly that's on the threats from iran cons. pci party taking the fourpence would be a major win for the former prime minister who was ousted in april high. the has the latest, not from the whole the dime for boiling it. oh. and now the counting begins. it is going to be important to see who gets the most number of votes when it comes to this by election end up bod. that electrons have drawn little grove,
6:42 pm
but because they said they did a battery between 2 men, bullard a good bargain, richard them, ron cons, buggered don derek and stuff and budget on muslim league now wad it is going to be crucial to see who wins this election what apprehension that perhaps because of the political edge and that there would be violence, but so far the elections have gone red, although it did not get clear as to who is going to be there right now. some people will tell you that budget on day you can solve m, ron kong bardy, and going to win the border of the budget on the meeting. and i was gonna tell you they did an outright break paid for them. anyone who forms the government and one job will have a fall for the day and the rest of the country because this province, the loan, has more teeth than the national assembly than all the other provinces. for together, board bar date of god. i've been saying that they're going to win this election
6:43 pm
paper lacrosse focused on will be watching to see what happened here. whether when's the election will have or dbm factor in budget on political future? eminent cons, bardy and able to bag most of the war. it will mean a come back for the outcome, dr minute. but if the budget league now, why wednesday selection, it will get a day day, continued he, when it comes to rolling the gun grid, mothball robin, or thousands of hungarians have rallied for a 5th day against prime minister victor or benz government saturdays demonstrations . were triggered by a major tax hike on small businesses addressing the rally opposition lee that peter mark is a denounced to advance campaign promises as lies or been that has been in house more than a decade. arising, inflation is pretty pressure on his administration, boost their reservoir via majority patchogue. the government is currently planning such austerity measures that people cannot tolerate the many more. for example,
6:44 pm
changes in taxes teaches on the paid. they cannot make a living and so on. this is why we have to come out to the street and say they cannot go any further like this. for their case, the threats of violence and taliban checkpoints made it dangerous for people to travel around afghanistan. now, 11 months after western powers withdrew the taliban, his promising safety on the roads. and those the pc reports from the young guns are taking advantage of a change to explore the region. for 20 years. avalon officials talked about making balmy on a tourism hub, but the roads leading to the province were too dangerous. now the tall upon his back in power and thousands of people are getting into their cars to see the countryside. bomb ya was once famous for 2 ancient satchels of buddha, which the tall over the city until 2001 when the total bond destroyed them. the house of if he is an artist from cobble, who has come with her family to see what is left with the boot,
6:45 pm
it said you get one surely, and it makes me very sad. why did this happen? this was a part of our country's historic scenery. the others have travelled even further. i'm the opposite pull money, a media worker from cannot province. and 10 of his friends drove 11 hours. and then with the man, when i saw the people of dameion up close, i saw how hospitable they were. they were very friendly from the 100. but the main attraction is the band. i mean national park, one of my friend was the living again, the son. and he told me that once i have to see the van that i'm involved in proven provincial authorities estimate more than 50000 people have visited by me on, in the week since the holiday. him all home to look was you couldn't the last what we want to improve amenities for our visitors, for instance, the road to hotels and shops in the area. availability of transportation and 1st aid services. but not everyone is benefiting the head has been driving from balmy
6:46 pm
on to cobble for 4 years. he's happy about the piece insecurity, but fears that has cost him his job as more people are able to travel in their own cars. so let me like, go make him in the past we used to take around $15.00 to 2000 afghans a day for about $17.00. now we barely make 6 and was offered america. many people are hoping the tall bon will capitalize on the new found interesting bomb yawn and turn it into a tourist destination. now that the group that made it nearly impossible to travel to places like this for 20 years is finally in power. this is what a summons of peace insecurity looks like. and i want to start thousands of families coming from all over the country to enjoy the wonders of band. i mean the national part. but the big question now is, how will all of this impact the economy of balmy on a province that was ignored for more than 20 years by the former government? i li, let the fee al jazeera, balmy on. well, while much of the planet swells is an extreme hate of thousands of people in chile haven't taken the freezing cold waters of magellan straight at the southern tip of
6:47 pm
