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with some of the world's largest reserves needs. yeah, it provides much at the uranium that fuels year. it's nuclear power down budget, what cost? people and power follows the uranium trail from the dead to the source of the mediterranean and investigates the devastating effects on the planets and all those who inhabit the industries part. the costs of uranium pot to on al jazeera, the u. n. a poll was of interest to people, whole the world. this has been going on for a number of hours with an international perspective. we try to explain to a global audience how that could impact their life. this is an important part of the world, and i was very good at bringing the news to the world from here. ah,
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thousands of people are on the move off the devastating wild was threatened homes across europe in the grid of an extreme summer heat life. ah, hi there, i'm can banal, this is how much is there a lot from dull ha, also coming off ukraine's president sacks is prosecuted general investigating russian war crimes and the state security chief of accusing their staff of collaborating with the enemy. when it came on the scene talked about this being k on the training suggests that we conduct chaos should not have a damning investigation. blaine's all law enforcement agencies who were at the scene of mass shooting inside a school and you've all the texas and pakistan's austin prime minister emron. com makes a stunning electoral come back. his party wins a major victory in punjab provincial lecture.
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ah, we begin in europe where thousands of fire fighters are up against strong winds of parched land and to an extreme summer heat wave in their race to contain devastating wildfires. fires are raging and france, greece, portugal and spain, where thousands of hectares of land are destroyed. thousands of desperate residents are escaping the flames with whatever little bacon managed to take with them. dozens of forest fires burning across spain, where temperatures are pushing well into the forty's. the nearly week long heat wave has caused hundreds of death. thousands of people have been forced from their homes and to seeking refuge in makeshift shelters. oh, i see. oh, the fire and the air force, her white and dead,
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worse. she was like the so and that mores the 1st time i sing it smoke okay. was very fast. we had to get me. i didn't think i didn't take it too seriously. i thought they had it under control and i was quite surprised whenever it started seem to be moving our direction. and then we were told to go show no with left to last off behind. and fans, firefighters in the southwest, in your own region, are struggling to control. 2 places that have destroyed nearly 11000 hectares of forest since tuesday. more than 14000 people have been forced to evacuate in greece . foreign fighters have arrived to provide support for those fighting wildfires there and you lead project brings and hundreds of firemen from 6 near by nations during greece's peak fire season. much of the warm air affecting europe has moved up from north africa where there has also been wildfires in morocco funds have been
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ravaging remote woodland areas in the north killing. at least one person on look isn't a town of let us watch to in shock is this fi ripped through a nearby forest? more than a 1000 families have been forced to escape and the heat wave is spreading to northern europe to the u. k. health authorities the urging people to take precautions as full cost as se the where they could hit record temperatures on monday and tuesday. the dean bottle reports for britain, it's a step into the unknown weather expert to putting the chance of temperatures reaching 40 celsius at 50 percent. it's never happened and it's prompted a red health warning for much of england on monday and tuesday, with the national health service warning of delayed operations and increased demands on ambulances. the government says it is taking the threat seriously. where there is a public guidance is out there. i mean the comments in south rachel, us on cream, make sure you're constantly re hydrating the out of some of the peak times
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temperatures hitting 40 degrees. i think it was doubtless on that mid day when, when, when, when that's happening, despite seems like vis experts say the extreme heat over the coming days could be deadly even for healthy people. this isn't like her a lovely hot day where we can put a bit of sunscreen on and go out and enjoy a swim in a meal outside. this is seriously that could actually ultimately ending in peyton's desk because it is sound ferocious, which is not set up for that so age in this country. climate change has been driving extreme temperatures for decades, and the heats killing more and more people here in england in the summer of 2020 more than 2 and a half 1000 accessed decks were attributed to heat waves and they've only become more intense and more frequent since then, the british red cross predicts, but the annual heat waves death toll could have tripled by the middle of this century. the u. k. meteorological of his says, climate change is greatly increased the chance of such heat waves here. and so in
