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work undercover al jazeera investigative unit exposes the inner workings of key players in the murky underbelly of football. finance. east appointed me to sell something like one of the magician. it has been said that you can make an elephant disappear. i have many other takes like to say his life brazen example. i think the men who so football on on just you know, we understand the differences and similarities have cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it out, you 0, we're bringing the news and current to fast matter to you. countess era ah, 2. ready hundreds
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dying wildfires destroy homes across europe as millions bacon a heat wave that set to get worse. ah, i'm carry johnston, mrs. al jazeera life and also coming up a plane that carrying arms from serbia crushes in greece, killing 8, and sparking an investigation. protests as are back on the streets of sudan to demand a return to civilian rule road tripping through afghanistan. the tourist hobb that's booming, as travel becomes easier. ah, the wildfires fueled by record breaking temperatures and dry conditions are scorching southern europe. france, portugal in spain are coping with the worst impacts in southern france, 14000 people have been evacuated as to large fires tear through pine forests near
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the city of bordeaux. a summer regarding the laundry rough fire, we are dealing with a concerning situation, a critical situation. in our terminology, the fire is not moving freely because that would mean it is moving as a wants. but we are currently able to respond to it, attempting to redirect it, and to try to limit its progression. and in spain of fire fighters are trying to put out dozens of blazes. rugged terrain is hampering operations. at least 360 heat related deaths have been recorded in the past week. well, the heat wave is spreading to northern europe too in the u. k. health authorities or urging people to take precautions as full cost to say that weather could hit record temperatures on monday and tuesday. and the above reports. impacts of southern europe, like here in spain, forest fires and nothing new but could conditions experienced in the south soon be
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the norm elsewhere. here in britain, the government's been holding emergency meetings and for the 1st time, a red warning has been issued for the heat. rather than floods the winds, people are being warned as a 50 percent chance of temperatures reaching 40 celsius more than one degree above the old time record. a studies found heat waves across europe have increased $3.00 to $4.00 times faster than in the rest of the northern mid latitudes, including north america. and much of that is driven by changes to atmospheric circulation, known as the jet stream. whether or not that's directly due to human activity, scientists say our continued use of fossil fuels means we're already seeing what was previously predicted for 2050. we are still increasing greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, which means global temperatures are increasing. and this means that this is probably something that will be arisen because life in the 3 decades to come. the one thing might also be to change that conversation, but actually it's not. it's the question about life and death and not just for the
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global south, but also for citizens in the u. k. and despite news reports concentrating on, seems like vis you can helpful for it is a warning. the heat can be deadly, even for healthy people. climate change has been driving extreme temperatures for decades, and the heats killing more and more people here in england in the summer of 2020 more than 2 and a half 1000 excess decks were attributed to heat waves, and they've only become more intense and more frequent since then, the british red cross predicts fits the annual heat waves death toll could have tripled by the middle of this century. in much of europe, the increase in heat waves poses urgent questions about how society adapts from education to working patterns, to transport and housing. some believe it's high time. we faced up to a hot future. nadine barbara al jazeera london, a cargo plane carrying weapons as crashed in the northern greece, killing all 8 crew members. greek authorities saith was traveling from serbia to bangladesh via jordan, but nearly
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a 3rd of the way into the flight. the aircraft made a sharp you turn before crushing in the greek city of command or specialist greek army investigators are now on site to determine whether any dangerous materials are left in the wreckage. same bas robbie reports. eye witnesses describe a plane on fire lighting up the night sky. the crash of an ant enough cargo plane, tearing through an open field. your husband, their neighbor, say a band with us beat them us. i wonder how it didn't fall in our houses because it came from a there. it was fearless, make. it had a noise i can describe and went over the mountain. it passed mountain and turned in, crashed into the fields. there were flames. we were scared, a lot of cars came, but they could not approach because they were continuous explosions. look what are the scale of devastation at 1st confusing people who saw the plane come down. level may now look at the venue of what we see, something bright coming down from the direction of the castle, but we thought it was the lightness i did. after that we set fire fire. what is it?