south america is the 1st time the splash of the straight band has been held since the start of the pandemic, $5000.00 swimmers braved the snow covered beaches. 15 different countries and parts of india marking the stars the monsoon season. annual cattle race festival. local farmers are racing, their livestock, through patty fields in west bengal state about a 100 cows participating the competition. the winners are sent to receive a reward in the form of good luck for the wearing season. was to the head heron al jazeera in sports golf's open championship is heading towards the finish line and his hair with the latest from sir john. ah. housing has become a commodity instead of a human rights. thank you. some people the ability to take advantage of others,
6:48 pm
the elite feel free to violate basic laws, the working classes that have lost a lot of ground in our society. a un special reporter on adequate housing travels the world, investigating the global crisis as people are evicted to clear the way for investors and properties too often left empty. push a witness documentary on al jazeera. there is no channel that covers world news like we do as a roman correspondent. i am constantly on the go covering topics from politics to close legacy of environmental issue to scale of this camp is like nothing you've ever seen. health care is what we want to know is how do these things affect people? we revisit places and stay, even when they're no international headlines. al jazeera, really invest in that. and that's a privilege. as a journalist, lou
6:49 pm
ah, ah, scientists in chinese say they've discovered what could be the oldest living thing on earth. a cyprus tree in patagonia nicknamed great grandfather is estimated to be more than 5000 years old. that in america editor, lucy newman reports for the last nagas region in chile. it's winter in southern chile, home to the a legacy or patagonia in cyprus, one of the world to oldest proven tree species. that's where we meet up with environmental scientists, jonathan vanity beach from the university of paris in the, unless in national park, a unique, temperate rain forest or them. he actually grew up here. when his grandfather was a par granger, he was the one who discovered
6:50 pm
a new challenger to the world's oldest recorded non colonial tree of 4853 year old bristle. com pine in california. but each of each is taking us to meet great grandfather, the nickname of the a letter, say he estimates is almost 5500 years old. but 1st, he demonstrates the traditional method for determining the age of trees or by using a special drill or increment core to remove a 5 millimeter sample, the length of the trees radius here. if you got a cor, well, you can see it rings as like a barcode days, then you're drawing for me to, to, to numbers. then with these numbers, we build models of how the tree growth. unlike satellite data that goes back no more than 40 years. trees reveal earth's environment as far back as pre historic times,
6:51 pm
but each of each argues that the past can be used to predict future climate change more accurately. the core of a tree is something like a book. it tells the story, not just of the tree, but of the whole area and the last decades, hundreds of years or thousands of years to read it. you can look at the rings. these for example, show that it was a plentiful year, they're very separated. so it means there was a lot of rain, the ones that are much closer indicates that those years were of drought. and over here, you see the scar of the tree. this means that there was a fire, but didn't dro chronologist until yoletta, who recorded a 3620 year old alleged says 30 years ago, says indiscriminate tourism is endangering the survival of these trees, whose roots are already dangerously exposed from erosion. this is the younger alerted tree and it was some one there. we don't know who a couple of weeks ago came. i'm you can see here like within my shady or something
6:52 pm
like that, took out the bark. we don't know why because this is pure vandalism. as a result, the park is now temporarily closed to the public mud forestry service made an exception to allow us to see great grandfather for ourselves. perched deep in an isolated ravine. it's an imposing majestic sight to behold, from its 4 meter wide trunk to its enormous exposed roots. the longest instrument available isn't long enough to reach the tree center to determine its age with the traditional method. so, but each of each has devised a mathematical model to fill in the gaps. but some dental chronologist aren't yet convinced. i think that it's a bit higher without having actual jane. counts of the tree is that we cannot really say that it's definitely the older students. we can of course, said that it, it is amongst the oldest she is in the world. but each of each will be publishing
6:53 pm
a paper later this year, defending his theory. the great grandfather is indeed 5484 years old. but i'm not worried because this is science for the planet. is science that make us to act on time to protect what is left of a planet that was once completely wild, eager. if you insist the challenge is to use ancient trees to improve climate models, to determine how forests might adapt to our changing conditions. the same forests on which the future humanity also depends. lucy, in human al jazeera last lateral sewage in chile, where stifle a sports news now and these with his hair in the studio. thank you so much. carrie will be final round of golf, so i can shampoo it well in the way in scotland, rory macro, leading the way at the final major of the year than of an irishman. started his