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to say, our continued use of fossil fuels means we're already seeing what was previously projected for 2050. we're still increasing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, which means global temperatures are increasing. and this means that this is probably something that will the errands because he life in 3 decades to come. the one thing might also be to change that compensation, that actually it's not that it's the question about life and death and not small the global south, but also for citizens in the you can train operators a warning of delays and cancellations because of the heat. there urging people only to make essential journeys with mo, legal, maximum temperature for working the government. sonya hopes employers will be flexible. the next few days could offer a glimpse of how well or how bodily prepared this country is for a whole to future. nadine barbara al jazeera london, lead stephens as an associate professor specializing and climate risks at the
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university reading. she says the next problem for european nations could be flooding. we know with fires that actually they change the properties of the soil and they make them hydrophobic, which means that they repel water. so actually in the long run, even though the fi as a resulting from dry conditions. now, we've seen in many parts of the world like australia that when there's heavy rainfall a top on top of those fire reflected soils that you can end up with with quite severe flooding as well. so that is certainly something to look out for in these fire affected areas in grande president of a lot. m as the landscape, his sax, 2 of his most senior law enforcement figures and the most significant shake up yet since the war began. one of those to go is prosecutor general arina phonetic tova, his lead ukraine's efforts to prosecute russia for war crimes. the other ivan backing off was the head of ukraine's powerful intelligence agency. the s b u. a
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childhood friend of zelinski has been under scrutiny for security breaches. the president says, 60 officials from their agencies a working against ukraine in russian occupied areas. and that 651 treason and collaboration cases have been opened. doug claim is the assistant director at the atlantic councils eurasia center. he says, president landscape must act quickly to find long term replacements for the 2 sat officials. so i do think that these are significant, and the big thing that observers in experts are going to be watching for is who comes next. zalinski has appointed an acting prosecutor general to replace benedict of a is not yet appointed somebody to replace ukraine's top intelligence and security chief during war time. that is an essential role. so that, that's the big thing that experts are going to be watching for who comes next. the other thing here is that while a reason wasn't given by president zalinski for why he fired the prosecutor general,
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he said that the security breaches were the big reason why he lost confidence in his security chief, just today. ukraine's s p u head for crimea was arrested on charges of high treason and passing intelligence to russians. he is one of many high officials in the intelligence services who have been charged with these are charges of collaborating with the invaders. one of the big things that prosecutor general vanity tova, was mired in for much of her term, was failing to properly reform her office and allowing and sabotaging investigations into bribery cases and failing to properly do her executor duties. so for the prosecution of war crimes, that is one of the top priorities for ukrainians, and it's something that the international community has taken very serious interest in eating them with. so whoever comes next, the international community is going to be trying to work with them very closely to
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make sure that there's no hiccup in making sure that these crimes are prosecuted. but on the front line roches military says it's destroyed. one of the advanced rocket launch is given to ukraine by the u. s, but it's retrieved claim. this video shows the russian strike on a ukrainian storage facility in the dot net screeching. russian forces have also bombed a number of ukrainian towns. moscow wanted, stepping up its military operations. ukrainian officials say 40 people have been killed since thursday night. the entire front line is being shelled. an investigation into the response to the of all day school shooting has accused police of poor decision making and systemic failures. and the $400.00 offices were at the scene of the attack, but failed to take action for more than an hour. the shooter killed 19 elementary school students and 2 teachers before he was confronted and killed by police. vesa gate is found that office is failed to prioritize, saving innocent lives of their own safety. everyone who came on the scene talked
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about this being chaotic. the training suggests that when you cut the chaos should not happen inside the school, there should be a tactical commander, someone who's taking lead on dealing with the actual in the hallway with there should also be an overall commander. somebody who's an overall command flowing the information, making sure everybody knows what is going on. the fact that there was no overall commander outside the building where there should have been. one should have been known by many at a minimum there was multiple opportunities depending on the relative training and experience of law enforcement officers to at least ask more questions or offer their guidance to try to remedy the chaotic situation and make sure there was effective overall command there was a lack of effective overall command a day. my can has life or a sound washington d. c. mike,