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is it a plane? what is it going up by the time we understood what it was? it has fallen to the ground that we were terrified or we also had children keep coming. we're screening shouting 1000 local residents and 1st responders describe ongoing explosions following the crash door bure. cipollina lee, your or yourself crashed to the ground and developed into a large fire with many continuous exposure audio gear. greek media reports hazardous materials were on board including explosives. this is neither the measurements at the moment have not shown anything, but nonetheless, instability of the field was observed and other words and tense, smoke, and heat, as well as a white substance that we do not recognize. so a special armed forces team has to inform us of what it is and whether we can enter the field or the flight was operated by meridian or ukraine based cargo carrier. it
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originated in serbia, the country's defense ministry confirming the cargo of unit bullet is naesha. huge on the plane was carrying 11 half tons of products of our arms trade for the end buyer in bangladesh. the buyer was the bangladesh ministry of defense. as a fully permitted and youth and by the flight route was near with technical landings in man red med about and was planned to land in dhaka as the final destination. moments before the plane went down, the pilot radioed about a problem with one of the engines requesting an emergency landing, but unable to make it to the nearest airport. the journey ending in a field in northern greece is in basra. v o to 0. well, the plane was traveling from serbia to bangladesh on in zurich is in belgrade with more on the response from the serbian government. 3 of the friends minister neighbors was divine image confirmed that ukrainian cargo plane on top of the 12
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crash the grease was carrying the weapons from serbia. but also on the line that these kids know relation to the board in ukraine, according to the minister playing with carrying 11 and how tons of military equipment such as weapons and mines, were used by serbian rebels company volleyer for the ministry of defense of this as the end user there be a minister also stated that the plane had all the proper permits in accordance with international regulations, the aircraft to come from the nice airport, the cell sort of b i saturday around 840 p. m. has crashed to near the greek city of karbala. they found a which explained to technical lending sort of plans in amman and ultimate with final destination in dot com. the value of company management confirmed that the plane was carrying the mines for the training of bangladesh troops and the delivery was arranged back in 2021. this account of events was confirmed by the management
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of ukrainian aircraft company, melody and baton. where chandry has more, the government's response in bangladesh is capital was spoke to the inter service public relations office was essentially the media wing of the defense ministry. and the armed forces combined together. now they hand out at a statement in bungler to local media as well as to me saying this plane was carrying essentially ammunition form orders for bangladesh, army, and the border guards for training purposes. not that contradicts little bait with serve in defense minister where he was saying that includes weapons and mines. now the definition of weapons and ammunition can be little bit confusing. one thing for sure that bangladesh had made at that plane was ukrainian registered cargo plane was destined for bangladesh. we still have to find out what's that greek altered is up to date investigative. exactly, find out what was in that plane,
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bangladesh traditionally sensitively independent, happen buying. 3 weapons from previous or former soviet bloc countries. traditionally, russia, yoga, flavia check republican. now saria is one of the suppliers are buying those buys artillery pieces from them from belly, russia. most of the weapons parties are russian grades. all the majority are supplied by china. and many of them are used in the un peacekeeping operation, bangladesh, as one of the largest troops contin generating the un. so many of this weapon are used overseas, indifferent to shipping mission, traditionally they've been using this and block weapons as opposed to western block weapon. so the sarbanes weapon supplies not surprising, although in this case we a little confused on it was just emanation or just weapons. david is rush. he's an associate professor and a senior military fellow at the national defense university. he says, examining the scene is difficult because of explosives in the wreckage. 11 and
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a half tons sounds like a lot it's. it's not a whole lot for our shipments. the reason why it was flown rather than sent by sea is because it's not big enough for a ship. you know, obviously if you're shipping weapons, you have to have a dedicated ship just for that. it's a problem when you have explosives, because when the plane crashes, you have to worry about the explosives cooking off afterwards. so the damage always looks worse because people don't go and put out the fire. they have to sit back, let the fire burn itself out and you know it's, it's always unpleasant. it's always nasty when a plane crashes, but this is particularly unpleasant because of that. they also, there are also reports that some of the rounds were mortar elimination rounds which are not normal. you know, last explosives they are, they tend to be metalized, finally fragmented metal, which are extremely flamel. so again, that would create some problems for firefighters and rescuers. ukraine is among the