6:54 pm
round singers in a chevrolet with victor, holland of norway, after 18 oles. macro is on the 17 under part 2 shots, clear of his close his rivals now. now, ethiopia is terrence hall has won gold in the men's marathon of the world championships in the united states. his time of 2 hours, 5 minutes and 36 seconds, a new champion, record who's a silver medalist in this event 5 years ago in london. this was toes 1st, world title victory. a ford curly is officially the world's fastest man, the american sitting, the one that are made to title on what was a memorable day for the harsh nation in oregon. so hell malik reports ah, the mens 100 meters, the glamor event at any world championships, and he took center stage on day 2 in oregon. much was expected from 2020 two's fastest man american fred, curly and he came through his semi final with these 2 saw hallway,
6:55 pm
there was to be no fairy tale ending for seemingly jet lagged ferdinand omen yala. the canyon failed to advance. after only arriving in eugene the day before and having raced his here shortly after landing excellent running, the home crowd got what they wanted. however, a final teaching for americans with 3 of them going on to middle is under treyvon, ronald and marvin bracy taking bronze and silver respectively. and as expected, curling bag the going ordered 3 was a home, so not in the country. and so they did us with the women's 10000 meters produced a thrilling finale world record holder. let us send bit giddy, finally delivered on the big stage. having come up short, a previous major events, she held off a stiff fight from her canyon counterparts. an olympic champion saffron, her fun,
6:56 pm
to seal the gold medal. the field events also produce some impress performances. good shyness when gin and triumph in the men's long jump with is finally a point 36 me to reduce the moment of the day. while in the women's shop, the american chief unique, he got the job done early, her 1st attempt ending up being her title winning through. oh yes, get it started whole and have a bunch. dick also had the day to saver as he by the 5th consecutive world championship magole. i don't really want it only that a big goal. i want to be the 1st one who will took 7. no, never given day to was certainly filled with plenty of excitement. but it's hard to argue that anything will be remembered more than the united states and display of brent domination to hail militia. how would you really?
6:57 pm
chelsea have secured a preseason victory in las vegas. race james, have a moment to forget for chelsea early on in the management to sort of all the net in the game against mexican club america. chelsea hippa mason man scoring the late when it's a c one. and i'm and same face shawna fan wednesday before meeting asked me on saturday. also go to see know when over primula girls, evanson, nissan and gabrielle has this getting on the school sheets in baltimore. his arrival rising at raising expectations among some of the fans following a disappointing into last season where the club just missed out on champions league qualification. yeah, it looks really sharp, really dynamic and the really good understanding with it. he made his way away. they're looking for him in johnson good connection around. i don't
6:58 pm
a specific spaces that we want to explore with him, especially. and i'm really happy. and european powerhouse germany has moved into the knockout stages of the women's euros they did it without conceding ago. the germans fitting philip had 3 else. when all the games in the group stage, germany have won 6 of the last 7 tournaments that seem to progress from ruby, spain. they'll face to host england in the last place. okay, that is how you spot is looking for now. carry on the thank you. that's it for me for this news hour, but i'll be back in a few moments with more of the days developments to stay with us here on our desert . ah ah.
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those journals in the faith violently, the 1st in crisis. these are some of tens of thousands of people, troy to flee. gobble inspired program making. welcome to generation chains, unrivalled it's broadcasting. white people did not want black children in their schools. we have to apply for it and al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 6 year running in cambodia. thousands of following slate, forced to carry up fraud. it had 2 pallets investigation, one in one east explosives, those behind the cypress gans built on slavery. on al jazeera, this, the hype of english football lies an illicit market for the rich and powerful. i'm one of the cd to the undercover. i'll just ears investigative unit,
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exposes the inner workings of key players in the murky underbelly of football finance. he started to sell something like one of the magician. it has been said that you can make an elephant disappear. i have many other exciting to say his life brazen example. i said the men who so football and i was just, you know, we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it out, you 0, we're bringing the news and current to fast cut matter to you count is there. ah. ready ready 100.


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