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does this report reveal anything we didn't already know? what does the most comprehensive timeline as to the bins at our blaze? some minute to minute exactly. what happened, but most importantly, it broadens the investigation into the layers of command who are being held at fault within the report. now initially blame or the bulk of the blame was a portion to the school police chief, peter dondo who was on the scene. however, this report says that when it became clear that he was incapable or didn't want to take action, some of the, some 370 odd officers who were on the scene should have taken over. they should have been a command established. but more than that, there was also a failure at the federal and state level to create command, create a command chain in the school, outside the building, and at higher levels in terms of somebody monitoring the entire picture to be able
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to direct operations on the ground and also to be able to pass information on to all involved. this was a complete, systematic failure. the report says, and in that it is important in terms of broadening the accountability from one single school police chiefs on the ground to a number of federal and state offices who the report says should also have taken some kind of action. in particular, establish a clear chain of command. so if this is a singling out people and you're talking about border accountability, what was the purpose of the report? well, the drafters of the report, the 3 legislators who presented it saying what they wanted to do as well was to look at what went wrong during this tragic event in order to prevent it from happening again. now, they looked at the sequence of events. so where the problems were in an attempt to
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create a knowledge, so should such an event happen in the future, then there is a blueprint on which to base the actions that would take place. the draft is also brought to an important point that school protocols not observed create a full sense of security among the public in their report. they found, for example, that protocols were ignored. many of the doors were left unlocked against school safety protocols, and this allows the government to freely enter the classrooms. now the full sense of security is very important and once again broadening the context. the report says that this is not unique to russ elementary, where the shooting happened. it could well be the case at a large number of schools, both within texas and within the country as a whole. and this has to be looked at as well. on the question of apportioning blame, though the investigators did not directly say that they will continue the investigation
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into seeking accountability among those high in command. but they did indicate that this is not over, that that will be a process in terms of delving further into the actions of some in federal and state law enforcement or rather than lack of action among some in federal and state enforcement. my can are in washington dc. thank still head on al jazeera, the plane carrying arms from serbia crashes, and grease killing 8, sparking and investigation, and road tripping trough. calmest on the tourist top fence booming, travel becomes easy. ah, the journey has begun. the fee for world camp is on its way to cat hook your travel package today. hello, we've got more very heavy rain on the carts for south career at the moment. we got
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this mess of cloud, seasonal rain that's pumping its way across southern parts of japan. and as it does so, we'll see some big down pool sliding across the yellow sea eating over towards the sea of japan and that western side of japan seeing some very wet weather as we move into the early part of next week, going off a little bit as it crosses the mountains, but still a chance to sing some pretty wet weather. just about anywhere in japan. follow a same line of where to whether it's a central china. the rain is back into shanghaied around 38 degrees celsius. very heavy, right? it's central pass largely dry to the south, just a possibility of one or 2 scattered showers, that plenty of showers across, so southeast asia, heaviest of which still running down across the philippines. right down towards that eastern side of indonesia, sunshine and shout more, the west sunshine for malaysia and western areas of the region. o v a little tri are into a good part of india over the next few days, at the monsoon, raise a coastal very, a very active still some showers across the west coast. there is some heavier down
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post coming out of my dap dash, using a little further westwards as we go on through the next couple of days pushing back into good a route and eventually fin some very heavy rain into southern pass pakistan cancer, airway official airline of the journey al jazeera world meets full remarkable boast, new women survivors after those closest to them were taken away, never to return some of the 8000 muslin men and boys killed in the cerebral neat so massacre 27 years ago. heartfelt accounts from those left behind trying to move on from the plane of the past. women who refused to die on our jazeera. ah
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ah, welcome back here watching al jazeera reminder that told stories this hour. wild flaws have been raging across western europe, burning thousands of hectares of forest enforcing people from their homes. a scorching heat wave is fueling the blazes in france's spain. temperatures are expected hit record highs in britain this week. ukraine's president vladimir zalinski, his sax, 2 of his most senior law enforcement tickets. i've been bacchanal was head of ukraine's intelligence agency. prosecutor general, i rena, than it tova led ukraine's efforts to prosecute bratia for war crimes. an investigation into the response and you validate that to the you've all the texas school shooting has accused police of for decision making. nearly $400.00 offices, route the scene of the attack and may but didn't take action for more than an hour . the shooter killed 21 people before he was killed fontes,