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world air leaders in air cargo services they produce or they did until the russians destroyed the factory. you know, wide body aircraft, nato countries, charter aircraft from the ukrainian firms. quite frequently they, they are among the world leaders. so this isn't some shady fly by night. it's an established, well accepted practice. although you know, they're not subject some of the scrutiny that a western country would be. they're not part of any european institutions, but they are a known quantity. the initial report said, mortars and mines, and i think they met mortar rounds. i know that there's trace elements of, you know, illuminating radioactive material, sometimes in order sites that you could view at night, same as you get in a wristwatch. if there's any kind of toxic substances, the greek government probably consolidates all that under there on. ringback or energy authority, and i think it makes sense to at least scan it because low level radiation is used not in munitions, but in some military equipment. protests his back on the streets in sudan,
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demanding a return to civilian rule and a capital cartoon with security forces you tear gas to disperse demonstrators. sedans, military seized a power from a transitional. civilian led government last october. since then, until military protest had been held in several cities nearly every week, dozens of people had died in the unrest he been, morgan has more from cartoon. the last major protests was on june 30th that left at least 9 people killed. and more than 600 people injured when security forces use tear gas and lab ammunition. previously, the u. n. and human rights groups have described the force used by security forces as brutal and excessive because the, the, the protest have been large. the peaceful with protect us trying to make their way to the presidential palace. and it was the same case again on sunday protesters trying to make their way to the presidential palace to voice their anger against the military is sure that they want a civilian government. after the military took over power more than 7 months ago, despite the fact that again, security forces using tear guys against protesters,
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keeping them away from the vicinity of the presidential palace. they continue to try to boys their anger. they say that the military takeover ended a transition to democracy that they've been demanding for for nearly 4 years now. and if anything, they will continue to tell them military that they want to see a civilian government. and they want the military to return to the barracks and stay away from sedans, politics, staying in sudan, at least 65 people have died and at least a 157 had been wounded in the southern. that blue nahl region during the days of violence between rival tribes. the minister of health for the area told al jazeera that local authorities didn't have enough equipment or 1st aid supplies to cope. he's called the one the government to intervene. some in the country, blame of last year's military coup for a resurgence of ethnic violence in the area. or still a head hair on our bi election in pakistan's most populous province can have national implications. why a bar in munich wants to serve you
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a stout in exchange for your sunflower oil. ah, the journey has begun the 3 full world copies on its way to the castle. group your travel package today. hello, we've got more very heavy right on the carts for south career at the moment. we've got this mass of cloud sass, seasonal rain, that's pumping its way across southern parts of japan. as it does. so we'll see some big downpours sliding across the yellow sea eating over towards the sea of japan and that western side of japan seeing some very wet weather as we move into the early part of next week, going off a little bit as it crosses the mountains but still a chance of seeing some pretty wet weather, just about anywhere in japan, follow a same line of where to whether it's a central china. the rain is back into shanghaied around 38 degrees celsius. fairly
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heavy, right? it's central pass large drive to the south, just a possibility of one or 2 scattered showers are plenty of showers across so se, asia, heaviest of which still running down across the philippines. right down towards that eastern side of indonesia, sunshine and shout more the where sunshine for malaysia and western areas of the region. o v, a little tri, are into a good part of india over the next few days when the monsoons, acosta. a very, a very active, so some showers across the west coast, there are some heavy down posts coming out of my dap dash using a little further westwards. as we go on through the next couple of days. pushing back into good herat and eventually feel some very heavy rain into southern pass pakistan. cancer. airway official airline of the journey is only 4 months to go to the world cup and the clock is ticking. as teams and fans prepared, the cats are 2022. we'll have updates from different regions across the globe. this
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month, the focus is on africa. and synagogue. man to challenge for the tropi to winning the african cup of nations will be cameroon. gone into nicea all morocco, it's the alicia join us for the world. good countdown on al jazeera. ah ah. watching out. just a reminder. while i top headlines, 14000 people have been evacuated in southern france as wild fires fueled by record breaking temperatures. dry conditions was scorching. europe. france support school in spain are struggling with the worst impacts. a cargo plane occurring weapons as crushed in northern greece, killing all 8 crew members. air craft was traveling from serbia to bangladesh. a