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the party of pocket stones, former prime minister iran calm, has dominated regional by elections in the countries most populous province is support his has the celebrating after preliminary results showed collins p t party . when he most of the 20 seats on the ground in punjab problem, the win could have national implication. i'm in assistive al serif mozambique was a narrow majority and the provincial assembly come on. how to report from the hor, the result of a hotly contested by election is now out m. ron kong party has swept the ball. it made a huge political come back. this is indeed a province of the country which adds the most war and the national assembly. it is also the economic power and render people of the fund job big. it means that they did the wife of the people of august on important also to note their judge 3 months ago, a correlation of over to 11 bar dates on
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a single agenda to get rid of him. ron collins government brought the country of financial collab, the political uncertainty of god riding. according to m, ron con, because of a rigid water call, but the winds of change are being credited and bucket on after the crew share to meeting of the you as president, read the out of later this particular region get an order for the conflict and iran con, of course, has been saying that he will buy oil from russia because right joe was selling a boy that no other country had the right to dictate the people of budget on. so indeed a huge national lead moment for buckets on. but the country has difficult to days ahead because of a looming economic crisis, aged and crucial talk radio met. and it will be important to see what comes out of the bi election way that it will be fed and red, or the center of government id will. now be thinking of dissolving parliament and
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calling for early elections, which was one of the key demands of prime minister, former enron con. it's been $100.00 days of protests and tr lanka. the attic a lie, a movement towards the struggle and sinner lease has toppled the powerful roger pox . the brothers who have dominated the nation's politics for more than 2 decades. but people are still struggling to get by. as michelle fernandez reports from colombo, a daily battle is being fought by moore. she lumpkins the battle to make ends meet prices arising so fast, many a wondering how they will feed their families. i am working now word. they said it is not enough. was, was there all the things up were been gone? not with alan lang, a demon rice is a to high usually are by 500 grams of each fetched ball. now it's just 250 grams. unsustainable debt reduced to it is m income and mismanagement. and
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corruption by the government has created shall anchors, worst economic crisis in memory. the shortage of fuel is only adding to the misery, these harassment, the gallery, it is difficult with the diesel problems. things are more expensive because of bush . they are less people shopping because many are still in fuel cued shavon. so the bridge to boys don't sell and we have to throw them away with food. so expensive people are being forced to compromise. the quantity has come down that money bought . so and even the quality wise, you buy the cheaper stuff, then the expense you pensioners are badly affected with their money bank, far less normal loan, cool, a to z. what we do is that we come and buy something from a this jordan and andrew, and take a long lunch and then show the ocean money. so the living of this country is really bigger. balancing that reducing purchasing power
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with the need to put nutritious meals on the table is one of the biggest challenges facing she lumpkins amid this economic crisis. that's the fact that prime minister and acting president runner vicar missing her, says he's hoping to address speaking to an international panel on preventing global hunger and famine. he revealed the extent of the problem. well, lord bo prices and then in turner gracie's book have come together and i brought, oh, really well, we are many estimate as much as seats 1000000. ah fears. in malnutrition, other reports which i have you run fare. so and a half 1000000 liquor missing has admitted she lancoste bankrupt. so whoever parliament votes in as a successor to go to obey roger boxer will have to solve the country's economic
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crisis before it becomes a humanitarian one. minute fernandez, ojo 0 colombo, at least 8 people have been killed in northern grey, soft or a plane carrying weapons crashed on saturday. ukrainian operated cargo aircraft was traveling from serbia to bangladesh by a jordan. that nearly a 3rd of the way into the fight, the plane made a sharp you turn before crashing near the greek city of kamala, san bas ravi reports. eye witnesses describe a plane on fire lighting up the night sky. the crash of an ant enough cargo plane, tearing through an open field. your horse put their name to say if i was just beat them us. i wonder how it didn't fall in our houses because it came from over there . it was full of smoke. it had a noise i can describe and went over the mountain. it passed mountain and turned and crashed into the fields. there were flames. we were scared, a lot of cars came, but they could not approach because they were continuous explosions. look what are the scale of devastation at 1st confusing people who saw the plane come down?
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level may no, no cut the vein of what we see something bright coming down from the direction of the castle, but we thought it was the light night after death. we said fire fire, what is it? is it a plane? what is it said one of them by the time we understood what it was, it has fallen to the ground that we were terrified, or we also had children here coming. we're screaming, shouting, 1000 local residents and 1st responders describe ongoing explosions following the crash dog bure ship or lee lee your uterus, from his crash to the ground and developed into a large fire with many continuous exposure ordeal. greek media reports hazardous materials were on board including explosives. this is a few weeks on the air. measurements at the moment have not shown anything, but nonetheless, instability of the field was observed, and other words, intense, smoke, and heat, as well as a white substance that we do not recognize. so
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a special armed forces team has to inform us of what it is and whether we can enter the field or the flight was operated by meridian or ukraine based cargo carrier. it originated in serbia, the country's defense ministry confirming the cargo of unit bullet is naesha. huge on the plane was carrying 11 half tons of products of our arms trade for the end buyer in bangladesh. the buyer was the bangladesh ministry of defense. as a fully permitted end youth and by the flight route was near with technical landings in man red med bad and was planned to land in dhaka as the final destination. moments before the plane went down, the pilot radioed about a problem with one of the engines requesting an emergency landing, but unable to make it to the nearest airport. the journey ending in a field in northern greece is in basra. v o to 0. to have a child who has more from the bangladesh, she capital darker bangladesh, inter service public relations,
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media wing of the defense forces as well as the defense minister came out where the state maintain the cargo was destined for bangladesh. and it consisted of mortar shells for training purpose of our bangladesh, army and bordered guards and the items were insured. this was a contract sign in last year between bangladesh, director general, the friends part of the office under the military contract farm. now the sergeant defense, many, beside these were mines and weapons. on the other side, the bangladesh site said that these were essentially more to show only emanation. so there's some confusion here between whether it was i'm a nation's only or a consist that are weapons. and because it was, are you currently and registered airplane with ukrainian crew in current context of raise some speculation where it was actually just in part now, bangladesh, traditionally patches as arms from former soviet bloc countries, particularly of course, russia, bell or russia, then, then also serv, yeah,
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there's a lot of equipment. these are used in bangladesh are so the standard, even the majority of the weapons, are parts from china, but they're usually russian great weapon. so it's not so unusual for bunger. those to get weapons from pharma, jack or bob league, or as well as our b, r and other eastern bloc countries. it's part of what bunger, that you, as, as it is also using the peacekeeping operation burner, that's one of the largest chips contingent in the world. so these weapons also used all across in different mission by the banner. that's you and fortune for decades. the threat of violence and taliban checkpoints made it dangerous for people to travel around the corner. stone. now, 11 months off the western powers withdrew the telephone as promising safety on the roads. and as the tv reports from johnny on guns taking advantage of the change to explore the region for 20 years, i want officials talked about making balmy on a tourism hub, but the roads leading to the province were too dangerous. now the taliban is back
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in power and thousands of people are getting into their cars to see the countryside . by me, i was once famous for 2 ancient statues of buddha, which the tall over the city until 2001 when the total bond destroyed them. the house of it is an artist from cobble who has come with her family to see what is left with the boot. it shouted. you get home surely, and it makes me very sad. why did this happen? this was a part of our country's historic scenery, slaton. others have travelled even further up the rosset pool money amelia worker from cannot province. and 10 of his friends drove 11 hours, then is then with the man. when i saw the people of dameion up close, i saw how hospitable they were. they were very friendly. from the work but the main attraction of the band, me national park. one of my friend was living again, the son, and they told me that once i have to see that, i mean i'm in proven provincial authorities estimate more than 50000 people have visited by me on,
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in the week since the holiday. him all have the look was you couldn't the last what we want to improve amenities for our visitors, for instance, the road to hotels and shops in the area. availability of transportation and 1st aid services. but not everyone is benefiting the head has been driving from balmy on to cobble for 4 years. he's happy about the piece insecurity, but fears that has cost him his job as more people are able to travel in their own cars. so let me line called america the in the past we used to take around 1500 to 2000 and ends a day for about 17 dollars. now we barely make sick with so many people are hoping to talk to bon, we'll capitalize on the newfound interest, and balmy on and turn it into a tourist destination. now that the group that made it nearly impossible to travel to places like this for 20 years is finally in power. this is what some of peace and security looks like and on, on thousands of families coming from all over the country to enjoy the wonders of.


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