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pilot had reportedly requested an emergency landing due to an engine problem that was unable to reach the runway protest as a back on the streets of sudan, demanding a return to civilian rule, the capital cartoon that security forces use tear gas to disperse demonstrators. russian missile strikes have hit a number of towns in ukraine. it follows a declaration from moscow that it was ramping up a tax in all operational areas. russia says its force is destroyed and arms factory in the city of denise pro. alan fisher has more from the capital, keith? well, it appears that there is a war of attrition developing in 2 parts of the country. first of all, around the don bassetti, where the russians an intent in moving into the hands to take over the entire body of the don bus. which of course became that mean military focus after they failed
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to capture, keep in the early days of the war, they are reinforcing they are, we are told that their re supplying the troops that they get ready for a final push in that area to try and take over dumbass. meanwhile, in the south, the russians are fortifying their positions, improving their security because the, the ukrainians have said that they will assemble a 1000000 man army to take back territory in the side. that is perhaps more aspirational than practical, but it certainly shows the ukrainian intent. and certainly over the last few hours, we've had reports of ukrainian attack on carson, which they claimed, killed $36.00 russians and destroyed a number of russian ammunition dumps. the russian defense minister says that the russians will start increasing military pressure, that they will go in the areas that they need to go ask for president zalinski here in ukraine. he believes that as an indication from the russians that they will continue to target civilian areas, saying that that's exactly what they've done over the last few weeks. and of course,
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you remember there was a significant rocket attack on friday at the ukrainians were saying that it was a residential block in a factory that was hit that killed so many people at that the rush and say what they were actually targeting a meeting of the ukrainian navy high command, what's important to remember is that it's now been 20 weeks and since the war began, and in that time people continue to be killed. so lanka is moving closer to finding a new president with 4 politicians named contenders in wednesday's election of economic crisis that spark the resignation of the former president continues with people struggling to buy food and fuel. and al fernandez reports from colombo. a daily battle is being fought by more. she lengthens the battle to make ends meet. prices are rising so fast, many a wondering how they will feed their families. i am working now word. they said it is not enough, was, was there all the exam been gone?
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not with alan lang, a demon rice is a to high usually are by 500 grams of each vegetable. now it's just 250 grams. unsustainable debt reduced to it is m income and mismanagement, and corruption by the government has created shall anchors, worst economic crisis in memory. the shortage of fuel is only adding to the misery . these are roughly the gallery. it is difficult with the diesel problems. things are more expensive because of this, so they are less people shopping because many are still in fuel, cures shavon. so the bridge to boys don't sell and we have to throw them away with food. so expensive people are being forced to compromise. the quantity has come down that money bought so and even the quality wise by the cheaper stuff than the expense you pensioners are badly affected with their money bank, far less. we normally loan cou a to z. what we do is that we come and buy something from
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a restaurant and andrew and take a one packet of lunch and then show the ocean money. so the living of this country is really bigger. balancing that reducing purchasing power with the need to put nutritious meals on the table is one of the biggest challenges facing she lumpkins amid this economic crisis. that's the fact that prime minister and acting president run his vicar missing. he says he's hoping to address speaking to an international panel on preventing global hunger and famine. he revealed the extent of the problem. well, no, by prices. and i mean, donor gracie's book have come together and oh lord, oh, really, right. we are many estimate as much as seats media. ah,
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she is in the air, malnutrition reports which i have. you run fare, so and a half 1000000. liquor was sing has admitted she lunkhead is bankrupt. so whoever parliament votes in as a successor to go to obey roger boxer will have to solve the country's economic crisis before it becomes a humanitarian one. minute fernandez, ojo 0 colombo should anchor is appealing to friendly countries for help with its sagging economy. india has extended a new credit line worth $55000000.00 for fertilizer imports. china has announced assistance worth $73000000.00 for the supply of essential goods. but as states fallen on should on cuz request to do further loan to be payment. colombo is also seeking an i m f bailout package to tied over the worst economic crisis since independence. iran awake from around me, his shoes and member of parliament and the former state minister of finance. he says the country needs both short and long term financial support. the media
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challenges that are you running into the people on the streets trying to get them to get shock? it is cooking shock. busy then pharmacy because. ready life if you are to quantify your need about roughly about $400000000.00 a month for about another $100000000.00. get pharmaceuticals for life. so if you needed to maybe supplies credit and also really actually take care of the media on the street in colombo, the economic issue is much why that discussion, the guy i met, i think the new government in place next week i would expect to sign the agreement,
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top level agreement with the within week. that would be the beginning of actually trying to turn things around. i think the impact off the certainly not in long term if you give it to the market because the way that the market and then actually to get an i mean program approved by the board my several months. but this is only the beginning. so you, meanwhile we have to be. busy the booking to extend the fund facility, but we have to be far more emergency funding. but the stock level agreement in place voting, it has closed in the local bi election in pakistan's punjab province, which could have national implications. foreign minister, she baz sharissa muslim league holds a narrow majority in a provincial assembly that's on the threat from iran. cons p t i potty will taking the province would be a major win for the former prime minister who was ousted in april. come on,
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hyde has the latest from the whole the dime for boiling it. oh. and now the counting begins. it is going to be important to see who gets the most number of boards when it comes to their bi election and bought. such elections have drawn little drought, but because it is indeed a battle between 2 men, political parties, richard them, ron cons, buggered don derrick and stuff, and budget on muslim league now wad it is going to be crucial to see who wins this election. what apprehension that perhaps regarding the political edge and that there would be violence, but so far the election to have gone well, although i did not get clear as to who is going to be there when some people are going to tell you that focused on taken off m ron's cons bardy and going to win the border of the budget on most of them being i was tell you they did an outright
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break pay for them. anyone who forms the government and one job will have a fall for the day and the rest of the country because this province alone has more teeth than the national assembly than all the other provinces. for together, boys parted, of course i've been saying that they're going to win this election. people across focused on will be watching to see what happened, death. whoever wins the election will have a deep impact on budget on political future. eminence part did able to bag most of the war, it will mean a come back for the out did dr minute. but if the budget on league now was read this election, it will get and did they continue with when it comes to ruling the country most ball for proven for decades, the threat of violence and a ton of on checkpoints made it dangerous for people to travel around that's gonna start. now, 11 months, softer western powers, withdrew the turbine is promising safety on the roads. and those are the chief
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reports from the young guns of taking advantage of the change to explore the region for 20 years. avalon officials talked about making balmy on a tourism hub, but the roads leading to the province were too dangerous. now the taller bon is back in power and thousands of people are getting into their cars to see the countryside. bomb yawn was once famous for 2 ancient statues of buddha, which the tall over the city until 2001 when the total bond destroyed them. the house of the thing is an artist from cobble who has come with her family to see what is left to the buddha. did you get hunter with us? it makes me very sad. why did this happen? this was a part of our country's historic scenery. the others have travelled even further. the rosy pool money, a media worker from cannot province. and 10 of his friends drove 11 hours. and then with the finance, when i saw the people of dameion up close, i saw how hospitable they were. they were very friendly from the 100,
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but the main attraction is the band. i mean national park. one of my friend was the living again, the son. and he told me that once i have to see them that i mean, if i'm in proven provincial authorities estimate more than 50000 people have visited by me on, in the week since the holiday, him all home to look was you couldn't the last what we want to improve amenities for our visitors, for instance, the road, the hotels and shops in the area, availability of transportation and 1st aid services. but not everyone is benefiting the head has been driving from balmy on to cobble for 4 years. he's happy about the peace and security, but fears that it has cost him his job. as more people are able to travel in their own cars. like cold america, the in the past we used to take around $1500.00 to 2000 f gains a day for about $17.00. now we barely make 6. it was offered about it. many people are hoping a tall bond will capitalize on the new found interest in balmy on and turn it into
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a tourist destination. now that the group that made it nearly impossible to travel to places like this for 20 years is finally in power. doesn't want to someone for peace and security looks like and on, on thousands of families coming from all over the country to enjoy the wonders of band. i mean, national park. but the big question now is, how will all of this impact the economy of balmy on a province that was ignored for more than 20 years by the former government? i left the al jazeera balmy on. now, a brewery in munich is asking its customers to pay for their bare with sunflower oil because of a global shortage will exports from ukraine and russia account for about 80 percent of the world's sunflower oil. and since the war started, it's been in short supply. when the brewery ran out of cooking oil, it said customers could swap a liter of oil for a liter of their favorite brew alonzo. com. it's getting oil is very difficult in the supermarket. you can only get it russians and if you need.


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